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EDITORS Philip Jarvis & Kenny Sanger

DESIGN Jordan Hill

08 kenickie

10 search for a star


NEWS Caroline Stobbart


17 the heads

20 smf launch

Dave Harper, Adam Mooney, Kenny Sanger, Richard Amundsen, Helen Tate, Sophie Birrell, Kate Oliphant, Phillip Jarvis, Sean Taylor, Anne Marie,


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venue of yesteryear

carbo flex

Village Soul



Joe Collins, David Rackstraw, Kenny Sanger, Dean Broadbent

With help and support from sunderland city council




News ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

warner bit of folk

On 7th June the weekly Davy Lamp Folk Club welcomes Harvey Andrews. Harvey Andrews began his singer/songwriting career in the early sixties and since then has written countless songs, many of which have been recorded by other artists. His wonderful vocal talents are accentuated by his consummate performance. On 14th June, Jeff Warner will grace audiences with his presence and connect them with the music and everyday lives of the 19th century people. With warmth, humour and understated scholarship, he presents musical traditions from all parts of the globe. They both play the Arts Centre Washington and for more information visit details.

music? feeling the blues George Shovlin is highly regarded as one of the North’s leading exponents in blues music and is one the original musicians who is still going strong. The George Shovlin Blues Band have evolved a distinctive style that not only protects the traditions of the blues, but also integrates a refreshing new vibe. With influences from Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, all members of the band recognise that the perfection of the original American blues bands is vital and this will certainly come across in their show at Herrington Country Park. The gig will take place on 22nd June at Herrington Country Park at 2pm. Admission is free. Ring 0191 553 2000 for more info

summer CONCERT


St. Peter’s Church will be host to the Music Makers Ladies Choir Summer Concert. The event will see performances from the ladies’ choir as well as a special guest performance from the highly talented soloist Peter Golightly. The event will take place on 21st


Young Shouth Shields shape shifters, Squares have a busy month in June while taking part in the Transit Tour, sponsored by Generator. The initiative has ran successfully for a number of years, helping bands and promoters set up a network of 7 zones, each including 3 venues. Squares play their part in the Northeast zone with gigs at The Head of Steam in Newcastle on 9th June and The White Room in Sunderland on 10th June. Then 2 days later the Amphitheatre in south Shields is their home for a session of free open air fun. For more info check out

News ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Come Together is an exciting new project taking place in four of Sunderland’s leading city centre bars every Sunday from June 1st. The Ivy House, 7even, The White Room and Substance will be teaming up to put on sixty DJ sets by 25 DJs over 10 hours from 2pm till 12 midnight. Anyone who’d like to DJ should text their details to 07727614907

Come on old Flat Top


really good!

The Sunderland Regional Recorded Music Society Event is to be held at Ewesley Road Methodist Church. On 12th June, Joyce Mason presents an evening of Medlesohnm and on 26th June member Jim McCall presents cello pieces and piano/voice selection. For further information ring 0191 388 1450.

END OF AN ERA? Many sleepless nights have now passed since the news broke that Ku club is closing down. KU on High Street has been open since the beginning of time and was the only real indie club in Sunderland until the City became saturated with bars over the past few years. The migration of nightlife to the Park Lane area has resulted in a drop in footfall for the nightclub which opened a lower floor playing rave music and managed to cater for two different crowds for a number of years. The closure will see the re-opening of Pzazz on Holmeside after new licensing applications this month. So as one door closes another one opens as Passion @ Pzazz promises big name acts, remember 50 pence and the Glass Spider?

bands do battle! Starting the 21st June Independent will play host to Stage*Pass promotions Battle of the Bands. The event will begin at 19:30 on the 21st but carry on to the 22nd, 26th and keep going until July. The Prize for the winning band is a whooping £10,000. For more information go to or enue

friday festo Manifesto’s very own club night kicks off on June 5th at Independent. Resident DJs Make It Happen and Jarvis + Ju-Lea and guests will be taking to the decks every Friday from 10pm till late to bring all your fave tracks to the dancefloor. Expect to see local and national bands too.


Pearls of

Features -------------------------------------------------------------


SMF Launch, WTF?..... The Sunderland Echo summed the official launch of The Sunderland Music Forum with its usual grace and well informed journalistic bite. “Sunderland is one step closer to becoming the musical capital of the country”, beautiful, really, you wonder why people salivate over Lester Bangs, Nick Kent, Charles Shaar Murray et al. The worst of it is that we ask for it. The chasing of inches only to chastise said quarry is terribly Sunderland don’t you

think? I’m as guilty as every chancer in this city of holding the belief that splaying your ego in amongst the obligatory “Down your Way”; “Man stabbed with Minder video” etc will unlock the gates to a Rodney Biggenheimer bohemian utopia. And if you believe what you’re expected to read, take in what you’re told, play round your own doors and remain as you where then I’m sure it will all be fine. Apathy is my shepherd, I shall not want nowt. The truth is that local papers are sausage factory’s grinding out coarse offal peppered with colour, a little flavour but nothing substantial.


I was part of said launch, and that’s enough. Inappropriate local fanfares aside there was a feeling of achievement. That’s because we at the Music Forum had worked to achieve something. The most beautifully crafted moments are always that simple and these simple people were rather beautifully crafted. In the right light, but you knew that. Dave “Pearl” Harper


Show Off Sumer The Rabbi

The Futureheads Beginning of the Twist

The Small Screen Light Show I’m Too in Love

WHY do they call him The Rabbi? WHY? The best Ben Kingsley influenced Judaic jazz-rock song EVER! This precocious young Cramlington band are the most exciting thing we’ve heard in ages.

You’ve all heard it. You know what it sounds like. We’re still loving it, even after hearing it five times a day for the past four months. A marvellous return to form for the Sunderland art-rockers. They’ll be pogoing to this in the indie discos of the country for years to come.

This killer track from the Seaham duo has just about every single ingredient contained in any classic indie-pop stormer - angular, stop/start guitars, handclaps, sweet as sugar boy/girl harmonies and a hook laden chorus.

Widows A Page of Sad Complainings Strong, impassioned lyrics and yearning, melancholic guitars combined with a bouncy rhythm section. An amazing track in the good old British angst rock tradition of The Smiths and Joy Division.

Sunday Best Girl about Town We love this song even though it sounds a bit like The Stereophonics. It’s catchy as owt and has been in our head for weeks. A great track from a much underrated gem of a band.

Go to and listen to them and many more on our very own radio station.

s O7

Band Of Yesteryear ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Kenickie were a four-piece indiepop-punk band from Sunderland. The band were formed in 1994. They consisted of lead vocalist, guitarist and lyricist Lauren Laverne (b. Lauren Gofton), drummer Johnny X (real name Pete Gofton, Lauren’s brother), lead guitarist and occasional vocalist Marie du Santiago (b. Marie Nixon) and bass guitarist Emmy-Kate Montrose (b. Emma Jackson). The band’s name comes from their favourite character in the 1970s film Grease.

change in direction, away from punk pop to a lounge music sound reminiscent of groups like Saint Etienne and Stereolab, with Laverne continuing to write the songs. “I write songs about real things, but usually they are not totally literal.” She said. This change in direction also led to Johnny X now referring to himself as Pete X, and moving instrumental direction to guitar, with the live band augmented by Graham Christie (later of Data Panik) on drums and Dot Allen on keyboards. Kenickie disbanded on 15 October 1998 after a London Astoria gig, where Lauren closed the night by saying “We were Kenickie ... a bunch of f***wits”

Kenickie originally worked with Newcastle punk label Slampt before signing to Saint Etienne’s EMI subsidiary, EMIDisc. All four founding members of Kenickie Throughout their career, Kenickie regiswent on to pursue other careers after tered in the band “I write songs about real things, but usually the UK singles split. Machart in the they are not totally literal.” - Lauren Laverne rie and high 20s; Emmytheir highest K a t e position being 24 with the single In Your formed a band, Rosita, Which disCar, which opened Top of the Pops on the banded shortly after the release of 10 January 1997 and gained cult appeal two singles. Pete Gofton went on to after a well-received first album At The record under the pseudonyms J Xaverre Club, which charted at no. 9 in May 1997. and George Washington Brown The album showcased a and continues to do well and get


rave reviews from the likes of NME and other national press. Lauren Laverne, perhaps the most successful of the band, went on to enjoy a short-lived solo music career, as well as using her popular, witty personality to land herself many presenting roles on television and radio, including presenting a show on Xfm, the breakfast show on BBC 6 Music in place of Shaun Keaveny, BBC2’S The Culture Show and co-presenting Channel 4’s Transmission with T-Mobile with Steve Jones. Starting from 7th June she will be presenting her own show on BBC 6 Music on Saturdays, from 4-6pm. “I always think the best thing to do is to work for any channel or radio station that I would watch or listen to.” Laverne said. But she does not forget her roots and in 2005 became ambassador promoting and raising awareness of Sunderland.


Venue of Yesteryear ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Words: Richard Amundsen

Walking down those concrete steps into Ashbrooke Sports Club brought back memories of getting my head kicked in on soggy Sunday mornings when I was a teenager. This time I wasn’t returning to chase the funny shaped ball, I had a different agenda from the days of deep heat, scrums and lines outs. I was carrying my trusty new telecaster and bits of a vocal PA me and few mates had scraped together. That night in 2000 saw Pillbox (the band that would become This Aint Vegas), The Futureheads and Zero play their first gigs to an audience of parents and friends. Several months later I set up the monthly Beats Happening gig night, a place for people to hang out, listen to tunes and watch some bands. The Ditchburn suite function room usually played host to Christenings and 50th Birthday bashes but once a month for the next couple of years its neat rows of chairs and tables were strewn around and its buffet table was put away. Set just out of town and with its curtains drawn, the gigs in the Ditchburn room felt more like a private party for the unkempt rabble of youths that attended them. My Dad’s old 70s disco gear with its flashing lights and old Roker Park Suite sticker on the front was dusted down and was used to blast out whatever me and the lads were into at the time. Without a stage, bands would set up on the carpet towards the back of the room where the crowd would essentially create an arc around them.

hundred being a one O n l y of the nights e som m roo ca p a ci t y club health hazard. The to were a bit of a hts due nig the p sto to often threatened nt we ed ets and consiste graffiti in the toil nerated ge it ue en rev smoking but the sucThe . ed en pp ha ver e made sure this ne som se rai to me allowed of cess of the night thousand copies e on se ea rel to money compin You’ll Ever Be’ of the ‘Twice The Tow ed a whole host tur fea ich wh lation CD s that played nd ba stle ca ew Sunderland/N their deof bands made the night. A lot The Golden ing lud inc ke but at Ashbroo

felt more Ditchburn ro om rty for the like a private pa of youths unkempt rabble em. that attended th

of the Planetarium. Some Virgins and 3rd mix tape swap the re we me highlights for relf, Pas such as Kill You boxes and band Send More s, ad he ure Fut per Cut Out, The achine Electronic Eye M Paramedics and nd). For ba r me for c’s usi (Pete of Field M ht elses I moved the nig practical reason e and nu ve at gre a still is re where in 2004. It e more gigs the som see ’ll we ul maybe e to see a tastef lov I’d y da e so on. On field there, with the on al tiv fes outdo or sic. You loads of go od mu be er tents and of the past at rs ste po gig can see all the ening. http://www.myspa

2001-2008 r.i.p 2



For over 20 years Sunderland have been holding a Search for a Star competition throughout the schools in the region. This year will be the 21st annual event and every school is invited to put forward an act to showcase his/her talents in the competition.

The 2007 competition was won by Leann Gardiner of Oxclose Community Scho ol who toppled Southmo or Scho ol from a consecutive thre e year victory. She is currently studying Music at Durham college and rece ntly performed on SKY TV as part of the Live and Unsigned competiton. Previous winners also include Gary Watson and Ben Foster, who have gone on to have successful care ers in the West End; so this competition not only gives participants the chance to show us what they’re made of, but it could also be the gateway of bigger and better thing s to come. Emma Surtees, from Oxclose Community Scho ol said: “We are reall y excited to be holding the event whic h offers a great opportunity to show off the local talent at our scho ols in the City.” Many of last year’s acts went on to enter in Sunderland’s No.1 Competition – a singing competition for solo-

ists, duos and bands. Richard Ord the deputy editor from The Sunderland Echo will head the judging panel along with Kenny Sanger from The Bunker. The event will take place on Wednesday 18th June at 7pm at Oxclose Community School. For more information contact Oxclose School on 0191 419 5120.




Bishopwearmouth Choral Society are set to hold a more contemporary music concert, in association with the Bishopwearmouth Young Singers and the Virtuoso Jazz Trio. Bishopwearmouth Choral Society were established in 1948 and originally consisted of men of the Parish Church Choir and the Senior Girls Choir of the Bede Girls Grammar School. These were augmented by other singers on approval of the committee. The agreed name for the choir was Bishopwearmouth Choral Society, and although it had no connections with Bishopwear


mouth Church, the choir performed, and continue to perform at the church. By 1956, the Society were performing two concerts per year with regular orchestral accompaniment and by 1960, they consisted of over 80 members. Since its inception it has continued to flourish and the membership, which is auditioned, has remained relatively the same at 80 members. Now with over 120 concerts under their belt, as well as some charitable events, the Society has established itself as a highly regarded asset in regional music. They rehearse on Wednesday mornings throughout the months of Septem-

ber to June at the Sunderland Minster and perform three concerts every year - one of this year’s concerts being An Evening with Gershwin and Friends. The evening will include arrangements of Gershwin songs, a Jerome Kern medley and a sequence of Carpenter numbers, not forgetting a special contribution feature provided by the Virtuoso Jazz Trio. The Virtuoso Jazz Trio formed in 1994 and consist of some of the county’s most acclaimed musicians. The event will take place on Saturday 7th June at Bishopwearmouth Church. Contact 0191 522 7721 for more information.

rap i t u p big style! Those of you who wander aimlessly around the Bunker nowadays, shrieking at the high volume rave music pumping out of some of the studios may not know anything about the RAP programme. Sunderland Youth Offending Service, Resettlement and Aftercare Programme (RAP) is working in partnership with The Bunker along with Jungle Bricks Street Art Project, and local photographic artist Nicola Maxwell to provide youths with a criminal record a chance to learn new skills.


my to do with t something ha “I now have I think I am go od at w and d of spare time d I am prou t’s nt here an ha ar w le at ve g in ha I lo ok S” also be en that. I have with the YO ish fin I once available and ce May 2005 g en running sin er 150 youn RAP has be ov ith w d It has now widened its remit to accom- to date has worke 18 in parteen 14 and modate more diverse creative projects. people aged betw l agencies. ca lo of ty a varie Kenny Sanger of The Bunker, benership with the lieves the drop-in sessions play a viout RAP or formation ab on (0191) 566 tal role in rehabilitating youths who For more in rts t Gary Robe 91) 567 1777 have been in trouble with the police. YOS, contac ll (01 e Bunker ca 3000. For Th umentalmus on m w. w w to on He said: “This project is free to anyone g lo or who is participating in the RAP programme at the Youth Offending Service and is on a voluntary basis. This means the young people chose to come here to learn new skills and as a result often chose to avoid their past bad habits. “Many of the youths who attend this scheme discover a real passion for music or art and as a result they begin to think about new directions in life. Without this project many of these youths would not have the support to prevent them from being caught in a cycle of committing crime.”

The Bunker opens its doors on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday to youngsters who are known to the RAP programme at the YOS to give them a chance to learn how to express themselves creatively through the media of music, art and photography, including the latest I.T.-based approaches. The project aims to provide the young people with skills to help them into future education or employment as well as pro- One 16-year-old youth who became viding them with a hobby and opportu- disengaged from mainstream education nity to learn in a structured environment. and now attends the Bunker as part of a wider educational re-integration package involving RAP and overseen by a specialThe Bunker is better known as a pro- ist education worker attached to the YOS fessional recording studio that offers a said since being introduced to the project wide range of services to the local music they had decided to pursue a career in art. scene including training in industry skills.


The Sunderland youth said: “Since I started coming to the Bunker I’ve learnt how to DJ, MC, take and develop my own photos and create images using the computer.”




Trends come an d go, blowing their lo ad and fizzling out into nothing, yet dubstep se ems to be taking it’s time, introducing itself, testing th e water. g Sunderland’s Because it’s te asing its prides itself on bein night. You’re getway into popula step dub first very rity at an agonizingly that was born in the SLOW ting something little dives in South pace, it allows st time to grimiest, dirtie be taken to reall has managed to go and on Lond y set its riments to a fully ro ots de ep, re ady for from B-side expe the explosion. It e being played in the genr ged fled co uld have be en the “next of the country. Imagine a big thing”, the next other end new haircut, th e next new (dar tronic bass-laden chunk of e we dirty elec say it) ‘scene’. Th at’s why newly dub and, voila, dubstep. spun DJs Pe e-Te e, L.A.W and G lads want to keep treating it as ary The “The” Brown mu st tread very, ve little slice of underground magic, a ry carefully. not wanting to shoot it’s lot. And Their new night a at independent judging from recent nights, with “Music To Mak e You Stagger” bunch of alcohol fuelled dancers shouting to play more drum and bass, I think it’s safe enough. y Music To Make You Stagger Ever 2, Thursday at Independent Room 8.30pm til late. Free Entry




Through the turbulent split of our much loved metal night “Blastbeats Happening” it became a struggle to find something that could fill the gaping hole in the metal market of Sunderland, and this is where Adam Lennox’s UAG promotions company and Resistance night stepped in. Len’s commitment and drive has seriously helped places like Pure and The Borough in particular attract paying customers that will last a lifetime and really support the metal scene in so many ways. With gigs lined up to fill a whole summer, going from young locals Risen Prophecy to the legendary Arnie Inpersonators, Arnocorps, UAG is really making its mark. There are services for band photos and digital web page design, video production, poster design and printing not to mention the gruelling and tedious task of gig bookings and tour organisation. Len really is taking this seriously, exploring all

avenues to make this company a success. On the UAG Myspace page (www. it perfectly encapsulates the idea of this company and the effect it wants to have on music culture in Sunderland: “Here at UAG we are dedicated to helping expose and market quality underground metal bands giving them the attention and success they deserve!” Resistance – Every Thursday – The Borough – 8 til late – Free Entry

gig gig bookings andand tourtour organisation. LenLen bookings organisation. gig bookings tourthisorganisation. Len really is and taking seriously, exploring really is taking this seriously, exploring gigreally bookings and this tourto organisation. Len a isalltaking seriously, exploring avenues make this company all avenues to make this company a really taking this seriously, exploringa all isavenues to make this company success. success. all avenues to make this company a success. OnOn the the UAG Myspace page (www. UAG Myspace page (www. success. On UAG Myspace page ( it the UAG Myspace page (www. it perfectly encapsulates the the ideaidea of this perfectly encapsulates of this itideait of perfectly encapsulates this to company andand thethe effect company the effectwants it wants to perfectly encapsulates the idea ofSunderland: this company and the effect it wants to have on music culture in have on music culture in Sunderland: company and the effect itinwants to have on music culture Sunderland: “Here at UAG we are dedicated to “Here at UAG we are dedicated to have on music culture in Sunderland: “Here at UAG we are dedicated to helping expose and market quality un- unhelping expose and market quality

en n. Len ring a


Inspired by his love of Detroit techno and the belief that he could do a better job than most, Carbo-Flex made a name for himself on the local rave scene back in the early nineties. Eighteen years on and the DJ turned producer is still going strong, now producing his own tracks as well as promoting an electronic club night. Aphex Twin’s Didgeridoo E.P. was the catalyst for his transition from DJ to producer and his love of electronic music has inspired a number tracks such as Amme Dot and The Flex, which have sparked significant interest on Myspace, not to mention raising the eyebrows of some record labels. However, confident and ambitious, the Sunderland born artist is holding out for a call from Warp or Skam, and one day hopes to travel the world working alongside his heroes. For the time being, the Flex is satisfying his habit through Soundscape, a club night dedicated to electonica, which takes place every couple of months in the back room at Independent. Featuring live acts and DJ sets from local artists, the night has even played host to the odd Skam star, bringing Carbo-Flex ever closer to his dream. Attitude, experience and an ear for good tunes are the qualities required to run a successful club night, so it’s just as well old

school DJ’s Yoz and Carbo-Flex rediscovered each other after 15 years and decided to give it a go with Soundscape. On a chance meeting, the pair discovered their passion for electronica, and decided to add some diversity to the Sunderland club scene with a night dedicated to the genre. Hosted in the back room at Independent, Soundscape not only forms a platform for new talent, but also gives Yoz, Carbo-Flex and the many other DJ’s on board the chance to play their favourite tunes, making it the only late night in Sunderland where you can dance to Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and Amin Tobin, to name just a few. Returning for its fourth appearance at the end of June, the club night is slowly building a dedicated following, and building up a fan base through sites such as Myspace. This could have something to do with the fantastic line up, attracting the very best of north east talent, such as AND., Biologic, Captain Wardrobe and Agorithms, not to mention more esablished artists from around the country.

thrives on a diet of back for another cracking night in June. Joining him in June will be Comscan, AND. Captain Wardrobe and Yoz on the decks. Tickets are £3 on the door and the doors will be open from 10pm-3am. Check out soundscape for more information.

Skam star Scrubber Fox made his debut in Sunderland at the November event, and such an impression was made on both sides that he’s agreed to come

c a r b s!


s this o nd: to - un-


The White Room at night sun / come together mon / street vibes tues / sunderland music forum wed / rinky dink thurs / cool for cats fri / the local: ward 10 & electric shakedown sat / divine wind : dj emmie FRESH COFFEE AND SNACK MENU AVAILABLE DAILY.

29 holmeside / sunderland sr1 3je / 0191 5658947

Features ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

get the horn! A decade in the musical life of Joe Gleghorn...


Words: Philip Jarvis

Since first picking up a guitar over ten years ago, Joe Gleghorn has been a ball of musical energy. He’s written over 250 songs, many of which are staunch favourites in the bars and clubs of Sunderland. He’s filled three different roles in three different bands (lead vocals in Sheldon, bass and backing vocals in Memo from Turner, lead vocals and rhythm or lead guitar in Our Joe’s Mullet). He’s also played gigs in most of Britain’s major cities supporting some of the country’s leading bands (Maximo Park, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs and The Rakes). When Sheldon first started up in the summer of 2001, Joe Had never played in a band before and had never performed to an audience of more than the handful of his mates that used to cram into his tiny loft to listen to him and sometimes have a bit of a jam. However in August 2001 that all changed when Sheldon played to over 150 people at The Sandhills. More gigs followed and by mid 2003, when the band decided to split, they’d played more than a hundred gigs.

From Turner, a scuzzy four piece in the mould of The Stooges, with Joe on bass and shared song writing duties. Memo’s first gig saw them support Maximo Park in December 2003. After gigging hard through early 2004, the band embarked on a 14 date national tour in the August of that year. Being together every day for two weeks solid, often all of the band having to kip down together in the cramped tour bus, led to fights galore and the band imploded soon after. After the band’s demise, Memo’s rhythm section became Our Joe’s Mullett, with Joe moving onto vocals and guitar and drummer Joe Gardner-Lowe adding vocals to his drum duties. Several gigs followed before the addition of Tim Roberts on bass, which broadened out the band’s sound and led to them building a solid fan base. After a number of different personnel changes the Mulletts had finally settled on a line-up of Joe Gleghorn on vocals and rhythm guitar, Joe Gardner-Lowe on drums/vocals, Steve Dennis on lead guitar and Steve Todd on Bass, only for drummer Joe, an integral part of the band’s sound with his furiously energetic drumming style, to give up his sticks and move to Dubai. Our Joe’s Mullet are now looking for a ballsy, Keith Moon meets John Bonham type drummer. If you can help call Joe on 07923334180. A celebration of Joe Gleghorn’s past decade in music takes place at 7even, Derwent Street on Thursday 26th June.

From the ashes of Sheldon rose Memo



Words: Adam Mooney .

When I moved to Sunderland a few years back I was a bit dubious about what I was getting myself into in terms of the City’s nightlife.

In my very uneducated view, (as I understood it) at the soul of Sunderland’s night life was just a bunch of numerous, generic cheesy pop and hard house nights with the odd indie night thrown into the mix to stir things up a bit, that as an avid music lover didn’t really get my juices flowing. However, after much delving and deliberation with the local clubs and bars I came across a night that quite simply blew me away. During my pilgrimage to find out what was at the soul of Sunderland’s nightlife I discovered just that: Soul, or should I say ‘Village Soul’. The reason the night blew me away is solely (see what I did there?) down to three things. The first being, that it is the first of its kind in Mackemland, it is truly original and in my opinion it quite


simply was and still is the breath of fresh air I’d been looking for to inject some life into the Sunderland music scene. The second reason is the mixture of swinging 60’s, sultry 70’s, awesome 80’s, naughty 90’s soul along with brand new gems. Whatever the genre, be it jazz, funk, rare groove, disco, modern soulful house or gospel house I guarantee you will enjoy it, if you have even the slightest interest in soul music. I like to call it ‘happy music’ as quite frankly this music will lift your spirits no matter what your mood. The final reason which is arguably the most important aspect of the night is the atmosphere. Never in my years of going out have I ever attended a place that is so close knit, yet friendly and at the same time welcoming to new faces. Village Soul at its core is a group of good people listening to and enjoy

ing good music. Each event manages to attract punters from London, Wales, North Yorks, and Scotland as well as regular visitors from Germany, Italy, and Spain. The night which was previously held at P.U.R.E moved in April and is now held at the new and shiny 200 High St West in Sunderland’s ‘hippest’ area Sunniside. Village Soul is held bi-monthly by the genius that is DJ Terry Jones and residents including soul veteran Colin Johnson. The night is inspired by Terry’s long running residency at the Norfolk Village in Shoreditch and the Saturday afternoon sessions at the Southport Weekender that have became legendary within the confines of the Uk’s soul crowd. Become the newest member of the village people on the 14th of June at 200hst. For more info goto / Ryan Pilot Village (Soul) People...

heads up! The fall and rise of local punks the Futureheads... Words: Ryan Pilot “I like to think that the album was beautifully damned, almost doomed to fail commercially from the beginning.” muses Futureheads guitarist and vocalist Ross Millard about 2006’s News and Tributes; the album that had them dropped from the Warner Brothers label 679. The band, now cynical of major labels, have responded positively to the setback by setting up their own label Nul Records to release their material on. The new album This Is Not The World is a result of a years work and being pushed by new producer Paul Hillier in Spain during recording sessions. “We went and did this album and we kinda had eight songs when we went out there, and in 16 days we came home with 21 songs,” says frontman Barry Hyde. “If it wasn’t for him [Hillier] I don’t think there would have been a chance of that happening.” Hillier took a matador’s role once in Spain, making the Futureheads’ bull work hard. He frequently sent Barry and Ross away to write material which they would record instantly. This lead to the conception of current hooks aplenty single Radioheart.

“Radiohe art all … it so was the most in ten un ally we ju ds so fresh, be se of them ca st and then wrote it and the use … litern record le ed it, News a ft,” Barry says e nd Tribut nthusiast ically. es was having notable any rea for not l hits, a to The side En from the d; the only su from Skip rviving ir album track in their and Barr live set. y admit Ross that this to its la ck of su p erhaps ccess in their de compariso led but The n to Futurehe course a containe d flo or ds, which of of Love fil and De cent Da lers Hound ys and nights. Their new album ‘Thi s Is Not Th now on N e World’ ul Record is out s. C Independ ent, Sund atch them rocking erland o th n the 24th e July.


Dot Gets Off Words: Anne Marie It all started on the 2nd of May. We took 20 Durham based bands and artists, chucked them together in Durham’s best small (intimate!) independent venue - Fish Tank - threw in a projected photo show, some very upmarket nibbles, a Durham FM presenter armed with a mic and note pad, some really good music, and we launched Dot 45 Records and Planet Durham. Yes, a brilliant time was had by all.... Eventually. Obviously, these things never go quite to plan and a few hours earlier, I was so stressed I thought my head would implode! The printing company was late, the stupid delivery company was 2 days late, then they somehow just missed my house off their delivery list the morning of the release party, and then refused to double back even though they had guaranteed the date. I had to send my poor friend to drive all the way to Eaglescliffe to pick the CDs up (which werent even in their cases!) and drive them directly to the venue, where I was sorting the plans for the evening out.

revolutionary, alternative in all sizes and shapes. there was a real sense of motion and achievement. I can’t say it enough, but all of these bands are brilliant in their own way, each doing something different and standing apart from the boring and repetitive mainsteam of the UK. It’s desperately overdue that the Durham music scene should get some attention, and now it’s happening we’re certainly making the most of it! Dot 45 and Durham FM are planning a new weekly feature on Sundays called ‘The Local Line-Up’, in which bands will get an interview to introduces themselves as well as two of their songs played in full. We’ve got loads of cool stuff coming up with the website (www.dot45. co . u k ) but

the spot

Some band members turned up early, and we organised a full on producion line: take 1 CD from the stack, place it inside the CD cover, add the tiny sticker to correct the song name as wrongly supplied by one of the bands, stick the CD to the fanzine cover, place in a clear bag then seal the top closed with a Dot 45 sticker. Repeat process again. And again. 1000 times! However, after the stressful, laborious, and extremely late-in-the-day process, the party got under full swing and copies were dished out freely. Talented band members all mingled with each other: it was like a scene out of ‘60s London, or ‘70s New York. Beautiful,

due to some unforseen difficulties there have been a few delays, so just keep checking back daily and I promise we’re trying as hard as we can! To make up for it, I can forsee us launching with some free giveaways, possibly of the Planet Durham compilation, stickers and badges. Get in! In the mean time, to get your copy of the Planet Durham compilation album and fanzine, as featured on Steve Lamacq and Huw Stevens.


the day we rocked

Words: Caroline Stobbart

Sunderland Music Forum proved to be a big success at its launch on Saturday 24th May, an event showcasing the city’s growing talent The project, which was held at the Stadium of Light, is backed by Sunderland City Council, and is the brainchild of The Bunker’s Kenny Sanger and Field Music’s Peter Brewis. Peter explained ‘The aim of the Forum launch was to bring together musicians, organisations and businesses in a bid to push and support the vast array of musical talent that the city holds.’ Young musicians, bands, community groups, schools and promoters all took part in the event, with live performances, DJs and a question and answer session taking place throughout the day. There was also an exhibition showcasing 1000’s of photographs of local bands, along with artwork of their record covers. A record stall was also set up, selling only local music, which proved extremely popular among eager music lovers, as the records flew off the shelves like hot pies. Kenny, who runs the Bunkeruk record label added, ‘Local DJs played an array of music, only by artists from Sunderland, which was extremely effective as it enabled listeners to realise just how high the calibre of music is in the city.’ Oxclose Community School’s music project, together with Hendon Young People’s Project (H.Y.P.P.) ran an interactive music workshop all day, with around 150 kids taking part, getting to know more about music and encouraging people to pursue any musical talents they hold.


The live bands who took part were the Acidiks, a young four piece punk band from Washington; The Bangshees, a community-based all-women drumming group; The Word, hip-hop and rap group consisting of a group of Thornhill school children and their Chemistry teacher; Coldseat, an electro/experimental/ punk band, and the incredibly talented soul/funk/R&B band, The Spheres. The day was rounded off by a very informative Q&A session, which included Peter Brewis, Amer Shiekh from The Word, ross from Yourcodenameismilo, Sean Taylor from Oxclose Community School and Melanie from H.Y.P.P. They were all more than willing to answer any musical questions put their way from members of the audience, which provoked some very interesting conversation. Peter rounded things off by saying, ‘All in all, we achieved our aim of creating awareness of the SMF and what goes on in our City while everyone had a great day out.’ Please goto or for more info.

the cats bar!



Reviews ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Former Cell Mates Who’s Dead And What’s To Pay?

The Week That Was The Week That Was Records about escaping from whatever faceless town it is you’re lucky enough to wallow in are three for a pund these days. Records with grace, however, are not. Peter Brewis, Field Beat Futreheaded bard of Sunderland brings us The Wee That Was. This album, and it is an album, deals with torment, apathy and shies away from grand sweeping gestures and mildly amusing social observations which appear to be the order of the day at this juncture. Beautifully crafted and ethereal, track’s like Come Home and Scratch the Surface touch upon the idiosyncrasies of existing within a relationship and indeed what happens when certain things that are a given are taken away. Anyone who embraced Field Music, or has discovered School of Language will be satisfied to hear whilst there is no question of parody here, comparisons can inevitably be drawn. Without being too flowery this record delivers what many people had hoped for. It really is that good. D.H

Former Cell Mates’ second album kicks off where their first left off, with more chugging, beer-guzzling MOR rock ‘n’ roll at its very best. Think Thin Lizzy, Foo Fighters or QOTSA at their most melodious. Dave Burdon’s raw, mid-Atlantic vocals fit perfectly against his band’s take no crap aggression on ‘Adverse Camber’, ‘Come January’ and ‘Gypsy’s Curse’ , while ‘Stolen Car Keys’ counterweights the harsher tracks with its soft, sweet melody. All in all an excellent second outing for Sunderland’s hardest rocking rockers. Keep on trucking. P.J

The Futureheads This Is Not The World With their ‘difficult second album’™ out of the way, the ‘Heads storm back to brilliance with this their third album. The tone is uncompromisingly upbeat, songs like ’Broke up the Time’ and ‘Radio Heart’ have a spring in their step that was so disappointingly lacking in most of the tracks on 2006’s ‘News and Tributes’. The wall of sound that we first encountered on their debut album is back too, with ’Beginning of the Twist’ and ’Walking Backwards’ being huge, angry slabs of pop-punk excellence. The massive guitar sound is matched by the powerful harmonies, which have become a ubiquitous part of The Futureheads’ sound. A barnstorming return to the form. P.J



1 1


Jumpers For Goalposts Bonds After about five years of different disguises and false starts, Jumpers for Goalposts sound like they’ve finally found what it is they’ve been looking for. The new wave has certainly got under JFG’s skins, with ‘Bonds’ being a cracking, little catchy tune. Imagine the Pigeon Detectives mixed with Kaiser Chiefs mixed with The Futureheads and you’ve pretty much got their sound right there. Perfect for listening to in a sweaty back street club somewhere, shame Ku’s closing down!

Odd Shaped Head Egomatic Annie Having been able to witness this band live 2 years ago and getting the t-shirt to prove it, I am happy to see that they’re still going strong and have only got better with time. There’s clear characteristics in their music and this is spearheaded by Paul Bentley’s vocals. My first impression is he’s like a chipmunk on happy pills, but with such a rush of chirpy animation this is not a bad quality. And its no wonder that their gigs are sold out.

Oscillator Pushed Out To Space Within the opening intro I can just imagine this song being played on long car drives in the sun when you have no worries just because its the summer. I’m totally drawn more to the music of this song rather than the lyrics, it seems they just been thrown in because they



had to. What the wonderful aspect is in this song it that how chilled out it is yet it’s still tinged with a space age ambience that just makes you wonder, not about anything in particular but just the cool sound floating around your head.

Pontiffs Attention Seeker I found myself tapping along with the beat of the song but was busting for the loo and had to go less than two minutes in to the song. However, the joy and relief was shortlived as I discovered small wet splashes on my elephant cord slacks. More haste, less speed and all that, but maybe, it was subconsciously the excitement of the ‘tiffs that caused the mis-hap and I now humm the tune whenever I’m standing in the Gents struggling to open the floodgates.

Deltasound Angel From Heaven This is one hell of a sweet song. To put it simply it’s beautiful. The vocals of Jonjo McNeill are haunting and his voice seems to just get into your head and float around there aimlessly. The music fits incredibly well with the lyrics, which all in all paints a pretty picture. Well worth a listen.

The Familiar Ones Just No Love What can I say about a band that sounds very mainstream but are still pretty damn good? Looking at their influences you can see that they want to sound just like their idols, Arctic

monkeys and The Enemy. The Familiar Ones have the sound and the vocals down to a T, all they need to-do is get heard by more people. That’s the hard bit though!

Squares The Lilac Times Just the type of tune to give you that smiley summer feeling. Squares’ blend of indie pop works superbly well, especially with the incorporation of the glockenspiel. There’s nowt better than a tune that brings in something different and mixes up the regular guitar band riffs and beats. Their quirky, upbeat sound shows influences of the likes of the Coral but with vocalist, Daniel, giving them more of that slightly darker indie edge.

The Small Screen Light Show I’m Too In Love The Small Screen Light Show – I’m Too In Love. I’m too in love with this song. WOW, I’m greeted with a total sense of happiness. Their name seems to say it all, you get your own personal light show straight into your head and heart. The vocals of both Mattie Vant and Becca Young work perfectly with their contagious emo – indie – esque music. I haven’t heard anything this infectious for a long time.

Manifesto All Dayer at bar seven


Seven bands in seven hours in a bar call 7even, sounds good to me like. First up are The Hearts, a stripped down two piece from Newcastle, consisting of a guitarist and singing drummer. Considering this is their first gig, they’re confident and pretty tight, with some canny good The White Stripes meets the The Smiths type of tunes. Next come The Anglo Form, another two piece, but this time with a guitarist/drum machine dude and vocalist. Another polished performance from a band making only their second outing. Third up, Show Off Summer, a young Cramlington three piece playing their fourth gig at 7even in as many months. Straight away you can see why they keep getting asked to come back. Their sound is polished and unique, and tunes like The Rabbi and Balloon Song are finely crafted works of near genius. If you can, catch S.O.S. a.s.a.p.. By the time The Colt 45s take to the stage they’re a seething ball of angry energy. They blast out a furious set of electro punk classics before it all goes Pete Tong when singer Keith loses a tooth at the hands of his ever-soslightly over enthusiastic bass player. Still, a top notch band and a quality set. Then up is Coldseat and the place is rammed and the atmosphere is electric. Billy and Gus kick straight into Dance or Die and the crowd are loving it. When we get to Moneygrabber the place goes mental, everyone’s bouncing and we’ve got a dance off between a 56 year old pillhead and a massive skinhead who looks like he lives in the New Monkey. Coldseat finish off an awe inspiring set with The Dirty Dealer and then it’s time for…

Widows, a new young five piece from Sunderland who keep drawing comparisons with Interpol. You can see why people might see something of the NYC doom rockers in them, but for me Widows have a brighter, more optimistic sound. Tonight, they’re solid and confident, but their sound is maybe a little too intelligent for the raucous bank holiday revellers who are crammed in to see them. It’s near midnight by the time The Young Cartwrights kick off. It’s about the fifty eighth time they’ve played 7even in the last month so even the bar staff are singing along to their tunes. Frontman Leachy keeps the cheek down to a minimum and they manage to bash out seven songs of sheer quality, the type that James Skelly would’ve sold his ganny to have been able to write. All in all, 7even and its seven bands had one splendid night of rockness.


Reviews ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


School of Language @ The White Room Saturday 10th May

The Week That Was @The White Room Tuesday 13th May

The Futureheads, Electronic Eye Machine, the Beat Group, Field Music. All amazing bands, unique, thoughtful heartfelt and most importantly documented in record collections around the the North east and the world. Peter Brewis has been a catalyst in all these bands. Understandably there is huge interest and expectation regarding tonight’s debut of Peter’s latest offering The Week That Was. Peter Brewis’s new outfit featuring Brother David, Andy Moore (both formally of Field Music) and Johnny X of Kennikie infamy take stage to a full White Room audience with limited pomp. Greetings out of the way, an obligatory 1,2,3,4 and any doubters, protagonists or curious chin stokers are put in there place in no uncertain terms. The grace, purpose and direction of Peter’s new songs do not require any musing. Taking (and I mean this in a positive sense) inspiration from early Genesis with shades of the Left Banke the band delivers time and time again. Highlights from the forthcoming album include the touchingly Come Home and an aggressive a tune you’re likely to hear from Peter in Scratch the Surface. If this show is any indication of the forthcoming album content then sweet Jesus, here we go again Sunderland Music Scene.


School of Languages debut show with full band line up was unique in the fact that people where not there to weigh up if a show was a thumbs up or a thumbs down affair. Armchair critics had remained in there sin pits and the only question was how good School of Language would be. Bolstered by Brother Peter and former Golden Virgins and current Former Cell Mates drum abuser Neil Basset, Dave Brewis carried himself with a warmth, passion and primal aggression. School of Language performed Sea from Shore in its entirety with more crescendo’s than Wagner, more twists that Chubby Checker. School of Language had provided a stunning show with the welcome addition of Roxy Music’s ‘if there is something’. The usual flowery amazing gig clichés where al wheeled out, but special mention should be made to the relationship between band and audience. There are rare occasions when a show is made up of audience and performance equating to a perfect show. This is as close as ive seen in this city

Rotten Blue Menace @ The Borough Thursday 1st May After being tucked away in the practise room for what seemed like an eternity, anticipation was starting to build up around the comeback gig for RBM, complete with new guitarists, Dave and Jordan. After assuming they would go down a more hardcore route it was quite a shock to see them jump on a complete tangent. With guitar solos, backing vocals and a complete twist on all of their classics, the crowd was blown away. Maybe another couple of practises to tighten up the guitar melodies and they have the makings to get to the top of Sunderland’s Punk scene.

Sonner + Sunday Best @ The Glebe Centre Sat 24th May Sunday Best rise to the occasion and do a great job of warming up the 250 sell out venue, they finish with ‘Jaguar’ which is surely their best tune. Top stuff. Sonner take to the stage in their home town to ‘why does my heart feel so bad’ by Moby and kick off the set with a new track which is a superb opener. For some reason the songs sound like they belong on a huge stage like this and ‘this is too much’ is rock and roll perfection. New track ‘let me save me’ is a groovy bluesy number, makes you want to move. ‘Green park’ soars and the place is rockin’. They end with perfect covers of The Who’s ‘i cant explain’ and Slades ‘cum on feel the noize’...leavin everyone shoutin for more. this is how a rock and roll gig should be..

Little Man Tate @ Independent Friday 23rd May

Uncerta @ The Voodoo Room Friday 2nd May

Once again the Kings of Sunderland’s metal scene return to the throne and show us why they made it to the top. Relentless energy, faultless technique, aggressive performance, Uncerta know how to whip any crowd into a frenzy. Never failing to impress the hordes of followers that almost worship Uncerta and their every riff and drum fill, they give the public what they want. Uncerta are certainly consistent and have a copious amount of talent, but you can’t help feeling like the gigs are quite similar. It will be interesting to see what tricks up their sleeve for the future. ‘cum on feel the noize’...leavin everyone shoutin for more.this is how a rock and roll gig should be..

Marching on at a tightly packed, sweaty Independent to choruses of ‘LMT, LMT’ and following pre-match entertainment including The Lexingtons, Blah Blah Blah and a couple being ejected for attempting to sneak into the ladies, the Steel City lads opened with, predictably, 1st track from 1st album ‘Man I Hate Your Band’. Mixing old favourites with tracks from their, asyet untitled follow-up release and with the assembled enthusiastically pogoing and howling back choruses at every opportunity the following hour was one of hookladen, lager-swilling sing-along-athons akin to one of those to be found on a ‘Best Pub Anthems Ever’ album. Perfectly fitting for the start of bank holiday festivities


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This month we asked people at the Sunderland Music Forum launch for their top fives.......

Big D.L’s Top 5 Days

Amber’s Top 5 Shops

1. Friday 2, Saturday 3. Jay Day 4. Darren Day 5. Pancake Tuesday

1. Mothercare 2. Adams 3. Early Learning Centre 4. Toys R Us 5. R.P Ledger & Sons

Ruth’s Top 5 Socks

Jarvis’s Top 5 Fashion Disasters

Leanne & Tyler’s Top 5 UK 80’s wrestlers

1. Pop sock 2. Chicago White Sox 3. Smelly sock 4. Wind sock 5. Charva ‘Tucky-in’ Sock

1. Denim Suit 2. Bandanna 3. Navy with Black 4. Speedos 5. Full-on Mullett

Martin’s Top 5 Sunderland Eccentrics 1. The Spectre 2. The Hills Have Eyes 3. Jimmy Jesus 4. Cliff Maidment (of Sunderland) 5. Dave the Rave


1. Big Daddy 2. Giant Haystacks 3. Mick Mac Manus 4. Kendo Nagasaki 5. Gorgeous Georget

Jeff’s Top 5 Scarfs

Peter’s Top 5 Bags

Stampy’s Top 5 Flakes

1. SAFC Wembley ‘85 2. Checky Pashmina 3. Paisley Mod 4. Nana headscarf 5. Scarface

1. Teabag 2. Hard Bag 3. Bag Lady 4. Carrier Bag 5. Bag for life

1. Cornflake 2. Snowflake 3. ‘99 Flake 4. Flaky Scalp 5. Mr Flake

Jordan’s Top 5 Fruity Pop Acts

Richard’ Top 5 Rocks

Bananarama Strawberry Switchblade Orange Juice Melon Kim Elton John

1. Hot Rocks 2. Northern Rock 3. Soft Rock 4. Hard Rock 5. Get Ur Rocks off


Listings --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Divas

june N Monday 2nd June

Sunday 1st June Swing time on a Sunday @ The Theatre Restaurant, Sunderland 7pm Acoustic Night @ The Porterfield, Crowtree Road, Sunderland Live Band Night @ Masters, Low Row, Sunderland Tubesnake @ The Ropery, Sunderland 3pm The Rattlers @ The Ropery, Sunderland 3:30pm Acoustic Blues & Folk @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Tubesnake @ Clarendon, Sunderland 3pm Twister @ Roker Hotel, Roker, Sunderland, 6pm Come Together (DJs) @ The White Room, 7even, The Ivy House, Substance 2.30pm Rock/Indie Night @ Luma, Sunderland Se Ganainm Chilled Live Irish Music @ Shamrock, Sunderland 12.30pm Bullet @ Borough, Vine Place, Sunderland 9pm

Buskers Night @ Golden Lion, South Hylton, Sunderland Tom Le Moosh & Steves Open Mic @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Student Night with Steve yer Irish Busker @ Shamrock, Sunderland 7.30pm Tuesday 3rd June Buskers Night @ Greens, Low Row, Sunderland Buskers Night @ The Borough, Vine Place, Sunderland 9pm Wednesday 4th June Buskers Night @ P.U.R.E, Olive Street, Sunderland 8pm Poulette Sur Ket @ 7even. Derwent St 8pm Scott Keirs Electric Jam @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Charity Night with Se Ganaimn (all proceeds to Cancer Charities) @ Shamrock, Sunderland 7:30pm £10 (includes bowl of Irish stew) Thursday 5th June Open Decks Night @7even, Derwent Street, Sunderland Buskers Night @ Paddy Whacks, Green Terrace, Sunderland Band Night @ The Porterfield, Crowtree Road, Sunderland Pete Dodd`s Open Mic @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm


@ The Theatre Restaurant Sunderland Acoustic Night @ Luma, Sunderland The Crash Club @ Independent, Sunderland 10pm Resistance - Rock & Metal Night @ Borough, Vine Place, Sunderland 9pm Friday 6th June Rock Bands Night @ Paddy Whacks, Green Terrace, Sunderland The Love Inn @ Substance, Tunstall Road, Sunderland Jarvis + Ju-lea @ 7even, Derwent Street, Sunderland Manifesto Club Night @ Independent, Holmeside, Sunderland. 10pm £2 The Sugar B’s @ The Ropery, Sunderland Dave Ridley & Helen Cleary @ Whitburn Lodge, Whitburn, Sunderland 8.30pm FM @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm RagnarRock @ Borough, Sunderland 9pm Divas @ The Theatre Restaurant, Sunderland Myshkin + The Astons + Summertime Blues @ Porterfields, Sunderland Saturday 7th June Music For Misfits @ Independent, Holmeside, Sunderland 10pm Jarvis + Ju-lea 7even, Derwent Street, Sunderland MOD and Beyond @ Substance, Tunstall Road, Sunderland The Big Night Out @ Liquid/Diva, Green Terrace, Sunderland 10pm

Last Minute @ Master’s Bar, Sunderland Macstock Charity Gig (Robot Elvis/The Rattlers/Spitting Vicars) @ The Alex, Grangetown, Sunderland £5 Ammunition @ Borough, Sunderland 9pm Divas @ The Theatre Restaurant, Sunderland

Tuesday 10th June Buskers Night @ Greens, Low Row, Sunderland Buskers Night @ The Borough, Vine Place, Sunderland 9pm

Wednesday 11th June Sunday 8th June Live Band Night @ Masters, Low Row, Sunderland Swing time on a Sunday @ The Theatre Restaurant, Sunderland 7pm Acoustic Night @ The Porterfield, Crowtree Road, Sunderland Live Band Night @ Masters, Low Row, Sunderland Krisis @ The Borough, Vine Place, Sunderland This Machine @ Roker Hotel, Roker, Sunderland 6pm Reet Hot Chili Pepers @ The Ropery, Sunderland 3:30pm Acoustic Blues & Folk @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Battle Of The Bands Final @ Porterfields, Sunderland Come Together (DJs) @ The White Room, 7even, The Ivy House, Substance 2.30pm Rock/Indie Night @ Luma, Sunderland Monday 9th June Buskers Night @ Golden Lion, South Hylton, Sunderland Tom Le Moosh & Steves Open Mic @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Student Night with Steve yer Irish Busker @ Shamrock, Sunderland 7.30pm

Get Vegas @ Paddy Whacks, Sunderland 10 Dozer + Attica Rage @ The Dark @ The Borough, Sunderland 7:30pm Sunderland Schools Dance Festival @ Empire Theatre, Sunderland Buskers Night @ P.U.R.E, Olive Street, Sunderland 8pm Scott Keirs Electric Jam @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Poulette Sur Ket @ 7even, Derwent St 8pm Thursday 12th June SubCulture, The Prince Bishops, City in Flames @ 7even, Derwent Street, Sunderland Buskers Night @ Paddy Whacks, Green Terrace, Sunderland Band Night @ The Porterfield, Crowtree Road, Sunderland Grumpy Old Men @ Grange Hotel, Newcastle Road, Sunderland Pete Dodd`s Open Mic @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Resistance - Rock & Metal Night @ Borough, Sunderland 9pm Divas @ The Theatre Restaurant, Sunderland Acoustic Night @ Luma, Sunderland The Crash Club @ Independent, Sunderland 10pm



Friday 13th June

Buzzard @ Hollymere, Sunderland 8:30pm Rock Bands Night @ Paddy Whacks, Green Terrace, Sunderland The Love Inn @ Substance, Tunstall Road, Sunderland Jarvis + Ju-lea @ 7even, Derwent St, Sunderland Snagsby @ The Ropery, Sunderland Billy Stewart Band @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm RagnarRock @ Borough, Sunderland 9pm Divas @ The Theatre Restaurant, Sunderland Tyler Durden + Sonner + Percieved As Equals @ Porterfields, Sunderland Manifesto Club Night @ Independent, Holmeside Sunderland 10pm £2 Saturday 14th June Music For Misfits @ Independent, Holmeside, Sunderland 10pm Village Soul @ 200 High St West, Sunderland 8pm, £4 Jarvis + Ju-lea 7even, Derwent St, Sunderland MOD and Beyond @ Substance, Tunstall Road, Sunderland The Big Night Out @ Liquid/Diva, Green Terrace, Sunderland 10pm Dolly – A Celebration of the leading lady of Country @ Empire Theatre, Sunderland The Hybrids @ The Vane Arms, Sunderland The Dusty Tools @ Grindon Club, Sunderland

Ammunition @ Borough, Sunderland 9pm Witchkraft @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Divas @ The Theatre Restaurant, Sunderland Perry Westlake @ Shamrock, Sunderland 7.30pm

Tuesday 17th June Buskers Night @ Greens, Low Row, Sunderland Buskers Night @ The Borough, Vine Place, Sunderland, 9pm Wednesday 18th June

Sunday 15th June Swing time on a Sunday @ The Theatre Restaurant, Sunderland 7pm Acoustic Night @ The Porterfield, Crowtree Road, Sunderland Whey aye C/DC @ The Ropery, Sunderland 3:30pm Reload @ Luma Bar and Cafe, Sunderland Absolute Beginners @ Roker Hotel, Roker, Sunderland 6pm Acoustic Blues & Folk @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Come Together (DJs) @ The White Room, 7even, The Ivy House, Substance 2.30pm Rock/Indie Night @ Luma, Sunderland Se Ganainm Chilled Live Irish Music @ Shamrock, Sunderland 12.30pm Poorboys @ Borough, Vine Place, Sunderland 9pm Monday 16th June Buskers Night @ Golden Lion, South Hylton, Sunderland Tom Le Moosh & Steves Open Mic @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Student Night with Steve yer Irish Busker @ Shamrock, Sunderland 7.30pm

Buskers Night @ P.U.R.E, Olive Street, Sunderland 8pm Scott Keirs Electric Jam @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Poulette Sur Ket @ 7even, Derwent St 8pm Thursday 19th June Open Decks Night @7even, Derwent St, Sunderland Buskers Night @ Paddy Whacks, Green Terrace, Sunderland Band Night @ The Porterfield, Crowtree Road, Sunderland Rock Solid @ Grange Hotel, Newcastle Road, Sunderland Pete Dodd`s Open Mic @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Resistance - Rock & Metal Night @ Borough, Sunderland 9pm Divas @ The Theatre Restaurant, Sunderland Acoustic Night @ Luma, Sunderland The Crash Club @ Independent, Sunderland 10pm Friday June 20th Wind of Change @ Independent, Sunderland 8pm Monologues @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Rock Bands Night @ Paddy Whacks, Green Terrace, Sunderland


The Love Inn @ Substance, Tunstall Road, Sunderland Jarvis + Ju-lea @ 7even, Derwent St, Sunderland Manifesto Club Night @ Independent, Holmeside, Sunderland 10pm £2 Ady Ferguson @ The Ropery, Sunderland RagnarRock @ Borough, Sunderland 9pm Divas @ The Theatre Restaurant, Sunderland Sonner + Iron Guerilla + Meta Music Porterfields, Sunderland Saturday 21st June Stagepass Battle of the Bands @ Independent, Sunderland 7:30pm Ammunition (with, Jami Beste & the nobodies) @ The Dark @ The Borough Music For Misfits @ Independent, Holmeside, Sunderland 10pm Jarvis + Ju-lea 7even, Derwent St, Sunderland MOD and Beyond @ Substance, Tunstall Road, Sunderland The Big Night Out @ Liquid/Diva, Green Terrace, Sunderland 10pm The Fibbers @ Smuggler’s Bar, Marine Walk, Sunderland Divas The Theatre Restaurant, Sunderland Ed.E.Flagman Line Dancing & Singalong @ Shamrock, Sunderland 7.30pm Sunday 22nd June Stagepass Battle of the Bands @ Independent, Sunderland 7pm

Swing time on a Sunday @ The Theatre Restaurant, Sunderland 7pm Acoustic Night @ The Porterfield, Crowtree Road, Sunderland Live Band Night @ Masters, Low Row, Sunderland 1977 @ The Ropery, Sunderland 3:30pm Acoustic Blues & Folk @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Heavy Load - Free/ Bad Co.Tribute @ Borough, Sunderland 9pm Skint @ Grindon WMC, Sunderland 12:15pm Snake Eyes @ Roker Hotel, Roker, Sunderland 6pm Come Together (DJs) @ The White Room, 7even, The Ivy House, Substance 2.30pm Rock/Indie Night @ Luma, Sunderland Monday 23rd June Buskers Night @ Golden Lion, South Hylton, Sunderland Tom Le Moosh & Steves Open Mic @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Make Model + Support @ Independent, Holmeside Sunderland Student Night with Steve yer Irish Busker @ Shamrock, Sunderland 7.30pm

Tuesday 24th June Buskers Night @ Greens, Low Row, Sunderland Buskers Night @ The Borough, Vine Place, Sunderland 9pm

Wednesday 25th June Buskers Night @ P.U.R.E, Olive Street, Sunderland 8pm Scott Keirs Electric Jam @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Poulette Sur Ket @ 7even, Derwent St 8pm

please send your

Thursday 26th June Letz Zep @ Sunderland Empire Theatre Stagepass Battle of the Bands @ Independent, Sunderland 7:30pm Our Joe’s Mullett @7even, Derwent Street, Sunderland Buskers Night @ Paddy Whacks, Green Terrace, Sunderland Band Night @ The Porterfield, Crowtree Road, Sunderland 1977 @ Grange Hotel, Newcastle Road, Sunderland Pete Dodd`s Open Mic @ Smugglers Bar, Sunderland 9pm Resistance - Rock & Metal Night @ Borough, Sunderland 9pm Divas The Theatre Restaurant, Sunderland Acoustic Night @ Luma, Sunderland The Crash Club @ Independent, Sunderland 10pm Friday 27th June Rock Bands Night @ Paddy Whacks, Green Terrace, Sunderland The Love Inn @ Substance, Tunstall Road, Sunderland Jarvis + Ju-lea @ 7even, Derwent St, Sunderland Manifesto Club Night @ Independent, Holmeside, Sunderland 10pm £2 Grumpy Old Men

listings to info@ sunderland music . com


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It’s go od wha t you’ are do ing! Just w hat s’l and ne Keep u ed! p the good w ork! really e and am njoyed the d ay hopefu l for future the . well done! see yo u june 17th (i will b e 22 a nd 1 d old) ay

Good l uck wit h it al were b l, ehind y ou guy s.

I perso nally think consul the tants have d a good one job of ing th a n alyse situa tion in sunder land a nd it’s our ch ance t o this in format take ion on board an If we w d act upon it. ant th e foru to be m of som e use it’s cr t he ucial t hat we n get inv olved at this level.

what your doing looks good. Like the sound of it.

Yer knar wot, I dint even knar wot all this forumses things all about, sounds like a pile of klarts to me. Mind yay, I dinnit gan out much, tuesders, thursders and sarraders, that’s me, but I usually pop round the club on a sunder and I always gan a message on a monder. But i’m nivver out cos it’s all a buncha shizzle. Orh, I nearly forgot like, I’m garna join a hip hop rap carry on thing, on a friday, but just to show me pyatt, yer knar.

They d innit m akem l the ‘B ike en Lets p ji’ nee maw! ut Sun derlan back o d n the musica map! l

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FIVE MINUTES with... barry leake Weave / Hot Rats record store

Listening To?


Kimya Dawson - remember that i love you - intimate playful lyric,s funny and heart wrenching so-called ‘anti – folk’. boxcutter glyphic – inventive, glitchy,spacey dubstep tropicalia - a brazilian revolution in sound - a great compilation of innovative sixties brazilian music - very uplifting!

trailer park boys -halarious canadian mock-u-mentary series - god i love this! peepshow - new series is shaping up well zeitgeist -major myth shattering documentary(stream or download at www. viewing!

Reading? Just coming to the end of cloud atlas by David Mitchell -combines 6 interweaving stories spanning from the 19th century to a post-apocalyptic future -gripping and adventurous storytelling. Recently finished wild by Jay Griffiths - a very moving paean to the wild spirit of people and places.Passionate,political and provocative,she provides a much needed wake-up call in these most corporate of times. Its beautifully poetic writing.

sean TAYLOR Oxclose and Hendon Music Project

Listening to? Bellowhead, Spiers & Boden, Gillian Welch, The Handsome Family,Kasey Chambers, Laura Cantrell, Eliza Carthy, Nic Jones, Solas, Chris Thile, Richard Thompson, The Dixie Chicks, The Asylum Street Spankers, Karine Polwart, Tom Waits, Uncle Earle........

Reading? Far too much into all of the outcomes/ comments etc from the “can Sunderland be a Music City ?” consultation meetings !!! the usual rubbish unsolicited that will be poked through my letter box by the Post Office, info & specs on Octave Mandola’s , if you have a decent secondhand one for sale let me know.

Watching? Mainly News 24, I would refer anyone who worships the one eyed GOD that now not only ocupys the place of rever-

Going To? fancy some countryside shenanigans now we’re getting some sunshine so camping,not sure where yet. will be popping through to the green festival on the 8th of june. Checkout Barry’s music and art at www.

ence in the corner of the living room but has spread to every room in the “mod ern” household to the words of warning given by the late great Frank Zappa; “I am gross and perverted, I’m obsessed ‘n deranged I have existed for years But very little has changed I’m the tool of the Government And industry too For I am destined to rule And regulate you I may be vile and pernicious But you can’t look away I make you think I’m delicious With the stuff that I say I’m the best you can get Have you guessed me yet? I’m the slime oozin’ out From your TV set”

Going To? Tyne Cinema to see The Week That Was, the Sunderland Music Public Consultation and the SMF launch at the Stadium, Davy Lamp Folk Club to see Dana & Susan Robinson, plus Work!

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