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“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” That was one of my father’s favorite sayings to me as a child and teen. My father was born in 1902 in the Deep South with a third grade education and poor, but through all those obstacles, he accomplished so much. He was self-educated, became an avid reader, traveled the world and had literally a photographic memory. I remember turning 18-years-old, and the first thing my father did was to take me down to register to vote. See my father grew up in an era in the United States that, because of the color of his skin color, he couldn’t vote or receive an education. He grew up during the era of Jim Crow laws where blacks were not allowed into certain 6 | MANIERA SL |

business, schools or allowed to vote. My father believed that the right to vote and receive an education are the two most cherished freedoms that so many take for granted in the United States. When putting this issue together, I remembered my father’s words: “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” It’s so easy in our day-today lives to forget or not be aware of what is going on around us. Whether it’s school funding being cut, local and national elections, or on more of a global scale: wars or hunger, I think about what my father’s wish was to see his youngest child graduate from high school. My father passed away four months after my graduation. His wish came true.

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TO MEET ANOTHER DIFFERENT FROM ME, BUT MY EQUAL. Homophobia is a disease that has caused more deaths than HIV through history. Hate crimes occur every day worldwide and victims are people whose only crime is to have different preferences.

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In one episode of the British television series Red Dwarf, the space travelling characters encounter the despair squid. This is a mutation created on an alien planet that disperses ink that, if touched, induces hallucinations of extreme despair. The characters in the story breath in the ink, become desperately depressed and only just escape committing suicide by the timely intervention of a friend who neutralizes the hallucinogenic effects. In real life, there is no despair squid. However at times I have imagined such a creature playing an active role in my experiences. For us non-space travelers, hope is the counter to despair. This issue of MANIERASL is our annual Hope Edition. We explore through pictures and words how we bring hope to each other in a


world that sometimes seems infested with despair squids. Our MANIERASL photographers have collectively created our hope pictorial this month. Our editor Topaz Joubert challenged the photographers to illustrate the concept of “hope awareness” through pictures. Their interesting and thoughtful products are presented for your reflection. Our features and columns this month give special spotlights to non-profits, charities, organizations and individuals that try to make Second Life® a better place. In our feature, we profile the dedicated creators of the Stand4Love awareness campaign. Our usual columns examine the hopeful side of people with Tourette’s syndrome, the positive benefits of literacy, and a column devoted to some guidelines for choosing a charity. Finally, we offer our annual directory of non-profits in Second Life. All in all, this issue is dedicated to the sure knowledge that the despair squid cannot win out over love and hope. Yours in joy,



Editor in Chief Topaz Joubert

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ach month MANIERA puts the spotlight on one of our dedicated and talented staff member. Over the last four years our amazing staff of writers, photographers, editors, instructors, managers and models with their drive, determination, professionalism has made MANIERA LLC the company it is today.


Can you tell us a little bit what you do at MANIERA?

I am a model and photographer for MANIERA Magazine.


How did you become a model and photographer?

I became a model in October 2010 which was a very exciting moment for me. I started taking snapshots in Second Life® when I first logged on as a newbie, I was drawn to the fact that one can do such amazing pictures in SL that related so much to real life. That is how my passion begun.


Best thing you love about your job?

I love photographer, it is a way to express myself as an artist.


Latrelly Flux Ghost Rezz date:

12/22/2009 Country:

United States


What is your favorite word?



What is your least favorite word?



When are you the happiest in Where can you see yourself in SL? the next year professionally in SL? When I can work on someone’s picture and make it art. I will continue to perfect my photographic skills as well as run a If you can give one piece of successful contest in which I started advice to someone new to in 2011. modeling or photography what would it be? Outside your job what do you like to do in your free time in The number one key is to study SL? and practice. Never stop learning it is the key to getting better. If you I usually spend in it blogging think you do not need to learn anyfashions in SL and styling looks. thing, think again!





Love’s Tolerance The fight for love’s equality BY SITA WRITER


hat is it about love and relationships… what is this mysterious alchemy of connection between two people and why are all relationships not respected? A team of scientists lead by Dr. Semire Zeki at the University College London scanned the brains of 17 young men and women in love to see what changes in brain activity occur when the lovebirds ogle photos of their loved ones. The scans show an increased activity in four primitive areas and involve four powerful drugs. There are increases in phenylethylamine and dopamine, and reduced levels of serotonin and norepinephrine, also known as adrenaline. Chemically speaking, the effect of love is your brain on drugs. The dictionary has mostly good things to say about love: attraction based on common interests, a profoundly passionate affection for another person, sexual desire, admiration, benevolence and devotion; affection for your country, your beloved, your God; it is also used as a term of endearment. The only not-positive meaning is found on the tennis court, where love equals zero or in the minds of intolerant people. Editorial Clarity and Ricoracer Flux have had a long Second Life® affair with decorating, blogging and creating all things beautiful and artistic. They are the team behind the popular Fashion Teller books, but their newest project is Stand4Love. “We created STAND4LOVE because it makes us sad to see so 18 | MANIERA SL |


Ricoracer Flux and Editorial Clarity began Stand4Love as a way to express love in all forms.


many gay loving couples that are not allowed the basic right to marry,” Flux said. “I know many gay couples that have been in committed loving relationships for many, many years, and I think they should be given the right to express their love for each other without discrimination. In RL I am a healthcare provider, and I have witnessed loving people being denied to visit their long-time partners who are dying in the hospital. Marriage equality for everyone is long overdue.” In speaking of his partner, Flux recalls the day he married his SL husband and RL partner, Editorial Clarity. “The day I married my hubby, Editorial Clarity, was one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in SL,” he said. “When I stood at the altar and said ‘I DO’ to my Edi, I knew

that one day I wanted to say ‘I DO’ in RL and thought, everyone is allowed to marry in SL. Let’s make it a reality in RL.” Meanwhile, Editorial Clarity is 21-years-old and has just “come out” to his friends and family in RL. “I hid my feelings because some frown on same sex relationships,” Clarity explained. “II was scared of people looking at me differently just because I was gay, so I decided not to tell anyone. It is so wrong to live hiding these feelings. I think everyone should be able to express themselves without being judged or treated differently.” Clarity loves the fact that people can come to SL and be accepted as they are. “I just wish that everyone could be this way in the real world and not just on a computer,” he said.


Together, the mission they created for Stand4Love is inspiring. “We created this initiative to promote marriage equality for loving couples (whether gay, lesbian, bisexuals, straight or transgendered) and to stop discrimination at all levels,” Flux said. “The right to love and marry is as fundamental as the right to breathe. Why should we let the government dictate who we can love and marry? We hope that the Stand4Love campaign opens a lot of minds and hearts about marriage equality. Gays and lesbians are people too and from all walks of life that deserve the basic right to love.” When they launched the campaign in June 2012, pictures started coming in from SL residents - at one point they had over 700 photos. They also received letters from campaign OCTOBER 2012

supporters telling them the mission “enabled them to express how they feel and not have to worry about it.” “We were grateful to receive so many emails about how our campaign was making people feel comfortable… that’s what it is all about,” Clarity continued. “I personally believe it has made people realize people do support gay marriage and equality and that the world is changing. It’s changing slowly but the fact is, it’s changing. And that’s a good thing that we were able to give some comfort to people.” The support and love the duo received — and by proxy passed on to every person who stood four love — was “tremendous and so humbling,” Flux said. They received stories from people of all walks of life and all around the world. “If we opened even one person’s mind about love and equality then our mission was accomplished,” Flux said. Stand4Love exemplifies the positive aspects of love. It is an awareness charity project to promote the visibility and rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and straight loving couples to have the right to marry and be recognized by the law across the world. For this campaign, Stand4Love takes the form of an image to spread the message of equality and tolerance, Flux said. The plan was for each participant to take their picture in a plain white or black background then add the StandOCTOBER 2012

4Love Logo. Each person put a message of support and their SL name on the picture. Several of the photos were published across the blogosphere, on the Stand4Love Facebook page and in the Stand4Love flickr group. While not all photos will make it into the Stand4Love book, which will be published later this year on and in Second Life, the ones that best exemplify the cause will make an appearance. As for love itself? “Love is a powerful force not only between a couple, but between friends and family,” Clarity said. “It’s a connection that is stronger than any other it is something you can feel. I can give an example of myself and Rico and probably quite a few other couples too. We are with each other nearly 24/7. We drive each other up the wall; we fight; we irritate each other but when we are apart for more than a few hours, we begin to really miss each other. THAT is love. It’s also about knowing that someone is there to support you, help you and be there for you whenever you need no matter what time of day or what the issue is. It’s a great feeling.” Flux thinks many people complicate love. “Love is very simple,” he said. “Just feel and let it happen. Don’t be afraid to experience and express it. Never let anyone or anything get in between of your love because it is the best thing in the world.”

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HIV has not gone away

34 million people are living their life with HIV




Stop Shark Finning |KYNNE LLEWELLYN

Every year tens of millions of sharks die a slow death because of finning. Finning is the inhumane practice of hacking off the shark’s fins and throwing its still living body back into the sea. Not only is the finning of sharks barbaric, but sharks’ indiscriminate slaughter at an unsustainable rate is pushing many species to the brink of extinction. Since the 1970s the populations of several species have been decimated by over 95 percent. For more information, see


925 MILLION people do not

have enough to eat — more than the populations of USA, Canada and the European Union combined.

98 PERCENT of the world’s

undernourished people live in developing countries.

60 PERCENT of the world’s hungry are women. * Statistics provided by The World Hunger Project

Someone I Know Has Lupus |TOSHA BERGAN

“Lupus is: an autoimmune disease, the body attacking itself, difficult to recognize and diagnose, sometimes mild, sometimes lifethreatening, mostly seen in women, especially African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and Asians, also found in men and children” “A rash across the cheeks and nose resembling a ‘butterfly’ can be a symptom of lupus,” “The butterfly has become the Lupus Foundation of America’s national symbol of hope.” Hope is an underlying message of the campaign. Lupus usually strikes in the prime of life. But new research brings hope that safer andmore effective treatments, and ultimately a cure, can be found. May is Lupus Awareness Month. Who do I know wIth lupus? My real life brother!





Charity events are becoming increasingly prevalent in Second Life® and cover a wide range of worthy causes. If you are thinking about running a charity event, there are certain things you should take into consideration as there are potential pitfalls waiting for the unsuspecting. Deciding who is most deserving of your donations is a difficult one. Most people base it on their own social experiences. Often people have a personal link to the cause they wish to support; maybe a relative has been touched by a certain illness or event which will affect their preferences and passions. Personal and professional backgrounds will also influence charity choices. The number of available charities internationally is huge, with over one million non-profit organizations competing for funds in the US alone. A 2009 study by Steven Goldberg concluded that “Charitable donations find their way to grantees through a haphazard combination of luck, charisma and razzmatazz that is poorly suited to the importance of their work.” Also, what may seem deserving to you may not seem as important to other people with different social and cultural experiences. Charities are not always based on meeting needs of disadvantaged people. They have a broader remit, such as promoting excellence in the arts or supporting the local tennis club. When deciding on a charity you need to bear in mind that Second Life has a global population and in order to maximise donations you need to have a cause that has worldwide empathy. One of the most important aspects to consider is the competence of the organization to which the donations are being made. Accountability is more problematic in Second Life® when you are dealing with avatars rather than someone who is readily traceable in real life. Transparency is paramount here. You need to do substantial research on the organization involved to make sure it is legitimate and that it is actually doing what it says on the tin. Arm yourself with facts and statistics about where they spend their cash and what percentage actually reaches the target group. Groups known to spend large sums of money on adminOCTOBER 2012

istration and overheads are likely to be open to criticism. If in doubt, choose something else like a charity with a proven track record or something you can easily verify. If you do not do your homework, you could find yourself in a nasty mess. After you have decided on the charity make sure you communicate your progress and receive a receipt for any monies sent and publish it so that people who have donated know that the money reached the intended destination. Do not assume that everyone will have heard of the charity, even if it is a large national concern in your home country. Informing people about what the charity is about and recent projects undertaken will all help promote the cause. Some charities are seen as “sexier” than others. You need to decide whether to support mainstream popular charities or focus on a worthwhile cause which may not capture the public imagination as easily. Doing the latter may not only raise much needed funds but also raise public awareness. Remember that you will probably be competing with other charitable events within Second Life, some of which have been running successfully for a number of years. Try to think of something different and unique which will capture people’s imaginations. Also, take into consideration that designers are constantly being asked to support charitable events and that your notecard may be the third they received that day. You need to make it stand out and supply sufficient information for the designer to be able to make an informed decision. Harsh as this may sound, people need to be able to trust you. If you are not very well-known, it may be worth getting the backing of reputable business owners to reassure people that you have a legitimate cause. Finally, do not be afraid to ask people for help and advice. As mentioned previously there are many successful charity events in Second Life. Look to their organization; ask people who have run events previously about some of the problems they have faced and how they overcame them. If you get it right you will find that people in Second Life will support a good cause and be generous with their time and money. | MANIERA SL | 31


Beneath The Surface BY LEAH PORTLAND


ithout a doubt 2012 has been a year of celebration and achievement. There was the Diamond Jubilee for the Queen of England who celebrated her 60 year reign with a huge street party and many more smaller scale parties organised all over the United Kingdom in her honour. The year continued with world records broken and history being made and remade at the London 2012 Olympics. Even more remarkable were the achievements of the individuals who overcame serious injury, illness and other life changing events to take part in the London 2012 Paralympics. Who could complain of their minor ailments after seeing the performances of these amazing people? Indeed among them was Martine Wright, a survivor of the 7/7 London bombings. Having lost both her legs in the attack, she turned a living nightmare into a life ambition of both triumph and success. Read more about Wright here. These Olympians are the individuals with physical impairments which can be seen, but what of those with impairments which are not clearly visible to others? Those whose lives are in many ways limited, either by the condition itself or the attitudes of other people towards them, in part due to ignorance. Millions of lives worldwide are affected by Tourette’s Syndrome, which is a brain-based neurological condition characterised by multiple involuntary vocal and motor movements known as tics. Although the condition is more commonly associated with outbursts of profane language or obscene gestures,


those characteristics are actually the more severe which typify it and are in actuality quite rare among individuals with Tourette’s. John T. Walkup, M.D. states that it is estimated that one percent of schoolaged children have Tourette’s. With such a high rate of incidence of Tourette’s syndrome what hope is there for those living with the condition? Recently a BBC Radio 1 DJ, Reggie Yates, hosted a series which featured six young adults living with the condition. To put Tourette’s into context of daily life, Ruth, who was featured in the program, was forced to quit university where she was studying music due to the disruption to lectures caused by the condition, which has become increasingly out of control. As well as focusing on how Tourette’s syndrome affected their daily lives, the program also revealed that, although there is no cure, hope comes in the form of music. Each of the six young individuals possessed musical talents and remarkably when they performed, their tics completely disappeared. For example, a young man whose Tourette’s is severe, causing his whole body to jerk as well as verbal outbursts, was able to perform without a single tic. The moment he stopped singing, however, his tics fully returned. Although some of these young people had never performed in public prior to the series being made, their task was to put together a live event. The program and event raises awareness of Tourette’s syndrome and gives the young individuals some comfort, hope and temporary respite from a condition which threatens to isolate them from society. | MANIERA SL | 33


The Art of Flying BY LUC FRAY

793 million.

ter and how to put one foot before the other. But when books are opened, That number is approxi- you discover that you mately how many illiterate have wings.” adults there are in the enI am lucky that my tire world in 2012, accord- parents are my parents. ing to Central Intelligence Lucky that I do not beAgency reports. long to those 793 million But what does literacy people out there. I wish I really mean? could tell them about the Though there is no joys of discovering new exact definition of literaworlds in pages. There is cy, most countries agree quite nothing like it. that literacy is the ability To be able to cross to read comprehensively boundaries and travel and write coherently. It is through your own imagia basic human right and nation through mere the first step for many on words on simple pages; the journey of learning. delve into death-defying Through it, distance is no adventures and dangerlonger a hindrance. Nor ous mysteries with Frank time. Nor circumstance. and Joe Hardy; laugh Growing up, I was loudly at the true but hilarblessed to have parents ious strips about life, love who believed that educa- and sandwiches at Dogtion was the best gift they House Diaries; witness the could arm their four chilvictories of Ivanhoe and dren with for fighting life’s Locksley in the tournabattles. It was my mother ment held by the corrupt who taught me how to Prince John; travel around write, but it was my dad the world with Phileas who taught me how to Fogg, Passapartout and read. My old man was a Aouda; fear as Roderick very wide reader. He was Usher did when Mad— and is possibly — the eleine appeared before most intelligent guy I’ve his eyes and launched ever known. He was the herself at him; suffer the one who introduced me pang of Mau’s loneliness to the world of books, and when his entire village was with it the ability to fly. killed in a tsunami, leavHelen Hayes, the ing only him as the survidubbed First Lady of the vor; feel Edmond Dantes’ American Theatre, said hatred and experience that “From your parents, his quest for revenge; you learn love and laugh- relate to Midas’ sorrow OCTOBER 2012

and regret when he finally realized that gold was not everything he thought it would be; be enchanted by the wit and cleverness of Queen Scheherazade; fall helplessly in love like the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet; know the meaning of utter grief and weep with Lúthien when the warrior Beren dies in her arms; despair and lose hope like Edward Tulane until he realized that fate always has a way with things; and finally know what peace feels like, as Harry Potter did after a long war. And there will be more. So much more that has yet to be written or read. Perhaps with your contribution, you can help share with one of those 793 million people the gift of learning. Check your nearest literacy program organization. Who knows? Perhaps that one person you help will turn out to be someone who will take you to another corner of your imagination.

Get Luc’s Look online now CLICK HERE | MANIERA SL | 35

charity non-profit support group

index For the past three years, MANIERASL has put together a HOPE edition and compiled a list of non-profits, charities and support groups in Second Life. There are three types of listings in the index. 1) Those which do not have a link are entities which are in Second Life in group-format. These can be located by searching groups; 2) single link is either the URL or the SLURL and 3) linked and (InSL) links is the website and the SLURL. 36 | MANIERA SL |


AIDS: •Aids HIV Psychosis Depression Information Center ALS: •Fight ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) ALZHEIMERS: •Alzheimers SL •Alzheimer’s Awareness AUTISM: •Autism Around US •Autistic Liberation Front •Second Life Autism Network BREAST CANCER: •Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) •Breast Cancer Awareness Garden HPL •Breast Cancer Network of Strength •SGK for the Cure of Breast Cancer CANCER: •Acreditar (helps children with cancer) •All about Cancer •American Cancer Society-ACS (Relay for Life) •Association for International Cancer Research •Find a Cure for Cancer •The Lustgarten Foundation (pancreatic cancer) • Stand Up 2 Cancer •Frozen Pea Fund: “We Will Not Appease Cancer” • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society • SL Cancer Research UK • SL Relay for Life / American Cancer Society CEREBRAL PALSY: •Cerebral Palsy/All Disability’s •Live2Give CROHN’S: •Crohn’s And Colitis Support Cystic Fibrosis: •CF University - Cystic Fibrosis University DIABETES: •Bid4aCure •SL Diabetis Association


DISABILITIES: •Special Olympics NY •Wheelies LUPUS: •Lupus Awareness Foundation •Second Life Lupus Foundation •SL for Lupus Foundation MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: •Multiple Sclerosis Help and Support •Natl. MS Society SL Charter MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY: •Muscular Dystrophy Second Life Association PARKINSON’S: •Team Fox: Parkinson’s Fundraising group SCHIZOPHRENIA: •Virtual Hallucinations STROKES: •ShockProof HEALTH: •Great Strides •Preferred Family Healthcare Island •Remembering Our Friends Memorial (InSL) •SL Behavioral Healthcare •Support For Healing •The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention EDUCATION: • Creative Commons (English) • Creative Commons (Spanish) •Eduserv Foundation •Genome Island •Second Life Literary Foundation •Sustainable Harvest International • via The Nonprofit Commons project •Virtual Activism •VNEC: The Virtual Neurological Education Centre



HUMAN RIGHTS: •AAUW (InSL) •Global Kids •HRC-Human Rights Campaign •International Justice Center •Maseno Project - Garments of Hope 2 SEXUALITY: •Gay Rights Center •Persecution to Pride: LGBT History (InSL) •Rainbow Alliance Connection •TAVA in SL (InSL) •Transgender Resource Center •Trans Mentors and Allies MISSING PERSONS: •Faith Foundation •Garden for the Missing •Project Jason (InSL) •Missing Teens and Children ANIMAL RESCUE: •Animal Rescue •NSW Animal Rescue Inc. (InSL) •The Rescue Park @ Canis Beach NATURE: •Africa inSL •Friends of the Urban Forest EMERGENCY AID: •Camp Darfur (InSL) MISC: •ACORN •Better World Island •Giving Circles Network (InSL) •New Media Consortium •Non-Profit Commons •OneClimate Island (InSL) •Open Science •Second Life Association of CPAs •Yehoodi


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