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Two of SL’s greatest corset designers sculpt a beautiful frame


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MANIERA makes shortlist for DMA2012



I logged in to check which magazines made the Digital Magazine Awards 2012 (DMA) list of finalists, my stomach was in knots. I prepared myself to not see our name, and I would have been fine with that. Disappointed, but would have accepted the outcome and focused on next year. After all, we are a brand new magazine in real life publishing with a small team of people/ avatars that have never actually met in real life. So... what are the odds of us making the shortlist? In 2010 MANIERASL was put in a pool of nominees. Out of thousands, the list was cut down to several hundred that were made nominees. From there the list was cut down to a few finalist ­— shortlisted. We made the nominee list for Best Editors but not the shortlist for finalist. I was very proud of that moment. Just to be nominated was an honor but making the finals was the ultimate dream. I knew we had a lot of work to do before reaching that goal. We were a virtual magazine in a virtual world. The concept was hard for the main stream media to fully understand. This year, it’s different. Yes, we are the same magazine in SL, maybe now with a sleeker style but the same aesthetics and concept. We are now a real life monthly magazine that shares the same brand and same aesthetics. Running two magazines in both the virtual and the real world ­­— a feat that has never been done in virtual world publishing. So when I gathered the courage to read the list of finalist familiar and legendary names pop out ­— Newsweek, GQ, Stuff, Men’s Health, O (Oprah Winfrey Magazine). Then there were powerhouse publishing companies such as Hearst and Haymarket, and then I saw MA8 | MANIERA |


NIERA (MANIERA LLC). I sat looking at the screen for what seemed ages, frozen, unable to move or to speak. When it fully “hit me,” I let out a high pitched squeal — so high pitched my poor dog Mojo, known for his laziness, even jumped. The awards will be held in Camden, London. Juliette Lord, our COO, will be representing MANIERA at the ceremony. I know we will be driving her crazy with texts throughout the awards presentation with questions. “What’s going on now?” “Who are you sitting next to?” etc. But, seriously I want to thank all our readers, advertisers, Linden Labs and our amazing Second Life and real life staff for all of their support and encouragement. Without each and everyone of you this dream would have never materialized. Yours Faithfully,

Thelma Lay

aka Topaz Joubert DECEMBER 2012

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SMART PHONE this holiday season.

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Predicting the future



those of us in the northern hemisphere, Dec. 21 is the Winter Solstice. It is the shortest day of the year and the beginning of winter. There has been some speculation, based on an old Mayan calendar, that the world might end on this day. That would be too bad as in this issue, we explore trends for the future and predicting what will be hot in the coming year. I’d hate to waste all these speculations because of the end of the world. We’ll assume it won’t happen and move on. The feature article explores a new sim, Goatswood, designed and developed by Baal Zobel and Kora Zenovka. This elaborate and lovely sim focuses on Victorian role play, and we interviewed the players to see what their expectations are for a new year in our Second Life® world. The fashion spread focuses on rockabilly fashions with a bit of glam. We are featuring corset designers LadyVanir Dragovar from Voluptia and Shaodie Parx from Etchaflesh. The pictures are reminiscent of the pinup art of Vargas but with modern provocative twists. This month’s staff spotlight is Jannah Kohnke. She is a model extraordinary and a wonderful role model for us all. Our columns this month attempt to show us the trends for the coming year. In ManiStyle, we look at the major trends in 2012 and project them into the future. Fashion Passion takes on predicting what clothes and styling trends will dominate 2013, and finally, Men’s Corner takes a pessimistic look at current society and offers us hope for the future. 12 | MANIERA |


If the world does end, allow me to close with some words from Woody Guthrie. He wrote this in 1935, at the time of the Dust Bowl, when the black clouds rolled across his Texas home. The 1930’s was another time when the world appeared to be ending. “We talked of the end of the world, and then We’d sing a song an’ then sing it again... So long, it’s been good to know yuh.” © by Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc. In joy,



maniera staff BUSINESS Publisher and CEO Topaz Joubert

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Chief Operations Officer Aphrodite Brianna Sales Director Mercede Kenin

Editor in Chief Topaz Joubert Assistant Editor Deepthinker Oh Photography Editor Natzuka Miliandrovic Layout Artist Nox Deigan Stylist Lovelymiwako7399 Menna


Writers Aphrodite Brianna, Brittainy Collins, Carey DeCuir, Leah Portland, LovelyMiwako7399 Menna, Luc Fray, Nisa Constantine, Nemkatz Resident, Sherrie Shepherd, Sita Writer Photographers Berto Firanelli, Brie Pinazzo, Dahriel Resident, Eira Juliesse, Estela Parx, Falbala Fairey, Florence Babenco, Honey Bender, Jax Aster, Kynne Llewellyn, Latrelly Flux, LovelyMiwako7399 Menna, Lybra Rage, Manu Reggiane, Pam Astonia, Rabia Baxton, Syra Hyun, Tosha Bergan, Valeria Endrizzi, Zachary Zufreur About Us MANIERASL Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle publication owned, operated and published by MANIERA LLC. Any views, opinions or interpretations expressed in columns are solely those of the author and do not represent those of Maniera LLC and its subsidiaries. Maniera LLC will not accept any responsibility for any views, opinions or interpretations expressed in the pages of MANIERASL Magazine, or other communications.


Editorial Inquiries All editorial inquires including submissions and feature ideas are to be sent to Business and advertising inquires All business inquires are to be sent to our chief operations officer at All advertising inquires are to be sent to advertising@mymaniera. com. Visit Us in Second Life速 and Online In-World: Citizen Kane (111,126,22) Online: Second Life速 and Linden Lab are registered trademarks of Linden Research Inc, and Maniera LLC is in no way affiliated or sponsored by the aforementioned party.



COVER |NATZUKA MILIADROVIC Model: Rouge Anthony in Etchaflesh Sunburst MESH Corset




Get to know one of MANIERASL’s brightest stars





The idyllic countyside of Goatswood





Editor Letter Asst. Editor Letter Mani Style Fashion Passion Men’s Corner


Corsets by Etchaflesh and Voluptia


10 FOR 2013 12 Trend setting begins 44 with this month’s 46 MANIERASL columns 48


Staff Spotlight


I’ve been a model for MANIERA ever since I joined in 2009. I‘ve done various runway shows and a whole score of photo shoots for MANIERASL Magazine. A couple of times I’ve been asked to do a little coaching for aspiring new models who needed a helping hand.


After my rezzing back in 2007 I roamed this strange world we call SL for a while, much like most of us have. Working my way through a score of odd jobs to pay for the cost of Second Living, I was drawn to the fashion community in SL, being a fashion and styling aficionado in RL. I soon discovered I was not without talent and decided to give it a serious go. In 2008 I finished Mimi Boa’s Modeling Academy, and I ran into various designers and agencies - some big, some small; some really fantastic and some not so nice. Eventually I got the opportunity to join MANIERASL, and it felt like a warm bath: I immediately felt at home. The sense of true respect and attention, the sense of real friendship or family even, it brings out the best in all of us.


I treasure the opportunity to live out my creativity, creating outfits, involving a whole scale DECEMBER 2012


Jannah Kohnke Rezz date:

May 6, 2007 Country:

The Netherlands

of styles and ideas and subsequently showing the results in shows and/or pictures. It never tires and gradually you get better and better at it. That’s a great feeling.



ON HER NEXT YEAR PROFESSIONALLY WHAT MAKES I want to maintain, or better HER HAPPY yet, re-enforce my position in the MANIERA family. It makes me very proud to represent us as best as I can. Furthermore I am going to start the Jannah Kohnke blog.


Obviously I like to hang out with my partner in love and crime, my Seppe; spend time with my friends; do a little dancing; exploring and ehhh... get some shopping done and make outfits. Probably my most favorite pastime is doing photoshoots and themed photo projects. I like working with great photographers. What can I say... I simply love the camera.

When plans come together, when hard work results in success. Like now that I’ve been asked to feature in the Staff Spotlight. Stuff like that really gets me going.


Like I mentioned before: go for what you want with everything you got. Your most valuable asset is yourself! Don’t sell that off for anything or anyone. Originality goes a long way and ultimately always wins. | MANIERA | 19



Goatswood ystery

SITA WRITER MANIERASL WRITER Entering the train station of Goatswood is intriguing. Visitors are offered an array of notecards explaining what the possible experiences are in this magnificent build created by the artful eye of Baal Zobel. After reading the notecards, it is obvious a great deal of thought and care was put into building Goatswood. It is a build that slowly reveals itself like a reticent lass, beckoning you to explore cobblestone streets, fields, rivers, meadows and much more. It is easy to obtain a three day pass to explore this amazing realm – all you have to do is click the ticket booth and board the train that is appropriately marked NER for North East Railway. Then, in the blink of an eye (or tp) it takes you to an idyllic countryside village in the heart of Victorian England. Goatswood is immediately mesmerizing as the ultimate Victorian dream – romantically reminiscent of the Cotswolds in England, which is an area defined by attractive, bucolic small towns set in the countryside and bolstered by an air of history, beauty and mystery. After departing the train, you enter the train station and find a book on the fireplace. Yes, this is a roleplay sim and many options are offered such as romantic, industrialist, Orientalist, pagan, gypsy, gentry, villager and servant outsider. Along the way, there are many options to find your role… just 20 | MANIERA |


look for a patch of red mushrooms as they are beacons of the story that unfolds and one you create. The sim is based loosely on a village in Wiltshire named Castle Combe said to be one of the most beautiful villages in England. The concept of this village is its beauty hides the undertones of a darker more mysterious side of life. Strolling through the village on a cobblestone street you pass a tithe barn and blacksmith shop that leads you to gossip central and specifically the market cross that is much like the real life Buttermarket in Barnard Castle where food is abundant. Hanging about here you will meet many interesting characters. If you continue straight ahead DECEMBER 2012

on the market cross, on your left you will pass a church with an interior that is stunning. The pillars are intricately carved; the floor decorated with Celtic designs and the interior warm and safe – perhaps you will find your holy grail here. Meandering along, cross a bridge and walk up a hill to a stupendous stupa of elegant orientilia. The walls are intricately carved with the finest marble found anywhere in royal Rajahastan with delicate flowers like those that embellish the Taj Mahal, which was a temple built for a queen. This beauty was made to rule Goatswood. In this decadent red silk and gold Victorian Oriental parlor faintly scented with a whiff of opium, you will gaze into

An bird’s eye view of the village of Goatswood, hidden among a Victorian-esque Englandbased fantasy. |NATZUKA MILIANDROVIC | MANIERA | 21

Elegant orientilia sits atop a hill in Goatswood with intricately carved marble. |NATZUKA MILIANDROVIC

the eyes of a golden statue of Lord Shiva that dominates the room. Shiva is one of the most influential gods of the Hindu Trinity consisting of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. Shiva is known as the transformer as he dances the world in and out of existence. Shiva’s form is easily recognizable by the trident he holds, the crescent moon on his head, his garland of skulls and rearing cobra. Victorians had a long love affair with Eastern cultures that were considered to be the tantalizing opposite of strict Victorian ideals. Rambling along a country lane by an artfully placed river you will pass a half timbered building in the Elizabethan style that serves as the Wild Man Pub, appropriately accentuated by a “green man” that dominates the sign. The green man motif has ancient roots in English folklore and is frequently found on carvings in churches as well as in public houses. It is here that you will find more buzz about the village and all that goes on here. Do not miss the gypsy camp with its caravan of wagons barricaded together around a glowing campfire where its inhabitants gather, dance and sing into the wee hours of the morning. This settlement is located in a dream-like meadow just outside the residences for rent in this quintessential English village. “Everyone who wishes to 24 | MANIERA |


CLOCKWISE, from top left — Shiva dominates the temple space while the village offers multitudes of activities, including the Wild Man Pub, a major gathering place. Meanwhile, the Gypsy camp held its own dogma creating a love affair between the east and west common to Victorian times where the two often clashed beautifully. |NATZUKA MILIANDROVIC DECEMBER 2012 | MANIERA | 25

The village mixes realistic texturing, ambiance and atmospheric shaders to give it that darker, Gothic look. |NATZUKA MILIANDROVIC

The train takes you to and from Goatswood, the transport between reality and Victorian Gothic fantasy. |NATZUKA MILIANDROVIC

roleplay in Goatswood should first explore the place,” Zobel notes. “You should try to find out as much about the Village and the people who live here as you think you need, before settling down to serious play. Please make sure you know where you are and what’s going on before you start.” It seems that there is no limit to how many times you can get the three-day pass but to play the game you need to use the HUD that is available.

After departing from the train, look for the book called “Into the Woods: A Travelers’ Guide to Goatswood in Witchshire.” It will help you craft your journey through this mystical landscape. As you explore the village keep an eye out for clumps of red mushrooms. Left click them for information and notecards for information on your location and roleplay in the area. These prove to be invaluable guides to the mystery and intrigue of this sim.

A FEW TIPS.... Goatswood is a roleplay sim that uses the SGS meter because it has many functions that keep track of players and their profiles. It also has currency and employment built into the system. The SGS Meter and HUD is for sale for $400L in the main train station. You need the HUD to play the game in this sim. It is important to note that there is no meterbased combat or scripted weapons allowed on the sim. Only approved non-scripted weapons in keeping with the period are allowed. In Goatswood, magic rules, and there is a great deal of combat interaction using realistic magic that can be used at certain stages of interaction and story developments.

“With Goatswood the village is an important character in the story,” Zobel said. “Its history and atmosphere influences those who live there and this becomes the basis for all RP. Visitors should get to know the place personally. In an attempt to make this exploration more of a fun and productive experience, I have placed the notecards around the sim that explain the history and backstory of the village. It’s a kind of treasure hunt for notecards. Take your time. There is no real reason to rush and jump straight into play here, because play is not travelling at that kind of pace. Your character will need time to develop and get to know the other characters here, many of whom you may well meet as you explore.”


.Voluptia. by LadyVanir Dragovar [Etchaflesh] by Shaodie Parx A FASHION PHOTOSHOOT BY LOVELYMIWAKO7399 MENNA

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT — VOLUPTIA Domina Lust Catsuit; ETCHAFLESH Kalima Style Neck Corset, ETCHAFLESH - Night Laced Arm Warmers and VOLUPTIA Coerce Mesh Black; VOLUPTIA Seduce Lingerie Blue; ETCHAFLESH Sunburst Mesh Cleavage Corset; Corpse Nightmare underbust Corset Mesh; All fishnets by VOLUPTIA

FROM LEFT — VOLUPTIA Cabaret Mesh Corset in Red VOLUPTIA Cabaret Mesh Corset Petrol

FROM LEFT: ETCHAFLESH Concubine MESH Corset and Lingerie Set VOLUPTIA Fishnet Print Seam Stockings & Coerce Mesh Corset in Jade

FROM LEFT: VOLUPTIA Precious Mesh Corset White VOLUPTIA Drama Mesh Corset Black

FROM LEFT: ETCHAFLESH Red Light Mesh Corset ETCHAFLESH Virgin Sacrifice Corset

FROM LEFT: ETCHAFLESH Half N Half MESH Cleavage Corset ETCHAFLESH Sick Bubblegum MESH Cleavage Corset Both wearing ETCHAFLESH Midnight Sneaker Boots Mesh

click here for...


More about styling this fashion shoot by MANIERASL stylist Lovelymiwako7399 Menna

Mani Style

Trending the Future



The ability to reach out and play games such as World of Warcraft, Star As we say au revoir to 2012, let us Wars, and yes, even Second Life, may one day soon be available on gaming pause and reflect at the trends that affected both our realities. 2012 was a consoles such as these. So with all this said and done year of change for both the real world what can we look forward to in 2013? and Second Life®. A year of fluxuaFennux! Yes, these little creatures, the tion whether it was earthquakes and unusual weather patterns or the con- newest in breedables, will be sweeping the grid. These newest in a long cern that the Mayan calendar could line of breedables will bring a new be heralding the end of the world as we know it. We had the 2012 Summer and fun way to interact with cyberOlympics hosted in London, England enhanced creatures. The release of the mesh physics where USA swimmer Michael Phelps retired with a world-best 18 Olympic engine in Second Life will allow mesh to be adapted to the avatar’s form golds. Technology took leaps and and body type. What will this mean bounds with touch tablets and voice for our daily virtual lives? Designers controlled phones. Apple showed everyone that even the loss of its icon can look forward to a more immersive 3D engine that allows for greater and founder, Steve Jobs, in 2011 was not enough to stop its progress as the creativity and adaptability. Consumers will look forward to clothing that computing leader. We looked to the will adjust to their personal size and unrest in the Middle East with trepinot have to worry whether or not dation and concern, wondering how the item they purchased will fit or if these events will change the world. they will need to change their body to In Second Life we saw the rematch their clothes. Imagine buying lease of mesh 3D viewers and how an outfit from your favorite designer it evolved into every aspect of our and knowing you will not have to try virtual lives. We overcame strife and diversity caused by widespread panic to figure out if your avatar is one of five sizes provided. and cyberbullying. Linden Labs® We also saw the creation and moved its engine to the game platform known as Steam where over 40 release of the petite mesh avatar and million users could access its software watched as this newest mania swept the grid, from content creators to on other terminals such as the PS3. designers, and finally sims and events 2013 will also bring enhancebased around this phenomenon. ments to the touch tablet showing The future is right around the that there is indeed a future where corner and where we go from here is the mouse is obsolete. Gamers have truly a statement of mankind’s intent much to look forward to with the release of Sony’s PS4 Orbis and Xbox to boldly go where no man has gone before. Look to the future in both vir720 Durango. When we saw the tual and reality and watch as the lines release of the PS3 we saw innovative begin to blur as we go forward. design and play in the form of inteWelcome, 2013! grating bluetooth technology and 3D design with online playing power. DECEMBER 2012 | MANIERA | 45

Fashion Passion

Fashion 2013


“Out with the old and in with the new!” These are the words synonymous with seeing out the old and welcoming in the new. 2012 saw fashion trends that mostly consisted of loose and baggy styles. They ranged from the popular slouched boyfriend jeans which were generous around the hips and thighs to stylish formal wear made from layers of ruched fabric, draped and decorated with more of the same. What trends should we expect for 2013 though? Similar to 2012 there are upcoming anniversaries marking key historical events which will be commemorated in various forms. We are fast moving to 100 years since the outbreak of the World War I 1914-18. As people around the world observe the centenary, it is almost inevitable that styles of dress linked to that period will surface, either as close as possible to its original form or in updated modern day versions. A blazer is a good example of a garment that would have been worn as part of a uniform during the time of the World War I which has been a constant feature of clothing to this day. As such, various styles of blazers may well be at the forefront of attire for the coming year, like a boyfriend blazer from [ZD]. As James Bond enters his the second half of his century as a movie character, formal wear is once again thrust into the limelight to accompany this eternal bachelor on his missions. Formal gowns are becoming more risqué with the popular barely-there look. Chiffon and flesh tones are the key elements at work making this daring look work so well to tantalize the eyes, such as GizzA’s Lily Gown in nude. If gowns DECEMBER 2012

are not your thing perhaps a tux to rival Bond himself is more your style. Whether or not you choose a gown or a tux, the fedora is here to stay. A fedora hat, like the one from Gauged, adds an interesting twist of power or sense of seriousness to any garment. It’s not so much the hat itself but the various ways it is used to make a statement that makes it such an effective fashion accessory. This one in particular comes both with and without hair options. GET THE LOOK Makeup trends for 2013 also shifted back Blazer - 4Minute Jacket/black to the natural fresh- Sweetest Goodbye faced, youthful look. Shirt - Tree shirt - Boudoir The key here is that less Skirt - Rapt - Miamai is more, or at least givRing - Milky way - Mandala ing the impression that Hat - Anais - DIRAM less makeup is being Hairbase - Giabi - Euphoria worn. While eyes are Floral Eyeliner - Boudoir defined with the use Nails - Dark Knight of a dark eyeliner and Skin – Ananya/Pale – Zeclat highlighted with shim(New soon to be released) mering eyeshadow, lips are given a more natural look with light glosses and subtle lip tones. A good example of this is Blacklace Beauty, which has a range of options for every situation. Along with makeup, hairstyles for 2013 are shorter and simpler. For those who dare, cropped styles are in. Mid-length straight hair with a simple center part or loosely swept back into a ponytail is the order of the day for the more cautious. Simple and manageable are the buzzwords. As 2013 promises to be a turning point and fresh start for many, why not take your style to a new level and experiment with a new look? | MANIERA | 47

Men’s Corner

What the future holds



2013. What does the future hold? If I were to give a theory on what will happen next year, personally, I think we’re in for more turmoil and chaos. The downfall of the thickest and strongest iron is rust, and the reason why the ancient Romans, who had a mighty empire, fell was internal unrest. In the same analogy, there is a cancer spreading in our society, and you can see it everyday, everywhere you look. Whether it be personally, politically, morally, socially or environmentally, a downward spiral is happening. Sure, our technology has taken us to new heights, but at what cost? The impressionable youths have become sheep, reduced to meekly follow whatever is “new” at the moment, and in doing so have lost the meaning of what they have. Some of them think everything is dispensable and easily replaceable. Most, if not all, are relentlessly chasing and are insatiable. In effect, they become easily burnt out. And the parents? Are the sins of the fathers to be paid for by the sons? Honestly, I think the saying has some truth to it. The youth would not grow up this way if the parents had not molded them to it. In a fastpaced world like we have now, people are always on the go. Parents and children seem to always be going, rushing from superficial activity to activity. Everything in this world is related, and the government also has a huge part in the society we have today. As it is the duty of the government to take care of society’s basic unit - the family - it has the chisel and DECEMBER 2012

mallet in its hands. Education, food, housing, safety are the basic commodities to make a nation thrive. Unfortunately, not all present political leaders are like Jose Mujica. I’m not sure if a lot of them would even consider giving 50 percent, much less the 90 percent which he did, of their money to those who need it. Instead, most of the leaders we have use their positions to make the poor poorer and the rich richer. Some are a disgrace to the title as greed seems to be the motivating factor. Which is why it’s not news that the environment is bearing the brunt of it all. GET THE LOOK Maybe one day we’ll wake up and find that Earth has Clothes set become a huge garbage [LH] Imperial Agent dump, war zone or there are Black no more animals or trees left anywhere in the world. Also, Bike Tyranic Designs as the ozone layer thins, Z-2 Hunter temperature rises on our planet, melting ice and snow and elevating the waters in the ocean. Earthquakes, tornadoes hurricanes, erupting volcanoes and tsunamis have also been prevalent lately. I suppose that it is nature’s way of retaliation, and the youth - keepers of the future - will have nothing in the end if we carry on like this. Everything we’re given now is all a cycle; a butterfly effect. I’ve no doubt if we continue on the path we are on, the future holds ruined cities and flying vehicles to travel across magma-filled or water-covered lands would not be so distant anymore. Luckily, the thing about the future is that hope is always its faithful companion. | MANIERA | 49

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MANIERASL Magazine - December 2012  


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