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Once Upon A Time Edition September 2009

Outside the Realm of Reality: Mela’ryn Fantasy Fashion

Monsters! Monsters!

Grendal’s Mythical Children

Haidyn Inglewood: Fairy Tale Come True

Fantasy Within Fantasy: 3 Second Life Fantasy Sims

Once Upon a Time

Photoshoot featuring Mela’Ryn

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6 Maniera Design September 2009 - Sara Lovelace

Maniera Magazine is a production of Maniera, inc. We are located at Pacific Estates: 222, 41, 21.

Letter from the Editor Greeting Dear Readers, Welcome to our September issue. I can’t believe the summer is over. Just seemed like a few days ago I was working on my very own first fashion show. Summer of Love, as I was getting inspiration for the show I surrounded myself in 70’s culture especially the music. One song kept ringing through my head. The Beatles “with a little help from my friends” Now, not sure if the song is about friendship or a drug re f e re n c e, but I like to think it’s about the former.

Photo by Spartin Parx

The last few months in SL and RL have honestly been a roller coaster for me. I am that typical type A personality and tend to take on too much and never stop working which lead to a SL intervention by my editors, models, friends and staff. Each was concern. So many times we see in SL people leave due to burn out, one thing I never wanted to see happen. Maniera is growing: our magazine, model management and our Institute of Style. We found ourselves at a crossroad..where do we go from here? My goal has always been for Maniera to continue with or without me, and I am so thankful for the staff to being so concerned with my welfare to talk to me. Maniera has always been a team effort, a family run business. Now it’s time this mama bird to take a step back. This issue you will see a sleeker, more stylish magazine due to a huge part of new revamp editorial team. I will be focusing more on the business development of Maniera INC., and once in a while, be creative director for photo shoots. From our first pre-edition in February to the current September issue I am in awe how much we have all grown. I expect great things for Maniera and with the team we have I know that Maniera will have a stable and strong future “with a little help from my friends.” Warmest Regards, Topaz Joubert CEO, Maniera INC.


Once Upon A Time Edition

Stories: 48 Fantasy Within Fantasy: Three Second Life Fantasy Sims

Three sims filled of fantasy and adventure. From Medieval to WonderLand, these places are sure to interest those seeking a night fantasy delving.

21 Haidyn Inglewood: Fairy Tale Come True

Maniera’s Cover Model, Haidyn Inglewood, on her modeling career and personal motivations.

42 Monsters! Monsters!

Grendal’s Mythical Children

Flea Bussy on Grendal’s Children, one of the most well-known fantasy avatar stores in Second Life.

Columns: 10 Getting REAL with Chloie Friends leaving SL | Issues finding Ms. Right.

14 Q - Tips How jeans can still fit into the fashion world.. with a couple tips...

15 I.Q. - Designer Featurette Maniera’s Fashion Designer spotlights “The Vogue” by BrooklynBarbie Charisma.

12 Secret Diary of a Hopeless Romantic When’s the right time in Second Life? Hopelessly romantic and yet hopelessly pragmatic.

30 Once Upon a Time

A Fashion Photoshoot

A fashion photoshoot featuring the design of Erielle Clary and Grendal’s Children.

26 Outside the Realm of Reality: Mela’Ryn Fantasy Fashions

Featured Designer Erielle Clary on fantasy and its involvement in her life.

Cover Model Haidyn Inglewood in Erielle Clary’s Serafina (red) $425L

Cover Photographer:


Spartin Parx

Getting Real With CHLOIE

Hi Chloie, I hope you can make some suggestions for me. I’m a man who is really looking to connect with someone special here. I’ve dated a lot here but have just not connected. I blame myself because the women always have some complaint about me. Hey I’m a dude and not perfect! Mostly, they say I’m not attentive enough. I guess I’m just not sure what I should be doing? Can you give me some clue to what I’m doing wrong?

Dear Chloie, I’m sad over some friends leaving SL. I’ve had friends leave before and it’s always been hard. However, after ov e r t w o y e a r s h e re i n S L , I ’v e s e e n s e v e r a l p e o p l e leave but not three in one week. The “Goodbye” notecards came one right after the other this week. All talked about RL priorities which I do believe. But, I know two were also having SL relationship problems and one was having SL business problems. I understand that they had to go but losing three in one week was devastating. How do I cope with this? Missing Them Hey Missing, Don’t be so down. Trust that your friends knew what was best for them. It is really hard to say Goodbye since we develop real friendships here. However, when SL starts to add more pressure and/or drama to your RL, then it’s time to reassess. Perhaps you’ve shared email addresses and can keep in touch that way. Now, I’m not saying that these particular friends can be replaced but what’s great about SL is that you make new friends all the time and still have old friends too. So don’t be so gloomy, a new friend is just around the corner.

Desperately Seeking Ms. Right Hmmm Desperately, It’s hard to really figure out the problem, when it’s impossible for me to get feedback from the other viewpoint. However, let me take a stab here using my own female intuition. If the women feel you’re inattentive then maybe you should ask yourself a few questions. Do you remember special occasions like her Rez Day or birthday and give her a card, flowers or a gift? Do you take her out dancing so she can wear those gorgeous gowns in her inventory? Do you tell her when she looks beautiful and “hot”?! Are you romantic when you’re dancing or being intimate? Those are just some possibilities. There is something else though. Having common interests is very important and if that is missing, it can become mundane and boring. There are social network websites that cater to the SL community. One excellent one is Perhaps you could join and network with the thousands of Moolto members to see if you can find lovely ladies with common interests, you may connect with your Ms. Right!

The Secret Diary of a HO PE L ESS R OMAN T IC Hi, I’m Hopeless Romantic. I’m a happy-go-lucky gal who believes in finding pots of gold at the end of the rainbows, matches made in heaven, and like Cyndi Lauper, I too believe: ‘Girls just wanna have fun!’ This is my diary about the many facets and incarnations of love and romance in SL that I experience and hear about from my friends :-) So, enough heavy heartedness recently – my sleeve was too weighed down! I needed a little (ok a big) mindset shift and well, 3 of my ex’s calling to apologise to me in the space of one hour did it. I don’t know what twist of fate made it happen that way (maybe their therapists told them to apologise to me), but I thought the universe was pointing at me. It made me re-analyse my current situation, and it had to change! I’m enjoying hanging out with friends, meeting new people, getting butterflies while flirting with cute guys… and…. well, just having fun! A SL friend advised me: ‘Fab you’re having fun babe – but make sure you practice safe sex!’ OK, I thought all sex was safe sex on SL, but she was referring to the right timing for sex. According to her, too soon and that’s all you’ll ever be about – the sex. Wait too long, and you’ll be banished to the ‘friend’ zone. So when is it safe to have SL sex? Many of us have been in those scenarios, and they can ring true. Being a hopeless romantic, I believe friendship and love are foundations for a loving relationship. However, as a modern European girl, I also think good, liberating and fun sex is just as important. In RL, I’ve had serious relationships that started both ways… One was a great friend who turned into a lover, and the total love of my life actually started with the physical chemistry and outrageous flirting, and we discovered later how wonderful our friendship, love and connection was. My RL marriage started as a family introduction, quite formal, a great friendship, lots of care and respect, but I think we waited too long before having sex, and being best friends was all we were rea l ly good at – which essent ia lly is what ended t hat relat ionship…


So back to SL which for me is like a reflection of RL in a pool of water: you can see most of your RL aspects in the reflection, but some of the edges are blurred. SL can be great for practicing sex, playing out fantasies, and having fun in an anonymous and relatively safe manner, but I can’t totally hide the hopeless romantic in me. I really do think so long as you consent to it and are having fun when you have sex is entirely up to you and what you want to get out of your encounters on SL. I love making love, but sometimes just good old sex is fine by me too… Don’t fall off your chairs, I’m hopelessly romantic, but I’m also hopelessly pragmatic too.

Q - Tips Who’s Wearing T h e Pa n ts ? Though the SL Fashion world has a porithea of gorgeous and high couture creations, some days Fashion Editor Quincee Twine it’s nice to tone down the extravagance and go for something more subtle. That’s right...get in touch with your inner girl next door, let down your hair, relax and throw on a pair of jeans. Many people don’t realize the versatility a pair of jeans can truly bring to an outfit, but don’t you fret...I’m here once again to grace you with five fabulous fashion tips built around the fabulous concept of jeans in SL. 1. Multiple pairs of sculpted legs, adds more versatility to your jeans. In my search for the perfect pair of jeans I often found ones that could never fit right around the ankle. Lucky for me on a random shopping trip I stumbled on a pair of jeans from Zaara that have proven to be my favorites, coming with straight leg, flared leg, and baggy sculpted attachments. These jeans allow me to pair them with a variety of outfits depending on my moods. 2. Pair your jeans with formal wear, to make a formal look. Many people believe jeans should strictly go with a tank top or t-shirt. But you couldn’t be more wrong. To add a more trendy touch to a more formal look, pair your jeans with a blazer or couture blouse, men will love the look. 3. Not into the long jean look, try Capri’s. Armidi Limited has a great set of Capri’s that come in a variety of colors. With summer seasons going, and the fall on our forefront, you can pair your Capri’s with a sweater, hoodie or jacket to be more in touch with the earth. 4. Bargain shop...many many designers have dabbled at the craft of jeans, check out their stores for freebies. Every couture designer had to start somewhere, so be sure to check their sale racks for those jeans that may just surprise you.


5. Make sure lines match up - before wearing out. While you may have paid good money for a pair of jeans, the worst thing to see is a pair of jeans with seams that overlap. Hope this helps ~ Stay fabulous...



F a shio n G e n ius BrooklynBarbie Charisma “The Vogue” Jingmeng (75, 151, 502)

One of the world’s most renowned fashion designers, Coco Chanel once stated in her glory that “Fashion fades only style remains the same.” Sustainability in the fashion world is a heard fete for many designers. The revolving door of fashion is constantly gracing us with new visitors that show us that in fashion you must keep up with times in order to be respected. And how do receive this respect? Ask BrooklynBarbie Charisma, owner of The Vogue: “Couture at its Best.” A sassy fashion diva who has not only earned respect, but commands it through her uniquely crafted, and thoughtfully imagined designs. What makes her an “I.Q” Genius? Miss Charisma has not just perfected the concepts of Couture, she has reinvented it! By incorporating lacing high fashion designs with concepts from urban/hip hop culture, she has created a line that is fresh and innovative and created to flatter a variety of women. What’s her history? Carrying her real life fashion dreams into SL, she began her journey by simply playing with fashion templates and learning basic fashion skills. A self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast turned desire now owns a full store of over 100 designs called The Vogue. Who are her influences? The likes high profile SL fashion designers: Dela,Samahi,Moodys,Coco,Minks. Charisma notes that “Seeing all their creations helps me create different designs ...[they] are into high end couture fashion as myself so seeing their designs helps me think outside the box to create and think of fresh new retro ideas for my designs. What makes her different? Miss Charisma believes, “what sets me apart is colors. I am not scared to use them I try make every piece unique and different colors play a big part my clothes are chic retro but yet give you a sense of style grace and over all confidents.” LEFT: Quince Twine in “Fierce” from The Vogue Photo by AtomicSparkle Skytower

Haidyn Inglewood: Fairy Tale Come True BY: Sherrie Shepherd Features Editor

The beautiful Haidyn Inglewood, who graces the cover of this edition of Maniera Magazine, arrived to the interview in the soon to be released Lola black and white striped minidress with a dramatic cowl neck, which is part of the new Autumn Casual Chic Collection from the House of Beningbourgh. Her Anexx knee high black platform spiked boots complete her outfit. Her stylish hairdo, called Posh by Vanity Hair, is accented by a whimsical bow which came as part of her Bliss outfit. Simple black onyx twisted hoops by JCNY dangling from her dainty ears are part of their NY@Night collection. You immediately get the impression that a lady of true class has just arrived on the scene.

Inglewood was chosen above other contestants as the cover model based on a photograph designed by herself depicting a scene from a fairy tale. She chose Little Red Riding Hood and portrayed it with a twist. “In the original fairytale the Big Bad Wolf has the dominant position, however, in my portrayal Little Red Riding Hood takes the dominant role and uses her feminine charm to get what she wants,” Inglewood explained. “I find nothing more attractive than a strong woman who knows what she wants and works hard to achieve her dreams.”


When asked what it meant to her to be chosen for the cover of Maniera, she said, “I am still in shock.” Inglewood didn’t join Second Life (SL) with modeling in mind. In fact, she was in a children’s store and picked up a free magazine which had an article about SL. The article talked about mothers joining SL, meeting other moms and about support groups for f a m i l i e s o f a u t i s t i c c h i l d ren. Hav i n g a three-year-old with autism, her mission in joining SL at the time was to look for autism support groups. Knowing the challenges facing

success inspired her to get serious about her modeling, and she attended a n d g r a d u a t e d f r o m U Vo g u e Mo d e l i n g School. Her first big modeling jobs were for Clockwork Dolls, House of Beningbourgh (HOB) and Lionskins. She laughs when she recalls being dressed as a jilted bride doll with a wind up key protruding from her back and crying with the assistance of a HUD while strutting down the runway with the help of a special doll walk. “It really was wonderful walking with some of the best models in SL,” she said.

It’s great seeing other models with the same dream that I have and being able to help them learn the skills needed to achieve it. - Haidyn Inglewood


families dealing with autism, she eventually wants to start a fundraising campaign in SL for an autism charity like the Autism Society of America. She emphasizes, “We need to raise awareness and funds for research.” Once established in SL, she noticed the fashion scene and wanted to get into it. Having once done modeling in real life, she reflects that her “RL went a different way eventually so I am able to live one of my dreams here in SL.” She remembers the first time she went into Mimi’s and fell in love with the Jador designs there. She said to herself that she wanted to model those fashions some day. When Inglewood hired a stylist and took her first portfolio shots, she was lucky enough to be chosen as a finalist for the Bliss Princess. This early

Inglewood herself is considered one of the best models in SL and when asked what she attributed this success to, she said, “You know, I still think I am climbing that ladder to “top model” status, and I learn something new every day. The Maniera Institute of Style team have helped me to create my style. However, I think a humble model who listens and learns from her losses and mistakes will always end up on top.” Teaching at the Maniera Institute of Style herself now, she describes what the experience positively. “It’s great seeing other models with the same dream that I have and being able to help them learn the skills needed to achieve it,” Inglewood said. For the time being, Inglewood is

busy conte on m gettin On desir know to b mod spear camp here the S “I Benin my fi Ingle she w amaz disco with her g Ing want “M yours you c as you behin will n your SL.” In how mode just e takes devel fashio take www. wood

with photo shoots and entering ests and pageants. She is intent making a name for herself and ng her face recognized, she said. nce she has achieved this, her re is to “one day become well wn enough so that I will be able be a role model for young d e l s.” She really wants to rhead a strong fundraising paign for autism charities e in SL bringing awareness to SL community. will always love HOB and Bliss ngborough who gave me one of first modeling jobs in her store,” ewood said, describing designers wants to model. “She is so zingly creative. I’ve also just overed Violator and am in love the art Soraya Vaher creates in gowns. glewood offers advice for those ting a career as a model in SL: Make sure you really know self and what you want because can make your pixels as beautiful u want but if your true personality nd, the pixels isn’t beautiful. You never succeed. You need to check Diva attitude when you model in

closing, Inglewood expresses fortunate she feels she is “to el, plan, teach and write. I am excited to see where the future s me.” She has a blog under lopment that will have a strong on presence and invites SLers to a look at her flickr site: http:// Photo by AtomicSparkle Skytower

Outside the Realm of Reality: Mela’Ryn Fantasy Fashions

BlackBarbie Bravin Maniera Writer


When you find yourself outside of the realm of reality, surrounded by all things mystical, magical and enchanted, you’ll soon discover you are at the sim home of Erielle Clary at Light/147/18/22. Clary walked in wearing a sweet-spirited floor length flowing white cotton skirt and a waist length top accented with an earth tone hanging belt and hair wrap. Dancing about Clary was her long red curly hair framing her pretty face, with a simple pendant finishing her look of calmness and beauty. What started as a gathering rug with cushions, a fire bowl and mead dispenser, has grown into two sims filled with ultra fantasy collections of everything from furnishings, to fantasy clothing and accessories. Learning about SL from a friend who owned a small lot on the mainland, Clary took pleasure decorating and planting her garden explaining that she became hooked right away. “It appealed to my creative side.” “My love of fantasy is real life,” Clary explains. “I’ve always been drawn to all things fantasy. I even have a fairy bumper sticker!” Outside SL life her hobbies include working on macramé, coiled baskets and soft leather work. Seeing her work and creative mind, it is fun to imagine how the baskets and leather work would appear off world. Clary describes both she and her husband off-world as open-minded free thinkers who are both Reiki Masters. “Reiki is a spiritual healing modality from Japan. It is transferring chi, or life energy,” Clary explains in more detail. Clary describes a desire for her clothing designs to allow everyone to feel a freedom from the norm. It is very common to spot her designs at several role play worlds as she supplies everything from clothing for Dragon Riders to Goddess roles. She describes her favorites as those with an earthy flowing

Photo by AtomicSparkle Skytower


Clary in Water Faery. Photo by AtomicSparkle Skytower

Clary in Wise Woman Photo by AtomicSparkle Skytower


feeling, because of the Earth Mother she feels from inside. With a goal in mind of helping others create beautiful sims with fantasy themes, Clary also offers landscaping and prefabs. You will even discover swings, gazebos, hot tubs, meditation devices, chimes, lanterns, and more all encompassing the reality of fantasy. Asking about her favorite ensembles, it was discovered that she also has a love for Wise Woman outfits. Clary explains that she uses tarot cards and crystals in real life and is inspired by fantasy art of Serafina, a female warrior princess. Expressing she is often inspired by fantasy art, Clary explains the teamwork between she and her husband as she is inspired by fantasy while he seeks it out as a hobby. One of his favorites is Frank Frazetta, a renowned fantasy artist. Clary surrounds herself with a valuable team expressing, “I couldn’t do it without them.” Along with her partner and co-owner Vanilla Jessop, Pammie Venkman is her customer service manager and Nimmie Rhiadra is her PR representative. Clary goes on to explain that it really tickles her to see others wearing her outfits, and gives her a feeling of fulfillment. Always looking to grow and evolve, Clary explains that she has plans to expand both the clothing business and her landscaping/prefab offerings. New clothing lines will include a sexy huntress/nomad style outfit line, additional Elven creations and a full line of men’s clothing. In joining Clary in the Clary Craft Members group you will get first-hand announcements on all new creations as well as discounts and freebies. It is easy to sense when someone really enjoys their work. In Clary’s case, all it takes is a stroll through her wondrous sim and noting her attention to all types of details. Then you understand completely when she states that working on her creations means, doing something she loves to do.

Once Upon A Tim

Fashion Photoshoot Featuring Erielle Clar

The Lady Of the Lake


Maniera Model: Caylla Winnikow Sophie (silver) $300L



The Elven Dream Photo by Eira Juliesse

Maniera Model: Zoey Greybeard Elven Spirit (Peach) $500L

Maniera Model: AnnaMaria Manatiso Elven Dream (Twighlight) $450L

Maniera Model: Sami Kutanaga Cream Leaves $300L

The Dragon Slayer Photo by Eira Juliesse

Maniera Model Sabine Blackburn [Clary] Dragon Rider (white) $450L [Grendal’s Children] Avarian Forest Dragon - 800L

Reflections Photo by Carey DeCuir

Maniera Model: Lola Baudin Fae Fair (silver) $375L Maniera Model: Cate Honi Star Fae (black) 450L

Little Red & The Wolf Photo By Spartin Parx

Maniera Model Glitter Bolissima [CLARY] Red Wizardess $400L [Grendal’s Children] Avarian Wolf (brown) $200L

The Enchanted Fae Photo by Eira Juliesse

Maniera Models (Left to right) Gloria gabe, Monai Parkin, Elissiana Caproni Enchanted Fae (tangerine, mint, and bronze) $350L AtomicBambi Hair Corsage London (Blush) $100L

Monsters! Monsters!: Grendal’s Mythical Children Sherrie Shepherd Features Editor

Fantasies do come true in SL and nowhere is that more true than at Grendel’s Children, secondlife/Avaria%20Tor/134/134/302, where founder, owner and fantasy avatar creator Flea Bussy has provided SLers with an avatar to suit their every possible desire from humanoids to monsters to wildlife and domestic animals. Bussy selected the name Grendel’s Children based on a mythical Norse monster she refers to as the God of all monsters, Grendel. This, paired with the word “Children”, refers to her and her team of talented and imaginative avatar designers. Arriving at Grendel’s Children, you are overwhelmed with the selection of

{UP] Flea Bussy on ground level.

Photo by AtomicSparkle Skytower

avatars before you. Dragons are a big favorite of SLers, and there are plenty to be found there. The DX2 Dragons come complete with breath effects and are available in a multitude of colors. The designer’s humor is evident in the form of a cow dragon. Trolls and Mutants give you the creeps while prehistoric creatures like the Stegosaurids and Uthogoraptors strike fear in your heart. Assortments of tiny monsters are available for some fun loving SL residents to enjoy. Deer, tusked boars, lions, tigers and bears are just a few of the offerings in the Wild Animal collection. Domestic animals are not f o r g o t t e n w i t h h o r s e s a n d c a t t l e r e p r e s e n t e d . An interesting selection in the Tech Section of the store are several blendings of insects a n d t e c h n o l o g y. An example is the Replicator Soler Array which resembles a neon green and black dragon fly with wings of green solar panels. The Aquatic product line offers dolphins, sharks, catfish, some interesting sirens and more. The Treants, a selection of various trees, and the Carnifern, a Ve n u s F l y- t r a p - l i k e c r e a t u r e , a r e w e l l r e p r e s e n t i n g the plant life category. The Humanoids are intriguing with a v a t a r s personifying the seven deadly sins (Jealousy, Rage, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust and Vanity), the Shad owling, Hell Lord, Dragonites and Elves.

[UP] Grendal’s Children Staff Members (Left to Right): Constantine Riel, RaptonX Zorger, Flea Bussy, Mahakala Omegamu, Merlin Falworth

Photo by AtomicSparkle Skytower

A visit with Bussy finds her in the village area of the Avaria game sim at ground level below the store. The landscaping is perfect for wandering d r a g o n s a n d v a r i o u s o t h e r m o n s t e r s to engage in RP or to simply participate in the games conducted there. “The RP here is light, and anyone can use the areas to play around in generally,” Bussy explains. “The games happen to currently be the Expedition, the Creature Compendium hunt and hunting for drakelets. The drakelets, small shoulder pet dragons, are baited from their nests and tamed. The Creature Compendium has you

track down and catch various critters from little pet birds to insects, crabs and snakes and so for th. The Avar ian Expedition is a crafting system, where explorers go into the wilds around the area, gather up raw materials like grasses, reeds, sticks, herbs, catch small animals and fish, then return to the village outpost and turn them into everything from food for trading to wearable items.” Two dragons who happen to be nearby in Avaria offered their take on being dragons in SL. “I’ve always been a dragon in SL. It’s less


Flea Bussy

Photo By AtomicSparkle Skytower

complicated that way,” Crompton Bayn, a medium sized docile looking dragon, proclaimed. Adding some humor, he prefers to get acquainted with his victims first.“It’s like being on first name terms with your food. It’s always nice to be able to put a name to your dinner.” Geminai Mills, a self-proclaimed shapeshifter, always chooses the form of a dragon while visiting Avaria. Both Bayn and Mills recommend others consider being dragons citing that clothes are unnecessary, and people seem to know where you stand. “Being a dragon takes some work. Make sure you have found one you like, and do your homework before you get it if it’s pricey,” Mills recommended. “Feel free to ask for a demonstration, and if you can, find other users who have purchased it as well. Learn to use camera views if you are a large dragon as not all dragons come with a modified camera. It is fun though, and definitely draws attention.”

“The RP here is light, and anyone can use the areas to play around in generally. The games happen to currently be the Expedition, the Creature Compendium hunt and hunting for drakelets.” - Flea Bussy, Grendal’s Children Owner

Bussy joined SL by pure chance and she stayed after realizing “one can make really spiffy stuff here.” When asked about her interest in fantasy avatars, she said, “I’ve always been partial to monsters and creatures, animals and the like, no particular reason...we make what we make because we like those sorts of things, methinks.” She e m p h a s i ze s t h a t Gre n d e l’s creations are a result of good teamwork saying, “We all work on various projects, a sort of melting pot of ideas.” A s f a r a s i n s p i r a t i o n f o r t h e i r c r e a t i o n s , Bussy offers that “Anything can inspire us. We never know. Mostly when looking for ideas, we end up just paging through books on animals and so forth...can never go wrong seeing what creatures originally inspired fantasy ones.” She and the Grendel’s team are always creating new designs as she says, “Following wherever t h e i d e a s l e a d . ” She gave the inside information that a new dragon line will be introduced soon. “Every staffer in the group has their favorite things, certainly, but they all are awesome folks,” Bussy said of her team of 22 staff. Bussy invites the SL community to visit Grendel’s and experience being among the largest selection of, as she proclaims “Monsters! Monsters!” in SL.


Fantasy within Fantasy: Three Second Life Fantasy Sims Sami Kutanaga Maniera Writer

I’m known for traveling. I always have my passport ready to go, and in Second Life (SL) I just need an LM or a quick look in search to pop any where in SL. Japan, South America, and Europe are just clicks away. Maniera even did a show in India once. The great thing was it was only a TP away. I decided to bop around the metaverse looking for places that either couldn’t exist or no longer existed in RL. In other words, fantasy realms. 48

C ruci


I d e c i d e t o v i s i t C r uc i bl e ,, and see what it was all about. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found a dark region set to an eternal midnight and constant rain. I kept expecting to hear some raven speak “nevermore” into my ear. Instead of a raven, I found a lovely lady sorceress and young couple more than willing to give us a tour of the beauty of the sim. They showed us ruins from a society long past and what appeared to be a sacr ificial table. Then to my surprise, and to add to the fun of the sim, I found a tree swing for lovers. It is a land that is both scary and beautiful at the same time. You’ll find your heart racing all the time you’re there. This is a must see, but I really recommend that you take a friend. It’s a place that’s meant to be shared.

ruci b l e sim

The next place I visited was Avilion,, a medieval RP sim with strict standards. At the landing point I was greeted by a host and a large gentleman. I assumed he was a guard. Dressed in jeans and tank top, I was quickly reprimanded for not dressing lady-like and was offered a free gown. It was not something a person who shops at Nicky Ree normally wears but nice all the same. I changed into a gown I had gotten at Bliss the day before and was again reprimanded for wearing modern clothing. Having a model inventory, I was soon able to find something that was acceptable and was sent down a long stone stairway, soon coming upon a small band of villagers trying to keep in RP with an English accent easy to detect. Once again, everyone was nice, but

O N S im

I felt a bit overdressed.


I wandered a while, following signs to the grand ballroom which rivals Phat Cats or Frank’s Place. I found a ballroom with a floor that seemed to be made of glass and music that made even the most romantic’s heart drop. I was quickly asked to dance and found I enjoyed being called M’Lady. I learned my partner was a Japanese business man that used the RP for escape and study of what he considered another culture, which from his point of view was totally foreign.

N e v a ri a S im I bid my dance partner goodbye and went to my last destination, Nevaria, This is a representation of going down the rabbit hole and Alice in Wonderland. One difference I notice right away, the landing point gave only a hint of the sim and then pointed me in the direction of the main sim. I had to walk through a series of shops which didn’t play to magic of the sim. I soon walked into a huge Mad Hatter setting. After I climbed the table, I found a small door that kept true to story. It led to mazes that any true lover of the story would know. This included most characters and some wild special effects even for SL. You don’t go there with only twenty minutes to spend. This is not a sim that is easily navigated by design. It needs to have people spend time finding all the little things that make it a great sim. I had to end my meta-travel and return to the real SL but I have to recommend visiting any of the three sims. If you’re looking for a night out dancing and shopping, these aren’t the places for you. But, if you’re looking for fantasy and adventure, I’m sure I will see you there.


Maniera Magazine - Once Upon A Time Edition