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Beauty Blast from the Past: 1960’s beauty for the 21st Century We’ve already written about how to incorporate fashion trends from the past into your everyday wear without looking confused or costumey, but things can get a little trickier when you move the look from your clothing to your face. The enormous perm, outrageous eyeshadow and beastly eyebrows can stay in the 60s for good, thank you very much. There are ways, however, to achieve the perfectly retro look without looking like a displaced Elizabeth Taylor fangirl--here are a few to get you started. Mod Eyes, Nude Lips As made famous by 60s mod icons Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick, the dramatic eye look was central to beautiful faced in the 60s. The nude lip look is bigger than ever right now, so there hasn’t been a better time to adopt wide-eyed glamour since it first came out. Use white eyeliner and white matte eyeshadow as a base for your bright-eyed look, then add liquid liner--both on the top in a crescent moon shape, and on the bottom as a row of “extra” lashes extending to your undereyes--and lots of mascara. Paired with a nude lip, it’s neither overbearing nor outdated; rather, attention-grabbing and alluring.



Edie and Twiggy rocking their respective looks (Sources: Fashionspirations and Rachel Claire) Sleek Pixie or Flippy Wave? Two hairstyles dominated this era, and both are feminine and powerful in different ways. The big hair look--with voluminous waves near the bottom, rather than piled on your skull a la beehive--calls attention to classic and elegant style, while the pixie is cute and screams selfconfidence. You may think it’s hard to pull off the pixie chop, but few people realize the boost of feminine facial features that comes along with it! The key with both styles is to accessorize properly--too much jewelry with big hair makes you look weighed down, while too little with the pixie tiptoes the line of androgyny. Dramatic eyes and red lips with the pixie couldn’t be more empowering or sensual, while sweet pink lipstick and subtly winged eyeliner work well for big waves. With a little experimentation, you’ll be looking groovy in no time.

Sarah Harding and Tina Fey looking good (Sources: SL Hairstyles and Liberty Post)



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