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Dear Editor,


I have been following Nikki Reed’s career since she wrote and starred in Thirteen, and it’s so great to see how far she has come. She looks stunning in each shot, and the styling was beautiful. The “Toy Soldier” shoot was a perfect fit for the Holiday Issue and I also enjoyed the new street style segment. The magazine’s fashion sections are really evolving.


Nikki Reed

April Hubal


NI K K I R E E D 1

Bridgette Cunningham

Carrie | Pittsburgh

Elizabeth Glaessner

33 Terminal Way | Suite w533a Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Alicia Krupa

Kimita Nederlof

Dear Editor, I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and have very strong roots to this city. I really appreciate that you’ve stayed true to Pittsburgh and focus on a lot of local businesses. I look forward to seeing the Guide each issue and love that you highlighted a local restaurant in the last issue as well. Pittsburgh is changing, and it’s nice to see a publication that recognizes the cool things this city is up to. Maggie | Shadyside

Cody Nicole Wiegand


April Hubal, Riker Brothers, Markus+Indrani, Lexi Shapiro, Cody Nicole Wiegand, Sven Laurent, Peter Lundstrom, Fredrik Broman, Bill Schmidt, Katelyn Rose Petraitis, Simon Emmett, Jason Goodrich

to our Blogger Winner, Stephanie Campbell! O N T HE C O V E R

Bridgette Cunningham, Rachel Savorelli, Quinn Keaney, Zara Husaini, Cody Nicole Wiegand, Rachel Sanzone, Dominic Janidas, Chelsea Danley, Kate Wadsworth, Christine L. Perkins

33 Terminal Way | Suite w533a Pittsburgh, PA 15219 412.904.2281 l advertising inquries 8

Jamie-Lynn wears a Dress by Johanna Johnson, Stacked Gold Bracelets from Switch Boutique Beverly Hills 0, Ring by Carolee

After meeting Stephanie at our blogger event, we couldn’t get enough of her blog, Glam and Graffiti. Her personal style is irresistible and her coverage of our event was top-notch. With a model figure and the spirit of a true fashion fanatic, this selfdeemed “cyber fashionista” is a pleasure both online and in person. Be sure to follow her blog for style guides and her amazing outfits. We know that we will be keeping a close eye on her. She’s our top local blog to watch. Find Stephanie’s blog at http://


LOVERS, CONTENTS January / February 2013 12/ UNDERCOVER Jamie-Lynn Sigler

20/ FASHION Romeo & Juliet

30/ FEATURE Love Stories

36/ SHOPS Faux Fur, Contrast, Red & Hearts

38/ FASHION Almost Famous

44/ FEATURE Ruthie Davis

46/ MUSIC Ellie Goulding

48/ ART PAGE 20

Markus + Indrani

50/ TELEVISION Christa B. Allen

52/ FEATURE Kara Laricks



Street Style

58/ EVENTS Blogger Event

60/ JET SET Luxury Camps

66/ HEALTH Gluten-free


I’ve heard that the greatest love stories have no ending, and in some ways I feel that this is true for our not so little magazine as well. Each year, we put together a Love Issue for you and it gives us a chance to think about the meaning of the word and all of the things that we love. MANIAC has been around for ten years now, and I think that our love of these pages and the work behind them keeps on growing and evolving. Our friends that have been there from the beginning are still gracing our pages in new ways. A girl that started as an intern makes a beautiful editorial subject. She is a tribute to our relationships that grew beyond the articles and the office work in Love Stories. Even more, she fits right in on the pages next to the celebrities and the travel adventures that we love to experience. Often times, when we think of love, we think only of the romance between the man and a woman. But love runs deeper than that, and it takes many different forms. In our fashion spreads, our love for New York is there. The city is the hidden third character that unites the star-crossed lovers sitting on a rooftop in Romeo and Juliet and the perfect scene for street style. Our love for powerful women is shown through designers Ruthie Davis and Kara Laricks, both of whom found unconventional ways to the top. Our love of food, health, shoes, and adventures, it’s all in here. We love what we do, and we hope it shows. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the issue come together after all of the time and nurturing we’ve poured into it over the past few months. So take the time to read each story, and try to see beyond just what’s on the page. There are real relationships there. We were at the events. We ate at the restaurant we’re recommending. We laughed with Jamie-Lynn Sigler about the kids on her show. We stood in awe at the talent of the stylists as they dressed the models for our shoots. Another thing that they say about love that I believe to be true – it just keeps getting better.

With lots of love (seriously),


72/ EVENTS Light of Life

Bridgette Cunningham Editor

74/ LOCAL Verde

76/ EVENTS Steelers Style

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler FROM M OB DAUGH T E R TO T V’ S H OT M OM Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s roles now are far from her tough-kid days on HBO’s hit series, The Sopranos. For those still stuck on the show and her character Meadow Soprano, here’s an update.

Dress by Ralph Lauren Collection Earrings from Switch Boutique Beverly Hills





Sigler has gone from TV daughter to TV mother. Also, she’s not Italian – she’s Cuban, Greek, and Romanian. These days she’s not interested in playing the troubled, young woman any more. “I was exhausted reading those scripts. That’s what everyone is doing,” she said in our interview. Dare I say it? Jamie-Lynn Sigler is normal. Now, I recognize the word itself is impossible to define, but truly it’s the best fit. During our interview, I never felt like she was hiding something or that there was more to a story than she told me. She’s not a “down-to-earth” celebrity – the term is way overused to say that a celeb is pleasant and not as openly ill-mannered as the media makes them out to be. She’s at home on her new show and okay with playing a mom. “I was always the kid. This is a new chapter,” she said. “I’m learning so much. Thirty-one seemed so mature when I was young. When you get there, you see that it’s really not that way.” She’s thirty-one, has moved on from past projects, and has done indie flicks in between her HBO stint and her new show – including an award-winning I Do in which she plays a lesbian proposed to by her gay best friend. She still loves HBO, but it was time for something new. “Their shows are awesome. Look, if I didn’t feel like I was so oversaturated on HBO, I would work for them forever,” she said. She’s now playing a mom of four on network TV under the direction of funnyman Jimmy Fallon, and she loves it. Fallon’s show, Guys with Kids, is finding its footing on NBC this year. The show is a nod to sitcoms of the past with its live audience and laugh track. It, not surprisingly, focuses on the lives of three fathers. Sigler’s character is married to one of them. While the show’s concept garnered high hopes, even the network’s tagline “Can new dads stay cool dudes?” lacks originality. The show received some pretty harsh criticism – even the poster of dads in Baby Björns looks like a knock-off of The Hangover. Even our cover girl admits to not knowing much about viewership after coming from cable. “This whole sort of network game and system is brand new to me,” she said. However, critics agree, the actors on the show are way better than the material, especially Sigler. Sigler defended the lack of serious parental behavior and depth and said, “Look we’re a comedy. We’re not trying to be any serious show.” She explained that it was Fallon’s idea from the beginning to go back in time with the multi-camera filming style – as a reference, this was the same style as Friends was filmed. She recognized the lack of this kind of show right now, aside from Guys 14

with Kids. “A lot of shows are pretty racy. This is really a family sitcom.” Family-oriented, it certainly is. There are twelve children that round out the cast, one baby particularly fond of putting his hand in Jamie-Lynn’s mouth when she’s about to say a line. “They’re the best improvers,” she said of the kids. Comedy is a hard gig for any actor, and the fact that the cast is eliciting some laughs from their audience (no, not the laugh track) is still notable. “What makes people laugh, that’s very individual,” Sigler remarked. “The live audience makes it all fresh,” she said when I asked about rehearsing the same jokes all week long. “Everyone else pretty much on the show has done this before except me,” she said of the genre. She clearly doesn’t lack a sense of humor. She was randomly set-up with a cashier role in Saturday Night Live’s digital short titled Jizz in My Pants with Andy Samberg. She said, “I ask everyone to tell me if I’m not being funny or how I can be funnier.” Insecurities aside, Jamie-Lynn does credit her theater background for helping her comedic performance in front of a crowd. Theater is the one thing that Sigler wants back in her career, although the nine to five lifestyle of her current role is an actor’s dream. “I’m very at home on the stage,” she said and expressed hope to start carving out the time to get back to her musical roles. Sigler had an album released in 2001, and her singing is the one talent she’s not shy to admit. “I hate to even say this, but I don’t even really have to try when it comes to musical theater.” Her dream project would be to star in a musical movie to “marry the two”. She wants to figure out how to take the time to return to New York and get back on the stage. It’s her niche and her calling, she feels. Though things appear smooth for Sigler – these things being a steady job with reasonable hours and a strong year-long relationship with minor-league baseball player Cutter Dykstra – her life was not always without struggle. She married early and then divorced from her former manager. She battled an eating disorder in the public eye at the start of The Sopranos. She even authored a book about her fight with anorexia. She admits to being less candid about the whole ordeal these days and when it’s brought up in the interview, her first response is, “Oh my God, that was so long ago.” She did the book because it was a great medium to get her whole story across. She was only eighteen when she wrote the book, and she’s grateful for it. However, those days are behind her. She said, “Like what am I going to talk about now? How I went to Earth Bar and had a cream juice?” One thing that Jamie-Lynn seemed pleased to talk about was her relationship with Cutter. We reached the subject of love and she said, “Honestly, the best way to love is to show support in the weak times and the dark times. A relationship should pull you up when you’re down.” Her advice on love was, “Be vulnerable. Be open. It makes a platform for someone to be vulnerable or open with you.” She admits that both she and Cutter have had their own ups and downs, but he’s always there for her when she wants to throw in the towel. Jamie-Lynn isn’t throwing in the towel on acting any time soon even though she’s had a twenty-three year career already. “With any art, you’re never full,” she said. “You can always evolve. No one ever feels like they fully grasp it.” She’s coming into her own and shows no signs of looking back to her younger characters or her more public life as a teenager.

Dress by Johanna Johnson Stacked Gold Bracelets from Switch Boutique Beverly Hills Ring by Carolee

Cardigan by Burton Necklace by Giles & Brother



UNDERCOVER Black cotton tank by JCrew Gold lame pleated floor length skirt by Badgley Mischka Black, gold and crystal pendant necklace by Gemma Simone


“This is really, I feel like, my next chapter now, and I’m excited about it I don’t know what’s to come. But I’m enjoying comedy, and I’m enjoying learning.” She uses the phrase “new chapter” more than once in our interview, and it seems that she doesn’t want to pin herself down to any one category of performer or character. She reflected on her acting career and her decisions to write a memoir. “In the beginning it’s not scary, but it’s new, and you want to share everything. You want to please everybody,” she said. “It’s not that I still don’t care about that but I think that I can take a deep breath and go a little bit slower. I think in the beginning, you don’t know which way to turn at the moment.”

Black leather and metallic tweed jacket by Badgley Mischka, Silver sequin tank by Mark + James by Badgley Mischka, Denim mini zippered skort by Cult of Individuality


UNDERCOVER Dress by Johanna Johnson Necklace by Ted Baker Earrings, Ring, and stacked black onyx bracelets by Swarovski


UNDERCOVER Lace top by J Mendel Organza skirt gown by Reem Acra Stacked Bangles by CC Skye Earrings from Switch Boutique Beverly Hills


FASHION Her | Dress olcay gulsen Him | Sweater Benson Pants H. E. by mango









Her | Dress femme d’armes, Shoes olcay gulsen, Necklace stylists own Him | Pants benson





Her | Dress mango, Sweater mango Him | Shirt J&co, Pants H. E. by mango Shoes doc martens, Necklace jewelmint




FASHION Her | Top and skirt Rachel Antonio Him | Vest H. E., Pants J&CO


Her | jacket mango Dress femme d’armes Him | Jacket H.E. by mango Shirt J&co, Pants benson



FASHION Her | Vest femme d’armes Dress femme d’armes, Bracelet vintage Him | Shirt INC, Jacket INC Pants benson


Dress femme d’armes, Necklace stylists own, sunglasses by Mercura NYC



LOVE stories H O L LY W O O D G L A M O U R

at home








in paradise





7 8


2 From trapper hats to bright vests for layering, faux fur takes new shapes this season. Opposites attract and black and white play perfectly together on graphic print dresses and classic shirts. Unexpected heart details, megawatt jewels, and the color red are the perfect things we love to combat the winter blues.



4 3






BLACK & WHITE CONTRAST 1. ModCloth Alp and About Vest, $69.99








20 19



2. GILLY FORGE Atlas Faux Fox Hat from Barneys New York, $195 3. BB Dakota Roxanne Vest, $105 4. ModCloth Glam through the Grey Coat, $204.99 5. Karen Kane Faux Fur Vest, $119 6. BB Dakota Mara Vest, $105 7. Karen Kane Long Sleeve Dress, $118 8. Elizabeth and James Colorblock Odin Tux Shirt, $265 9. Growze Bijoux by Color Blouse,$ 80 10. Karen Kane Houndstooth Jacket, $159 11. Karen Kane Diagonal Block Dress, $98 12. ModCloth I Love You Back Dress, $54.99 13. Minor Obsessions Gold & Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace, $350 14. Elizabeth and James Heart Intarsia Pullover, $295 15. Growze Vegan Leather Peplum Skirt, $90 16. Hadaki Clutch, $50 17. Christian Louboutin Aborina, $995 18. Mawi pearl set heart and crystal encrusted panther round pendant Rose Gold, $ 898 19. Dooney & Bourke Large Zip Around Wallet in Red, $188 20. ModCloth Candied Heart Bracelet, $24.99 21. Zeghani by Simon ring, $1,200 22. ModCloth Glove Is the Answer Gloves, $72.99


FASHION Orla Kiely dress American Apparel tights Tsumori Chisato sunglasses





FASHION Disaya playsuit, Tibi dress (worn underneath) Topshop headband


Tba dress worn as top, Sretsis shorts necklace James Colarusso, Miu Miu sunglasses, messenger bag from Cambridge satchel companyÂ


Disaya dress Lulu Frost necklace from Audrey Grace Boutique, messenger bag from Cambridge satchel company





Spreading the message of girl power through her shoes

“The Ruthie Girl is very energetic. She has FOMO – fear of missing out. She must always be where the fun is. She’s a definite go-getter. She wants to look amazing and feel powerful and sexy, but I don’t see her as a slave to fashion girl. She’s got a little Sporty Spice in her. She’s down-to-earth, because she’s smart. She’s doing things, you know, running around town. She’s that girl who’s effortlessly chic, but she’s a real girl. Whether that real girl means she’s a career woman, a mother, whatever it may be, she’s someone doing exciting things and, to me, that’s what makes her super beautiful.” -Ruthie Davis 44


Ruthie Davis shoes are sculptural works of art that are part heavy-metal, part Palm Beach Barbie, and all around fierce. She credits Bond girls, Kate Moss, and architecture for helping to inspire the spiked, studded, and jewel-encrusted creations that make up her collections. Her pieces range from sneakers to seven-anda-half inch heels and none of them are for wallflowers. Ruthie sat in her bright green Milan office when we connected through Skype for our interview. She wasn’t overly done up, but told me that she was wearing her five-and-ahalf inch Monti heels, a hybrid of shoe and boot that’s her current go-to pair, underneath the table. She’s got a master’s degree and never intended to be a shoe designer, but is completely hands-on in the entire process. She’s a mix of businesswoman and fashion icon. “You can be the smartest girl in the room and wear the highest heels,” she told me. She might not have been referring to herself, but she certainly fits the mold. While shoes may seem like a female obsession, the field is surprisingly driven by males. From Manolo Blahnik to Louboutin, most of the designs we see on the market are coming from men. Ruthie got her foot in the door at Reebok, moved on to revamp the brand at UGG, and is now living her dream of being her own boss with her own luxury line of footwear and handbags. “I’ve always felt like, as a woman, you should be able to be whatever you want to be and not feel like you’re compromising anything,” she said. “Some people think that if you dress too fashionable, and you’re too beautiful, it means you’re not smart or you’re not career-driven.” Ruthie is

knocking down all of those stereotypes, and doing it while wearing her stilettos. This key mix of business and fashion are what Ruthie credits to her success. Without one or the other, neither can flourish. “I really am a combination,” she said. To her fans that compliment her designs and are inspired by the bold pieces she puts on the market, she explained, “Part of the reason I can do that is all of my ducks are in a row and I’ve managed things properly. So now, I have the luxury to be creative with it.” She encouraged that young fashion designers take business classes, and on the flip side, that business women dress more fashionable and stay true to themselves when entering the corporate world. “Beyonce was on the cover of Forbes, and she wears fabulous shoes.” Ruthie Davis shoes are a combination, just like their creator. They are luxury products without the usual stuffiness associated with it. Ruthie is not afraid to use color or the word “sporty” when describing her high end styles. She even titled a blog post “I like 3 star hotels and 5 star shoes”. Her brand philosophy reflects that sentiment. “Too much luxury takes away your creativity and your style.

You need a little edge,” she said. Her shoes keep their edge with their detailed hardware. Ruthie’s undying love for metal started with her first shoe, made with a titanium wedge. “I don’t like anything in the middle,” she said, inferring that you’re never going to find a moderate kitten heel in her collection. To those who think that the studded trend is played out, Ruthie’s shoes will make you think again. “Studs are a fabulous way to show metal. I will continue to reinvent it.” She delves that she’s found a new shape of stud for next fall, and a new way to use the stud to show texture. All of her shoes are crafted in Italy and she’s posted pictures of the process all the way down to the making of the boxes. “I prefer working in Italy with people who are crafts people and ateliers, where they’re creatives. It’s not as regimented and mechanized,” she described. Everything about Ruthie Davis and her shoes seems to have that personal touch. On her Facebook page, you’ll find loads of photos of her feet around town and at events – in her shoes, of course. She knows how to have fun with design and when to stop adding elements to keep the shoes wearable, that perfect balancing act that both she and her shoes possess. “I represent a woman who’s running her own business, who’s very independent, who travels the world by herself and has that confidence to go for her dreams,” she said. “If I can inspire one person to do that, I’m a lucky girl.”




Writing these tracks helped me heal in a massive way, I needed to get stuff out.

ELLIE GOULDING Gets Personal with Halcyon

With her cotton candy colored pale pink hair and undeniably unique sound, 25-year-old British songstress Ellie Goulding rose to international, chart-topping fame over the last two years. Her latest record, Halcyon, was released on October 9th in the U.S. and is a reflection of the whirlwind stardom she’s experienced, a time in her life that even included singing at the reception of the highly publicized wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. 46

A pop force on either side of the pond, Goulding is intent on showing a more intimate side of her musical talents on her sophomore album. This time around she relies less on the pulsing synth beats that carried her debut album, Lights, and its title track to the top on Billboard’s Hot 100 this past summer. Instead she’s venturing into bolder, more personal territory. “This album is a bit more unique, epic. It’s almost tribal. There are lots of drums and piano, and harp. It’s just a bit more epic and raw,” she said of Halcyon. “It’s a lot rawer than my first album. I can’t really compare it to anything else, but it’s definitely a pop record.” So far Halcyon has shot up the U.S. charts, placing it inside the top ten upon its release and showing that its hit single “Anything Can Happen” has true staying power. On this album, one she co-produced with Jim Eliot, Goulding is unapologetically honest, offering her fans a taste of what she’s been going through lately, finding inspiration in personal loneliness, sadness, and relationships.

“Writing these tracks helped me heal in a massive way, I needed to get stuff out,” she said. “It’s really useful to have it documented and written out, and I’m so glad because I don’t know what I’d do otherwise.” One of her favorite tracks off the album, “My Blood,” sums up perfectly the raw honesty Goulding is trying to get across to her fans. With lyrics like, “with all the blood I lost with you, it drowns the love I thought I knew,” she sings about the utter heartbreak of unrequited love. “[It’s about] absolute depletion, when you just have nothing left in you. You’ve given everything to something. You’ve given every ounce of love and passion and desire and you don’t get anything back. And it’s like you’ve lost a lot of blood,” said Goulding. “You’re not dead, but you’re kind of nearly there and you need to replenish yourself somehow.” Goulding grew up in Lyonshall, a historic village in Herefordshire, England, with her mother and three siblings—a brother and two sisters. It was there that she discovered

the female singers who would go on to later inspire her own musical aspirations, artists such as The Spice Girls, Beyoncé, Joni Mitchell, Eva Cassidy, and Lauryn Hill. As a teenager she began venturing more into the electronic genre, and it was there she found Björk, who Goulding cites as one of her most significant influences. “I’m really happy to see so many strong female artists producing their own stuff and coming out with really special music,” she said. “That just makes me really, really happy.” When she was eighteen, she went on to study drama at the University of Kent in Canterbury, where her music career began. At just nineteen, she won a student singing competition at the school, which eventually caught the eye of a manager, leading her to London and a record deal. “People really listened to me. It was really sort of an amazing reaction. And I kept getting this amazing reaction, and that was the thing that kind of made me think I could actually do this.” After that, Goulding never looked back.

In September of 2009, she released her first single, “Under the Sheets,” and toured with Little Boots. Then she won the BBC Sound poll of 2010 as well as the Critic’s Choice Award at the 2010 BRIT Awards, making her the second artist to ever do so in the same year (besides reigning musical powerhouse Adele). A month after that she released Lights, the airy, catchy, electro-tinged, heartbreak pop record that put her on the map in America. One of her favorite things about making it in the States? The fans. “They mean everything to me,” she said. “I’ve adopted some really passionate, dedicated fans and that means a lot to me, it makes me believe in myself. It’s really special. And I want to meet them and I want to hangout with them. I don’t want to feel like I’m above anyone. I do stuff with them because I feel like if people connect with my music, then it’s a really special thing.” Goulding is currently planning upcoming 2012 tour for Halcyon.





Behind the Lens with Markus + Indrani


Markus Klinko and Indrani both made sure to note that they are opposites in our interview, and this is true. They took their phone calls separately. I divided the questions in half after being told that they wouldn’t both be on the line. Markus, a former classical musician turned playboy photographer, was outspoken, candid, and lively. Indrani, a model and Princeton graduate, had a soft voice, was intuitive and reserved during our conversation. While the photography duo may not be household names, you’ve seen their work. From multiplatinum album covers to top ad campaigns to the pages of Vogue, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times, their images are staples of modern pop culture. Despite their personality differences, their new book, ICONS, marks their eighteenth anniversary as a photography team. In a world where photography is the art form du jour with applications like Instagram and advanced phone cameras, the duo stays a step ahead as a team with complex ideas behind each image and post-production work. Even through trials like reality television, break-ups, and bankruptcy, this team is back with their glossy coffee table book featuring every superstar from Iman to Gaga. “We work together as a team. Our strength is that we agree to disagree and we work together not trying to have the same ideas but very opposite ideas, and we make them complimentary,” Markus said. So how does their book fit into a world where e-readers are taking over and bookstores are going out of business? Markus fills us in, “This book actually sells on Amazon right now for sixteen dollars – a 224-page, super high-gloss, super high-quality book. This book was conceived so that hopefully a very large amount of people will get hooked to buy photography books and coffee table books because you know, what’s sixteen bucks? I mean that’s the price of a few magazines.” Markus asserts that he’s still in shock that the publisher could make this book happen and seems certain of its appeal. “We wanted to have young people that don’t necessarily buy books and never go into a book store an opportunity to get this book. This book will be sold at places like Barney’s and fashion websites. It’s not just going to be in book stores,” he said. Choosing a collection of images was a long process with a lot of back and forth between the two, but in a way the images sort of presented themselves in the end. “You shoot an image for a campaign or an album cover, and it gets released and people like it,” Markus says, “But five years later, that’s when you really hear people like ‘Wow. I used to have this poster in my bedroom, or I remember when that came out’. So I think the selection of images is based on the natural growth that some of these images took. You know [these images] just kind of took a life of their own after their initial release.” What have made their images exceptional are not just their infamous subjects, but their ideas and image manipulation in the editing process. “I think that, for me,


a successful image really communicates energy and emotion or an idea to the audience. It’s not just a pretty picture,” Indrani said, “It leaves you with something unforgettable and figuring what that is going to be is the biggest challenge, but also the most rewarding thing because ten years later, people are still looking at it and finding inspiration.” The team focuses on conveying more than what meets the eye. “There’s an image of Beyonce that launched her solo career. That was a shoot where Beyonce danced and moved freely throughout the different shots. Then we combined elements to showcase what she’s really like,” Indrani said. “So the image you see, unlike the still photo, is all these different moments in reality.” This style of overlapping images and capturing movement is what Indrani calls a “multi-dimensional portrait” and it seems to be the foundation and the hidden element that keeps their work relevant and their client list growing. “Photography has sort of become the art form that everyone can participate in, and I think that a lot of photographers find that challenging and threatening because, of course, they don’t want more competition,” she said. “But I think it’s really liberating as well because I think that is pushes those of us who do it as a profession to find ways to make what we create more unique, more meaningful, to add value in other ways than just capturing a pretty shot.” After eighteen years together, it would seem that these two have found their perfect formula for success, but TV network Bravo cast them in a different light on their short-lived reality show, Double Exposure. While they remain proud that the show aired in over one hundred countries worldwide, it lasted only six episodes. “I would say that Double Exposure was almost an amazing show,” Markus said. “Indrani and I managed to have guests like Lady Gaga, Dita Von Teese, Naomi Campbell, and Lindsay Lohan – celebrities of the highest caliber. It was very unfortunate that Bravo and the production company wanted conflict of the lowest common denominator and pushed and sometimes falsified the story.” He says it was a lesson learned the hard way to stay away from lowbrow producers and they are talking to a new network for another show that will focus on honest documentary rather than the drama in their personal lives. While Markus and Indrani’s client list may seem endless, the beauty of the pop world is that new stars are born overnight. “When you’ve been around this business and you’ve shot a lot of the biggest names, there are still always a lot missing and we are looking forward to the next eighteen years to capture the rest of them,” Markus said. He’s looking to book Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Madonna. But his ultimate dream come true subject and collaboration? The Obamas. He describes them as an iconic couple and says, “We’re dying to shoot them, I mean, photograph them. I have to be careful how I say that. I’ll get the secret security after us.”



CHRISTA B. ALLEN The Sweetness of Revenge The most alarming thing about Christa B. Allen is that – at least as far as the eye can see – she has no dark side. When you factor in Christa’s line of work (she’s an actress on a hugely successful television drama) that absence of darkness becomes surprising. And when you throw in the things the character she plays has been through and done, it seems almost impossible that Christa is all sweetness. But that contradiction, that refusal to fit a stereotype, just may be the most refreshing thing about her. Christa swears she has little in common with her onscreen alter ego. “We’ve grown up so differently,” she says of Charlotte Grayson, the character she plays on ABC’s Revenge. “Her family is just absolutely 50

TELEVISION When it comes to fashion, Christa has an eye for everything, from shoes to bags to clothes. “It’s terrible. If you’re going to be into designer you have to give some consideration into what will be your investment pieces,” she says. She tends to favor pieces by Dior, and she looks to fellow stars for inspiration. “I’ve always thought Olivia Palermo is flawless,” she says. “I still don’t know exactly who she is or what she does but the girl can dress.” Christa, who describes herself as feminine, tends to appear onscreen in girly little dresses, and she sparkles in them. She describes her favorite onscreen look as “the pink and white Dior confection Charlotte wore in season one.” With her long brown locks, flawlessly clear skin and enviably huge eyes, Christa’s look is one of pure youthful vitality. Like everything else in her life, her beauty regime is free of fuss. She swears by the classic bits of advice: always wash your face and keep a good diet. Christa credits her gig on Revenge as her biggest project to date. Despite the horror stories that abound about the Hollywood casting process, Christa calls her process of snagging the coveted role “strangely simple”. She had a one-day break while filming another project so she went to a ten-minute test for Revenge, and

off their rockers and I’d like to think that my family – as dysfunctional as every family is – is quite loving and supportive and nobody is trying to beat each other down.” On television Christa plays an intriguing mix of steel and honey. Her life is one of excruciating privilege, but there’s a great deal of pain that comes tied to that extravagance, and it drives the character to some dire actions. “I had quite a loving environment and I can’t say the same for Charlotte,” Christa, who grew up on the south side of LA says. For such a well-adjusted girl, playing a character whose indiscretions range from dating a boy from the “wrong side of the tracks” to overdosing on pills has to be a challenge. Yet Christa is all positivity when it comes to her job “She’s such a lovely and complicated character,” she says. “There are so many wonderful things to work with. I just feel really blessed that I’ve been given so many things to do on the show.” The 21- year-old actress manages to stay in the media’s good graces – unlike many of her celebrity peers, she never seems to cross into indecent territory. Although Revenge is set in Hamptons, it films in Hollywood, and Christa has found a place for herself in that world. “I really love everyone I work with,” she says. She considers onscreen love interest Connor Paolo a close friend, but she has the most in common with her British costar Ashley Madekwe. “We’ve just got a lot in common. We love fashion and clothes and going out and having fun and dancing.”

that was all it took. Perhaps it’s because she perfectly embodies the less apparent side of Charlotte’s character – the lovely, wide-eyed innocence that could easily get lost in moments of turmoil. Because of the actress who plays her, it’ easy to root for Charlotte Grayson, even when she develops a taste for rebellion. There was nothing complicated about Christa’s path to small screen success, and her decision to pursue this career was equally simple. She’s wanted to be an actress since she was seven years old – the idea just struck and she went for it, guns blazing, from that point forward. In 2004, she landed a role in the popular film 13 Going on 30. She hasn’t looked back since. “For the most honest version of yourself, you can sometimes look to your childhood, before you were trained by society to think a certain way,” she says, and there’s wisdom beyond her years in that small statement. Christa is full of the kind of optimism that only a girl who has realized her seven-year-old dreams so early in life can truly posses. “If you’re meant to do it, you won’t find it difficult at all,” she says. “I don’t have steady hands nor the patience to study for twelve years. But if I did, I would find being a brain surgeon very simple. If you’re going to find the trouble in everything, you should probably find something else to do. You have to love what you do.” That’s the thing about Christa - instead of complaining about never having had a normal life or the burdens of fame or the stresses of long work days, she’s just grateful and – most amazing of all – she’s happy. 51



Fashion’s New Star

Kara Laricks called Project Runway’s producers and said, “Do you remember me, the lesbian teacher?” And they did. 52


Filming for Project Runway happened at the same time Kara showed her final clothing collection at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and even after a successful audition, she didn’t bail on her classes. Luckily, the producers had a new show in the works with NBC. Just like that, the former third grade school teacher was cast to be on the first season of Fashion Star, and she went on to win it all. So how did she go from teaching elementary school to auditioning for reality TV after finishing her degree in fashion design? She became a teacher for stability and health benefits, but the need to create was always nagging at her conscience. “I would secretly cut out magazine pictures. I always wanted to create clothing.” So after twelve years of teaching, she went back to school. “I went back to school for three and a half years to finally delve into what I want to do,” she said. I caught up with Kara at Pittsburgh’s downtown Macy’s (one of the retailers that carried her designs during the show) before she’d be hosting a small runway presentation showcasing the store’s goods, and she was as sweet as they come. In her signature uniform – a white button down under a black blazer, black bottoms, and cropped and bleached hair – she was exactly as she looks on TV. She had nothing but positive things to

say, including about her celebrity mentor on the show, Jessica Simpson. What could have sounded like an insult, Kara called her “fat and happy” and explained that she meant fat as in Simpson has rich relationships, a successful business, a family, and the width of her wallet isn’t slim. Laricks is also positive about the national response to her coming out on television. “I got such a positive, incredible response. I get choked up thinking about it,” she said of the public’s reaction to her being gay. What was even more surprising to her was that the focus still remained on her designs, and her personal life had little effect on the support for her work during the show. Was there any behind the scenes drama that she could dish now that the show is over? Nope. She said there was no real competition between the contestants, because the judges were able to purchase all of the items if they desired. Kara’s capsule collection was picked up by all three of the buyers – H&M, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. “It’s as hectic as it seems, but it’s fun,” she said of the show’s fast pace to quickly produce garments for the buyers to purchase. She laughed as she recalled her one fashion flop on the show though, “Nobody behind the scenes said that tie was a bad idea.” Ties were Kara’s first business and she pedaled them at local markets around New York for the first few years of her career. In the first episode of Fashion Star, she was nearly eliminated for her tie designs. A tie would be a natural choice for someone whose collections are based on a mix of geometry and androgyny, but she recognizes the needs of her clients. “As much as I love masculine-inspired looks, design is about celebrating all the women that we are,” she said, “It’s hard, because

as much as I’d love to work in my studio, if no one wants to buy it, you can’t keep producing art.” Fashion Star has been criticized for being too commercial, catering too much to the needs of the clients. “That was one of my concerns,” Kara said. “I’m not necessarily a mass market designer.” She told me that when a lot of something has to be produced, design has to be compromised, and this is always a fear. She remained positive about the show though and said, “Fashion Star did honor the artist in me. It has given me the platform to create my work and the opportunity of a lifetime.” While there are often horror stories of life never moving past reality TV and careers being pigeon-holed by a certain attachment to a show, Laricks is exempt from this category of reality star. She just presented her first eponymous Spring/Summer 2013 collection, and the debut has not gone unnoticed. It’s being sold exclusively at Saks – for those who watched the show, it was apparent this retailer was her biggest fan and her best fit. Maybe it was Kara’s Kansas teacher background that gave her the professionalism and positivity it’s taken to succeed. She is not a starved artist anymore. In our interview, she didn’t seem to have an ounce of grit or eccentricity that’s normally laced with the notion of a New York artist. She was refreshingly uncontroversial despite her abnormal path into the fashion world. She made the show sound like a natural choice, and made it clear that she’s going to excel far beyond her Fashion Star success. “I’ve jumped into this world in an unconventional way. I don’t have another ten years to build. I’ve interned for free enough.”




Look No.

Look No.

Simone Randolph J. Crew sweater and pants, Gap jacket, Burberry scarf, Louis Vuitton purse, Michael Kors watch, David Yurman bracelet, H&M glasses


Lindsay Heath Urban Outfitters poncho with a vintage collar, Thrifted denim button-down, jeans from Gabriel Brothers, Charlotte Russe shoes, Thrifted purse




Rieko Copeland Thrifted top and jeans, Jean jacket from Macy’s, LC Lauren Conrad shoes, Francesca’s purse, Forever 21 necklace

Look No.

Look No.


Gabrielle Smith Mossimo sweater, Say What? Skirt, Claire’s hat, Shoe Department tights

Look No.


Marissa Luxembburger Ann Taylor Loft faux fur vest, Figleaf top, skirt, and necklace, tights from Macy’s, Clarks shoes


Molly Miller 54

Xhiliration blouse and jacket from Target, American Eagle jeans, Charlotte Russe boots




Look No.

Kirstie Lewis Top from JCPenney, Decree jacket, Gap jeans, Charlotte Russe jewelry, Y-NOT shoes

Look No.


Izzy Grey SELE shirt, Betsey Johnson jacket, Naheem Khan pants


229 S. Highland Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15206 412.661.5656

1150 Smallman St Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412.201.5656

2000 Smallman St Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412.261.6565

5847 Ellsworth Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15232 412.362.5656

5849 Ellsworth Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15232 412.362.6198

Seven 57 Pittsburgh Locations


When the bloggers weren’t logged on to their computers, they enjoyed beauty treatments from some of the best salons and spas in the area. Capristo Salon provided superior hair services, Spa Jema polished ideal manicures, and LaVida Massage gave attendees a sample of pure relaxation with a chair massage. Talk about a perfectly pampered girls’ night out! In between photo opts, networking, and beautifying, party-goers sipped seasonal beverages from Pittsburgh Brewing Company and devoured delicious food and desserts from Donato’s, Seviche, and Lincoln Bakery. As a thank you gift, each blogger was given a goodie bag filled with some of Maniac’s favorite products including Tarte Cosmetics, Wigle Whiskey, Dream Essentials, and Mary Kay. We want to say a huge thank you to all of the attendees who came to celebrate the launch of our Holiday Issue. This was our third blogger event, and we can’t wait for the next!



jet set

Camp Romance When it comes to travel, there’s always a choice.



here’s the authentic option, the one that requires you to embrace your natural hair texture (blow dryers not allowed) and kiss running water and electricity goodbye for a few days. You venture to a far-flung location, live like the locals, and see the world from a whole new vantage point – and no matter how far outside a person’s comfort zone that sort of vacation exists, there’s nothing more thrilling. But then again, you could also go with the more luxurious choice. We’re talking impossibly high thread counts, gourmet meals, and first-class service. You know, the kind of pampering you deserve. We say – why not have it all? Glamping, or ‘glamorous camping’ offers up the best of both worlds: the eye-opening adventure of an outdoorsy vacation with the sumptuous nature of a five-star stay. While the idea of camping may conjure memories of youth, of family road trips to the small town a few hours from home, these camping standouts are unfamiliar, romantic, and downright exotic. Each option is situated in a different part of the world, but they have several things in common: they house their guests in cabins, but these are unlike anything you’ve seen at summer camp. They’re high-end, boasting unparalleled comfort and service. So why not make your next big trip a dreamy camping excursion? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, glamping represents a perfect romantic getaway, the ideal way to snuggle under the stars without sacrificing that heavenly extravagance you crave.


TREE HOTEL The Swedish getaway is prime camp territory – it was built because of Ecotourists’ interest in the land on which it lies. Inspiration for the hotel’s concept was drawn from the film The Tree Lover by Jonas Selberg Augusten, a story of three urbanites who experience something transformative when they build a tree house together. The Tree Hotel, located in a forest in Sverige, Sweden, boasts several accommodation options. Like its moniker suggests, the property on which the hotel lies is scattered with trees. Guests can stay in one of five “treerooms”, all of which were built by top architects – The Bird’s Nest, The Blue Cone, The Mirrorcube, The Cabin, and The UFO. One of the hotel’s most spectacular man-made gems is the Mirrorcube, a room that is square in structure and perfectly marries the beauty of nature with the

tremendous capabilities of modern-day architecture. The cube, made of aluminum, hangs high in the forest that surrounds the hotel. It was brought to life by Tham and Videgard Arkitekter, an architecture team– the inspiration for this structure was the relationship between man and nature. The cube is a model of perfect symmetry – it measures exactly four by four by four meters, and its reflective surface echoes whatever nature throws toward it, making it virtually undetectable by the eye, a perfectly camouflaged structure. The Cabin offers the Tree Hotel’s most rustic experience. Guests who choose to stay in The Cabin experience the beauty of nature from the minute they check in – each time they enter the cabin, they walk among the tree tops. In order to enter the cabin, guests cross a horizontal bridge that is hung high in the forest, offering an unmatched eyeful of the Lule River Valley. Once guests enter the cabin, they have access to all the comforts they’d expect from a luxury hotel: a double bed and fully-functioning

bathroom. The room also includes a terrace for guests who would like to step closer to nature. Families will love The Bird’s Nest, another camouflaged room whose concept was inspired by – you guessed it – a bird’s nest. It’s a more spacious room, suitable for a family with two children, but the real draw is the way the space is utilized. Walls are composed of wood paneling with large windows that afford breathtaking views of the outdoors. The transparency of the windows showcases the surrounding trees, making this room’s occupants feel as though they are sleeping on top of the trees. The Blue Cone is the one room that has a foundation in the ground. Like The Cabin, this room is accessed via a bridge. It’s one of the larger rooms on the property. With its four beds, sleeping loft, bathroom, and lounge, it can comfortably accommodate a larger group or family. For a vacation that’s out of this world, request a stay in The UFO. With its spacecraft-like structure and high altitude, this room makes its guest feel as though they are soaring through outer space. The extraterrestrial-inspired architectural feat is composed entirely of durable, compostable





materials. Its interior is just as sleek as its shiny outer shell. The most modern of all the property’s rooms, the thirty square meter lodging space can comfortably hold a four-person family. The hotel gives its patrons the opportunity to become one with nature – to experience all the comforts they are used to while staying right in the center of nature. The rooms, suspended four to six meters off of the ground, will take you back to childhood days of climbing up to a tree house..


Craving a swanky yet earthy camping trip but unable to leave the country? Head to The Resort at Paws Up for the full camping experience, without setting foot outside of the US. Situated in Montana, the resort contains the rustic elements that will bring to mind memories of summer camp – a ranch, pony rides, and fly-fishing – as well as grown-up, high-end attractions, including a luxury spa, first-rate restaurants, and premium furniture and bedding in all the rooms. Paws Up makes a great destination for families, complete with several childfriendly activities and attractions. It’s an equally viable option for couples looking to light get cozy. There’s something undeniably intimate about escaping the bright lights of urban America and retreating to a haven of serenity. Paws Up may be a mere few hours away, but it can make its occupants feel like they’re in another world entirely. An after-dark meal at the resort’s awardwinning restaurant Pomp puts you right in the middle of nature – the views from the restaurant’s deck are supreme and unlike anything you’ll see the city, all clean country air. Here, there are no jarring city lights to interrupt the perfection of the moon’s dim shadow. Lie under the stars and let the music of the Blackfoot River sing you to sleep. Paws Up campers can choose from several camping experiences. Luxury homes

hide under private tent tops at the River Camp, which gives guests the full camping experience – the only difference here is that there’s a bathroom on site. For a camping experience that encapsulates a bit of historical context, try the Moonlight Camp. Six safari-like tents sit right on the foot of Lookout Point, the stomping grounds of famed explorers Lewis and Clark. If you’re more intent on charting your own path, try the Pinnacle Camp, a refuge located right on the bluff that overlooks the Blackfoot River and Elk Creek. Paws Up offers several options for getaways, and they’re each packed to the brim with charm. But for a truly romantic escape, our pick is the Honeymoon Tent. Known as Tango Point, is the most secluded on the resort’s property – you can even dine without interruption from the outside world at a private outdoor table. The jewel in the Honeymoon Tent’s crown is the copper bathtub, made for two. In Istanbul, I highly recommend dining at the Sunday brunch at The Four Seasons Sultanahmet, which was built in an old Turkish prison. The famous brunch is in a rose-filled quaint courtyard with foods of every type. We ate at some of the highest end restaurants while we were there, but no matter your budget, you will have a great food experience in Turkey.

SCAR ABEO CAMP For a trip that bears little resemblance to any domestic camping experience you may have had, explore Morocco’s Scarabeo Camp. Florence Mottet and Vincent T’Sas conceived the idea for the camp. Both accustomed to travel, they debated various locations before deciding Morocco was the perfect place for their camping grounds. This lush resort represents the pinnacle of aesthetic planning – Vincent, a photographer and Florence, a graphic designer, have brought their visual expertise to Scarabeo Camp. The resort hails itself as “an unusual encampment in an exceptional setting,” and the motto seems to fit. In addition to the exotica provided by Morocco itself, the resort spans a wide breadth of land, drawing inspiration from the land on which it rests. The camp includes a dozen scattered tents – while they allow their guests to become one with nature, they also provide total comfort and ample space. Campgrounds are close to Marrakech, arguably the most well-known part of Morocco. Guests can make quick and easy day trips to wander and explore Marrakech, or if they prefer, take part in the camp’s

activities, which include board games, kites, and walking trails. More adventurous activities are offered as well, like hotair ballooning, paragliding, and camel or donkey-back treks. Scarabeo or “Stone Camp” comprises five private dwellings. Lanterns illuminate the tents, which include plush queen-sized beds, a sitting area made up of Morrocan cushions, and a desk. The tent is separated by the outside world by a think cotton screen, the perfect way to gaze out into nature without sacrificing comfort. This camping option may not be for the faint of heart – after all, it is located in the desert, and water supply is scarce. However smaller tents do include shower and toilet facilities that are sure to make American tourists feel at home.


Abuse and pain. Just another day for Lily. Lily lived in fear. Chained up outside. Left without food or water for days. Yelled at constantly. A concerned neighbor brought her to the Animal Rescue League. We gave her medicine to heal her body. Food to build her strength. Love to soothe her spirit. But so many other animals just like Lily are suffering. They need your help.

Come to their rescue. Make a gift to the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania at today.






I struggled for over fifteen years with a variety of health-related issues that left me desperate for a diagnosis. No doctor suggested my problems could be gluten-related.

HEALTH Everyone has food cravings. For people with intolerance to gluten or celiac disease, eating a slice of pizza or a chocolate chip cookie will leave them far from satisfied. When I consume gluten, I feel like I have an awful hangover. I become sick, sluggish, and mentally blurred. For someone with the hereditary autoimmune disease celiac, the reaction is much worse and can result in malnutrition if ignored or misdiagnosed. Approximately 1 in 133 Americans experience adverse effects to gluten and many more are undiagnosed or unaware. If you’re sensitive to gluten, going gluten-free is a dietary option that may aid in weight-loss, ease joint discomfort, and decrease chronic fatigue. About four years ago, my mother came across an article on celiac disease and called me to describe the symptoms. Because of how it attacks the body and causes difficulty absorbing nutrients, effects include irregularity, acne, anxiety, depression, and body aches. I experienced some of this, along with years of frustration from not knowing what was wrong with me. Sometimes I would get extremely lethargic or bloated after eating something healthy like a salad or yogurt. Since gluten can seemingly hide in food, it was difficult to pinpoint my intolerance. After only a week of completely eliminating gluten from my diet, my symptoms diminished and my energy increased. Starting a gluten-free diet without being tested can lead to a false negative result, so it is important to consult a doctor or healthcare professional while still consuming gluten for accurate celiac testing. No one can process gluten, but it will usually pass through the digestive system without problem. For those who are sensitive to gluten, a slow build-up can occur and result in occasional indigestion, like after a weekend carb binge. People with celiac disease experience an inflammation, generally in the small intestine, that triggers a more immediate, total-body reaction that may include vomiting, diarrhea, and weight-loss over time. The increase in gluten problems is often attributed to production of genetically modified foods (GMOs). Pamela Bown, a licensed and registered dietitian explains that “Gluten is actually a mix of proteins found mostly in wheat products, as well as rye and barley.” Although obvious foods like breads and pastas contain gluten, going gluten-free does not just mean cutting out carbohydrates or wheat. Gluten is also found in countless salad dressings, sauces, marinades and toppings, along with health and beauty products. I check that supplements and medications are gluten-free. Also, since gluten must be ingested to be harmful, products such as lip balms, toothpaste, shampoos and cleansers may also pose a risk from accidental ingestion. While gluten-free and gluten-friendly menus do not guarantee that crosscontamination will not occur, it is not as dangerous for someone like me with intolerance. People with celiac, on the other hand, must have food cooked separately because the residue would affect them. While most upscale restaurants are able to accommodate dietary restrictions, I call ahead when possible to notify restaurant

staff and then confirm orders with my server to ensure food is properly prepared. Adopting a gluten-free diet when not necessary doesn’t usually last. As Melanie Mills, owner of Gluten Free Zone says, “People who do it for a fad quickly lose the fad, because it’s expensive and it’s complicated to eat gluten free.” Gluten Free Zone, located in Murrysville, is the only grocery store that specializes in gluten-free products in the Pittsburgh area, and they are working to take the headache out of cooking without gluten. Going gluten-free does not mean dessert is off the menu. Bakeries like Gluuteny in Squirrel Hill offer all of the cakes and pies a sweet tooth could want. And really, who could imagine a bride that can’t eat her own wedding cake? Gluuteny’s wedding cakes are gorgeous. One key to this lifestyle is to find a gluten-free flour blend that can be substituted into regular recipes at home. A lot of packaged gluten-free foods are loaded with extra sugar and fat to add flavor. Pamela stresses that “For those trying a gluten restriction as a means to lose weight, I like to remind my clients that ‘gluten free’ does not equate to ‘calorie free’.” She adds, “I typically encourage naturally gluten-free and fiber-rich foods, such as whole fruits and vegetables, as well as lean protein, and gluten-free whole grains.” Some people think being gluten-free is a gimmick or trend. While those without a diagnosis may experience health benefits from trying a gluten-free diet, it is not just a craze or choice for others. My body kept telling me something wasn’t right. It took years, but I finally know what I need to do to feel good! My family and friends have noticed the change, and they are considerate when having parties or making restaurant reservations so that I have options. The only treatment for gluten issues is to completely eliminate gluten, which requires a total lifestyle change. For me, the last few years have been difficult at times, navigating through ingredients, recipes, menus, and information. There are many resources available such as phone apps, publications, and blogs to help. I still have cravings for the foods I once ate, but I feel so much better physically and mentally. . I have more energy. I am more aware of what I am eating. I pay attention to ingredients and incorporate fresh, non-processed foods into my diet. With so many flavorful and satisfying options now available, I resist the urge to stray from my gluten-free lifestyle.






This is your ultimate…Pittsburgh Bridal Guide. From the ring, to the dress, to makeup for the big day, we’ve found the best in the area to make your day everything that you imagine.







732 Filbert Street | Pittsburgh, PA 15232

11269 Perry Highway | Wexford, PA 15090

5850 Ellsworth Avenue | Pittsburgh, PA 15232

(614) 256-3528

(412) 486-2016 |

(724) 934-4330 |

(412) 361-8722 |

Everything begins with a proposal and a ring. The best place to start is Paul Michael

If you’re looking for that truly special dress, you will find the perfect gown at One

Every bride should feel like a queen when getting ready for their big day, and

Let’s face it ladies, sometimes we need a little help looking so flawless. The

Design in Shadyside. Paul Michael Design is one of the best-known custom design

Enchanted Evening in Wexford, PA. One Enchanted Evening has been open

it should be a fun and relaxing experience. Capristo Salon caters to the bride

bride’s face should read nothing but perfection in those photographs that will

jewelers in the city, making everything from fashion pieces, award jewelry, and

for ten years and it quickly earned the reputation as one of Pittsburgh’s best

in just that way. This salon has been a part of Shadyside for 26 years. Many

be revisited year after year. All Dolled Up will come to the bride and the bridal

repairs, to engagement rings and wedding bands. Paul Michael Bierker earned a

prom and bridal gown boutiques. You will find everything from prom dresses,

other nearby salons actually refer bridal parties to Capristo because of their

party to ensure a full-service makeup experience and dedication to total client

BFA in Jewelry Design, and he became a designer, goldsmith, and technologist.

cocktail dresses, and evening gowns, to bridal gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses,

accommodating reputation. They don’t set a formula; they work with each

satisfaction. Audrey Griffith, owner of All Dolled Up, has been doing makeup

The first piece he sold was to his grandmother in 1988, and he began creating

and mother of the bride dresses here. Their best seller is the Allure Couture

party individually to ensure the day will be just what the bride wants. They

since 1998 and loves every bit of her job. Bridal parties are her primary focus

jewelry full time in 1992. His work has been featured all over the world – and still is

brand, but they also carry Casablanca, Maggie Sottero, Sottero and Midgley,

strive to make you look good and feel good. Capristo Salon offers trial runs

right now, and owning her own business gives her the freedom to choose the

through Paul makes a variety of custom pieces for every

and are the exclusive Western PA retailer for Atelier Aimee Montenapoleone,

for both hair and makeup, which they recommend before the wedding day.

best products and tailor her approach to an individual’s needs. She uses a

occasion (so guys, remember him for the anniversaries down the road too!). His

and many more. The great thing about One Enchanted Evening is that while

They also specialize in a full range of other salon and spa services including

variety of products ranging from MAC to Armani, Laura Mercier, NARS, and

most popular work is engagement rings and wedding bands. Paul Michael ensures

having an abundant selection of elegant yet unique fashion-forward gowns,

nails, body waxing, facials, hair extensions, and massages. The best part is

even Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s vegan airbrush foundations. Audrey

that “every piece is as unique as you are”. He stresses that they share your vision;

there is a no-pressure atmosphere. The bride is encouraged to choose the

that these services can be provided in the complimentary private bridal room

feels that makeup has a transformative power. Done the right way, it leaves

they don’t impose their vision on you. He truly gets to know the customer. He

dress that will captivate everyone on her special day. They also carry jewelry,

she embarks on a soon to be very hectic and exciting day to come. They even

a woman feeling confident and beautiful by accenting the natural beauty

can create just about any type of jewelry with any type of material and stone. He

shoes, hair accessories, veils, evening bags, and many other accessories to

start with a complimentary champagne breakfast! Because of its popularity, it

that she already has. Audrey is a beauty junkie that pairs expertise and skill

can create a fun piece for only 150 dollars or a 50,000 dollar engagement ring,

accent the perfect gown. One Enchanted Evening holds a number of trunk

is suggested to book your reservations at least three months in advance. You

with first class service, as she commits herself to continually learning and

whatever the client wishes. Before actually making the physical piece, he sketches

shows throughout the year in which a sample of their gowns can be seen and

can also book bachelorette parties, spa parties, and other occasions here as

practicing new tricks of the trade. Her services range from ten dollar eyelash

the vision for the customer. Once approved, he creates a computer drawing to

tried on, as the helpful staff assists the guests. One Enchanted Evening also

well. The privacy allows the group to decide on the tone, whether it’s serene

applications to full-day bridal party packages. Audrey truly enjoys being a part

get it just right. And he does everything from start to finish right from his studio.

helps the community through donating prom dresses to Allegheny County’s

and calm or lively and fun! Capristo Salon is sure to give the bride and her

of the bride’s special day and feels privileged to provide such an important

Working with Paul ensures a quality ring that is as distinctive as each individual.

Project Prom, Becca’s Closet, and donating to military brides during Veteran’s

bridal party a perfect start to a perfect day.

service. If you’re looking for a makeup service and someone who cares, then

Day. This is a must-see shop in your bridal search, and quite possibly may be



your only stop once you’re there.

All Dolled Up is the right place for your wedding day.












33 Terminal Way Suite 429 | Pittsburgh, PA

717 Liberty Avenue Clark Building, Suite 212 | Pittsburgh, PA | 15222

(412) 427-8078 |

(412) 638-5350

412-471-2234 |

Each bride should be cry-proof, smear-proof perfection, and Allison Roth

When it comes to the big day, every detail has to be perfect. From the wedding

The right music makes the party. It should be carefully selected to personalize your

Marilyn Monroe once sang, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” At Frost & Co.

Studio understands that. Allison Roth Studio is not only a makeup and

dress to the jewelry you wear, we believe in remaining true to yourself and

big day. From the moment the bride walks down the aisle to the bridal dance at the

Diamonds, that statement rings true (pun intended). This family-owned jewelry

photography studio, but also a certified Xtreme Lashes studio. Every woman

so does designer Rachel Atherley. Launched in the fall of 2010, she took

reception, it should just flow. That’s why it’s important to have the perfect DJ to

store has been providing customers with impeccable products and service

wants those lustrous eyelashes like we see in the commercials, and most

her time creating a cohesive collection that was marketable. By creating her

be with you every step of the way. Dean McAfee was a DJ for over 10 years before

for over two decades. The showroom is conveniently located in downtown

times mascara alone won’t give you the length and fullness you’re looking for.

own line, she has given herself the freedom to push the limits. She’s made

deciding to launch Pittsburgh DJ Company in 2006. After attending beautiful,

Pittsburgh, right in the center of the jewelry district. As you enter, your eyes

Eyelash extensions can give you a great boost on your wedding day. Allison

bracelets that mimic shed snakeskin and earrings that look like lost cat teeth.

sometimes extravagant, weddings of friends and family members, he noticed a

are immediately drawn to the rows of display cases glistening with diamond

opened her business because she wanted brides to receive the best and

Her collection has something for everyone and includes pendants, necklaces,

lot of the DJs were, at best, amateurs. He wanted to give people a better option.

jewelry and accessories. The company specializes in creating beautifully

latest in makeup and lashes. She offers on location and in studio sessions

earrings, rings, bracelets, cuffs, and brooches. Each piece is designed by

He combines the skills of a real DJ with the professionalism and knowledge of

crafted custom designs specific to each customer’s wants and needs. With

and primarily uses MAC products, Kett Cosmetics airbrushing, and Xtreme

Rachel then made by hand herself or by an assistant in her New York studio.

a wedding coordinator. The six DJs on hand ensure an evening of fun, while

their extensive selection of loose diamonds and striking gemstones plus their

Lashes. Xtreme Lashes are all cruelty-free and a portion of the proceeds from

All items are designed, bought, and created right there in the Hudson Valley.

maintaining the elegant feel of the event. Pittsburgh DJ Company has won The

expert craftsmanship and precise attention to detail, your one-of-a-kind piece

Allison Roth Studio benefits animal organizations. These semi-permanent

Her works starts at 50 dollars and increases depending on material and

Knot’s Best of Weddings, WeddingWire’s Bride’s Choice Awards, and the US

will be the envy of all your friends. Frost & Co. Diamonds not only carries their

lashes are different than other forms of lash enhancement because they look

cost. She uses sterling silver, 10k and 18k yellow gold, and hand-picked all

Commerce Association’s Best of Pittsburgh Award in the Disc Jockey’s category,

own line of handmade jewelry but also has products for sale by an array of

and feel natural, and there is no damage. She isolates each of your natural

natural precious and semi-precious gemstones. Her unique designs allow

so it’s important to Dean to only hire DJ’s that he trusts to represent the business

distinguished, high-end designers. A-Jaffe, True Romance by Paul Winston,

lashes and attaches only one synthetic lash to each. This is much healthier

brides to wear something new and different and express who they are. The

name. They were also selected to be the official DJ for Oreo’s 100th Birthday

Leon’s of Beverly Hills, and Sapience by Rego are just a few luxury lines that

than gluing temporary lashes to your eyelids. No bride needs to worry about

smaller pendants and earrings would also make great gifts for bridesmaids.

Celebration in Pittsburgh complete with flash-mobs and celebrations worldwide.

they stock. Do you have broken jewelry or pieces that just sit and collect dust?

her mascara running during her big day with Xtreme Lashes. And with an

Her collection is different because it does not follow the traditional sense of

The team tries to make things as stress-free as possible and promises not to fool

Take the broken and unused to Frost & Co. Diamonds, where they will create

airbrush finish, she won’t have to worry about her makeup clumping or getting

jewelry. She wants to allow others to wear things that make them feel like the

clients with hidden costs. Their 1400 dollar package already includes everything

an extraordinary piece that’s all new and made just for you. They call this

oily. Prices for airbrush application start at 125 dollars. Allison feels “truly

beautiful individuals that they all are. If her work makes someone who wears

you may need: a real and professional DJ, up to six hours of music, dance-floor

technique “restyling” and it costs far less than buying a brand new piece of

blessed to be a part of the most important day of a girl’s life,” and will leave

it feel a little bit more special that day, then her job is done.

lighting, all announcements, wireless microphones, bouquet and garter fun, an

jewelry. Whether you’re looking to restyle, buy, or just browse, we recommend

online planner, and event timeline coordinating.

our friends at Frost for classic and elegant finds!

70 the bride feeling as beautiful and confident as ever.



Light of Life’s

“More than a Meal” Gala

The evening featured delicious food at the LeMont Restaurant, a silent auction, and inspirational stories of lives changed told by program graduates and volunteers. Tunch shared his experience being involved with Light of Life for the past 25 years and encouraged others to come to the North Side of Pittsburgh and take a tour of the Mission. Based on his experience, he said he believes that once a person walks through the doors of Light of Life, they are forever changed. Board Chairman Don Foster, Executive Director Craig Schweiger, and President of Pittsburgh Kids Foundation Brad Henderson also spoke during the event. Around 200 people attended the gala and over 70,000 dollars were raised to support life sustaining and life changing programs at the mission. Light of Life is celebrating 60 years of providing “more than a meal” to poor and homeless men, women, and children. For more information about Light of Life, please visit







Looking for a new hotspot to hangout? Support local business. You can’t miss the bright green building that’s made a name for itself in the heart of Garfield. It’s MANIAC certified. From the moment I walked in, it felt as though I had left Pittsburgh and entered a trendy spot somewhere south of the border. The colors and décor jump out in such an expressive way and I immediately realized Verde would become a regular destination of mine.

San Antonio native and owner, Jeff Catalina, saw an opportunity when he discovered that Chipotle had the number one spot on Yelp for best Mexican Restaurant in the Burgh. Sounds like a problem that needs to be solved, right? And that’s exactly what Catalina set out to do. Looks like the restaurant owner knew what he was doing because Verde just celebrated its one-year anniversary this November. (Congrats!) The Garfield-area eatery is described as modern, contemporary Mexican, which is something relatively new to this city. The owner steers clear of the word authentic, not wanting to prompt any fierce debates. Verde’s key component in creating modern Mexican fare is Executive Chef Lynette “LBEE” Bushey, who spent eight years in South America working as a chef. Catalina is quick to point out how lucky the restaurant is to have her on its team and says, “She understands flavor and Mexican cuisine.” She sure does. The food was tasty and memorable and I, as well as those around me, just couldn’t get enough. Every Mexican meal must start with chips, salsa, and guacamole, and here you can order the guacamole to be prepared tableside. The traditional margaritas are out of this world and are made with 100% agave Tequila. The bar in and of itself is something to marvel. The amber-glow light surrounding the bar ledge draws the eye and is stocked full of high-class liquors. In fact, Verde is Pennsylvania’s largest tequila house, with nearly 200 selections in all. Like the food and drink menu, the atmosphere at Verde is equally memorable. It all starts with the exterior: A bright and lively green building for which Verde was named after. From the entrance, the entire space inside is visible through wall to ceiling windows, and it’s obvious that every square inch had been carefully thought out. Beautiful, colorful paintings, created by local muralist Gabe Felice, hang on the walls and were chosen because “his work is layered and bold, which fit with the Mexican culture and adds vibrancy to the dining room”. Butcher-block tables paired with modern seating fill the room, adding to the feel-good ambiance. It’s no wonder why people keep coming back. If Catalina set out to create a top-rated Mexican restaurant, he did just that. The food, atmosphere and overall experience surpass chain restaurants by light-years –guaranteed. Catalina entered into the evolving Pittsburgh dining scene and achieved success because of Verde’s attention to atmosphere and carefully crafted food and cocktail menus. He said, “It’s amazing what can happen when you put a little effort into rice and beans.” 75


Steelers Style 2012


If you live in our great city of Pittsburgh, then you know there is no escaping the colors black and gold – and who would even want to? Our football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, is back in season and doing amazing things, not only on the field but also on the runway. Yes, you heard correctly, the runway. For as long as this city can remember, the Pittsburgh Steelers organization has put on the Steelers Style Fashion Show. While the show itself has grown, developed, and transitioned into one of the most talked about social events of the season, as well as a sold out event year after year, it means more than just clothes on a runway. This year’s production had three beneficiaries – the UPMC Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute, the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program, and the Cancer Caring Center. Pittsburgh’s own celebrity DJ Bonics spun records all night long and Docherty models hit the runway. Not only did the models show off the latest hot looks from American Eagle, Etcetera, and Nike, Marchesa designed t-shirts specifically for the team. Upwards of fifty Steelers players and their families took to the runway to strut their stuff in jerseys, outfits from Nordstrom, and pieces from Nike that showed their own personal style. Steelers Style 2012 marked a special year for the organization for a couple reasons. This year marks the 80th season for the team. The production reflected the milestone by showcasing uplifting videos throughout the cocktail hour and delicious dinner, which highlighted the different fields and stadiums as well as the eras of Coaches Noll, Cowher, and Tomlin. The 80th season was dubbed “The Year of the Fan,” so each video had inspiring footage of the diehard Steelers fans throughout the years. Another special facet of the event was the first ever Style Lounge presented by the Steelers and the National Football League. The NFL has been spending some major time catering to one of football’s largest consumers as of late – women. They have come up with specialized branded apparel for women, making some really fashionable pieces that you can not only go out in for the night, but also feel good and look great in while you’re out. Think game-day apparel meets evening chic. The Style Lounge boasted sexy looks, DJ Outtareach spun some highenergy tracks, and a manicurist provided personalized looks. The Pittsburgh royalty that flooded the audience included event chairs Mike and Kiya Tomlin and Art and Greta Rooney. The energy felt like a Sunday at Heinz Field, and it was infectious all the way through the evening. Special performances by the University of Pittsburgh Dance Team and Cheerleaders, the Pittsburgh Steelers Hip Hop Ensemble, and even an epic performance by Coach Tomlin’s niece, Brynn Williams, captivated the guests from start to finish. The Steelers Style Fashion Show 2012 was a night packed with glitz, glam, black and gold, celebs, and out of this world style – everything MANIACS could ask for and more.




I am married with two small children. My wife’s

place is most likely because you wanted your dreams

mother is living in our home. She has had drunk

to come true. You are going to be marrying a man

driving accidents and can no longer take care of

you love, cherish, and adore. On your wedding day,

herself, so we decided she could stay with us. She

you will be showing your family and friends just how

still drinks and I suspect that she may also take

special he is to you. Despite the planning, on the

pills. I want to be as supportive as possible to my

actual day you will be rejoicing in all of your hard

wife, but I fear for my children’s safety. It’s also

work and basking in the celebration of love with the

putting a strain on our relationship. There is no end

support of those dearest to you. Have fun with this!

date to my mother-in-law’s stay. How do I deal with

You may be planning a stressful event, but the stress

this without hurting my wife?

is most likely driven by your desire to have it be one

Let me start off by saying that it is an extremely compassionate and selfless act, for you and your I broke up with my ex-boyfriend last year. Now that

wife, to allow your mother-in-law to live with you

I am starting to date someone new, he’s calling me

to help monitor her condition. As far as discussing

in tears telling me how he’s changed. He’s saying

your concerns with your wife, it is all about how you

that I was the best thing he ever had and begging

approach the situation. It seems reasonable that

for me back. I loved him. I want to believe him. I

your wife would be concerned with the environment

like the new guy I’m dating, but there are some

her children live in, as well as the physical/mental

things about him that make me doubt he could be

condition of her mother. I would suggest writing a

‘the one’. Should I give my ex-boyfriend a second

list of everything that concerns you. Whether it’s that


the children are being negatively affected by their

This is a tough, two-part question. Anyone can claim that they’ve changed, but it’s very difficult to know if they really have. First, I suggest you try and recall all the reasons why you broke up with him in the first place. Were those the things he apologized for and claimed have changed? You may have really loved him. But I suspect that if you broke up with him, you must have somewhere felt that he didn’t love you the same way back. Did your ex-boyfriend hear of your new relationship prior to contacting you? I ask only because that could play a role in why he chose now to start contacting you. Unfortunately, just because he called crying doesn’t mean he has changed enough to satisfy all the needs you have that weren’t being met while you were dating him. I would think if he really wanted you back, he would go above and beyond just calling, crying, and begging. My second suggestion is to try and recall all the reasons you started dating your new boyfriend.

under the watch of their grandma, or your concern for your mother-in-law’s health, or your wife’s stress levels, etc. After coming up with the list, you could ask your wife when she might have the time to sit down and discuss some concerns you’ve been having. Depending on her personality (and you would know best), take her to some place outside of the house and discuss the concerns. Bringing them up while keeping in mind that the delivery should be geared toward how you want to help everyone live a healthier, safer, stress-free life. Toward the end of the conversation is when I would suggest bringing up your mother-in-law’s alcohol and pill combination consumption, along with any other acts that you feel your wife may not be aware of. Make

without extensive planning. Wedding planning isn’t easy either; especially when you’re doing it without the help of a professional (which could be a suggestion if you really are feeling so overwhelmed with everything). Eloping takes some planning too, even if it’s what time to book the tickets to Vegas, the hotel, and what chapel you’ll attend. Though eloping may appear easier, you seem to have quite a bit done as far as your wedding plans are concerned. In regards to your guest list, if you haven’t sent out the invitations there is still time to sit down with your fiancé and discuss some changes. Perhaps an open discussion with your fiancé about the wedding, in general, could be helpful. He may be a few suggestions of his own as to how to make this less stressful for you. Don’t forget that you are allowed to have a voice. You are most certainly


entitled to say, “Thank you for all the help you have given and continue to offer, but I think I have a good grasp on things now,” and leave it at that. So long as your friends and helpers know that you appreciate them, they shouldn’t be upset with you for relinquishing their control. You will have a wonderful


day, for on that day, all the stress of planning will be over and you will be enjoying memories that’ll last a life time.

sure you say that you are not saying them to upset

To submit your anonymous love and sex questions,

her, but you are also concerned for your mother-in-

e-mail with the subject

law and don’t want to see her suffering. So the best

line “Ask the Expert”.

way to avoid hurting your wife is to use kind, loving,


listen to the points she will be making as well.

Our chef is a stickler for freshness. Heaven help the food that isn’t.

doing so? Along with that, think about why you feel

Wedding planning has turned into a nightmare. I’ve

Chef Andrew has his rules and that’s that:

he may not be ‘the one.’ Are you feeling that way

imagined this day since I was a little girl, and now

because you just heard from you ex-boyfriend, or

it no longer feels like my own. It all feels like it’s for

#3 Only the best ingredients – we buy local

have you been feeling that way for a while? Knowing

my family and friends at this point. Even my dress

#22 Taste everything before we serve it

whether someone is ‘the one’ or not takes time; if the

is what my mother and sister loved. I am starting to

#37 Proud of everything we serve

relationship is fairly new then it might be too soon

feel bitter and resentful. I appreciate the help, but

to deem him not ‘the one.’ You also have to know

isn’t this supposed to be my day? I wanted something

that if you decide to take your ex-boyfriend back

small, and the guest list somehow got to be 200. I

that you will ultimately be leaving the one you’re

can’t turn back on it all now. How do I change my

with, permanently. I think it is wise to look at all the

mindset for the big day, because right now I’m ready

positives and negatives, in both men, and decide

to bail and elope?

which is better for you. Make sure you know all of the

You are absolutely right that this is supposed to be

facts before making choices that affect the hearts of

your day, and also your husband’s. And that is my

three people. And above all, make sure whoever you

suggestion on how you can change your mindset.

choose will love you for everything you are.

The reason you wanted to get married in the first

You didn’t have to make a commitment to him, so what was it that allowed you to feel comfortable


grandma, or you don’t feel the children are safe

of the best days of your life. Best days rarely happen

understanding words and tone, while making sure to

Christine Perkins graduated from Pace University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and women’s studies. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy with a specialization in sex therapy.

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January/February 2013 Love Issue  

January/February 2013 Love Issue