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When Mark Deklin isn’t taking off his shirt for a sexy love scene, he is probably at home braiding his daughter’s hair or reading his son bedtime stories. That’s right. Not only is the Devious Maids heartthrob, Mark Deklin, a talented actor, but he is also an amazing father raising two beautiful children. As soon as he heard they were casting the role of the dark, mysterious hunk, Nicholas Deering, on Devious Maids, Mark had an interest in the multi-faceted character. As a veteran actor, Marks says he is attracted to characters with layers and complexities, which made Nicholas and his clandestine, murderous past, a perfect fit. In the cliffhanger season 2 finale that aired in July, viewers learned that Nicholas had killed a child in a car accident and covered it up. “When I first heard the secret of Nicholas, I said that is absolutely unforgivable. I couldn’t even see the human being behind it. But as an actor, I had to, just to do it service to the character.” Mark told us. “One of the gifts of being an actor is that you get to be in the skin of someone else who you may have otherwise judged and dismissed.”

“I love working with strong women. I feel like I have a pretty balanced male and female energ y in my personal life, so I don’t find it intimidating, I find it fantastic”

Deklin has been able to develop Nicholas into a character to whom many viewers have fallen in love, despite his horrific past. Though the shirtless scenes may have something to do with so many viewers being smitten with Nicholas, Devious Maids producers and Mark himself have been overwhelmed with how much fans have taken a liking towards his character. While on set, Mark is surrounded by some of Hollywood’s most powerful women including Eva Longoria, Roselyn Sanchez, and one of Maniac’s past covermodels, Dania Ramirez, just to name a few. Though most men might find it intimidating to work with such incredibly accomplished women, Deklin finds it to be comforting. After being around strong women his whole life, Mark is drawn to powerful women. “I love working with strong women. I feel like I have a pretty balanced male and female energy in my personal life, so I don’t find it intimidating, I find it fantastic,” he told us. When Mark’s not mesmerizing millions of women with his breathtaking physique on Devious Maids, he is at home being a daddy to his son and daughter—his all-time favorite role. Mark admits he’s the kind of parent who doesn’t want to miss anything when it comes to his children. Whether it be gardening, bath time, or story time, Mark has been overcome with the joy his children bring to his life, telling us, “It’s just so liberating to have someone that you love more than yourself.”


So how is Mark raising his four and three-quarters year-old-daughter to become a future woman of power? “The best thing I can do is to get out of her way, and to let her grow into who she is. But I can surround her and create the best environment for her to grow fully into who she is.” Follow Mark Deklin at 37

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