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Culture is everywhere. At home, school, streets, and in each activity we do in our daily life. As a matter of fact, culture is everything regarding traditions, costumes, knowledge and history; characteristics that definitely imply a world perception.

And it is there, in this reality perception, where we can find out the most relevant characteristics about culture.

How can we preserve our own culture? Personally I think there are many ways to make it, but I want to highlight one specifically because it is something that talks about our identity, traditions, history and our perception of the world. That, is arts.

The arts, referring to the whole field of artistic endeavors; theatre, sculpture, painting, dance, etc, they keep our traditions and history alive because through it we know and learn about our culture and also we can transmit it.

Literature, music, films, theater, are some different artistic categories that can be used in order to teach everything regarding the Colombian culture.

We as teachers can adapt different strategies in the classroom by using the arts as an excuse to teach and preserve the Colombian culture, in the way we are showing that; culture, identity and language are always interconnected.

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