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Alpha Publishing K12 Alpha Kids Digital BSD Code Monkey Education City


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Learning A-Z Level Up Village

M athematics Social Studies We bring 21st century skills into classrooms.

Smithsonian STEAM Readers Study Cat


Achieve3000 Alpha Publishing ELT ELT Songs English Attack


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Essay Jack

Alpha US K-12

Series Highlights

At Alpha Publishing we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to education.

Alpha Math Grades K-8 is fully aligned with the CCSS and

We strive to ensure the individual learner is at the heart of our entire US K-12 range, and we are committed to providing world class, imaginative and fun content to students and teachers in private and public school, educational institutions and organizations across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

Each grade has a unique student-friendly theme that flows throughout the program, with fun math rhymes in the lower grade, and in the higher grade (GR 1-8) each chapter begins with the standards that will be covered, helping students understand their learning objectives.

provides a wide range of exercises and practices that gradually increase in complexity.

Alpha Math includes;

Our learning materials transcend the traditional classroom, and move towards the creation of an online 'turnkey' solution; connecting the student and teacher long after the home-time bell has sounded.

Grades KG I & KG2 Grades 1-5 Grades 6-8

Alpha Science Grades 1-8 is fully aligned with the NGSS and

Key Benefits

encourages students to listen to their natural curiosity and search for answers to their questions.

Teacher Levels: K-12 Age Range: 3-18




L:J_, .•


Through student-driven practice, teachers can encourage students to drive the classroom learning experience. The framework of Alpha Science is built on performance expectations and the three-dimensional learning approach of the NGSS.

The Teacher Resource sections outline all Student Books and Differentiated Practice Books, including Assessments, ELL references and the use of on-line resources.

Each lesson is based on the SE instructional model. Alpha Science integrates Mathematics and Language Arts into science education. End of Chapter hands-on STEAM Projects.

Includes: Scaffolded Practical Guide Daily teaching guide, with detailed Scope and Sequence Yearly plan and Materials list Anchor, Exit and Multiple Intelligence Activities

Alpha Science, Grades 1-5 Science & Technology Life Science Earth and Space Science Physical Science

http:/ /www.alphapubl

Students All the student books, whether in Alpha Math or Alpha Science are informative, highly relevant and designed to allow the student to maximize their potential for learning. Aligned with CCSS, or NGSS and STEAM each textbook contains clearly structured chapters to allow students to follow each lesson with ease.

Alpha Science, Grades 6-8 Integrated

eAipha connects students and teachers, offering them a collaborative, interactive, and mobile teaming environment that impacts every aspect of education.

Features and benefits include: Easy to use and intuitive eLearning platform. An engaging classroom environment with inclusion of tools to add and record student response to content, supported by a real-time poll feature. Ability to connect students and teachers using Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices with various screen resolutions. Ability to import, edit and use the content created in the instructor content creation tool. Access to Exam View - the test generator and assessment tool Intuitive assignment functionality with full capabilities for reporting and monitoring. A complete synchronization of results produced both online and offline.



Alpha kids

Series Highlights

The AlphaKids Digital Library is a new product offering 240 carefully levelled readers accompanied by a corresponding tutor book, audio and printable after reading activities.The student books increase in complexity through Guided Reading Levels 1-24 (Reading Stages: Emergent, Early, Transitional and Extending.) They give young readers more where they need it most and are great for both classroom and home use.The books have been used for developing readers in schools throughout the world including US, Canada, England and Australia. Published by Eleanor Curtain Publishing, one of Australia's foremost educational publishers, and a specialist in early literacy reading programs and teacher resources.






a• ••



Lexile Levels: BR-1180L

Leveled Reading: A-M (1-24) CEFR Levels: A1-C1 Age Range: 4-8

Key Benefits These books are designed to make the reader successful, making the teacher successfui.They can be used for guided reading- where the teacher performs an instructional role, or extensive reading- where the student can practice what they have learnt. Every student book has a matching teacher's version. It allows the teacher to get the most out of every title and the ability to return to each book numerous times. They also support the tutor and the teacher's aide.Where the student is practicing their language, the teacher can depend on the careful levelling to support the reader's development.



Extensive reading in the Classroom or Practice reading at home


The books engage the young reader and their supportive structure helps them in acquiring language skills and reading strategies. Essential vocabulary is introduced gradually and high-frequency words have a high rate of repetition for both practice and to maintain reader confidence. The concepts are relevant to the young reader and the books use a wide variety of text types, displaying a full range of language and text features. They are carefully graded to create steady reading progress. They provide strong visual support in an even mix of fiction and non-fiction texts featuring topics that focus on social experiences that children find familiar and appealing.



• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Device neutral and works on smart phones, tablets and computers (IOS,Android, Mac, Windows), online/offline ability, contains a wide variety of text types displaying a full range of language and text features, provides texts that are carefully graded to create steady progress by drawing the reader's attention to increasingly complex print features, introduces vocabulary gradually, uses a high rate of repetition of high-frequency words for practice and to maintain reader confidence, provides strong visual support, has an even mix of fiction and non-fiction texts, features topics that focus on social experiences children find fami liar and appealing, incorporates talking, writing and reading activities through the support materials, uses photographs, illustrations and diagrams to engage and inform readers, uses humour extensively throughout the levels, provides extensive instructional support, is designed to sustain and extend the literacy learning of all children.

BSD education

Key Benefits


BSD Education empowers schools to integrate Technology Education into K-12 classrooms for students from 8 years old. This is achieved by enabling teachers with real-world project-based curriculum delivered through an online learning platform, and comprehensive ongoing training and support available 24 hours a day. BSD's programs of learning can be implemented immediately by teachers with no prior technology experience. Programs are mapped to a range of international standards and deliver learning for technology courses, integrated to a range of topics in traditional subjects, and for after school courses or holiday camps.

Internet and Our World

Age Range: 8+ Communicating with Technology



• Are able to challenge students to investigate how their community, society and different industries are impacted by technology.

• Learn essential coding languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python.

• Receive resources to teach fundamental principles and processes of computational thinking, design thinking, and user experience design. • Are provided ready-to-use teaching materials such as lesson plans, slides, activities, worksheets, and rubric. • Are given up to 6 hours of Professional Development training and ongoing support throughout the program.

• Apply their understanding through research, planning, prototyping and creating solutions using technical skills and concepts. • Leverage technology to actively design, solving, collaborating and communicating as part of the process. • Develop the crucial 21 st Century skills. • Courses finish with presentations, shareable online projects and a portfolio of work.




Technology learning program enhancing existing technology or computer classes

Not everyone will be a

programmer, but everyone will work with


The Tech Ready program takes students on a progression of learning to apply their digital skills to solve real-world problems. Deeply connected with computing, digital citizenship, and cross-curricular learning opportunities, it includes 6 courses in various fields of technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Game Development and App Development. One course contains 3 units with 20 hours each and is always finished with a capstone project to make sure students are able to apply what they've learned.

The 60 hours of learning

Each Course has 3 units

•• =-a

Students can complete I, 2, or all 3 units

App Development

Game Development



Each unit is 20 hours

Artificial Intelligence

To take unit 2 or 3, students must first complete unit I

About BSD

Key Benefits


BSD Education empowers schools to integrate Technology Education into K-12 classrooms for students from 8 years old. This is achieved by enabling teachers with real-world project-based curriculum delivered through an online learning platform, and comprehensive ongoing training and support available 24 hours a day. BSD's programs of learning can be implemented immediately by teachers with no prior technology experience. Programs are mapped to a range of international standards and deliver learning for technology courses, integrated to a range of topics in traditional subjects, and for after school courses or holiday camps.


Age Range: 8+ Math


~ TechConnected Subject integrated curriculum to infuse digital skills learning into any subject at school

programmer, but everyone will work with


• Choose the projects they want to use to enhance their classroom activities and learning. Each guided project has a duration of 30-60 minutes.

• Learn essential coding languages HTM L, CSS, JavaScript integrated to subjects.

• Receive a prep guide with every project to help prepare and plan their lesson.

• Are encouraged to freely express their creativity and ideas by being able to select from a range of projects for presentation of work.

• Are provided ready-to-use teaching materials such as activities, worksheets, extensions, and rubric to easily customize the learning experience.

• Develop critical hard skills and 21st Century Skills.

• Are given up to 6 hours of Professional Development training and ongoing support throughout the program.

Not everyone will be a



The TechConnected program integrates technology learning to traditional subjects.Through a guided project, students reinforce learning of topics in traditional subjects, while experiencing technology concepts that enhance the context of learning with real world scenarios.


• Courses finish with presentations, shareable online projects and a portfolio of work.

The journey from subject to topic to integrated project

Storyboarder • Reinforce learning • In class activity • Homework


Deciphering Cryptography • Reinforce learning • In class activity • Homework

Language Learning



45 • 120 mmute long proJeCt based actiVIties

Running Simulator • Reinforce learning • In class activity

• Homework

About BSD

Key Benefits


BSD Education empowers schools to integrate Technology Education into K-12 classrooms for students from 8 years old. This is achieved by enabling teachers with real-world project-based curriculum delivered through an online learning platform, and comprehensive ongoing training and support available 24 hours a day. BSD's programs of learning can be implemented immediately by teachers with no prior technology experience. Programs are mapped to a range of international standards and deliver learning for technology courses, integrated to a range of topics in traditional subjects, and for after school courses or holiday camps.

App Development



• Receive ready-to-use teaching materials such as lesson plans, slide decks, activities and worksheets.

• Learn HTML, CSS,JavaScript, C#, Roblox®, Minecraft®, MakeCode®.

• Are given up to 6 hours of Professional Development training and ongoing support throughout the program.

• Create real-world products and digital artifacts for their portfolios in every course.


Age Range: 8+

• Develop collaboration, communication, research and design skills to solve real-world problems.

Game Development



• Acquire skills in App, Game and Web Development, Digital Production, Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Robotics.

• Courses finish with presentations, shareable online projects and a portfolio of work.


'1 0 Web Development



~ ~~~ :· ... . .



Fun technology education projects catering to students' interests for after school, during discovery weeks and holiday camps

Not everyone will be a

programmer, but everyone will work with


The TechNovators program encourages students to explore technology during out-of-school time. It includes more than I 00 projects to understand, learn and apply text-based coding, Scratch, robotics with hardware and LEGO Mindstorms, game development, design and more.With a modular structure, schools are able to decide course duration and implement on a flexible schedule.

The flexible schedule

-. -


Up to IS hours

Digital Media Production

Up to 25 hours


Engineering & Robotics



About BSD


Key Benefits

BSD Education empowers schools to integrate Technology Education into K-12 classrooms for students from 8 years old. This is achieved by enabling teachers with real-world project-based curriculum delivered through an online learning platform, and comprehensive ongoing training and support available 24 hours a day. BSD's programs of learning can be implemented immediately by teachers with no prior technology experience. Programs are mapped to a range of international standards and deliver learning for technology courses, integrated to a range of topics in traditional subjects, and for after school courses or holiday camps.

Foundation Unit



• Bring Digital Skills learning in the context of application in real career-focused scenarios, with a strong emphasis on teamwork and communication.

• Learn essential coding languages HTML, CSS,JavaScript, Python.

• Receive ready-to-use materials such as lesson plans, slides, activities, worksheets and rubric. Courses finish with summative projects and a portfolio of work.


:::::::::::1 ::::::::::::

Age Range: 8+


• Are given up to 6 hours of Professional Development training and ongoing support throughout the program.

• Create solutions using technical skills and concepts to establish a portfolio demonstrating how they're able to apply concepts they've learned in real world contexts. • Acquire solid problem solving ability with programming, design, data and digital marketing enriched through deep connections with digital citizenship and literacy. • Experience real workplace scenarios to be better able to consider decisions about university and I or career choice.





• Courses finish with presentations, shareable online projects and a portfolio of work.


111 11 1111

o -=-= ()g

Digital skills program for career readiness Data

Not everyone will be a

programmer, but everyone will work with


The Tech Future program prepares students in their last few years of school with real-world digital skills they can use in the workplace, including programming, user experience design, data interpretation and digital marketing.The program has 60 hours of learning made up from 5 x 12 hours units, with the option to add a 6-hour foundational course for introductory skills where required.

The program structure

·Digital Marketing

Capstone Scenarios



About BSD


BSD Education empowers schools to integrate Technology Education into K-12 classrooms for students from 8 years old. This is achieved by enabling teachers with real-world project-based curriculum delivered through an online learning platform, and comprehensive ongoing training and support available 24 hours a day.

Coding 101 Take your first steps in coding •· ~


8- 14

Content Creator Online Content creation toolkit 1 • 1

Ages 8 - 14

Age Range: 8+

• Projects include Eye Chart, Online Poster, Trivia Game • Includes 5 hours of content • Students learn HTML, CSS,Javascript • No prerequisite experience required

• Projects include Book Review App, Online Magazine, Multi-Page Website • Includes 6 hours of content • Students learn HTML, CSS,JavaScript • No prerequisite experience required

Code Packs Creative Writer

CodePacks empower educators, with no prior experience


required, to bring the learning of digital skills to their

students. They can be implemented as a pilot program, a

Build tools for creative writing 1• 1

self-directed learning activity or are an ideal learning experience to encourage at home, supported by a parent.

Ages 8 - 14


• Projects include Online Newspaper, Character Builder, Story Generator, Story Boarder • Includes 7 hours of content • Students learn HTML, CSS,JavaScript • No prerequisite experience required

CodePacks give students their first experience building real websites, apps and games with real code. They are a powerful tool to teach students to be independent learners, curious and motivated, as well as develop the

App Creator

skills and mindsets that are crucial in the 21st Century.

Create helpful apps for everyday life

• Include 5 - I 0 hours of project content

• • 1

Ages I 0 - 14

• Provide self-paced learning for all abilities

Not everyone will be a

• Projects include Money Saving App, Digital Pet App, Experiment App, Budgeting App • Includes 8 hours of content • Students learn HTML, CSS,JavaScript • Coding I 0 I prerequisite required

• Offer authentic project scenarios • Students create websites, apps, and games

but everyone will work with


• Students learn coding and problem solving • Projects created by students automatically go into their

online portfolio that they can share

4 ·-

·-- --·

Game Builder Create a collection of online games • , Ages I 2 - 14

r @


• Projects include Football Crossing Game, Whack-a-Mole, Mad Libs, Spaceman Coin Collector • Includes I 0 hours of content • Students learn HTML, CSS,JavaScript • Coding I 0 I prerequisite required



Code Monkey

Series Highlights

CodeMonkey is a leading, fun and intuitive curriculum for kids to learn coding.Through game-based and project-based courses, students as young as 7 use text-based programming to solve puzzles and build their own games and apps. CodeMonkey does not require prior coding experience to teach and is designed for school, extracurricular and home-use. In addition to computational thinking and programming skills, CodeMonkey fosters the development of executive functioning skills, such as problem solving, planning and mathematical thinking.Through CodeMonkey, students become equipped with the tools and confidence they need to then go on to learn more programming languages, build websites, games, apps and more.

Key Benefits

Coding Adventure provides an easy entry into text-based coding, paving the way for students to proceed to more advanced topics.

Game Builder enables students to create thei r own games by learning every stage of the game-creation process.

Banana Tales is a comprehensive coding course that teaches students the text-based coding language Python.

In Coding Chatbots students learn Python by using chatbot interface elements as they program a real chatbot.

CodeMonkey Jr. offers an introduction to the world of block-based coding.

Dodo Does Math offers students a memorable way to practice math by utilizing basic text-based coding.

Teacher Age Range: 6-15

Teachers are not required to have any programming experience. Through our short virtual or in-person training they get everything needed to start using CodeMonkey in class. The product includes a curriculum guide and detailed lesson plans.Teachers also have exclusive access to a dashboard where they can track student progress and achievements and display different students' solutions to the entire class for discussion.

Students CodeMonkey starts with a linear pathway of challenges. Each solution is checked and graded automatically, and the students get personalized instructions and hints that help them advance at a pace that's right for them. With CodeMonkey, students apply their newly acquired skills by creating their own challenges for others to solve, empowering learners as teachers and vice versa. Further along the CodeMonkey program, the students advance to create and publish their own games and applications -thus becoming real world software developers.






EducationCity helps teachers deliver targeted instruction to individual students, groups or whole classes by linking high-quality, evidence-based assessments in the core subjects, with over I 0,000 cross-curricular resources to support teaching and learning. Our bank of 90+ curriculum-aligned formative, summative and unit assessments, which can be set in just a few clicks, are automatically marked and analysed, providing teachers with instant data and giving students targeted resources to fill knowledge gaps identified in their assessment.

Series Highlights Linking Assessments & Instruction in Your Classroom As many educators already know, it is vital that regular assessment is held to understand students' knowledge at different intervals in time, and make the necessary link between your assessment data and your teaching. Summative, formative and unit assessments can be key in ensuring students reach higher attainment and remain on the right learning track to reach their individual goals. Our assessments are curriculum-aligned and self-marking, enabling you to spend more time where it matters.

Key Benefits Teacher

Lexile Levels: Grade Pre K-5 Age Range: 3-11

Planning & Marking- Automatically marked assessments provide insight into individual student and class performance to guide planning. Differentiating Instruction -Assessments create individualized learning pathways to fill knowledge gaps, or you can easily create your own by compiling resources for individual students or groups. Reporting on Progress -Track progress and share information with other staff or parents with easy-to-use reports for individual students.

Students solutions/educationcity/

Confidence Building - We understand students learn differently, so flexible practice options are available to support different learning styles and help build confidence. Home Learning - 24/7 access bridges the gap between school and home to boost parental engagement and support mastery through practice. Independent Learning- Tracking and feedback tools allow students to view their own progress and practice skills to support student agency and mastery.

Here's how you could use Assessments in your classroom: Students have returned from a long break, let's find out what they've retained! Short, fixed , formative assessments in reading and maths (Years 2-6) give you the snapshot you're looking for. AII students are asked the same questions, so a true comparison is possible, and results can be used to inform teaching plans moving forward!

A new student has joined, let's benchmark so you can offer immediate support. Fixed-form, formative assessments will really help here. Assess key areas like maths, reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation.AII the information you may need will be at your fingertips to help fill any knowledge gaps discovered.

It's time for your weekly spelling test!







Spelling assessments provide 20 randomly generated questions from the year's word bank. Questions can be automatically marked for you, or if you prefer, your students can peer review each other's work!

It's that time again, end-of-year assessments ... Summative assessments in reading, maths and science will help during this crucial time of year. In reading and maths, the assessments are fixed form, giving students an experience similar to that of a form al exam, a great lesson starter or plenary to familiarise students with exam questions, and how to approach them!


@ mangoSTEEMS

Join over 4,000 schools across the world who are already using EducationCity to drive student success!



Museum of Science

I t:!J3

Series Highlights

Create a Generation of Problem Solvers Kindergarten

Engineering is Elementary (EiE) is a rigorously researched, classroom-tested curriculum that increases students' interest in and confidence about engineering. EiE is designed to encourage all children to envision themselves as potential engineers.

. .a ••

CEFR Levels: A 1-81

EiE's units present fun, engaging engineering challenges that allow students to apply science knowledge in meaningful ways. Each unit is introduced by a storybook about a child who solves a problem through engineering. Set in locations around the world, the storybooks integrate literacy and social studies - and provide context and meaning for the hands-on activities that follow.

• ••

• Award-winning STEM program from Museum of Science, Boston • Target from preschool to 8th grade • Reach about I 15,600 teachers and I 0.2 million students in US • Support teachers with professional development (PD) workshops • Fun, flexible, research-backed curriculum integrates engineering with the science topics

Age Range: 3-14

Key Benefits Build Habits of Mind EiE develops positive problem-solving and critical-thinking strategies. These essential skills can change the way students and teachers approach challenges in all subject areas.

Make Engineering Accessible EiE designs to be inclusive, from the units' varied geographical story settings to the extensive resources for diverse learners, regardless of background or prior knowledge. The curricula build in time for material and concept exploration to level the playing field and give equal access to all learners. Grades 6-8, Afterschooi/Out-of-School

Engage Learners in Science and Engineering The units tap into children's natural curiosity about how the world around them works, inspiring them to think creatively, innovate, and work collaboratively to solve problems they can relate to their own lives.



ELL Technologies



ELL Technologies is a global provider of online languages.With over 20 years of experience and millions of learners, ELL has developed the largest library of digital resources consisting of more than 3,000 learning hours, focusing on the four skills of a language: listening, comprehension, writing, and speaking.The company focuses on schools, universities, Governments, and corporations and enables blended, as well as, self-learning.

Key Benefits Teacher The ELL platform is designed to empower a teacher to deliver content, guide the student through their learning, and track progress including:

Lexile Levels: K-Grade 2; Grade 6-12 Leveled Reading: AA-A ; W-Z+

Series Highlights Winnie's World -Turn learning into play! An entertaining game oriented course that allows young learners an entry point into language learning, without the need for reading. Winnie's World is full of day to day activities that introduces kids to engaging topics such as the world of food, family, colors, emotions, etc. • • • • •

Grades K-2 Over I 00 learning hours 8 exciting and highly interactive environments Recording feature for children to practice speaking Enhanced with a series of supplementary classroom material

• Flexible alignment of schedule and curriculum • Full personalized learning targeting individual student needs • Managing classrooms and tracking of student's progress (including speaking!) • Moderating capabilities of Chat and team work

English For Success English For Success is a comprehensive English program aimed at young adult learners. The course includes a standalone Placement Test to assess the initial proficiency level of the learner prior to commencing the course, as well as continuous assessment.

CEFR Levels: Pre A 1-C2 Age Range: K-2 ; 6-12 Students Whether as part of a classroom or self study, the student is immersed with modern content and topics, combined with state of the art technology, a student is provided with multiple tools and resources to improve their skills including:

• Grades 6 -12 (and University level) • 70011200 hours of learning (EFS Foundation/EFS Premium) • CEFR levels Pre A 1-B2.3 • Based on the communicative approach • I ,826 quizzes, 166 unit tests, and I I level tests • Focus on 4 learning skills - reading, writing, speaking, listening • Authentic, real-life conversations and a rich collection of topics • Over II ,000 pages of printable worksheets

• Gamification & over SO exercise types to keep student engagement • Advanced speech recognition analysis technologies to practice speech • Practical skills and topics for both day to day, as well as, professional settings • Guided writing lessons


: l



"' ~

~1~111111 lllu1 ::c ::" ::" ::= ::" ::= ::" ::=






Exact Path


Exact Path

Whether your students are below, on, or above grade level, Exact Path makes learning personal by leveraging diagnostic assessment data to personalize instruction and promote growth for each and every student. Assessment results, such as those from NWEA MAP can be imported into Exact Path to generate a personalized learning pathway for each student.

Series Highlights

Pathway to Success Your students don't all learn in the same way, so why plan and deliver instruction in the same way? Exact Path utilizes adaptive diagnostic assessments paired with individualized learning paths to promote academic growth

The results are automatically analysed, allowing to see growth, track real-time progress and provide intervention support where required .


o== o==

We know that teachers know their students best, so flexible grouping and assignment tools put the power in the teacher's hands.


Key Benefits Lexile Levels: Grade Pre K-5 Age Range: 3-11

Exact Path has been proven to increase attainment in as little as 8 lessons!

Teacher Time-Saving Tools- Personalizing instruction and setting solutions/exact-path/

assignments are easy with grouping tools to help inform decisions, and digital assignments. Clear Data Visualization - Identify skills gaps at a glance and see how your students are progressing in real time with our color-coded Knowledge Map. Powerful Reporting -Analyze growth, progress, and usage by drilling into reports at group, school, class or individual student level.

Students Personalized Learning Experience - Engage your students with automatic remediation via animated, interactive tutorials. Competency-Based Curriculum - Our learning sequence has been designed to maximize student mastery and growth by presenting skills in a proven, effective order. and to support personalized learning. Progress Checks - Every four skills, a Progress Check is used to adapt a student's learning path, and reward them with mastery trophies.

Target English Language Learners' Unique Learning Needs Exact Path supports the needs of English Language Learners by adopting a flexibl e approach to learning, all owing yo u to diagnose ind ividual needs. Students can wo rk independently by engagi ng in scaffolded instruction, then practice with their learning paths. ELL students who use Exact Path are proven to make similar progress to their English-speaking peers.


EXCELCi:NCE TEC~RNING Best Educat.bnal Software Aw ~P.

~ ~





Learning A-Z


Raz- Plus is a comprehensive blended learning platform that provides more than 50,000 reading resources, including an extensive collection of leveled books, quizzes, lesson plans, and collaborative activities. Delivering a flexible and robust differentiated curriculum, Raz-Pius enables teachers to ensure every student has access to the appropriate content in school and at home.

mammmmammaamaammama ammmaaamm



Resource Formats:



e Print


e® []J



Series Highlights


Leveled Reading: 29 Levels CEFR Levels: A1-C1

Deliver standards-aligned instruction with resources correlated to all major reading standards, including CEFR and U.S. Common Core.

Inform instruction and address areas of weakness with assessments and easy-to-use online reporting.

Build a stronger home-to-school connection with online and mobile access for students and a parent portal.

Support students in class and at home with online and mobile access to an engaging student portal. Build skills and make reading practice fun with interactive tools and incentives. Inform instruction with online reports that provide activity and skill development data.

https:/ / products/raz-kids/overview


Resource Formats:

Adaptive Online English Reading Instruction

Students Practice reading level-appropriate English texts at home through the engaging student portal.





Provide research-proven online instruction that automatically adapts to each student's needs. Build phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and beginning comprehension with early reading instruction. Teach important comprehension skills and strategies with instruction for advanced readers. raz-plus/overview


Provide students personalized reading practice with more than 800 digital texts at 29 levels of difficulty.

Teacher Lexile Levels: BR70L-1120L

Onlin e

Award-Winning Digital Library of Leveled eBooks and eQuizzes

Key Benefits Provide students access to texts at their English reading level with 2,500+ books at 29 levels of difficulty.

Resource Formats:

Thc:Southl'olcisac:ontinc:mattii!:SC>lllhc:mc:nduri)Ur worl d.ScicntistscallitAnur.rctica. JltStlikcatihc NonhPolc:.only planlsand•nim•ls thatcanliveinthc ooldcanli\'catthcSouth Pole.

Track student progress with digital quizzes to inform future instruction.

Build phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and close reading skills with audio support and digital recording and annotation tools. products/headsprout/overview

Earn exciting built-in rewards and incentives for completing reading activities.

Resource Formats:

ScieWce A-Z


Multilevel Science Resources and Hands-On Activities Support today's science standards while integrating reading and science into one captivating curriculum. Provide hands-on learning opportunities with activities, experiments, and investigations. Meet students at their English reading level with multilevel resources.

https:/ /www.learn inga products/sciencea-z/overview

@ mangoSTEEMS




Level Up Village

Level Up Village

Level Up Village delivers global partnerships and project-based learning to students around the world via an easy-to-use global commun ication platform that facilitates project collaboration through synchronous and asynchronous video exchanges in English. Other languages are available upon request. Level Up Village's mission is to globalize the classroom and facilitate seamless collaboration between students from around the world via pioneering Global STEAM (STEM +Arts) enrichment courses. Using our Global Communication Platform, students get to know partner students in other countries by exchanging video messages about their lives and their STEAM projects. Through this process, they not only learn 21st Century skills, but also develop empathy and global competency.

Series Highlights

Global Discovery: Water The World+ Water+ Engineering+ Global Citizenship Grade Pre-K- K (3- 5 year olds) Listening to lively, colorful short stories, students follow a drop of water around the globe and learn about the Water Cycle. They connect how plants and animals depend on water to live, through hands-on discovery station activities, all the while sharing their ideas and learning with their global partner classroom.

Global Sound Artists

Level Up Village is the first organization to receive the ISTE Seal of Alignment at the Proficiency Level for the 20 19 ISTE Standards for Students. LUV's pioneering global STEAM courses also align with NGSS and Common Co re standards, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Age Range: 3-8

World Music+ Science of Sound +Global Citizenship Grade Pre-K- 2 (4- 8 year olds) In this course, students build their own guitar, spinning drum, and panpipe as they understand sound, learn to appreciate culturally diverse music, and share their learning with a partner class in another country.

Key Benefits Teacher LUV provides all the necessary teacher training and classroom resources, including a full curriculum, to run a LUV program successfully. Through this unique online training program, every teacher becomes a Certified Global Educator and learns how to use the LUV global collaboration platform and course materials.





IS I I:.

• • • •

Promotes the responsible use of new social technologies Offers developmentally appropriate hands-on learning Integrates multiple learning domains (e.g., engineering and literacy) Presents opportunities to gain appreciation of art and music in ways that reflect cultural diversity • Develops students' cultural and global competencies through soda-emotional development, empathy, and leadership

Global Storybook Engineers Literacy+ Engineering+ Global Citizenship Grade Pre-K- 2 (4- 8 year olds) Students explore engineering through the lens of folk tales, stories, and myths from different cultures while discovering how they can "rescue" their storybook heroes by building spaghetti towers, boats, BristleBots, and more!


~G"iftefc11iiren NAGC Global Awareness 2018 Annemorie Roeper Organization Aword


Standards·S Mar. 2017·19

21st Century STEAM Content Students learn about cutting-edge, 21st Century Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) concepts with topics like 3D Printing, Programming, Web Design, and Language Arts, via hands-on, practical experiments that encourage curiosity, creativity, and problem solving.

Building Global Networks Students are paired with global partners via our global communication platform, which is compatible with computers, tablets, and smart phones. LUV probides a safe learning environment where each student builds their own profile, exchanges facts about themselves, and connect via guided video exchanges.

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STEAM Readers

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Teacher Created Materials

Build literacy skills while challenging students to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems Created in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, this dynamic series engages students with high-interest readers that highlight all aspects of STEAM : science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics.Through hands-on STEAM activities, students will learn how the engineering design process is used to solve real-world problems.







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Lexile Levels: NP-860L Leveled Reading: LB-W Age Range: 5-16 MeAIQ

Key Benefits

Series Highlights Challenge students to explore, collaborate, and solve problems through hands-on, minds-on learning. • Strengthen literacy skills and content-area knowledge with high-interest readers and easy-to-implement lessons • Apply the engineering design process to solve real-world problems • Engage in student-centered activities that support makerspaces and project- or problem-based learning objectives • Promote the 4 Cs: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity • Embrace and learn from failure and promote ongoing reflection Build skills to give, receive , and apply effective feedback • Make career connections with career advice from Smithsonian employees working in STEAM fields • Support English language learners and model fluency with professional audio recordings.

Engaging Books


Teacher Smithsonian STEAM Reader Kits provide teachers with everything they need to easily integrate STEAM education into literacy instruction. Each kit includes: • Management Guide - Includes research, differentiation tips, pacing plans, standards correlations, and additional support for the engineering design process. • Lessons - Strengthen content-area literacy skills with standards-based lesson plans that address engineering and literacy objectives. Facilitate STEAM challenges that inspire students to be makers as they design, build, test, and improve solutions. Advice from Smithsonian professionals. • Books- Engage students with high-interest content at multiple reading levels and connect to STEAM careers with • Culminating Activity- Challenge students to apply what they've learned in a hands-on Culminating Activity to solve real-world problems. • Digital Resources -Weave technology into literacy instruction with a variety of digital resources including: - lnteractiv-eBooks -Audio of each book - Student reproducibles


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Challenging Lessons

Airtight For mummies to last, coffins and tombs had to be airtight. All measurements had to be precise so that there were no gaps between stones. The mummies were completely sealed. Lack of air meant lack of bacteria. Often , the stone doorways to tombs were cemented over as well. This added an extra seal.


--Easy-to-use Management Guide


Each Kit Includes: • • • • •

Books (IS titles, 6 copies of each) Lessons Management Guide Culminating Activity Digital Resources

Smithsonian STEAM Readers empower student to become independent learners and problem solvers while fostering creativity and innovation. • Students will immerse themselves in all aspects of STEAM and w ill engage in the engineering design process to solve problems. • Students will experience examples of failure and persistence that lead to successful designs and innovation. • Students will develop an appreciation of the power of perseverance, helping them see how they can change the world around them.



Resear ch an d Brainst orm


WhatgiJ.E!'Stionsdoyouhave? Whemcanyouf.ndanswers?

Researchandbra instormideas


Design and &ild

Define the Proble m

Sk<ltchyourdesign. What

Identify a problem in your daw oom o r at your

sct.ool. Definetheconstraintsandcriteria





What matefial• wi ll worl< best? Su ildyourdesign

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Test an d Improve Howwillyoutestyourd&Sign?

~ ~:;:;.,~:1;~~\~~~s~~~;?do?

Whatdatawillyourecord? Now, testyourdes1gn . Ask lor fe&dbad<. How can you improve


MATHEMATICS Each reader highlights all the components of STEAM and helps draw real-world connections

@ mangoSTEEMS


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Reflect a nd Share

Plan a pres.entationabout yoursolution.Presenttoan

audience. WhatdidyO<Jieam?

Hands-on Culminating Activity

Fun English for Schools

Series Highlights Learning Content

Based on Studycat's award-winning Fun English app hosting over 7 million global users Studycat has created Fun English for Schools - the ultimate blended learning solution for young learners, built to empower students, teachers, and parents through a comprehensive learning application connecting homes and schools. Fun English for Schools is a three level course aligned to the Cambridge Young Learners (CYLETS) curriculum .The course teaches listening, speaking, reading and writing of 550 English words, hundreds of sentence patterns as well as the alphabet and phonics. Complementing our state-of-the-art app (available on all major platforms) is a mobile classroom management system and a full set of print materials including student books, activity books, teachers guides, worksheets and classroom flashcards.

The app offers a rich variety of games, songs, and activities to engage and challenge learners.The app can be used at home or in school. The app contains learning activities for each strand of the Fun English curriculum, from vocabulary and sentence games, to dialogues and grammar, alphabet, spelling and phonics games.

Key Benefits Classroom Management Dashboard

Teacher CYLET Levels: Pre-A 1 list Age Range: 3-6

Fun English for Schools tru ly enables the flipped classroom, meaning teachers can channel their expertise into what really matters teaching the kids! Teachers can easily set up and manage their classes from a PC or mobile device. They are then able to assign homework and monitor student progress in real-time. Teachers can play all the learning activities from the student app on their interactive whiteboard in the classroom, facilitating class activities and group collaboration. Teachers guides are provided for each level in both digital and print format.

The dashboard gives teachers and parents real-time insight and supervision of student learning progress. Teachers can easily assign homework, monitor student progress and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of the whole class or each student individually. Parents can participate in their child's learning by playing on the app with them, and they can see how many new words their child is learning, and how much time they are spending in the app.

Students Students are motivated to take control of their own learning through fun and challenging gameplay. Kids crave gamified learning and Studycat does not fall short on delivering what kids want in a way that motivates, empowers, advances learning and sets them up for success. Students are able to complete homework activities wherever they may be. Language is scaffolded and intermittently repeated through an engaging variety of content that is customized to each individual's personal learning needs. - Kids and parents can play fun games together -

Print Materials The digital components are complemented by an 18 book series divided into 6 levels. One level covers a 20 week semester making the 6 levels a 3 year pre-school course consisting of: Student Books Activity Books Teacher Books Classroom Flashcards Worksheets

Education Alliance

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Pra xila bs

Series Highlights

Why this is a great product ? lmmersive 30 Simulation

PraxiLabs aims to provide equal opportunity for an enhanced STEM education for students everywhere by providing 3D interactive virtual simulations of science labs that are accessible, usable, and affordable for educational institutions and students alike.

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Effective learning requires attention. An immersive and interactive 3D virtual lab goes a long way in providing students with the tools that allow for more focus, attention, and engagement. Students stay interested and engaged while staying alert and absorbing the information easier.


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Praxilabs provides students with an immersive and interactive 3D simulation of a realistic lab, enhancing their understanding and knowledge with a virtual hands-on experience of what they've learned .

Key Benefits Teacher

••• Age Range: 18+

• • • • •

lncrasing students' engagement in the class/lab. Upturning students' success rate in the traditional lab. Reducing the cost of lab consumables (equipments and materials). Facilitating students' regular accessibility for practice (24/7). Lowering concerns about labs' safety hazards and ethical challenges, by providing a safer virtual alternative. • Tracking students' learning progression and identifying their strengths and areas of development as our platform can integrate with any Learning Management System (LMS).

Cost Effective & Affordable Students

• Providing students with more practical practice. • Enhance students performance and understanding. • Allowing for a safe environment for experimenting and experiencing lab work. • Students learn more at their own pace and according to their schedule and not lab availability. • Practice anytime and anywhere while getting support and learning from mistakes.

20 Experiment/Section

21 Experiment/Section

Praxilabs helps reduce and eliminate much of the cost that goes towards maintaining a traditional lab, from resources and supplies to general maintenance and equipment. A virtual lab provides each student with access to an interactive science experience at a fraction of the cost.

17 Experiment/Section

Anywhere, Anytime Today's technology allows students to take education anywhere. Praxilabs can be accessed on any device connected to the internet. Students can practice and learn wherever they wish. With this constant availability students can better plan their day and benefit from every moment.



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Achieve3000® believes literacy is the key to unlocking student success. Since 200 I, we have partnered with schools and districts to accelerate literacy growth for all students with our platform for differentiated literacy instruction.Achieve3000 ACCESS delivers a powerful combination of differentiated content, instructional supports, and linguistic and learning scaffolds to meet the needs of emerging, developing, and long-term English language learners (ELs) and their teachers.

•• Lexile Levels: BR150-1300+ Leveled Reading: 12 Levels CEFR Levels: A1-C1 Age Range: 4-Adult

Series Highlights

LeveiSefM Assessment

Ongoing Embedded Assessment

Leveled Text and Scaffolds

Actionable Reporting Linked to Instruction

Key Benefits Teacher The Reading Skills Report is a performance report for ACCESS educators that shows each student's mastery of 13 essential reading comprehension and vocabulary skills, and helps teachers to: •Identify how students are performing based on embedded ongoing assessment • Assign additional practice lessons from the report • Spot class performance trends • Target instruction by differentiating small-group and one-on-one lessons using the provided instructional materials

Achieve3000's ACCESS provides students with daily opportunities for academic reading, writing, speaking, and listening-the four domains of language acquisition. Starting with LeveiSet'", a placement test available in English and Spanish, ACCESS establishes a baseline Lexile® reading level for every English language learner.The program then delivers the same grade-appropriate lesson to the entire class, differentiated to the precise needs of every student. All lessons incorporate exceptional linguistic scaffolds and supports, including a speech-to-text reader (with read-as-you-go highlighting), dictionary of core vocabulary terms and definitions, sight words, and conversational phrases that address the varying proficiency needs of students. Through targeted and differentiated instruction at their individual learning levels, ACCESS helps English learners build confidence, encourages them to continue learning, and empowers them to succeed.


Additionally, there are Targeted Teaching Supports with teacher recommendations, lesson plans, and on-demand professional learning tailored to the needs of EL programs.

Students https://www.ach

ACCESS helps students in grade 2-12 build knowledge and vocabulary while developing reading proficiency through scaffolded, sequenced, and supported instruction anytime, anywhere, and on any device. C lassroom-tested learning scaffolds are designed to close the skill gap and boost college and career readiness: • Vocabulary and concept previews develop academic English proficiency • Text-to-speech reading tool enables listening practice • Sentence and paragraph frames help reluctant writers and encourages evidence-based writing • Speech-to-text tool develops speaking skills

Expected Growth

Avg. First Try Score

Avg. First Try Score

75%+ and Multple-

75%+ and Multiple-

Choice 40-79

Choice SO+



Achieve3000 ACCESS accelerates language and literacy gains for all English language learners, from beginner to advanced, and prepares them for success across the entire curriculum. Students who use Achieve3000 ACCESS have realized accelerated literacy gains of double to triple what was expected .


SmartyAnts· This research-driven program for nursery and primary grades students teaches foundational literacy skills in a game-based environment, including phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, sight-word vocabulary, and comprehension .


f~ Actively Learn


This digital curriculum platform fills core curriculum content gaps, engages students in deeper thinking and learning, and helps teachers grow their practices.

Alpha ELT

Series Highlights English Vision - 6 Levels

Alpha Publishing produce a wide range of English Language teaching and learning materials for students and teachers, as well as developing resources aimed at helping companies and employees seeking to upskill their ability in English.

Based on the CEFR and Cambridge YLE standards the latest addition to Alpha ELT portfolio focuses on level I to 6. Components include: • Student book plus audio • Workbook plus audio • Teacher Guide including, unit by unit walkthroughs for all levels • Assessment 1-6 (based on the latest Cambridge YLE Tests) • Flashcards 1-6 • Posters 1-6 (5 per level)

Our resources are specially adapted to be culturally appropriate, while maintaining the strict standards of the Common European Framework of Reference. This approach affords our students and education partners the chance to measure their progress on an international scale while studying content which is relevant. Alpha ELT program includes: • English Vision • Target English • English Leader • Present English

41 ·

Key Features • Vocab (all levels) • Songs • Grammar (all levels) • Functions (all levels)

• Sounds and Spelling • Projects (all levels) • Poste rs

• 2 1st Century Skills

• Phon ics

• Crit ical T hinking

• Skills: Reading,Writing, Speaking, Listeni ng (all levels)

• CLIL I Cross Curricular

Social-Emotional Learning, leading to: • Living Values ( 1-2) • Language for developing life skills (3-4) • Digital Citizenship: Living with technology (S-6)

• D iffe rentiated Learn ing

Key Benefits CEFR levels:

• English Vision

Pre-A1- 81+

• English Leader

A1 .1-B1 .2

• Target English


• Present English A2-B1 Age Range: 6-18

English Leader - 4 Levels

eAipha connects students and teachers, offering them a collaborative, interactive, and mobile teaming environment that impacts every aspect of education.

English Leader is a four-level course specifically adapted for young teenage students in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. The syllabus places academic coursework within broader historical, geographical and cultural context, ensuring an educational and stimulating experience for students. The CLIL approach allow students to absorb and discuss real-world information at their level of English.

Features and benefits include: • Easy to use and intuitive eLearning platform. • An engaging classroom environment with inclusion of tools to add and record student response to content, supported by a real-time poll feature . • Ability to connect students and teachers using Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices with various screen resolutions. • Ability to import, edit and use the content created in the instructor content creation tool. • Intuitive assignment functionality with full capabilities for reporting and monitoring.

Components include: • Student Book • Workbook plus audio • Personal Toolkit

Target English- 4 Levels


ENGLISH ------ --

• Teachers Book plus audio • Test-Maker Resources • Tests & Resources


UPPER INT£RMEDlATE Studenl'l Boolc

Target English is a motivating, fou r-level, carefully graded English course providing thorough grammar, vocabulary and skills work, through content which is interesting for teenagers and young adults. The combination of clear, easy-to-use, pr inted, digital and online materials, and the particular attention paid to the needs of mixed-ability classes and different learning styles, make Target English readily adaptable to any teaching situation.


Components include: • Student Book •Workbook • Teacher Resource Pack

Mobile elearning Platform

Present English - 6 Subjects



Present English is a series designed to introduce topics, vocabulary, and language usage specific to various professional situations, starting from a low level of language competence . Topics include: •Tourism • Commerce • Construction

• Mechanics, Electronics & Technical Assistance • Cooking, Catering & Reception • Transport & Logistics



ELT Songs

IJ a

Lexile Levels: Cambridge CYLE - Starter I Elementary to

ELT Songs

ELT Songs is the innovative learning platform where education meets entertainment. It's an exciting modern approach to a proven traditional learning path. Learning through songs is fast becoming the number one training technique w ithin English language teaching, with repetition being a key element for memorisation. With a song and accompanying music video at the heart of every learning unit, ELT Songs has developed an engaging learning path that consists of seven activities that reinforce the key vocabulary and grammar structures presented in the song's lyrics. ELT Songs provides schools, teachers, parents and students with web-based and lOS platforms that deliver a unique teaching methodology; encompassing broadcast quality songs with accompanying music videos, gamification and high-quality video tutorials. All ELT Songs content is in line with the Cambridge Young Learner global curriculum and also covers a broader spectrum of topics and concerns to address some of the challenges young learners currently face, such as: healthy eating, well-being, bullying and respecting one another. ELT Songs will change the future of English language learning; kids will be able, and most importantly want, to learn.

Series Highlights What problems does it solve? Traditional language learning applications often fail to provide enough comprehensible input and meaningful interaction that foster high levels of functional language proficiency amongst their users. Therefore, English second-language teachers are still dependent upon outdated and expensive textbooks in the classroom, which creates inequality for the schools that can't afford them and leads to student disengagement for the schools that can. Children's expectations of mobile entertainment have risen and reduced attention spans in a classroom environment are frequently reported. A lack of student engagement is notably one of the biggest obstacles a teacher faces and creates classroom management difficulties and potential discipline problems. ELT Songs successfully competes against the fast-paced media content pupils have become accustomed to outside of the classroom by providing high-quality music videos and engaging media content that encourages students to sing, dance, play games and learn English. With ELT Songs, education meets entertainment.

Pre-Intermediate Leveled Reading: Cambridge CYLE - Starter I Elementary to Pre-Intermediate CEFR Levels: A 1-A2 Age Range: 5-12

Key Benefits Teacher ELT Songs' blended learning approach means teachers spend less time online looking for suitable resources. Developed to specifically combat student disengagement, ELT Songs incorporates singing, dancing and gamification whilst also embedding critical language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. Every unit kicks off with a contemporary pop song and motivating music video, with lyrics carefully constructed to combine key vocabulary and simple grammar structures. Each song is followed by a series of fun, engaging activities related to its content. These activities help children to listen, speak and read in English through grammar tutorials, conversation practice, vocabulary chants, pronunciation guides and dance routines and karaoke. The ELT Songs content is in line with the Cambridge Young Learners (CYL) global curriculum guidelines, which makes it easy for teachers to find age- and proficiency level- appropriate classroom activities. This in turn helps to prepare students for the Cambridge A I and A2 English exams.


ELT Songs brings entertainment directly into the classroom; delivering an unparalleled, blended service. Backed by 20 years' experience in the two most popular languages in the world; music and English, ELT Songs is uniquely qualified to ensure all children succeed in learning English.

With ELT Songs, students have their own voice and engage in meaningful peer-to-peer learning. The exciting music videos and catchy melodies that are intrinsic to ELT Songs mean learning is fun and enjoyable. It has been scientifically proven that educational songs increase student motivation, improve memory and concentration, build confidence and encourage multi-level and social participation. By practising singing and dancing, students develop their confidence and own comprehension of the English language. Students are immersed and inspired by young performers who dance and sing, whilst also learning critical language skills. ELT Songs will give students confidence in their English-speaking though the activities accompanying the songs, such as conversation practice and pronunciation guides.



ELT Songs' mission is to make learning a new language as easy and enjoyable as listening to a favourite song on the radio. With content that is accessible on all devices, in the classroom, at home or on the move, young learners can fully immerse themselves in the English language via ELT Songs. The wealth of resources ensures students learn English in a multi-faceted way and the interactive games and quizzes consolidate students' learning. Young learners will love the contemporary songs that encompass ELT Songs and in- and across-school competitions will engage students and give them ownership and a sense of pride over their

ELT Songs

RIVer •

learning. Where words fail , music speaks and young learners will find their voice with confidence with ELT Songs.

Product story In 1999, ELT Songs' Co-founder and CEO, Jake Carter, was a keen Music Producer and Songwriter who was recommended by George Henry Martin (the producer of the Beatles) as an up-and-coming talent at the Brit School of Performing Arts, where he studied music perfor mance and technology alongside Amy Winehouse and Leona Lewis. Between 200 I and 20 I0, Jake worked together with top music industry executives, producing albums with Amy Winehouse's band and commissioning music videos. In 20 IO,Jake was approached by Oxford University Press to produce seven English Language Teaching songs to accompany an up-and-coming course book release. Jake accepted the offer and the songs were met with great acclaim . Since then, Jake's companies have produced over 800 global-reaching ELT media components for Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, The British Council, Richmond ELT and Pearson Education. In 20 18,Jake incorporated ELT Songs and started to develop his vision and it wasn't long before he realised the need for a co-founder with a deep knowledge in global business development within the ELT sector. In 20 19,Jake met co-founder and COO Danijela Colic, who brings a wealth of experience in global business partnerships and development. After that, ELT Songs really took off!

English Attack The only EFL resource designed specifically for secondary school learners, English Attack motivates and engages students with exercises based on short video clips from current films and television series and with television news reports;the largest collection of online thematic visual dictionaries; and a range of interactive learning games.

•• ~:: I


Used in over 2,500 secondary schools around the world, English Attack is fully complementary to teacher-led classroom teaching and can be used either in teacher-driven mode or in autonomous learner mode. New learning units are published weekly, constituting a constantly growing catalogue of exercises spanning CEFR difficulty levels A2 to C I . Both teachers and students can navigate the more than I ,300 Video Boosters by CEFR language level, grammar rule, video genre and sub-genre, most recently published, and video title.

Age Range: 12+


When students are emotionally engaged with the subject being taught, they learn and retain much more than when the subject matter feels distant or irrelevant to them. By using only authentic materials - clips from current films, TV series, and television news reports - English Attack reflects the everyday interests and concerns of students, thus achieving a high degree of learner engagement and therefore, when used in parallel to other teaching materials and approaches, greater language learning effectiveness. Furthermore, to really learn or make progress in a foreign language, instruction is not enough. Learners must have regular exposure to the foreign language as it is actually used and spoken in real life; they must experience it in different contexts; and they must gradually build up not only their vocabulary and command of grammar and usage, but also their confidence in the language.This can only be achieved through diversity of input; frequency of exposure; and persistence of effort. English Attack is designed precisely along these pedagogical principles:


I ...... . ,,......,. . .

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e~ •0

•• 2


Diversity of input

Key Benefits CEFR Levels: A2-C1

Series Highlights

Teacher Teachers benefit from more motivated, more engaged students thanks to English Attack's focus on current, authentic content. A highly intuitive user interface enables teachers to easily organize students into classes or groups, create assignments, monitor assignment compliance, and generate reports on assignment results and usage statistics. Short exercise formats taking IS minutes to complete on any connected device (desktops, laptops, tablets or phones) result in higher learning frequency by students and facilitate homework completion.Video-based CEFR level assessment tests allow teachers to quickly establish initial proficiency levels and then continue to measure progress throughout the school year.

The more than 1,300 video-based learning units (called Video Boosters) are drawn from a wide range of entertainment and factual sources.The platform also features the world 's largest online collection of thematic visual dictionaries (called Photo Vocabs) .The interactive practice games on the platform are dynamically driven by the key content in each learning unit, and new learning units are published every week. Frequency of exposure Wizard Army: revenge of the Ogres

Each learning unit on English Attack can be completed in I 5 to 20 minutes - including the practice games at the end of the units - on any connected device.Thus, learners can complete homework assignments - or simply have an interesting, immersive English language learning experience - whenever they have a little time, be it during a lunch break, on their commute to or from school, or when at home.

II> Comprehension lN<"""'arou<~~oflhev!Ho

WhydolheyoffkerstallforwlzardErunlor? ~

Wizard army : rt'Venge of the Ogres

: :"·':u':!! :':#¥:'


Persistence of effort The gamified English Attack motivational ecosystem rewards effort. Learners gain points- called English Boosts - by going back and improving their scores on previously played learning units. Personalized learning dashboards for both vocabulary and grammar allow learners to track and review content they have pr eviously seen in the learning units, allowing optimal retention of learned content.

Students With English Attack, secondary school learners finally have an online EFL resource created specifically for them. Learning with authentic content - from the latest Hollywood films to British television series to Australian or Canadian television news reports - exposes students to English as it is actually and currently spoken in real life around the world across a variety of accents, language forms, usages and language situations. The range of content furthermore immerses students in different anglophone cultures while simultaneously developing their language skills. New learning units are published every week, meaning that there is always something new to do and learn.

Optimized for teachers and school administrators In addition to the highly intuitive teacher tools, usage statistics at the school and school group level can be generated across all users. Large-scale creation and authentication of user accounts - as well as the assigning of students to specific teachers in specific classes - can be easily automated through Single Sign-on (SSO) integration with the school's Student Information System. Proven in secondary schools around the world since 20 12 From its introduction in 20 12, English Attack- today used in over 2,500 schools and other educational establishments around the world has gained recognition as an engaging and effective resource complementary to textbooks and teacher-led classroom instruction. The resource was specifically cited as an example of innovative languagelearning pedagogy in the official report of September 20 18 on effective language teaching commissioned by the French Ministry of Education.

Designed with teachers and neuroscientists, English Attack! is a fun yet highly effective approach to learning English . Our lessons combine movie clips and language games in an immersive learning experience.





Series Highlights

EtonX's Future Skills Programme is a series of 21st century skills courses delivered I 00% online and in English.

The knowledge input in all EtonX courses is deri ved th rough self-study t asks. The co urse mat erials are engaging, interactive and enco urage stud ents t o refl ect and t o t ransfer th eir learning t o their own lives.Th ey include scenari o-based decision t asks, video interviews w ith subject experts and interactive reading t asks.

These short courses help ensure young people develop vital skills such in commun ication, critical thinking and creativity to help them thrive in today's fast-changing world. Each course is available in two options: I . Fully tutored courses delivered in EtonX's virtual classroom 2. Self-study

Language Levels: IELTS 5.5+

Tutor Group option Stud ents meet weekly in the EtonXVirtual Classroom w ith t heir expert t utor and their study group of 8 students. Th ey discuss key concepts and practise t he t echniques t hey have learnt through self-study activit ies during the week.The tutors are experts in mento ring students, using t echnology to educat e, wo r king w it h non-native English speakers, helping students develop t heir strengths and motivating students to reach their goals.

EtonX is a subsidiary of Eton College, one of the UK's most prestigious independent schools. All courses benefit from Eton's acclaimed expertise in developing well-rounded, high-achieving students.AII EtonX Future Skills courses have a Course Director from Eton.

CEFR Levels: 82 or higher Age Range: 14-20

Key Benefits School • Offer enhanced extra-curricular skills programme by renowned experts • Increase pupils' chances of gaining places at top universities • Connect pupils with peers from other schools and countries • Take pressure off curriculum teachers for teaching life skills



• I Make sure your phone


fully charged

as you answer the questton, not JUSt the person who asked 1t

http:/ /

EtonX Schools Service The Courses: Creative Problem Solving Critical Thinking CYWriting Entrepreneurship Interview Skills Making an Impact Public Speaking Research Skills Resilience Verbal Communication Writing Skills

Make eye contact wtth all of the mtervtewers

For schools adopting the courses: • Staff access to the online platform to track student progress • Resources for teachers including extension activities • Dedicated customer service and learner support

I I Orgamse your mtervtew background at home to gtve a pos1t1ve 1mpress1on

The virtual cl assroom humani ses online learning. It is cust om-built for soft skills teaching and t he features have been carefully designed t o promot e co mmunication and co ll aborati on. In t he virt ual cl assroom stud ents take part in discussions, role plays and po ll s and use co ll aborati on too ls such as shared documents.

Subtly m1rror your 1ntervcewer's body language to bUild rapport

GROUP Orgamse the mtervtew background at home

Always show respect for the other

to g•ve a pos1t1ve •mpress•on

cand•dates and be 1ndus•ve when carry•ng out group tasks

Self Study option Schools and stud ents can also choose the Self Study only option. This option allows students to learn the same content, but at their own pace with no live, online cl asses.

Students • Personal tutoring • Certificate on CV showing evidence of extra-curricular soft skill development • Attractive to top universities and employers • English improvement • Increased confidence • Collaboration and communication with peers



l!llETON X

How You Can Persist Selectandreviewthesefivelipstohelpyouovercomeynurfearoffailure.

until you give up. ' Albert Einstein

Learn Social


~:..l SOCIAL

Learn Social recognizes that learning a language is about being able to communicate.Your students need to be able to take their knowledge of English and use it in real interaction and communication. Most platforms for language learners provide interactive exercises which work well for grammar, vocabulary and listening or reading comprehension. But what about speaking and writing? Computer programs cannot assess those skills.


Learn Social has the answer. Learn Social has all the activities your students need PLUS social media tools to allow communication between students and between a student and their teacher.

~IIJJ Key Benefits

== ~~ Lexile Levels: OL-1400L CEFR Levels: Pre A 1-C2

Institution & Teacher Using Learn Social in your institution helps you to meet the expectations of your students, makes high-quality content available to more students, is extremely cost-effective and extends your brand and gives you a competitive advantage.

Age Range: 16+ Teachers like Learn Social because it saves teacher's time with automatic grading, allows teachers to interact with students outside class and gives teachers the tools to track progress and monitor scores.

Series Highlights Learn Social is a web browser-based platform which has been developed for English language learners by Learn Social Ltd. The Learn Social platform offers many different English language courses with content targeted at 16-24 year olds. How is Learn Social different? Learn Social recognizes that learning a language is about being able to communicate.Your students need to be able to take their knowledge of English and use it in real interaction and communication. Most platforms for language learners provide interactive exercises which work well for grammar, vocabulary and listening or reading comprehension. But what about speaking and writing? Computer programs cannot assess those skills. Learn Social has the answer. Learn Social has all the activities your students need PLUS social media tools to allow communication between students and between a student and their teacher. How does it work? Whenever students have to complete a speaking or writing exercise, they first submit their work to their Study Group for review. Students can see one another's answers and give feedback. Students can improve their answers before submitting them to the teacher for thefinal grade and scoing. What are the benefits of Social Learning? Social Learning involves peer review which is motivating for students and produces better results. Peer review: I. creates a real audience for students, encouraging them to speak or write in an authentic way. 2. encourages them to reflect on their work and to watch out for common mistakes 3. Is collaborative and communicative. Courses Available - To find out more about our courses, please request a full catalogue from the MangoSTEEMs team.

Students http:/ /trial.learnsocial.on Iine/

Key Features One platform, many courses Choose the courses which best suit your students and choose different courses for different students without having to install or learn how to use different software for every course. Available on any device Learn Social can be accessed by computer, tablet or smartphone .The responsive design means it is optimized for any screen size and device. Offline and Online The platform can also be used offline. Students can download units to their device for times when automatically when they are back online again. Easy to use Learn Social has been designed to be easy to students are using technology for language learning. Customer brand on every screen Learn Social is a 'white label' product. Your logo can be included on every screen to show your students that your institution is investing in leading technology and content.

If you choose Learn Social, your students will feel part of a university that is keeping pace with technology and allowing them to learn in the way they want to learn. Students are using social tools all the time in their daily lives. They don't expect to stop just because they are learning. They want to be social while learning, too. Engaged students mean: - better English results and - increased loyalty to your institution.

'CI _. ___ _ .. ___ __ _ . . . --21> _. -. ---... ----....-----· ----- _ --,

General Enghsh Subscnpt1on

Connected English ,_____., ...

_.._ .....


1">-<;101 .,..... _ _ ......

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.... _.,-


r-=---=::::;::;:;:;;;, Key features


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• !'11.-.--fiOot~





CEFR Grammar CEf!I _ _ _ .....


Pro<'luc1 IO: LS-oot

Access English Subscription


~:,) sociAL


Access English




IC9't. ... - - - " " -


CEFR TestBank CEHIT_ __ "'"'""'-<;1

Making English Accessible to Everyone


OlRI-·-·. . . . .,._, I... ,..


Placement T est




ICEI'II_T. . . . . , _

0 $C&'fi-AI.C1

IC&'\. ...- - ... - .


Connected Gene!ill Engl1sh Smgle level

Connected General English course

___ .,_"'_·-·-____ __ _______ ...

Ltl'J'= CCliiiZI-• ...._ ,.._.. "'1-<:1<0~--

___ .,

..... ,_, _____ • ___ _

_...____ ., ___.. ___.... ..

n-_ ... _ , , _ _ _ _ ..... - - ..




___ -- ---_ ___ ------_ _____.. ----·-·_______ ______ ___ . ..___ __

Busmess English Subsc npt•ons

. ---. - ...

Teacher's Guide _ _ ,_..c.-.-..... --.-.. ____ _

... -~-

. _,



..,. Grammar .., Course ...

-·•D:LS-ol .. ~·D:~

_.. _____ _ -··----_____ ___...__. _.,...... ___ _

CEFR Placement Test

- .. -

., ... !EO!-"''"'"'• ,._.,

__ __ __ ---· _


.. .-----· .. Clf>OT---·---.. ""'""""'_ .. _.. __ .,...,

CEFR TestBank ,_ cm!T_,._., ..._.,.._,

T_n _ _, . . _ . _

___ _. _____,__



TOEIC TestBank ,_T<D::T_,. _ _ .,, _

==--===' ____. _:. ------- ·- ·--·

TOEFL TestBank ,_.,.,..._., _ _ _ _ mm.

Access English

. _ _ _ _ _ _ :111

"''-C'"'<::ff"'.--.. -

----··.....·-----------··-----.Key features

@ mangoSTEEMS

-•o __ ,_.,.oo ... -

_T____ ...

___·---__ ----·--·---------------_.,nrn __ , ...



IELTS TestBank


Placement Test & TestBank Pract•ce Tests

Picaro World

The Picaro World Journey

Picaro is a blended Primary English course that motivates and guides children from 2 to 12 years old on their English learning journey. Picaro offers an engaging, fun and innovative English teaching programme mapped to the Cambridge English Young Learners syllabus which prepares childeren for the Cambridge Young Leaners Exams (YLE) and is applicable to a global curriculum.

Start Picaro

Exit Test

----~ Take Movers 1 YLE Exam 1

Key Features

CEFR Levels: Pre-A 1 - A2 Age Range: 2-12

* Corresponds to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). * Cambridge YLE: Pre-Starters to Flyers. * A minimum of 120 hours per year. * Blended learning methodology. * Almost I ,000 educational online games. * Gamification element for motivating children. * CEFR: Pre-A I to A2. * Age: from 2 to 12 years old. * Language: British English & American Engl ish. * Works well in schools where teachers are mostly ESL speakers. * Has a strong focus on academic achievement and attainment.

http:/ / Picaro levels

Developed by Kaplan leader in education:


Picaro level


Cambridge YLE

Recommended Child Age


----~ Take Movers


, 1

Supported by experts in education and entertainment:


In co-operation with


-..--.·~-Take ----~ Flyers

La n gua ge Assess m ent



Cambridge English is the world leader in English Language assessment.




Take Flyers YLE Exam




Starters Movers




Kaplan Inc develops cutting edge English materials for students who are learning English as a second or foreign language.

Progress Test



Picaro: The Blended Approach Today's children are excited about using computers and mobile devices like never before.The Picaro blended approach smoothly integrates technology into the print course curriculum, making learning both enjoyable and efficient. Embrace technology in your classroom today and benefit from the blended approach; increasing learner retention by 60%.


Finish Picaro Ready To Study level 82

Picaro is so much fun thanks to BabyTV. the experts in early childhood entertainment.

@ mangoSTEEMS

Our platform is available across all of your devices!

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Universal Education offers I 00% live online accredited courses to students anywhere in the world. By combining our interactive online classroom and experienced teachers we deliver a high quality academic environment that maximizes learning outcomes. Every Universal Education teacher is a credentialed U.S. or U.K. teacher with a minimum of a Master's Degree. We can offer both skills courses and courses that come with accredited transcripts and certifications from the world's top institutions. We partner with schools, colleges, universities, research institutes, language centers, training centers, publishers, and companies. We have a highly adaptable partnership model that can be adjusted to any budget, schedule, or academic requirement.

Key Benefits

Series Highlights

Leveled Reading: All Levels CEFR Levels: All Levels Age Range: K12-Adult

Grading and Feedback


One-on-One Classes

With the rapid emergence of new curriculum it may be difficult for institutions to offer every course within the categories of STEM, Humanities, Social Studies and Electives. Depending on local constraints, including faculty, facilities and curriculum, Universal Education is here to help! We work with schools offering supplemental live online courses that compliment their existing curriculum. Our courses are fully customizabable and can be started any time of the year. We have an extensive support system with our courses that provides local teachers and administrators with detailed reports to stay continuously updated on each student's progress.

:: 2.1ChangingSpeed HowwouldyouexpreS$yOurspeedonsuchatrip1 Wou ldyouuseyourlastest speed,yourslowestspeed, or somespeedbetween thetwo7




" 19






;~l~ l01'! .


~~~~ 10>. .





Every student learns differently. At Universal Education we believe the most important part of the learning process is a teacher guiding students through a course, focusing on inquiry- and discussion-based learning. For ESL students in particular it is important to receive full support while learning English-based subjects and curriculum. Unlike other online learning solutions we provide I 00% live online courses, which means every class takes place face-to-face in our interactive classroom. We adjust teaching style and methodology based on the needs of the students. Our solutions provides the benefits of online learning without sacraficing the experience of in-person learning.


___. ....-_____- ------· .-___- _ -- ----.....

find the va lue of x LBCA and LBCD are rt. LS.

(2x - 16)" • 90"

Def.ofl.lines. I ~D

Substitute v"lues for mAIOI and m.<:SCD. Addl6Wbothsides. Dlvldebothsldeslly2.

Group Classes at our Partner's Facilities

Courses are customizable for our partner institutions so that every aspect of the course fits their needs: Class Size Schedule 0 Classes are scheduled 0 One-on-One according to the student's 0 Small Group availability 0 Large Lecture 0 Or our partner's academic Location schedule 0 In our partner's facility 0 Students logging in remotely Duration 0 For tutoring and test prep, hours of class time are adjustable per student 0 For full courses duration of the course can be adjusted based on hours per week Technology 0 Students can log in through individual devices (mobile, tablet, or computer) 0 Classes can be take place in our partner's facility simply by connecting a web camera and microphones in the classroom (see adjacent picture).

Class Management

. _ .,.._, -~--



Given: lJ.ABC"' t.DBC.



Universal Education provides a variety of courses, including: 0 Accredited courses: Primary, Middle and High School US curriculum courses, including AP, that come with an accredited transcript from a US institution. We can also provide full length courses for IBPYP, IBMYP, IBPD and Camrbidge IGCSE courses. 0 Accredited University courses: with transcripts or a full diploma from premier US or UK universities. 0 Test Preparation: TOEFL,IELTS, PTE, English language, SAT, SSAT, SAT Subject tests, AP exams, graduate examination GREIG MAT, Cambridge Curriculum (A-Levels), IB, LSAT, MCAT, CPA, CFA, Cambridge Exam,TOEIC. 0 Admissions and Career Advising: Receive feedback and advice from experts including former admissions officers. Prepare for High School, Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions. 0 Continuing Education and Professional Development courses: designed for improving the skills necessary for career growth. These courses can come with a certificate from a premier US or UK University.





Group Classes


m ·-Cll--

Administrators and Teachers

Lexile Levels: All Levels


Learning Management System

We developed this product because nearly every institution around the world faces some form of resource constraint. Some examples are the following: 0 School's do not have faculty to offer a certain course. 0 Desired courses do not fit into students' schedules. 0 Students need credit recovery courses but do not want to be held back a semester or a year. 0 Schools want to offer concurrent enrollment courses so students can start earning university credit. 0 Schools would like to run test preparation programs (SAT/ACT, TOEFUIELTS, etc.) By eliminating dependence on geographic location with the flexibility of online learning our partner schools can offer any curriculum with top qualified teachers at any time. Our technology platform and LMS allows our partners to combine content from top publishers with expert teachers from around the world. You can even brand our platform with your own logo!

....... ........ ...........

..... ...



ll8 --

"'"' @ mangoSTEEMS

Velawoods English Velawoods English is the only English course designed with a highly interactive and immersive learning experience, using a syllabus aligned to internationally recognised English language qualifications and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) . Using principles from gaming and film-making, the learning programme is brought to life through a storyline the student experiences in the virtual town of Velawoods. By putting the language into the context of personalised real-life situations, it offers the next best thing to living in an English-speaking country.

Series Highlights

The Velawoods•



® Start Velawoods Iii Placement level test ,.L.,.

./ 36 engaging lessons



International Qualifications•: • Cambridge Linguaskill (A 1) • Cambridge A1 Movers

./ 80+ learning content hours ./ 20-120 classroom hours

BO!ginnerEnglls hCourse (All

Key Benefits Teacher ../ ../ ../ ../ ../ ../

CEFR Levels: A 1-82 Age Range: 10-70

Effortless and flexible to prepare for class Promotes independent learning skills Supports individual learning speeds and abilities Empowers teachers to achieve more in class Easier to keep students engaged for completing each course Easier to prepare students for achieving their international qualifications



./ 80+ learning content hours ./ 20-120 classroom hours

Pre-ln t ermediateEnglishCourse(A2J



Velawoods English students said that they: ../ ../ ../ ../

Improved their English Built confidence in their speaking Liked the Velawoods storyline experience Found English easy, especially to understand and retain new grammar and vocabulary ../Would recommend it to a friend

International Qualifications•: • Cambridge Key English Test (KET) • Cambridge Linguaskill (A2) • Cambridge A2 Flyers • TOEIC (225 - 545) • Pearson Test of English General Leve l 1 • Trinity Integrated Skills in English Foundation

....L .

./ 36 engaging lessons

International Qualifications•: • Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) • Cambridge Linguaskill (B1) • TOEIC (550 - 780) • TOEFL (57-86) • Pearson Test of English General Level 2 • Trinity Integrated Skills in English I


./ 36 engaging lessons


./ 120+ learning content hours ./ 40-160 classroom hours


lntermedi ateEnglish(ou"e(811


Key Features ../ Complete English course developing all your language skills: listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar and vocabulary

International Qualifications•:

........ of_ v.t.!-.

./ 36 engaging lessons


./ 1 20+ learning content hours ./ 40-160 classroom hours

• Cambridge First Certificate Exam (FCE) • Cambridge Linguaskill (B2) • IELTS (5.5- 6.5) • TOEIC (785-940) • TOEFL (87- 109) • Pearson Test of English General Level 3 • Trinity Integrated Skills in English II


Raj Pa t el


../ Personalised real-life situations in a highly interactive 3D environment ../ Unlimited speaking practice with state-of-the-art Carnegie Speech analysis ../ Continuous personalised feedback and progress reports ../ Certificate of Completion at the end of each course

./ Engaging lessons and material on various topics ./ 120+ learning content hours

../ Learn anywhere, anytime on Windows, Mac, Android , and iOS devices The Velawoods English programme includes an immersive, interactive digital course with Student's Book, digital practice activities, workbook as well as comprehensive teacher resources and LMS.

International Qualifications•: • Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE) • Cambridge Advanced Exam (CAE) • Cambridge Linguaskill (C1) • IELTS (6.5-7.5) • TOEIC (945-990) • TOEFL (11 0- 120) • Pearson Test of English General Level4 • Trinity Integrated Skil ls in English Ill

..L. ......... v..

CERTIFICATE {_COMPLETION OlgaPelrov AdvancedEng lishCourse (Cl J

./ 40-160 classroom hours



r1fl Mac ~



' •

iPhone iPad

•At the successfu l comp letion of the Velawoods English course & content for each level, learners can prepare for the stated international English language qualification.

To learn more and for sample content, visit




© 2019 Velawoods Learning limited. Velawoods English is a product of Velawoods learning Limited, london, United Kingdom


Zaner-Bioser Zaner-- Bia*r


Handwriting .,.

Z/3. Zaner-Bioser

Zaner-Bioser™ Handwriting teaches children in Grades PreK-6

Zaner-Bioser Handwriting

how to write English letters and words in manuscript and cursive

doesn't take a lot of direct instructional time, but it does provide rich and varied opportunities for practice! In addition to the colorful print Teacher and Student Editions, components include manipulatives for hands-on work as well as black and white practice masters that can be assigned as homework.The © 2020 editions include Spanish instruction for grades K-6.

(script) handwriting in as little as IS minutes a day, promoting literacy and development.

Student Edition worktexts provide meaningful, engaging handwriting

Key Benefits • Full-color Student Editions include step-by-step instructions using models, arrows, guiding lines, stroke descriptions and repetition to reinforce learning • Student Editions teach manuscript (Grades K-2) and cursive

•all • ===

0 0




Skills Exercised

(Grades 2-8) using four basic strokes and writing guidelines • Student Editions include perforated sheets that can be sent home for practice, with clear instructions for parent support • Teacher Editions divide lessons into a 3-step plan • Spanish materials are also available • Digital resources for interactive whiteboard- letter and numeral

practice and application. • Developmentally appropriate content • Colorful, fun activities • Opportunities for self-evaluation • Digital Tutor QR Codes that link to online videos

Teacher Editions include everything needed to teach students to write legibly and fluently in as few as IS minutes per day. • Research- and evidence-based instruction • Simple, three-step lesson • Additional resources, including multisensory activities to differentiate instruction, teaching tips, and authentic handwriting opportunities

formation animations and interactive letter activities for whole-

class instruction

• Motor skill development

• Online resources and Zaner-Bioser handwriting Apps

• Reading and writing readiness

• Includes QR code so students can watch animated letter models

• Manuscript writing

Series Highlights

and how-to videos

Grade: PreK, K, I, 2M, 2C, 3, 4, 5, 6

Practice Masters offer opportunities to strengthen students' handwriting skills and involve families. • Reproducible practice pages for students • Use in small groups, centers, or for homework • QR codes link to online tutorials • Also available online

Zaner-Bioser Handwriting © 2o2o Online Resources & Support

X y z 2!~-;:rs- 67 ~r cr10

also in

The free digital tools at engage students and support teachers in handwriting instruction. They are designed for whole-class or small-group instruction and can be used with any interactive whiteboard or projector. The portal includes a range of quick-access resources for instruction and practice, including the complete Teacher Edition (with corresponding Student Edition pages).



Additional resources include: • Access to all Animated Letter Models and video tutorials • Printable Home Practice pages • Corrective Strategies • Matching with Zaney games

Spelling Connections

Z/3 Zaner-Bioser

Series Highlights

Based on more than 30 years of research, the program teaches students spelling through meaningful practice activities, technology,

Program Components

and word sorting.This extensive program offers comprehensive

Student Edition and Student Edition eBook provide

instruction on American English word spelling.

comprehensive daily spelling practice through engaging exercises and activities.The Spelling Tutor featured throughout the Student Edition is a fun, interactive way for students to study spelling words using a mobile device.

Key Benefits Each grade consists of 36 week-long units designed to be taught in about IS minutes per day

Teacher Edition and Teacher Edition eBook provide a

• A flexible 3-5 day plan provides clear instruction for each phase

•• • Skills Exercised

• Spelling patterns Word recognition Memory and literacy Grade: K-8

of learning

Unit Planner and Overview, English Language Learner support, step-by-step lesson plans, and suggested daily activities for differentiated instruction and practice.

V' Thinking V' Phonics/Vocabulary V' Reading

Spelling Tutor provides scannable QR

V' Writing

codes in the student book for independent practice and review of weekly spelling words on any mobile device.

V' Assessment

• The program utilizes word sorting to encourage students to learn, practice and internalize key spelling patterns in a fun and self-challenging way • Student and Teacher Editions available in print or digital format

Technology and Hands-on Learning

• Digital resources include interactive whiteboard activities, word

eResources Center features online printable,

list games, spelling bee functionality, and a digital dictionary

projectable, and audio materials for program users. Access to eResources Center is included with purchase of the

Spelling Connections Teacher Edition.

Support Materials

an can

1. The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ was o n the

bike. ~

2 . He _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a bag of apples . •

ma n ra n

had dad

Digital Resources Online offers activities to enhance 6 . My dad _ _ _ _ _ _ _ help . •

whole- and small-group teaching and learning. Model key concepts and invite students to the interactive whiteboard to participate in exciting games and activities.

Spelling Connections Online Games feature a variety of exciting and engaging activities to further differentiate instruction. Also includes a Digital Dictionary with definitions and examples of usage for all words in the program.



Teacher Resource Package** for grades 1-8 includes: • Teacher Resource Book for Differentiated Instruction • Spelling Support for English Language Learners • Standardized Test Masters • Game Mats (1-6) ** Items also sold separately

'ZB. Zoner•Bioser

Word Wisdom

Z/3 Zaner-Bioser

Word Wisdom is a complete program to teach students new vocabulary and improve comprehension. This program is focused on American Grades 3-8 and encourages students to take ownership of their vocabulary and comprehension abilities.

Key Benefits • Each grade consists of nine 30-word units to help students learn more than 300 new vocabulary words per year • Units are divided into three steps: V' Unlock- understand new word meanings using context

••• Skills Exercised

• • • • •

Vocabulary Dictionary and thesaurus usage Comprehension Reading Writing

clues strategies, Latin and Green roots, and reference skills V' Process- reinforce word meanings with activities and games V' Apply- access higher-level thinking skills by applying new vocabulary in meaningful way • The final week in each unit is devoted to review and assessment to track progress • The program aligns with the U.S. Common Core State Standards • Student and Teacher Editions available in print format • Teacher Edition includes weekly and daily instructional planners, student learning objectives, blackline masters for assessment, and teaching tips

Grade: 3-6

Series Highlights Teaching strategies instead of memorizing definitions

~- · ----Go

<J "

~ --~))>:)3))>-------l(iiiio~

Word Wisdom is an effective, research- and evidence-based program that teaches vocabulary strategies applied to reading passages. The program's vocabulary instruction • increases reading fluency and comprehension. • strengthens reading and writing across subject areas. • leads to improved overall academic success. Students are taught to use context clues, Latin and Greek roots, and reference tools to unlock meaning. They practice common strategies by applying the 5-Step Process for unlocking meaning to theme-based reading passages. Using Word Wisdom, students retain word knowledge while learning strategies for encountering new words-a lifelong approach for expanding vocabulary.

Research Based Word Wisdom applies a unique approach to word selection specifically designed to support both the learning of individual words and the teaching of effective independent word-learning strategies. Through multiple encounters, students: • unlock the meanings of new words in context with key strategies. • process new words through activities that reinforce meanings. • apply new words through activities that access higher-level thinking skills.

Program Components Student Edition presents new words in Less on 3

Reference Skills Speak the Truth ~..:.,...--- ......-+ .... - ·

..., looll;

-tlw ... ,.outiiM-.,Jot-o.:._,_of .... _ _ _


~ ::::.':.~ciootoO>Q_,_..,..WiootObifaoOI-- 01

... IC :~ Tlliot.-t!IO"""on•.-,wt>oto-~...,__Go,.,..~

...... ~ -·-...."' ...


.... \llti _h ___:.::... ______ _ "'"" (\ =:.';:.~-O>tJoo-.--.-..,.,._"' _ _.., .. w.r :~ Tttlnl...,..t~w"""'""'._.Wbot_llolpNI,........_ ,.., ~- .....Oitiltf.,..tlot___ ""'"""~


context. Students unlock the meaning of new vocabulary with word-learning strategies they can also apply across subject areas: • Context clues • Greek and Latin roots • Reference skills

Teacher's Guide provides instruction for nine thematic units, each with 30 words, as well as activities to extend and reinforce students' understanding of vocabulary words.

"'"'r~ =='=.!!'::a.w'-!:'::.-"'bo"""fll•bo--.Moho JWAl1 ................. wt.d.-~

"-'0 · - -... - ·-


Technology and Digital Resources eResources Center offers online printable, projectable teaching tools, such as graphic organizers and word cards. Access to eResources Center is included with purchase of the

Word Wisdom Teacher's Guide.




Z/3 Zaner-Bioser

G.U.M. (Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics) teaches students critical language skills important for successful writing. G.U.M. offers a flexible format and many ways to engage students in learning the basic building blocks of the English language.

Series Highlights With Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics, students master the conventions of standard English critical for effective writing and success on next-generation assessments. The program's cumulative progression of skills from grade level to grade level ensures greater skill development and retention.

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics is flexible, and the uncomplicated five-part lesson structure makes it easy to integrate into a variety of classroom settings with self-guided instruction and practice.

Key Benefits • Each grade consists of five units with 12 lessons per unit Sentence structure Parts of speech V' Usage V' Grammar V' Mechanics • Each two-page lesson is organized into five steps V' V'


Model of targeted skill V' Skill information V' Practice of skill V' Written skill application V' Activities for skill reinforcement • Student and Teacher Editions are available in print and digital V'

Skills Exercised

• Writing and proofreading • Speech patterns • English-language learning Grade: 2-5

• SupplementalSupplement a traditional basal reading program with intensive grammar instruction and practice. • Systematic-Incorporate systematic grammar, usage, and mechanics into a writing workshop approach. • Targeted-Provide targeted support to struggling learners in language centers. • Preparatory-Give students extra practice to prepare for high-stakes assessments.

PRACTiCE FOR - - Teacher Edj":'AST£Ry '


· 'l rl

hon - -


format, Grades 2-5 • Teacher Edition includes detailed instruction, assessment plans, oral language activities, and strategies to help English-language learners



__ ..,

~a Sentence?



- - .....

l Complete Subject and

·:.-=:::;;-··-·-- 1~tePrecticate

·-§very-he owor








-·-- · ··-·--





Program Components Student Edition features 60 two-page lessons plus an all-new spelling practice lesson in each unit; review and extra-practice pages; proofreading activities; end-of-unit tests that include reading passages and text-dependent questions; a convenient Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Handbook; and more!

Teacher Edition provides quick and easy instruction at a glance with options for differentiated instruction, help with assessment and remediation, strategies for English language learners, oral language activities, and a correlation for easy and flexible planning. Includes annotated Student Edition.

~~~ -·---·TJ ... _. ___ _ access is web-based so students and teachers can hop online at school, at home, or on the go. Students engage in an online learning experience, where progress is both communicated to the student in real time and sent to the teacher for tracking.



Z/3 Zaner-Bioser

I Read to Write teaches students to read and analyze multiple texts and write a well- structured response.This program helps students learn the reading, deep thinking, and response skills they need for success on assessments in reading, writing and math.

Series Highlights I Read to Write is a flexible, focused resource designed to prepare students for success on writing assessments. Students learn and practice the close-reading and synthesis skills needed to succeed on writing assessments that require them to examine multiple sources and cite text evidence in their writing. The close-reading, deep-thinking, and response-writing skills students learn are applicable across all school work, regardless of content area, and on writing assessments. I Read to Write is designed to be used at any time throughout the school year. The program can be taught at one time in preparation for high-stakes assessment or integrated into language arts or other content-area instruction throughout the year.

Key Benefits • Each book contains unit content areas of Science, Social Studies and Math • Units are divided into three steps: V' Read - Students closely read two or three related


Skills Exercised

• Reading strategies • Language comprehension

selections and identifiy text evidence in the pieces V' Think - Students deconstruct and analyze the texts and use evidence to answer text-dependent questions V' Write - Students analyze the writing task and write to multiple sources in one of the three text types (Narrative, Informative/Explanatory and Opinion or Argument) • Student Edition is a write-in text and Teacher Edition is available

• Writing organization

in print or digital format • Teacher Edition includes easy, flexible and effective instruction,

Grade: 2-5

which supports teachers' preparation on the text types • Zaner-Bioser Next Generation Assessment Practice is also available

Student Edition features text sources related by topic and content area (science, social studies, and math). Students read each source, gather text evidence, and write short responses and longer pieces of writing that include text evidence.


·::-.::...--· -.....,., ......__ ~







Teacher Edition and Teacher Edition eBook provide six-point writing rubrics, differentiated instruction activities, teaching tips for English language learners, and mini-lessons on academic and domain-specific vocabulary.

=;; ,...

Nihongo dojo


Series Highlights

Nihongo dojo is a self-study Japanese language program designed to help learners master Japanese for work or study. Learners can master all four language skills online -- including listening and SPEAKING! With courses for both beginners and intermediate learners, Nihongo dojo is a new, more effective way to master Japanese.

!:i w z 0 z

A New Online Japanese Language Program Master Japanese for study or work through our Japanese Language Proficiency Test ULPT) Preparation Courses.

z 0 z


Key Benefits




Nihongo dojo delivers high quality Japanese language instruction that can be used in stand-alone e-learning programs or to supplement traditional classes. Nihongo dojo's MyJT speaking training app provides personalized pronunciation and speaking training without relying on native-speaking teachers.


CEFR Levels: A1+

Students can start learning anytime, anywhere using any device. Students taking Japanese Language Proficiency Test prep courses can apply to receive ongoing, free access to their courses if they should fail to pass their chosen exam. For details please refer to the relevant information in each Nihongo dojo course.

Age Range: 18+

Nihongo dojo Teacher Project Manager, Shuwoon Inc.

Yu has taught Japanese at universities and various companies such as Nikon. Based in Taiwan, Yu now contributes to Japanese and Chinese language education worldwide . Based on his own experience as a teacher and learner, Yu has developed a complete set of online materials to help you effectively master Japanese while continuing your current academic or professional activities . Multi-Lingual

Shikata Yu

My video lessons are a fun and effective way to learn Japanese. Multi-Device

Courses for English, Vietnamese and Chinese (simplified and traditional) speakers are now available. Additional languages are planned.

Available on browser for PCs and Macs and as an app for tablets and smart phones. You can start learning anytime, anywhere using your own device.

With Nihongo dojo you can master the speaking skills needed to study, work and live in Japan.

100% Online Nihongo dojo delivers high-quality Japanese language learning that can supplement traditional lessons or provide an alternative if you have limited access to Japanese

Guaranteed Results If you successfully complete your Nihongo dojo course but do not pass your JLPT exam, you can apply for continued access to your course. For details please refer to the relevant information

language learning resources.


=h N,hoo., dojo mo~ ~

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L Labs Inc. CEO MyJT Developer




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MyJT will improve your Japanese dramatically.

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Yi-Jing Lin, Ph.D.

Dr. Lin received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Brown University in 1995 and worked for IBM T. J. Watson Research Center (USA), Compeq Manufacturing (Taiwan), and Trend Micro (Taiwan and Japan). Dr. Lin has also taught at National Taipei University of Education as an adjunct professor. He founded L Labs in 2002 and is now the CEO of L Labs.

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_ EssayJack

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Created by award-winning educators, Essayjack is an interactive web Tochnologic.o.l developmenti9alway• offerin11n~

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What EssayJack users say about the app

platform that pre-structures student essays with text boxes, interactive tips and prompts, split screen composing, and a live word count. It reduces writing anxiety, procrastination, and plagiarism, helping


students to write better essays and get the essay help they need. The


rubric-based feedback.

entire patented Essayjack platform can be customized and allows for


Series Highlights

Essay writing is in the curriculum. EssayJack offers a new way to approach it that students enjoy; breaking down the essay into smaller, more manageable sections. It was easy to integrate into our course plans, and didn't take long to get the hang of it Middle School Teacher, Canada Overall the quality of student writing improved. Essay Jack gave the students a framework and structure within which to write. The framework allowed ideas to flow more cohesively and the drop down menu ensured improvement in the use of transitions

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8th Grade Teacher, Canada

•• Age Range: 13-21

Key Benefits Teacher • Teach essay writing with a scaffolded approach, building the essay bit by bit. • Create custom tips, prompts, sections etc. for your students so they have your guidance online 24/7. • Toggle sections on/off to create custom formats and add video or aud io clips for your students. • Speed up the feedback process with a built-in rubric and scoped commenting for peer, self, or final assessment.

Using EssayJack felt like somebody was guiding me through my own thoughts and helping me organize my ideas so that they are not all over the place University Student, Canada

Why was this app created?


Our co-founders, through decades of teaching experience, recognised that students weren't

• Sentence starters fo useful phrases to get your started on the right track. • Focused textboxes so that writing an essay is easy and quick. • Split screen composing so you can see your essay being built in real time. • Easily export as a word document file when you are done.

equipped with the skills to deal with the demands of writing in schools, colleges, and universities. So they built an application that helps students structure their essays and educators teach essay writing.

About our CEO and Co-founder Dr Lindy has spent her adult life dedicated to education and teaching English and English Literature. She was a tutor and then a secondary school teacher; after that, a unive rsity instructor and professor.She has taught students how to think and write critically and logically. She has also taught teachers how to teach writing and literature.Throughout her years in education she recognised the struggle that students and teachers experienced when w riting and teaching essays. She built EssayJack to fruition so that students, and educators can feel supported in their writing goals. She often says, " Everyone deserves the best English language writing t raining. Everyone deserves EssayJack."





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