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Near the base of Mount Halla, right across the street from a Jehovah’s Witnesses office, you’ll find Loveland. It’s the most famous attraction on Jeju Island, the closest thing Korea has to its own Hawaii. It’s a little hard to categorize what Loveland really is – a museum, an art project, or just socially acceptable porn? – but it definitely isn’t subtle. Once you step inside the gate, you’re surrounded by sculpture after sculpture depicting nakedness and lust. Most of these life-sized displays feature couples in the act of satisfying that lust with reckless abandon, but some are alone and waiting desperately for a Loveland visitor to step into position for them.

South K rea A Feast for the Senses

B y

S t e v e

C a l l e r a m e

Winter brings a sharp chill to South Korea, the kind of biting cold that shocks the skin after the lazy heat of sun-scorched Thailand. I’d traveled around the peninsula before, but I had a different sort of trip planned this time around. In any country, there are discoveries to be made even by the most jaded visitor; one need only go looking for them. And in Korea, there was a unique place I’d wanted to see for quite some time.

12 mango metro

MARCH 2016

There are a few indoor sections in the complex, with other kinds of toys and novelties you’d find in a sex shop. Some are for display, some for sale. In a culture generally known for its religious sensibilities, demanding schools and conservative social structures, it’s good to have a place like Loveland where people can let loose and enjoy the fun side of life. Apart from that, it’s also nice now and then to just see a wholesome celebration of beautiful people doing it.

Mango Metro – Volume 10, Issue 4 – March 2016  

March 2016 issue of Mango Metro magazine, an English-language, general interest / lifestyle / entertainment magazine distributed throughout...

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