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May 2013

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ost folks might be familiar with parkour somewhere in the back of their heads, the fitness discipline that, while maybe not a household name, most likely rings a bell when you remember those series of videos on the BBC in the early ’00s showing muscled guys leaping across buildings and doing other airborne urban stunts, or perhaps from the opening scene of the latest Casino Royale with James Bond and his enemy of the minute jumping about while whacking each other about. However, the real truth about parkour is that it is a genuine body and mind art that can be practiced by anyone, and the good news is that it is now readily accessible right here in Bangkok.

WHO NEEDS SUPERMAN? By Dave Stamboulis

Parkour (derived from ‘parcours du combatant’ obstacle course training in the military), which is also known as ‘freerunning’ or ‘le art du deplacement’ in French, started back in the 1980s in Paris, where a group of young men known as ‘Yamakasi’ (coming from the Bantu Lingala language meaning ‘strong man and strong spirit’) who were looking to become physically and mentally stronger created a series of intensive natural outdoor training regimens that eventually became popular as a discipline. While the media image of the sport became that of founder David Belle (star of a pair of French action films featuring parkour) and his cohorts doing flips and cat leaps in high places and soaring across the rooftops of tall buildings, the reality is actually a lot more inviting, although it certainly teaches that practice makes perfect.

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Parkour instructor Johann Vigroux invited me down to one of the classes offered here in Bangkok. Vigroux is a native of France who studied the discipline from some of the original practitioners, is one of the stars of the Jump London programs that put Parkour on the world map and, together with his brother, has been teaching Parkour courses for over a decade. I arrived at the gym expecting to see sinewy young men flying off the walls but rather disappointedly had to settle for a small group of students doing long sets of stretching exercises. All in good time, of course. Vigroux says he wants to dispel some of the media image of Parkour and focus more on the basics and qualities of movements, as well as teaching how the discipline really is about training the body and mind to being able to adapt to surroundings. As he states, “This is something that can be practiced at any level. We are never too old, young, big, small, short, tall, etc. Parkour can be adapted to anyone. All that matters is discovering your own body and mind through movement, and improving at your own rate. No rush, no shortcut!” The classes start with a series of warm-ups, from various types of push-ups and sit-ups to stretching and running in place and then slowly increase in intensity, with monkey-walking, crawling, and other limbering exercises. Things heat up a bit as the instructors bring out some apparatuses, beams and boxes to jump over and onto, and as the group progresses, the obstacles are spread further apart. What amazes me is that the students, whom for the most part don’t have builds like professional athletes, are actually extremely adept and talented. When I ask Vigroux how long they have been taking the class,

6 bangkok trader MAY 2013

he tells me that most of them are fairly new, only having enrolled for about a month, which makes it all the more awesome. As a gym rat myself, I am highly impressed with the workout, as it taxes just about every muscle group, cardio function, and then some, while not doing anything dangerous, and the progression of exercises makes for a natural build-up. The other nice thing about the class, and parkour itself, is that it doesn’t focus on competitiveness or one-upmanship, and students are only urged to challenge themselves. One young lady was having a difficult time with some of the longer jumps, so she merely did a step-off, step-up rather than committing to something she couldn’t yet do, while on the other end, one natural whiz was pushing himself as high off a column as he could go. I figured that after the first session, one must feel slightly akin to having been run over by a truck, which Vigroux laughingly agreed to, but told me that once students get past the first workout, they usually take to it like crazy and are hooked on coming back for more. Parkour is a fantastic form of getting in shape, finding discipline, and becoming more balanced, flexible, and aware. And, hey, you never know when you might find it coming in handy out in the midst of all that ferocious Bangkok traffic. Parkour classes are presently offered at the following locations: Mondays, 7:30-9 p.m., Capital Club and Ananda Spa at 99/397 Sukhumvit Soi 24. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-8:30 p.m., outdoors in Benjakiti Park (Asok). Youth academy for ages 10-19, Saturdays, 10-11 a.m., Capital Club and Ananda Spa. All classes cost 500 baht per session. Parkour Generations Asia – – 10/95-97 Sukhumvit Soi 13. Tel. 086 041 3321.

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REACHING NEW HEIGHTS By Voicu Mihnea Simandan


nfortunately, not many people have heard of Vitidnan Rojanapanich, but he deserves a place of honor in the annals of Thai contemporary history. Why? For the simple fact that he is the first and only Thai climber to summit Mount Everest, and this month celebrates the fifth anniversary of his successful climb. On May 22, 2008, Vitidnan Rojanapanich, or ‘Neung’ to his friends, reached the top of the world, and not only did he set a new national record as the first Thai climber to reach such heights, but on that day, he was also one of 74 climbers to summit Mt. Everest. It was the greatest number of climbers to successfully reach to top of Everest in a single day, the former record being 64. Apart from the Thai national, among the 29 foreigners to fulfill their climbing dreams that day were four other nationalities: Ecuadorian, Vietnamese, American, and Romanian. 46 of the remaining climbers were from Nepal, more exactly Sherpa and Tamang high altitude workers, who helped the foreigners carry their equipment up the Himalayans. The moment he reached Mount Everest, Vitidnan took from his backpack a framed photograph of the King of Thailand, which he had been carrying all along the trails, and with tears of joy, he sang the Thai Royal Anthem while a Sherpa was holding his video camera to record this historic event in the life of Vitidnan and 60 million other Thais. He then started shouting the traditional ‘Long Live the King’ chant. Before he left on his journey to the top of the world, Vitidnan was granted an audience with Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn who presented him with a flag of Thailand. At 40 years old, Vitidnan basked in his

10 bangkok trader MAY 2013

achievement and a once-in-a-lifetime experience by flying the Thai flag on Thai person who tried to put the Thai national flag on the highest place Everest, while his fellow climbers joined in his celebrations and congratu- on earth and no Thai company offered him assistance. Instead, Thailand’s lated him. Vietnamese neighbors did! The few who did believe in Vitidnan deserve mention, so big kudos go to K-Trade International Bangkok who equipped Before climbing Mt. Everest, located on the border between Nepal and Tibet, the Thai adventurer with climbing paraphernalia from five of its distriband at a height that soars up in the sky at 8,848 meters, it is customary for uted brands. climbers to summit six other peaks in preparation for the big climb. Unfortunately, Vitidnan, a freelance TV producer, didn’t have the budget to afford this, It was because of the Vietnamese TV show that Vitidnan had a chance to so he started looking for sponsors. prepare for Everest by climbing Mount Kinabalu (his second time), Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 m) in Kenya (the highest mountain in Africa) and Island At a recent talk he gave to the students of Keerapat International School Peak (6,189 m) in Nepal (situated only ten kilometers to the south of Mt. (KPIS) in Bangkok, Vitidnan talked about the brick wall he had encountered Everest). In recent years, he has even scaled Vinson Massif (4,892 m), the with prospective Thai sponsors. Most of them rejected his dreams of climbing highest mountain in Antarctica, where he had a near-death experience Everest as unrealistic, especially when Vitidnan was not a professional moun- due to the extreme cold he was exposed to. taineer. He talked to 50 sponsors in five years, but not one of them believed in him. To prove them wrong, in 2004, he climbed Mount Kinabalu at 4,095 But, regardless of how much money you have or how much support you meters in Malaysia and returned to the sponsors with hopes that they would have behind your back, climbing Everest is a journey that cannot be comstart believing that his dream of climbing Everest was actually possible. He pleted without rigorous physical and mental training and self-motivation. was greeted with the same mistrust and was even reminded that Everest was “Every day, I underwent weight training, ran 12 kilometers and carried a twice the height of Mt. Kinabalu. gallon of water on my back while running for two hours up and down a 40-storey building,” he explained in article published in The Nation. But, he didn’t give up. He spent the next years training and continued looking for sponsors. His dream was to climb Everest in 2006, when the King of His 2008 climb on Mt. Everest took two months. Due to its high altitude, Thailand was celebrating his 60th anniversary on the throne. Still, no Thai extremely cold weather, strong winds, and the rarefied air that requires companies answered his call. Luckily, after a total of six years spent searching oxygen masks, climbers need to get acclimatized to these harsh condifor sponsors, he was finally given an opportunity to see his dream come true. tions over a long period of time. Once in Kathmandu, the Vietnamese team, led by their now Thai cameraman Vitidnan Rojanapanich, flew to In 2008, Vitidnan was offered a lucrative contract by a Vietnamese event Lukla (2,860 m), a town at the base of trails leading to Mount Everest. From organizer who was sending a team of Vietnamese climbers to Everest. The here, they trekked for nine days (each day for about 4 to 6 hours starting producers of the reality TV show Everest 2008 – Vietnam the Spirit of the at 8 a.m.) to Everest Base Camp (5,364 m) where they spent the next seven World agreed to support him financially and logistically. So, here you had a days adapting to their new environment.

bangkok trader MAY 2013 11

arrived, and the Thai climber reached a peak called the South Summit, he thought he had finally made it to the top. Before he even had a chance to say anything, one of his Sherpa guides just pointed up towards another peak and moved on. A couple of hours later, on May 22, 2008, Vitidnan Rojanapanich was the first Thai climber to reached the top of the world at 8,848 m. He had fulfilled his dream and proved all the people who did not believe in him that he had the willpower to climb Mount Everest. Although there were a few other tries, no other Thai has succeeded in matching this feat ever since. A similar reality TV show to that which Vitidnan worked on in 2008 was put together by the now defunct iTV station. The series TITV Everest: The Unlimited Spirit of Thailand 2007 followed the journey of nine Thais who planned to summit Everest to mark the King of Thailand’s 80th birthday. The team reached 8,500 meters in altitude but failed in their attempt due to bad weather and fatigue and retuned to Base Camp on November 8. Also, in 2011, Natapol Supmanu, a Thai businessman then 35 years old, lead the “Thai Everest 2011 Live Your Dream” campaign in an attempt to be the second Thai national to summit Everest. Unfortunately, he failed in the attempt, but at least he raised the public’s awareness and more sponsors were willing to support him, marking a change in perception of what could be done. On May 29, 2008, Vitidnan Rojanapanich stood proud and tall at the Kathmandu City Hall where the Nepalese government presented him with a gold medal as recognition to becoming an Everest summiteer. “I believe life is a big journey,” said Vitidnan in his talk at KPIS. “No matter what obstacles Then they climbed to Camp 1 (6,065 m), where they spent the night and re- separate us from our dreams, there’s nothing that can stop us in fulfilling turned to Base Camp the next day. After another week of rest, they climbed them.” to Camp 2 (6,400 m), where again, they stayed only a night after which they retuned to Base Camp for another week. Once again, the Vietnamese team and Vitidnan climbed to Camp 2, where they stayed overnight, and the next NEED VISA? VISA ISSUES? day, they started a very difficult climb to Camp 3 (7,200 m), which was a very treacherous journey on a mountain slope with a 60-degree incline. Here they rested for one night, returned to Camp 2 for another night and then climbed back all the way down to Base Camp.


After a wait of about ten days, they were ready for the longest climb of their lives. But before they could start the ascent, they had to wake up every day early in the morning to check the weather forecast in the hope of a window in the weather. When such an opportunity arose, they geared up and climbed straight to Camp 4 (8,400 m) – also known the ‘Death Zone’ – where they had a 4-hour break. Then, at 8 p.m., surrounded by darkness, they started the final push to the summit, following the worm of lights coming from the head torches of the climbers ahead of them. To make it to the top, Vitidnan used all his remaining energy, anxiously waiting for the break of dawn. When morning finally

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Head over to to check out all the pix from the great time we had at Aldo’s at The Cascade Club on Sathorn.

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s residents of Bangkok, we usually want to read travel stories about great places to escape to, some comfy new spots on some island to de-stress and revitalize in. Perhaps in doing so, though, we miss some of the most luxurious pampering located right here in our own backyard. While people often say to me that I have the world’s best job, getting to travel places and eke out a living writing about it, they can’t really be serious. Travel writing, unless one is on a Condé Nast junket, usually involves a lot of bad buses, bad food, bad hotel rooms, and too little time for actually enjoying the place rather than meeting deadlines. The pay is low, the hours are endless, and one has to have an immense love of sitting alone hunched over a computer screen late at night. However once in awhile, one does get some nice perks that actually makes the journey all worthwhile. My girlfriend regularly sends me emails telling me she hates me, after I have sent her the website of some luxury property I am visiting in a foreign country, as she imagines me sitting by the pool with a mojito to accompany my notebook while she is stuck in her office. So when I recently had the opportunity to update a guidebook chapter to Bangkok, I asked her if she would like to have a bit of a holiday at home and share in the enjoyment of some nice digs. As a guidebook writer, I would receive some complimentary nights in some of Bangkok’s most opulent bedrooms, and in doing so, would discover that we actually have some pretty spectacular spots to unwind in in the City of Angels. What follows is a list of some of the best, where for less than the cost of your airfare and other expenses to some distant locale, you can pamper yourself without ever leaving home.

The St. Regis While most folks think that you need a river or skyline view to have a real five-star experience, the St. Regis bucks that trend. What it does give you are spacious and posh furnished suites with views of the entire Royal Bangkok Sports Club, which means if you are staying on a weekend, you can watch the horse races while in bed! You also get a personal butler for your room, who ensures that you are on time for high tea or able to get to the terrace bar in time to watch the Regis tradition of champagne sabering (opening a bottle of bubbly with a sword!), which takes place each night at sunset. Truly some of the most elegant digs in the city, and one of the few hotels that has its own entrance right off a BTS platform.

bangkok trader MAY 2013 15

The Sofitel So The new Sofitel So is the place for tech and design lovers. Set just across the street from an MRT subway station, the hotel towers over Lumphini Park. The plush rooms are themed around the Wu Xing, the five Chinese elements, and all are uniquely designed, so that you can opt for a blue cave feel (‘earth’) or perhaps a giant onyx bathtub (‘water’) in the various element rooms. All rooms come with immense monitor web TVs, along with Apple Mac Mini laptops and multimedia systems, for your use. The Park Society Bar on the roof offers the best views of Lumphini in town and has private divans for couples in its ‘hi-so’ section above the bar.

The W The newest of Bangkok’s finest lodgings, the W is all about fashion. Traditional Thai is combined with cutting-edge art and architecture to create a very trendy and chic establishment that features a stylish cocktail bar just next to the lobby with hipster DJs and creative signature drinks. The rooms here are not classified as deluxe or superior, but rather as Wonderful, Marvelous, or Extreme Wow (which features 215 square meters of space, a 55” flat screen TV, along with expansive city views).

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The Siam Hotel Most folks have never even heard of this place, and it certainly occupies a unique position out on the Chao Phraya River in historic Dusit. A boutique resort in every sense of the word, The Siam is owned by the well-known family of music celebrity Krissada (‘Noi’) Sukosol Clapp and designed by noted architect Bill Bensley, and is more like an elegant period piece family home, as it features private antique collections, traditional teakwood houses, and even a muay thai gym. The Chon Thai restaurant out on the river has become a favorite with visiting celebrities, and the ambience is so chic you too will feel like a star. The Mandarin Oriental Last, but most certainly not least, the Mandarin may be the old lady on the block, but she remains the Grande Dame of Bangkok. There is a reason why this place keeps getting rave reviews and repeat visits year after year, and it isn’t only the fantastic river views from each room, elegant décor, nor outstanding food in every hotel restaurant. Mainly it is the service, which just floors the competition. Yes, I was treated well as a journalist at every establishment I visited, but the Mandarin included a fine bottle of wine and large white chocolate elephant waiting at our bedside upon arrival. Yet, even wandering about the premises as a regular guest, everywhere one turns there are smiling staff asking if all is okay and if they can be of service, and this is the only hotel in town that offers guests a free cocktail reception to meet the management once a month. At the end of it all, I’d certainly seen some nice vacation spots in my own city, gotten a bit more affection from the missus, and when I asked for the vote that counted the most, she said she’d be recommending the Mandarin to any friends or visitors. Besides a five-star sleep in Bangkok, where does one go for some truly pampering, vacation-worthy eating? We’ll explore that in the next edition of Slummin’ It.

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THE DARKNESS OF PHNOM PENH By Voicu Mihnea Simandan, photos by Regin Reyno.


n 2011, Bangkok-based Canadian writer, essayist, and editor Christopher G. Moore put together Bangkok Noir, an anthology of short stories that looked at the noir scene of the Thai capital and beyond. At the launch of this book, held at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand, the editor promised more noir anthologies hailing from other Southeast Asian capitals.

in Phnom Penh just to satisfy his wife’s wishes, realizes that not only that his marriage is over but that he has also fallen in love with a beautiful expatriate. The story complicates when one of Simon’s colleagues discovers financial irregularities in the NGO, when Simon is asked to smuggle into Thailand ancient Khmer statuettes, and when Cambodian mafia bosses are set upon murder after losing face.

And as promised, a year later, Heaven Lake Press returned with Phnom Penh Noir, a collection of short stories and lyrics that contains the work of some well-established writers and artists, such as Roland Joffé, James Grady, and John Burdett, as well as emerging Cambodian writers who might prove to become Cambodia’s literary talents of tomorrow.

In The Fires of Forever by James Grady, the narrator feels trapped in Phnom Penh with no way of leaving a country where he had enough money to get by, but wouldn’t be enough to live on back in the West. He sees his way out by helping his Cambodian friends sell valuable stolen economic information. Unfortunately, betrayal came from the least expected ‘friend.’

There is no doubt that the darkest moment in the history of Cambodia is the Khmer Rouge period, which as Christopher G. Moore put it in the introduction to the anthology, “aimed for radical societal transformation down a notoriously bloody trail, one that left almost no family untouched.” It is not surprising that most of the short stories collected in Phnom Penh Noir gravitate around this subject. Still, there is no denying that the 12th century complex temple structure of Angkor Wat has its own shadows to cast on the uninformed traveler, thus being the perfect setting for stories that deal with the dark side of human nature and of ancient and obscure sexual rites. Lastly, the city of Phnom Penh itself becomes a character in many of the short stories while Channa Siv’s cover photography hints at the dangers that lurk in the dark alleys of Cambodia’s capital.

As the title suggests, Love and Death at Angkor by John Burdett, the bestselling author of the Sonchai Jitpleecheep detective novel series, takes the reader on a wild journey to the world’s largest religious monument, where Jeff and Jack are initiated in the dark practices of a Hindu-worshiping sex cult.

The anthology opens with Hearts and Minds by Roland Joffé, the muchacclaimed director of The Killing Fields (1984), now a cult classic and a mustsee for the generations who were not around at the time of the Khmer Rouge. Simon Cowel, an Englishman who finds himself working for an NGO

Reunion by Christopher G. Moore brings the readers back to the Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge regime of 1975, to the squalor conditions of the refugee camps in Thailand, and to the more recent times at the trial of a few surviving Khmer Rouge leaders. The question of whether justice, revenge, and retribution can be traded for peace looms over the last few pages of the story. Broken Chains by Cambodian poet, singer, and performer Kosal Khiev is a powerful first-person narrative about the author’s own struggles as a refugee in the United States. The rhythm of his writing is definitely influenced by his love for poetry and music: “Let me break it down. I’m breaking down. Pound per pound. Break dance you around to the sound of broken chains.

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woman was ruthlessly assaulted and raped. The case is followed with interest by the media, but once the rapist is arrested, the public is no longer interested in the fate of the victim. The heartbreaking conclusion of the short story touches the reader deeply: “A life in which grueling work was a necessity rarely gave the opportunity to reflect on the sadness felt by others.” The title of Andrew Nett’s short story, Khmer Riche, refers to the newly rich Cambodians who replaced the Khmer Rouge at their downfall. The story revolves around the search of Chancellor, the foreign business partner of a rich and influential local mafioso. As the readers turn the pages, the story becomes darker and darker, and the unexpected ending makes you reassess any of the opinions you might have formed along the way. In A Coven of Snakes by Bob Bergin, a political analyst travels from Thailand, where he was stationed by the US Army, to Cambodia to help with the investigation of very violent murders of foreign tourists. Here, he meets an attractive young Cambodian girl who initiates him in the secret and mystic dance of Banteay Srei, a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva, which was being used by a radical women’s cult as the site of their sacrificial rites. Why a barang, a foreigner, should never step in the way of a Cambodian general is frightfully treated in Rebirth by Neil Wilford. The streets of Phnom Penh during the monsoon season come to life in this short story only to reveal the ruthlessness of its inhabitants.

It’s broken rage. Home broken set to the stage of memory shattered through a maze. A slave born free.” Although the first part of the story is quite bleak, it ends in an uplifting declaration of love.

The anthology ends with Christopher Minko’s lyrics performed by KROM, a Cambodian band, in their latest album “Songs from the Noir” which was released in 2012. The lyrics deal with the Khmer Rouge legacy, nightlife, relationships, love, and the city of Phnom Penh. Here’s a taste of the songs’ lyricism: “Oh yeah, that Ying / She’s a beautiful thing / Those oriental eyes / Seduction is the prize / Oh yeah, that Ying / She’s a beautiful thing / Her soft silk skin / The lure of original sin” (The Ying) and “A torn dress / A breast exposed / Those cold eyes / Of a body sold / Yeah in the heat of the night / There’s a whole lotta badness / It’s mango madness / ‘n’ monsoon sadness” (from the song “Mango Madness”).

In Darkness Is Faster Than the Speed of Light by 2002 winner of the SEA Write Award, Pradbda Yoon takes a Thai tourist visiting Cambodia to the Phnom Penh National Olympic Stadium where she has a vision of the atrocities committed there during the Khmer Rouge era, when the site was used as an execution ground. Wipa, the narrator and main charter, has her own demons to face as well….

Although, for some, the inclusion of these lyrics in a short story anthology might seem odd, Christopher G. Moore actually dedicated Phnom Penh Noir to Christopher Minko. In an interview, the editor states that: “Christopher Minko, through his music, is a leading force in the noir movement. He understands the dark side of life. His work in the NGO sector has given him a glimpse into lives shattered by poverty and misfortune. Christopher’s talent has been to gather the essence of the pain and suffering from such lives and turn these experiences into the best kind of art that Bohpa Phorn, a Cambodian investigative reporter, makes her literary debut takes one deep into the human spirit.” with Dark Truths, in which she tackles the tolling issue of pedophiles having their way with children in Cambodia. Regardless of what you know of the Khmer Rouge era and the dark side of life in Cambodia, the anthology makes not only an excellent literary journey, Play with Fire by Giancarlo Narciso is a light murder mystery featuring Ser- but also an important historical document of how a bygone era is rememgio Biancardi, a former Italian police officer who not only has overstayed his bered by people who have witnessed, in some cases first hand, or have lived tourist visa, he is also the suspect in the murder of his employer. during the time of the Khmer Rouge genocide. In Orders by Christopher West, a senator is receiving death threats and Inspector Khin Sovann is assigned to find who wants to assassinate the politician. But, what the inspector finds is a much darker past, which the senator has been hiding for a long time. Art Pfeffer, an American professor, visits Cambodia about one year after the Khmer Rouge came to power. In Sabbatical Term by Richard Rubenstein, Art discovers firsthand the madness behind Pol Pot’s backwards-thinking ideas and the damage that already done to the country and its people. Once S-21 – the notorious school-turned-prison at Tuol Sleng – is opened and operational, the professor has to flee Cambodia to save his own life.

Phnom Penh Noir is a good 100 pages thicker than Bangkok Noir, giving readers not only even greater value for their money, but also a prolonged enjoyment of their reading experience. As with many other Heaven Lake Press publications, the authors and the publishers will contribute twenty percent of their earnings to charity organizations in Cambodia.

To find out more information about the book, read author interviews, purchase unique merchandise, and get the anthology in e-book format, visit the book’s official website ( The paperback is available at all Asia Books and Kinokuniya branches throughout Thailand, as well as on the publisher’s website ( and Amazon in print or Kindle download. To enrich your reading experience even more, you can Hell in the City by Cambodian writer Suong Mak goes down dark alleys in listen to KROM’s songs on their YouTube channel ( the Cambodian capital where a malformed and mentally challenged young themekongsessions).

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ONE BEDROOM FF 60m/sq condo for rent, located near the Queen Sirikit MRT, priced at 15,000 baht per month. Has a good sized balcony, open views, is light and bright with onsite facilities including a gym, pool, snooker, table tennis free wi-fi in the common area, reading room and a basketball area. One year lease required. Phone 08 7812 6893 (D)

94 SQM DUPLEX NICE two bedroom with bathroom spare toilet new furniture for rent at sukhumvit soi 13 very very cheap no agent please call 0878009370 36 sqm studio for rent at sukhumvit soi 18 very nice soi near asok bts 14000 bath a month please call 0878009370 46sqm studio for rent at the mark land pattaya soi 1 very nice pool see view 14000 bath a month please call 0878009370 (E)

MODERN CONDO FOR RENT, sell on the 8 floor, corner 60.23 sq.m, LPN village Cultural Center, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 balconys, furnished in modern and light / fresh style rent only THB18,000 per month. For sale 3.6 million Swimming pool, sauna, fitness. Close to MRT and Central. Contact Joe 0814506621, 0898705009 (D) FACE + CROWD GROUP – international communication, events and motorsport marketing, full service agency, based in Germany and Thailand. We create strategies and outcomes that are clearly different and colorfully brilliant. Our fields: brand strategy, classic advertising, marketing, sport sponsoring and digital marketing. Graphic Designers use communication skills, industry knowledge and computer design expertise to create advertisements for media ranging from newspapers to online In addition we are specialized on event branding. Contact vc@faceandcrowd. com or (D)

NEED A VISA? VISA ISSUES? Do you need a long-term or short-term Visa to stay in Thailand? Do you need to extend or transform your current Visa? Do you have an overstay or blacklist problem? We solve ANY immigration problem you might have. “ANY” means ANY! We provide fast services at a reasonable price. We require minimal or NO documentation. We do everything: completely hasslefree for you! Call 089-149-9200 or email to (D) SMALL BUT BUSY BAR & RESTAURANT is available for sale. Two levels comfortable living space upstairs. Downstairs kitchen, bar & toilet with restaurant / decking sitting area for 30 people. Current rent per month is baht 12,000K, electricity / water is approximately 6,000K average sales 17,0000K (GP = 32% NP = 18%). Reason for sale is relocation from Bangkok. Asking baht 650,000K – will include all asserts excluding our personal items. 084-523-0872 Rob Bowrin (D)

CONDO FOR SALE WITH TENANT – 63 sqm, in sukhumvit soi 11, The Oleander Condominium. 1 bed 1 bath balcony living area, pantry kitchen, 10 floor, fully furnished, pool gym, squash steam sauna THB 5.9 MB. contact 0819103676, elitehome. STAFF WANTED – Sales Executives required for (E) Sports Marketing Company, monthly salary and LAND FOR SALE – Wang Noi District, Aduthaya commission structure. Ability to speak Thai and Province 49 Rai or 20 Acre. This area were English is a must. Male or Female. Please send safe from 2011 big flood! Good for factory or your CV urgently to (D) compound? Even farm. Special price 49 million WITNER MUSIC stand for sale – 20 pcs. stainless baht or make and offer. Call 086-34-777-98 steel from Germany. Can fold. Each piece is 800 Elizabeth (C) baht. Mobile 086-537-2557 Naree (D) STUDIO at sukhumvit soi 18 for rent very nice soi 15000 bath please call 087 800 9370. (D)

WORK FROM HOME – get paid taking surveys at home. Everyday there are hundreds of surveys needing paid participants here in Thailand. The easiest way to earn extra cash in your spare time or even start a full time home based living. Earn anything from 90 to 90,000+ Baht a month. (D)

MODERN CONDO FOR RENT, sell. On the 8 floor, corner. 60.23 sq.m, L P N village Cultural Center, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 balconys, furnished in modern and light / fresh style rent only THB 18,000 per month. For sale 3.6 million. Swimming pool, sauna, fitness. Close SATHORN SOI 1 condo for sale or rent. 2 bed 2 FOR RENT BAYVIEW RESORT – Near to MRT and Central. Contact Joe 0814506621, bath, 105 m. Quiet convenient location giving Banglanmung, 10 minutes drive to Pattaya. 0898705009 (D) easy access to Silom and sukhumvit. Public Seaview ~ Large Garden ~ Swimming Pool ~ transport close by. Perfect location 50000 baht Tennis ~ Parkings. Unit B-402. 110sq m 2 bedroom. BAMBOO SALT, bamboo vinegar, beeswax per month. Contact Damien 0859667898 (D) Furnished 3 aircon 2 toilets. B25,000 per month. candles! Care to try our products? No chemicals, no preservatives or additives. Call us at A CROSS trainer exercise machine for sale 9,000 Owner: Pakorn 0816183921 (E) 0877941183 (English) or 0896694852 (Thai). bath brand new. Mobile 086-537-2557 Naree (D) AFFORDABLE HEALTH insurance – Lifelong cover Check our Facebook page @ www.facebook. “HELLO MY BIG BIG HONEY!” Love Letters new applications accepted to age 75. contact com/ToBeEarthCare We can also deliver. (E) to Bangkok Bar Girls and Their Revealing Tel. 085 821 9646 (E) ENGLISH TRANSLATION SERVICE – Native English Interviews, is now an e-book. This non-fiction CONDO FOR RENT AND SALE – LPN -E 1 speaker with MBA and 20 years international book of investigative journalism -- a best-seller in Village Cultural Center. 60.23 Sq.m living room. marketing experience can assist all small and Thailand -- makes a wild and fascinating souvenir, 2 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms. Kitchen. 2 balconys. medium sized businesses with English brochures, gift, or lesson for anyone who wants to know Furnished. Light and fresh. Rent 18,000 THB per websites, press releases, report writing and about falling in love. month. Sale 60,000 per Sq.m. Swimming pool. manuals or bid proposal documents. For all part- displays links to Amazon, plus the Sauna. Fitness. Close to MRT Huai khwang T.089 time or project work email Hilary@agencymshop. book’s exhibition in London’s Tate Gallery, and a 870 5009 (E) com or call M: + 66 0908 139 245 (E) free 7,500 word excerpt. (D)

bangkok trader MAY 2013 23 NEED A WEBSITE? We at offer different ranges of pricing for all your website needs. We consist of a group of freelancers who have your business needs in our best interest. Inform us if you need content writing, printing services, content design. We can also redesign your existing website. or (0896694852) Thai / (0877941183) English. (D) DO YOU HAVE A GARDEN? Flowers at home or in your condo? Try our Vermicompost. What is Vermicompost? It adds nutrients into the soil and soil structure. Plants just love it! Call us at 0877941183 Aldo (English) or 0896694852 Yui (Thai). Check our Facebook page @ www.facebook. com/ToBeEarthCare . We sell 1/2 kilo bags, 1 Kilo and 25 kilo bags as well. We can also deliver. (D) IMMO DE BANGKOK CO., LTD – real estate agency – welcome to Immodebangkok. If you want to sell, rent or buy condominium, we can help you to reach your objective. Just visit to our website: or call us: Khun Kay: +66 081-825 4363 (D) ENGLISH LESSONS by Australian teacher (degree, diploma and certificate in teaching). With 40 years’ experience, I guarantee success. Conversation, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling. Adults or children. Discount price until 31 March 2013: THB 500 per hour (no charge for travel to coffee shop / home / office within 1 km of a BTS or MRT station). Phone 083 062 2459 email (D) TWITTER FOLLOWERS – As Thailand’s leading social media guy I know have the abilty to manage to grow anyone’s Twitter account with targetd followers, this is White hat stuff staying within Twitter’s rules and we can get you 150 minimum tageted followers each month for 1,500 THB contact (E) LEARN THAI@TEACHCHA – special price! Only 100+ per hr 5900 bt per 30 hr 3 hr every Sunday in group or private only 15-19 AUD! At Teachcha Center Khoasarn, your office or online. Speak Thai properly. Thai culture, business, study, daily life. Read and write Thai, mix consonants and vowel, interview. Free worksheets, program presentations. More detail on www.teachcha. com, fb 0870853455 (D) 8 ROOMS: 3F / 2 SMALL ROOMS, 5F / 1 big room and 5 small rooms. Small room has 32 sq.m and price in 780,000 baht. Big room has 38 sq.m and price in 840,000 baht. Grand Palace condominium, Ramkhamheang soi 65 (Soi Mahathai), Hua mark, Bangkok (if sales all at the same time then price in 5,820,000 baht). WhatApp & LINE: 0882020005; SMS & call: 0844515724 (D) RENT NICE 1 BED condo at BLOCS 77 (Onnut BTS) – for rent in brand new condominium, located at Onnut area. 1 bed, 40 sqm, unblocked view rental price: 18000 / month. More details, please call khun Kay: 081-825 4363 or visit our (D) FREELANCE ENGLISH TRANSLATOR, Specialist in marketing tools and technical manual. Cara 081-287-5293 (E) EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC and book/magazine designer for print and web. I can create a professional looking identity, look, or brand for your business needs. Contact AU. (‘oo’) at or call 089 229 4416. (D)

UNIQUE INVESTMENT opportunity in Canada’s Banff National Park in the prestigious national park town of Banff, Alberta. Ten unit fully renovated building located on the highest point on Banff Avenue, with unparalleled mountain views. Owners do not have to own a business in Banff, and do not have to work or to live in Banff. Price CAD1,800 000.00, possibly less if one suite is leased back to the owner. now for more information. (E) SHIPPING CONTAINERS going to the U.K MarchApril 2013. Have room for anything legal call as soon as possible for info. 0814906275. John. (B) DINING ROOM SET – Great deal, moving sale. Teakwood black octagonal dining table (170cm width) with glass top. Includes 6 teakwood chairs with green vinyl seats. All seats have dark red full dust covers. Very good condition. Pictures available on request. 15,000 THB. Call or SMS Jim 081-8234599. (D) 50 SECOND-HAND books of historical stories and biographies of the 20th Century for sale very reasonable prices and most in excellent once read condition please contact nigelinseychelles@ tel.0830440505 (D) CHEAP LUXURIOUS CONDO FOR RENT - 64m2, 1 big bedroom, 1 living room and 1 bathroom with tub. Fully furnished. Big swimming pool view, fittness, and children playground. 5 minute walk to Phoyothin MRT. 5 minute walk to Union Mall and Big C. 12,000 Baht/month. Call Maggie: 0818395159 Line (E) 120MSQ two bedroom, fully furnished condo in the Phrom Phong area now for rent @ 45,000 baht a month. Is situated on a high floor. Has a large living area, master bedroom with en-suite and a king size bed. Very good facilities including a squash court, swimming pool, sauna and well equipped gym. To inquire further please phone J on 08 7812 6893 (D) TUTORING FOR ENGLISH-SPEAKING students. Elementary school: all subjects (Mathematics, English, Science. High school: English, Geography, History. University, College: English (all faculties), English as an Additional Language, Business English, Essay and thesis assistance / editing. Lessons by Australian teacher (post-graduate degree, diploma and certificate in teaching and remediation). Also: Learning Difficulties, Life Counseling. No charge for travel within 1 km of a BTS or MRT station). Phone 083 062 2459 email (D) RENT A MOTORBIKE Bangkok Rent a Yamaha Fino automatic in Bangkok for as little as 250 bht per day 1500 bht per week 3000 bht per month all that is required is bring your passport and a small deposit. Great for expats or teachers. We speak English 0911051009 (D) SMALL 3BR partly furnished house in the Asoke area for rent. Has a front court yard, bedrooms are upstairs, there is a kitchen with an oven, a maids quarters or storage area, is okay to have a small pet and near by is the Thursday market and a park. Just 35,000 baht per month. A rarely available private residence. Phone Tai on 08 0061 1054 (D) SPANISH TRANSLATIONS / interpretation & teaching – Spanish native speaker offers translation / interpretation services. Websites, contracts, official letters, manuals etc. Both for private companies and official institutions. Thai translations and Accounting also offered. Call 0870470590 or email: Spanish_Consultant@ (E)


GOLF PUTTERS – Brand New Prokennex golf putters – Left or right handed, ex promotional items, never used, retail at Central for approximately Bt3,800. For sale at Bt750 each. Photographs available. Contact Andy: 0808149080 or email to ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ (D) BANGKOK JUDO at Boxer Rebellion Gym in Silom. Classes are Tues and Thurs at 6pm Gi and Sat morning at 1030am No Gi. Classes are in English by a Native English Speaker. All levels welcomed. Please visit the web-site for more details or email (D) APT IN SUKHUMVIT SOI 11 for rent. 2 bedroom + 1 study room, 2 bathrooms, 118 sqm. F/F open kitchen bright on 9th fl. 42’ LCD TV & DVD player. Rent: 33,000 baht / month. Call: 081-3070618 Lee (D) 2 ROOMS: 5F / 2 STANDARD ROOMS. It has 99 and 100 sq.m and price in 2,970,000 baht and 3,000,000 baht. Thana City, Bangna KM 12 (back door) and KM 15 (front door), Bang pee, Samut Prakarn (near the airport), (if sales both of them at the same time then price in 5 million baht). WhatApp & LINE: 0882020005; SMS & call: 0844515724 (D) TAI CHI FOR HEALING – 10 lesson intensive foundation course in ancient Laojia 9 form. Covers all basics of tai chi. Saturdays and Sundays in March from 1-3pm. Course will be certificated. Aim is to boost health of all participants in just one month. Peter Jenkinson is member of 20th Generation Chen Tai Chi Master Liu Yong International Association. Lessons to be held at Piyavan Tower, next to Ari station. Call Peter 086 0144050 or (C) DIVE GEAR FOR SALE - everything you need to get diving. Like new in excellent condition. Package deal or sold separately. Call for viewing appointment and gear details. Bangkok. Contact Patrick: 0819221665 Mail: (E) RENTS & SALES 14 traditional classic rooms: started 132.24 sq.m to 284 sq.m, price in 66,000 Baht per sq.m to 84,000 Baht per sq.m (cheaper than Thonglor area), in Royal Castle at Sukhumvit soi 39 (BTS close Emporium). Also sales new BMW series 7, 730Li Black / White normal price in 7,299,000 baht now pay in credit discount 5% if buy by cash discount 500,000 baht. Whats App & LINE: 0882020005, SMS & Call in: 0844515723. (D) STUDY THAI with an experiences teacher. Strick and patient. Give me a try I will not disappoint you. Free 1hour trial lesson. Tel: 087-9044-683 or 088-6742-975 (D) PART TIME JOB
possibility to earn 10 000 to 50 000 THB/month (D) DESIGN THE WEBSITE – from only 8000 baht. area of the website from 1 gb or more. There are no hidden costs. Contract sales 0814031386 or or (D) LOFT APARTMENTS, Sukhumvit area. Remodelled shophouses (12) along Sukhumvit: Ekamai to Udomsuk BTS stations. Country Thai antique furnishings plus modern aircon, bath, kitchen, internet. 15,000-30,000 bpm, safe Thai neighborhoods. Perfect for artists. teachers, NGO, home office folks who don’t care for condo living and want to enjoy the real Thailand. One year lease. Openings every month or two. If this style of living interests you please visit for photos, availability. (D)

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