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Retromania: Bangkok’s Hip Train Market

MAY 2012

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BANGKOK TRADER Volume 6, Issue No. 6 MAY 2012

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In The Park

4 - MAY 2012



Bangkok’s hip train market By Dave Stamboulis The floodwaters have long abated, and the crowds are back at Chatuchak market, but you won’t find me there. The heat, the excessive crowds, the labyrinth mazes of shops, alleys, and sheer size of the place (not to mention the prices no longer exactly being the bargains they once were) ensure that I avoid Chatuchak like a plague. But not too far down the road is a spot that is worth spending a lot of time in, and has become the talk of the town as far as Bangkok markets go. The Talad Rot Fai, or Train Market, takes place only on Saturdays and Sundays. While it is pleasant enough to go shopping there in the afternoon, the real fun, along with the arrival of most vendors, doesn’t happen until dark. Then, the market becomes a sea of stalls selling antiques, collectables, and tons of retro items, currently a huge fad in Thailand. Also known as Talad Dek Neaw (hipsters’ or “cool people’s” market!), this retro market got its start when Thanayut ‘Troy,’ the owner of Rod’s, a chic antique shop cum restaurant cum bar over in Chatuchak decided to move. He rented out an empty warehouse on land owned by the State Railway of Thailand, site of some former train tracks and rusty carriages, and set up shop. As the property was so enormous, Troy invited some of his vendor friends from Chatuchak to come sell their stuff for free there. Word got out, and soon, loads of vendors set up camp. Eventually, Troy started charging vendors to sell, and interestingly, even more folks came to peddle their wares, and the market became thronged with visitors. The original site had empty train carriages that shoppers could hang out in, drinking beer and watching the world go by, although these have since been removed. However the market remains just as atmospheric, as loads of vendors have set up impromptu, tricked-out VW bus bars, offering cocktails at only 80

baht or beer for 35 baht, and there are scores of food stalls, selling everything from donar kebabs to spaghetti pad kee mao, or chocolate waffles, along with all the usual Thai favorites. The collection of retro items is astounding, and will make frequenters of U.S. flea markets feel right at home. ABBA records and plenty of other ancient vinyl, old clocks, telephones, bar signs, plastic Ultraman and G.I. Joe soldier toys, roller skates, furniture out of a Leave It To Beaver episode, and plenty of antiques, from cars to lamps and everything else… including the kitchen sink. Clothing includes cowboy boots, vintage skirts and dresses, and just about anything the modern-day Thai retro hipster would love. As opposed to Chatuchak, the Talad Rot Fai is easy to walk around in without getting lost. There are two sections, both with plenty of bars, food, and collectibles, and the market is nowhere near as crowded as the night market in Ratchada, making it pleasant for strolling and shopping. There are live bands that play inside of the swanky-looking Rod’s Bar, which also has food to go along with its alcoholic offerings, and there are several other cozy bars and cafes located inside of antique warehouses, but the rest of the action takes place outside. As the State Railway has promised Troy that he can rent the land for at least three years, it looks like the retro market is set to stay, so the ’burbs are the place to be on Friday nights, hanging out with the hipsters. Getting there: You can take the MRT subway to Kamphaeng Phet station, use exit 3, and then walk down Kamphaeng Phet Road away from Chatuchak about 400 meters, where you will find the market area on your right. It is also easy to go via the BTS SkyTrain, getting off at Saphan Kwai, and taking a


short, 40-baht taxi ride. Make sure the drivers don’t confuse the market with the nearby park of the same name (Rot Fai). Dave Stamboulis is a freelance photographer and travel writer based in Bangkok. He is the author of Odysseus’ Last Stand, which received the Silver Medal Book of the Year award from the Society of American Travel Writers. He can be contacted at

MAY 2012 - 5

6 - MAY 2012


The Way of the Bow Siam Kyudo Society By Voicu Mihnea Simandan

The Sport Authority of Thailand (SAT) likes to brag that Thailand is ‘the best sport destination’ in Asia. To be fair, they’re quite right. Thailand has hosted the Asian Games four times (more than any other Asian country participating in this event) and the Southeast Asian Games six times (again, more than any other SEA country). Bangkok was also the location where the first Asian Indoor Games (2005) and the first Asian Martial Arts Games (2009) took place. With such a good track record, the SAT’s claim isn’t farfetched at all, and Thailand is indeed a place where you can practice a score of both well-known and quiteobscure sports. Among the least known sporting activities that you can indulge yourself in is kyudo, the Japanese form of archery. Kyudo is also known as ‘the way of the bow,’ which is, in fact, the word’s literal translation from Japanese. Although Thai archers who travel abroad have been exposed to kyudo, until recently, there was no official group in Thailand that pursued this modern Japanese martial art. To fill this gap, Korsakul Punyavardhana, a 30-year-old Thai engineer, founded the Siam Kyudo Society in 2010, with the purpose of opening a communication channel for all the kyudoka (practitioners of kyudo) from Thailand. Naturally, a Facebook group was formed, and, until now, almost forty archers have joined it. The history of kyudo goes back to the early history of Japan with its traditional influences from mainland China. With time, as archery became compulsory for

the samurai (the Japanese warrior class), several schools of kyudo appeared. Among these was yabusame, or mounted archery, which is still a popular demonstration activity at major festivals throughout Japan. To help train the mind, the body, and the spirit, kyudo is also practiced in Japanese schools from a young age. Korsakul has been practicing kyudo since 2008, and his passion for this discipline started when he “saw on the Internet a picture of a person in kyudo uniform drawing a very long bow.” What he saw was a man dressed in the traditional Japanese garments used in several martial arts. Standing with his back straight and bow arm extended at full draw, the kyudoka was wearing a white shirt (gi), black skirt-like pants (hakama), a cotton belt (obi), socks (geta), and shoes (tabi). The bow in the archer’s hand was the distinct Japanese asymmetrical longbow, with the bottom shorter than the top. This initial image lead the founder of Siam Kyudo Society to Horseshoe Point in Pattaya where he met Mr. Masatake Yamaguchi, a Japanese gentleman, who accepted him as his kyudo student. “I am considering myself as a very lucky person,” confesses Korsakul, “because it was Mr. Masatake who helped me walk the way of the bow.” Although Korsakul is still a beginner, with a rank below the black belt, he lives and trains in the spirit of a real kyudoka. “It is a discipline for anyone who would like to train his or her inner self,” he adds. But apart from his Japanese master,

8 - MAY 2012


Korsakul is also being helped with his kyudo training by Paolo Moscatelli, another dedicated kyudoka who has been living in Thailand since 2010. Paolo is a 49-year-old Italian-American visual effects supervisor who has been practicing the art of kyudo since 2007. After pursuing yoga, Paolo discovered kyudo (again through the Internet) and was immediately fascinated by its meditative aspects. Within a few years and after taking several international kyudo seminars, he passed the Sho-Dan and Ni-Dan rank examinations (first- and second-degree black belt) with the Nanka Kyudo Kai group (www. in Los Angeles, where he trained under the supervision of Sensei Rick Beal. Paolo considers that “every age or gender can practice kyudo as it’s a martial art that combines zen philosophy, spirituality, and shooting techniques with the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty.” The equipment in kyudo is very expensive, with prices ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Apart from the already-mentioned uniform, you will need to purchase a bow (yumi), which can be made of either bamboo or laminated wood. You also need arrows (ya) with bird feathers, a bowstring (tsuru), a deerskin glove on the primary drawing hand (yugake), an underglove (shitagake) made of cotton (needed as protection from sweat), a chest guard for women (muneate), and a paper and wood target (mato). On the differences between kyudo and archery, Korsakul is of the opinion that “both kyudo and modern archery can train your concentration. However, kyudo is much closer to meditation. It focuses on one’s inner self in a more spiritual way.” Paolo’s opinion is similar: “There are many differences, as kyudo is not just a competitive sport but also a form of zen practice. Apart from that, there are also some technical components that makes kyudo unique, such as the bow size and the off-center handle, the shooting form, and the meaning and relativity of hitting the target.” For many, especially non-Asians (even those who already practice kyudo), the Japanese way of the bow remains a form of martial art difficult to master. From the lack of proper guidance to the difficulty in understanding your own role as an archer, kyudo has almost reached mythical and mystical interpretations. To counter this, a good source of information is Dan and Jackie De Prospero’s books Kyudo: The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery and Illuminated

Spirit: Conversations with a Kyudo Master. Both books were written together with their master, Master Hideharu Onuma ( The members of Siam Kyudo Society train at Horseshoe Point (www. in Pattaya where they have secured a small training area (dojo). In Bangkok, they used to shoot at the archery field belonging to Kasetsart University Archery Club, but after their facilities were temporary damaged by last year’s floods, they have since moved to Hua Mark Archery Field, the official training center for the Thai national archery team, where they meet for Sunday shooting practice. To find out more details regarding their schedule, look them up on Facebook (or go to our shortcode link at and join their group. Voicu Mihnea Simandan is a Romanian archer who has been practicing in Thailand since 2009. He may be reached at


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10 - MAY 2012


Removing the Speed Barriers By Michelle LaBrosse, PMP®, Chief Cheetah and Founder of Cheetah Learning, and Kristen LaBrosse, CAPM®, Co-Author As we cruise through our career path, it can be tempting to fall into comfortable patterns and turn the autopilot on as we coast from project to project. But as the world changes and projects become more complex, it is imperative to remain in the driver’s seat to ensure that we are constantly removing roadblocks that make our project teams falter and pause. Follow the below tips to ensure that you and your project team are moving along at Cheetah Speed.

Healthy team dynamics. While team members’ hard skills are an important aspect of any project team, it is important for the team to not lose sight of the soft skills that make working together possible. Conflict within a project team can be one of the biggest barriers to speed and can not only be frustrating, but a waste of time and resources.

Create limits with your space and time. Have you ever sat at your desk thinking about what you needed to do, but kept putting off the tasks at hand in favor of procrastinating? Sometimes when we are sitting in our work area we trick ourselves into thinking that we are being productive. This is because we are so close to actually being productive in our workspace – we have the desk prepared, the computer is powered on, and the pen is readied, but we are fooling ourselves; productivity is not an area, it is an action.

Growing up, we’ve all learned the Golden Rule: Treat others the way that you want to be treated. But to ensure that your project team is harmonious and successful, make sure that you are all following the Platinum Rule: Treat others how they want to be treated. The more you pay attention to how others prefer to communicate and the style of work that they prefer, the better you will be able to work in a way that maximizes their capabilities.

To help rid yourself and your team of this habit, make sure that you set limits on your workspace and time. If you are sitting in your workspace and not working, it means you need to take an actual break, as you are not making yourself more productive by staring at the computer screen. Set a time limit to take a break to do whatever it is that is distracting you from work, whether that is getting lost in the world of Facebook status updates or scrolling through your Pinterest account. Then come back to your workspace with a goal in mind, and don’t take any breaks until your goal is completed. Most people find their groove when they are working towards a goal, so don’t be surprised if you don’t need a break after you have accomplished your task. By creating more boundaries for yourself within your work, you’re removing the barrier of distraction and are able to accomplish more.

Take a ‘funk-buster’ break. It’s 3 p.m. You are on your third cup of coffee and staring at your computer, but for some reason your brain won’t work, and you still have to finish your quarterly report! This condition is commonly referred to as a ‘funk’ and happens when your body thinks it is sleeping because it hasn’t exerted any energy for a significant period of time. When you find yourself in a funk, instead of trying to push your way through it, take a break. Get up out of your chair and do some jumping jacks. Take a walk around the block. Have a small dance party for one. Stop the funk as soon as you can by getting some motion into your body to remind your brain that it needs to be on alert and ready for action. Achieve flow. You now have a productive project team that sets time and space boundaries,


MAY 2012 - 11

has great team dynamics, and is funk-proof. The next thing to do is to ensure that your team has the skills and motivation required to get the tasks done. For your project team to be the most efficient, each member of your team should be able to consistently achieve a state of flow while performing project tasks. Flow is a mental state where an individual is completely immersed and focused on the tasks at hand. Flow happens when there is a balance between ability level and challenge, and when there is a very clear goal.

and has a personal vested interest in what it is they are doing.

The three biggest barriers to achieving flow are inadequate skills and/or preparation, confusion as to what the end goal is, and a lack of personal meaning in the task at hand. Make sure that your project team has the skill sets they require for their project deliverables, are able to keep their eye on the prize with clear goals,

Michelle LaBrosse, PMP®, is an entrepreneurial powerhouse with a penchant for making success easy, fun and fast. She is the founder of Cheetah Learning, the author of the Cheetah Success Series, and a prolific blogger whose mission is to bring Project Management to the masses.

I don’t like to cook at home!

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Keep these tips in mind when you are safely steering your project team around speed barriers and towards project success! Check out Cheetah PHAST, a great new quarterly magazine at


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HOUSE JOMTIEN Modern Thai/Bali style – 2/3 bedrooms, large living & dining rooms, office, european kitchen, maid’s and laundry rooms, jacuzzi, large garage, easy care walled garden. boat moorings, tennis court on complex. close beach, restaurants & shops. executive house built with finest marble, granite and asian hardwoods. for quick sale 19,800,000 baht - 4 million baht below original price. Tel: 085 048 3839 (C) CONDO FOR SALE / RENT – Pattaya. New 45sqm studio (building just completed). Located Cozy Beach Pratumnak Hill in prestigious area of Pattaya. 200m to beach. Close to shops, bars, restuarants. Fully Furnished, A/c, kitchen, Oven hob, microwave. Balcony overlooking swimming pool. Includes sauna, pool bar, restuarant, gym, library, rooftop garden, concierge facilities, 24hr security, cctv, underground parking. TV, internet, telephone. Price only 2.5m Baht or 12,000b month rent. Contact Nick 0800959002, email Visit: (D) I TEACH IGCSE, AS & A level English Language, IGCSE English as a Second Language, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL & BULATS. I have a Masters Degree in International Teaching, a Ministry of Education Teaching Licence and a Clearance Certificate from the Royal Thai Police. These documents are available for you to check. I have taught English in international schools for 11 years & I have 27 years experience teaching in Thailand. Contact Mr. Peter at (D) VIOLIN AND VIOLA LESSONS – experienced musician/teacher from USA with Master Degree. Violin students all ages, abilities, beginners to advanced, all those who dream about learning how to play violin and enjoy music! Preparation for entrance examinations to music schools, colleges in Thailand, Europe, America; scholarship auditions, ABRSM, IGCSE, A-level exams etc. Lessons in English, German, Italian, Russian at beautiful studio near Rama 9. Please e-mail Mariam:, text or call for details! Tel: 0814808573 (C) HIGHLY QUALIFIED English instructor – I have a BA in Education and three teaching licenses. My accent is extremely neutral and Middle American. I have thirty-five years of teaching experience in the USA and in Thailand. Arizona State University, Chulalongkorn University, and Kasetsart University are some of the educational institutions for which I have worked. My specialities are writing, test preparation, Conversational English, and Business English. 08-921-018-08. iron_ (E)

16 - MAY 2012


12 weeks program to lose weight. Group to support. Personalized coaching. Meal Plan. Fun !
Call Monthita: 0879 072 575 wlcbkk@ 
Part time job
We are looking for people who want to be their own boss.
Training provided. International business. (B) PRIVATE TEACHER: Experienced, professional and one who is already teaching at one of Bangkok’s most exclusive prep companies. TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT, or Conversational / Business English. Degree in Computational Physics from Harvey Mudd College, one of the top engineering schools in the US. 1000 THB/ hr. I’m not the cheapest, for a reason. Bad grammar and irregular accents are nearly impossible to undo, sound like a native instead. Contact me at private.tutor. (D)

FITNESS ACCESSORIES for sale. I have TRX, kettle bells, club bells, lebert buddy system, undulation rope and resistant bands for sale in a special rate for more information please contact TK: 0817315427 or email or visit http:// (A)

MICROSOFT X-BOX-360 GAME Gears of War 3, new and original (only 999 THB), Sharp KSH740 big rice cooker NEW!!! (only 799 THB), street vendor car, new wheels, new color (only 1299 THB), German books (good price), please call 087-9088268 (Khun Mario). (B)

BELLY DANCE lessons & perform – Private or group belly dance lessons at your place, your time. I teaches Egyptian and American Cabaret style for Beg, Int and Adv. Also I available to perform at restaurant, private party etc. regularly or temporally. (Yoko) (E)

ENGLISH TEACHER from Canada in Bangkok, accepting students! (D)

LAND FOR RENT and Sale in the north of Thailand; Sukhothai province. To avoid flooding.the land are located in City on main road #101 from Bangkok. Suitable for business or investment. Contact: Owner: 0801776847 (D)

HOT SALE: Doser coffee-grinder, brand: MACAP, from Italy, type: M4, C83, 625USD. Waring Xtreme high-power blender, from USA, type: MX1050XTS, 663 USD. David mobile 0905490286 (B)

SEXY BKK COUPLE (man farang,lady LEARN MUSIC in just 7-15 days workshop thai) like to meet sweet lady! Let’s chat! in your place . (C) guitar, keyboard, dance, experienced DUPLEX IN CONDO compound – for rent teacher. instruments sale and rent, and sale - Sukhumvit 31. 195 sq.m. 3 bed, online facilaity contact +0885015795, 3 bath with a carpark. Services included: international +88017-501-61-501. email 25 m. outdoor pool, tuk tuk, gym, kids (B) playground, large garden. Rent at 60,000 bht. Come and see for yourself, seehttp:// RARE & OUT OF PRINT BOOKS (bold for more caps). U.S. Aniquarian will buy and sell. 1-George Staunton. An Authentic Account details. Contact 081 5646077. (D) Of An Embassy From The King Of Great ONE-ON-ONE ENGLISH tuition in the Britain To The Emperor Of China. (caps) comfort and convenience of your home. All London: 1797, 2 Volumes. 50,000B ages and all levels welcome. All aspects 2-Riley. Birds Of Siam And Malay. (caps) of the language covered--grammar, Wash.: 1938, 581 pp. 1600B. Many other vocabulary, usage, comprehension, and titles re Thailand and Southeast Asia. speaking. Native speaker from California 083-80-79610. (A) and graduate of San Francisco State University. 10+ years of experience DELUX-CONDO for sale @ Sukhumvit offering private lessons in Bangkok. Soi 13, three Min. to Nana BTS. 36 sqm. Professional and reliable. Reasonable completely furnished with all electric rates. Let’s work together to improve your appliances, washer-dryer kitchen etc. English and make it more effective. David Large pool & Gym. Like new. Baht 02-259-5655 #304 (early morning/late 3.400.000 sold by owner. Tel: 084-7264night) or (E) 469. Email: (B)

BADMINTON RACQUETS FOR SALE, 1 x FBT special edition very good condition with cover 250 baht. 1 x Click racquet good condition 150 baht both sell 400 baht ph 0828128226 (E)

APARTMENT FOR RENT – I have an apartment available for occupancy immediately. Apartment details are as follows: Duplex penthouse, 31st Floor (A unit), 490 sqm, 5 bedrooms with on suite. Newly renovated, Location: Sukhumvit 24, Apartment: President Park (Ebony Tower). Price: 120,000 Bht negotiable. Facilities: Tennis courts, health club, 3 swimming pools, Children play area and squash court. To view please call Mr. Raj, 0819323042. (C) 20TH CENTURY history books and biographies in excellent once read condition and reasonably-priced for sale. guide price is 40 p.c. of shop price. please contact N.Barrett nigelinseychelles@ 0871053664 (B) SIRI ON 8 ONE BR FF MODERN CONDO for rent @ 33,000 THB/month. Includes king size bed, open plan kitchen, medium size balcony, washing machine and flat screen TV. On the roof is a lovely infinity s style swimming pool plus well equipped gym. To view please phone K. J on 08 7812 6893 (E)


CLASSIC USED man’s watch by Phillip Charriol. Mother of pearl face with small diamonds on numerals. Baht 9,000 ono. Please email me for picture(s) or appointment to view/buy (Silom) (D) CONDO FOR RENT: pak lane jomtien beach 35 sqm studio room closly private swimming pool, fully furnished at1st floor. contact k.phen call 087-8308044 or e-mail (D)

MAY 2012 - 17

GROUP HEALTH Insurance Scheme already up & running. Last year’s rates apply until 1st June this year. Still room for individuals & families to join. Excellent rates, not age related. Eligible age up to 69 & no medical history required. giles@ 0899 862 315 (B)

IF YOU ARE BASED in Bangkok and a member of the transgender community we would like to invite you to join The Katoey Connection. This is a non-profit group for socializing. Visit us at: http://members. *Note: This is not a sex or dating group. It is only for meeting new people in our community. (B) PORTABLE BABY COT with mattress and mosquito vail from Big C colour red pattern excellent condtion 1000 baht ph 0828128226 (E) MOBILE PHONE. Nokia. Sim card plus. 2.500 baht minutes available. True move network. Asking price 2000baht. Call 0891539116 (B)

FED UP with the excess weight? I have no miracle cure but I can help you address your self-talk, self-image, motivation, habits, and much more that you probably don’t even know yet! Hypnosis will make CONDO FOR SALE - Supalai City Home a world of difference. Call 0882270553 or Sukhumvit - 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, living see (Tom) (D) room / dining room, separate kitchen. 68 square meters. Low rise bldg - 5th Floor 81 SQ METER, two bedroom, 5/17 fl. 1km corner unit. Three A/C units, hot water, from BTS On Nut at Sukhumvit 50. Newly extra elect outlets. Kitchen cabinets, renovated with Index furniture. Quite smoke alarms, sprinklers, new paint, location and nice open view on balcony. COLLECTION of Tibetan Thankas curtain rods. Built 2008. 100 meters 24 hr camera and security, swimming and original Indochina oil paintings for from Udomsuk BTS. Never flooded. pool and gym. High-End condo with sale.Call David, 081 832 7325. (E) Photos at: quality neighbours Photos: http://bangkok. reo/2719154159.html. Contact 089-923- -2615 or 081-754-6885. (B) posted by owner. Tel 089-202-4866 (A) CONDOMINIUM for sale. Sukhumvit. High floor. 270 sq mtrs. 4 bedrooms. Own lift. CONDO OR HOME too hot? Then install VISITING ACADEMIC seeks summer Stunning city views . Excellent facilities. 2 solar window film and reduce the heat, cut rental. June-July 2012. Seek Short-term free, fixed parking spaces. 15 million net. annoying glare, block uv rays, save 30% rental/sublet in central Bangkok June-July Call David 081 832 7325. (E) on your aircon bill, increase safety, and (perhaps into August). Visiting professor; make your home a more comfortable place no pets, no children and highest references. CHEAPEST CONDO FOR SALE in to live. We are Thailand’s leading installer House/condo OK. Near Skytrain preferred. Pattaya. But the best! 63sqm. only 1.78mil. of Solar Window Tinting Films. European One or two BR. Rent flexible. E mail. excellent furnished with LCD 42’. Fantastic sea view. 1 min. walk to jomtien beach. run so we fully understand your needs. Call (E) 089-1062240 ask pictures 2purelife@ Steve for a free quotation on 08-6083-9140 (E) 2-BEAUTIFUL PLOT of land – 153 or visit (B) talangwa (plus 60 ‘wa for free) 1,254,600 TWO FLOOR TOWN house located off DESIGNERS OWN HOUSE for sale in baht and 637 talangwa (plus 130 ‘wa for ratchada sub soi by huay kwang subway Bangkoks green, flood free peninsula free) 3,509,000 baht. at Kaengkoi Saraburi. station. partly furnished,3 bed rooms, two “Bangkachao”. 2-story house 192 sqm, River front and mountain view. “No flood” bathrooms, no animals allowed. one year 100 twl land, built 2008. Minimalist just only 1:15 hrs from Bangkok. Ideal for rent contract. if interested please contact Scandinavian style 2 bed, 3 WC, front bungalow or homestay. tel. 081-5569156, email address: (D) / back garden, solar heated water in all 081-5122567 (near a new campus of uni. CONDO FOR RENT: Park Lane Jomtien taps, double walls, CCTV. Only 30-40 of chula) (D) Resort, Pattaya 35 Sqm studio room at 1st min. to Asoke / Sukhumvit, it’s truly an floor closely private swiming pool, Fully SUPER-CHARGE YOURSELF ! See undiscovered oasis in city. See www. furnished 1 bed and living room. Contact: - 10,7 mill baht yourself as a more elegant communicator! Does NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Phen. Call 087-8308044 or Email: piccy_ by owner. Call 08 3859 3336. (B) ring a bell? No matter if you studied it from (B) A FURNISHED ROOM with Free HS books or already attended life seminars SANDEE THAI LANGUAGE School – Internet (in Ploenchit Townhouse) for rent or not, you still desire practicing it, don’t Price 18,000 THB. Get 1-year ED Visa. @ - Bht8,800. It’s located in heart of city. you? Luckily NLP has helped millions of RCA, Bangkok. Tel:084 388-2832. www. Size 25 sqm. 5 mins walking from BTS people achieve greater success, increase (B) skytrain station & close to embassies confidence, relationships and overcome TOWNHOUSE Sukhumvit Soi 15 fully &expressway, easy to go anywhere you fears! Now join 4-Free modernized & furnished. 5bed 6bath wish in Bangkok near all famous shopping NLP-Bangkok . Check out the monthly 7aircon modern kitchen, gated subsoi malls / supermarkets / fitness. To view the NLP practicing meetings. (A) opposite NIST main entrance. THB 42500 room please call to make an appointment per month Phone Bua 0879172056 (B) a day earlier. Penny: Tel 0894998356 INVESTMENT Opportunity Sukhumvit: (1030–1230 am). e-mail to pashaporns@ New, unfurnished, double-unit condo for BRAND NEW CONDO for rent: perfect sale situated on the 3rd floor in a prime location - green, Bangkok, easily in and out, (B) corner site. Each unit has a large room, of town. Modern, urban chic, fully furnished STERLING SILVER cigarette box kitchen, bathroom and balcony, with good incl. all electricals, glass balcony, 30 sqm, 11x9x3cm hallmarked by royal jeweler quality fittings throughout. This condo 1-bedroom, bath tub, 15/F. Enjoy 2 roof-top Mappin & Webb. Approximately 70 years presents a good letting opportunity as 1 pools and gyms. Directly at BTS Udom Suk! old. Baht 3,000 ono. Rare antique book unit or 2, and is a 10 min. walk from Bang BITEC exhibition center within view. Free “Bangkok Siam” published 1928 by Royal Na BTS with easy expressway access. parking, in-building shopping on 2 floors. State Railways of Siam. Superb condition. Price 1.8 million baht. maxineping@ THB 15,000/month, minimum 6 months. Baht 4,500 ono. (D) or 0896626274 (B) Contact Mark on 089-067-5300. (A)

18 - MAY 2012


MARKETPLACE FAMILY SIZED THREE BEDROOM pet friendly apartment for rent in the Phrom Phong area. There is a renovated island style kitchen, two sets of big balconies, furniture provided (though can come partly or unfurnished to suit); maids quarters, polished solid wooden floor throughout, 40” flat screen TV and more. 55,000 Baht/month! To enquire further please call K. J on 08 7812 6893. (E) THAI LESSONS: for foreign children or adults. 6-year-experienced with foreign students. In-house or coffee shop. time can be arranged. Free trial contact 084119-6661. Or email for more information at: (C)

40,000 BAHT PER MONTH: renovated two Br, plus study fully furnished condo for rent; located in Soi Ekkami within 10/15 minutes walk of the BTS. There is a lovely kitchen, including oven, an open plan living area, plenty of storage, double basin ensuite in master, open views and lots of lighting. No pets thank you. To view please contact K. J on 08 7812 6893 (E) JUST OVER 6 RAI Land for building in Pak Chong on the edge of Khao Yai. Thai owner needs funds for resort development, hence 420k baht per rai. 6 and a bit for the price of 6. Adjoining land recently sold for 500k baht per rai. gilescullingford@ 0899 862 315 (B) CONDO FOR SALE@LUMPINI view (thailand cultural centre) 2 bedrooms with air conditioner, living room, 2 bathrooms, electric water heater for shower, wardrobe, refrigerator, washing machine, build-in, parking, convineient stores........please contact jean tel. no. 080-064 5665. (C)

RESTAURANT FOR SALE – Srinakarin Supalai condo 1st fl, aposite Novotel Bangna new restaurant. Fully equiped and interior with air, kitchen equipment, kitchen ware, electronics. Can start immediately. Invested B2.5 mill, urgent sale price B1 mill. Sell by owner. English / Thai tel: 081-916-4726 (E) I AM A QUALIFIED and respectable business negotiating Consultant, with ITALIAN GRADUATE NATIVE language excellent credentials and references, teacher, and translator-into english, and travelling regularly between BKK and viceversa, consulting - documents, 12 years India, Middle East, Australia and Europe, in Thailand can speak thai, gives lessons to I can professionally represent you or your adult and kids,at home, bars, offices. honest company on any PC business matter prices, 3 professional books, conversation, within any of the above areas please grammar and vocabulary totally free. contact contact: Dr. John on jas@rainconsult. me here: 0806079635. email: srikrsna108@ com. Or 00447855546299 for further or Ciao information. (A) Mr Angelo (E) FRAGRANT CONDOMINIUM for sale – CDSANDWICH.COM – Fresh 115 sq m, 2 bedrms, 2 bathrms, 1 living, Sandwiches, Salads & Juices made to 1 dining, I kitchen (fitted), 2 balconies, order. Choose from our extensive menu fully furnished and includes all electrical and order at appliances. Condo is just 5 years old. The or call us on 02 692 40 85. Thonglor, building is low rise – just 8 floors and this Silom, Ploenchit, Siam, Ratchada, unit on the 6th floor. Opening Price: Baht Sathorn, Narathiwat, Ekkamai, Rama 4, 7 million (negotiable); Transfer fee: to HuayKwang, Chitlom, Asoke. Business be shared by buyer and seller. For more meetings & special events catered also. information call Kittima at 0818262399 or (B) Enjoy your meal. (C)

BUSINESS/FINANCIAL consultants, estate planners, will writers & paralegals are required to join our organization. Full/ Part-Time vacancies are available. (If you don’t have the qualifications, then you may attend our seminars and be certified). Franchises/Agencies are available. For further information and to send your resume/CV to: legalalliance777@gmail. com Mobile No. (087) 9915655 (A) IS THERE ANYONE wants to learn Japanese pleasantly? Please E-mail me and let’s talk about details of your lesson. (D) GERMAN BOOKS for children (ages 1 6) for sale. My daughter has outgrown all of her German picture and story books as well as some Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles and simple board-games. She would like to create some space on her bookshelf by selling her collection at a very reasonable price (50 - 100 Baht per book). If you are interested, please contact us at: standtt@ (B) FULLY FURNISHED 2 BEDROOM & 2 bathroom 100 sq m condo for rent or sale in Raintree Villa 5th floor tower B, Sukhumvit soi 53 with 32 inch LCD, video, brand new frig, washing machine, laminate and spotlights in entire unit. Rent 35 K, selling price 7.5 M immediately available please contact Daniel (08) 23236883 or e-mail (D) CONDOMINIUM FOR SALE. Mid Sukhumvit. High floor. 270sq mtrs. 4 bedrooms. Own lift. Stunning city views. Excellent facilities. 2 free fixed parking. 15million baht net. Call David 081 832 7325. Collectibles for sale: Original Indochina oil paintings. Tibetan Tankas. Victorian silver (small jugs, cigar boxes, cruit set all with silver stamps). Burmese handicrafts and furniture. Call David 081 8327325. (E)


AVIATION BOOKS FOR SALE. Over 1,700 books on aviation, modelling, espionage and code breaking offered as one lot with many rare and expensive books. Any enthusiast or modeller would be overjoyed to own this book collection, which has been built-up over 25 years. Price 300,000 baht Interested? Contact Glenn on 025033710, e-mail maxineping@ (E) FRESH SANDWICHES, salads and juices made to order. Make your choice through our large menu at, pass your order online or call us at 02 692 40 85. Enjoy your meal. (D) ACCOUNTING AND TAX SERVICES SMEs registered in Thailand looking to Certified Public Accountant for prepare and submit,The Financial statement and tax return to Thai Government agencies. Please contact K.Yuth at (B) CONDO FOR SALE - 4.9 MTHB (Rental option available), Central Bangkok. Fully Furnished 2 Bedroom & 2 Bathroom. A short walk from the Ploenchit BTS, located near the British Embassy. 34th floor with fantastic views of Bangkok. 101m2, Swimming, Fitness, Minimart & Laundry onsite. Contact Jaz on + 66 860486823 or e-mail: (B) MOVING – sell many items, best of small library, classic antiques art work everything musical just cool stuff. call anytime 0878103763 (A) LUXURY CONDO AT PATTAYA for rent or for sale in high standing building on Wong Amat Beach, best location in Pattaya 163 sqm fully furnished 3 bed 3 bath European kitchen Every room has large balcony with stunning views on the sea and the islands Direct beach access Infinity swimming pool jacuzzi sauna fitness center tennis squash snooker sauna communal gardens restaurant minimart covered car park 24H security. 54000/month, 14,5 mil. Baht. 0903943933 (Thai phone number) (B) HUA HIN MARRAKESH condos for rent @! 1,2 & 3 bedroom units for daily, weekly or monthly rental, with prices as low as THB 1,XXX per day! Beautiful, individually-designed, fully-furnished rooms with housekeeping. Check site or email (C) HOUSE FOR SALE – On-Nut soi 44. Flood free area. Suwanaphum 15 min, downtown 15min, 3bedr, 3bathr, separate maid rm, big living rm, 5air, 2car parking, big garden, 2fl house. Markett price B9 mill, urgent sale price B7.5 mill. Sell by owner. English / Thai tel : 081-916-4726 (E)

MAY 2012 - 19

FOR SALE RESTAURANT off of Rama IV. seats 120 people, 230sqm huge outdoor seating area with view to swimming pool. Located in an apartment /hotel building. serving international food with room service, outside pizza delivery and banquet/catering service. excellent loyal customer base. 2.5 MB incl. company, stocks and assets. Rental 30K/ mo. Contact Denis at 081 722 3505 or email (C) A MUSIC/LANGUAGE teacher for your kids – I’m a Year 10 music scholar from an international school in BKK. I need a part-time job to teach your children to play flute and/or music theory, or even English or Thai languages. If you are interested please contact: 081-804-1252. (A) D-Wine Intertrade is the distributor of Billabong de-alcoholised wines from Australia. We have preserved the natural wine aromas and ambience better than ever. Billabong is selected from a range of quality premium wine, processed in a unique fashion to remove only alcohol, nothing more, nothing less. It contains alcohol less than 0.5%. Perfect choice for wine-lover and health-caretaker. For more info, please visit or call 087-5535124, 089-1859515 (E) LUXURY CONDO AT PATTAYA for rent or for sale in high standing building on Wong Amat Beach, best location in Pattaya 163 sqm fully furnished 3 bed 3 bath European kitchen Every room has large balcony with stunning views on the sea and the islands Direct beach access Infinity swimming pool jacuzzi sauna fitness center tennis squash snooker sauna communal gardens restaurant minimart covered car park 24H security. 54000/month, 14,5 mil. Baht. 0903943933 (Thai phone number)) (B) RENT NEW 2 BEDS condo at BLOCS 77 (Onnut BTS) – For rent in brand new condominium, located at Onnut area. 2 beds, 65 sqm, high floor, unblocked view, rental price: 28000 /Month. more details, please call khun Kay: 081-825 4363 or visit our website: (D) IMMO DE BANGKOK Co.,Ltd – Real estate Agency. Welcome to Immodebangkok. If you want to sell, rent or buy condominium, we can help you to reach your objective, just visit to our website: or call us: Khun Kay: +66 081- 825 4363 (D) SEEKING JOINT venture to luanch an Executive Residence project in Sukhothai province. No flood areas are located on Asia Road No.101 which is 36 kilometers from City/Muang district and 12 kilometers from Bangkok Airways boutique airport. Easy to access north and northeast direction. Contact: phachuthai@yahoo. com 08 0177 6847 (D)

VOLVO XC70 2003 model dark green exterior, brown leather seats. 128,000 km full Volvo service record 700,000 Baht. Phairoj 081806 5087 (D) LUXURY CONDO for rent – Ivy Thonglor. Brand new furnished apartment, 1 bed room, 43 sq/m, corner unit, 21st floor, equipped kitchen, Jacuzzi and shower, 42” TV, DVD, cable TV, internet Wi Fi, gym, children playground, swimming pool, locates between Thonglor 21 - Thonglor 23. 38000 bath per month. Ready to move in, Supakar Nanni, contact n. tel. 0818688466 (D) HOTEL SPA FOR SALE – Great location around Victory Monument in central Bangkok. Great reputation and a growing brand with an excellent client base. This business is well established and a great going concern for someone who wants a small profitable business in Thailand, no further investment required. There are currently 4 full time employees and the monthly rental is 25k. Asking 1,1m Baht, call 0890662332 or email (A) 1 BED 1 BATH in Omni Tower Sukhumvit Soi 4 well furnished incl 42” flat screen TV 27,000 Baht per month 1 year lease. 0899 862 315 (B) CAMPBELL CHAMBERS Thai Law Office – professional legal services for tourists and expats by English speaking lawyers, providing legal advices, full services, in conjunction with Campbell Chambers Solicitors of London. 20 years experiences in civil and criminal cases. New company formation – easy, speedy setting up business with one stop services (company registration, tax, accounting, and translation) work permits, visa, immigration, marriage. Conveyancing lawyer - land and property buying and selling. Hotline: 081-5581394. Tel/Fax: 02-278-1879. Email: (C) BECOME YOUR OWN life-coach today. “Your inner strength is your outer foundation” Allan Rufus. My work is about self discovery, and then using this knowledge to enhance my life in personal development. Every day is a learning curve. The wisdom is using this knowledge wisely to benifit yourself and eventually others. What good is knowledge if we don’t use it! What awareness can you bring in your life today? More information (D) NEED A QUIZ? Professionally prepared with additional themed and novelty rounds. Suitable for weekly or one off special events. Contact David. Tel: 0800451580 or e-mail (A)

20 - MAY 2012


MARKETPLACE VIP CONDO PATTAYA 48 SQM STUDIO – Fully Furnish Sea view 10th Fl. Room A 1009 swimming pool, 2 tennis court and jogging track. Rent 9,000 per month. Sale 1.65 Million. Mobile 086-537-2557 Khun Naree (E) TWO FLOOR TOWN HOUSE located at Pracharajbumpen 20, Ratchada, about 900 meters to Huay Kwang subway station. Partly furnished, 3 bed 2 bath, no animal allowed. 15,000.- baht per month, one year contract (negotiable). (D) PHAHOLYOTHIN PARK CONDO FOR SALE – low rise condo in Phaholyothin soi 14, 2nd floor, 90 sqm., 2 beds 2 baths, 2 parking, large green area, tennis court, near BTS Aree n Sapankwai, near Villa Aree n Big C, near Paolo Hospital, access from Phaholyothin 2, 8 and 14, Indramara soi 4 and Vibahvadee Rd. Sell at 5,000,000 bt only. Please contact : Nat 083-8435888 (C) APARTMENT FOR SALE: Silom area., 141 sqw., 7 stories, 16 units (70-135 sqm., 1 and 2 bedrooms), fully furnished, jaguzzi, sauna, rooftop garden, 24 hours security and CCTV, walking distance to BTS Surasak, near Top supermarket, expressway, schools, and Jewelry trade center, can access from Silom Rd, Surawongse Rd, and Mahesak Rd. Please contact: Nat 083-8435888 (C) CASA CITY TOWN HOUSE – 3 stories, 3 bedrooms,3 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 dining and kitchen. 2 car park with air condition in every rooms. Ramkamhaeng 76 Rd. Close to Big C and Home Pro. on the main road. Sale 6 Million. Mobile 086-537-2557 Naree (E) FREE ONLINE Nutritional Coaching! Eat well, lose weight, Gain weight, Sport… Personalized coaching, Group to support, Nutritional information. Recognition! wellness3366 (D) SPANISH TRANSLATIONS AND INTERPRETATION – Spanish native speaker offers translation and interpretation services. Websites, contracts, official letters, manuals etc. Both for private companies and official institutions. Thai translations and Accounting also offered. Call 0870470590 or email: (D) 20TH CENTURY history and biography 60 books for sale in prices, once read new condition 60 pc discount off cover price. Contact (D) TNGLISH TEACHING books aids and household goods – Large selection (from basic English to Intermediate level) of English teaching books and teaching aids, lesson plans including some books on overhead transparency film. corporate training examples and material. Small Toshiba refrigerator- 1500bht, Sony television 17 inch- 2000bht, Brother printer MFC3220C Colour prints faxes copies and scans- 2500bht, computer desk with side shelves either side- 1500bht. Picture can be supplied along with price. Contact 0859574764 or (D)

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22 - MAY 2012


Northern Cooking A beginner’s guide By Dave Stamboulis

Even if one thinks Thai food is the tastiest on the planet, it still does get slightly monotonous if one has lived here for years existing on khao man gai, som tam, gai yang, and all the other perennial favorites. Yet while almost everyone who lives here can tell the difference between a green and red curry, as well as probably name three or four Isaan dishes, even the most seasoned expat often doesn’t know much about northern cuisine. Having a northern girlfriend, I have been introduced to a completely different menu over the past year.

Many foreigners aren’t too enthusiastic over the Isaan nam prik chili pastes, which often have plenty of fermented fish paste inside. However the northern versions are much more suited to a Western palate. Nam prik ong is made with red chilies, pork, and tomatoes, and actually comes pretty close to resembling a Bolognese sauce and could easily be served on pasta. Nam prik num is a bit spicier, and this green chili dip that is served with vegetables resembles a good southwestern salsa sauce and could fit in well at a tapas bar somewhere.

Especially living in Bangkok, northern cuisine is hard to come across. Most folks are familiar with khao soi, the Burmese-influenced soup made with egg noodles, lime, shallots, and chilies, served in a spicy coconut-based curry, and a few more may at least know by sight sai oua, the delicious spicy sausage originating from Chiang Mai. But a further exploration reveals a real treasure trove of dishes not found on most Thai menus.

There are also some more obscure dishes for those in search of the new, such as nor mai yat sai, young bamboo filled with minced pork, or gaeng het top, a yellow curry made with northern earth star mushrooms that ‘pop’ in your mouth when you bite into them. Northerners also do larb (minced meat ‘salads’) just like in Isaan and Laos, but don’t use lime, fish sauce, or roasted rice in theirs the way they do in the northeast.

Northern food has a reputation for being bland and not spicy due to the ‘colder’ northern climate, as well as the Burmese influence. While it may not be quite as high on the Richter scale as southern kanom jin or some som tam from Udon with 12 ‘mouse-sh*t’ chilies in it, it still packs plenty of flavor, as well as plenty of spice in certain dishes.

If you do get up north, it is well worth it to go to a khantok dinner to sample many of these above dishes. Khantok refers to the large serving tray used as a dining table by northern Lanna Thais, and khantok dinners are usually fancy affairs, with cultural performances often accompanying the set platters of northern fare.

Some of the more popular dishes to be found include gaeng hang lay, a pork belly curry made with chili paste, tamarinds, and plenty of ginger and garlic. The dish, which also is made with beef in some restaurants, is a bit like massaman curry, and a few American farangs, upon first bite, have compared it to a Dinty Moore type thick stew from their college days! Hang lay comes from the Shan state in Burma, isn’t spicy, and is certainly a departure from your average Thai curry.

So where does one try all of these northern treats without having to head all the way up to Chiang Mai? Probably the best northern restaurant in the capital is a place called Maan Muang way up Ramkamhaeng Road towards Minburi. For those not wanting to trek so far, the slightly fancier Gedhawa is located in a charming old house on Sukhumvit 35 and has an extensive menu (stick to the northern food section, as it is what they excel at). For something simple and very local, the food court in Pantip Plaza actually serves up a passable


MAY 2012 - 23

bowl of khao soi, and which can also now be found in the night food market on Sukhumvit 38 at the BTS Thonglor station. Next time around, we will take a look at fiery southern food and where to find it in Bangkok. Gedhawa – 24 Sukhumvit 35. 02-662-0501. Open Mon.-Sat., 11 a.m.-2 p.m., 5-11 p.m. Maan Muang – 165/7 Sammakorn 16, Ramkhamhaeng 112. 02-729-6275. Dave Stamboulis is a freelance photographer and travel writer based in Bangkok. He is the author of Odysseus’ Last Stand, which received the Silver Medal Book of the Year award from the Society of American Travel Writers. He can be contacted at

24 - MAY 2012

Thailand through Vincent Calvino’s eyes By Voicu Mihnea Simandan



MAY 2012 - 25

With some exceptions, many Thailand-based books written by foreigners are made up of scenes that don’t really contribute to the development of the story, but rather show off the author’s knowledge on various aspects of Thai culture. For example, the description of a visit to Pattaya’s red light district could have no other purpose than to introduce the reader to the ins and outs of the go-go bar scene. This case is different with Christopher G. Moore’s books, especially with his novels that deal with the life and cases of Vincent Calvino, a New York half-Jewish, half-Italian private investigator stationed in Bangkok. C.G. Moore is one of (if not the) best known English-language writer in Thailand, and through the years, he has proven that he has what is needed for a writer to keep the readers glued to the pages of his books. Maybe his most well known books about Thailand are from the Vincent Calvino, P.I. series, which has now reached its twelfth volume. The series started in 1992 with Spirit House, which was initially published by White Lotus and has also been translated into German, Japanese, Chinese, Norwegian, Thai, Spanish, and Hebrew. Both the Thai and English editions have seen up to five reprints between 1999 and 2008, making it the most successful book in the series. On top of this, following a script by Chase Palmer, producers are in talks with directors for a Hollywood movie based on Spirit House. Although getting a film made is a long process with many different people involved, FilmNation has put a lot of money into the project and is committed to seeing that the film is made. They are serious filmmakers with a great track record such as Duplicity (2005), Michael Clayton (2007), Damage (2009), and many others. Spirit House will be added to that list. The second book is Asia Hand (White Lotus, 1993), which has also seen several reprints in 2000 and 2010. Cut Out (White Lotus, 1994), the third book in the series, was once again successful internationally, with translations into Japanese, Chinese, German, French and Spanish. In 2005, the book was republished under a new title, Zero Hour in Phnom Penh. The books that complete the series are: Comfort Zone (White Lotus, 1995), The Big Weird (BookSiam, 1996); Cold Hit (Heaven Lake Press, 1999) – translated into German as Nana Plaza in 2004; Minor Wife (Heaven Lake Press, 2002) – translated into Thai in 2004; Pattaya 24/7 (Heaven Lake Press, 2004) – with Thai and Italian translations; The Risk of Infidelity (Heaven Lake Press, 2007) – translated into Spanish and Turkish; Paying Back Jack (Heaven Lake Press, 2009); The Corruptionist (Heaven Lake Press, 2010); and 9 Gold Bullets (Heaven Lake Press, 2011). One of C.G. Moore’s trademarks is the complexity of his plots, which seem to branch out in several directions, and the Calvino novels are not an exception. A plethora of memorable characters litter the pages of the books, each seemingly minding their own business, but in the end, everything wraps up neatly. This suggests that the writer knew from the very beginning where his novels will take the readers, and every scene, no matter how short it is, contributes to the overall plot of the book. The books in the series can also easily be read as stand-alone novels. The few recurring characters from the previous books are given enough background so that the readers do not get confused. It would be difficult to write about all the twelve books in the series in the allocated space, but we can stop and look briefly at Cold Hit, the sixth novel in Moore’s Calvino series. The book starts with Vincent Calvino delivering a birthday card to a ying (a woman) in Bangkok and his thoughts on the recent deaths of five foreigners who have meet their end by drug overdoses. When Vincent discovers that all the victims were members of an Internet travel club called the Cause, he theorizes that they are the victims of a serial killer. But Colonel Pratt, his friend in the Thai Police – a recurring character in the entire series – does not approve of his theory.

to undercover operations in Bangkok; from survival in the slums to the troublesome acquisition of a rundown hotel. And when the reader least expects it, you get a ‘cold hit’ – two unrelated events are traced to the same location. This is the point when Moore starts picking up all the subplots he had constructed and uses them to build a tightly knit yarn. A more than satisfactory conclusion brings Calvino’s adventures in Cold Hit to an end, but a final twist in the end wraps up all remaining unanswered questions. In Moore’s 2004 introduction to the Heaven Lake Press edition of Cold Hit, we find out that “Prior to the launch of the Vincent Calvino private-eye series in 1992 with Spirit House, no writer has set an English language crime series in Southeast Asia.” The writer goes on to point out the fact that, throughout his Calvino books, Bangkok becomes one of the overarching main characters of the series. Although they are fiction, the Vincent Calvino novels record the main events that have rocked the history of Thailand’s capital. Moore’s insights into Thai society, economy, and politics make the Calvino series a valuable radiography of what Bangkok looks like through the detached eyes of an expat living in Thailand. C.G. Moore is working on the thirteenth Calvino novel, which, at the moment, has the working title of The Rangoon Running Club. The expected publication date for this one is early to mid-2013. But, until then, you can enjoy his latest novel, The Wisdom of Beer, in which the annual Cobra Gold joint military operation arrives in Pattaya dumping thousands of U.S. naval and marine personnel on the city. Russian Mafia and local Chinese-Thai gangsters decide this is a good time to rob a warehouse filled with war weapons. In the words of John Burdett, “The Wisdom of Beer is a hilarious portrait of a Thai-Chinese family struggling with both its history and its future as their attempts to exploit a priceless family secret intersect with the path of a Russian arms trafficker.”

As soon as the reader is introduced to these two subplots, the author surfaces yet another subplot: At Pratt’s recommendation, Jess Santisak, an undercover LAPD cop of Thai blood, offers Vincent a well-paid job as the bodyguard of an L.A. lawyer who will travel to Thailand to sign a business deal. Things get complicated when Wes Naylor, the lawyer, seemingly becomes the target of a commando team who also blows up Vincent’s car.

All of the books in the series are now available in paperback, and also in various electronic formats on the publisher’s website ( You can find out more about the Vincent Calvino books on the website dedicated to the character’s ‘adventures’ ( Christopher G. Moore also writes a regular column about the life of a crime writer in Bangkok on the International Crime Authors Blog ( You can keep up with the latest news and author’s talks on his official website (

Soon, the readers find themselves keeping track of several subplots, from karaoke bar owners in L.A. trafficking drugs from Thailand to Thai singers who try to help their brothers get out of jail; from drug stakeouts and arrests in L.A.

Voicu Mihnea Simandan is a Romanian writer who has been a member of the Bangkok Writers’ Guild since 2008. He can be contacted via his website at

26 - MAY 2012


Bangkok Trader’s Networking Night Ladies Night Launch Party


We did it! Yet another fantastic party thanks to our good friends at Bourbon Street in their new digs on Ekkamai. It’s a great place, and they really did it right for us. Many thanks to them... and so many thanks to you too, as you always help make it a wonderful time. And it was nice to see so many new faces there. We’re happy to expand our crowd of hooligans, er, I mean merry-makers. We hope you a good time, and it looks like you did from what we see here. Let’s do it again soon! Please check out our Facebook pages – either or – for all the details on all of our parties this year... or just to see a lot more great pix of the fun we had at Bourbon Street. Just go to and then search for “Bangkok Trader”. Add yourself on to get a monthly invitation to the parties. We’ll see you at the next one!


MAY 2012 - 27

New York at Your Fingertips By Shei Sanchez

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” No ruby slippers were needed. No yellow brick roads were followed. As it happens, this is the place where gold is found at the end of the rainbow. This is the place where I found time and memory on a plate in front of me. I was transported – temporally and physically. It was a time capsule to New York City, and the bouquet of bagels and fresh deli meat goodness filled my senses to the brim. Looking at the blackboard with its neatly handwritten menu and then ogling at the buxom bagels before me, I had to remind myself that this is Bangkok. Yes, New York bagels in Bangkok! Act I: Backstage The wizard behind this hypnotic Big Apple-style bagel didn’t start off in the bread business. A former TV cameraman in Bangkok, Eric Seldin had been dreaming of that taste of home. It took him almost twenty years to make that dream into what has now become the best place to satisfy a bagel fix. Eric met a fellow foodie, and now co-owner, Tri Kanchanadul, via Twitter. The two gourmands began talking, and let lo and behold, the ideas immediately started to ferment. While visiting his hometown in upstate New York, Eric proceeded to scout locations. After a serendipitous find in Manhattan Valley in the Upper West Side, Eric’s research into what goes into a New York bagel was slowly, but so absolutely surely, coming to fruition. “It was family owned. They had every kind of bagel imaginable. They were baking on the premises, and they were hand-rolled.” After tasting this bakery’s goods, Eric realized this is more akin to what Thai gustatory buds can adapt to. Observing the long queues of expectant bagel-philes, Eric was reminded of a long-standing formula: “If it’s great, people will eat it.” More importantly, for New Yorkers, if the food is good, the food is damn worth going back to.

Act II: The test “If I was a consumer, what would I like?” – Eric’s inchoate notions began to pick up steam upon his return. Playing around with recipes and talking shop with professional bagel virtuosos, Eric and Tri discovered something even more fortuitous: They can source all their ingredients in Thailand. A bagel native expecting a New York-style product can come to Bangkok Bagel Bakery and have a true local experience. Of course, like with any business that originates with passion and perseverance, Bangkok Bagel Bakery relied on their knowledgeable customer base – “our American friends, people who spent time in New York, our most critical friends.” Admitting that they made textural blunders early on, from their customer comments and advice arose consistent batches. After training a hard-working Thai staff, and with a baker manager who carefully observed and learned from demonstrations, the perfect Bangkok Bagel was born. Needless to say, customer feedback and response was an indispensable part of this learning process. Continually building on the clientele interest, Eric readily responds to feedback. Act III: Bagels from... Bangkok! Originally, Eric envisioned a wholesale enterprise of just bagels. With the prime business district of Chidlom and its influx of foreigners and middle- to upperclass Thais, the potential of bagel buyers was high. Their official grand opening was March of last year. And clearly, it was grand. Their first chef was a sandwich expert from the East Coast of the United States. The expertise she brought to the business was more than just penning the original menu. She also named the sandwiches à la New York. “As opposed to a general Americanized style, the New York (style) separates us more,” Eric recounts. After all, many future clientele were from places who longed for that

28 - MAY 2012

kind of bagel experience, such as the staff from the U.S. Embassy and those (er, New Yorkers) who were “particular about their food.” “A lot of it is what would I eat all the time,” Eric remarks. Surely, this is one of the ingredients to Bangkok Bagel Bakery’s success. If a business is to thrive, it must listen to what is familiar, to what brings people back to their memory of what good food is, what a good bagel ought to be. Act IV: Expanding the circle Their newest chef, Aaron C. Adler, is looking to the future expansion of the bakery. Not only does he don the chef’s hat, Aaron also manages the bakery’s operations. “The food that they have developed here over the last two years is just amazing,” he adds. Aaron admits that from a creative perspective, it’s a challenge to look long and hard at food he likes and respects and be dumbfounded at the notion of reinventing it. “How can I change this?” he exclaimed as he describes his experience with the Bangkok bagel. “I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.” Why reinvent what already proves to be a product that clearly sells itself? With Bangkok Bagel’s solid fan base, Aaron is focusing on expanding the catering and delivery, as well as the specials, their versatile playground area. Currently, the bakery has an organic ginger and brie salad topped with house ginger vinaigrette. He is also interested in making homemade sodas from local fruits and vegetables. “The customers really go for it,” Eric points out. They will open a second shop that focuses more on the 24-hour production and expand the current space with more seating. Without fail, it is the trend of local sources that continues to make Bangkok Bagel Bakery, among other businesses that are eco-friendly and health-conscious, a place to frequent. Eric and Aaron have seen the community of food enthusiasts unfolding. Their current customer base is 60% foreign and 40% Thai. Among this Thai native component, a high portion of them have been foreign-educated and, hence, touched with that almighty bagel. Either by coincidence or pure psychology, women have been the predominant visitors. Eric notes how female office workers in their early 20s to mid 30s, with some expendable income, have become the bakery’s fans. De-


scribing Thai women as pioneers with an open mind to new food experiences, Eric interestingly perceived on how their male counterparts are less open to change. Luckily, Bangkok Bagel Bakery caters to those who know what they want and those whose taste buds are ready for the adventure. “Everybody is a potential customer,” Eric wisely expresses. Act V: Your everything (bagel) “Somewhere over the rainbow...” your bagel is waiting from a selection of onion, sea salt, poppy, or whole wheat, just to name a few. Then, drool over (or perhaps reminisce over?) their choice of classic sandwiches. “The Reuben was the best I’ve had in years,” Aaron recalled about his first bite with pleasure. This house-cured corn beef favorite is only one among many others that can bring to mind a New York moment. Pick from Moishe’s, The Verrazano, or even the timeless Lox, Stock, and Bagel. Feel free to order homemade pickles and carrots on the side and a locally sourced cream cheese that will melt in your mouth. A new available sandwich topping is Aaron’s Kansas City smoked barbecue. The smokiness paired with the tenderness of the meat is a carnivore’s paradise. “For me, it’s satisfying to see people have their first bite,” Eric states. Asking if everything is alright with their dish, Aaron notices a mouthful of food with nothing left on their plate. Yes, I suppose everything is alright – more than alright. This community of bagel denizens keep returning and staying. They bring their laptops, order, eat, and stay. They bring friends, friends of friends, and they come back for more. They order in bulk and bring it back to the outskirts of Thailand, to another country, to a place on the other side of their rainbow. But more importantly, they come back happy and wanting more. Bangkok Bagel Bakery ( is on 518/33 Maneeya Center, Ploenchit Road, near the BTS Chidlom stop. Parking is available.

Shei Sanchez is a full-time educator, some-time writer and photographer, gastro-fiend, and budding gardener. She teaches at a university in Bangkok and can be contacted at

The Queen Victoria British Pub and Restaurant




Business Brief





Vol. No. 1, Issue No. 3

February 2012

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The Bangkok Business Brief has a circulation of 10,000 copies with distribution as listed below: • Direct mailing to Chamber of Commerce members • Circulated to Amata Industrial Estate executives • Five-star hotel business centers and executive lounges • Delivered with ‘Food By Phone’ orders

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Forecasting Thailand’s Economic Growth in 2012 By Dean Outerson

After a disastrous year for the Thai economy, forecasts for Thailand’s 2012 GDP growth are currently hovering between 4.7% and 5%, figures described by some as ‘conservative’ and others as ‘optimistic.’ Both sides agree that any growth will depend heavily on the successful implementation of the

economic stimulus packages proURGENT! British posed by the government, restoraexpats see Page 20 tion of investor confidence, and NOW! the absence of any serious global economic or monetary shocks or nomic stimulus package and a further domestic disasters. 350 billion baht (US$11 billion) investment in water management Skeptics of the government’s plans initiatives to prevent future floods, to right Thailand’s economic ship in the face of Thailand’s current question the wisdom of the 120 debt. The government’s recent Story continues on Page 20. billion baht (US$3.7 billion) eco-

Networking + Ladies Night =

The Bangkok Trader


Tuesday, May 29th, 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. Another ?¿MYSTERY¿?¿ location – to be announced on our main Faceback page with more details at or our events page at

We’ve had a slew of great parties already this year, and we ain’t stoppin’ yet... not by a long shot.Our next party is still in the works, so check out our Facebook to find out where we’ll be and join up with us – hope to see you there! For the details on all of our parties (and to look for your bright and shiny mug in our party pix), head on over to, search 'Bangkok Trader', and add yourself to our group. After that, we'll automatically update and remind you about the monthly parties.


d ! w fte Ne -cra es nd ho Ha s

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Bangkok Trader – Volume 6, Issue 6 – May 2012  

May 2012 issue of Bangkok Trader magazine, an English-language, general interest / lifestyle / entertainment magazine distributed in Bangkok...

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