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Volume 7, Issue No. 7

June 2013

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STICK ’EM UP By Voicu Mihnea Simandan


onsidered by many as America’s first sport, with origins going back to the days when Native American tribes competed amongst each other, lacrosse is similar to hockey, basketball, or football, as it combines a lot of different elements of these very popular sports. But, essentially, lacrosse is an up-and-down-the-field game with a goal at either end and with players passing the ball around and trying to score on the goalie. To do that, they use a long-handled lacrosse stick (held with gloved hands) that has a head with a ‘pocket’ or net made out of mesh at the end. Players use this net to catch, pass, and throw the ball with. The size of the ball is the same as a hardball in baseball, but much heavier, and, as such, helmets are worn to protect the players. But did you know that you can also play this sport in the Land of Smiles? Thailand Lacrosse Association (TLA) is made up of a dedicated core group of about fifty players located in Bangkok, with many Thai and foreign players coming through at different points in time for games, work, school or even on vacation. Currently, many Thai players are living and going to school in the United States, so they are only able to fly in especially just for the games or during school breaks. In Thailand, they play field (outdoor) lacrosse, but since they’re playing on a smaller-than-regulation size field, the game has a lot of elements of box (indoor) lacrosse mixed in. Box and field, the two versions of lacrosse, are very similar in many respects, with ‘box’ being the Canadian version and ‘field’

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being the American version. Both styles have popular professional leagues in North America, and according to some reports, lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. Thailand Lacrosse Association is actively looking to get more box lacrosse programs going on in Bangkok in addition to their current field lacrosse program. At the same time, TLA is looking into holding a future World Box Lacrosse tournament in Bangkok, to be organized in collaboration with the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL), to which Thailand belongs and works closely with. Thailand even has a women’s lacrosse team program going as well and young ladies and women are welcome to come play, practice, and learn the game. TLA welcomes both foreign and local lacrosse enthusiasts, and one of them, Robin Zinger, a Bangkok-based, 33-year-old Canadian, has been playing lacrosse in Thailand for just over two years now. Although he had always loved lacrosse growing up in Canada, where lacrosse is the official national sport (even though Canada is a hockey nation, as everyone knows), the sport was only popular and accessible in certain regions outside the big cities. “So, I didn’t really get the opportunity to watch or play,” confesses Robin. But, when the Canada’s National Lacrosse League (NLL) moved their team from Hamilton to Toronto and lacrosse games were shown on TV all the time, Robin got to watch live games in person.“On top of that, lacrosse equipment was in the sporting goods stores. But I still didn’t have any organized place to play or learn in my area, so I would throw/shoot the ball against the wall by myself most of the time. Actually, this is one of the best ways to practice,” remembers Robin. Then life brought him to Thailand, and one day while walking home, he took a detour through Thonglor, and where normally people see football being played, he saw a bunch of players in Thailand jerseys playing lacrosse. Robin says, “It was like an oasis in the desert, but even better. I watched them practice, as they were preparing for the first game ever in Thailand against the Hong Kong team, and at the first break in the action, I started talking to the players and tried to get to the bottom of how there were people playing la- In Robin Zinger’s opinion,“The lacrosse movement in Thailand, in particular, and crosse in Thailand.” Asia, in general, has been amazing to watch and be a part of.Thailand Lacrosse Association is working towards fielding a men’s team for the world championships It turned out that a lot of the players had gone to school in the U.S. and picked in Denver in 2014 and the women’s world championships in Oshawa, Canada this up the game there while some were homegrown players through the Thai- summer. Plus, we are continuing our annual games against Hong Kong and Sinland Lacrosse Association. “There were even some Japanese and Australian gapore in Bangkok and trips to those cities for games.” players! I quickly got to talking with Prantarit Nerngchamnong, or ‘Payu’ for the people who know him well, the president and mastermind behind la- Speaking of the biggest difference between lacrosse in Thailand and in Canada, crosse in Thailand, and despite my lack of experience, I was welcome to come Robin admits that, amazingly, “It’s been easier to learn and play the game here and play, practice, and learn the game with the team,” recalls Robin. than in the historic home of the game. The main difference is that in Canada they play indoors in the hockey rinks mostly because there are so many, and the game They even provided Robin with all the necessary equipment, and thus the Ca- has a lot in common with hockey stylistically, whereas in Thailand, we play the nadian who missed his opportunity at playing lacrosse in his native country more American and international style which has a lot in common with football was finally able to learn and play the game here in Bangkok.“Needless to say, and rugby.” my personal amazing experience in Thailand had just gotten exponentially more amazing with the addition of lacrosse to the equation.” Lacrosse is the ultimate hybrid sport, combining all the best elements of a multitude of sports such as hockey, American football, soccer, rugby, Aussie rules footMembership to Thailand Lacrosse Association is absolutely free. Apart from ball, basketball, and baseball. So, there’s no doubt that lacrosse can be great fun that, the people running the game are usually able to find equipment for and is good exercise. “However, fans of tougher, more physical sports are more newcomers or help them get some if need. If you’re dedicated to playing la- likely to enjoy playing the game, as it can get rough and the ball is quite hard. But crosse in Bangkok, then all you need to do is go and talk to them. They’ll help it is a gentleman’s game, with a lot of respect built in, although not for the faint of you get started, as cost is not a barrier to anyone learning or wanting to play heart. But once you watch or play it, you’ll be hooked,” assures Robin. lacrosse with the TLA program in Thailand. An upcoming event to look forward to is the Asia Pacific Lacrosse Championship, Thailand Lacrosse Association operates in two locations. Their practice field is which will take place June 21-22 in Beijing, China. The current participating counlocated at Arena 10 complex on Thonglor 10 (beside Funky Villa, Demo, Mc- tries are China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, Donald’s), where they train every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m. while Thailand hopes to send a team too. Their official stadium for tournaments and for the annual Friendly Cup and Rival Cup games with the Hong Kong and Singapore lacrosse teams takes place at Yamaha Stadium, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. If you can believe it, these are top-end facilities, and not even the best American and Canadian teams can boast dedicated game and practice grounds as great as the Thai team.

You can follow the evolution of the Thai lacrosse movement by accessing the Thailand Lacrosse Association official website (, by reading their blog (, or by joining their Facebook group ( Or, even better, just go and meet them!

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¿Te Salsa? By Dave Stamboulis


lthough Bangkok often appears on its face to visitors as this big, hot, polluted conglomeration of endless shopping malls, condos, and robots going through their daily grind, what I love about the city is how underneath it all, it is full of all sorts of special interests and subcultures, all of which are fascinating to uncover. I’d never even heard of something called ‘cosplay’ until I discovered the dress-up-like-Japaneseanime phenomena and its following here, where thousands of youngsters dress up and hold festivals and meetings. Then I found the tattoo lovers, where one can see plenty of Harley Davidson denim and black leather types mixing with office gals by day, covered in entire dragon-lady, full-back tattoos come weekend. Never a dull moment here, and most recently, I was introduced to the world of Bangkok salsa.

to gain popularity in New York in the 1950s. Salsa music and dance has many worldwide influences, the main ones being Cuban, Puerto Rican, New York, Los Angeles, and Dominican Republic. Salsa is now hugely popular in every continent of the world. It is like a worldwide language. You can travel to any major city in the world and turn up at a dance venue and dance with total strangers and have a great time. BT: How about your history with salsa – when did you start and what do you enjoy about it? TW: My history of salsa started in Sydney, Australia over 10 years ago. I stumbled into a club by accident. A combination of amazing music and dancing had me totally mesmerized. I decided then and there that I wanted to be a part of that. I very quickly turned into a ‘salsaholic’, dancing every night and taking lessons with six-time world champion Oliver Pineda, amongst others. Salsa is seriously the best fun you can have standing up! At best, you are at one with the music and your dance partner. It is a fantastic social outlet and a great form of exercise. Beats a treadmill every time.

Salsa in Bangkok? In a place dominated by hip hop and electronic music playing in large whiskey swilling clubs, you’d never imagine the Latin partner dance taking hold, but it actually has an avid following. My friend Tony Wharton, an Australian expat, has been salsa dancing for an eternity, and he certainly didn’t want to give up his passion when he moved to Bangkok. He recently took me out for a night on the town with dancing shoes on and then sat down to give me the lowdown on salsa and its place in the City of Angels. BT: How about salsa in Bangkok – how long has it been popular, where are the dances held, and when? How many people regularly attend? BT: Can you tell me a bit about salsa? TW: The longest established salsa venue in Bangkok is La Rueda, it has been TW: Salsa dancing and music is a global phenomenon that has grown in running continually for over ten years. There are a number of quality venues popularity exponentially, especially over the last 15 years. Originating in with dancing most nights of the week. Some nights would have 60-100 Cuba in the 1920s, it grew out of a mix of Afro/Cuban music. It further started people at any given time and a very mixed age group.

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BT: What are your thoughts about salsa here in Bangkok as opposed to back home? Is there a place for it in Thailand? How do Thais take to showing up and dancing with strangers? TW: For a population of eight million plus, the salsa scene here is underdeveloped compared many other major cities of the same size. Nevertheless, it is a great, developing community with many people putting in time and effort to make it grow and often for little or no financial reward. The salsa community here is made up of a combination of expats and Thais. There is actually an oversupply of females in the dance scene. Plenty of women come out and enjoy salsa. The Thai men however are in very short supply. I think there is a cultural aspect to this that hopefully will change in time. BT: Best advice you can give for learning to salsa dance in Bangkok? TW: Come and check it out. Seek out some lessons from the links supplied and enjoy. Salsa can be enjoyed at any level, be it beginner or advanced. When you are at a venue, don’t be shy, and yes, girls can ask guys to dance!


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n the last issue, I looked at some of Bangkok’s best spots for an incity holiday, the over-the-top and most pampering hotels and resorts. Continuing the trend, in this edition, I take a look at some of the top spots to go splurge and indulge in for a romantic Top of the Pops meal. We are not talking value here, nor hole-in-the-wall eatery. All these places are on the high end, and you will be emptying out some of your wallet, but the food is fresh, good, and innovative, and the surroundings pretty darn impressive.

NAHM If you haven’t been to Nahm yet, you owe it to yourself to get there at least once. In case you’ve never read the press, Nahm is the only restaurant in Bangkok – and for that matter the only Thai restaurant anywhere in the world – to make the prestigious Restaurant Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Restaurants in the World’ list (and it actually made the top 50). The restaurant is run by Michelin starred chef David Thompson, whose Thai restaurants in Sydney and London were on all the ‘best’ lists, and he creates Thai masterpieces with no sacrifice to chili and spice, much to the delight of locals. The blue swimmer crab with coconut curry is a highlight, as is the kurobata pork with yellow beans, but just about everything on the menu is a winner, and it is worth trying the set dinner to sample some of the chef’s best creations.

JOJO Probably Bangkok’s most upscale and refined Italian restaurant, JoJo is not only stylish with its beautiful interior, set inside the esteemed St Regis Hotel, but also romantic, with standout meals served in its quiet garden. While everything here is top notch, you have to come here at least once for the D.O.P. Burrata cheese plate, which comes with rocket salad. You get a half kilo of creamy cheese that will leave you salivating and wishing you were born Italian. If this isn’t enough, the fettucine alfredo served on a Castelmagno cheese wheel will deliver the knockout punch.

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PARK SOCIETY For high-end gastronomy, chic, and the best view of Lumpini Park in all Bangkok, the Sofitel So’s Park Society is the place to be. The elegant restaurant hovers over the park, and large glass windows ensure views for all. The food leans towards French haute cuisine, with centerpieces such as pan-seared foie gras with pear puree or roast pigeon leading the menu selections. There is an Asian Pacific set menu or a more elaborate Chef’s Table, which comes with wine pairings. Make sure to step out for a drink at the adjoining outdoor bar, where for an extra 500 baht, you can even have your own private cabana upstairs in the Hi-So section, one of the most romantic perches in town.

THE KITCHEN TABLE Hidden away on the second floor of the brand new, fashionistas W Hotel, just minutes from Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain Chong Nonsi station, the Kitchen Table doesn’t wow with high-rise cityscape views, but the food will have you every inch as floored and impressed. Australian Chef Sarah Briegel has traveled the world, and she brings an internationally flavored menu that combines fresh ingredients alongside with innovative Thai and other world cuisines. Exotic features include carpaccio of hamachi tuna smothered in yuzu sauce, which is sublime, or how about charcuterie with tomato chutney or the flavorful ravioli with goat curd, asiago cheese, and brown sugar. The interior boasts amber decor with monitor lizard motif patterns, and the large dining room surrounds the suave, open kitchen. There is also a long terrace for those who must have that view.

THE CHINA HOUSE From the veteran of class, The Mandarin Oriental, comes The China House, a right-out-of-Shanghai-in-the-1920s colonial home with intimate private dining, serving up mouthwatering Cantonese cuisine. Here, the Peking duck is cut and served by a master chef at your table and wrapped in a pancake with plum sauce after you watch the skin delicately removed. Other favorites on the menu are the large wasabi prawns and the perfectly made har gau shrimp dumplings. The China House is also noted for its dim sum brunches and is a great place for that special date or occasion. As opposed to the hotel list, there was no one clear winner here. Each restaurant is unique, and of course, the cuisines are quite varied. Living in Thailand, one might wonder why one would opt for high-end Thai when we can find so much good Thai food daily, yet Nahm is a noted exception to the rule. And when you have such outstanding French, Italian, Chinese, and fusion oriented fares standing in line next to it, I guess the only thing to do is eat, and eat often, and feel fortunate that we live in a city so blessed with such fantastic dining options. The China House – Mandarin Oriental, 48 Oriental Avenue. Tel. 02 659 9000, Ext. 7650-1. JoJo – The St Regis, 159 Ratchadamri. Tel. 02 207 7815. Park Society – Sofitel So, 2 North Sathorn Road. Tel. 02 624 0000. The Kitchen Table – The W, 106 North Sathorn Road. Tel. 02 344 4000. Nahm – Metropolitan Hotel, 27 South Sathorn Road, Tel. 02 625 3388. 02 262 0747 081 988 4419

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Head over to to check out all the pix from the great time we had at Hemingway’s Drinking & Dining.

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NATURISM IN THAILAND By Voicu Mihnea Simandan


here have been quite a few scandals in the past few years involving bare-breasted Thai ladies enjoying Songkran festivities. This has sparked a heated social debate about what is and is not acceptable in Thai culture, with the Thai Culture Ministry believing that public nudity diminishes Thai culture. At the same time, however, that very Ministry sported bare-breasted celestial beauties on their official website!

Greger Moeller, a 59-year-old naturist from Denmark, has been in Thailand for over 20 years and has been involved in the naturist movement in Thailand since 2005. He is also the president of the Naturist Association of Thailand, and for him, the Thai law is clear: “As naturists are not exposing themselves in public, there is no offence committed. The law does not regulate nudity in private, and we are therefore only nude in a private resort or home. That said, we would like to see some sections of beaches or remote beaches being defined as clothing-optional and out of view of people who dislike seeing undressed people.” Based in Bangkok, where he is the Managing Director of a publishing and marketing company, Moeller was first exposed to naturism during his childhood. “My parents were naturists, and most vacations were spent at beaches in Europe, where nobody was wearing anything except a sweater if it was windy,” he shares. The Thailand Naturist group was started in 2005 by Moeller and a group of Thai friends. At present, it has over 1,300 members and has continued to grow at a predictable rate for the past five years. Their members come from all walks of life, from CEOs of Thai and international corporations, to taxi drivers, and everything in between. In addition, there are members from every major religion and every continent.

At that time, the members of the Naturist Association of Thailand (NAT), active since 2005, minded their own business and stayed out of the controversy. Indeed, although they are naturists (also known as nudists), they do not advocate public nudity, which is against Thai law. Instead, naturism is a lifestyle that advocates personal, family, and social nudism, assumed to take place on private property. “We have a growing Thai membership, as well as members from international locations. We have strict rules of conduct and behavior for our members both But let’s see what the Thai Criminal Code really says about nudity:“Any person in social settings and on our membership site. It is a fact that we ban memwho performs such a disgraceful act in public by undressing himself, exhibit- bers who violate the rules of conduct and behavior, and we have done so. This ing his undressed person or committing any other act of obscenity shall be has only happened seven times since we started,” clarifies Moeller. liable to a fine not exceeding five hundred baht.” (Section 388 of the Thai Penal Code, Book III). The mission of the Naturist Association of Thailand, as stated on their website (, is to promote a lifestyle of health and wellIt is clear in the paragraph, filed under ‘Petty Offenses’, that it deals with inde- ness for people who enjoy clothing-optional and naturist recreation in Thaicent behavior by persons exposing themselves as a sexual statement. Petty land: “Our concept is based on the well-known positive effect of naturism offenses are criminal offenses that are so small that the offender will not have on stress and tensions and its boosting effect on self respect and positive the right to be put before a jury, but may simply be fined by the law. The term body image.” ‘in public’ is defined in the general provisions of the whole Thai Penal Code in the following way: ‘Public way’ means a land or waterway used by the public Although Thailand has quite a conservative society to some, Thai people for traffic, and includes a railway or tramway used for public conveyance; consist of many layers of different cultural beliefs. Moeller is of the opinion ‘Public place’ means a place to which the public has a right of entry. that “a large part of the population would not accept to be called ‘quite con-

bangkok trader JUNE 2013 21

servative.’ Most of the Thai people I encounter in my private life and business life find naturism odd, but acceptable. They have no wish to try it themselves, but have no problem that we practice it when we are together. But there are other people in Thailand who see themselves as cultural cherubs and see naturism as an attack on their view of what is ‘correct’ Thai culture.”

Thailand Naturists meet at member resorts and at private homes for barbeques or picnics in remote locations away from public view. Membership is free to anyone who is interested in naturism. If you want to find out more about naturism, then you can also attend the 2nd annual Thailand International Naturist Conference, scheduled for June 7-9 in Pattaya. It will include discussions and workshops on a variety of naturist topics. For more informaRecently, the naturists in Thailand have also published the first issue of a tion, contact the Naturist Association of Thailand at info@ThailandNaturist. magazine about nudism simply called NAT. The target market for this maga- com or by phone to 081 629 0117. zine is the NAT membership, people interested in naturism, and the public at large. The first issue is actually an educational piece about naturism, giving an overview for people not familiar with the concept, so they can get a bigger and fairer picture of it (the magazine is available online via According to the statistics provided by the publishers, the readership of NAT covers every continent, including all of North America, all but one country in South America, every country in Europe, and every Asian country except Bhutan. The highest readership was registered from the U.S., Thailand, and the U.K. “The naturist movement is still in the beginning stages in Thailand, but will catch up to Europe, Australia, and America within a few years, as more people realize the positive and healthy aspects of naturism. Naturism attracts quality visitors and guests, both international and local, all year long, and the repeat guest rate to a naturist resort is higher than regular hotels and resorts, so more resorts here in Thailand look for ways to increase their booking occupancy during low season,” states Moeller. “Naturism is not defined by religion, culture, tradition, or family values. It is something within each individual that tells them they are more comfortable not wearing clothes. It is not some evil spirit, as we view the human body as something natural and wonderful in whatever size or shape it comes in. Once people learn and understand what the principles of naturism are, they quickly see that it is a positive way of life,” concludes Greger Moeller.

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Email your ad to: Maximum 75 words. Listings run as space allows or until cancelled. CONDO SUK 33 – 18,500 THB/m. 73sqm 1 Bedroom Condo for rent. Bathroom with bath, small kitchen. 4th floor. Quiet, low rise condominium in an excellent area. 700 meters to Prompong BTS. Well decorated, clean and safe. Please contact for photos and further information. This is renting / selling direct by the owner. Tel: 0817350954 / 0875559848 (E) ONE BEDROOM FF 60m/sq condo for rent, located near the Queen Sirikit MRT, priced at 15,000 baht per month. Has a good sized balcony, open views, is light and bright with onsite facilities including a gym, pool, snooker, table tennis free wi-fi in the common area, reading room and a basketball area. One year lease required. Phone 08 7812 6893 (D) MODERN CONDO FOR RENT, sell on the 8 floor, corner 60.23 sq.m, LPN village Cultural Center, living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, 2 balconys, furnished in modern and light / fresh style rent only THB18,000 per month. For sale 3.6 million Swimming pool, sauna, fitness. Close to MRT and Central. Contact Joe 0814506621, 0898705009 (D) FACE + CROWD GROUP – international communication, events and motorsport marketing, full service agency, based in Germany and Thailand. We create strategies and outcomes that are clearly different and colorfully brilliant. Our fields: brand strategy, classic advertising, marketing, sport sponsoring and digital marketing. Graphic Designers use communication skills, industry knowledge and computer design expertise to create advertisements for media ranging from newspapers to online In addition we are specialized on event branding. Contact vc@faceandcrowd. com or (D) LOOKING FOR NATIVE ENGLISH speakers and other languages to be freelance voice artists. Newbies welcome. You must possess decent voice without accent. Please send your CV to info@ or call 089 666 3660 (TJ). (F) AFFORDABLE HEALTH insurance – Lifelong cover new applications accepted to age 75. contact Tel. 085 821 9646 (E) LAND AND BUILDING FOR SALE OR RENT – Petkasem 46. Good for investment, build condominium. Close to BTS sky train blue line. 100-300 meters walk from BTS. Near education zone, hospital, and department store. Sale include building in front of the land, 6 rooms and 6 building in the land area. Only 180.6 Mb. More detail Tisha 0870853455 (F)

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NEED A VISA? VISA ISSUES? Do you need a long-term or short-term Visa to stay in Thailand? Do you need to extend or transform your current Visa? Do you have an overstay or blacklist problem? We solve ANY immigration problem you might have. “ANY” means ANY! We provide fast services at a reasonable price. We require minimal or NO documentation. We do everything: completely hasslefree for you! Call 089-149-9200 or email to (D) CONDO FOR RENT AND SALE – LPN -E 1 Village Cultural Center. 60.23 Sq.m living room. 2 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms. Kitchen. 2 balconys. Furnished. Light and fresh. Rent 18,000 THB per month. Sale 60,000 per Sq.m. Swimming pool. Sauna. Fitness. Close to MRT Huai khwang T.089 870 5009 (E) FULLY FURNISHED 4TH FLOOR condo close to Hua Mak airport link, Seacon Sq. Paradise Park, Sri Nakarin and On Nut Rd’s. Only 11,500B. Gym, pool, sauna, minimart, laundry, 24 hour security, off road parking. Ready to move in. Call 088-8757-371 (Thai and English) (F) FOR SALE / RENT – River side condo. 165 sqm. 20th floor with stunning river / pool view, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, library, maid + bath, 2 kitchen, 2 storage, 2 parking, sold fully furnished + electric. Facilities: Boat service, 3 pools, Jaccuzi, sauna, steam, full gym, yoga, tennis, squash, basketball,kids play, snooker, table tennis, BBQ area, meeting room, running track. Saphan Taksin BTS. Close to Asiatique, Shrewsbury School, Villa Super. 16.7 Mil sale / 65000 rent Contact Niwat 0811002900 (F) DETOX TO YOUR DOOR. Want to lose weight, and feel great? This is the best way to reboot your body and clean the inside. Lose 7 kilos in 7 days! www. Tel: 091-801-3012 (F) FOR RENT BAYVIEW RESORT – Near Banglanmung, 10 minutes drive to Pattaya. Seaview ~ Large Garden ~ Swimming Pool ~ Tennis ~ Parkings. Unit B-402. 110sq m 2 bedroom. Furnished 3 aircon 2 toilets. B25,000 per month. Owner: Pakorn 0816183921 (E) BECOME YOUR OWN LIFE-COACH TODAY – A positive life changing personal and spiritual development book that uses simple yet powerful philosophy keys, and when used together it will create a life changing effect in your life! “The Master’s Sacred Knowledge” A key to your inner treasure. Invest in your future and get to know yourself. If you want to change your life for the better today then this book is for you! http:// (F)

bangkok trader JUNE 2013 23 NEED A WEBSITE? We at offer different ranges of pricing for all your website needs. We consist of a group of freelancers who have your business needs in our best interest. Inform us if you need content writing, printing services, content design. We can also redesign your existing website. or (0896694852) Thai / (0877941183) English. (F)

UNIQUE INVESTMENT opportunity in Canada’s ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ GOLF PUTTERS – Brand Banff National Park in the prestigious national park New Prokennex golf putters – Left or right town of Banff, Alberta. Ten unit fully renovated handed, ex promotional items, never used, building located on the highest point on Banff retail at Central for approximately Bt3,800. Avenue, with unparalleled mountain views. For sale at Bt750 each. Photographs available. Owners do not have to own a business in Banff, Contact Andy: 0808149080 or email to and do not have to work or to live in Banff. Price ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ (D) CAD1,800 000.00, possibly less if one suite is leased back to the owner. now for BANGKOK JUDO at Boxer Rebellion Gym in TEACHCHA CENTER. Teaching Thai: Speaking, more information. (E) Silom. Classes are Tues and Thurs at 6pm Gi reading, writing Online and in person Only 15-19 and Sat morning at 1030am No Gi. Classes IF YOU DRINK, that is your business. If you want to AUD! 100+ B in group Special price! Speak Thai properly. Thai Culture, business, study, daily life. stop, we can help! Alcoholics Anonymous 02-231- are in English by a Native English Speaker. All levels welcomed. Please visit the web-site Read and Write Thai. Mix consonants and vowel, 8300 (English and Thai) (F) interview. Free Worksheets, program presentations. MOTORBIKE / SCOOTER FOR SALE. Yamaha Fino, for more details or email More detail on 0870853455 like new, fully legal, about 28,000 km. Garaged near (D) (F) Asok BTS. 25,000 Baht or offers. Call Bill on 081 554 TEACHING VOLUNTEERS WANTED – U.S. / EU / Aus / NZ Nationality. Any sex / age. Polite, 0108. (F) IMMO DE BANGKOK CO., LTD – real estate non-smokers / drinkers. Teaching exp. pref. but agency – welcome to Immodebangkok. If you FREELANCE ENGLISH-THAI TRANSLATOR / not necessary. Teach Thai students grade 1-6 on want to sell, rent or buy condominium, we can personal assistant – An MA degree Thai professional pronunciation, conversation on any Fri. you are help you to reach your objective. Just visit to our with 20 years working experience in various free 5.00-6.30 pm. Nearby Int’l Instadium (next to website: or call us: multinational companies can assist any expatriate in MBK Shopping Center - Siam Square), take bus no. communicating with his / her business prospectives, Khun Kay: +66 081-825 4363 (D) 15, 204, 47, 48, 508 to Dhepsirin Temple School including interpreting and translation of business 2 BEDS / 2 BATHS NEAR BTS – luxury & spacious documents. Email: or call and walk about 10 min. (map provided later). Pls email: (F) 137 sq.m. Next to the Four Seasons hotel. 2 mins M:+66 89 780-8765 (F) 2 ROOMS: 5F / 2 STANDARD ROOMS. It has walk from BTS Ratchadamri. Close to Lumpini APT FOR RENT – a F/F 118 sqm apt in Sukhumvit 99 and 100 sq.m and price in 2,970,000 baht Park (nice jog in the park), Central World, Siam Soi 11 for rent. 2 bedrooms + 1 study room, 2 and 3,000,000 baht. Thana City, Bangna KM 12 Paragon, MRT Silom. Fully furnished: 42” TV, LED bathroom, living room and open kitchen. 42” TV and (back door) and KM 15 (front door), Bang pee, TV, washer, rain shower, oven, large living room, DVD player. monthly rental fee: 33,000 baht/month. Samut Prakarn (near the airport), (if sales both dining room, kitchen, storage room, 2 parking contact: Lee 081-3070618 (F) of them at the same time then price in 5 million spaces, great neighbourhood. Rent: 55,000 baht / mth Call: 086-610-1976. More info at http://bit. CHEAP LUXURIOUS CONDO FOR RENT - 64m2, baht). WhatApp & LINE: 0882020005; SMS & call: 1 big bedroom, 1 living room and 1 bathroom 0844515724 (D) ly/13Xddef (F) with tub. Fully furnished. Big swimming pool TWITTER FOLLOWERS – As Thailand’s leading view, fittness, and children playground. 5 minute INVEST IN US RENTAL REAL ESTATE for only social media guy I know have the abilty to walk to Phoyothin MRT. 5 minute walk to Union 5,000,000 baht total no hidden costs. Longmanage to grow anyone’s Twitter account with Mall and Big C. 12,000 Baht/month. Call Maggie: term tenants, (over 3 years), pay monthly rental generating approximately 6% gross return. targetd followers, this is White hat stuff staying 0818395159 Line (E) Professional property management assures within Twitter’s rules and we can get you 150 CONDO SIAMESE GIOIA SUKUMVIT 31, for rent steady payments and professional maintenance minimum tageted followers each month for 1,500 60,000 baht / month. 2 beds room / 2 bathrooms of your property. Located Eugene OR (University THB contact (E) with bathtab, 4fl., 70.2 sq.m. Fully furnished and of Oregon) owner entitled to annual visit to inspect MR. ANGELO MATURE PROF. of italian language electric appliance with air conditions, LCD TV, the property. Attorney managed sale full escrow (speak thai) give to you wonderful lessons. degree refrigerator, microwave, electric stove, washing security for your funds no need to travel to US. from university, cheap and reasonable prices, machine etc. Facilities: 5 stars lobby, swimming Photos available (F) accordingly on the lenght of courses. also offer pool, fully-equipped gym, cafe, kid’s playroom, 8 ROOMS: 3F / 2 SMALL ROOMS, 5F / 1 big extraordinay accompany on conversations about, sauna room, library. Location: Fuji Supermarket 50 room and 5 small rooms. Small room has 32 culture, philosophy, political, economy and more m., BTS Prompong station 1 k.m. Contact number: sq.m and price in 780,000 baht. Big room has to enrich your life. e-mails: mobile 0811694922 (F) 38 sq.m and price in 840,000 baht. Grand (F) FOR SALE – Apple 15-Inch MacBook Pro laptop Palace condominium, Ramkhamheang soi 65 DIVE GEAR FOR SALE - everything you need with Retina display, Apple External Disk Drive, (Soi Mahathai), Hua mark, Bangkok (if sales all to get diving. Like new in excellent condition. Apple Mouse, Microsoft Office for mac 2011 at the same time then price in 5,820,000 baht). Package deal or sold separately. Call for viewing software. All original Apple products purchased WhatApp & LINE: 0882020005; SMS & call: appointment and gear details. Bangkok. Contact in the UK, August 2012 from Apple Shop. Only 0844515724 (D) Patrick: 0819221665 Mail: (E) used 5-6 times, reason for selling defected back RENTS & SALES 14 traditional classic rooms: to Microsoft. Cost £2,200.00 when purchased. started 132.24 sq.m to 284 sq.m, price in 66,000 CHEAP LUXURIOUS CONDO FOR RENT – 64m2, Offers please. Contact: Reacher. Email: Baht per sq.m to 84,000 Baht per sq.m (cheaper 1 big bedroom, 1 living room and 1 bathroom or mob: 084 458 1893 (F) than Thonglor area), in Royal Castle at Sukhumvit with tub. Fully furnished. Big swimming pool SMALL 3BR partly furnished house in the Asoke soi 39 (BTS close Emporium). Also sales new view, fittness, and children playground. 5 minute area for rent. Has a front court yard, bedrooms BMW series 7, 730Li Black / White normal price in walk to Phoyothin MRT. 5 minute walk to Union are upstairs, there is a kitchen with an oven, a 7,299,000 baht now pay in credit discount 5% if Mall and Big C. 12,000 Baht / month. Call Maggie: maids quarters or storage area, is okay to have buy by cash discount 500,000 baht. Whats App & 0818395159 (F) a small pet and near by is the Thursday market LINE: 0882020005, SMS & Call in: 0844515723. (D) FREELANCE ENGLISH TRANSLATOR, Specialist and a park. Just 35,000 baht per month. A rarely NAME OF CONDOMINIUM – Aree Place. in marketing tools and technical manual. Cara available private residence. Phone Tai on 08 Location: Sukhumvit Rd. Soi 26. Sub-Soi opposite 0061 1054 (D) 081-287-5293 (E) Regent on The Park 1 condominium. 2 Beds, 2 EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC and book/magazine designer for print and web. I can create a professional looking identity, look, or brand for your business needs. Contact AU. (‘oo’) at or call 089 229 4416. (D)

SPANISH TRANSLATIONS / interpretation & teaching – Spanish native speaker offers translation / interpretation services. Websites, contracts, official letters, manuals etc. Both for private companies and official institutions. Thai translations and Accounting also offered. Call 0870470590 or email: Spanish_Consultant@ (E)

Baths. Fully vegan furnished. Facilitys: Swimming pool and gym. 1 car parking lot. Area 75 Square Mates. Sale price Bahts 5.2 million, including brokerage fees 3% and full sales tax. Exellent atmosphere and prime location 15-20 minutes walk to BTS. Thank you and please contact asap. Mr.Davin: cellular phone 0850731972 and Mrs. Kor: cellular phone 0869861806. (F)

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Bangkok Trader – Volume 7, Issue 7 – June 2013  

June 2013 issue of Bangkok Trader magazine, an English-language, general interest / lifestyle / entertainment magazine distributed in Bangko...

Bangkok Trader – Volume 7, Issue 7 – June 2013  

June 2013 issue of Bangkok Trader magazine, an English-language, general interest / lifestyle / entertainment magazine distributed in Bangko...