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Volume 7, Issue No. 3

February 2013

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Above It All Flight of the Gibbon By Dave Stamboulis, photos from Treetops Asia


n Bangkok, about the only time we get high is either from having far too many at one of the hundreds of happy hours that make our chaotic urban city lives a bit less mad, or else while staring out at the skyline from a ritzy dinner spot in one of Sathorn or Silom’s high-rise hotel restaurants. But for something a bit less citified and far more adrenalinerushed (not to mention completely unique), why not try getting really high while riding a zip line up above the jungle with Flight of the Gibbon? The Flight of the Gibbon is a zip line experience where you get put on a climbing safety harness system, and get to ride along through the jungle above the rainforest canopy, experiencing it perhaps as a bird does. Platforms and sky bridges are connected via cables traversing the trees, and you get to see some pristine nature from a radically different perspective.




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Gibbons tend to sleep and congregate up in high tree branches, so the zip lines above the forest floor offer a great way to encounter them up close and see just why the founders of Flight of the Gibbon became so passionate about their project, as well as to appreciate the planet’s most agile and fastest of all nonflying, tree-dwelling mammals from a similar vantage point. Once you get over the terrifying (for some) experience of stepping off a mile-high platform and become airborne in the jungle, the rest is easy and incredibly fun. And, hey, if you are used to navigating zebra crossings on Silom or Sukhumvit, this is child’s play! Bird calls are no longer above, but right next to you; the foliage isn’t something to be hacked away at or pressing you under, but actually below you or at eye- and arm’s length; and everyone else in the party is having just as screamingly wonderful a good time as well. Not only is the Flight of the Gibbon exhilarating, the scale of the operation is completely unique. There are three kilometers of zip lines set throughout the jungle, along with 24 high platforms from which to observe the for-

The organization started in 2004, when a group of nature lovers were out looking for gibbons out in the wilds of Chiang Mai. The group came across gibbon remains that looked to have been killed by poachers, and this was accentuated even further some years later upon finding wild gibbons left out on the roadside after several years in captivity. Thus, Flight of the Gibbon was started to protect Asian wildlife. Part of this protection meant ensuring that tropical rainforests were kept intact (they are highly under threat from encroaching human agriculture), and one way to raise funding for jungle restoration, as well as habitat preservation, was by running an ecotourism program that would bring visitors face to face with the wildlife and surrounding forest. Canopy tours became wildly popular ecotourism adventures in Costa Rica in the 1990s, following their introduction as a method for researchers to get closer and more intimate with their wildlife biology and diversity studies. This model was copied in Laos and here in Thailand, first in Chiang Mai and now also run in a pristine rainforest between the Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary and the Khao Kheow Zoo in Chonburi, where participants are taken high above the trees and given the opportunity to both play and learn in a real jungle gym. For those with fears of vertigo, rest assured. Each zip line is set up with triplebolted construction conforming to international safety standards and the aptly-named ‘Sky Ranger’ guides who ensure smooth high-platform transfers are extremely well trained and make sure that all participants get a full safety briefing and personalized attention during the entire experience.

bangkok trader FEBRUARY 2013 7

est from. There are also two sky bridges to traverse, along with two rappels from above. One zip line is a phenomenal 300 meters, making it more like a horizontal downhill ski run through the treetops! You won’t be lacking for excitement anytime soon here, and it certainly beats playing chicken amidst traffic in Bangkok. Trips include a roundtrip shuttle from Bangkok, lunch, and a visit to the open-air safari park at Khao Kheow. The Chonburi site now also has a Go Gibbon jungle obstacle course that includes flying swings, spider nets, and Tarzan jumps for those who want a full adrenaline rush. Prices range from 2,400 baht for residents (proof of residency is required) to 3,300 baht for international tourists for the main attraction, the Go Gibbon option for 2,000 baht, and package/combo deals that even include a free hotel room in Bangkok or in Chiang Mai. Student pricing is available too. Advance reservations are required. The website is very good and will send you on your way to soar above it all. Flight of the Gibbon – – Tel: 053 010 660 or 089 970 5511.

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Plant a Tree… Today!

By Voicu Mihnea Simandan, photos by Regin Reyno


he United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development held in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012 and the more recent Doha Climate Change Conference of December 2012 were two of the latest highlevel meetings that reminded us, once again, that the Earth’s resources are going downhill. Now that we’ve entered a new year, it is time for new resolutions, so why not aim high this time? Apart from your usual day-to-day challenges in which you promise yourself to go to the gym at least twice a week, to reduce the So, the question that arises is: What can we do? Well to accomplish one of cigarettes you smoke by half, and to take it easy on the alcohol intake, how those New Year’s resolutions this year might be to simply plant a tree. Trees are key components to the global ecosystem and this is neatly suggested about adding another resolution? To save the Earth! in the PATT Foundation’s logo, which is just two trees with full, green canoMany do accept the fact that we’re slowly, but surely, destroying the world pies and the sun shining happily above. we live in, and we do want to chip in and save it. Unfortunately, a lot of us in this financial-crisis-driven world can’t afford to reduce our carbon footprint PATT stands for “Plant A Tree Today,” and it is a foundation that, ever since by switching from our decade-old, fuel-consuming rides to more ecologi- its founding in 2005, has taken action against deforestation and climate change through native forest restoration. Although PATT is a UK-registered cally designed cars. charity and Thai foundation, it also has offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Part of the problem with the world today is that everybody is busy mak- and South Africa. ing money while forgetting some of the other more important issues that plague our planet, such as child abuse, wildlife trafficking and climate The Country Manager for Thailand is Jane Bailey, a Bangkok-based activist change. Still, collectively, you, I, and our next-door neighbors are all destroy- who has lived and worked here for the past twelve years. She is in charge of ing Mother Earth; and if we don’t act fast, our great-grandchildren might organizing tree-planting trips aimed at school children, families, and adult volunteers. not get to know the world as we do now. In Bangkok, PATT Thailand organizes frequent excursions to Phra Padaeng, an area also known as ‘the lung of Bangkok’ located across the Chao Phraya River in the south of the capital. Here, apart from enjoying a nature walk, you can also do your bit in saving the world by planting seeds and pricking out saplings in their tree nursery, as well as planting trees in the community forest. If you feel like getting out of Bangkok, then Jane can take you on an organized trip to Khao Yai, where you can learn about the environment and the specific flora of the region and, of course, plant trees. Apart from the actual act of planting trees, there are many other ways you can help save the environment. Again, without spending a single baht, you can contribute by just speaking up and spreading the word. Our environment is not a topic only for the Discovery Channel, it concerns all of us, from students to office workers, from billionaires to politicians. So don’t

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be shy about posting on your Facebook wall the small contributions you make towards a greener Earth, and if you have a blog or a website or a Twitter account, take the time to write a few words about the importance of cleaner air. If you’re more of a person who likes to mingle with the masses, then joining a fundraiser with PATT might be just the thing you were looking for. As fundraising and volunteer work go hand in hand, you can also sign up for PATT’s Environmental Outreach and Advocacy Program and inspire your community to take action and care for their environment. Planting trees is also a great family activity. What better way of spending the weekend can you imagine other than taking your son or daughter out into nature, digging holes in the ground and planting trees? Even if you don’t have children of your own, you can volunteer in the EcoKids program and help supervise kids in PATT’s environmental school holiday camps. The importance of trees has been the subject of hundreds of pages of academic papers, but here are just eight simple reasons why you should ‘plant a tree today’:

1. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, which is bad for us. 2. Trees produce oxygen, which we all need to survive. 3. Trees provide a habitat for wildlife. 4. Trees help prevent soil erosion. 5. Trees are a key factor in water conservation (and we all remember what happened in 2011 during the rainy season). 6. Trees can control temperature, which means that, in Bangkok, more trees mean a cooler climate. 7. Trees can assist in the remediation of land. In other words, trees clean the soil. 8. Trees help us achieve a positive frame of mind.

The PATT Foundation has a holistic approach to climate change, which they see as the biggest challenge facing our world. Help them save the world one tree at a time. It will cost you next to nothing, but the impact you’ll make on the environment might last for centuries. Find out more about other PATT activities and how you can get involved at If you’re a big tree lover, join the great people at BIGTreesProject who, in 2011, were at the helm of a wonderful campaign aimed at indentifying the biggest, the tallest, the most beautiful, and the public’s most favorite trees in Bangkok. 02 262 0747 081 988 4419

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Sashimi Dreams By Dave Stamboulis


f there is anything I learned during my stay in Japan, it is that nothing, absolutely nothing, beats good fresh sashimi. While ‘raw fish,’ as its rather crude moniker tends to go in the West, is not on everyone’s palate for fine dining, those in the know talk of its taste sensation being pretty close to a religious epiphany… if not at least a good orgasm. Sashimi, or ‘pierced body,’ as the direct translation from Japanese goes, has been around since before the samurai period in Japan, where it most likely evolved from the process of putting a spike through the brain of freshly caught fish, which minimized lactic acid buildup and subsequent rotting of the flesh, allowing the fish to last (in a humid country with no refrigeration at that time). These days, the art of sashimi is at the top of all world cuisine, and whether it be in Tokyo, Osaka, San Francisco, New York, or Vancouver, fish lovers line the counters of their favorite places trying to find the perfect cut. Most westerners douse their sashimi in wasabi, loving the extra spice and kick that combines with the fish, but the Japanese will tell you that this is not the right way to eat sashimi, as too much wasabi dilutes the taste, and with good fish, they say that just a small bit of soy sauce is all that is required and that the flavor of the sashimi will do the rest. The types of sashimi are limitless, although tuna cuts, like hamachi (yellowtail) or otoro (fatty bluefin), are some of the most popular. Many people swear by unagi (eel), claiming it serves as an aphrodisiac, as does uni (sea urchin). In Tokyo, people pay huge amounts to sample fugu, or puffer fish, which, if not sliced in a proper way by a certified chef, can fatally poison a person within minutes, due to its containing a neurotoxin with no known antidote. Sashimi is not only limited to fish, as meat can also be used and considered a delicacy as well. Snake sashimi was considered a real tasty

treat when I lived in Japan, and in the town I resided in, the local specialty was horsemeat sashimi! While Bangkok has hundreds of Japanese restaurants and sashimi-serving joints, most of them, while certainly decent enough for any kind of fish cravings, are of the frozen-salmon and low-grade tuna variety, where the salmon has been sitting on ice or in the freezer for far too long, and therefore doesn’t pack much flavor or texture. Chain establishments like Oishi or Fuji are extremely popular with the young Thai crowd, and while they may be cheap and filling, they will not cut the mustard if you are a sashimi connoisseur. However, several more discerning establishments, mostly

bangkok trader FEBRUARY 2013 13

located in Thonglor (home to the brunt of Bangkok’s 80,000 Japanese expats), have started flying in fish several times a week from the famed Tsukuji Fish Market in Tokyo, ensuring the best cuts and maximum taste. One restaurant of note that does this is Mugendai, a fairly new, upscale Japanese spot tucked away down Thonglor. Yes, you are going to spend a lot here, but it’s hard to complain when you’ve got fresh Bluefin tuna or king crab sitting on your plate. Mugendai raises the bar for fine Japanese food in Bangkok, with some outstanding nouvelle sashimi and sushi offerings in a fashionable rooftop setting, and the crowds it gets every night attest to the fact that it is doing something very right. The top dish at Mugendai is their signature Aburi 7, which features fatty Bluefin tuna, giant scallops, snapper, halibut fin, salmon, Alaskan king crab, and Matsuzaka beef, all of which are succulent, and each one topped with its own bit of a tweak, such as Ponzu sauce or miso. Even more alluring is the Unagi foie gras, in which wild freshwater eel is made in an inside-out roll stuffed with foie gras! Yet another outstanding dish is the Matsuzaka Gyu, which has superb Matsuzaka beef made into sushi and topped with a quail egg yolk. The Thai owner here lived in Japan, and he has taken traditional know-how combined with a bit of a twist to make some knockout creations. You can dine in a traditional tatami room at Mugendai or outside on the deck with its Zen rock garden, or sit at the sushi bar and watch the chefs create their masterpieces. Prices run from 300 to 2400 baht for the Aburi 7, but your palate will never forgive you if you don’t think it’s worth the splurge. Mugendai – – Thonglor Soi 12, The Grass Residence, 7th floor, Tel: 02 726 9222. Open Mon.-Fri., 5:30 p.m.-midnight and Sat.-Sun. 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m.-late.


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All Aboard the Bangkok Express By Voicu Mihnea Simandan


nder the pseudonym ‘Bangkok Byron’, a member of the influential literary site wrote an essay in 2011 putting forth the idea that writers in Thailand have by now established their own artistic movement. Comparing these expatriate writers to the Paris-based Decadent movement of the late 19th century, he suggested that writers in Thailand belong to a family whose fiction is “a protest against a spiritually bankrupt civilization,” but where “sex, alcohol and drugs [are] important catalysts.” This idea was not something new as another website previously suggested the same thing. An anonymous writer for sustains that “the still-emerging genre of Bangkok Fiction contains common elements that define its ‘look and feel,’ including the heroism of anti-heroes, the increasingly thin line between innocence and vice, and the often-necessary relationship between honesty and corruption.” Some of the established writers identified as belonging to this new local genre are Christopher G. Moore, Dean Barrett, Stephen Leather, Jake Needham, Collin Piprell, Jason Schoonover, and David Young.

from Mumbai, Arizona, London, and of course, Bangkok. Newman describes his writing as “new-noir crime with pulp heart,” a mixture that, no doubt, comes from his vivid imagination and a vast life experience as a litigation insurance broker, copywriter, English teacher, Bollywood movie extra, rare book dealer, rainforest tour guide, and importer of cheese and wine. His first book to hit the shelves of Asia Books is actually his first written novel, Bangkok Express (Spanking Pulp Press, 2012), previously published by Bangkok Books in 2010. According to the author himself, the new and improved first-print edition of Bangkok Express has seen a lot of edits, being somewhat unrecognizable from the 2010 version.

This brief novel introduces Joe Dylan, a 31-year-old fraud investigator with a dark past who is sent from London to Thailand to get to the bottom of two mysterious death insurance claims. He’s a regular member of Alcoholic Anonymous, and due to his travels, he gets to attend AA meetings in cities worldwide, including Mexico City, Vienna, and New York. Joe tries to stay dry But, apart from these well-known names, there’s also a score of emerging and actually succeeds in doing this for exactly ninety days:“Ninety days of not writers who trying to find their own voice and role in this new literary move- picking up. Ninety days of sober reflections of his past. Ninety days of hope. ment. Discovering these writers has become easier these days, as new elec- Ninety days.” tronic platforms have given them a simple and inexpensive way of making their work available via e-books. Especially with emerging writers, there’s quite a lot of the writer in his or her first book, and it is hard not to see Dylan, the fraud investigator who falls in One of these emerging writers is Bangkok-based English author James A. love with the freedom he finds in Thailand, as the alter ego of Newman, the Newman, who has been calling Thailand home since 2001. Born in London former litigation insurance broker now turned novelist in Bangkok. On top of in 1977, Newman moved to Bangkok to write fiction full-time and, ever that, Newman also has a few skeletons in his closet, and his stay at the Thamsince, has published short stories, novels, and nonfiction in publications krabok detox temple in Saraburi has been somewhat of a major influence in

16 bangkok trader FEBRUARY 2013

abuses and neglects. The obvious metaphor, that this cruel man likes to keep his possessions, whether pet or wife, in cages, is a good one. Both attempts at outlining a Thailand Decadent movement mentioned above put corruption and the disillusionment with life at the top of the list of topics tackled by its writers. Newman is no exception, with his whole novel revolving around the idea that corruption and the exploitation of the weak will only bring immense profit and even fame: “Listen, kid, corruption is part of the system here. It isn’t a little chink here and there. It is everywhere. It is in the bowels of the sewers with the rats and the pythons. It’s on the streets, noodle carts, the office buildings, all the way up to the very point at the top of Baiyoke tower.” After being shot, beaten up, cheated, threatened, drugged, arrested, and incarcerated, Joe Dylan finally cracks the case and solves the insurance mystery. He completes his mission in Thailand and buys a ticket on the Bangkok Express train from Surat Thani to Bangkok, leaving behind a stack of cadavers and a few people to whom he had caused major loss of face. Then, just when the reader thinks that the carnage is over, you get another ten pages of pure violence, hatred, and instinctual struggle for survival. For Newman’s Bangkok Express is exactly that, noir pulp fiction. The book makes a good weekend read, but I’m not sure all readers will like the author’s staccato prose, mimicking American crime fiction writer James Ellroy’s telegrammatic style. If you’re used to books that have a flowing narrative with sentences that are more than just half a line long, then Bangkok Express will feel a bit rushed and fragmented. But if it’s pure pulp entertainment with an exotic flavor you’re looking for, then Newman’s book will serve its purpose. Also, if you can overlook the few typos, not worry about the body count, and take for granted the many coincidences that bring the right characters in the right place at the right time, then hop aboard Bangkok Express and enjoy the ride. James A. Newman has been busy in the twelve years he has been writing in Thailand and has produced quite a writer’s portfolio. Among his short fiction, it’s worth mentioning Thailand After Dark (Bangkok Books, 2011) and the upcoming Two Lumps and a Pair of Glasses (Big Pulp Magazine, March 2013). His his life as a writer. To top things off and to blur the line between real life and nonfiction work includes Thai Meditations (Bangkok Books, 2010), written as fiction even more, the author chose the name for his lead female character James Alexander, and The Sub – Teaching in Thailand (Bangkok Books, 2011), after his own wife’s name, and ‘Joe Dylan,’ the detective, just so happens to be written as S.T. Ray. his son’s name too. His novels include The Boy That Played Chequers (Fried Fiction, 2011), a seriBut James A. Newman, the writer, or Joe Dylan, the fictional character, could alized private-eye novel featuring Joe Dylan, which can be read for free on be any one of the thousands of expats that come to Thailand and soon fall; Bangkok City (Books Mango, 2012), the sequel to Bangvictim to its seductive life: “Whatever you do, don’t pick up. In Bangkok there kok Express; and Lizard City (Books Mango, 2012), a pulp horror novella now was nothing else to do but pick up. Women. Bottles. Vice. Picking up was the available as a free e-book on city’s mantra. More stuff to pick up than there were hands to do the picking. Each vice was the compartment of the same train. One led to another.” You can purchase Bangkok Express as a paperback at Asia Books or as an ebook at or from Amazon in Kindle format (as well as The action of Bangkok Express takes the reader from England to Thailand, from a few of the other above titles). For more news and reviews about James A. Bangkok to Ko Samui, from the red light district to Chinatown, from cheap ho- Newman, read his blog at tels to pristine beaches, from every backpacker’s heaven to every gambler’s hell. Standing menacingly in the way of Joe Dylan’s mission in Thailand is Shogun Sukarasorn, a Thai mafioso who owns almost the entire island of Samui and definitely controls everything dirty that takes place there.

Sukhumvit Soi 4 Heineken & San Miguel,

Shogun is the mastermind of the insurance claim that drives the plot of the novel, having planned and facilitated the death of an Italian diver and subsequently her Finnish diving instructor as well. But when the second insurance claim is filed, bells start ringing at the insurance syndicate in London, and an investigator is sent to uncover the truth. What Joe Dylan discovers is a world where every dark alley has a killer waiting for you, every drink on tropical islands is spiked, and everyone is someone other than whom they claim to be. The details that pepper the novel reveal that Newman is a man in love with nature, and from all the bird-watching he has done, he possesses a deep knowledge of wild birds. Shogun, the bad guy in Bangkok Express, is not only a cold-stone killer, sodomite, and rapist, he also has his own private zoo. Shogun’s two prized birds are Nok, a tropical and very rare ten-year-old hornbill, which he keeps inside a gilded cage, and Gantira, his gorgeous wife, whom he

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Floating an Old Idea By Ridwan Quaium


he World Resource Institute (WRI) estimates that Bangkok loses about US$250 million each year due to wasted time in traffic congestion, as the average vehicle speed during peak hours in Bangkok is only about 12 km/h. Despite this, the vehicle growth in the country is 6%, which is quite high. So is there any solution to this notorious traffic in Bangkok? We might find the answer if we briefly revisit the history of Bangkok.

ways; a poor and slowly developing public transit system; and a general lack of management, analysis, and planning of transportation can be blamed for the notorious traffic congestion in the city.

Bangkok to this date has a relatively diverse public transport system comprised of an overhead mass transit system, the underground rapid transit, the Airport Rail Link, as well as a bus rapid transit (BRT) system. In addition, Bangkok announced plans to construct a 50-kilometer-long Bangkok at its inception as the capital of Siam in 1782 was a water-based covered, elevated skywalk (the ‘Super Skywalk System’). However, the iscity with floating houses and houses on stilts forming a canal-based ur- sue is that these mass transit systems have the capacity to serve only ban form based on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The rivers and the canals in the city served both as distribution and communication routes, as trade and investment was done mainly within the canals. These canals EURO were both natural and artificial. The artificial canals were dug in 1522, durV IN Y L economical • energy efficient • environment friendly windows & doors ing the reign of King Chairachathirat of Ayutthaya, to shorten the distances that foreign merchants had to travel to get to their desired destinations Casement windows/doors in the city. The water-based developments and the intricate network of Sliding windows/doors canals helped Bangkok to earn the title of the ‘Venice of the East’.

PVC windows & doors

Coupling systems

The influence of European colonial power in the 1850s encouraged the shift of the water-based developments and activities to land, which permanently transformed the urban fabric of Bangkok. Many canals were filled in to facilitate this change, and the ‘Venice of the East’ moniker started to lose its significance. Due to its poor service and poor connections with other land transports, only a small fraction of the daily commuters use the remaining canals, or ‘khlongs’, for their journey to and from work. The dependency on vehicular transportation has turned Bangkok into one of the most traffic-congested cities in the world. Rapid and unplanned growth of the city; an inadequate capacity of the road-

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bangkok trader FEBRUARY 2013 19

a small portion of the city. This is why traffic congestion in the streets of maintained properly by dredging and restoring the quality of the water in Bangkok still remains and would continue to do so. the khlongs. The piers needs to be made safer and more passenger friendly for waiting and embarking/disembarking. The piers, as well as the canal corExpanding the rail and bus rapid transit is a better option to tackle traffic ridor, should be given an overall makeover through landscape architecture. congestion than building highways, but building the infrastructure for rail Currently, cafés and restaurants exist along some of the piers, but these transits requires a huge amount of financial and time investment. The urban could be extended throughout the entire length of the canals to enhance fabric of Bangkok is so dispersed and sprawled that the ‘Super Skywalk’ may the social and economic activity and vibrancy of the canals and the city. hardly play any role in reducing the traffic congestion in the city. A cost ef- The existing boats could be replaced with more energy-efficient, modern fective approach to deal with the traffic congestion in Bangkok could very boats that offer more comfort to the riders. The boats should be equipped well be the khlong boat transportation. Although a fair amount of passen- with adequate safety kits. Connectivity of the khlong boat network to other gers commute using the ferries and express boats along the Chao Phraya public transit in Bangkok should be enhanced. The supervising authority River, not many commute using the khlong boat service. The Chao Phraya needs to market and promote the service through print, electronic, and soboat service may not help in reducing the traffic congestion in inner Bang- cial media to attract passengers. kok, as it is mainly for transporting people along or across the river. For commuting within Bangkok, the khlong boat service is needed. Currently, there There are many reasons why it is important to revive the ‘Venice of the East’ are only two fixed khlong routes in Bangkok that serve as transportation. by improving the khlong boat service. It is the most cost-effective public transport system, as it does not require any expensive infrastructure like When people think of Venice, they envision boats being rowed along ca- the BTS or MRT systems do. The basic infrastructure to run the service, the nals lined with exotic cafés and restaurants alongside. If it can be done so canals themselves, is already there. Since it runs through the city, it will pronicely in Venice, and if it could be done in Bangkok three hundred years vide an excellent alternative to the city commuters. If marketed properly, ago, there is no reason why it could not be done again here in Bangkok. it has the potential to carry a large number of commuters. This will someAlthough only used for tourism, the canal boat service in the River Walk in what reduce the traffic congestion and air pollution. Dredging the canals San Antonio, Texas, in the U.S., is a good example that Bangkok may use to and extending the network of the canals will provide extra space to store revitalize the khlong boat service to revive the title of the ‘Venice of the floodwaters during the rainy season. The khlong boat service will create East’. Dinner cruises on the Chao Phraya River and floating markets are very many green jobs and enhance the businesses along the canals. The cafés popular tourist activities in Thailand. This means that boats remain a part and restaurants will serve as public spaces for the residents and tourists to of the rich heritage of Thailand. The city has to utilize this positive image of socialize. Furthermore, khlong boats were the major mode of transportaboats to enhance the khlong boat service. tion in Bangkok around three hundred years ago. Thus, reviving the service will bring back the rich tradition and heritage of Thailand. To expand the network of the khlong boat service, some initiatives can be taken. The routes on which the khlong boats used to run before (10-15 Overall, it will enhance the livability of the city. It’s an idea worth floating for years ago) could be revived. The canals would need to be expanded and consideration.

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Fresh NZ Blue Cod has arrived at Snapper. When you wrap your lips around it, we know you won’t be disappointed.



Great taste’n

Kiwi Fish’n’Chips & Seafood! 1/22 Sukhumvit Soi 11 / Ph. 02 651-1098

20 bangkok trader FEBRUARY 2013

MARKETPLACE Advertise or announce anything for...


Email your ad to: Maximum 75 words. Listings run as space allows or until cancelled. FREELANCE TRANSLATOR - English/Thai and Thai/English. All types of translations (except official legal documents) pls contact 081-2875293 or (L) DO YOU HAVE A GARDEN? Flowers at home or in your condo? Try our Vermicompost. What is Vermicompost? It adds nutrients into the soil and soil structure. Plants just love it! Call us at 0877941183 Aldo (English) or 0896694852 Yui (Thai). Check our Facebook page @ Dirt Digger by To Be Earth Care. We sell 1/2 kilo bags, 1 kilo and 25 kilo bags as well. We can also deliver. (B)

NEW 45SQM STUDIO – Located Cozy Beach, Pratumnak Hill in the prestigious area of Pattaya. 200m to Beach, close to shops, bars, restuarants. Fully furn, Aircon, fitted euro kitchen,oven hob, microwave. Balcony overlooking swimming pool with views Koh Larn Island. sauna, pool bar, restuarant, gym, conference room, rooftop garden, 24hr security, cctv, underground parking. Also Lcd Tv, Wifi Internet, Telephone. Sale 2.8m baht or 14,000b mth. Contact Nick Green 0800 959 002 (Pattaya). Email: nickgreen3 (L)

SANDEE THAI LANGUAGE SCHOOL teaches ARE YOU LOOKING FOR a Personal Trainer? Thai language and culture to foreigners. Now I’m certified Personal Trainer ACE and my with 3 branches - Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang background is Physical Therapist. I currently Mai. With our continuous growth we need train people for fitness, weight management, energetic, versatile full / part time teacher/s toning, pain and injuries conditions with variety to join our dynamic team. Requirements: Thai of gym workouts and Pilates exercise. For more national speaks fluent Thai & English, work full information please contact: , / part time teach Thai to foreigners, work in Bangkok, Pattaya / Chiang Mai branch, BA/MA 0895699451 (TK) (B) not necessary but welcome to apply, classroom OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT located in a multi- teaching experience required. Call Leanne 084storey office building on Sukhumwit 50 388-2832 (L) close to On Nut station. Total area is 336 sq. metres at rental price of 300THB per metre per IN DOMUS 18, a three bedroom, (2 plus study) month. Includes water charges, but excludes 167m/sq fully furnished, modern condominium other utilities. Prefer to rent as one unit, but for rent at 95,000 baht per month. Featured consideration to splitting into smaller units. Car is a large balcony which over looks a lovely parking space available for 3 vehicles. Contact swimming pool, a kitchen with stainless steel Anchalee Khamkeaw on 02 7362700 Ext: 2706 or oven, large master with impressive en-suite, open plan living with L-shape sofa and a big LCD 089 496 0049 (outside office hours) (L) flat screen TV. Excellent location, with Terminal FOR RENT OR SALE – 129 sqm 3br condo in 21 & Asoke station conveniently nearby. If of Sukhumvit 23, 3 years old. Walking distance genuine interest PH 08 7812 6893 (L) Asoke MTR/BTS. Balconies, 3 bthr, plus all usual amenities. Luxury western style kitchen. Viewing anytime and special terms for the lucky tenant / owner. Contact Daojai 0819-277614 (Thai) or Steve 0817-010686 (English) (L) PART TIME JOB
possibility to earn 10 000 to 50 000 THB/month (L) SANSIRI AREE high rise – brand new condo for rent 2 BR / 2 baths 48000 / month. 3-5 minutes walk to BTS Aree station. Furnished / ready to move in. Fully access to gym and pools, exclusive outdoor patio for private party. Please contact 080-072-5411 (B) LOGISTICS – Great ocean rates from the USA to Thailand. We can arrange to ship a 20’ container, 40’ container and also less than a container load. Please contact Global Forwarding Freight LLC at 0909324853 or e-mail: (L)

NEED A VISA? VISA ISSUES? Do you need a long-term or short-term Visa to stay in Thailand? Do you need to extend or transform your current Visa? Do you have an overstay or blacklist problem? We solve ANY immigration problem you might have. “ANY” means ANY! We provide fast services at a reasonable price. We require minimal or NO documentation. We do everything: completely hasslefree for you! Call 089-149-9200 or email to (L) TOWNHOUSE FOR RENT – Sukhumvit Soi 15 in secure quiet gated sub-soi directly opposite NIST main entrance. End of terrace with side entrance. Fully modernized with 5 bed 5 bath (3 en-suite). Fully fitted european kitchen. Dining room, living room, maid room with toilet / shower. All rooms wired for tv / tel / net. Patio. Covered off-road parking. Only THB 39,000 per month for right tenant. Contact Bua on 087 917 2056 or 02 392 8277. (L) LADY ANN IS BASED at Ocean Marina (Pattaya - Jomtien), with the ease of traveling from Bangkok. Lady Ann is one of your best choice. Lady Ann is a 45 feet yacht, we can accommodate up to 15 guests for a day trip. We provide an all included packages ranging from a full-day trip, half-day trip and sunset trip. Lady Ann to make your moment the greatest. Visit us at www. (L)

THE BIG LUGGAGE (Gioglacia) for trip to abroad or in country, 100% condition used only one time, sell only CASA CITY 3 stories town house, newly built. 3 600 baht, 089-2135240 (L) bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen, dining, study, and living room. Aircondition in every rooms, 2 BUSINESS AUDIT & accounting services: We car park. 23 wah corner unit. Locate on main road are offering the services of business audit and Ramkhamhaeng 76. Close to Big C supermarket, accounting for SMEs established in Thailand. The Home Pro, Honda showroom, and Peugeot services will be provided by the Certified Public showroom. Sale 7 million. Mobile 086-537-2557 Accountant who has gained experience from certain international audit firms in Thailand. Naree (B) Please feel free to let us know your need of the HOUSE FOR RENT - Thonglor area; 120,000 services at (L) baht per month. It is in a quiet location, has an out house in addition to the main building, lots NEW ROOM AT GOOD LOCATION for rent. Price of garden and land plus is in a quiet yet central is 35k Baht/month. Room Type is one bedroom location. There are four bedrooms, maids area, one bathroom, 48.33m2 Fully Furnished&Good Western & Thai kitchens, lots of storage and room View, include TV LED 42” (3D) & 32”, True Visions, for parking. Available from December. Phone Blue-ray Player (3D), Build-in Kitchen with Hood&Hobs, Home appliance, Fridge 10.5Q, 08 7812 6893 (L) Washing Machine. My room is located at 772/560 EXPAT OFFERS SIGHTSEEING tours and hot at 4th Floor Noble Remix Tower B (a minute by night life tours of Bangkok! bangkoktours@ skywalk from BTS Thonglor). 081 846 8019, 089 (L) 969 0687 (L)

bangkok trader FEBRUARY 2013 21 FASHION DESIGN STUDIO – offer a fashion design class and pattern making in 24 hrs. Every Sunday or Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM (www. by a real designer tel: 0891093587 (B) AMATEUR photographer in Bangkok looking for people for fun shoots! Don’t be shy na! (B) URGENT NEED – waiters, waiter, chef assistanse, casier. english speakers recommended for new restaurant which will be opening soon in bangkok, at sukhnvit soi 3. contact no. 0800474534, 0800595961 (B) KENT SCHOOL of languages: offers effective engaging Thai / English / Chinese language courses at an attractive price. We specialize in customized corporate training and Business English with the learning methodology of a global brand. Call: 082-440-8893 or contact@ (B) GET A FREE 1 YEAR Thai ED visa – when you study Thai language at Kent School of Languages! No visa runs or border runs, no need to leave the country, a perfectly legal way to stay in Thailand for 1 up to 10 years, Small class sizes in a brandnew, modern school, centrally located close to Bangkok sky-train, Professional, courteous service at a reasonable cost. Call: 082-440-8893 or (B) APT FOR RENT – 2 bedrooms + 1 study room, 2 bathrooms, open kitchen and living room, 42’ TV total 118 sqm. F/F in Sukhumvit soi 11 for rent. 33,000 baht/month. contact: Lee 081-3070618 (B)

CANADIAN english teacher in Bangkok accepting english students! (B) SUKHUMVIT 39 DS Tower 2. 69 sqm. Fully furnished, hi / fl. Rent: Bht 23,000 / month. Sale: Bht 3.5 mil. (by owner). 081-919-5567 (B) 45 SQM at the markland for rent for a good price nice pool gym sea view please call 0878009370 (B) ONE PC NEW WHEELCHAIR, for sale (bath 3500) if you need please contact no. 0800474534 (B) BANG SARAY LAND FOR SALE. Two plots (285 & 135) talang wah. 5200 baht / talang wah. Beautiful view. Call. 081-083-4683 (B) 74 SQM TWO BEDROOMs two bathrooms + single room for rent at sokhumvit soi 18 very good soi 24000 bath monthly please call 0878009370 (B) 20TH CENTURY history books for sale. please contact nigel barrett nigelinseychelles@gmail. com (B) UNDERWATER CAMERA – used Nikonos V camera with brand new Nikonos 105 strobe. Attachment arm, spare O rings and original carry bag included. The camera is in perfect condition. The strobe alone is worth THB30,000 but I will accept THB36,000 for the complete set. Contact me in English or Thai by email; cbriddler@loxinfo. (B) TARGET INDIA – searching for leadership types to assist us in pre-marketing in India, the Middle East and S. E. Asia. What do you know about Franchise Building Strategies? We train and offer continuous support. If you love working with people and desire to create an impressive income, contact us for an interview at: (B)


1. Beginner, classes taught in English. Teaching through body language, pictures, and video clips. 2. Intermediate/Advanced, classes taught in Thai / English as needed. Teaching through body language, pictures, and video clips. 3. Online classes for students who can read Thai. 4. Thai for comprehensive exams. Tuition fees (1 / 2/ 3 person – 350 / 300 / 250 baht / person / hour). Information: e-mail: info@reallearning4u. com, phone: 081-848-3057, website: www. (B) 74 SQM NICE STUDIO at the markland for rent nice bath new aircon big pool please call 0878009370 (B) THAI LESSONS: for foreign children or adults. 8-year-experienced with foreign students. Inhouse or coffee shop. time can be arranged. Free trial contact 084-119-6661 or email for more information at: (B) SARANJAI MANSION condominium- 59 sqm + 60 sqm balcony. 1 BR. / living / shower Sukhumvit Soi 4-6. Fitted small kitchen, Internet, LCD TV, key card, 24 hr security. Close to BTS, parks and shopping centers. For rent 20,000 baht / month. Contact: tel. 0875118004, email: nalyarunkit@ (B) VOLUNTEER TEACHERS WANTED – native speakers from U.S. / NZ / Australia / EU. Any age, sex, polite and be non-smokers / drinkers to teach pronunciation / english conversation for grade 1-6 Thai students. Location: near MRT Hua Lumpong Station. Date: any Sat. you are free apprx 10:00-10:30. Start: apprx after March 2013. Compensation: travelling expense. Please contact: (B)

22 bangkok trader FEBRUARY 2013 TAI CHI FOR HEALING – Two 12-lesson intensive foundation courses in ancient Laojia 9 form all basics of tai chi. Starting early January: one at weekends, one on weekday mornings. Book in advance – places are limited. Course will be certificated. Peter Jenkinson is member of 20th Generation Chen Tai Chi Master Liu Yong International Association. Lessons held at Yoga Elements, 29 Vanissa Building 23rd Floor, Soi Chidlom 02 655 5671 or call Peter 086 0144050. (A)

THAI DANCERS WANTED for long-term contract. Everything included: good salary, work visa, air ticket, very nice accommodation, drinks commission, free dance lessons and more advantages. 0832509952 0803190767 atomiq@ (K) NANA PLAZA – very large & popular entertainment bar within Nana Plaza for sale. Contact Simon 081-874-1331. (B)


GOLF PUTTERS – Brand New Prokennex golf putters – Left or right handed, ex promotional items, never used, retail at Central for approximately Bt3,800. For sale at Bt750 each. Photographs available. Contact Andy: 0808149080 or email to ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ (B)

HAIR & BEAUTY SALON FOR SALE South SHIPPING CONTAINERS going to the U.K March- Pattaya. Great Location in City Walk Pattaya SUSHI COOK WANTED. Good salary, friendly April 2013. Have room for anything legal call as (Next to Royal Garden plaza) on beach front. 7 team, great career perspectives. 0803190767, soon as possible for info. 0814906275. John. (B) Work Stations, 2 Massage Tables, Good clientele base. Two 5 star Hotels nearby. Free parking. 0832509952 (K) GOLF TRAVEL MATE BAG. Fitleist Excellent No Licence required. No Key money. Profitable TEACHCHA CENTER. Teaching English, Thai, condition black in colour with yellow strip. Nice Business. Accounts available. 30,000 baht/month Chinese (Basic, advances, business, IELTS , TOEFL, and light to handle with hand grip and shoulder rent. Only 1.2M Baht. Relocating hence sale price. TWE, TOEIC, Chinese for Academic and business, strap. Zip pouch for golf balls. Great way to carry Call 080-0959002 (L) Thai for business, academic etc.) and Mathematics you clubs to the driving range or golf course. 500 by experienced and qualified teachers and baht ph 0828128226 (A) CENTER-CONDOTEL IN SOUTH PATTAYA, 14th native speakers. In person at our Center, your offices or online. Well organized curriculum. Suit BUSINESS / FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS, estate floor, Tukcom-View, 50 sqm, fully furnished, individual needs. Free programs and worksheets planners, will writers & paralegals are required to ready to move in, price: 2.350.000 baht. Phone: Contact: Tisha 0870853455 join our organization. Full / Part-Time vacancies 0896020642. Email: youtube: weloveteachcha (A) are available. (If you don’t have the qualifications, (A) then you may attend our seminars and be FURNISHED ROOM with free HS Internet certified). Franchises / Agencies are available. For SAFE DEPOSIT BOX Bangkok – High security (Ploenchit Townhouse) for rent - Bht 6,800-8,800. further information and to send your resume / CV safe deposit box rental service safes available in Located in the heart of city. Size 23/35 sqm - 5 to: (L) 3 sizes open 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. Full information mins walking from BTS skytrain station & close to at for English embassies & expressway, easy to go anywhere WANTED ANYONE invoved in leather / plastic 080-459 3841 For Thai call 026 355455 (K) you wish in Bangkok near all famous shopping walets - handbag - bag ect also flipflops casual malls / supermarkets / fitness. To view room, call footware plus ladies gent kids clothing all sizes to make an appointment first. Penny: Tel 089 and at competative qrices for export to the uk HABITAT LUXURY CONDO sale Thonglor area; See pics at 499 8356, 081 926 9198. e-mail to: pashaporns@ any amounts concidered call 081 490 6275 (L) – 257sqm 3brs, 4 ba, 1 maid’s room, 1 kitchen, or (A) TWO BEDROOM FF 75M/SQ condo for rent 3 balconies, 2 entrance doors on 18th floor. 2 OFFICE FOR RENT AT PAYATHAI PLAZA, at with asking 35,000 baht per month. It is light and units per floor. Unblocked view F/F with electric Payathai BTS station & Airport Rail Link. Near bright and there are open green views from the appliances. Nice decoration and good condition. Victory Monument transport & entertainment medium size balcony. Location is conveniently Well maintenance condo. Full facilities. node. Finished office ready to move-in, 161.40 near the BTS as well as a tennis club. On the roof Good neighbours. Peaceful area. Please call sq.m., Baht 220 / sqm / mo. Call Jazz 02-271- top is a swimming pool, deck chairs, change 0891062240 Price 19.35 0987-88 Ext. 333 or email to secretary1@thai- rooms and a small workout room. To view please MB negotiable! By owner must see! (K) (A) phone 08 0061 1054 (L) FULL TIME SALES MANAGER required to sell LOW RISE CONDOMINIUM FOR RENT / sale in NEED A WEBSITE? – We at tobe-website. advertising for publisher of Thailand’s No 1 Sukhumvit 71 – Fully furnished unit, 115 sqm, 2 com offer different ranges of pricing for all English golf magazine and regional golf guides. bedrooms / 2 bathrooms, living, dining, kitchen your website needs. We consist of a group of Based in Bangkok. Basic salary plus generous (fitted), 2 balconies. Includes electrical appliances freelancers who have your business needs in commission. Thai and English speaking is and TV, 3 air conditioners, water heaters. Unit is on our best interest. Inform us if you need content essential. e.mail or the 6th floor of an 8-storey building. Rooftop pool, writing, printing services, content design. We can also redesign your existing website. telephone +66(0) 831 986700. (A) jacuzzi, fitness room, garden. Close to several or (0896694852) PANASIN PLACE Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24/3, international schools, banks, supermarkets. Thai / (0877941183) English. (K) Ramkhamhaeng Rd., Huamark, Bangkapi. 3 Thonglor and Ekamai just 10 minutes away. stories home office 165 sqm. 2 car park and a Nearest BTS is Phrakhanong. Contact kittima@ Aguston Sukhumvit Soi 22 – urgent sale. 55 Sqm. large parking lot. Lease 17 years. Sale 1.7 M. for details. (L) I bed room condo, 9th floor. Fully furnished, Rent 22,000 baht / month. Mobile 086-537-2557 OFFICE RENT – Between OnNuch soi 55-57 on balcony Sukhumvit city view. Price: 6.5 Million. Naree (B) main road, Nirvana Suwannaphum Office Crust Contact: Mr. Jeetu 0897996909 (B) FREE ENGLISH CLASSES in PraKhanong. Come 4 floor bldg., 4 rooms, 5 bathroom, 2 car parking, learn American history, entertainment and 8 air, wallpaper, tel & lane lines, ready to move VIP CONDO CHAIN PATTAYA Fully furnished geography from an American. I teach grammar in flood free, safe area. Very convenient location seaview studio 40 sqm. 10th Fl. Room A1009 and conversation as well. Wednesday and and traffic: 5 min to Ring Road and highways, Large swimming pool, 2 tennis court, jogging Thursday nights 6:30pm-8:30pm. Located at 10 min to Suwannaphum airport and 20 min lane and private beach front. Sale 1.65 Million “The Potter’s House Christian Church” (3rd floor) to downtown. Ideal place for office, home or Rent 9,000 bath per month.1 year contract. 181/1 Sukhumvit 71, next to Embassy of Nepal. both. Rent: B60,000/mo + 2mo security deposit. Naree Mobile 086-537-2557 (K) Across the street from Jusco and Kfc. Call 084- Contact: 081-916-4726 (K) 450-3011 or visit webpage for more info. http:// ENJOY PLAYING the piano! Black American with YOU NEED TO LEARN ENGLISH? You need a (K) twelve years experience teaching students how good teacher! I am a native English speaker with EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL GRAPHIC and to have fun on the piano. Looking for people who a perfectly clear Midwestern American accent. I book/magazine designer for print and web. love to play but don’t know what to play. Learn have a BA in Education and 35 years of teaching I can create a professional looking identity, pop, rock, jazz, etc. in the comfort of your home. experience, much of it in Bangkok. My areas of look, or brand for your business needs. Contact Young (8 yrs. old minimum) or old. Begin enjoying expertise are ESL, Economics, Social Studies, World AU. (‘oo’) at or call playing the piano with Bob’s easy techniques. History, Psychology, Sociology, and examination Contact: email: or preparation. Please write: pollydolly88@yahoo. 089 229 4416. (B) com or call: 08-921-018-08. (L) 084-020-2750 (K)

Bangkok Trader – Volume 7, Issue 3 – February 2013  
Bangkok Trader – Volume 7, Issue 3 – February 2013  

February 2013 issue of Bangkok Trader magazine, an English-language, general interest / lifestyle / entertainment magazine distributed in Ba...