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BABA FAUJA SINGH “I don’t see myself as old and weak, If I want to jump on top of a bus I will” 01

A total living legend. A very happy birthday to Baba Fauja Singh who has turned 102 on April 1st 2013, he will be celebrating his birthday in Fauja style on the other side of the world - in Australia! Baba Fauja Singh, the 102 yr old, now retired marathon runner – a phenomenal individual. I had an inspiring and heartfelt morning with Baba Fauja Singh, as I walked into the dining hall, at the local Gurdwara he was having his breakfast - natural yogurt and a glass of water. I thought, wow, a strict diet alright, good on him. I approached him with a giggle and introduced myself, he was in good spirits and gave me a little grandad hug. As we were getting ready to start our interview, I took a moment and looked into his eyes, I saw so much wisdom and solitude in him and I felt so proud and privileged to be in the presence of Baba Fauja Singh and in the Sikh Temple of all places, perfect. Baba Fauja Singh has gone through some devastating times in his life, it was very distressing for him when tragedy hit close to home and he saw his wife and son die in front of his eyes in a tragic farming accident, in India. When he visits his homeland he can only visit his farm in the night, as he still finds it hard to believe and it upsetting when he travels there. It is his stamina, optimism and fighting spirit which sustains throughout his running, that helps him survive through these adverse times.

I asked Baba Fauja Singh what things in life makes you laugh? “The simple things in life.” “The elderly’s diet, an old mans diet is his happiness.” His strict vegetarianism gives him an awe-inspiring stamina and longevity, alongside his daily exercises and eating what his body accepts and feels wholesome with. “What’s the point in eating foods if your body doesn’t respond to it well?” It is simple common sense, and I totally agree, why allow your body to be unhappy with foods that don’t you any justice.

Baba Fauja Singh believes “with gods grace” his life is turned around and he has been provided with an opportunity to relive his life with a different focus – running. With great perseverance and courage, with all his heart and soul, the tenacious warrior, battled through his heartache in running thousands of unforgettable miles for charity. Baba Fauja Singh’s sense of being and peace is now stronger than it ever was and it is all “with gods blessing”.

What do you love the most? “I love my body” he chuckled. “I love my children, my grandchildren, my great-grand children, now is the time for me to spend more of my life with with my family.”

Baba Fauja Singh is the oldest marathon runner and has made his mark in history. The last race he completed was in Hong Kong on 24th February 2013, a fantastic 10km (6.25 mile) event in 1 hour, 32 minutes and 28 seconds. Unfortunately in doing his final marathon he took a nasty fall, which led to bleeding knees and painful shoulders, he was “in a lot of pain”, as he continued to run he felt for a moment that this is it, it is the end for him, but he closed his eyes and turned his thoughts around with his positive attitude and with the support of his strong mental connection with god, he soldiered on and he pushed himself past the pain right to the finish line. He says “I have never fallen whilst running or during training, but when I heard that I ran faster than last time, and beat my own record, I forgot all my pain and was completely overjoyed!” Baba Fauja Singh is still committed to continue running everyday in order to keep his mind and body healthy and that will help him facilitate a charity in Australia this month.

Words of wisdom... “I would like to say to the world that I have been given a chance of another life and I have made the most of it, I am more at peace now.” His quirky smiles and enthusiasm shows that he is still full so much life, “I don’t see myself as old and weak, if I want to jump on top of a bus I will!” We didn’t discuss ‘any record books’ and it’s discretion in acknowledging Baba Fauja Singh as the world’s oldest marathon runner. A statement in some record book won’t add anything more to the fame and glory of Baba Fauja Singh, he is already considerably greater than that! The book of records will always remain incomplete and flawed without documenting the accomplishments of a legend as unique and iconic as Baba Fauja Singh. His sheer determination, dedication and humble nature is absolutley an inspiration for everyone all over the world. He is undeniably unique in every way, victorious and faithful to his beliefs. A total living legend.

Look out for his book to read more about his personal life and achievements in life, “Turbaned Tornado: The Oldest Marathon Runner Fauja Singh” The 2nd edition is currently being translated in Hindi. Baba Fauja Singh is a member for a running club if you are interested in getting fit and getting involved in races please visit – for more information.


“The most contagious thing in the world

is laughter. It’s the most quirkiest sound in the world, the biggest

stress buster and confidence booster.”

Does anyone remember laughter? Anyone?

Laughter promotes self-confidence and helps to reduce stress levels. How? In a nutshell, laughter acts as a natural painkiller, when you laugh, endorphins are released in your body, these make you feel good, as your feel good chemicals kick in, it helps lower your stress levels, temporarily relieve physical pain and naturally relax your mind and body. This helps you think clearly and positively, this ability makes you feel more confident, and when you function with positive thoughts, the strength of your character improves and people start to become more magnetic to your being and therefore you feel more self-confident. Heaps and heaps and heaps and heaps more laughs really brightens up your mood and makes you feel sooper dooper. This uplifting feeling remains with you even when the laughter calms down. Your mental perspective broadens up as laughter helps you develop a more positive and optimistic attitude, especially during difficult times. It helps to maintain your emotional balance and allows you to see the amusing side of any circumstance. As quoted by Charlie Chaplin:

“Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain.” Laughter can be a powerful anti-aging weapon - oh yes, it really can. Laughter is fabulous, costs nothing and is a real treat for your great features, it exercises your facial muscles well, tones them and improves facial expressions. As laughter plays a big part in eliminating stress your face will instantly appear refreshed and glowing. Laughter means more fun in your life, it is spirited and energetic and considering everyone has a unique laugh, why not give it a bash, it fills your life with smiles. LIFE IS CLEARLY BETTER WHEN YOU ARE LAUGHING. SANDIE PANESAR







‘A sexy twist in her football career.’

Manisha Tailor

MANISHA TAILOR, from Finchley, a Former Deputy Headteacher, a Football Coach, a Sport Columnist for The Asian Express, an Ambassador for FA Football Needs, British Asian Sport Talent Foundation and now shortlisted for the Asian Women’s Achievement Awards 2013. Whoah - that’s some serious stuff she’s got going on! I’m here to interview Manisha about her life that no one else really knows about, her fun loving sexy side (with some seriousness). Manisha was captivated by football from a young age, she was joined at the hip with her twin brother to “live and breathe football!” Manisha’s twin brother has unfortunately been depressed due to traumatic events which occurred in their late teens. “My twin brother is the reason I became engaged in football and despite the circumstances in regards to his health, he continues to be my inspiration in wanting to do well in all aspects of the game. They say ‘god gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors’ and in some respect, without the mental strength, carrying out many roles and responsibilities it would be extremely challenging.” What advice would you give out to people for that are caring for individuals with a disability? “To show a lot of compassion and patience, to be resilient and not caring about what other people think about your situation. If you are not in a position of receiving professional support make sure you do, if we had not outsourced help with the MIND charity and the authorities we would not be in this position now.” So, you are a deputy head teacher, a football coach and a carer, where do you find the strength and constant dedication to achieve these goals in your life? “My strength comes from my twin brother, knowing everything I do relates to what me and my brother used to do - football. My inspiration comes from him entirely, and knowing that when he makes a full recovery that he can then say my sister has been able to continue with her passion and has done the best she can do. I want him to be proud of me and what I’m doing, it’s for him and the bond we hold as a set of twins. Without that bond at present it is really difficult for me as we were always ‘joined at the hip’, I do feel lost at times, but I have turned this around into a positive and have used it as a vehicle to pursue something that we both are passionate about.” Do you think there are any female attributes that give you an edge when it comes to coaching? “Yes, being able to multi-task - definitely and being patient, especially in youth football. When I’m coaching younger players I find their social needs are more important than their technical football abilities, especially with 5-7 year olds, it’s about being able to understand their needs, to help with their disputes and knowing how to do that without raising your voice yet still being assertive.”

“Happiness to me is the appreciation of life and all those in mine” What leadership qualities are important to you as an individual?

“Being adaptable to change, especially when you are implementing certain strategies, being flexible, assertive yet fair and knowing how to manage teams and multiple personalities, this would also include emotional intelligence. I have normally taken a distributive leadership in knowing how to bring others on board by giving other people responsibilities, and by creating a collaborative vision and working as a team.”


How does being a football coach help you boost your self-confidence? “When you are coaching you are also teaching, my teaching years have helped build up my confidence. As I developed in my role of teaching I was required to speak at assemblies and conferences in large numbers, this really helped to boost my self-confidence. When I went into coaching it was the right time for me as I had my confidence from my teaching to help me focus in doing better as a coach. I have been able to combine the two really well.” Ms Deputy Head Teacher - what was the naughtiest thing you did at school?! “I was actually a really good student but my obsession with football took me away from my studying, in year 6, I remember my teacher being really angry with me and he gave me a detention, simply because I was more interested in sorting out my football team for a tournament than paying any kind of attention to what’s going on in the classroom! My mum was called in and my teacher had a ‘word’ with her and he communicated how important it was to be attentive in class and do my homework! That’s as naughty as I got really!” What is your most rewarding experience and what made it so? “I worked at a school in Brent and they didn’t have a girls football team. I attempted to put a girls team together, starting with around 10 girls at lunchtime, which slowly increased to 15 and within a few weeks I had 35 players! This was really rewarding for me as I was able to organise and coach these children who had such enthusiasm and interest in the sport. This team continued even after I left.” Who else inspires you? “Rachel Yankey, she ‘found’ potential in me, had it not been for her support and faith in me, I wouldn’t be in the position that I am in now. She is not only my mentor, but a good friend who is nurturing my development in the professional game.” What are your future aspirations? “Head of education in a premier league football club.” Who are the most famous people you have met? “I met Stuart Pearce during the filming of the advert for the FA’s football needs campaign. He’s the England under 21’s manager. A Great guy! A former footballer, Graeme Le Saux I met at the launch of the football needs campaign, he is very down to earth, and takes interest in the education of young players and holistic development as do I. I met Andrew Impey at a kick it out even. He is a former QPR player. Since then Andy has become my mentor and good friend who is nurturing and guiding me through my development in the football industry - very supportive of me and what I do.” What makes you ‘tick’?! “Apart from football?! A Challenge, when somebody tells me I cannot do something, I make it happen.” Do you have a song that motivates you? “Wiley Heatwave.” If you had one superpower what would it be any why? “Teleporting – so I can get to places in a milli-second without being stuck in traffic!” Dream destination? “The Seychelles!” What is sexy? 1. Romantic dinner for 2 or a trip to the Emirates? A trip to the Emirates of course! 2. Shorts or mini skirts? Shorts 3. Cheeky peach or juicy melons? Cheeky peach! 4. John Abraham or Brad Pitt? Hands down John Abraham (hope your reading this)!! 5. Fast & Furious or Mr & Mrs Smith? Fast & Furious What do you think is ultimate sexiness? “In a man, drive and ambition.” So there you have it, Manisha Tailor, the sexy side to her football career.








DDS ENIGMA ROADSHOW “Enigma Roadshow is my product and my empire and I am very passionate about what I do with it and put in a lot of hard graft.” 11

in my producing my 2nd single and composing the album.”

Im sat in Pizza Express enjoying a Polla Ad Astra just as DDS turns up fashionably late. As always, dressed to impress and standing tall with a big cheeky smile! All is forgiven I guess! DDS, by day a creative Architect and by night an amazing DJ, originating experimental music with an electrifying passion for his art. Back in the days, years ago, (oh!) I remember going to DDS’s house on a regular occasion for a ‘cup of tea and a samosa!’, he would be hidden away in his ‘creative box’ glued to the pc mixing intriguing music and loving it, I would see random squiggles laying around for his logo Enigma Roadshow and in those days I did try to offer him my fabulous design skills!!!

everyone and that’s why I feel it done so well.” How was it collaborating with the talented Ishmeet? “She was great, I was slightly intimidated by her at first with the experiences she held, but she was really easy to work with, very consistent, efficient, somebody great to learn from and clearly talented.”

How did it all begin? “I used to play the tabla and harmonium from the age of 7, my musical interest was discovered from here, I always listened to bhangra music and loved it. At 16, the PC and it’s downloadable music software became my new venture, I would sit there for hours and experiment with music mixes. It kicked off from here really, I had the fixation and drive to continue and started to DJ at events for family and friends, community shows and charity functions.”

I have seen you use the Tumbi on various occasions, what’s so special about it? “The Tumbi is a traditional one string instrument, it’s simple to play and has a unique sound which works really well with punjabi music. I bought the Tumbi on a trip to India about 10 years ago, I used to mess around creating sounds and experiment with my DJ mixing. It’s easy to play, compared to a guitar! Many people think the Tumbi is really old fashioned but it’s not, I feel it is essential in Punjabi music if used correctly.”

How did you feel when your 1st single ‘Ik Jindree’ came out? “It was a massive relief. I had been working on this single for a long time, I took a trip to New York for a gig with Bikram Singh and was inspired by Indian folk music. On release I didn’t really think about the competition, Ik Jindree became the number 1 best selling bhangra track on iTunes and it was the most requested track on major radio stations. The track was something that appealed to

Does your style of music help you express yourself and boost self your confidence? “Yes, when I first started making music I was very critical about what the public would think about my style. At times I tried to make music according to what people would like to hear, as I didn’t want any negative feedback. After my first single was released and it did really well it gave me a massive confidence boost. I had lots of positive feedback and this gave me more confidence

Who really inspires you? “Musically, Panjabi MC and Tigerstyle, they hold similar styles of music to what I want to achieve and I’m greatly influenced by them. I am intrigued by the style of music of Dr Dre and Timbaland. My dad is the greatest inspiration in my life. It is his commitment and consistency in his work over a long period of time that influences me and pushes me to do even better. His passion and drive in what he does is a valuable lesson to myself that I will see this through in my own ventures.” Whats your advice to individuals who want to make it in the world of music? “Do your research, the music industry is not as star studded as it looks. Its all about the digital era, 100’s of tunes are released every month, it’s so competitive and the shelf life of your music is very short. Make a stamp on your style of music, create an identity and make yourself known, make sure you have lots of money!” What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened at a gig? “At a Punjabi wedding reception the groom’s father approaches us to pause the music for his grand speech, after thanking the DJ, caterers, the guests, he states ‘I am very happy today... my son is finally getting laid!’ (in Punjabi) he then passes out because he is so drunk. Me and my Colleague just looked at each other in shock!” The most famous person you have ever met? “The Queen and Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. I was there for a community event around 6-­7 years ago. The queen shook my hand, it was weird and shocking!”

What makes you laugh? “Anything spontaneous. Like people falling over!” So what’s next big thing for you? “I have my next single releasing in April, ‘Boliyan Paavan’ and one shortly after named ‘Botal’ on Bikram Singh’s album.” w w w. e n i g m a ro a d s h o w. c o . u k 12

STRESS is an unavoidable consequence of life! Even people who appear relaxed are probably stressed appearing relaxed. How can we deal with this when life is so busy, what else can you cram into your already packed day to help you relax?

MUSIC You can put on some music anywhere, in the c songs on; the ones that make you smile, remi can always turn to. It can be the obvious on angry ones, the crazy ones. Create a top 10

PLAN FOR BIG GOAL HAVE SMALL GOALS Is there something you If you have a busy week to do? Run a marat and you are fed up, pick mountain? Learn a something small to look Write it down, sta forward to. A TV show you it with your friend wanted to watch, a film you want Slowly plan how to rent, a haircut/ colour, it, and things m that huge cream cake you always lead you down th eye up as you walk past the cake Everytime you th shop, a small piece of jewellery, you can’t do it a trashy celeb magazine, an early to think of a night! why you shoul it. No money ANYTHING! can’t have Bahamas – day out i you save plan a country small anythi they for you al C f

an Wa We 13

Dr J Dhal

car, while walking, at home. As loud as you can, put your favourite ind you of a particular time. Build up a collection on iTunes that you nes like ’ what a wonderful world’ the feisty girl power ones, the tunes to make you smile.

LS u always wanted thon? Climb a new language? art discussing ds and family. you could do might start to he right path. hink of a reason force yourself another reason ld or could do y? Okay if you a week in the what about a in London while some money and trip in this y. Kids too for you to do ing? Remember won’t be small ever, what can u do with them long the way? Can friends or family help?

WALK No matter what the weather, wrap up warm, start walking, breathe deeply, and go for a walk to the park, to the shops anything. Focus on what’s around you rather than what’s going on in your head. Even after 20 minutes you start to relax, okay the source of stress may still be there after the walk but you will feel more peaceful and you will have had some exercise.




INSPIRATION Read about inspirational people, look up inspirational poems and quotes. Write these quotes where you will see them everyday. Here are some to start you off: ‘There is more to life than increasing it’s speed’ Mahatma Gandhi ‘The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.’ Mahatma Gandhi

‘If you’re going through hell, keep going!’ Winston Churchill ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars’ Oscar Wilde

‘Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great, make you feel that, you too can become great’ Mark Twain

Shit happens nd we still survive. atch funny shows, films anything. are all in it together!






There are no words to d the utter devastation we fe hearing that Jude has this co we must prepare ourselve steady decline. The wor without a doubt is being powerless to help, to know a future without our beaut boy is impossible to believ



Samantha Turner is from South Woodford, a fantastic friend, a hardworking wife and a true devoted mother. Samantha’s child Jude is suffering from Duchenne, I’m here to interview Samantha to find out more, how she copes and how we can help and support her family. Hi Samantha, how are you? Tell me about yourself and what you do… “I’m really nervous about this interview! I’m Samantha, I’m a working mother of two amazing boys, who keep me busy!” I would like to talk to you about Duchenne, How and when did you learn that your child, Jude had Duchenne? “My son Jude is everything a 5 year old boy should be, he is cheeky, inquisitive and full of fun. He loves doing all the things other little boys enjoy such as drawing, playing with his friends, his brother and his cousins and generally being the life and soul of any party or family gathering! On 3rd September 2012 we received the devastating news that Jude has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Failing a medical breakthrough Jude’s life will follow a predetermined path mapped out by this progressive muscle wasting condition. In short, he will no longer be able to walk by the time he reaches adolescence and will lose the use of every single muscle in his body thereafter, he may need spinal rods to keep him upright and ventilation to help him breathe, eventually his heart and lungs will fail and he will die. 15

Since Jude’s diagnosis I’m not ashamed I have cried everyday, spent hours s internet for answers and slept next to his to leave his side for a second watchin so peacefully wondering why I can’t sa have had the pleasure of watching Ju into the amazing little boy he is today, fu mischief, his beautiful smile can light an his laughter is infectious. We are lucky e surrounded by the most amazing family whose love and support has given u strength. We cannot sit back and let th take our little boy if there is any chance make his future a more positive one. Th have begun fundraising for a charity c Duchenne. Action Duchenne was est 2001 by a couple who’s own son has D was fortunate enough to meet them at Duchenne Love Run in February, their inspiring and comforting.

Action Duchenne prioritises the funding o research into a cure and effective m Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The ch by Duchenne families and those direc by Duchenne, they also promote aware condition and campaign to improve c and provide access to a range of educ support development programs for p with Duchenne at every stage of the Action Duchenne takes a positive an approach to the potential new treatme now emerging. They say that children wit accept it better than their parents, but t Jude he is not well will be the hardest lives. Jude has an older brother, who is 1 told Lennon that Jude has Muscular Dy not what form, our decision not to tell extent is simple, we want the boys to h childhood, to enjoy each other and h fun and adventures that all other siblin Lennon gets older and Jude’s illness pro will feed him the information slowly a we feel it is right for him to know. I oft boys planning the holidays they are goi together, for Lennon it’s Madagascar an for Jude it’s Brighton!!! (Bless him) also h live together in a house with a dog - a specific! A cat and countless other anima I possibly tell Lennon this may never h are never going to give up on Jude or s

describe elt upon ondition, es for his rst part g utterly w we face tiful little ve.

d to say that scouring the s bed unable g him sleep ave him. We ude develop ull of fun and ny room and enough to be and friends, us so much his condition that we can hat’s why we called Action tablished in Duchenne, I t the Action positivity is

of innovative medicines for harity is lead ctly affected eness of the care services cational and people living e condition. nd proactive ents that are th Duchenne the day I tell t day of our 10. We have ystrophy but him the full have a happy have all the ngs have, as ogresses we as and when ten hear the ing to go on nd Australia, how they will a pug to be als!! How can happen? We stop fighting

to help save not only him but every little boy with this condition, no one has the right to tell me that I can’t save my son, that there is no hope, I won’t accept that there is always hope and at the very least I will be able to tell Jude that we gave everything we had to this fight.” Do you have any advice for how friends can help lift a Duchenne patient’s spirit? “To be honest for Jude life hasn’t changed he still seeks the same fun and adventure as everybody else, he is such a happy little boy with so much to give, I think that Jude just wants to be where the fun is, although he may not be able to run as fast as everyone else or jump about he’s still in the thick of it all and that’s where I want him to stay surrounded by all his lovely little friends just having fun!” Can you name a few things that a Duchenne patient would need help with that most people might never think to do? “Jude needs help to get upstairs, he tends to take each step one at a time and slides down them all to get back downstairs! He struggles with any physical activity such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping etc but he does all these things in his own unique way. When he’s out with friends or his cousins he tends to keep up with them on his scooter, genius!” Tell me about your Love Run you did for the Duchenne Charity, how did you feel? “Yes, we took part in the Action Duchenne love Run in February, it was a 5 or 10k run around the park. In all, we were joined by 60 of our friends and family. It was an incredible day that was finished off in spectacular style my mother-in-law had cooked food for everyone who took part, chilli, casserole, lasagne you name it was there. It was her way of thanking everyone for supporting us.

She opened up her home to everyone and we all had a wonderful afternoon chatting and laughing, both Lennon and Jude had all of the rugby lads to play with not to mention the cousins! All in all that day with everyone’s help we managed to raise almost £4000 for Action Duchenne which is an amazing achievement and the first of many of our fundraising adventures! I found myself looking around at everyone feeling so overwhelmed by their kindness and support we really are so grateful to them for just being our friends, and not changing they are an amazing bunch and I couldn’t thank them enough.” What lesson can people learn from your life? “This is a difficult one I’d say enjoy everyday with your children, laugh and have fun with them, be there for them no matter what because they are the most precious thing in your life.” If there was just one line you could say to help and inspire people the world over, what would you say? “Never give up, somethings are worth fighting for.” What makes you smile? “My boys, seeing them smile.” “I would like to say thank you to Ed, he is the most amazing father any two boys could ever wish for, he is my rock, my best friend, my everything, and I would also like to thank you Sandie for giving me the confidence to do this interview you are a true friend.” Samantha truly is a strong willed individual facing the hardest time in her life as a parent. Please help and support Jude and his family by donating to Action Duchenne at:



IPads, IPhones, Kindles, TV, DVD’s you name it, most children these days own one or the other and in some cases, have it all, they are glued to these gadgets for hours of visually stimulating fun. We the mums and dads, secretly enjoy those hours of peace and quiet, why wouldn’t we? And there it is, our misconception right there. I have no objection in children using digital media to help aid their learning abilities, watch 'some' Peppa Pig, play 'some' Angry Birds, however, there is a line that should not be crossed and we as parents need to take action to help and support our children’s evergrowing imagination and emgering curiosity. We need to go back to basics and bring back to life the real fun and learning from traditional resources, not only does this help our children’s mind flow freely and get them exploring, it helps us as parents to bond with our cheeky monkeys, appreciate them for their sense of fun and see them in a different light. So what can we do to expand our children’s imagination and curiosity? I go old school and bring back the traditional stuff. 

You can never have enough books, it’s one of the best investments for your childs future. Create a reading corner at home, pile up a heap of cushions and get cosy, surround your children with a mix of fiction and non-fiction books and spend time together reading and learning, researching and understanding, most importantly laughing and feeling, this really helps boost your child self-confidence and reading abilities.





Ah lego, I do ‘love’ you really! The amount of times I have stomped on the corners of them and caused myself some serious ouchyness! Piles of chunky lego, tiny lego, circular lego, there is so many different types of lego out there for your children, the best ones are the ones you can build a collection with, where a real story can be created! Children can play for hours building towers, ships, castles, cars and more, experimenting with lego helps inspire creativity, increase patience and emphasise on constructive skills. Put together a scene with your child, give it a name and encourage your child to tell a story, make a video that your child can direct.


Pots, pans, lids, colanders, wooden spoons, teaspoons? Just a few of my children’s favourite instruments for their ‘supercool samurai band.’ Why not throw a handful of lentils to several plastic bottles to create music shakers and join in?! Pull out all costumes, hats, ties, tiaras, face paints and shoes, give your children the opportunity to create their unique characters, tell them they look fantastic in whatever they are dressed up as, make them feel good about themselves and confident in pursuing their make believe characters. My personal favourite is my daughter - a royal princess fairy with her megazord and super fighting powers singing peace and harmony whilst playing the keyboard, gracefully! Motivate your child to sing and play songs, make up silly songs with them, encouraging your children to sing out aloud will bring out their inner self-confidence and this will contribute towards any speeches they may have to do in class and later on in life. Have the video camera on stand by and make a music video. These are the moments you want to capture in life.



Pop into you local art store, grab a handful of finger paints, crayons, pencils, felts, glittery paints, PVA, bobbly eyes, coloured paper and safety scissors. Dig around at home for clean but old socks, paper bags, lollipop sticks, anything your child can get imaginative with and then let that imagination run wild. This is hours of entertainment for your children, allowing them to explore their originality through the use of vibrant colours and touch. Why not take their best piece of artwork and have it framed? Note to parent: do keep any eye out, watch out for attempted dodgy haircuts, repainted walls, crayoned sofas and possibly glue in your shoe.

Children love to get busy in the kitchen and lend a loving messy hand! Get them involved with pretend or real foods and allow them to experiment with meals, whether it be beans and chocolate or beef ice cream!! Bake some fairy cakes, have a handful of toppings on the side, children love to decorate cakes in their own bright styles. Teach your children clean as you go too! This really helps your children to be more open in trying out different types of food, it allows them to taste different flavours and learn about what their likes and dislikes are. A great opportunity for you to bring out all the fruit and vegetables for your children to enjoy!

DO YOU HAVE ANY PARENTING QUESTIONS? Please send an email to: for your questions to be answered in the next edition of Mango Joose.


Ins 19

Photo: Ageinbloom


spirat ional


International Women’s Day is the celebration of ordinary women that have, by doing something out of the ordinary, gone on to make history. Celebrated each year on Friday the 8th March, International Women’s Day has historically been known as a political event dating back as far as the early 1900s; the current day themes lie more in the celebration of love and respect for extraordinary women. The celebration dates back to the time where the ground-breaking Emmeline Pankhurst led the suffragette movement in their fearless and passionate demonstrations; in doing so she epitomised the belief that women were entitled to equal rights. She campaigned for womens’ rights for 30 years and ironically she died in 1928, just three weeks before women over the age of 21 were given the right to vote. As we look back over time –well before the days of the suffragettes – we see other iconic figures such as Cleopatra (69-30BC), the Egyptian Queen whose stunning beauty paled into insignificance when compared to what has been referred to as her “spellbinding conversation”; Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) was is famously quoted as saying, “I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a King…”Her quick wittedness, intelligence and articulation put many a King to shame and ensured that her reign was truly enlightened. So many women in history have made their mark, changed perceptions and tested the boundaries of what has gone before - it is these women that we celebrate and to them that we owe so much. They have laid the foundations for each of us to build upon; have set the stage for each and every one of us to play our part. Jane Austen (1775-1817) gave us her timeless characters in an age where female writers were very rare, and in doing so paved the way one of today’s most successful self - made women, JK Rowling. Writing the first of her seven book series, through a time when she was a single mother, struggling financially, she is a true inspiration to so many - and gives gravitas to the fact that ‘When the going gets tough the tough get writing!’ The choice of today’s most inspirational women seems endless - to name just a few - Marie Curie; Helen Keller; Coco Chanel; Mother Teresa; Marilyn Monroe; Anne Frank; Diana, Princess of Wales - all icons; all labelled as such in their own right. These women and so many others were celebrated through a series of IWD events around the world. Here in Britain the spectrum of events ranged from concerts to fairs, to exhibitions, to talks, to film screenings, to marches. All that’s left to do is for you to celebrate the women in your life; the women who inspire others; the women that have inspired you. Celebrate the women that you feel are extra ordinary; those women that spur you on; those that have surpassed their own expectations - as well as everyone else’s. We are all capable of inspiring. Chances are - you have already inspired someone to make a change; to take a different view; to take a chance. The real beauty of this lies in the fact that you probably don’t realise that you’ve made that difference. If you’re not already inspiring someone else – one day you will - so wear that thought with pride and wield that power with caution. A woman’s strength is truly unbounded. As Mrs Pankhurst once said of women, “…Once they are aroused, once they are determined, nothing on earth and nothing in heaven will make (them) give way; it is impossible.” It only seems fitting to give her the last word! AARTI MOHINDRU 20

A bit about RITU SETHI “I hav wife, mother, professional lawye of life.”

Your book has been voted as UK, how do you feel about t and amazed that it has been n award at the House of Commo

How is this book different t interacting with the new and se many of us had managed the p have been easier if someone h before I first set out? It would ha of despair.There were no such b who are so driven with careers they cannot juggle everything t to be like this. It’s simply a mat own experiences to give forwa it all and be it all.”

Ritu Sethi A multi-award winning lawyer,

entrepreneur and public speaker, voted as the Asian Businesswoman of the Year in 2000 and Businesswoman of the year 2008 at the Asian Woman of Excellence Awards. The very talented and beautiful Ritu has now had her self-improvement book voted as the ‘most inspirational self help book’ - A Women’s Guide to “Having it All Now”.


What’s your favourite part o relationships. My day job earlie me some valuable insight into r comes to the termination of an unlikely to ever come across a c love to each other, which tells y listening to why people want a marriage alive and stay in love This chapter was so interesting

What is the hardest part of w partner of the Sethi Partnership is a full time commitment. In ad However with the recession and I had so many failed attempts o course and develop into a book family as a recommended book

What inspired you to write knew it was possible. However ‘having it all’ by way of good l gorgeous and talented childre all’ by achieving the perfect ba defining your own happiness, y happy home life, optimum hea at peace with their spirituality perennial for the media and d it all’. Leaving aside the inequa always gone against the tide of the right support and opportu other books on the subject I wr

When you are not writing w to our local pub with my husb also enjoy a takeout from our f Avinash and Nikhita. I play pok the gym and of course pray.”

Will you be writing another b the time to evolve it is the chal

What makes you laugh? “My have become my best friends, ache. Mostly, I laugh at myself.

ve a fair bit of insight and experience into what it takes to be a er and, of course, a woman who has been juggling many aspects

to other self-help titles on the shelves? “On speaking and easoned generation of working women, I realised that although previously unimaginable, it had been a tough slog. Wouldn’t it had shared their experiences and told me all that I now know, ave saved a lot of tears, painful decisions and agonising moments books or role models. I have come across many ladies of all ages that they delay getting married and having a family as they feel together and feel overwhelmed by the thought. It doesn’t have tter of getting the right balance. So my book is written with my ard to the next generation so to inspire them that they can have

of ‘Having It All now? “My favourite chapter is on intimate er in my career was advising clients on divorce and this has given relationships - both good and bad - although mainly bad when it ny relationship. Instinct and logic tell me that as a lawyer we are couple seeking advice on divorce the day after they have made you all you need to know about the power of intimacy. Similarly, a divorce is the best education to know what it takes to keep a and also know when it is time to end an unhealthy relationship. g to to research and write.”

writing for you? “Giving myself the space and time. I am senior p Solicitors, a law firm established in 1994 in West London, which ddition to having a family and 2 children, so time was precious. d family growing up, I went through my old journals and realised over the years, so the evolution of creativity had to take its natural k that others would want to read and pass on to their friends and k.”

s the best Inspirational Book of the year 2012-2013 by IBBF, this? “Grateful and amazed. Grateful that someone has read it nominated it as Best Inspirational Book of the year 2012-2013 ons. It is overwhelming.”

Writing a book is like drawing a painting on a blank canvas, you will need to dream it, give it energy and execute the action, and then like fine wine, let it develop and turn into its own identity.

your book? “My father has written 3 books of his own so I r I was intrigued by the question of ’having it all’? I don’t mean looks, sexy body, pots of money, nice home, supportive family, en, and so it goes. What I mean is much more, how to ‘have it alance between all the different aspects of being a woman and your own balance. How does someone ‘have it all’ by way of a alth, abundance of wealth, fully expressing their creativity, being y, fulfilling career and have time for a full social life? A hardy discussion forums is this question of whether women can ‘have ality of why the same question is hardly asked of our men, I’ve f opinion on this one. It has long been my firm belief that, given unity, women can indeed have it all now, and as there were no rote my own.”

what do you do to chill out? “My favourite evening is to walk band Sudhir and meet friends and talk about real life issues. I favourite Chinese restaurant and stay at home with my children ker, attend spiritual and Yoga classes, play badminton and run in

book? “Never say never, there is a book in all of us, just finding llenge.”

husband Sudhir who is loved for his humour. My children who Avinash and Nikhita make me laugh until my stomach muscles .“ 22




sexy funky bold

sexy funky bold sexy funky bold sexy

sexy funky bold sexy

sexy funky bold sexy sexy funky bold sexy funky sexy funky bold sexy funky sexy funky bold sexy funky sexy funky bold sexy funky

There is nothing more




CONFIDENCE The real secret in being totally body confident is learning to accept yourself as you.

GETNAKED Spend time with yourself why don’t you try standing

naked in front of a large

mirror, check yourself out

from head to toe. SMILE.

Learn about yourself and take mental note of all your hidden


assets that make you feel


Dress those assets well. Dig deep into your wardrobe, full of oversized clothes by any chance?

STOP buying clothes to hide your body away, invest in some stylish outfits and buy clothes that compliment your body shape, make use of a stylist.


NOT SO CURVY? Enhance your body




stand tall,

& work your




be sexy be funky be bold




Photo: MKO Photographs

“Plume means ‘feather’ and Sauvage means ‘wild’ and for me it is a balance of my personality in terms of being: light as a feather, and grounded with a wild earthy side.” Delia Delphin, originally from Marseille, the South of France, came over to London over a year ago to pursue her dream and passion in music. After working in an Organic Restaurant for some time she invested all her time and energy into her music. She has written over 30 songs where the majority is about the discovery of life, her inner development and her connections with herself. She has a fantastic smile and a sensational voice that can touch ones soul, and she would love to do a collaboration with the superstar Prince. Let’s hear more about her deepest passion - music. What was your first song you wrote and sung? “I started to write music in English when I was 11 and that was the first song I sung – L’ Enfance ( Childhood ).” Do you ever get nervous on stage, what mental thoughts do you put into place to help you boost confidence? Delia has always enjoyed the art of music and started to sing on stage at the age of 8, at the age of 12 she sang ‘Behind the Wall’ by Tracey Chapman. “I was totally nervous. It was silent and people were waiting for me to sing and I was shivering. As soon as I heard people trying to get me off the stage and realising I had ‘singer’s block’ I had a sudden impulse, I didn’t want to get off stage and suddenly started to sing. This was my biggest confidence boost and has built up really well since.” Which music artists inspire you and influence your styles? “Michael Jackson. He is a legend and my guide. He created a wonderful universe of music and followed his dreams, this encouraged me to believe in my dreams and to make them happen.” What is your favorite instrument and why? “The guitar because of it’s practicality and the piano because it plays the most beautiful sound. It’s quite a challenge to learn an instrument but I find it essential to understand music in much deeper way.”

When you write your own music where do you draw inspiration? Although Delia is greatly inspired with ‘old school’ music artists she often finds inspiration from herself. “The beauty of my songs are that I can write anything and express my inner self through my music. I feel relieved in expressing my feelings through music; it helps confront my fears and is therapeutic. I feel like I channel something when I sing my music.” For the readers who have never heard your music explain your sound in 5 words... “Raw, Intimate, Soul, Blues, Jazz” What do you love to do when your not making music? “Running to switch off and wandering off for long walks, I love spending time with myself.” What are the 5 things you cannot live without? “Chocolate, dancing, singing, writing and laughing.” What makes you laugh? “I always manage to find hilarious detail in something silly that my friends don’t, finding those details can have me giggling for hours and everyone’s wondering what’s wrong with me!” What is your motto? “My plan is to have no plan.”

Which artists can I find on your iPod? “Prince – I love Prince! Tina turner, Billy Holiday, Stevie Wonder and of course Michael Jackson. I love old school artists.”

Check out her radio show on Sound Cloud: 26

“YEH, SOHO, I mean Raymond’s Revue Bar, 100 Club, Ronnies’, Marquee, Flamingo where you went and heard jazz players and a lot of coffee bars Macabre,Two I’s, Cats Whiskers…oh there were so many can’t remember all of em, but I did have lunch with Satchmo at Cafe Royale. love the saxophone… can’t play but I bought one. I had it there for a long time and one day I looked at it and I saw a steamroller outside my house. The ones I got in the box is cos I wanted them screaming out almost looks like they’re playing still almost like they’re saying “give me one more gig.” This collection invokes memories of that great day in ‘62 when she met Satchmo and a youth spent in the alluring smoky haze of jazz clubs and bars in Soho. Her creative output expresses her nomadic lifestyle living in and travelling the Globe from revolutionary Middle East in the 70’s, Far East to Hackney today. Elaine Breinlinger a born and bred West Londoner works in oils, montage and found objects with a vivid palette of mostly vibrant purples and turquoise. Her paintings articulate an intimate visual language wildly expressive yet constrained by bold confident brush strokes. In her recent Jazz series her unusual process brings a collection of actual jazz vintage instruments out of retirement. No longer played they hold an enduring fascination for Elaine. She set about reworking their forms and meshed their long history with her own.


“In a world, where you can be anything you want to be, be true to yourself, be you.� - Sandie Panesar


MR PARAM SINGH. Once a management consultant, once an intellect pharmaceutical, once an IT Geek, hold on, he still is! Now he is known from the show ‘Take Me Out’ and one of the organisers for City Sikhs Network. Lets hear more about what he has to say about himself and what makes him so quirky! So dude, what have you been up to? “Since Take Me Out me and my business partners (my brothers) are in the process of trying to launch an internet sensation – ‘Mr & Mrs Lawyer’, this website will make it easier to access lawyers for their legal needs within minutes!” This is one of many ventures Param and his brothers have up their sleeves, they have a ‘big book of ideas’ to get through! “I’m also working with a body of young Sikh professionals through City Sikhs Network, it’s a great way to help build a strong professionals network with many inspirational events.” The next event is ‘Recipe for Success’ coming up on the 4th April, check out the website for more details Filming in the city of love, with Mark Wright - how was it? “Going to France with Mark Wright was great, there were plenty of girls surrounding us! It was a fab experience going to different areas in France, Mark was trying to hook us up with some French girls but that didn’t quite happen in the ‘touristy areas’.You can really get to know people like Paddy outside the work scene, and they turn out to be really nice guys. Mark Wright is a genuinely decent guy but its obsessed with twittering as soon as he is off camera!”

Life is too short to tolerate... “Spending time with people that don’t love you.” 29

What inspired y

“I stumbled upon Tai been into martial ar interest in Gatka (S Shotokan karate wh to London I was o different forms of ma CHEUNG, in Gospel of wooden statues t a slow motion art, I a so good about Tai C With a partner they art. He did some m other side of the r using ones energy a be so powerful that such a powerful ene their internal organs a higher bone densi your general wellbei

you to start doing Tai Chi?

i Chi by coincidence, I have always rts from a young age, with special Sikh martial arts). I used to do hen I was younger. When I came on a quest to find a unique and artial arts and came across WING l Oak. The club is beautiful and full to practice your arts on. Tai Chi is asked the master to tell me what’s Chi, and he certainly showed me! y demonstrated the mind-blowing moves where one just flew to the room, it was amazing, they were against each other! The touch can if you hit someone you can send ergy through their body and blow s. Tai Chi on a basic level gives you ty and for me it’s really good for ing and for spiritual growth.”

We know your looking for a Mrs Param Style, In five words, describe your ideal woman. “Sweet, down to earth, funky, fun, happy.” What is your philosophy in life? “Live your life to the max.” Who is your inspiration? “Richard Branson.” What was your most memorable moment on Take Me Out?I “The Gangnam style dance. Classic.” I hear that you are acting in an upcoming Bollywood movie, details please! “I got a small role in what is being dubbed as the next Bend it Like Beckham film. I’m not allowed to divulge the name and details at this stage but suffice to say I got a role dancing with beautiful ladies in a club!”

What are the five things you cannot be without? “Ohhhh I think they would be my unverified self proclaimed 172 IQ, Central Heating, Bananas, Facebook and Gok Wan White Specs!”

What impact do you want to leave on the world? “Me and my brothers have a vision to globally launch Mr & Mrs Lawyer and in doing so leave a long lasting impact! In addition help the Sikh community become more interconnected through networking and encouraging them to be more in media.”

Why the white glasses? “I was always looking for a pair of white frames, for almost two years! I took the plunge one day and walked to the last store to search for them, Specsavers, and lone behold Gok Wan had created his own collection, and there they were, my white glasses, and I can’t be without them since. My mum doesn’t really like them much though!”

What has that little voice in your head been saying recently? “It’s saying get married! Or that might be my mum I’m not sure anymore!”

Can you do a Harlem shake for me, can I record it and put it on you tube? I have music. “Yes I would love to!” Good one Param!

What’s your favourite colour? Pink!

Whats the next big thing for you? “I’d love to join Hollywood but I’m still waiting for Steven Spielberg to hit me up on Facebook! Until then I’m working on my business empire with my home boys.”

If I gave you an Elephant where would you hide it? “I have a space in my back garden, behind there is a secret space and I would hide him there, feed him roti and daal! No one would even notice!” Your fave board game - “RISK! The tables can turn – AT ANYTIME!”

What else do you have your fingers dipped into?! “Pies. Mr Kiplings Apple pies that is! I love them! If a lady made me a fresh apple pie I’d be putty in her hands!” Ladies, make the dude some apple pies!

Thanks Param for an interesting and fun interview, you are a cool guy and any lady that makes apple pies and had a funky side will be very lucky!!!





RELAX and take a little moment, grab a generous slice of your favourite scrummy cake and cast your eyes over this. Until I discovered that I could actually bake cakes, all by myself of course, I never quite really understood ‘the cake’, I could not quite grasp the fascination with it and why EVERYONE I knew loved it, except me. My perception in life towards ‘the cake’ was dismissive, I saw ‘the cake’ as the devil, it was fattening, too indulgent, too sweet and contained whaa-haayyyy too much buttercream! Something changed in 2011, I baked. I baked some more, I baked a tad more and slowly realised that I was taken away with the bakey aroma. So I took the plunge, I dived into my vanilla cake. I tasted cake, the real stuff, homemade cake with all the naughty bits on the inside and the creamy bits on the outside. I couldn’t stop myself, somebody, please, come and take the cake away!! And there it was, my ultimate cake transformation, and since then, I so do not deny myself the delicious happiness it has brought to my being, a realisation of true inner self satisfaction, just by eating sensational cake. The oh so elegant softness, the lighty lightness, the heavenly fluffiness, the very velvety richness, the firmy moistness, the crunchy fruitiness, oh and the melt in the mouth chocolateyness heaven, it is a sublime taste that will just hit the perfect spot in your mouth and hear this, your going to love it, cake is good for you. (Ahem!) I beg your pardon cake lady?!!!!! Yes, truth be told, it all weighs down to your mental wellness, by refusing yourself the goodness of any scrumptious cake you will just end up torturing yourself and therefore be left feeling frustrated, dispirited and simply cakeless. By living through this crazy denial of not allowing yourself to indulge in the food you want to eat, you can be well on your way with feelings of depression and that’s not good. If you have crept up this line the obvious ways in kicking ass to those depressive feelings are by doing the things that make you feel awesome, nourished, content and eating cake should naturally be one of them! It sounds too good to be true, it really does, but recent studies have shown that eating sweet things such as cakes, fruity muffins, chocolate filled pancakes, creamy danish pastries, (and we know the treat list can really go on), as part of your full breakfast can help initiate weight loss. HUH. SERIOUSLY, ARE YOU CRAZY WOMAN? Yes, seriously (the crazy bit too), it’s proven that your metabolism is most active in the morning than any other part of the day, this gives you the rest of the day to work off all the cakey calories. Munching a sweet treat first thing in the morning can also help reduce cravings for sweet things later in the day, I can vouch for that, after giving it a go for 2 weeks I can honestly say that my cravings for sweet things is reduced later in the day and more importantly I don’t feel guilty in the slightest for eating it! (Study is referenced from the March issue of the Journal Steroids). So eat your body super happy, with cake of course. Your body will be grateful, positive, happy and boosting chemicals throughout your body leaving you with the naughty but nice feeling! There you have it, go on check out IScream Cakes for some mouth watering recipes or place an order and have it for breakfast the next morning! I’m off to the kitchen to bake me a dark chocolate cake! Why chocolate - the beautiful antioxidants, the aprohodisiac lift (ahem, ahem) and mostly because it is scrumdidliumptious.

Oh yeah, baby. SANDIE PANESAR 32



The Punjabi Prince Johnny Gill, and Picture Perfect Zaid Khan are the 1st British Asian Pro Wrestling Tag Team, these fanatical wrestlers are now up for nomination for the TNA Gutcheck, here is my 5 minutes with Team Perfection and what they have to say about themselves and the nomination: Tell me about the recent nominations and how you guys feel about it... Johnny: “We were recently chosen to compete on TNA Gutcheck, which was amazing and extremely nerve wrecking, but it felt great, it would change my memories of TNA Gutcheck for the world.” Zaid: “Feel great about the TNA Gutcheck nomination, especially being selected for it. I think I did a great job on that day and do believe I can go all the way and win the contract.” Who are you’re influences in your style of sport? Johnny: “When I was young it was mainly Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan that made me want to become a wrestler. As I grew a little older it became Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. Without watching them I would not be where I am today.” Zaid: “My biggest all time influences since I was a child, were none other than Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart.” 33

What is your advice to aspiring wrestlers? Johnny: “Becoming a professional wrestler is not just knowing how to wrestle, you got to be able to act and look the part. That means go on a diet and go to the gym. Build a good body which the majority of UK wrestlers lack.” Zaid: “Finish your education, don’t focus entirely the wrestling but keep it on the side and work as hard as you can. Find a gym to train at and just learn from the best. Watch all the greats, how they wrestle, talk, move. Take it all and try build something unique of your own.” What’s the best thing about what you do? Johnny: “I get to travel around the country meet new fans, sign autographs and wrestle in front of so many people all chanting your name.” Zaid: “The best thing about what we do is entertaining the people. No matter what sort of reaction we m o get we know that way we c . have done our job, when k c we receive one. It e h really makes it all c t u worthwhile.” g a tn / :/ p t t h



. TO 4 0 Y




3 1 E





5 M I N S



What is it you do? “I have a career in International strategic marketing, whilst coaching, working for radio & completing my post grad - keeping me very busy! Now currently a finalist for ‘FACE OF INSPIRATION COUTURE 2013’ with a chance to be crowned ‘Global ambassador’ for the Inspiration Couture brand with the opportunity to be featured in a variety of leading Asian magazines/newspapers & be the face of the 2013 B4U campaign!” How do you feel about being nominated? “I was aware of the high caliber of competition so I was surprised when I got the call from director and founder Anshu Saggar to inform I had been selected as a finalist! It is a great chance to be a symbol of a well executed brand which really embodies Indian fashion. The finalist photo shoot has already taken place and the online voting has begun (you can still drop me a vote: models/kyranjeet-kaur-sanghera/), however the winner will be chosen at lavish event on April 13th Hosted exclusively by Opulence Events at Cavendish Banqueting Suite with live performances by Avina & Kishan of Eastern Illusions paying a special tribute to the late Yash Chopra all to be covered by B4U.” Tell me a funny thing about yourself “This has always been a question I cannot answer! According to my brother people tend to laugh when I think I am not saying anything funny - I still like to think they are not laughing at me! Haha” What is your ultimate dream? “I have many dreams - one I cannot share because it has been my secret dream for over 5 years, so if it happens I’ll tell you! (Chuckles) However, ultimately it is to make a difference for the better and get as many people to smile as possible whether that’s through fashion, unity, self-belief or even at me! Because a smile is one thing, no matter your path - you deserve!” Who is your true inspiration? “My mother and two aunties - the combination of these three women is the true ingredients of success, class, style and strength. All leaders in their careers, have an unwavering motivation and live by the motto ‘others before myself’. I really have no excuse with these three as my role models!” If you could travel in time, where would you go and why? “This is a difficult one! There are so many past times I would love to go back to you - But a real favorite would be to go back in time to the era of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Not only for Mr. Darcy but the elegant fashion worn by the women, sheer class!”



Secrets THE



Costa Del Sol, Spain

“THE UNTOUCHED JEWEL” NERJA, the endless blue seas, the dramatic natural caves, the crystal clear sparkling waters, the colourful cobbled streets, the traditional markets, the scenery that is truly deserving of the word ‘majestic’.


NERJA is truly one of my favourite holiday destinations, just perfect for a burst of sun, sea and glamour. Take note of just one of my journeys around the town and places you must check out! Where to stay? Opt for a self catering apartment, I would suggest Edificio Tuhillo, especially if you are travelling with young children, it makes life a whole lot easier! It has the most the breathtaking views of Carabeillo Beach, your own secluded private pool, and just within metres just outside fantastic bars and resturants and it will not interfere with your sleep at all! Your stay at Edificio Tuhillo will only sanction you to hours of family time and most importantly, luxurious relaxation. Where to go? Take a stroll along the cultural streets of Calle Carabeo and stop for some lunch at Little Italy for the best pizza and pasta in town. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere, the traditonal music and lighthearted banter from the locals. Carry on into town and do some window shopping at the wonderful open markets, each tuesday, the town hosts a traditional market with stalls selling virtually everything - fresh food, clothing, jewellery, soft furnishings, pictures, music, kitchenware and cosmetics, buy yourself a sombrero I say and continue your journey in true spanish style and head to the Balcon de Europa, the central part of town. The Balcon de Europa, has promising magnificent views along the coastline, you will be surrounded by numerous artists, portrait painters, caricaturists, and remarkable musicians, join in and have a sing and dance. Make your way to the end of the balcon and make a stand in the centre, there is a local urban legend that if you stand in the central circle of the star at the end of the Balcon de Europa and make a wish then your wish will come true. Walk down to the resturant under the balcon and book yourself in for an evening of fun entertainment and dinner, do try the exquisite Paella. Feeling a bit Peckish? All around The Balcon de Europa you will find a great selection of places to eat. The best tapas stop is at El Portico, and the best selection of ice cream is at Marissals. Take a ten minute walk towards Calle Cristo, I definaltey recommend Pinnocchios Resturant (Calle Cristo 48), it has the best steak in the area, mouthwatering sangria and magical entertainment. Fancy an Indian? I need my Indian food fix whenever I go abroad! I came across a faboulus Indian resturant - Jaipur (Los Huertos, 48) I tasted some unusual dishes, my favourite being the delicious mango chicken curry! Want a few drinks? Nerja is lively, friendly and buzzing in the evenings, my favourite drinking hot spot is La Ferraria, just two minutes away from my apartment - perfect! Look out for this dude, he whips up the most amazing Mojitos! Also check out Restaurante Bakus towards the end of Calle Carabeo, have a drink in the beer garden overlooking the Mediterranean and Burriana beach from the balcony viewpoint. A bit of history? For a touch of history you must visit The Church of El Salvador (Iglesia El Salvador) it is a stunning building situated opposite the Balcon de Europa and close to what used to be the Guards Tower. The Nerja Caves (Cuevas de Nerj) are a must see, look out for music events that are held at the magnificent caves and take along a brilliant camera for some astonishing photography. And the beaches? Carabeillo Beach, is the closest one to Edificio Tuhillo. There are a heap of steps to walk down to the beach, but once your down there, its is beautiful. Most of the beaches are within walking distance, carry on west from the bay towards Burriana Beach and stop by for some beach food - scrummy kebabs and plenty of cocktails! SANDIE PANESAR




ASIAN FOOTBALL AWARDS Celebrating the very best of UK Asian talent in football - both on and off the field

8th October 2013 Wembley Stadium



CHARITY PARTNER MEDIA PARTNERS @AFootballAwards AsianFootballAwards #AFA2013 Sponsorship packages available


Contact: /

+44 (0) 1737 833713














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