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Renewal Innovation has always fascinated us. We share this fascination with one of the greatest innovators of all time: Leonardo da Vinci. He too went in search of solutions to questions that had never been asked before. He also forced breakthroughs in many areas and combined insights from different perspectives in order to come up with spectacular innovations. We therefore believe the time has come to inventively communicate our innovative mindset. Let’s start with ‘a new vision’.

A renewed look Today we present to you the new look of WPS. One that matches our DNA and one that shows a lot more of what WPS is today. A company driven by creating solutions – a company which dares to explore the limits of technology - but always with the end result in mind. In our new motto these two principles go hand in hand. We Prove Solutions. We don’t do this alone but together with our customers. And we don’t do this just once, but with the aim of long term cooperation to ensure that we will be able to meet the challenges of the future. This involvement shows that WPS stands for practice-based installation technology, systems and concepts. That is why the echo of Leonardo da Vinci resonates in our renewed corporate identity. And that is why this corporate identity points significantly towards the future.

A renewed promise We Prove Solutions. An ambitious promise, but one we are willing and able to commit to. It is also a promise that communicates what WPS stands for: our belief in long term partnership. Investing in automation also means investing in our mutual relationship. We are happy to offer you that trust. Not only for today, but also for tomorrow. These are precisely the advantages that working with WPS offers. With complete systems that provide answers to every logistic question – with technology that is innovative but above all reliable. And with support that gives you the pleasant feeling that you do not just have a supplier but a partner in business.

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WPS Start the renewal - We Prove Solutions