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All year-round cuties Babies & Children Unisex, Cross-seasons Collection

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All year-round cuties

Retro shorts

Unisex, Cross-seasons Collection


Twill shorts

Corduroy gathered shorts with elastic in the Hooded jacket in corduroy with zip at the back. Wooden buttons and matching braces . front

Gathered shorts with elastic around the waist, 100% premium quality cotton twill.

Colour: dark olive green, chocolate, navy, red Colour: Dark olive green Size: 0/6m ; 6/12m ; 18/24m ; 3y, 4y, 5y, 6;y, Size: 6/12m ; 18/24m ; 3/4y ; 5/6 y ; 7/8y 7y, 8y

Colour : Navy or taupe. Size: 0/6m ; 6/12m ; 18/24m ; 3y, 4y, 5y, 6;y, 7y, 8y

Without braces: £9,25 (RRP: £23.00) Matching braces: £4.8 (RRP: £12.00)

Copyright Mange Tout -

£15.61 (RRP : £39.00)

£8.08 ( RPP : £22.00)

Upbeat & Effortless Designs For Babies & Children, Made in UK, 100% cotton

The shorts : With willies or boots, and it gets nippy outside, spice them up with long socks or funky tights a

The jacket: As a jumper in the winter and even better when he summer comes and doesn’t quite know what it wants.

Contact: Claire Verdet t: +(44)7971279865 e: w: Copyright Mange Tout -

All year round cuties, by Mange Tout  
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