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01. Pinhal do Gancho

Clients: Private Place: Lisbon - Barreiro Project Team: Kaputt! Date: July 2005 Phase: Construction

Technology in the suburbia

We were asked to design a house in the

A permeable wall, built in brick, defined limits for

surroundings of Lisbon, with specific actual

the lawn and fruit tree area.

techniques - OSB and light steel framing.

In the project, a spacious object enveloped the

A vacant lot, next to a green house, defined this

common spaces, complementing an orthogonal

generic site.

implantation for the private part of the house.

A strip of orange trees and bushes formed a

Construction is underway in an always difficult

protective barrier which would frame the garden.

process. 1

Building image



02. Ler Devagar

Clients: Private Place: Lisbon - Alcântara Project Team: Kaputt! Date: July 2005 Phase: Built

Intervention in a printing machine

A bookshop and cultural association, asked for

budget - almost nonexistent for architectural

our collaboration by the occasion of changing

purposes so visual results could be achieved.

their facilities. The bookshop was to be installed

The strategy was mainly cleaning and to

inside and around a deactivated printing press

consolidate specific spaces, as the two bars, the

and our work was to maximize the available

offices box and a gallery’s technical storage.


General scheme

WC Main office Meeting space Gallery



Clients: Carlsberg Place: Copenhagen Project Team: Kaputt! Date: July 2006 Place: Competition

Competiton in Copenhagen

This project was an international competition for

A greater strategy set to organize diversified

the de-activated Carlsberg brewery. It aimed the

interventions and some new features were

integration into the urban fabric of Copenhagen,

added to the place as a catalyst for new

on which some structures from the old factory


would be maintained. Several suggestions were

The honorable mention was a great achievement

enumerated to incorporate new and old urban

for a junior architect studio, competing with


international renowned studios. 5

04. House of Arts and Culture

Clients: Competition Place: Lebanon - Beirut Project Team: Kaputt! Date: July 2005 Phase: Experimental

Treasures in Lebanon

The object of this competition was the House

The project consisted in a hard shell, interrupted

of Arts and Culture in Beirut, situated in the

in four access points to a open and delicate

frontier of the historical center which redefinition


was underway. This project was also part of the dynamics of the new typology of the modern

Our entry was awarded a Honorable Mention.



05. Reguengos

Clients: Public Place: Reguengos de Monsaraz Project Team: AWO Date: Jan 2012 Phase: Construction

Requalification of Reguengos highs chool Phase 1 was completely built. Phase 2 had major This project was made integrated in a national

changes (from Project I to Project II ahead) due

program of refurbishment of Portuguese high

to changes in political and financial background,

schools. This particular one had been built in the

as well as serious constraints found on site. This

80’s, according to standards for industry. The

last version, a very inexpensive adaptation, was

project aimed to reorganize new uses, as well as

solved using the same contractual materials and

the requalification of the existing structures, in

in a shorter time span.

order to reduce costs. 7

Site images





Clients: Private Place: Lisbon Project Team: AWO Date: February 2012 Phase: Infraestructure

Houses in Vila Utopia

Inserted in a closed community, an experiment

The rooms were traditionally on the first level, but

was made in the single houses type. An axis

residual spaces were created, so spacial unity to

between two houses was defined, so communal

the lower and main level could exist.

space would be united to the exterior garden

Some anonymity was chosen in a prized

and neighbouring community, creating a

architected house community.

gradation of privacy.


07. Atelier JA

Clients: JA LS Place: Lisbon Project Team: JA + AWO Date: December 2012 Phase: Built

Atelier JA In this project it was installed, on an old

The project is centered around a cenery,

warehouse, an exclusive interior design

used as a play set, enhancing the void

atelier. Being part of this process, a niche of

which unites the two levels, where the

Arts and Crafts borns in East Lisbon.

atelier is developed. Around this space,

In order to transform the warehouse,

enactment will be staged for clients and

already used with a different function, a


tight budget conditioned all choices - as it usually happens. 13

Level 1

This void organizes functions through a

On the upper level, two blocks organize

staircase bringing other presence to the

and contain functions as private offices and

lower level. A curtain and brick atmosphere

toilets, serving the central working space.

communicates and extends the old charcater artificcially occupied, bringin imagination into play.




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