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The Real Estate Solutions News Letter. Issue # 01, January 2007




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Editor’s note Welcome to the first ever published Real Estate Solutions news letter – RES-link magazine! We are always looking for ways to improve the communication means and in doing so, we will take on board comments from our readers. RES-link is now structured to reflect Real Estate Solutions organisation along global lines of business, making it easier for you to find information about our Business, Projects and Construction, Project Management in our core geographies.



CEO MESSAGE This year has seen a step change for Real Estate Solutions. I would characterise our biggest single achievement as nailing the strategic settings – both business and financial – for the company. We have three core business phases that we strive to achieve market-leading positions operating in key geography of MENA. We are leveraging synergies across the business to work on integrated opportunities and we are beginning to understand what it means for Real Estate Solutions to become a competitive corporation. It is also pleasing to see that this progress is now being recognised by the client and market. As the Group grows internationally, the directors and senior management team remain very aware of their responsibility to maintain and develop the inclusive nature of Real Estate Solutions culture we wish to portray with the help of developing existing and hiring the best talent in the region. It is essential to have high quality people with the right skill-set and motivation to manage the execution of our strategy. The ‘Designing Opportunities’ theme that now appears on our literature, websites and projects reminds us that no matter what we are doing and where we are doing it, we want our people to innovate and to set the pace rather than be followers. This issue of RES-link contains many examples of how our people are helping our organisation to evolve. I would like to thank you all for your creativity and commitment to the changes we have brought about in Real Estate Solutions over the time. Your considerable efforts mean we are well positioned to deliver truly sustainable growth for our shareholders. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution and support in 2006, send my very best wishes to you and your family for the upcoming festive season, and wish you a happy and healthy year ahead! Looking forward to seeing you in 2007. Be safe!

Ahmed Samir Chief Executive Officer


We also want to share more news on important global activities such as our ongoing journey to becoming renowned PM Company in MENA, our commitment to our clients and our efforts to improve information flows between internal and external stakeholders. And that’s not all. We are also adjusting the frequency and timing of the publication of RES-link, so we can feature the very best stories and updates from our businesses and better illustrate them with engaging and inspiring photographs.


In this issue, you will find special features on our efforts towards better performing projects and an overview of our staff and their respective engagements. We’ve also included project and strategy updates, as well as interesting segments. We always welcome your feedback, so please email your comments and suggestions in addition to all ideas and stories to us. In the meantime, happy reading! Maneer Khan

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RES-link is the global Real Estate Solutions news letter for employees. Front cover: Images from the Dummar Development Interlink Editor Design & Production Maneer Khan

“BE REALISTIC: DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE” It’s an old statement, and I’m sure different people will have different ideas of its meaning. To me it is to carry on pursuing your dreams even where the obstacles seem impossible to overcome and never accept the fact that an ideal world is beyond the realms of possibility, but rather the natural state of things. Dean Wells Project Director

Kindly send your comments to Telephone: +965-2447536 Ext 13




We’ve started the first half of the New Year 2007 with GUSTO

All of you are contributing to this effort, through your participation in the regional strategic reviews; continued performance in winning and striving to complete projects; careful scrutiny of overhead costs; and steadfast commitment to the recovery of the Company. Each person in the company can make a valuable contribution, and we are indeed grateful for the efforts of everyone.

Last year, as you know, was a challenge, but we have streamlined our organisation and with a busy year ahead, we’re off to a good start. Real Estate Solution is a great company and we are building on our strengths by focusing our skills and knowledge across fewer countries and sectors. We have organised ourselves more efficiently to achieve this.

The future holds the opportunity for all of us to set new benchmarks in world-class Projects and developments. These projects will test our commitment to the delivery of marketfocused, innovative and sustainable development and in MENA we are well positioned to further entrench our leadership position within the PM/CM industry.


Together with our client as leading real estate services business, having created, improved and managed projects with capable staff. A revitalised leadership team and a dynamic business model are reshaping the business. We are focusing on our core strengths of project management, integrated development and facilities management within the key region of MENA.

Our business model as illustrated below is structured on partnering with clients and owners and our portfolio has the advantage of services and geographic diversity that provides us with added protection against market and inflations. Combined with the skills and passion of our employees, we can all look forward to making a significant difference in future.

Flexibility underpins this model. We are concentrating on sectors and markets where we have a strong foundation of knowledge and where business opportunities exist that are suited to the capabilities of Real Estate Solutions.

Operations Director Ramy Youakim

We are leveraging scale to harvest global and regional synergies and maintaining flexibility to adapt to individual markets. We are a more streamlined, accountable and lower cost operation.

Remaining true to our core values of

respect, integrity, innovation, collaboration and excellence will help us achieve even more impressive results than we have recorded to date. Let’s keep up the good work and focus on improving the weaker parts of our game so we can truly become a leading international Project Management group.


PCS Engineer Maneer Khan


As it has in December 2006, Real Estate Solutions will again be participating in the world largest b2b event in the property investment and development sector – Cityscape. It is estimated that over 35,000 industry professionals from over 85 countries will meet in Dubai this year.


Services Trust, Confidence And Profits


Shouldering Social Responsibility

Cityscape Dubai is an annual networking exhibition and conference focusing on all aspects of the property development cycle taking place at Dubai Int. Exhibition Center, October 2007.

Capital Dividends

Why should you visit? Within the 55,000sqm exhibition, middle eastern and international developers will showcase their projects to regional and international investors, developers, leading architects, designers, governmental and development authorities, consultants and all senior professionals involved in the property industry. You can expect three days of intense networking and deal making opportunities. Last year more than US$27 billion worth of deals were struck at the exhibition alone. You can register for free at

Services Taxes Government

Knowledge Compensation





Shareholders/ Investors

We are building significant momentum in the Middle East, where we currently have more than 18 employees working on 9 major projects across MENA. RES is mainly involved with mixed-use construction projects which are complex and demanding in nature. They are also one of Real Estate Solution’s strengths. Mixed-use facility construction accounts for nearly more than one-third of total revenue for the 2006-2007 fiscal year. Real Estate Solutions has ongoing many of the most prestigious mixed-use projects in the MENA region. Each project is presenting unique challenges and for each of them our customer driven project team is continuously providing inimitable solutions, protecting clients’ assets as they have brought client goals to fruition. We as a team believe in continuous improvement. You are encouraged to contribute for any Lesson Learned on your project or any improvement suggestion to be posted in Doc Locator under respective project folder.

DUMMAR EXPOSED The challenge at Dummar project in Syria was to create a project that would not only cater for one “category” potential clients, but would be a “Destination” and an “Object of Desire” for middle and upper classes of both Syrian and foreign nationalities. RES will take over the role of PM defending the client n the project. The concept would take into consideration the immediate surroundings to the site, mainly composed of a patchwork of hybrid architecture, with no or little relation to the Syrian prestigious architectural heritage and create a screen between the project’s components and its immediate surrounding. The central upper access platform would act as a gathering place where both the clientele and passers by will interact in a space that would be like a piazza, very common in the local urban typology. The shopping mall will also be centralized, acting as a distribution center to other components of the project, namely the hotel, offices and country club.

The offices will include “Boutique Offices”, which would be connected and in fact would continue and take advantage of the hotel’s components in a smooth transition. Overall, the project will focus and incorporate many water features and greenery, living up to its image of “Babel Fardaous”, “Eden”, “Janna”, reminiscing Damascus and the mythical “Barada River” old say of being the “Heaven on Earth”. Location: Western of Damascus, not more than 8 Km from Martyrs Square (city center) & 5 Km from the Umayyad Square. Plot Size: 97000 m2 Maximum Height = no maximum height minimum of 9 floors. Building constrains: Foot print= 35 % = 33950 m2 Landscape= 65 % = 63050 m2 Project construction period = 1500 days Project design period = 360 days Over all period = 62 months

Photographs: Top right: CAD 3D design perspective view of Dummar towers from pool. Left bottom: 3D perspective view of Dummar hotel. Left: Internal atrium Casablanca hotel, Morocco

The hotel lobby will be treated as an “airport lobby”, whereas the guests could see different parts of the project as spectators, while being in a privately secured exclusive atmosphere.

The mall in itself will be composed of many terraces and piazzas, combining outdoor and indoors retail spaces, giving the sense of a living shopping street.




“The future holds opportunity for all of us to set new benchmark in Project Management” CEO A.Samir

INTEGRATING THE SKILLS TO PUT BUSINESS BACK INTO THE PRIME TOWER Real Estate Solutions is commissioned by SIDRA holdings to undertake the responsibility of Project Management services for the Prime Tower. With a total area of 381,486 sqft the Prime Tower is located at the heart of the Business Bay which is the new regions capital area. The Tower is undertaken by international real estate development company – SIDRA. Al Massaleh Real Estate Company.ksc Kuwait together with Capital Trust Middle East (CTME) Lebanon formed SIDRA Limited - an offshore company registered in Jebel Ali Free Zone Area in Dubai to develop an office building within the Business Bay –Dubai. The main developer for Business Bay is Dubai Properties covering an area of 64 million sqf as total area of the bay.

All this makes the Prime Tower at Business Bay the perfect selection for those who wants to be at the core of the business area in the region and who wish to enhance his business in Emirates, yet and stay in a prime location in that area. Dubai Business Bay will be similar in nature to Manattan or Ginza, which are truly the business centers for the cities of New York and Tokyo. In past the prosperity of Dubai dependant heavily on the Creek, the first phase of Dubai is incredible transformation into a regional hub begun with the dredging of the creek in 1970’s. It is expected that the new extension of the creek will mark Dubai’s entry into the global business cities league.

Sidra intend to develop a high-quality office building of Approx. 424,000 square foot with height of Approx. 120 meters (38 floors). Initially the projected completion date is set to end of year 2008 currently March 2009.

The project is currently floating through Preliminary Design phase with Schematic Design completed and commented.

The location is perfect hub and the views are superb laying on the corner of the bay, enjoys the advantage of two street frontage and easy access. One view is to the Dubai downtown, which contains the world highest tower “Burj Dubai” and another view is to the bay lagoon and its green garden.

The project design was overtaken by Nasa/Multiplex in joint venture with KCPC, Woods-Bagot was appointed as Architects, however their service was terminated by 20th December 2006 until the submission of Schematic Design and ongoing Preliminary Design is concluded. Currently ECG is appointed new design & supervision consultant. Approval is already secured by TECOM-Dubai statuary authority for change of consultants.

Structural design of the tower was carried out by BG&E, while MEP engineering by Waterman Emirates. Colliers are selected through tender procedure for sales and marketing services, similarly with the help of Sketch Me consultant presentational material was prepared for distribution during cityscape exhibition among interested investors. Legal services for Prime Tower are carried out by Emirates Advocates as lawyers. Operations Director Ramy Youakim Senior Quantity Surveyor Sajith P.Pasqual

Photographs: Top Left: Perspective view of The Prime Tower with Burj Arab in background Middle Right: Entrance Lobby with Glazed Curtain wall. Lower Left: Raniya Residential Apartments.

WALLS ARE TUMBLING AT RANIYA AL Massaleh Real Estate Company awarded the Design Management contract to Real Estate Solutions for managing the Rania Hotel Residential Apartment Tower located in Kuwait with a plot area of 2500 sqm. The tower with three sections of 15 storeys will house 13 apartment units each with a development value of USD 4.5 million build on a site of existing building is now demolished. Once constructed the hotel residential apartment will provide an unobstructed garden and street view with partial Arabian Sea view. In addition the building amenities includes the basement & shaded parking for 55 cars, gym, cafeteria and swimming pool. The total buildup area for hotel residential apartment is 4160sqm. Al-Etaiby was appointed as design consultant, while Scale consultant is assigned supervision consultancy. M/S Ibrahim Al Hajeri Co. is selected after rigorous tender through evaluation among three contractors. The Raniya project is scheduled to be completed in mid 2008. RESLINK



Team triumphs over technical Challenges to deliver Al Massaleh Complex New Twin Towers To meet the program and budget, some fundamental changes were required. The design did not meet the Clients budget aspirations, so significant value engineering was required to meet the cost targets. This in turn put pressure on the program, which could not advance to the detailed design until the outline scheme had been signed off. The biggest impact is experienced in the structural design and the cost impact of the electrical and mechanical services. Close teamwork was required to resolve complex technical issues, which was done s with best integration and cooperation of the staff. This was achieved by having all key players – client, designers and RES PM staff– under one roof.

The design for Al Massaleh Complex challenge posed in this project to Real Estate Solutions is intricately complicated as the introduction of two 30 story towers within an existing complex which must be done flawlessly in order to preserve the powerful vision of the original design. Numerous challenges confronted the team, including a very tight, very busy site complete with existing services in basement, including Electrical, Mech, power lines and poles, sewer and storm water lines and landscape, which were to be relocated. As an existing client, Al Massaleh Real Estate Company benefited from Real Estate Solutions proven ability to resolve issues before they become difficult problems, and these challenges were resolved quickly and efficiently. The design vision maintains the existing towers in their location and delves into an extensive geometric study of their current views in order to delicately place the two large towers in such a manner as not to disturb them. This vision results in the new towers deriving a 'chiseled' shape from the existing buildings which so elegantly shape views of the Arabian Gulf with their 45 degree angle plan. Currently the project is finalized with design management and has entered the phase of construction whereby two bid packages went for tender. The relocation of existing services contractor shall finish their works until end of January and piling & foundation works contractor will start soon after tender evaluation and recommendation to the client is made.

The new Hotel Apartment building, Tower A will have 90 units and the new Residential building Tower B will have 57 units. The complex will occupy the land in parallel and new development and renovation to the existing Massaleh complex. It is intended to be as a high quality Complex set with an idyllic gulf bay location with commanding views overlooking towards the city and the sea. The site offers a view into picturesque gulf ocean which contributes to the unique qualities of the area. The project is designed by KEO International, who shall also supervise the construction activities. The designed required to incorporate a mix of residential and commercial leisure uses while retaining a relaxed and tranquil quality to the Complex. The design is a sensitive development that respects the local environment, traditions, materials and climate. In addition to this, technology will be used to its full extent to ensure that the latest standards are met and clients demand satisfied with an accessible, safe and secure sustainable development. The development value is around USD 45 million with building size of 18,400 Sqm and expected completion in early 2009. Real Estate solutions also conducted a value engineering workshop to optimize the design and align cost elements. Value management is a systematic review methodology that is customer oriented and thereby focuses on achieving the client’s objectives in terms of optimizing the cost-to-value of certain facility components. Value assessment typically embodies a component’s initial capital costs, product performance and life cycle, or operating/maintenance/replacement costs. The workshop went very successful with participants able to generate 120 ideas. The result was enormously successful, with development of those ideas the savings achieved approx USD 3 millions and are now awaiting the client instructions to proceed with developed proposals implementation. Project Manager- Tarek Gamil Construction Director - Tarek Mansour Superintendent – Mohammed Arab

“This is one of our first project with Al Massaleh Real Estate Company and it quickly evolve into a strong and successful relationship with clearly defined targets, a strong and supportive client management team and a common goal to deliver a high quality development,” RESLINK



Mariam Real Estate Company based in the Netherlands and Mag Real Estate Company based in Malta has formed a company in the name of Gemxiya Crown Limited in order to pursue business opportunities in Malta.

The Owner Gemxija Crown Ltd. has commissioned B+H (IDC) in association with EMA (LDC) to undertake the design study for the redevelopment of the existing Mistra Village Hotel to provide a residential development. RES extended its recommendation through evaluation report to appoint Duplex REB and Colliers CRE in collaboration to undertake the marketing and sales of Xemxija Residential Development, however the final decision of selection lies with the client..

The site is located to the Northeastern Part of Malta within Xemxija area, that is part of St Paul’s Bay local government. The site covers an area of approximately 41,260 m² perched on a slopping hill location overlooking St. Paul’s Bay and Mistra Bay. The Client intends to develop a high class Residential Complex with all modern facilities (referred to as Gemxija Residence) in Xemxija Hill located at the north east coast of the island of Malta.

The vision of the development is defined, with the following criteria to be considered in the development of the design: • Maximum flexibility for the sharing of common facilities. • Capability for future expansion. • Undisturbed sea – views. • High quality finishing. • Amenities. • Retail uses. • Modern design, in harmony with the natural environment. • Two to three bedroom apartments. • Large balconies. • At least two bathrooms. One must be en – suite. • Parking spaces for residents and visitors. • Satisfying storage space in the apartments. • Smart building features

The site is located to the northeastern part of Malta within Xemxija area, which is part of St Paul’s bay local government, The site covers an area of approximately 41,260 m2 perched on a sloping hill location overlooking St. Paul’s Bay and Mistra Bay. In brief, the works consist of demolishing the existing buildings of the former tourist village, excavating to the desired levels, and the construction of 4 levels of basement parking; construction of commercial spaces and residential units in the form of 4 tower blocks; and large landscaped areas surrounding the proposed buildings. It will include 1000 units of variable sizes.

Photographs: Top Right: Boomerang Concept. Photo above to Project Vision: Artist axonometric Impression of Gemxija Photo Next to Project Vision: Artist perspective impression view of the towers. Bottom mid to right: Mistra Bay & Xemxija Village Bottom middle to left: Artist impression from different angles for project.



Plot Information: Maximum Buildup area: 176,387 m2 Completion Expected : 2010 Total Development Value: USD 300 Million Development Use: Mix use (Commercial & Residential) Project Director Deans Wells

The Gemxija development is intended to be an urban life at its best with all the amenities of a metropolitan centre, but with all the comforts and security of an exclusive community.

The project is challenging with intension to provide a new focal point for Xemxija village by creating new public space and utilizing existing topography.


Project Vision:



Client is currently reviewing our report, which may require further indept study for investment opportunity once RES is given a green signal.


RES was invited on behalf of Al Massaleh Real Estate Company to participate in Residential Development design competition for new Cairo city organized by the Ministry of Residential Development Egypt. An excellent competitive design presentation was submitted which is under the evaluation phase by the board panel.


Municipality of Zafaar, Salalah Sultanate of Oman. RES participated in the competition organized by Municipality of Zafaar for mix development in the Salalah area. The presentation for development included zoning entrances, circulation, axis, sea front, malls, hotels, villas. Evaluation of the submission is still ongoing, nonetheless we hope to receive good grades in the competition.

Project Facts: Plot Area: 203,700sqm Developable Allocated Area Residential: 101,850sqm Facilities: 24,444sqm Infrastructure & Landscape: 77,406sqm

Top Left: 1Artistic Impression of Hotel view for design competition Khoor Aldahreez 2Artistic Impression of Inner Court view for design competition Khoor Aldahreez 3Master Plan for new Cairo Project, Egypt 4Artistic Impression of Mall View for design competition Khoor Aldahreez Bottom Right 1Artist Impression of Meradian Hotel Tower, Kuwait. 2Roof View looking sea front for design competition Khoor Aldahreez


The proposal includes radial planning, community housing layout, villas, hotels, commercial & administration buildings. The idea presented was to split the development in two phases of construction sequence.

THE CLUSTER Bneider -Kuwait

RES is flexing muscles for the Cluster. A proposal of 35 chalets with swimming pool is forwarded to the client at their request. If proposal is accepted by the client RES will be assigned the role to undertake Project Management responsibilities to develop the project.




Al Galaa: Study was conducted by RES for Hotel development project of Plot Area 1028sqm at Al Galaa to the client.

Al Ahram: Feasibility Study was submitted for mix development project of Plot Area 5032sqm including Hotel, Furnished Apartments, Mall, Offices, Parking and Health Club.

Al Dokki: Mix Development was proposed at Al Dokki Plot area 6,879sqm with foot print 60% at the rate of 4127.4sqm





RES representatives have been visiting Sudan recently for market research for the purpose of potential investment opportunities in the southern region. The following areas were assessed and a report issued to client for 1-Business District 2The Club 3-Nile Water front 4-Governer 5Mosawrat 6-Al Yassin 7-Residential Suit 8-Ben Alqasreen 9-Ali Brahimya.


Two years after a deal was signed to end the long conflict in southern Sudan, bulldozers and diggers are hard at work transforming Juba, a town of mud huts and dirt roads, into what could soon be a 21st Century international capital. (Source BBC :

Below: RES prepared studies and design for

Meradian tower in Kuwait. Various proposals and presentation were submitted to the client.



AL-CORNICHE CLUB Al Corniche Club, Kuwait's newest and most exclusive private members' club covering 16,000 sqm, club premises house state-of-the art exercise facilities, swimming pools, tennis and squash courts,private beach cabanas, a worldclass spa, thermal suites and hydropools, as well as a children's crèche, youth center, restaurants and business meeting venues. Real Estate Solution was commissioned by Al Corniche Club to undertake the study and evaluation for proposals to reduce the noise level of the chillers located and in operation next to the tennis court of the club. One of the key deliveries in connection with this study and evaluation was to recommend the best alternate solution available within reasonably fair cost to the owner. RES suggested couple of innovative yet practical solutions allowing client to choose from the best alternate amicable and cost effective solution available with technical, financial and time schedule details.


is anticipated to be a

dominant feature on Port Said Cost – Egypt landscape. Real Estate Solutions was requested to be involved for pre construction services for Tourist resort. RES articulated the vision of client for the wave development project that relates to its importance and opportunity as the tourism resort being developed by client in Egypt. Official consensus of port-said’s need to develop the property in line with the expressed national desire to promote Egypt as a tourism destination and desirable place to stay, live and visit. Technical and financial reports were prepared and submitted to Port Said governor in order to assist finalising the land allocation and procedures in accordance with investment law in Egypt. The wave Resort has been planned as a world-class leisure and tourist destination, offering a quality life style experience. The design concept for the wave is conceived as a modern international resort. The resort is expected, to have an international flavor with particular focus on Port-Said markets requirements. The following are the main elements of the development : - Resort Hotel - Aqua Park - Commercial Mall - External Site Landscaping - Support & Ancillary Buildings ƒ Plot Area 360,000 sqm ƒ Expected Total Development Cost : USD 45 million





TO A GREAT START AT SCHOOLS Bayan Bilingual School - BBS BBS was established in 1977 as the first bilingual school in the Arabian Gulf area, and is still today the foremost institution of its kind in Kuwait. BBS now educates approximately 1760 students from Nursery to High School.

TheCampus: The school is now housed in two spacious and wellequipped facilities. The PreSchool is situated in the Jabriya suburb of Kuwait City, with its own theater, gymnasium, clinic, media center, computer and science labs. The client intended to renovate and refurbish the school for coming session and wished to equip the school with up-to-date and latest equipment with increased and efficient space program. Real Estate Solution was selected for the study of due diligence and to advise client of the schedule and total budget estimates for the scope of the renovating works. The client is currently looking into options of implementation of the plan, as it has great influence on the current business and will drastically affect the school schedule. The ideal time suggested is the three months summer vacation, which is due by June-August 2007.


Business Highlights Al-Tameer Kuwait



RES has been involved in the study proposal for improvement options and upgradation of Tameer Towers. Four different scenarios are presented to the client, anyone of which if accepted will add value and generate additional revenue for client. The Scenario includes; 1- Renovate Health Club 2- 260 Hotel Rooms (4 Star) for 4000sqm 3- 17,300 sqm Residential Apartments for sale 4- 17300sqm Apartments for rent.

PUTTING HANDS IN OIL SECTOR. CM Services for Kuwait Petroleum Corporation Head Office, SECURITY UPGRADE The Oil Complex Kuwait, comprises the headquarters of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation ‘KPC’ and Ministry of Energy ‘MoE’ (Oil) spread over approximately 57,000 square metres site area on the seashore, partly on reclaimed area from the sea in Shuwaikh area of Kuwait. Real Estate Solutions is off to a great start by submitting in response to RFP the proposal for CM Secondment contract for the Security Upgrade of KPC – Oil Sector Complex. If granted the contract will be signed for Management of Security Upgrade Works – Bid Package. Pictures details from right: Top Right: Artistic Impression of Tameer Towers Right (Middle): Argana Agadir Hotel, Agadir, Morocco Right most (Lower): Imperial Borj, Marrakech, Morocco Middle: Crown Plaza, Casablanca, Morocco Below: Palais Des Roses, Agadir, Morocco

Al-Salaam International Hospital Inclusion f healthcare FM services will add value to our business. RES submitted proposal to SIH, a center hub of Kuwait healing place for the Facilities Management Services. Al Salam International Hospital (SIH) is a 200 bed, state-of-the-art facility that occupies a multi-storey building adjacent to the Al Salam Hospital. Al Salam International Hospital hosts a multitude of medical and surgical specialties; equipped with the latest in medical technology and is staffed with highly qualified clinical and nonclinical work-force stemming from different origins. On the campus are residences that provide convenient housing for physicians and nursing staff, and for on-call technical personnel. We rendered qualitative professional services which includes; Overall administration of Operations & Maintenance, Housekeeping, Landscaping, Grounds Keeping, Irrigation, Building Security, Laundry, Catering & Food services. Preparation and Management of Contracts, Planned Preventive Maintenance Schedules, Maintenance Checklists, Service level Agreements for the above services as required. Reviewing the manpower and all other requirements periodically in addition to be an extension of the hospital management.




Due Diligence Hotels - Morocco The client RAMADA International Hotel & Resorts invited RES to conduct due diligence for various hotels across Morocco. RES was instructed to propose a scope of work and methodology to bring the hotel buildings to an acceptable Ramada performance level with due consideration of working within the acceptable financial limitations. RES has submitted the Due Diligence report for the hotels, which can be downloaded directly from the website link; The following hotels were inspected for cmpliance; Argana Agadir Hotel - Agadir Crown Palace - Fes Crown Plaza Hotel - Casablanca Fes Inn - Fes Hotel Caprice - Marrakech Hotel Imperial Borj - Marrakech Hotel Imperial Shell - Casablanca Hotel Palais Des Roses - Agadir Hotel Rabat - Rabat Hotel Rivoli - Casablanca Hotel Transatlantique - Meknes

TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT The development of people is an important focus for Real Estate Solutions. While our business requires different professional competencies, it is important that our people possess a shared set of core skills. These core competencies are designed to support our employees in their working environments and help them succeed personally and professionally. Keep abreast to upcoming information. We are also posting the courses on Doc Locator under General/Courses.



ROLE OF THE INDIVIDUAL AT REAL ESTSTE SOLUTIONS We encourage employees to take personal responsibility for their development, with RES providing the support to build on strengths, target skill gaps and identify opportunities for experiential learning. RES demonstrate a commitment to development, in parallel we are posting documents which should constantly evolve to meet an employee’s changing needs. At RES we seek solutions through creativity and innovation.




At Real Estate Solutions, we believe that knowledge is power. Effective and efficient knowledge sharing between employees will only give us a competitive advantage. That’s why infobox, launched in 2006, is so important. infobox is designed to help staff find the right information anywhere, at any time. We are processing the information, however tied to the development pace of project delivery procedures and administrative procedures. These procedures once developed will outline complete details for execution of task in respective cluster of section and phases. We expect infobox to become even more important now that our businesses are aligned globally.

Prolog Manager provides a complete set of project management tools to automate all aspects of the construction project—from design to close out. Prolog delivers in-depth project management tools in the areas of: collaboration, purchasing management, cost control, document management and field administration. RES successfully customized and installed Prolog on Al Massaleh project. The site will soon start generating the software output which shall help in; • • • • • •

Combining people and Technology Every day, Real Estate Solutions employees use their knowledge to deliver extraordinary results for clients and investors. Finding the right information and applying it where it is needed will help Real Estate Solutions deliver greater value more quickly. We have also placed the Lesson Learned for each project under respective area to be constantly updated and organized by the PM and his staff.

• • • • •

Seek and you shall find… Organizations usually focus on parking documents in a database. But at Real Estate Solutions, we believe getting people to share with each other is still the best way to find information and that knowledge sharing helps build the social fabric of our organisation.

• •

Manage project collaboration workflow Perform robust construction project management Reduce project schedule by collaborating more effectively with the team Manage multiple projects in one database Generate summary reports and queries across all projects Globally view all company projects to find trends and identify problems early Make critical decisions quickly using accurate corporate information Do more with less, and make your existing staff more efficient Standardize your project data and organization's business processes across all projects Audit projects for deficiencies and risk exposure Track key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor all levels of company profitability, efficiency and performance Improve document control by streamlining the review process, tracking revisions and storing master files, including email records in a central project database Increase productivity with efficient data modification tools




GROWING OUR KNOWLEDGE BANK One of the keys to our continued success is the skill and knowledge of our people across all facets of property development.

opportunity for all of us to set new benchmarks in Project Management

People learn in different ways and in a variety of environments. We currently encourage learning at Real Estate Solutions through different means:

The future holds the

• Mentoring • Coaching • Conversations with managmt./peers/experts • Further study • Online learning • Book-based learning • Experiential learning • Secondments • Project work • Stretch objectives • Internet research.




TH NK PIECE In design, the locations of various components are specified. Typically, it is not the location of components that is important but the relationship between design components or objects in the field. For example, in the design of a building frame the location of each column is not as important as the relative distance between them determining the load carried by each. The allowable variations in the dimensional relationship between design components are tolerances. The lack of understanding and attention by the engineers is causing impacts to the geometric tolerances on the quality, duration and cost of projects. Tolerances can impact project quality when they are exceeded and accepted because rework is too costly. Tolerances can impact project duration and cost when rework, additional processes or more time consuming and costly processes are required to meet project tolerances & requirements. Tolerances are exceeded because the design tolerance is tighter than the associated process capability, the accumulations of the individual component tolerances specified exceed the assembly tolerance, the communication of tolerance constraints are unclear or non-existent, or there is a lack of care in process execution. Engineers lack understanding of and give little attention to tolerances for several reasons. First is the lack of data on geometric variation in engineering processes, process capabilities. Second is the lack of clarity in who is responsible for managing tolerances. The tendency is to push the responsibility downstream and rely on skilled labor and rework. Third is the current practice for accounting for costs. Engineers rely on traditional strategies to absorb geometric variations. These strategies are assumed as necessary and the associated costs are not individually tracked. There is no means to compare the impacts of alternative strategies.

Photographs: Above: Model of Al Massaleh Tower Above Right: Artist Impression of Al Tameer Development

Fourth is the difficulty in visualizing and describing geometric variations and their accumulation. In manufacturing, there are standards for tolerance specification and interpretation as well as tools for tolerance analysis and allocation, which evaluate tolerance accumulation and aid in visualization. Adapting these tools for use in civil engineering seems a logical first step for improving tolerance management in engineering. The accumulation of tolerances through an assembly or series of processes is defined by the assembly function. Work Breakdown Structure is the process of breaking work into chunks, assigning them, sequencing them, and defining their handoffs between production units. Typical project Work Breakdown Structure would execute product design by a designer, process design by a contractor, fabrication by fabricators and construction by the contractor in that order. However, this Work Breakdown Structure may not be the most efficient for all projects. Constructability research has shown that decisions regarding construction means and methods may have a greater influence on project cost, schedule, and quality than product design decisions. The point is that all these decisions are interdependent. Accumulation of tolerances is one way in which these decisions are interdependent. Also, individual process Work Breakdown Structure is what determines construction means and methods and process sequence. Therefore, accumulation of tolerances should be a consideration in the Work Breakdown Structure of the project both in terms of the major project phases and the Work Breakdown Structure of processes within a given phase. Tolerance networks are a tool for graphically representing the path of tolerance accumulation based on a product component breakdown. Tolerance networks are to capture the flow of geometric tolerances associated with a given process Work Breakdown Structure. For a given Work Breakdown Structure, the tolerance maps help engineers to: identify tolerance loops or over-constrained sets of tolerances identify functional tolerance constraints that may not be directly measured or controlled during manufacturing, construction and inspection. identify inconsistencies between the specification of tolerances for individual components and assemblies, i.e. tolerance loops identify inconsistencies between tolerances and process capabilities make comparisons to alternative product designs, process designs and Work Breakdown Structure.

The aforementioned article is also published in Kuwait Society of Engineer’s annual magazine “RABITATY� With complements from; Tarek Gamil Project Manager Al Massaleh Complex Kuwait




Mr. Khan has been involved in managing design and supervision of projects from inception to completion. RES will thoroughly benefit from his knowledge of Design, Construction and Project Management. In addition his IT skills help RES implement advance PM systems and tools.

Financial and Admin Manager Ehab Antar

Mr. Khan’s experience of administration will help playing key role in preparation and implementation of the company Administrative and Technical Procedures. In addition to Project Control System task’s he’ll also overview quality and safety issues of the company, ensuring its implementation and controlling across the corporate board with optimum quality.

Mr. Antar is an experienced financial manager. He has handled accounting department transactions, prepared financial statements, admin reports, has supported external audit team. He has also been involved in preparation of financial module, feasibility studies for major projects. Antar’s role brings greater coordination and consistency to our communication and corporate affairs ensuring the necessary focus required. Mr. Antar will be responsible for taking care of all financial issues in addition to overlooking Human Resourse administration duties.

Project Director Dean Wells

Operations Director Ramy Youakim

Mr. Wells currently is working as Area Manager in Malta responsible for Business Developments. In addition he is leading the PM role on Gemxija Project.

Mr. Gamil has been working as Planning Manager in Avenues Project with AlGhanim International before joining RES. He’s well versed with Scheduling, Construction Method Statement, preparation of the Baseline CCS, and handled Claim for time extension. He also worked in the capacity of Senior Contract Administrator in Sulaibiya Waste Water Treatment Plant with Kharafi National involved in preparing the claims, variations, and payments process and subsequent followup with the client, Subcontractor agreements, payments and claims. He started his career working as Planning Engineer working for Bader AlMulla, M. A. Kharafi, Foster Wheeler. He’s currently working on Al Massaleh Complex project.

Construction Director Tarek Mansour

He remained in a leading role in the marketing and promotion of company’s architectural services and was able to secure a substantial number of projects through design competitions and sound investment proposals to clients.

Mr. Wells a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) is qualified with 21 years experience in the construction industry. He held Senior positions in the UK and Middle East, covering all pre and post contract duties for a variety of projects, working in PQS Practice, Multidisciplinary Consultancy Practice, Contractor and Project Management company. He was Commercial Manager on Jumeirah Beach Residenceis – Dubai (MACE Int.) before joining RES.

Mr. Mansour is an experienced construction manager with indept knowledge of the construction contracts, administration, on field techniques, supervision and constructability issues. Having worked with KEO construction management department, he brought to RES pool of PM/CM knowledge. As Construction Director he’ll monitor and co-ordinate with project managers to ensure on work quality, timely execution of projects, controlling cost & payments, review of monthly cost and schedule reports, controlling department employee to perform efficiently. Review project correspondences to ensure covering company against claims and is responsible for proper operation of the project.

Facilities Director Abdulla Khan

Project Control System Engineer Maneer Khan

He’s responsible for Business Development, Managing Client Relations.

Mr. Youakim brought with him broad experience through his involvement in managing the design and construction of projects worth more than USD 3 Billion in value. With 22 years of professional office and site experience and involvement in diverse aspects of the architecture profession he has successfully contributed to the production of highly complex and prestigious projects in Kuwait and Canada.

Project Manager Tarek Gamil

Mr. Samir is known for his vast experience and understanding of project member’s needs and expectations. He was involved in various Project/Construction Management positions on different project types that include New Developments, High Rise office and commercial compounds, Oil & Gas Plant Construction & Steel tanks, Infrastructure projects, Transmission Lines and Pre-stressed Reservoirs, Pumping Stations, Residential Buildings and Industrial Factories


Senior Architect Mohamed El Ashkar

Chief Executive officer Ahmed Samir


Mr. Ashkar is overseeing all design issues including coordination, planning, production of 2D, 3D elevations, interior & exterior design and plans. He has been involved in Design development and technical coordination. He ensures client’s functional and aesthetic requirements and accordingly assist consultant in space planning and design reviews.

Mr. Khan has been working with consultants and construction managers on projects from inception to completion. He has been actively involved in design and supervision activities. He possesses extensive knowledge of managing contracts, contract administration, actively involve in design and technical reviews of the projects.

He’s actively participating in business development by preparing presentational material through use of sophisticated latest tools and softwares. Well versed with Autocad, 3D Studio max, Photoshop and drafting tools.

He has helped in close liaison with clients on their requirements and project expectations, resolved interbidpackages contractor’s coordination issues. Having experience with resolution of contractor claims, he sucessfully settled claim issues. Mr. Khan will be overseeing and managing all FM contracts.

Projects Manager Nagui Lotfalla Mr. Lotfalla worked in the capacity of resident engineer, contract administration, and coordination working on some of the major projects in Kuwait. He brought with him pool of knowledge from design and supervision consultancy background. He’s currently operating as Projects Manager representing the Egypt chapter.

Mr. Pasqual has excellent knowledge of implementation of latest cost planning, cost control, contract documentation for different phases of the projects including pre-conceptual, conceptual, design development, tendering and construction phases. He has been actively involved in preparation and review of bills of quantities, preparation of cost estimates, tender evaluations and negotiations, preparation of payment certificates, evaluation and reconciliation of site work instructions, preparation of variation orders, analysis of new rates and closing final account. Currently Pasqual is working on The Prime Tower – Business Bay, Dubai.




He brings to RES in-dept knowledge of dealing with FM issues and contracts. He’ll be managing all FM activities for RES, currently deployed on Raniya residential apartment project. In Kuwait

Senior Secretary Anita Clement

Secretary - Malta BU Clair Dawtry

Senior Quantity Surveyor Sajith P. Pasqual

He was also instructor for training of technical and nontechnical personnel.

Mr. Arab is well experienced Facility Superintendent. He takes the pride to work on one of the prestigious project and first of its kind Facility Management ever introduced in Kuwait.

Ms. Dawtry has been working with HewlettPackard, Cadbury Schweppes and British Post. She’s brings with her the knowledge of handling general office administration, stock control / audits, contract administration customer delivery service

Ms Clement is the senior most among RES secretaries. Currently she’s engaged at Al Massaleh project controlling and handling documentation formal communication procedures and secretarial works.

She’s currently handling all documentation and secretarial tasks at Gemxija project in addition to interaction with local clients.

She’s familiar with spreadsheet, word processing, office software and CM software- Prolog Manager.

She is also assisting area manager Malta business unit in preparation of reports and presentational materials.

She brought to RES secretarial experience from Telecom and insurance companies.

Secretary – Egypt BU Ola Fawzi We welcome Ms. Fawzi as new employee who joins us recently in January 2007. Ms.Fawzi will be responsible overseeing secretarial task at Egypt business unit assisting Area Manager and local staff.




Ms Cunha is handling the secretarial issues at the head office handling documentation and all formal communication procedures. She possesses knowledge of dealing tasks as secretary on construction projects and is familiar with MS office software and CM software- Prolog Manager.

Executive Secretary lMaria D. Cunha

Mr. Arafa brings to RES 20 years of professional experience is experience in Program Management, Project Planning, Cost Controls Systems, provided a broad range of project control services on civil, commercial, residential, sewage, high rise towers, industrial and roads. He’s well versed with construction management, Supervision, monitoring and reviewing planning and scheduling/cost including schedule development/control/analysis, cost estimating, control and analysis, measuring project performance and forecasting with reporting.

FM Superintendent Mohammed Arab


Area Manager – Egypt Mohamed Allaa Arafa


Thank You It’s been another great year and we look forward to seeing you in 2007.

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