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Create your style with light

Create the style you want for your home. Philips InStyle is a contemporary collection of premium indoor luminaires with the accent on smart and trendy style. Its distinctive design ideas make use of premium materials like aluminium and ultra-clear glass in organic shapes, complemented by chrome highlights and textile shades in natural colours. Mix and match from the extensive range to add a unique personal touch to your prized interior decor.

Philips InStyle’s high-tech LED light not only provides highquality energy-saving light and ambience, it also permits never-before-seen luminaire designs. Smart features like touch controls and dimmers complete the picture for lighting the whole family will love.

Philips InStyle – lighting just the way you like it.


Profile for Manedra

Philips kucna rasvjeta 2015 2016  

Philips kucna rasvjeta 2015 2016  

Profile for manedra