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to the Editor Dear Mandy -- Another fabulous magazine. I don’t know how you do it!!! Over 170 pages packed with information and fun things to read. Thanks for letting me be a contributor too. Love, Carollyn Olson Dear Mandy, How can I ever say THANKS properly for the wonderful centerfold ‘spread’ of ‘lil old me !! To say that I’m thrilled would be putting it mildly. Altogether I find your E-zine great !! I was particularly interested in the story relating to your son. Over the years I’ve come across perhaps 6 or 7 instances of Father and Son being transgendered. Your case is unique to me in that you ‘caught on’ at an early age. All the other ones I know of , neither knew about the other untill a ‘chance happenstance’ occured much later in life. Your boy will be one of the lucky ones !!I would love to have any followup on your son that you’d care to share. Love and Hugs Gina 439

Just wanted to say loved Voulme 3 Narcisse great JOB!!! A-1 in my Book. This magazine is packed with so much I had to link your Closing statment on my POSTING board From Tonia’s House Keep up the great work GIRL!!! Hugs Tonia





Do not reveal information which could expose your identity until you are confident that it is safe. Be cautious revealing your name, address, phone number, email address, place of work, website address, etc. Do not allow anyone to pressure you into revealing details before you are ready. If they are overly aggressive in asking for identifying information, cut off communication. Do not feel obligated to be more open than you are comfortable being. Contact the administrator of the website if you have concerns.

ET SOMEONE KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING Be sure that someone knows where you’re going and when to expect you back.


If you have a cellular phone, take it along, and have a friend call periodically. You may wish to take along some form of personal protection just in case. If someone tries to get you into a situation you are not comfortable with, don’t hesitate refuse, leave, or do whatever is necessary to protect yourself. Nothing that anyone else does can obligate you to compromise your own safety.

OUR SAFER IN A CROWD member, there is safety in numbers!

intimate one on one meetings put you at a huge risk, re-

TAY IN PUBLIC PLACES erm...................DUH!!!!


All drinks can be spiked, but it only takes a few too many drinks for you to lose your inhibitions and agree to things you will later regret, a clear head nearly always lead to a clear conscience.


uneasy about someone you’ve met online, err on the side of caution. It’s probably better to miss a few good experiences than to have one bad one.

NJOY!!! 99% of the time you will be safe and have a great time, but for the sake of that 1% always err on the side of caution, remember, if they are serious they will arrange to meet again, if they dont , it wasnt worth the risk! xxxx6





I think therefore I


OK, thats it! It’s not funny any more, here I am hotfoot ( well hot-heeled anyway ) to my desk pushing all and sundry ( well the dog, cat and a small child, who I have no idea is ) out of the way, so I could scream profanities .........ooooooohh ok.... tell you all in a calm and ‘rational’ manner, something thats on my my goat........peed me get the gist .......x Has to be a bloke! has to be ........ no-one else could have - not only invented, produced and marketed - this ....this......obscenity but has to cheek to call it......................... ONE SIZE Allow me to set the scene. I have just alighted from public transport laden with multiple bags of various pastel hues after another satisfying bout of retail therapy. Dog and cat let out, kettle on and mobile switched off I hastened to the bedroom to try on my new aquisitions. With trembling fingers and a quickening of the breathe I slide the most gorgeous of items ( until the next shopping trip! ) from their Poly Vinal Chloride trappings to gaze upon their beauty and .........oh you get the idea...... try my new clobber on !! 7

Through a miriad of colours and textures my senses are treated to a thrill more potent than a 16 year olds love-bite until i come to the final bag. The minis fit like a dream, the T’s cling to every curve, Hell, even the flats for around the house have a delicate charm about them, so all that is left is that GORG lil black top, steeped in lace, tied at the back, with a cute row of buttons at the front and Oh so lovely puffed sleeves ( drool ) Then comes the abhoration to every sense, the words ONE SIZE on the label........ I stretch, eased, teased and at one point damned near dislocated my shoulder getting into the damned thing!!! in the end I had to go in feet first!!! ( I kid you not!!!!) I felt thoroughly ashamed to have to put the darling thing through such paces, but needs must when the label drives!! So then, the question begs (and the reason for this diatribe).............WHO THE HELL does this ‘size’ fit???!!! As some of you know , I am 5’5, 130lbs , UK size 10 ((US 8 ) dont hate me!)) and boobless ( now you can gloat! ) and I damned near had to have surgery to get into it! so who is this female that these items are designed for? Seems to me to be a cross between Betty Boop, Olive oil and the lil Japanese one from the Power Rangers!!! Am I alone?.......... (Answers on a garment label to:- Grumpy and Sore, UK, SE1 5DD) Giggle.......................Hugs

Mandy xxx


Woman’s o r l d 9


One Girl’s Story....

Mandy Taylor

Well, here’s something I never thought I’d see! but, i’ve been asked a few times and never said yes, until now. Here are the extracts from an online interview by Lynn Westlake Lynn Westlake: How old were you when you first dressed as a female? Mandy Taylor: I first knew I liked girls clothes when I was 5yo, I used to sneak into the cloakroom and try on the girls coats, even then I knew it was ‘wrong’ but i knew it was something I loved even at that age

Lynn Westlake: Did this feeling continue all through your childhood or did it stop at some point and return?

Mandy Taylor: Tricky, its hard to remember as I seem to have blocked out a lot of

my childhood, but I know that from there i went on to wear my sisters clothes, then my mums ( as she is only small ) right up untill I left home. I assume the feelings never went away, they were a constant rather than something that came and went.

Lynn Westlake: What age were you when you were able to discuss these feelings with family or friends?

Mandy Taylor: Like most girls, the first person to ever know wasnt until I was in my early 30’s, thats a long time being alone.

Lynn Westlake: Did you have anyone outside of family or friends that you could discuss these feelings with?

Mandy Taylor: No, no-one, i didnt even know what Transgender was until I got onto

the internet, then all of a sudden everything fell into place, it was amazing, THAT was what I was, I never felt it was wrong , or that I was ‘odd’ , it has always felt right, its just that all of a sudden I had a name to call myself and to identify others by

Lynn Westlake: What advice would you give to any TG’s that may be going through this transition?


Mandy Taylor: First things first, you are NOT , and never will be alone, we are

a family, there are a thousand girls just like you, there are a thousand girls going through what you are, there are a thousand girls who have made that step, and a thousand more not as far as you, it is a slow process, ‘knowing’ yourself, dont rush it, its not a race, enjoy every second and celebrate ‘who’ you are . not ‘what’ you are.

Lynn Westlake: What inspired you to start up Narcisse Magazine? Mandy Taylor: Giggle, I have absolutely no idea. My dear friend Tammi ( may

she be with the angels ) kept moaning at me to start a Yahoo group, she always said I was gorg’ and should show it off. One day I sent her a pic , the next thing i know she had opened up a group for me, so off i went exploring. I noticed that no other groups seemed to a magazine format, most groups looked alike , so I ‘had a bash’. The first one was 13 pages long and not even a magazine, but a few girls liked the idea and submitted articles, so the next was 24 pages, then every month it grew and grew, until all of a sudden I realised that it seemed to be having a small effect, seemed to become something a lil special to some girls and thats when I decided to really make it work to the best of my ability.

Lynn Westlake: What was your wife’s reaction when you told her? Mandy Taylor: I didnt tell her, like so many others , I was ‘found out’. I always

hid my things up high , as my wife is terrified of heights, this worked perfectly until one day her father phoned and asked her to look for something, in doing this she grabbed a mirror and searched up high that way, and my secret was no more. My back was against the wall so I had to confess everything. For 3 days she never said a word to me ( she later admitted that she needed that time just to ‘think’ ) then on the third day I came home from work, I’ll never forget , she was washing up in the kitchen , she took one look at me and burst out laughing , not AT me , just laughing, then she said “ you know what? that explains an awful lot!”

Lynn Westlake: Is it difficult having to have a ‘split’ life (for the want of a better description), when all you want is to live a normal life as a female but society and situations dictate that sometimes you have to live your life as a male?


Mandy Taylor: Thats a tough one, I found that when it was secret the urge to

dress was destroying me, until in the end if i went more that 2 days not dressing I was in despair, truely, getting the blackest moods, and generally not nice to be around, I spiralled into alcoholism, whether this was because of guilt, frustration, confusion....i dont know, but i was on self destruct. Where I am now is not perfect, but as near as I will get in the foreseeable future. I am fulltime at home and go out occasionally dressed, my attitude now is ‘f*** them’. I am happy with who I am , I am not the one with the problem, but I OH SO sympathise with all the girls who are still alone, THATS what drives me to carry on with the mag, one girl once said to me that the magazine was “ a window into my closet” and THAT drives me on.

Lynn Westlake: If you weren’t married, what type of relationship do you think you would be in now?

Mandy Taylor: Hmmmm, thats damned near impossible to answer, I think I

would ‘probably’ be fulltime, but who knows? I wouldn’t be without my wife and son for anything.

Lynn Westlake: Have you had or would you ever have surgery to ‘assist’ you in your journey to becoming a fulltime female?

Mandy Taylor: I can never see me ever becoming a fulltime female, its just not

something that could conceivably happen with a wife and son, BUT, if i had the money I would def have a nosejob!!! only realised it was bent when I first properly put eyeliner on! hehehe I’d love to have my own boobs too, but I dont think my wife would let me, do you?

Lynn Westlake: Whats your best make up tip? Mandy Taylor: Less is most definately more , remember , you are a watercolour, not an oil painting and also, always remember that just because there is a gap between your upper eyelid and your eyebrow , it is not compulsary to fill it with colour ( especially NOT blue!!!)

Lynn Westlake: How does it feel to have a fan base? Mandy Taylor: To be honest, I’m sure its a computer glitch. I have a very low

self-esteem, so even though I get the mail and see the numbers, I still dont believe people like me.


Lynn Westlake: Why the low self esteem? Is it to do with your earlier years? Mandy Taylor: I think so, my parents never praised me for anything, and as the

youngest I always felt the odd one out. Just to underline the fact, only a few years ago my mother told me that she never wanted children anyway, nice huh? That may go some way to explaining the ‘lost’ childhood. But there are 2 schools of thought there too, one girl said to me that you only remember the good things from childhood , so perhaps that is why I dont remember, but only last week the subject came up when talking to a close GG friend and all she said to me not remembering was “ its because you were meant to be a girl “ to which I burst into tears in the middle of a bus! very embarrassing, but perhaps true?

Lynn Westlake: Have your siblings accepted the ‘new’ you? Mandy Taylor: Oh god YES!!! my brother and I didnt speak for 8 years after an

arguement, until one day i was given his email and decided to bury the hatchet, unfortunately I forgot it was in my fem name and all he wrote back was “ who the ****’s Mandy?” to which i wrote back attatching a picture “ Who the *** do you think?”. He was amazed and so very proud! he boasts about me all the time. My sister was in the dark until only a month ago.....or so I thought. I eventually told her by email and her reply was “ I wondered when you would get round to telling me!! so much for secrets huh?

Lynn Westlake: If there was one thing you could change about your past, what would it be?

Mandy Taylor: Wow, a biggy!!! would i be born a girl? I really dont know. What i

am, what i have experienced, what I have loved are all a part of me , would i want all of that erased? I dont think so, I suppose if i could realistically have changed anything it would be the fact that it took 30+ years of loneliness to find the real me, why couldnt I have known what i was from the start, so many wasted years.

Lynn Westlake: And if you could have one wish for the future? Mandy Taylor: Can I have 2? Lynn Westlake: Is life fair? Mandy Taylor: grrrrr hehehe


Mandy Taylor: my wish for the future is to be able to dedicate all my time to the

mag, to get it reaching to everyone, already many , many GG’s read it and LOVE it, it seems to be becoming a link between all females, I want that to grow, to becomea printed magazine NOT on the top shelf, but alongside all the other womens magazines, where we and it belongs

Lynn Westlake: Is it a cliche or do you really feel like a woman trapped in a mans body?

Mandy Taylor: hmmmm i dont think so, you see , when i think of ‘me’ or look

at ‘me’ all i see is ‘me’ I AM Mandy, just unfortunately a bit ugly without some help hehe I cant really say that I think of myself as either, my body is one thing but my mind works more in a female way, its my mind, not a lil me trying to get out. I suppose if I was forced to choose , i would say that the majority is female, just packaged a lil different.

Lynn Westlake: Do you consider yourself to be straight, gay or bisexual? mandy taylor: Straight, but then that can be misconstrued by some , I tend to

be asked ‘does that mean you are a straight male or a straight female? somehow I think I once ended up a lesbian.....which was nice hehe

Lynn Westlake: So are you a straight male or straight female? Mandy Taylor: oh shit , I think I’ll stick to being a lesbian Lynn Westlake: But then that makes you gay! Mandy Taylor: SEE!!!!!! I cant win!!!! Lynn Westlake: So what toilets would you use on a night out, male or female? Mandy Taylor: I always use the ladies Lynn Westlake: Do you only go to places where TG’s go or your local run of the mill nightclub etc?


Mandy Taylor: I have been to both, and to ‘normal’ places like moterway service stations etc, each one has its own aspects, but also their own dangers. What annoys me the most is that so many girls (myself included) when they first ‘come out’ are encouraged to “ go out, you must go out” , so much so that they rush out and put themselves at risk. I have heard so many horror stories and near misses, thats why I put my warning pages in the mag, ALWAYS let others know where you are going , NEVER meet a stranger in a secluded place, for gods sake use some common sense, if they are genuine they will wait. Going out isnt the be all and end all, be happy with yourself first, not putting it about for others to put you down.

Lynn Westlake: Have you ever been confronted by using the ladies? Mandy Taylor: No never, I dont know if I am lucky, I certainly dont pass, but I think the fact that I use the ladies as though that is where i was meant to be , without a second thought, that perhaps helps avoid a situation.

Lynn Westlake: Have you ever been confronted in any situation, perhaps by

a group of loud drunken men who questioned your sexuality? or a group of loud bitchy women?

mandy taylor: Not confronted as such, well not physically stopped anyway, a

few have stuck their faces in mine and leered, I dont know what they are trying to acchieve? perhaps thats their mating ritual or something, then you get the ‘macho’ men that stare at yo as hard as they can, hoping to get a reaction. In all cases, as I have already said, it is their problem, not mine, so I just ignore them, its a pain when I go out with GG friends as they are the ones who want to fight everyone!!! hehe As for women, that is a VERY rare occurance, I have had a few young girls give bitchy looks, but in that case i really thinkit was jealousy because they looked a bloody state and I looked wicked!! Hehehe

Lynn Westlake: Whats your best feature would you say? Mandy Taylor: I consider myself a true friend, I may not be able to buy you the world , but I’ll give you all my time


Lynn Westlake: Whats the definition of Transgender, what exactly does it mean?

Mandy Taylor: Hmmmm, Transgender is a very general term, but also used

more specifically by the likes of me. it basically ( to my understanding) means ‘cross’ gender which i think is why there is a huge spectrum of gurls and bois who fit the criteria, I guess the term Trangender is a ‘personal’ definition as well as an all encompassing one.

Lynn Westlake: Your photos are amazing but how do you manage to hide your ‘bits’ in the pictures?

Mandy Taylor: you can get a gaff, a sort of pocket type arrangement that pulls

your ‘bits’ under and gives a flat appearance, one day I might get round to getting one, but in the meantime I just tuck it under and wear 2 pairs of fairly tight knicks well pulled up.

Mandy Taylor: and no, it doesnt hurt, just be careful when your sitting down xx Lynn Westlake: oh my hehehehe Lynn Westlake: If you got chatted up by a bloke in a bar, what would you say, would you explain about being a TG?

Mandy Taylor: its not happened yet, but i dont think I’m passable enough for that to happen, unless they were REALLY drunk, and then i’d just smile sweetly and skidaddle!!!! I have been chatted up men aware that I am trans, its a nice compliment, but I make it clear that there is never going to be anything happen immediately, so that there is no ill will caused, and so far, so good.

Lynn Westlake: Do you stand or sit for a wee? Mandy Taylor: believe it or not, that is a very good question. I sit if i am afraid

of messing my outfit, but if not, I stand. I have the physique ( alas ) of a man, so feel i should pee as one. I personally feel that I am who I am and if I behave totally female just for the sake of it, then all I am doing is play acting, anyone can do that, MY trans is me , not in the way I pee, hold a fork or arrange my CD’s. If I dont need to do it, then why should I?


Lynn Westlake: How did you explain your choices to your son? Mandy Taylor: To be honest, I cant say that I have, or at least have felt the

need too. He totally accepts me for who I am and has been brought up to know that we are all different and have the right to be who we want to be. he is totally unfazed and even watches me do shoots ( usually wetting himself with laughter ) If I recall , he probably did ask something along the lines of why do I do what I do, and I guess my answer was - because its me. This I think he totally accepts, I’m still the same person he has always loved, just the packaging is a lil different.

Lynn Westlake: What does your son call you? Mum, Dad, Martin or Mandy? Mandy Taylor: Dad usually, Mandy if he wants to be sarcastic hehe Lynn Westlake: Do you think feeling this way could be just a phase for some

people? Should people rush out and buy female clothes just because they ‘think’ they ‘feel’ female?

Mandy Taylor: Its possible, for some, I know of some girls who have gone from TGirls to admirers by choice, and this is something i would like to look into more. It is hard to say , many go into denial on a regular basis and ‘purge’ their clothes untill the urge takes over again. How I differ is in the fact that gradually i went from dressing once a week to once evry few days to every day and would suffer terible black depression just at the thought of not dressing.At one point I had the face the posibiliy that I may have to ‘give up’ dressing and suicide was the only thing that I could think of, luckily this never came to pass, but i tuely think tht that is what would happen if ever I couldnt dress. I think that that is the fundimental difference between TGirls and crossdressers.

Lynn Westlake: Are we stuffy here in the Uk about Transgenders etc and would you say its more socially acceptable in places like Australia and USA?

Mandy Taylor: Reserved might be a better word, but i think we are further

forward than in Austrailia, but, as in most countries, we have no-go areas, and a ‘safety first’ attitude is a must. I must admit that since i ‘came out’ the attitude has been amazing, so many people are now interested rather than turn thier nose up, I think the misnoma of TGirls being ‘pervs’ has finally been dispelled.


Lynn Westlake: Who is your idol and why? Mandy Taylor: easy, Joanna Lumley, she has always been a class lady, elegant, well dressed and has always shown a great ability to laugh at herself. That to come from someone as famous as her shows pure class.

Lynn Westlake: Who would you most like to meet? Mandy Taylor: The crew of Red Dwarf ( giggle ) Lynn Westlake: Do you clothes swap with your wife? Do you fight over the same items of clothing?

Mandy Taylor: Alas no, we are different sizes, but her mum is exactly the same size as me ( even shoes ) so she has borrowed a few items in the past, I even gave her my winter coat this year as she would get more use out of it than me.

Lynn Westlake: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Mandy Taylor: ooooohhh that old chestnut hehe I try not to look too far

ahead as so many things change, you have to bear in mind that I have only been public for about 5 years to see how things can change, if you had told me then what I would acheive in the next 5 years I would have had you comitted, but I now have my magazine, won loads of online competitions and now have been a Miss Sparkles finalist 2006, 2007 & 2008, so I guess the answer is GOD ONLY KNOWS!!!!!! but if I can do it, anyone can x

So, there you have it, some very good questions posed, and hopefully I have given some interesting answers, so now its down to you!! If any of you would like to ask me a question just send it to “INTERVIEW” at and I’ll publish them next issue Many Thanks to Lynn xxx


Now THATS what I call a Toolbox!! 20

QOTM We, all of us, have a mindset of our ideal feminine persona, and for many of us this person is our very own spouse, but how would you feel if the tables were turned and your wife decided , for whatever reason, to ‘look’ the part of being the male in your relationship? So, the question is......

“ What would your feelings be if your wife decided to dress as a male? ”


From my own experience (1/2 century of CD-ing and counting on a few mor years yet) and extensive reading, I’ve concluded that our gift is best described as a ‘spectrum disorder’ and as such rainbow of many hues. So I imagine that you’ll get a huge number of different replies to your ‘innocent’ question. As for me a) I’d love to fancied by a ‘man’ who was really the woman that I loved. Also it would depend on what shade of cd she was, or actually contemplating full transition, and living with a (real?) woman? b) I’m taking tango lessons at the moment (never danced before in my life - very challenging!) In Argentinian Tango the man always leads. One evening though, in order to get one of the finer points of technique over, my instructor - a lady - asked me to take the woman’s role, while she danced as the man. What simple joy to be able to relax and be swept along! Little does she know (or mabe she does?) how those 5 short minutes will linger. c) as for the sock down the trousers - surely you’d prefer something more substantial <grin!> keep up the good work! Closetta_tv

Don’t really have a problem with it myself -- my spouse looks fantastic in a tuxedo! Hugs -Sephie I just think it would be great to deal with someone else’s “crossdressing problem” LOL! I think it would be really cool! Gina L VC 457 22

This particular one hits close to home for me and my wife, and offers an interesting dichotomy where there are personal thoughts that are different between the two of us because of society, but quite similar because of our personalities. Simply speaking, one of us can easily get away with it and the other can’t. First let me say that the thought of my wife being a boy on occasion at this point in my life, is a fun way to enjoy some interesting times out on the town. That wasn’t always the case, as I can remember when I was younger, I would have shuttered at the thought of my first wife being masculine in anyway. I preferred her in the dresses that I couldn’t always wear. Unfortunately, she was too much of a tomboy and hated wearing them. Fast forward to today. My second wife is a successful business woman who’s income matches and perhaps exceeds some of her male peers. I’m for the most part (other then a few of my own customers who provide a clothing, shoe and girls night out allowance) take care of our home, inside and out, with all the domestic duties of any wife, plus any and all remodeling and yard work. We are pretty much living in reverse roles because it works for the two of us. She loves being type A, I love being the wind beneath her wings. So to your question. I would absolutely love it were she to express her masculine side by dressing in the role! Oh, perhaps not all the time, or perhaps with some fem flare, but for her to take the male role? It would be a huge turn on for me. A few years ago we attended the TCNE Prom night, and She wore my Tuxedo, she’d just recently had her hair done in a very short style (behind the ears and above the collar). She looked fantastic, and with me in my gown on her arm, the two of us looked like a hot couple going to a nice formal affair. Needless to say, she was the hit of the party, and I was so completely proud of her and rejoiced in our play time roles. For fun and giggles, we even added a rolled sock to her tighty whities. You can just imagine the ride home and the few hours when we got there. Gender play is fun, and should be experienced by many more then just we in the T community, I think it adds an experience that can only compliment ones life. Being attracted to the spirit of the person is really what we want people to have of us. So when we know and love someone, it shouldn’t matter what they wear, it should matter what is in their heart and what is in your heart. By all means we should consider that “what if” question. If for nothing else it will give those of us in relationships a since of the feelings the other person may have of us. I am very fortunate in some ways. Though my wife does have different feelings about gender expression than I do, (she wears pants and acts like a male, quite frankly because she can and doesn’t give it any thought. Yet she holds a stereotype that it’s unacceptable for a male to have the same license on clothing) She loves me and knows that our relationship works and compliments her desires because I am TG. Something she has learned after knowing me, as before she was chasing the Type A guy, never to find her happiness in any of the relationships which she had with them. lovenhugs Joannie x


My wife and I have spoken of this many times. I would not at all like it if she were to dress or appear as a male. Oh for sure, I don’t mind her wearing jeans and even some of my man’s shirts, but she is so very feminine that she’d never to out looking like that. What would even be more disturbing would be if she were to grow facial hair...I could not handle that. So, it is not fair and I am putting more on her than I would be willing to accept from it just isn’t fair but it works for us. Hope this gives you a glimpse through our little window. Chryss

Hi Mandy. Very interesting and complex question. If my wife decided to dress as a man I guess I’d ask the same questions every wife asks when her husband expresses an interest in exploring his feminine side. First, why? Is it just a social practice? Is it something she wants to do for recreational purposes? Does it have a sexual component? Is it a manifestation of larger gender identity issues? And, perhaps even more meaningfully, is her desire to crossdress a response to my own dressing? If that’s the case, then there may be relationship issues that need to be confronted quite apart from her desire to carry her socks in her underwear, as it were. As to how I’d feel about it, I guess I’d try to let her answers to these questions determine my reaction. I’ve been married for almost 30 years and our relationship has weathered a lot of different challenges and evolved to a point where it is very different than either of us would have anticipated when we were first married. Hopefully, we’d deal with her crossdressing in a similiar fashion. Gina Marie Conners VC 440


Every now and then someone makes an observation that just transcends the question and becomes a larger truth that should be carved in granite and set up in the town square. Although it wasn’t her only point and was intended to serve as support for her answer to Mandy’s question, Joanie did just that in her response: Being attracted to the spirit of the person is really what we want people to have of us. So when we know and love someone, it shouldn’t matter what they wear, it should matter what is in their heart and what is in your heart. Lisa Gayle Harris VC480


I live in the midwest, Michigan, and am deeply embroiled in the working class environment here. My point is, that very few women in my world dress fem an all. Most wear an approximation of male or gender neutral dress regularly in their everyday life. Dresses and feminine acoutrements only come out durring “special” events and then mostly to one-up the other ladies in their group. This has much to do with my personal interest in CD’s and TG’s. They embrace feminimity and express it to their ultimate abilities...and then surpass it, much to my delight. Thank You Ladies! You make my world one worth living in. Westmiguy53

I think that if my wife were to want to explore that side of herself that would be great. I would ask her the usual questions about reasons, gender identity, and motivation. Other than that it would be very interesting to see how she was received and how she would perceive the male gender through her own expression of it. I would hope that her own explorations would help her understand my own needs to express who I am. Now if it became more permanent or progressive we’d have to discuss exactly how far she’d want to take it and how it would impact family, etc. -Rebecca


You know girls, I didn’t want to respond to Mandy’s question publicly and actually sent her a private observation. However, Lisa’s email hit a note with me....and this is because my wife is so accepting of me and all the other t-girls she knows as is her sister. And we are both amazed when we find couples where the wife knows and either wants no part of it or demands that the t-girl husband do his thing alone and when out of town or some such. My wife and I believe our love for one another overcomes everything and no matter what happens to our bodies (and in my practice, I’ve seen people who’s bodies became terribly disfigured), our love and respect for one another will overcome all else. She has often said that she loves “me” and it doesn’t matter if I have on a shirt or blouse, jeans or a skirt, etc, etc. It’s the joining of the souls that is important and we are “soul-mates” and that makes our acceptance of one another “Unconditional”. Love, Chryss

I agree with Chryss, Lisa and Joanie on this. I do recall a time in my personal history, however, when the answer to this question was not so clear to me. That was just over 17 years ago after I had summoned the nerve (gulp) to tell my wife of 12 years that I enjoyed dressing as a woman. Her response was so overwhelmingly positive that she started buying me a feminine wardrobe, helping me with makeup, etc. In addition, we did some experimentation with role reversal, including her dressing as “the man of the house”. At the time, I was not too comfortable with that aspect, but I now realize that was the result of me still being in a personal state of non-acceptance at that time. She’s my best friend now as my ex-wife (since last summer), and we’ve both grown in many ways since then. Now I’d have no problem with any aspect of role reversal in a loving relationship, but I speak only for myself. In this community, there’s a multitude of ladies involved in their own unique personal relationships, and I haven’t walked a mile in their shoes. (If those shoes are 5” or 6” heels, I wouldn’t make it past 1/4 mile...LOL) Anyhow, thats my two cents worth! Brenda Sue Faulkner VC 491

Hi Mandy. Very interesting and complex question. If my wife decided to dress as a man I guess I’d ask the same questions every wife asks when her husband expresses an interest in exploring his feminine side. First, why? Is it just a social practice? Is it something she wants to do for recreational purposes? Does it have a sexual component? Is it a manifestation of larger gender identity issues? And, perhaps even more meaningfully, is her desire to crossdress a response to my own dressing? If that’s the case, then there may be relationship issues that need to be confronted quite apart from her desire to carry her socks in her underwear, as it were. As to how I’d feel about it, I guess I’d try to let her answers to these questions determine my reaction. I’ve been married for almost 30 years and our relationship has weathered a lot of different challenges and evolved to a point where it is very different than either of us would have anticipated when we were first married. Hopefully, we’d deal with her crossdressing in a similiar fashion. Gina Marie Conners VC 440


We need to agree that gender identity, while being separate from sexual attraction, is one of the two key factors that make a relationship. In changing half of the factor in that relationship, we are asking a huge amount of tolerance from our chosen spouse. In truth, I blame society and our oppressors. I have the thought that if we could have dealt with our nature as youth, before all the illusions were forced into our presentations, life would be so much more relevant. Truly, some don’t know until they are older, but I knew at age 6, and was told to “act” as a male. Society may be our curse, but we are heir to the misogyny and oppression that society forces us to deal with. I, personally, don’t think that I would have lived the life that I did, if I had had the choice to just be the real me. So, to me the answer is to change society’s strictures. We need to free children to be who they really are. Psychiatrists and all the therapists should be spending their time and earning their money trying to help these children be their true selves and counsel the people in their lives on how to deal with their child’s true selves in supportive ways. They could earn as much money counseling families to accept, and schools to understand, and society to back off, and religious bigots to just shut up! Then, you would have found a mate that accepted you for who you really are, love is accepting if it is allowed to grow in an environment of trust and truth. But, every lie, every deception, every self delusion, comes back to haunt. I made it 57 years before I started selectively telling the truth. I don’t regret my kids or the women I loved, but I am very ashamed that I had to deceive the world into thinking I was another “cookie cutter” drone in the hive of the binary delusion. It made my life easier, but harder to myself. I lived on the edge of the razor blade of discovery and never had any rest from it until I took all the losses that my deception caused and began my life again. In many ways, it was a life wasted by the oppression and misogyny of the powered elite and the church. We have begun to remake that. I hope it continues to improve, but there will be a few generations yet that go through all the turmoil, until we can get society going in the correct direction. Sincere-leigh, Leigh Smythe

Gina, you’ve basically summed it up perfectly for me and the light that shines on my life. “I to think it would be cool to deal with someone else’s crossdressing”, then again I am a bit bias about it. I know if my wife came to me in the stereotypical way that we often go to our wives, the first thing I would do is give her a great big hug. Then ask if she’d like to dress in her impression of a man for me. of course I’d have cocktails ready when she/he emerged from the closet. We’d engage in hours of conversation about where she wants to go with it her feelings and fears (although with her being “the guy”, it might be hard to get “him” to open up and talk about it) (grin). We, having been though much of the many gender infomercials in our support groups, the internet and out partying. I have a feeling what we would like for a responce to our “coming out”, I, (we) are more than likely to be suportive and loving to a life partner, wife, husband, child, co-worker or anyone for that matter then most people who haven’t had the trials and tribulations in our cross gender experiences. lovenhugs Gina Lee


Would it bother me if my wife dressed as a man? In one way yes, because I love her feminine style, but in another way, don’t many women already dress like a man? Take a look at women’s fashions. Two and three piece pant suits, white shirts, loose fitting ties, socks and flat shoes. To many women femininity has almost disappeared. And, women can get away with dressing masculine in public than we ever can. The next time you go to the mall, check out how many feminine-style women you see? Maybe 1 in 10? I have one female relative who never wears a dress,skirt, jewelry or heels and very little makeup...and she is straight. So, go figure. If any of us were to show up at work in a dress or other female attire, we would probably be laughed at and asked to go home and change. If a woman comes to work dressed in a business suit, says a thing. Double bet!!! I guess it is something we just have to live with. Love To All, Carollyn Olson

Well yeah CC, that’s the world we live with, but I (in my optimism) see things evolving. Your standards and mine for femininity are far from the standards of most women in our age group. There was a movement when we were young, towards the natural and the relaxed (comfortable) style dress and as in most cases with these kind of standards (on no comparison standards), we slip to the lowest common denominator which, for a lot of women, is “why bother?” Or, after all “it’s just male oppression that puts women in a skirts anyway.” She doesn’t need nor want either to or not to define her femininity. All sadly valid reasoning I think. After all what is dress, dress up, dressed? Every society, generation defines it differently. Yet you and I know what it is, and frankly so don’t most women, it’s just they haven’t been expected to show a fem-side as it may denote weakness. This seems to be changing, or as I see it, “it’s really all about female image defined by females”. They (women) needed to go through a striping of the “male” defined femininity and find their own, (one reason we see a liberation in the young with the sex and scantily described articles of clothing). The new femininity is sexual and it’s belongs to women, not men. But don’t ever say that out loud as you will be ostracized for making a judgmental call about a persons expression or right to it. On the bright side, I really do see a leaning by women towards the “feminine” The styles on the racks drip femininity and a celebration of the stereotype “womanhood”. Lots of lace, lots of flounce, lots of dressy dresses. I guess it just depends of where you go and what time of the day you are going. If you want to see femininity in today’s world you have to go where it’s popular, and it typically isn’t the grocery store or the mall. Also true is that people in an ever so slight way, are coming to the realization that men have a bit more license to “dress”. Oh, we are a long way from seeing a man in a dress, (not sure I like the idea anyway. To me, it’s pick one, male or female and dress for that look). Too, are the numbers of incidences where mothers of sons display traits typical of girls and are more feminine in their attire and mannerisms, the mothers are learning about gender identity and being supportive of the new concept. lovenhugs Carollyn Olson


Awwww..... That’s so terrific Chryss! You are one LUCKY DUCK! At once so happy and just a tad jealous, I am. In the past couple of years as I’ve been “cranking up” my involvement in the local TG community and the amount of time getting out and about, my formally mostly supportive spousal unit has been getting a bit less so I’m afraid. But I’m trusting that we’ll still be able to maintain at least accommodation but probably not the level of Unconditional love you cats are experiencing. All my best, Linda VC411

I, too, would not like it at all if my wife tried to pass as a male. Not because I would be against it but because it is against everything I hold dear - that of the beauty, superiority of the female form and mind. She should do what she likes, as I should. Now when you bring society into this, she can chase this muse much further than I can chase mine and have no problems. Frequently women wear pants, oxford shoes and shirts, business suits, ties. They slick their hair back, they can do away with the female accourtroments and go totally male - up to a point. And that point would be acting male to an extreme, gluing a beard on although, in fun they can get away with that. Now when we men put on female heels and dress as guys we are subject to alot of heat. Never mind the dress or skirt or makeup or any of the other things that is just great. It is not fair but it is how it is. Love, Tawni Bonds VC #371


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PAPERS Follow-up Following our piece on Captain Ian Hamilton, the Daily Mail have followed this up with this article

Why my hurt feelings are worth £250,000, by the para who became a woman By Laura Topham To put it bluntly, the military uniform once so proudly won by Captain Ian Hamilton no longer fits. It is packed away, out of sight, in a wardrobe, along with the paratrooper’s red beret, and the medals of service which document how he served in every major conflict of the past 20 years. Why he can no longer wear it - and, moreover, who is to blame for that fact - is a matter of much controversy. At the most basic level, it doesn’t fit because he is no longer Captain Ian Hamilton, but now goes by the name of Jan. His once-rugged 16-stone body, with its famed 14-inch biceps, is no more, replaced - after a sex change operation - by a surgically created feminine physique. More contentiously, Captain Hamilton is no longer entitled to wear the uniform, or even a scaled-down version of it. Fifteen months ago, when he informed the Army that he was now living as a woman, and would like to be known henceforth as Jan, his Army career effectively came to an end. Poised to accept a posting to Gibraltar, as a media relations manager within the British Army, he wrote to his commanding officer with legal documentation detailing the sex change. The Army’s response was an order to attend a medical examination - as a man. When Jan refused, the job offer was revoked, and his career in the Army was over.


A baffling - and, admittedly, eyebrow-raising - turn of events, one might conclude. How odd that a man who wanted to be a woman with such passion should sign himself up to the Parachute Regiment, that most macho of institutions. But such things happen. Yet, the matter didn’t end there. Captain Hamilton - by now officially a woman - took things further, claiming sex discrimination. And she has won her case. This week, it emerged that Jan, 43, is set to receive a huge settlement as compensation for her loss of earnings, lost pension and what in this enlightened age we must refer to as ‘hurt feelings’. Although the employment tribunal dealing with the case has yet to finalise the figure, it is rumoured that it will top £250,000. Whatever, it will almost certainly dwarf those payments which have to date been awarded to wounded war heroes. The Ministry of Defence awards just £28,750 to a serviceman blinded in one eye, £57,000 for the loss of a leg, and &pound;285,000 for the loss of both arms or legs. Captain Hamilton’s fellow Paratrooper Ben Parkinson, 23, arguably the most severely British soldier ever to survive an injury while on active service, was originally offered just £152,000 compensation (although the figure was upped to the maximum allowable £285,000 following a Daily Mail campaign).


Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson: The severely wounded paratrooper was offered only £152,000 by the Ministry of Defence So what on earth is happening when a soldier who chose to put himself under the knife for purely cosmetic purposes is deemed worthy of such huge compensation for hurt feelings?The answer, of course, is that compensation is uncapped in sex discrimination cases. News of what is about to happen has been greeted with understandable outrage. The mother of Ben Parkinson condemned Jan’s employment difficulties as trivial and undeserving, and was horrified that such a thing could happen. Yet today, speaking for the first time since the compensation award was announced, Captain Hamilton is unrepentant, claiming that her ‘ordeal’ at the hands of her former bosses entitled her to significant recompense. We meet at her home in Lytham, the small seaside town near Blackpool, and it is hard to picture this heavily made-up brunette as a respected Army captain. Her femininity may still be challenged by a husky voice and unmistakably broad shoulders, but her size 12 shape is remarkably womanly. Her new body is hugged by blue jeans, a fitted jacket and a tight vest top which highlights the cleavage of her breast implants. She towers in stiletto ankle boots that add unnecessary inches, yet says her frame is rapidly diminishing as oestrogen hormone therapy atrophies her muscle mass.


Her flat is a paean to feminine taste, all mauve drapes, vases of lilies, bowls of toffees on glass tables, next to a Sophia Loren book called Women And Beauty. It is all very convincing. In fact, just last week, a man in her local bar bought this ‘gorgeous woman’ a drink - but unfortunately, he then punched her after his friends informed him of her true past. But then no one undergoes a sex change operation - enduring the often cruel reactions - without considerable thought. Whatever you think of Jan’s course of action, you have to admire her strength of character in being so open about what she was doing. But does she really feel she deserves such a massive pay-out, for what so many will regard as a self-imposed ‘issue’? ‘It’s unfair to blame me for other soldiers’ low compensation payouts, as that’s a separate issue, about how much value we put on our servicemen and women. ‘My case is very different. I just want honour and integrity - to be respected as a human being. ‘I didn’t choose to be this way and I didn’t choose the Army’s reaction to my sex change. Their records still state that I am Ian, and I want that changed to Jan. That’s what all this is about.

‘I refused that medical examination because for me to have put on my male uniform for it would have been humiliating. ‘Under the Gender Recognition Act, I had the right to a transition interview, to discuss working as a female, but the Army ignored that right. They left me no option but to refuse my medical, and then they removed my post.’ Jan’s lawyers argued - successfully - that in so doing, it broke the law laid down by the 1999 Sex Discrimination Act by withholding a career opportunity due to someone’s gender. The fact that there are no female paratroopers doesn’t seem to have been an issue here, which many will find baffling. According to the law, it was up to the Army to accommodate, or at least consider, Jan’s wishes. Strangely enough, Jan seems to be relishing this fight for compensation - in much the same way she has relished the entire fight to be accepted as a woman in the ultimate man’s world. And, ironically, she attributes the ‘strength’ needed for this fight to Army training. ‘I bore the emotional stress of my transformation through the courage and strength my military service had developed. My old fashioned virtues I owe to the military.’ How horrified the military would be to hear that. Senior officials have long been appalled by Jan’s press and TV appearances-which show no sign of abating.


This summer, she will be compering at the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Festival in Aberdeen, then competing as Miss Transsexual Scotland in the Miss International Queen contest in Thailand. None of which will convince Army bosses that they made a big mistake in letting her go. What’s so astonishing about all of this is that Jan Hamilton knew at the age of eight that she wanted to be a girl. Caught wearing girl’s clothes by his grandmother, the young Ian was instantly reprimanded. He says: ‘She said sternly: “Boys don’t do this.” ‘The silence when she relayed the encounter was incredible. I realised my family were ashamed of me.’ They still are. When Jan went public about his sex change, ensuring huge headlines because of his Army status, his family told callers that their son was dead to them. Through an incredibly difficult childhood, they did their best to ‘cure’ him. When his father caught him playing with a tea set, he sent him to an all boys’ boarding school. He learned early that to avoid abuse, the best defence is attack. Hence, his determination to join the Army - a decision that seems preposterous, in hindsight. ‘I learned that you should turn on your perpetrator - attack. That drew me to the Army, along with the hope of pleasing my parents, who wanted me to be more masculine. ‘Being a soldier allowed me to fit into society’s expectations. And I believed that the more I pushed myself towards being a man, the less I’d have these unwanted feelings.’ So, at 17, Ian enrolled in the Army. He trained at Sandhurst and was posted to Berlin during the tail end of the Cold War. But, stationed back in Dover, it was clear to him that he’d made a mistake. ‘I was essentially female and shouldn’t have put myself through that experience. Women are not allowed to serve and train in such ways. I found it traumatic. It wasn’t just not liking my body, it was hating all the things men were expected to do, the male environment.’ A breakdown followed, then Ian left the Army for a career in television, which he says suited him. ‘The media is quite camp so I fitted in easily and was very successful, making Bafta-nominated documentaries and reporting for Scottish TV from all around the world.’ He also married a woman called Morag in 1995, and embarked on an outwardly normal marriage. But it wasn’t normal. The pair rarely had sex and Ian still had a compulsion to wear his wife’s clothes. At 35, and after another mental breakdown, he did something remarkable: putting himself forward as a paratrooper, despite his earlier reservations about the Services. After passing the tough selection process, he excelled at training and was deployed on long-term engagements as a highly qualified Captain, specialising in psychological information warfare ironically, part of this mission was to improve the image of the Army back in Britain. With the elite Parachute Regiment he served in Kenya, Oman, Kuwait, Cyprus, Germany and Bosnia. Jan smiles at the irony. ‘The Parachute Regiment is the cutting edge of Britain’s military capability. If you want someone killed, you send them in. I thought I was really becoming a man. Yet that only made me more unhappy.’


In 2003, he was off to Iraq, then Afghanistan, but when he returned to the UK he was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and signed off work for six months. It was then that he walked out on his wife Morag, after ten years of marriage. He offered no explanation. While on leave he, quite bizarrely, enrolled on a beauty therapist training course ‘which I loved’ - before heading back to Iraq. By now, Ian had started seeing Rachel, a journalist he met while working in London - and the pair moved into a rented flat together near Rachel’s mother in Blackpool. The relationship would break down when she discovered him wearing women’s clothing. Yet, for months, Ian continued his employment with the Army - dressing as a woman outside work then cleaning off all make-up and nail polish to report for meetings in uniform. He applied for a job running media operations in Gibraltar - but when he landed it, fighting off nine other applicants, he says he felt miserable. He started having psychiatric counselling for his confusion and realised the only way he would be happy was by becoming a woman. Jan says: ‘I was uncomfortable as a man and angry about the way my world had turned out. I was also angry at women - I would look at them and think “Why can I not be like you?” ‘All my life I had fought against the knowledge that I was different. I had done everything I could to live up to the ideal of a tough man. But it was time to accept what I truly wanted, whatever the consequences.’ He started taking oestrogen, which he’d bought illegally over the internet, and on March 28, 2007, changed his name by deed poll to Jan, his belief that he was a woman born with the wrong body having been endorsed by Britain’s leading gender psychiatrists. The following day Jan wrote and informed the Army - setting a catastrophic chain of events in motion. At the same time, Jan also came out to friends and family - most of whom found the transition too much to accept. Jan’s parents sent all of her possessions in a box with a note which read: ‘Our son is dead - never contact us again’. Some Army friends were surprisingly supportive, though they could only handle communicating by phone or letter. Others reacted with horror. ‘I lost everybody when I came out, but they’re beginning to recognise this isn’t a freaky thing, it’s a medical condition. ‘Becoming transsexual is a selfish journey, you do it for yourself and your own happiness, even if friends don’t want to come with you.’ Living full-time as a woman, Jan wanted the equivalent body, so opted for sex re-assignment surgery, a grisly process involving the removal of the penis, breast implants and an extraordinary operation to reshape her face.


Her skull was effectively reformed with her forehead sawn off, reshaped and screwed back on with titanium bolts, Jan’s orbital bones (the socket of the skull where the eye and its parts are situated) ground down and her nose broken and trimmed. Then, the skin was reattached and lifted; her original jaw line is on top of her forehead with a scar running from ear to ear. Her eyelids were cut in half, tugged into a feline almond shape and resewn. Her lips were cut and squeezed into a Bardot pout. Without doubt, she has been through a hideous ordeal, she is clearly angry about much of what has happened. But has that anger been directed in the right place? Is this bid for compensation not simply two fingers up to a world that Jan never really wanted to be part of in the first place? She says not. ‘I’m not looking for sympathy, just for people to treat me as any other civilian. I want the Army - and the world - to see me as a woman. ‘For me, this is about setting a precedent that being transgendered is acceptable in the military. ‘The Army now accepts this is a medical condition, not a sexual thing - but to this day my Army identity card is male. It says Ian, and it should not. It should say “Jan”.’ Perhaps it should. But should it really cost the British taxpayer &pound;250,000 to make that point?







all Centre


Actual call centre conversations !!!!! Customer: “I’ve been ringing 0700 2300 for two days and can’t get through to enquiries, can you help?”. Operator: “Where did you get that number from, sir?”. Customer: “It was on the door to the Travel Centre”. Operator: “Sir, they are our opening hours”. ------------------------------

Samsung Electronics Caller: “Can you give me the telephone number for Jack?” Operator: “I’m sorry, sir, I don’t understand who you are talking about”. Caller: “On page 1, section 5, of the user guide it clearly states that I need to unplug the fax machine from the AC wall socket and telephone Jack before cleaning. Now, can you give me the number for Jack?” Operator: “I think you mean the telephone point on the wall”.

RAC Motoring Services Caller: “Does your European Breakdown Policy cover me when I am travelling in Australia ?” Operator: “ Doesn’t the product give you a clue?”

Caller (enquiring about legal requirements while travelling in France ): “If I register my car in France , do I have to change the steering wheel to the other side of the car?”

Directory Enquiries Caller: “I’d like the number of the Argoed Fish Bar in Cardiff please”. Operator: “I’m sorry, there’s no listing. Is the spelling correct?” Caller: “Well, it used to be called the Bargoed Fish Bar but the ‘B’ fell off”.


Then there was the caller who asked for a knitwear company in Woven. Operator: “Woven? Are you sure?” Caller: “Yes. That’s what it says on the label; Woven in Scotland “. On another occasion, a man making heavy breathing sounds from a phone box told a worried operator: “I haven’t got a pen, so I’m steaming up the window to write the number on”. Tech Support: “I need you to right-click on the Open Desktop”. Customer: “OK”. Tech Support: “Did you get a pop-up menu?”. Customer: “No”. Tech Support: “OK. Right-Click again. Do you see a pop-up menu?” Customer: “No”. Tech Support: “OK, sir. Can you tell me what you have done up until this point?”. Customer: “Sure. You told me to write ‘click’ and I wrote ‘click’”.

Tech Support: “OK. In the bottom left hand side of the screen, can you see the ‘OK’ button displayed?” Customer: “Wow. How can you see my screen from there?”


There’s always one. This has got to be one of the funniest things in a long time. I think this guy should have been promoted, not fired This is a true story from the Word Perfect Helpline, which was transcribed from a recording monitoring the customer care department. Needless to say the Help Desk employee was fired; however, he/she is currently suing the Word Perfect organization for “Termination without Cause”. Actual dialogue of a former WordPerfect Customer Support employee. (Now I know why they record these conversations!): Operator: “Ridge Hall, computer assistance; may I help you?” Caller: “Yes, well, I’m having trouble with WordPerfect.” Operator: “What sort of trouble??” Caller: “Well, I was just typing along, and all of a sudden the words went away.” Operator: “Went away?” Caller: “They disappeared.” Operator: “Hmm So what does your screen look like now?” Caller: “Nothing.” Operator: “Nothing??” Caller: “It’s blank; it won’t accept anything when I type.” Operator: “Are you still in WordPerfect, or did you get out??” Caller: “How do I tell?” Operator: “Can you see the C: prompt on the screen??” Caller: “What’s a sea-prompt?” Operator: “Never mind, can you move your cursor around the screen?” Caller: “There isn’t any cursor: I told you, it won’t accept anything I type.” Operator: “Does your monitor have a power indicator??” Caller: “What’s a monitor?” Operator: “It’s the thing with the screen on it that looks like a TV. Does it have a little light that tells you when it’s on??” Caller: “I don’t know.” Operator: “Well, then look on the back of the monitor and find where the power cord goes into it. Can you see that??” Caller: “Yes, I think so.” Operator: “Great. Follow the cord to the plug, and tell me if it’s plugged into the wall.” Caller: “Yes, it is.” Operator: “When you were behind the monitor, did you notice that there were two cables plugged into the back of it, not just one??” Caller: “No.”


Operator: “Well, there are. I need you to look back there again and find the other cable.” Caller: “Okay, here it is.” Operator: “Follow it for me, and tell me if it’s plugged securely into the back of your computer.” Caller: “I can’t reach.” Operator: “Uh huh. Well, can you see if it is??” Caller: “No.” Operator: “Even if you maybe put your knee on something and lean way over??” Caller: “Oh, it’s not because I don’t have the right angle - it’s because it’s dark.” Operator: “Dark??” Caller: “Yes - the office light is off, and the only light I have is coming in from the window. “ Operator: “Well, turn on the office light then.” Caller: “I can’t.” Operator: “No? Why not??” Caller: “Because there’s a power failure..” Operator: “A power......... A power failure? Aha, Okay, we’ve got it licked now. Do you still have the boxes and manuals and packing stuff your computer came in??” Caller: “Well, yes, I keep them in the closet.” Operator: “Good. Go get them, and unplug your system and pack it up just like it was when you got it. Then take it back to the store you bought it from.” Caller: “Really? Is it that bad?” Operator: “Yes, I’m afraid it is.” Caller: “Well, all right then, I suppose. What do I tell them??”

Operator: “Tell them you’re too f###ing stupid to own a computer.


COMPETITION OK Gang, you all looked such darlings in your figure huggin Pencil Skirt this month that I felt the need to continue the theme, so lets see all you ....

Sexy Secretaries! (Trousers are Permitted) The competition is open to all readers, just send your pictures to titling the email SEXY SECRETARY COMPETITION, The winner will get a full page spread in the next issue of Narcisse So GOOD LUCK & GET ENTERING!!!

TIME!! 52




“Morning Maam, what would you like for breakfast ?” ..Breakfast ? in bed ? what a lovely dream ! Gina tries to roll over and go back to sleep, but horrors ! she’s strapped down and cannot move. What’s going on here ? “Can I suggest the omelet ?” Gina returns to consciousness slowly , and the dream fades to the reality of breakfast in a cramped economy class seat, 31,000 ft above the Atlantic. Gina declines the breakfast, remembering that she’s almost certainly got some serious freshening up to do, and wishing not to be caught up in the mad scramble for the loo after breakfast and prior to landing in England, gathers up her handbag and makes her way to the toilet. Dam, but the lights are bright in here, she thinks ! all the better to view the ravages that the last 14 hrs of travel have wrought !! But first things first, she settles down on to a surprisingly ergonomically engineered seat (clever, these aircraft designers, she wishes that the designer of a lowly loo seat had been the one to apply his or her talents to those in the economy class) Ah ! time to ruminate ! its been incredibly enjoyable for Gina thus far. The airport shuttle bus collected her at home, 5 minutes ahead of schedule, with 3 other passengers already on board , a couple and a single lady. There must be something about travel that brings out the ‘blarney’ in people, she thinks, as 15 minutes later , flush with the life history of the couple, the bus stops to pick up 4 kids ranging in age from about 10 through 13 . Uh oh ! she thinks, but her fears are unfounded, as the kids stick their feet up and out on the back of empty seats and proceed to gabble away amongst themselves. After several more stops a bus full of folk finally arrive at the airport for check- in. The AA rep looks at Gina’s passport and asks sweetly if she has any other form of identification, whereupon Gina hands over her drivers license . The rep looks and it and says “Thank you Mam, how many bags are you checking today ?”… “ Just one”, Gina replies . “I’m afraid your bag is overweight”….“I’m allowed to check two bags aren’t I ?”…. “er..yes” ….“well then surely my bag doesn’t weigh more that the allowance for two does it ? think I could have a chat with your supervisor ?” …. “ oh ! that won’t be necessary, here’s your boarding pass and baggage claim ticket , Gate T3 , boarding at 4.15 ” Its now only 2.30 pm, so Gina heads for the nearest restaurant and has a leisurely lunch, before heading for the departure area and a security check. She sets of no bells and whistles, collects her carryon, buys the latest Newsweek and heads for gate T3. “I’m afraid your Chicago flight is delayed Maam”…. “I’ve got a tight connection , as it is, for my onward fight to the UK”… “oh you’ll make it, don’t worry” ..Well Gina does not worry and contemplates the advantages of a night in Chicago at AA’s expense. Might get to meet that on-line girl friend after all , she thinks !! Gina’s preference is for an aisle seat, and on the Chicago flight sits beside a businessman who never even looks at her once :( Having asked the Stewardess if she thinks she’ll make her connection in Chicago, and being told ‘wow, gee , that is tight’ , 15 minutes before arrival in Chicago , Gina is invited to occupy an empty seat in First class, “just so you’ll be first off the plane !!” . Gina thinks , how nice and thoughtful, makes her connection with minutes to spare and while settling in for a ‘night in the sky’ , realizes that the chance of her luggage being on the same ‘plane is about zero !!


Having completed her ‘ruminating’ , Gina contemplates herself in the mirror. A remarkable happy looking countenance beams back at her ! Only one more little hurdle to face- Her Majesty’s UK Immigration and Customs. What the hell , she thinks, what’s the worse can happen ? Not being able to think of anything awful, she turns her attention to a minute inspection of her face. Oh boy ! she’ll have to shave. Absolutely essential , no way is she going to meet Immigration with any semblance of 5 ‘o clock shadow, then thinks how lucky am I, time for ordinary mortals 5 o’clock shadow was ages and ages ago !!! She digs in her handbag and extracts the only ‘male’ item she’s carrying with her on this trip . Come to think of it , real women carry razors too don’t they ? this thing in her hand is neutral then , neither male nor female..maybe its a transgendered razor ??

“ transgendered razor “ During the next 25 minutes Gina learns that shaving her face , applying make up , especially eye-liner, in the confines of an airliner loo, with even the slightest turbulence is something not to be taken lightly . Next time , she swears, just before boarding a long distance flight , she’ll go to a firmly anchored, grounded, Ladies …Whoa !! think again !! going to be seen shaving in the Ladies ? in the Mens ? choices ,choices ! on second thoughts an airplane loo will do just fine thank you !! She also learns that on one side of the little wash hand basin there is a little trap door , on which, if you inadvertently place an object from your handbag, like say a small digital camera, said trap door opens and the object disappears. Instant panic vision of her camera in the bowels of the airplane turns to huge relief on seeing a panel, easily removable, behind which sits a receptacle for the easy removal of wash room debris. Yuck !! what’ll she find in this receptacle, besides her camera ? on removing the receptacle Gina is amazed to find her camera sitting at the bottom of a squeaky clean plastic liner !!! The four batteries have left their assigned place because the drop has caused the plastic catches that secure the battery compartment lid to break. Her camera now sports some red sticky tape to keep the lid (and batteries) in place! Thirty minutes later, Gina presents her passport to a rather dour looking gentleman. He looks at Gina, than back at her passport. He does this routine again. Before he can do it a third time Gina hands him her drivers License. A little smile ( of relief ? Gina thinks). Gina’s passport is a new one and has only one entry in it for another country. “How long are you staying?”… “I’d like to stay for at least a month”….“When were you here last ?”, “Last year” and volunteers “ only for 2 weeks”.. “Why doesn’t your passport have a female name in it ?” “ er..well I’d have to have an official name change…er I think, and then apply for a new one”. Gina notices that the dour expression has been replaced by one of ...believe it or not , pleasure !! “And what will your female name be ?” She beams at this man, and replies “Gina Marie”. “Off you go Gina, enjoy your stay !!!” and with that she’s handed her passport with a broad smile !!


Wow, she thinks, is that IT ?? all those niggling little worries , the uncertainties , before ! A piece of cake !! She looks back, and finds the Immigration man still looking in her direction with a wistful expression..big light bulb goes on over Gina’s head !!! Hot Dam !! I betcha he’s one of us !!! She goes to the luggage roundel and waits, figuring what a waste of time , that bag never made it anywhere near her flight out of Chicago. Two minutes later her bag is the third one to come down the chute with a loud thud !! Last on , first off ? who knows !! She heads confidently with her laden trolley through the green ‘nothing to declare’ line, past three sets of beady eyes behind three counters. Number three set of beady eyes says “may I ask you a few questions Mam ? Are you bringing any gifts into the country?” “Sure”, Gina replies “I’ve a few little things for the friends I’m going to be staying with” “Would you mind opening your case on this bench here please ?”… “I’d love to, only problem is there’s no way I can lift this thing up there alone”... “er..please open your small case Miss” Gina thinks, wow , Maam to Miss ?? things are really looking up ! She opens her ‘carry-on’ which is her ‘emergency overnight plus last minute odds and ends’ bag. In a pocket , he finds a CD ( no , not that kind ) and says , “where’s the player for this ?”…Gina explains the ‘player’ is going to be her friend’s computer, since the CD is a program whereby she will be able to download her digital camera pictures to her friends computer when her cameras flash card is full. “er..OK then, that’s it, you may proceed Miss” ..Well hey !! “Thanks a lot , bye”. Amongst the sea of faces on the outside, Gina spots a blonde head, and soon there’s hugs and “ooh luvly to see you again did you have a nice flight any problems with the immigration man I TOLD you you’d be fine this is a CIVILIZED country you know lets go and get a cuppa tea coz its freezing outside we might get snow later the forecast says ooh you’re looking luvly everybodys dying to see you again we’ll go to Napoleon’s tonight for dinner and then on to Metz , Charlies having a party there he’s leaving to take over another place”……..etc

“may I ask you a few questions Maam ?” Its 10 o’clock in the morning on a cold and dreary Manchester day , but Gina feels like she’s died and gone to Heaven !! A whole month (at least !!) of being only Gina lay ahead and who knows what adventures !! She’s just completed the first leg of her biggest ‘out and about’ trip, and its been , as she used to say at another earlier time and place “A piece of cake”. It goes without saying that Gina had a fabulous time. Gracious hosts and friends alike made certain of that. “The Village” in the heart of Manchester, the epicenter of English Trannydom !! endless numbers of places where “girls” are welcome , but real girls have to pay to get in, and get thrown out if they object to sharing a loo with the “girls”. Is that ‘civilized’ or what ?


Many , many bottles of wine , dancing , pub crawling, ‘connecting’ again with places and persons from the distant past, and serious discussions later, it was time for Gina to wing her way in the opposite direction ( A telephoned query from her wife as to when in hell was she ever coming back home was a huge incentive for the reverse travel) George , her favorite Greek taxi driver arrived on the dot of departure day to take her to the airport. “Oh I’m gonna missyou Gina”… “ you’re not, you’re going to miss trying to overcharge me” “miss Gina , don’t be like that ! I really really mis you when youre gone, youre one nicest girl I take home from Village’ll come back again I’m sure”. Gina thinks, dam right I’ll be back !! Check in at Manchester was a repeat of the Atlanta check in complete with “your bags too heavy”…. “aw, c’mon, give a girl a break !! they let me on with it in Atlanta, least you can do is do the same”, a grudging OK , followed by a big English Breakfast and a half mile hike to the departure gate. A beautifully smooth flight followed by what has to be a mile of corridor from the arrival gate at Chicago O’Hare, to the Immigration Desks. This time Gina presented her Passport to another dour looking gentleman. She was ready with her driving license and guess what ? dour face swiped her passport through a reader, handed it back, and shouted ‘next’.. jeeze !! what a let down ! But worse was to come . She collected her bag, wheeled it to the ‘nothing to declare’ line where her customs declaration form was snatched from her hand by a huge uniformed man who wore a look of immense boredom and disinterest on his face.

“ nightmare “ The nightmare that is Chicago O’Hare then started in earnest. A mass of traveling humanity, Gina had THREE gate changes, each gate further from the previous one. After the third walk, she was thirsty and made the mistake of having a beer. Ten minutes later , nature called and it was off to the Ladies for Gina. At first glance the place was empty , but on rounding a right angled corner she found herself # 6 in a line of Ladies waiting for a free stall. Before she could turn around , about 4 more women lined up behind her. Oh well, she thought, as the Brits say “In for a penny , out for a pound” . It took eight (8) eternity minutes , waiting for an inevitable shriek, but she just ‘HAD’ to ‘go’ , it wasn’t just the call of the beer any longer, but something far heavier and getting more insistent by the minute. By the time she’d gained entry to the seat of blessed relief, the line of travel weary women had grown much longer, and Gina realized that there had probably been no shriek because any kind of commotion would have meant everybody waiting endlessly !! So, in deference to the waiting line, Gina did her thing quickly and exited with a sweet smile for the benefit of anyone who might actually look at her !


There was a fourth gate change, then an announcement that the Atlanta flight was delayed one hour. The last leg of her journey was anti-climactic , she sat beside another businessman who also didn’t look at her once, even although she asked him if he really wasn’t going to eat that pack of pretzels, could she have them ..she was starving. He said “sure they’re yours” to her, without taking his eyes away from what he was reading :( The final bit of the journey home was very pleasant ..the parked shuttle bus was empty, and the driver said “$45 takes you home direct, might as well be doing something , better than standing here” . Gina replied that the regular rate to where she was going was $ 25. “Yeah, but you not goin’ to be drivin’ around all night before you get home, tell you what ! I’ll do it for $40”…. “Make it $30 and you got a deal”… “Hey girl , you killin’ me hon, c’mon, how about $35?”…“ Done !! watch you back when you’re loading that suitcase”. “holy s-t, what you got in here ? bricks ?”… Gina sat in the front seat beside the driver , a big very dark man with a shiny head, and heard HIS life story, and he hadn’t travelled any further than from the Bronx.



Lead in your Pencil

(Pencil Skirts)


Vote #1 - Paula


Vote #2 - Rachel


Vote #3 - Sandi


Vote #4 - Lynda


Vote #5 - Minki


Vote #6 - Becca



! Beauty & EtheR N B east N I W COMPETITION 66


Jamie Renae 67


Style Council

! S



68 C

Copyright 2000 Steve ‘A’




OK, at last , the long awaited results..... You voted in your......10’s....... The premise was a simple one... We’ve had man against machine....... but NEVER in human History have we had........ ( A TOTALLY friendly, warm, cuddly and not at all threatening.........)

GG v TG Fashion Showdown!!!

The premise is simple, each issue ONE garment is chosen, from which each gurl has to ensemble an entire outfit, submit their selection to an independant writer, who then creates the article, no cheating!, no conspiring.... just pure, savvy! Last issue a pair of GORGEOUS pale pink sandals were chosen, and from it two UNIQUE interpretations were created... you came.... you voted...... you knew not which was the GG’s and which was the TG’s...... and


GG! 69

Ahh, now then ......erm...whats going on.....2 - 1 to the GGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s? well, its just not cricket is it?! Time to get the thinking berets on me thinks. Well Done to Lynn for her FAB outfit and a STONKING result ( well and truely thrashed springs to mind ). So, licking our wounds the TGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prepare to fight back. This months delectable lil item is a pretty pale pink belt, the sort of thing that most of us have in our wardrobes.

So, another GG, Angela by name, steps up to the plate to scoop up the gauntlet that was thrown, so let battle commence........


OK, so,Contestant A has gone for an â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;oh so sexyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; lil black lacy number that just oozes seductivity and sexuality, stretchy anf figure-hugging, this is a muct for any girls naughty wardrobe!


AA WOW is all that springs to mind here, take sexy and add ++++, these boots are to die for, they just OOZE pure fem!!

Next comes a gorg lil bracelet continuing the pink and black theme but adding a hint of hardness to the ensemble


AA To finish the outfit off Girl A has gone from ultra modern to a blast from the past. This coupling of feminine choker and earring set have an almost victorian feel giving the outfit a quirky balance that screams individuality!


Girl B has begun her outfit with a classic black jacket and skirt combo, simple colours and lines giving a perfect canvas for whats to come!


And WOW is what come next! THE most gorgeous of pale pink corsets to trim the waist , boost the assets and gives the whole look a gorgeous feminine touch.


Again the pink theme is continued with this gorgeous bag for all your essentials ....

... and a pair of OMG strappy heels to show of your dainty feet this summer!


To tie it all together Miss B has gone for a silver selection of jewellery to give a lovely subtle balance to the whole look.

So there you go, a pair of gorgeous outfits, fit to grace any wardrobe ( I feel some retail therapy coming on! ) so all it leaves is for you , dear reader, to vote for your favorite! A Poll will be posted at or you can send me your choise at Heading your mail â&#x20AC;&#x153;Style Councilâ&#x20AC;?





CALLING ALL GG’S!! Think your good? Think you have Style? Fancy a lil.................. Wager? You know the deal, if you would like to pit your wits against our TG Style Guru then get in touch. This rather stunning black dress will be the starting point of the challenge, think you measure up?

Write to me at mandytaylor6662000 titling your mail “Bring It On!!” and let battle commence!!!


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Reviews and rankings of the top 5 wrinkle creams available today Before I get to the ranking and reviews, I wanted to give you a little background on how I came up with this list of wrinkle creams and Botox alternatives. I wanted this article to be a bit different than most articles that just give positive “reviews” on every wrinkle cream that are sold. Rather than list and review every product on the market, I thought it would be easier just to list and review the top 5 wrinkle creams that I could find. How did I find these wrinkle creams? First I researched online, spoke with other professionals, checked sales figures and watched some interesting programs about consumer polling. (The things I do for Mandy, having to sit there with my feet up, cup of tea in hand watching these tedious programs but I know deep down she appreciates it ha ha) The anti-wrinkle treatment reviews are designed with simplicity in mind. I didn’t want to bog down you poor readers with manufacturer info, scientific mumbo-jumbo, and marketing jargon that you can get anywhere. Mandy and I try to give you the essential points you’ll need to make an educated decision about which product is right for you.

Your online guide to wrinkle treatments: learn the basics before you buy Before you choose a particular anti-wrinkle treatment, it makes sense to learn a little about how wrinkles develop. So, in addition to going over how wrinkles develop I’ll also discuss factors that promote wrinkles, how topical lotions reduce wrinkles and things you can do everyday to minimize wrinkles.


How Wrinkles are Formed To learn how wrinkles develop, we must first discuss the skin and exactly what happens that causes wrinkles. The skin is basically made up of 3 different layers. The epidermis is the outermost layer (the one you see), the dermis is the middle layer, and the subcutaneous is the inner layer.

Early in life when you are young, the skin does an efficient job of stretching and holding in moisture. The middle layer of skin, the dermis, has an elastic quality due to fibers called elastin that help skin look and feel young. A protein found in the dermis called collagen also helps prevent wrinkles. But over time, collagen and elastin are lost, so the skin gets thinner and has a tougher time getting enough moisture to the epidermis. At about the same time, the fat in the subcutaneous layer (which gives skin a plump, firm appearance) also begins to disappear, the epidermis begins to sag, and wrinkles form. Wrinkles are then prone to form in the face where facial muscle contractions have been repeated for over many years.


How Topical Lotions Treat Wrinkles As an alternative to Botox, the most effective lotions currently available work by limiting the facial muscle contractions to allow skin to smooth naturally. The best formulas also contain ingredients that reduce the amount of nerve stimulation to the facial muscles. These topical lotions contain varying forms of peptides, which are proteins that play a role in the skins natural healing process. Found naturally in the body, peptides signal to the body when repair is needed (in this case, the â&#x20AC;&#x153;repairâ&#x20AC;? is needed for wrinkles). These treatments tend to be most effective, like Botox, for fine lines and wrinkles. Deep furrows or wrinkles tend to be more difficult to remove. Factors that Promote Wrinkles In addition to gradually aging, there are a number of other factors that can contribute to increased incidences of wrinkles. Some of these can be controlled while others cannot. The most common factors that determine wrinkle occurrence include: * * * * * *

Hereditary Skin Type Smoking Hairstyle Sun Exposure Drug Use

Things you can do to minimize wrinkles Although everyone tends to get wrinkles as they age, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the wrinkles you already have and hopefully minimize wrinkles in the future. The most important of these include: 1. Avoid the sun and/or use sunscreen 2. Take a multi-vitamin 3. Use a topical anti-wrinkle cream


4. Moisturize daily 5. Drink plenty of water 6. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Smoke By following the above 6 items regularly, a person will be taking important steps to maintaining a youthful appearance and reducing the onset of wrinkles. Summary There you have it, a quick introduction to wrinkles. As more and more people wish to enhance their looks and maintain a youthful appearance, antiwrinkle products will continue to grow in popularity. The key is finding which product is right for you! - Advanced Anti-Wrinkle System

Home of the new anti-wrinkle system, Revitol. Now offering volume discounts on the Revitol Solution Pack. - Wrinkle Treatment

Official site of the effective Botox-alternative, Hydroderm. Now offering a free trial of their popular treatment

Which Wrinkle Treatments Actually Work? In order to answer that question I took a look at a conducted multi-stage research study designed to discover which antiwrinkle creams and lotions give people the best chance to reduce and remove fine lines and wrinkles. Now, based on this research I found that there is no one product that works 100% of the time in every single person. With that said, I also found that certain wrinkle treatment products tend to work better and more often than others. Those are the wrinkle treatments Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve listed below. What follows is a comprehensive list of what I think is 5 of the best anti-wrinkle treatments currently available. These are the products that have consistently produced positive results over time.


Top 5 Wrinkle Treatments 1. Revitol 2. Ceremide-C 3. Hydroderm 4. AlphaDerma CA 5. Renuven These wrinkle products were based on a number of criteria developed throughout the study. More emphasis was given to things like effectiveness, how long the results lasted, how quickly results were seen, safety, and customer satisfaction. In addition, many people indicated that the quality and reliability of the company offering the wrinkle product was important. So, that information was also figured into the rankings factors such as company history and reputation, shipping costs, customer service, and guarantee. Also, it’s important to remember a couple of things, regardless of which anti-wrinkle product you choose. First be sure to follow the directions included with the package as far as how and when to take the product. Second, be certain to use the product for at least 3 months, despite what others may say, there is no natural “quick fix” for wrinkle reduction and removal although we all want to transform our skin instantly; we know that lasting change takes time and wrinkle products are no different.

Things You Can Do to Maximize Your Results While Using Wrinkle Treatment Products While using wrinkle treatments, there are a number of guidelines that people can follow to help facilitate the effectiveness of antiwrinkle treatments. Although wrinkle treatments work differently for everyone, following these guidelines will help ensure that you’ve given your skin and your treatment the best chance to work.


Most of these guidelines revolve around living a healthy lifestyle while utilizing anti-wrinkle treatments. It is generally accepted that taking care of your body helps to maximize the effectiveness of whatever product youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re using when it comes to skin care. Boring I know but no pain no gain as they say. Skin Care Tips and Secrets

1. Drink plenty of water 2. Eat as healthily as possible 3. Exercise regularly 4. Avoid alcohol and smoking 5. Limit carbonated drink consumption 6. Limit caffeine intake, especially coffee 7. Take 1000mg of vitamin C daily 8. Use sunscreen daily 9. Use a moisturizer daily 10. Implement stress management techniques such as yoga and meditation

Time Length and Dosage Other factors that will influence your chance of success when using wrinkle treatments include how long you take them and using the correct amount. As I have already mentioned it is generally recommended that wrinkle treatments be used for at least 3 months, anything less than that is simply not enough time to see results. Conversely, if you have not experienced any decrease in fine lines and wrinkles after 3 months, it is safe to assume that that product will not work for you. As for amount, the important thing to remember here as with all supplements and treatments, is to follow the directions carefully. As a rule, every wrinkle treatment company has their own usage schedule for their particular product. Also, it is not usually wise to use more than one wrinkle treatment at the same time as this will not multiply the intended affects.


Ask The Girls 86




I do so hate the term ‘Agony Aunt’, to me it lends itself to a matronly figure tut-tutting at you and unleashing their ‘wisdom’ in a oneway torrent. So, this isn’t an Agony Aunt column, this is you, chewing the fat with a few friends, sounding out your buddies over a glass or three of Chardonney. I have had the great fortune over the years to have had such a diverse group of friends, that if I ever had a problem I knew there was SOMEONE out there I could ask....this has ranged from the mundane ( what lippy goes with that top? ) to the more complex like..... “ i’ve just taken a PVC dress out the packet and it looks like an inner-tube!!! how on earth do I get it shiny??!! “ ( I do not lie!!!!! ) So, now I felt that it might be an idea to get a few friends together and see if we might be able to help you iron out the creases in your lives. and I do mean ANY creases!! to this end I thought it might pay to have a small spectrum of views, so each issue you can ask advise from a TG, a TS AND a GG!!! so if they cant solve it NO-ONE can ( I even have a few suitable guys to hand if the need arises! ) so come one, come all..... so......need a top up?........


To start the ball rolling I have a dilemma of my own, this is 100% genuine and so are the answers.


Hi Girl’s, I am writing to you in the hope that you might be able to help me with a dilemma. I am a TG, fulltime at home, and I get to go out and about fairly regularly. A year ago I made the decision to ditch wigs and grow and style my own hair, using it in everyday and photographic situations. At first I achieved some success and many people commented on my more ‘natural and relaxed’ look. Last week, though, I tried on a friends wig and instantly was struck by how good it made me look in an instant, I immediately felt pangs of regret at deciding to stop using wigs ( my own opinion is that my hair looks a bit rubbish to be honest ). One of the main reasons that I ditched the wigs is because it made me feel like I was ‘pretending’ to be female, rather than ‘being’ , if that makes sense, but now I realise that I look much better with , than without. Do the girls think I should stick to my guns and be the real me, or utilise what’s on the market for instant fixes, I know I could do both, but it was such a major decision to use my own hair that it almost feels like I have failed. Mandy x


There are a couple of issues here that need addressing. One is quite simple, the other more complex. The simple one is the debate on real hair against a wig. In all honesty what is the problem with using both when you want? There are pros and cons for both Wigs Pros: Its easy to change hairstyles, colours, lengths to suit the mood and the outfits you are wearing. They are ideal for photos shoots, going clubbing or meeting other T friends.


These things do not happen all day, everyday. They give a touch of glamour and probably give you more confidence in your self. Any genetic female doing the same things wants to look their best and would put more emphasis on clothing, make up, accessories, shoes etc. You are not being any different in wanting to look your best. Cons: They can look very artificial, which could draw unwanted attention to you. If someone sees that you are wearing a wig then they may scrutinise you even more. They may quickly see you as a male dressed in female clothes. They may do nothing about this or they could start hassling you and drawing even more attention to you. Wigs could easily be dislodged or accidentally removed which could cause even more embarrassment. Wigs can be uncomfortable to wear and could make you quite hot. There is not a lot you can do with them apart from clean them. Own Hair Pros: It more natural as it is part of you. It cannot be dislodged and it would seem gives you the feeling of ‘being’ and not ‘pretending’. You can style it anyway you want depending on the latest haircut. You can change the colours, add highlights, curl it, straighten it, wash it, blow dry it, and its all part of you. Cons: Depending on the ravages of ages and possibly male pattern baldness it will not looks glamorous as a wig which hides the thin patches and the grey bits. You may not quite achieve the look you want and get frustrated. It might be embarrassing asking the hairstylist for the cut, colour and look you want.


If I was you I’d enjoy the ability to use both as and when circumstances dictate. The problem just now may be that you have not quite found the look you want from your own hair. That could be down to the nature of your own hair. You may not have found a hairstylist who can give you the cut and colour you want. However the biggest problem could be that whatever you get done to your hair it has be able to be styled into a male look when you are in male mode i.e. at work etc and that may be the cause of the frustration.


The complex issue is the ‘pretending’ to be female and the ‘being’ female. That issue is between your own ears and its something only you can resolve. Pretending is being able to give the appearance of a female as and when you want. Being a female is 24/7, 365 days of the year and that is a massive difference. You may need gender counselling for that one to get your own mind sorted out. I know what I have gone through during the last 5 years and what I have lost. You need to be aware that being a female is not something to be taken very lightly. In reply to your dilemma, I just wanted to say that ‘being’ female has nothing to do with accessories, its just how you feel inside. I could wear my hubby’s lumberjack shirt, jeans and hob nailed boots but I’d still ‘feel’ female. Even us GG gals like a change every now and then and I myself have been known to ‘don’ the odd short blonde wig for ‘a change’.


As for failure, thats a ‘non-plus’ for as all of us girlies know, the only time we have failed is when we don’t try to make ourselves look better/different/unique. So, in my humble opinion, you do what you feel makes you look good and with or without a wig, just know you are a beautiful female.

Obviously, no advice from me, It’s my dilemma!! but I have made a decision based on what the two girls have said. I think that what started me off on my anti-wig campaign was just a personal crisis and to dismiss wigs and hair-pieces totally would be a shame , as there are so many looks that can be achieved in no other way than with a lil ‘help’ . ALL ‘girls’ do it, so why not I?



So, there ya go, a simple premise, you have a problem, why not ask the girls? Any problems, large or small ( and always confidential ) send them to:




O L S O N 92

This month’s centerfold is Carollyn Olson, an author, activist, conservative, Christian, mid-50ish, cross dresser from California. Actually, she lied...she is 60 years young. “A girl doesn’t have to tell her true age, does she”? said Ms. Olson, a bubbling 6-foot tall blonde, in a recent interview with Narcisse. “I actually feel about 45 and hope I look the part too.” Ms. Olson, a member of the prestigious Vanity Club, does not fall into the typical cross dresser sterotype. “I didn’t start dressing until I was in my mid-30s and it was actually the fault of our cat,” she laughed. “I was working on my wife’s dresser, building a couple of shelves, and our cat fell asleep in her nylon box. When I was done, I noticed the cat had damaged a pair of her nylons. I took them out of the box, noticed they had a runner and decided to put them on. Why? I don’t know. Before I knew it, I was dressed in my wife’s clothes, wig and all, but no shoes.” A week later, Carollyn, also known as “CC” had another chance to dress. “Each morning I watched my wife apply her makeup and studied her technique,” CC said. “She was going out of town with a friend for the weekend, so it was my time to play too.


During the week, CC also purchased undergarments, pantyhose, two dresses and shoes.

“If I was going to dress as a woman, I wanted to do it right,” said CC. “Was I scared? You bet, but this was my chance. Something inside kept driving me all week long. “Most girls are scared buying women’s clothing and shoes, but it was actually easy. I just walked into the store. I knew what dresses to get as my wife and I wear the same size and at the shoe store, I just asked the difference between mens and womens sizes. The sales people were more than happy to help.” Carollyn surprised Narcisse regarding her first “real” dressing experience.

“My wife was out of town again for the weekend, so I got all dolled up and thought I looked pretty good,” CC said. “I used my wife’s makeup, but had my own lipstick to match my dress and shoes. I thought I did a pretty good job with my overall appearance. Putting on makeup was easier than I thought it would be. I wore one of the dresses, which had a flowery pattern and white open toed heels, that were a little too tight. “Unfortunately we didn’t have digital cameras then, so I don’t have any pictures. I walked around the house getting used to the heels and had no problems. After about 15 minutes of admiring myself, I decided to take a big step. I grabbed one of my wife’s purses, my car keys and went out. I didn’t know where I was going, but it felt so good to be behind the wheel as a woman. 94

“I did keep fidgeting and looking in the car mirror. Yes, I was nervous, but I took a deep breath. Driving around in a car wouldn’t hurt anybody. I drove around for about 15 minutes and passed our strip center, which had about 15 stores. I decided to get out and do a little window shopping. Once I stepped out of the car, I felt even better, and when I saw my relection in a store window, I thought ‘I’m really doing this and I look good too.’ “ The next night, CC even went further, this time in a little black dress suit and heels.

“I was nervous, but I took a deep breath” “I did the same thing the second night,” she continued. “But this time, I went to the mall and walked the concourse, and feeling confident, I even went in to a couple of stores. What a thrill to be treated like a lady by the sales people. I guess I passed, because they were very courteous and smiled when I left.” Everything mushroomed from there, even though her wife was, and still is, unaware of her cross dressing. “During the next few years, I did purge a couple of times. Why, I don’t know, because within weeks, I was buying more clothes and dressing every chance I got,” CC added. Carollyn really came out of the closet when her family purchased their first computer and “discovered” the internet. “I never knew there were so many CDs around the world and in my own town,” said CC. “It helped me develop who I am today.”


Carollyn’s first internet adventure was on the KC Tyler Top Ten ( “Cindy in Indy was one of KC’s first icons,” said CC. “She was beautiful. I was amazed at how great she looked. Then I found other girls too. Wow, I thought. These can’t be men.” As time went on, CC and KC became friends and last year was honored with inclusion on one of the Top 10 lists. “I also joined the Prettiest of the Pretty group on Vicki Rene’s site (,” CC added. “There I became friends with Kelly McCoy in Chicago and Nikki Black in Canada. We are still friends after all these

years. I can’t believe all the contacts I made just from that site. Within the first 24 hours of joining, I heard from almost 100 girls. It was amazing.” A family trip to Disneyland and the death of an aunt lead to CC’s increasing her presence on the net and in real life. “I was unable to go with to Disneyland with my family in October 2004, so I was ‘Home Alone’ for seven days,” CC said. “You can’t guess what I did every night, can you”?


Carollyn spent every night en femme, took lots of pictures and went out and about. “I did everything I wanted to do and more,” she continued. “I went shopping, out to dinner, to the movies, the local Indian casino and met with friends. I was so tired after a week, it took a few days to recover. How women do this day-in and day-out is beyond me. But, it was a fantastic experience, one I will always treasure.” A year later, Carollyn was named executor of her aunt’s estate. “I had to spend a few nights every month out of town working with her attorney,” CC recalled.

“My first free night was a trip to I Love It Girl in Fremont (California). There I met the owner of the store, JoAn Torres. I arrived at ILIG dressed in a nice red top and skirt. I just wanted to see what it was like, but before the night was over, I had a makeover and a photo shoot. I never thought... “That night, really changed my life. My dressing, involvement and experience in the CD world increased. I bought more clothes, took more day trips out and about, became dear friends with some wonderful ladies and have written two books. 97

“I think my biggest change and confidence booster was the purchase of my new hair style shortly after my first trip to ILIG. It completed my evolution. I never imagined short hair would look good, but I’ve been told many times it make me ‘the total woman.’ I had gone to my hair salon with a friend, who had an appointment. While there, my stylist said she had a ‘surprise’ for me. She had me sit in the salon chair and close my eyes. When I opened my eyes, my appearance completely changed. The rest is history, or actually in my pictures.” Having her own hair stylist and makeup consultant have also been important. “Linda has helped me so much with my hair technique and stylist, while Melissa has been a doll when it comes to makeup,” Carollyn continued. “They are both GGs and are very open to helping CDs. Anybody can do what I did. All I did was ask. I have developed a good friendship with both Linda and Mel. They are very supportive of CC too. Remember, our money is just as good as any other women, so why not? Carollyn has also become an activist on the internet. “Three years ago, Linda Holmes and I founded The Mature Woman Group for girls over or around 50 (,” added CC. “We now have close to 625 members. “Also, in November 2005, I was elected to the Vanity Club. I never thought I would be a VC candidate. All the girls are so lovely, both inside and out. My Big Sister, Lauren Phillips, nominated me. I didn’t even know Lauren when she wrote me, but said she had been following me on the internet for two years and she felt I would be a great candidate. “I was a bit hesitant as first, but not today. I have found the most friendly and loving girls ever in VC.” CC was also named May 2007 Lady of the Month on the URNA ( site. “That was an unexpected thrill, too” added CC. “I never expected that either, but then again, I have never expected a lot of things.” CC is also the author of “Deception -- A Tale of Cross Dressing & Espionage” and co-writer of “TG Short Stories” in the last 12 months. “A male friend of mine dared me to write a mystery about cross dressing,” said CC. “It was lots of fun to do and the people who have read the book have given me positive reviews. It’s a story about a US Senator, an ambitious Office of Homeland Security employee, a junior press secretary and a group of Vanity Club cross dressers. The book is full of twists and turns and fun.” What does CC see in her future? “I plan to continue dressing in a way to honor women with my appearance,” she said. “I want to be part of the crowd and blend in when I’m in public. I want to be treated like any other woman, not stand out. I dress conservatively and with my own style. I love heels and skirts and showing off my legs, but I feel just as comfortable in jeans. No matter what I wear, I love 98 being a girl.”


Trangenderism and Bathroom Law


Which restroom should transgender people use? As social and legal attitudes toward sex differences evolve, we’re headed for lots of debates on how best to modify the sections of society that are currently sex segregated. Schools, shelter systems and restrooms are some of the first places that transgender people get tripped up by the boy-girl binary, and municipalities around the country are engaged in the slow process of piecemeal policy adjustments. One landmark change occurred on Monday, when New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority addressed the restroom problem by consenting to let subway riders use the subway-system restrooms “consistent with their gender expression.” The New York Daily News reports that the decision is part of a settlement with the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, which filed a complaint against the MTA on behalf of repair technician Helena Stone (né Henry Guinness). Stone, who is a phone-repair worker who’d been assigned to fix phones in the city’s Grand Central Station terminal, was arrested and allegedly harassed by police officers three times for using the women’s restroom. The NYPD doesn’t exactly have a sterling record when it comes to interacting with transgender people; the Stone-MTA settlement doesn’t seem to pertain to the police, but does require sensitivity training for MTA employees. The Daily News quoted a few resistant women who dislike the idea of using the toilet next to a (biological) man, or who worry predators will cross-dress in order to lurk in women’s restrooms. These apprehensions are probably inevitable; the prospect of phasing out the gender divide raises strong feelings, and most people are so used to sex-segregated public toilets that it can be hard to imagine the system functioning any other way. But the need to make provision for intersex and transgender people isn’t going away. And though Daily News writer Pete Donohue quips that the decision means “the line for the girls’ room just got longer,” the actual impact isn’t likely to overwhelm public resources. It’s also unlikely that the option of wearing women’s clothes will actually embolden would-be attackers, or that an attacker would escape notice simply because of his garb -- security will likely notice, or fail to notice, an attacker based on his or her behavior, not his or her dress.


Employers facing the restroom issue for the first time are legally inclined to apply the “Principle of Least Astonishment”, which is that a person who presents as a woman will be less astonishing using the women’s restroom than the men’s, vice versa for a person presenting as a man. If a concern arrises, from the corporate Legal department or another employee the employer must provide alternative soultions for the employee complaining NOT the transgender individual. This situation has now been resolved by the federal courts. In landmark case Cruzan vs Davis, a ruling was made in June 2002 by a federal appeals court in Minnesota that an employer is within its rights to instruct a transgendered employee to use the restroom matching their new presentation, and that if another employee complains, the company may offer the complaining employee an accomodation (such a the use of a different restroom by the complaining employee.) . Please note that you can not request a transgender individual to use the mens bathroom until surgery: because you can not legally require them to reveal there physical anatomy. In additional when dealing with an intersex individual they may already be female, although having a male anatomy. Lucent Technologies reccomends the following:. At this time, Lucent recommends that transgendered employees use the restroom for the gender they are presenting Some examples that may be useful to you: as stated in the Society for Human Resource Management . “The simplest answers are the easiest. We don’t have a lot of complicated rules and expectations. Simplicity is good: we don’t discriminate, we cover medically necessary procedures, use the bathroom that matches how you present . . . . It just works.” The HRC ( National Human Rights Campaign) suggests the following: Employers should grant restroom access according to an employee’s full-time gender presentation. Several major firms, including IBM, Lucent Technologies Inc., Apple Computer and American Airlines, have successfully addressed this issue in their own workplaces.


In the United States, employers are required to provide workers reasonable access to restroom facilities. The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that employers “make toilet facilities available so that employees can use them when they need to do so, and the employer may not impose unreasonable restrictions on employee use of the facilities. How some employers have addressed restroom access issues in their workplaces: Employees may use any restroom that corresponds with their full-time gender presentation. Management requires only that, after notifying HR of a decision to transition, a transitioning employee present according to his or her gender identity consistently thereafter. A transitioning employee may agree to use a unisex restroom, if one is available and reasonably accessible, for some period during the process of transition. Other cites of interest: New York City: Anti-Gender Discrimination Law: What about transgender people who have not had surgery? What facilities will they use? The new law requires that people be allowed to use facilities that accord with their gender identity, not with any particular body part. Just as non-transgender men and women are not asked to prove what body parts they have before entering gender-segregated facilities, transgender people also should not be. All people, regardless of surgical status, are entitled to use facilities which comport with their gender identities regardless of whether their bodies match traditional expectations. Challenging someone’s gender identity and/ or asking invasive personal questions about their body parts is a form of harassment. ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) Certainly a transgender employee should have access to bathroom facilities that accommodate his/her gender expression/identity- be that a unisex bathroom or the gender identified bathroom facility.” -- Jay Kaplan, ACLU lawyer. Harvard May 13 - Harvard’s student council overwhelmingly approved a measure to... ...allow “gender variant” students to use whichever multiple-occupancy restroom they deem appropriate. The proposal passed by a vote of 32-3...


San Francisco Human Rights Commisions (Compliance Guidlines) Section 5 Subsection A A. BATHROOMS/RESTROOMS: Individuals have the right to use the bathroom/restroom that is consistent with and appropriate to their gender identity. The Commission wants to ensure that people of all genders have safe bathroom access Reading University (Transgender Policy) Transgendered students have the right to toilet and washing facilities that are appropriate to their gender. 8. It is entirely inappropriate for transsexual women to use male toilets. It is embarrassing, demeaning and psychologically damaging. Transsexual women are women and for them to use male toilets is discriminatory. The same applies in the reverse situation

I think you would agree that things â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;areâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; slowly changing, but its about time that we unite as a people, not a country, state, or organisation, and use common sense, the Transgendered community still seem to be being treated as a nuisance rather than a collective body of sane, logical, and compassionate human beings, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about time we lobbied our polititions again and again and use the voice that we are entitled to have. M xx (editor)


Not a Lot of People Know That!! Scarlett O‛Hara, the heroine of Margret Mitchell‛s ‘Gone With The Wind‛ was originally named Pansy.

In the early days of film making, the people who worked on the sets were called movies. The films were called motion pictures.

Hyperpolysyllabicomania is a fondness for big words.

The words moonbeam, generous & champion were all invented by Shakespeare.


The tongue of a mature Blue Whale has approximately the same mass as that of an entire adult elephant.

Sound travels 15 times faster through steel than it does through the air.

Termites are affected by music; the termites will eat your house twice as fast if you play them loud music.

A cubic mile of ordinary fog contains less than a gallon of water.

Belief in the existence of vacuums used to be punishable under Church law.


Cinderella’s slippers were originally made out of fur. The story was changed in the 1600’s by a translator.

For 47 days in 1961, the painting “Matisse’s Le Bateau (The Boat)” was hanging upside down in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. None of the over 116,000 visitors seem to have noticed.

There are no public toilets in Peru. China has more English speakers than the U.S.

All major league baseball umpires must wear black underwear while on the job (in case their pants split)

Americans on the average eat 18 acres of pizza every day.



LAST WEEKEND A Story by Barbara Zell  Barbara Zell May 2008

A couple of weeks ago Jane my wife’s best friend had arrived on a visit from out of state. This would have not been of any great consequence except that she is the only one beside my wife to know about Barbara. Since I had not seen her since the revelation I was a bit nervous about me seeing her again and any awkward moments that could occur when she might say something to me about my past time. Fortunately for me she arrived while I was at work and we only had had time for very brief chats during the week. When I did see her during the week our cordial relations didn’t seemed to have changed much and I was beginning to be a bit more relaxed around her. It came as a shock to me though when at the breakfast table on Saturday Jane casually asked to see my pictures of me dressed.


It took a moment or two for me to compose myself as my wife and Jane giggled at my reaction to her request. They then made some comments of just waiting for the right moment to ask to see the embarrassment on my face. A bit of ribbing followed but I got over it and I finally came around and this seemed to break the tension of the awkward situation of her knowing my secret. Of course Jane asked the usual questions of why, and for how long I have been dressing. She then asked if I do really want to be a woman which I answered straight off no. With the questions out of the way she then again asked if she could see pictures of me dressed. At first I was a bit embarrassed since even my wife had not seen all of my pictures or even asked to see them, but with a nod from my wife and her stating she had already showed her the one she found, I went to get my laptop. Both her and my wife took the laptop aside, and looked through them and made some snide comments here and there but were complimentary for the most part. Jane did remark on a couple of photos that I looked the part enough to fool her on the street. Afterwards as I was gathering up my laptop I heard Jane mention to my wife that they should have a girl’s night out since she doesn’t stop by that often. My wife after thinking about it agreed. Jane then said it was agreed then and said and that the all three of us should go out that night.

“ stunned “ Not grasping the full significance of her remark at that moment I replied back to Jane that “I would like to go but it would be like being a third wheel going out with you guys especially having a guy tag along.” Jane then corrected me by saying that I wouldn’t be out of place, I would be just one of the girls. At that point both of them just sat and smiled at me. I must have had a real stunned look on my face since my wife remarked that it was about time that she saw more of my feminine side. Almost immediately my mind began to throw up objections that I could use to get out of going out since I was only use to going out by myself. As I thought more about it though I began to warm up to the idea and told them that I would love to go but it would take me about three hours to get ready. They were surprised to hear that it would take that long. They then made remarks about how they were not looking for a complete sex change just make up and such. I told them that it takes that long to take on the full female persona and that they would appreciate me more than just a guy in a dress. Well we all laughed at that and agreed that it would be better if I should appear at least more female than I looked now (I had on an old pair of shorts and sweatshirt). We decided that we should leave about 5 pm since we were going to go out of town for this excursion (My wife put up that stipulation since she didn’t want to run into anyone she knew locally).


Jane then wanted to see what I had in my closet. I told her that I had my clothes, makeup and other things at a local storage place a few blocks away due to an agreement that we had made after Karen found out about Barb. She then said that since we were going out that night I might as well bring the items that I was going to wear. Also she volunteered to go along and help pick out some clothes. My wife said she was okay with that since she was going to be busy most of the morning. So Jane and I were off after she changed. I was a bit nervous at first to let Jane see my clothes selection since they were so personal, but I thought the best way to do it was to jump right in like a cold shower and let her hit me with the cold stares and get it over with. I opened the door and began to show her my selection and tell her about some of the items that I was deciding to throw away as being out of date. She readily agreed on those selections I showed her. She then took the review as an invitation to go over my hanging collection. In a couple of minutes she pulled out a couple of blouses and made comments like; “My grandmother wouldn’t wear something like this” or “Dear not your style.” I have to say though there were a lot of “That’s cute” and “Where did you ever find some thing as adorable as this”. She then asked me if I had any wigs. I said of course and pointed to the shelf above the rack of clothes. Pulling down a couple of boxes she got out my older wigs, which needed a bit of work. Seeing the dismay in her face I then pulled down my choice wigs from the far side, a curly Auburn shoulder length wig and a dark brown straight shoulder length wig and proceeded to ask her which looked better.

“Well how does it look?” She said try them on. So turning away from her I first pulled out the wig cap, then I pulled my hair back, and put on the wig cap and wig. Turning around I said “Well how does it look?” The expression on her face told the story how she perceived the change. Her only comment though was “Good let’s see the other one.” I did the other and it was decided after a couple of repeats between the two to go with the auburn wig which we put aside. We then did started to pick out my outfit for the evening out. The hard part of picking out an outfit was there wasn’t any decision as to where we were going which wasn’t firmly made so Jane pulled choices from casual to dressy. She pulled two skirts one short and one knee length along with my pedal pushers. She then wanted to see if I had any shirts so I pulled out my case of shirts and assorted wears. From this she pulled out one halter top. Finally after going back and forth through some of my blouses she found a suitable blouse and had me stand near her and she put the ensembles together.


“Yes” she said “Possible yes” She quizzed me about being able to show cleavage and I told her that within reason of my selection of clothing I was able to show ample cleavage. I also showed her my silicone breasts which impressed her in that that they were not just the rubber falsies. I told her that they were attachable also. She wanted to know if I had my own under wear. I replied of course, and showed her my selection. She was again impressed that I was stylish but not gaudy in my underwear selection. She was also curious as to how I selected my bra size though. I said that was easy, measure my chest and then fill it to the desired size I said with a smile. “Perfect fit”. I said “Oh” she replied We packed up our selection of clothes and moved them to the car along with the wig and my underwear collection to include padding and special accessories. We then went back to pick out some shoes. For Jane’s tastes my shoe selection was lacking. I had a pair of flats, wedges, and a pump. She insisted that we needed to shop for shoes. Also when going through my makeup she suggested that we stop by the drugstore and pick up some replacement items for me since some had have gone out of date. Finally I gathered up my purse from the shelf along with my jewelry box. Jane asked to see what my collection was. Here she was curious about my stud earrings since I didn’t have my ears pierced. I told her that I used the stud earrings to pierce my ears prior to inserting them. Not painful, just messy if you had to take them out before the blood clotted. She said that was a bad move and unsanitary and she would have to deal with that also. Her eye did catch a few of my necklaces though and thought they would look good with a couple of my outfits. We then left and she asked for me to take her to the closest Ross store. That is when I put in “Ross Cross Dress for Less”. Jane made a groaning sound and replied that Ross probably would object to that remark.

“ gender neutral “ While driving there Jane noticed the hair on my legs and asked how I got away with it. I said by trimming down with hair clippers, bleach, then tights and a pair of panty hose over those. Her comment was that it must be hot and I agreed. At Ross’s we stopped and went in. Jane told me to grab something off the men’s rack and get a dressing room, which I did. In a few moments Jane came back with a couple of pair of shoes and two blouses for me to try on. She handed me a pair of try on socks to use with the shoes. I was amazed at the fit of the first pair. The second was way to small and said that they were. I also tried on the blouses and found both were small in the shoulders but love the color. This sent Jane back to the rack.


While waiting I could hear others come and go next to me fortunately Ross’s has gender neutral dressing areas. This time Jane came back with a pair of pumps and two black dresses. I had to strip to my underwear to put on the dress to see the fit. This didn’t bother Jane who came into the dressing cubicle with me. I actually appreciated her being there since she could help zip me up. I told her the fit would have to be mostly in the shoulders since I could do a lot with the waist and the hips. The first dress’s zipper didn’t make it past my rib cage and I was bummed by that since I really liked it. The second was a perfect fit and was on sale, so Jane decided that we were going out a little more formal tonight. The dress was a ruffle wrap dress with a plunging V neck. After changing back I gathered up my clothes and caught up with Jane at the jewelry counter where she had picked out an inexpensive bracelet. She subtly put it around my wrist for measurement and decided it was a good fit and added it to the collection. We then checked out. It was a lot easier paying for all of my clothes with her just standing there. I didn’t have to say anything the clerk. He may have assumed that I was just paying for my wife’s clothes. After dropping off the purchases in the car Jane pointed out a cosmetic/hair supply shop in the strip mall that we were at. While walking there we passed a nail salon that Jane stopped and looked in at. At the cosmetics shop it was a breeze getting what I needed with Jane providing a bit of advice. I knew my colors and my style I just needed someone to purchase it. She did this and we were done. On the way back though Jane made straight for the nail salon and went in and started talking to the Vietnamese lady at the salon. We were the only ones there and what ever Jane was discussing the lady was agreeing too.

“ skull “ Jane then told me to have a seat and relax that I needed a manicure and a pedicure. I was about to object and she said no problem that guys got them all of the time and she was paying. Besides it will be a clear polish and she winked at me. Jane had started first and then an assistant came in a bit later and started on me. I have to say that I was enjoying myself. Since Jane started first she got done first and noticed that they also did ear piercing. At this she asked the manager if she could pierce my ears saying that it was a special gift for my wife. I nearly fainted when I heard Jane ask this but I was ready to go along with it. The woman looked a bit doubtful but seeing that I didn’t object brought out a range of studs for me to select from. I selected a non descript pair of gold balls. I thought that if they had a pair of skull and cross bones that might go over better but no choice on that one. The piercing took only a minute or two and I had my gold balls in. After that I had both my nails and toes finished and we were on our way home. Karen asked where we had been off too and then Jane showed her my ears. Karen looked but did not comment much on them, but then gave Jane a stern look like she had gone a bit overboard. Anyway since it was after lunch time and it was getting late I grabbed a quick sandwich and said I had best start to prepare.


Jane said I had best take time to shave my legs and not try to hide them, and since I had a manicure and pedicure that I she help me with my nails afterward. Karen said that she would pitch in with that too. With that I headed up to the upstairs bathroom to primp. Removing the hair from my body took longer than I anticipated. I used both razor and honey strips. I made sure that I shaved my face prior to shaving the rest of me. For hands I had to go over them twice to make sure I got everything. Actually the legs were the easiest. Finally I showered, shaved my face again, moisturized and put on my fake vagina (didn’t tell Jane about that). After that I padded but I had to use my shear cut off panty hose to hold them in place since my panties had a French thigh cut. Having got all that in place I then went to my corset. I was tempted to ask for help with this but I wanted the girls to see the final look was, not the look in progress so I set about putting in on by myself. By hooking to of the lines to the door knob and walking away from it I was able to draw in the corset in quite a tight. Finishing with that I now had enough top flesh to work with tapping across for my bosom. Using surgical tape I cross taped my breast mounds and pulled them together. I then grabbed my silicone breasts and after applying the adhesive, I strategically placed them so they enhanced my mounds, finishing that I then put on my bra. With a little bit of adjustment I had my real breast protruding outside of my bra cups and by folding the cup over a bit I could show just a bit more cleavage. Having done my make up so many times it now really has almost become automatic. Starting with the eyes so if I screwed up I didn’t waste time redoing the whole face I then applied eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow. Oh yes taping up the eye brows could not forget that. I finished off the eyebrows with a pluck or two (fortunately I keep mine rather neat) then penciled in an extension line. On to color corrector, foundation, highlights, and shadow. Then blend, blend, blend. Powder, blush, lip liner, lipstick and done. I also highlighted and shadowed my breasts and neck. Afterwards I powdered again with a fluff. Now I had time to put my wig on and do a bit of styling. Satisfied with the affect all there was left to do was to put on my dress. I decided that the best way was up and over since I hadn’t tried it on with my hip padding. It slipped on nicely though the padding did need some minor adjustments mainly in the seat. Once I had the dress on I decided that I needed a bit of help with the zipper though.

“ discussion “ With that I took a pause to look at myself in the mirror was and asked myself if was woman enough to go down the stairs and ask for help from my wife? I turned and opened the door and almost used my feminine voice to call out that I needed help zipping up my dress and I was coming down. Again I paused and I thought that it might be a bit of an overload to see and hear a woman coming down the stairs. My voice had always been high and with vocal training at an early age I had learned to keep it in a high feminine range. Finally I decided to hold off on it. I called out using my normal voice and listened and could hear a little discussion going on down stairs.


I decided to give them time to mentally prepare so I waited up in the bathroom. While I waited I retouched up my makeup a bit and redid the styling of my wig. Again I called out that I needed help with my zipper and got a response to come on down to the kitchen. Walking into the kitchen I found out what the delay was. Both my wife and Jane had fortified themselves with a glass of wine each for my appearance. They had each half emptied their respective glasses by the time that I came down. I stopped in front of them and waited for some response. They looked at me and then at each other then back at me then back at them selves and said she or he does look good. My wife then put down her glass and motioned me to come over to her and turn around. I did and she zipped up my dress. She then said. “Bet you didn’t ever think of having to have to ask your wife to zip up your dress did you”? Then we all burst out laughing. With the tension of the first exposure gone the girls asked me why I wasn’t wearing any shoes. I told them I was waiting as they told to do since they were going to do my toe nails. Jane then said, “Right I better get at it and then get to my dressing” She put down her glass went and grabbed some polish that she had previously selected at the cosmetic counter. In the meantime my wife excused herself to get dressed for going out. Jane finished my toes in a nice auburn color to match my hair. She then went back and got some acrylic nails for me. She asked if I ever used them before and I said yes, and told her it was best to double up with the adhesive material for them to stay on better. Since my own nails were manicured and I was being assisted with the nails putting them on took only a fraction of the time I normally used. She then gave them a coat of polish that I allowed to dry while she then excused herself to get dressed. Once my nails dried I then went back upstairs to rummage through my jewelry box. Experimentally I removed one of the balls from my ears to see what healing had taken place. It looked like I could pull one out and put one in if I was quite quick about it. I chose some dangling hooks and quickly mounted them. I then chose a golden chain necklace with a dangling fake jewel. It hung just above my breasts bringing attention to them. I then added my watch, the bracelet that Jane got me, and a nice fake engagement ring to my ring finger. I then put on my shoes that were black slings with straps. I loved the feel of them on my feet and the 2 and 1⁄2 inch heel gave me that much of a boost to my posture. I rechecked my purse compact, cell phone, lipstick, wallet, pads and tampon, brush, hankie, safety pin, small sponge, foundation, make up brush and just in case condoms (carry them but have yet to use them). Collecting my stuff I also noticed that I had a small clutch purse among my things that I brought that I shoved into my bag to. I also went through the additional bag that I brought of clothes looking for the knit wrap that I had brought. Figuring it might get cooler I might want it on my shoulders after dark. Gathering all of my things I walked down the stairs and waited for the girls in the kitchen. While waiting I tidied up the glasses and put away the wine. I decided to pour myself a half a glass while I waited. Jane came in and stood in the doorway unbeknownst to me and watched me as I put things away. She only drew attention to herself when she said.


“If I didn’t know it I would swear that you wore heels all of the time. You wear them very naturally.” I turned around to say something to her, but I was caught by her stunning outfit. She wore a skirt with a Satin halter top that was to die for. She was hot. I was about ready to say something to her when my wife walked in and she was as hot if not hotter wearing a low cut black and white dress that definitely showed her figure. I tell you I was in the presence of some very seductive women. It struck me that they wanted me to know that I couldn’t challenge their femininity. Seeing this my only comment at this point was that I guess I am ready to go. My wife looking at my face and seeing that I got the point said she was about ready to go all she needed was a bit of perfume. Yes perfume. I had forgotten about that. Fortunately for me I was partial to some fragrances that my wife gave up wearing and she had kept around. So after she had finished in the bathroom I went in and got my perfume Poison. I sprayed a bit and added that to my purse.

“ restaurant “ We headed for the garage and the car my wife decided to drive and Jane was upfront which left me with the back seat. We headed out of town and about an hour drive to a steak house restaurant. Jane sat up front with my wife and started a conversation which they sort of tossed me a question now and then, but for the most part I just sat and listened. My confidence began to ebb a little while they were talking and doubts began to creep into my mind. Usually I take a small confidence side trip like visit a drive through to get an outside opinion prior to going somewhere, but now I thought what if the girls are out for a good laugh? These fears started to mount as we arrived at the restaurant late in the afternoon. Getting out of the car the girls decided that I should lead the way, it being a threesome and all someone needed to lead. I thought, Oh well I might as well get it over with and started walking remembering to slow down and enjoy my feminine gait. My wife noticed my style and remarked that it was the first time she was able to walk properly with me with out me taking off. Arriving at the door though my heart was in my throat, but the hostess opened the door and greeted us with a “Good afternoon ladies will there be just the three of you”? This greeting thrilled me and I immediately began to relax. Jane spoke up and answered “Yes” We were informed that there would be a 30 minute wait if that was okay and Jane said sure. She then asked if there was a lounge where we could wait. The hostess directed us to the bar area adjacent to the dining room. We found a table and sat down. The waitress then came to the table and asked for drinks Jane ordered a glass of white wine, my wife a rum and coke and as I was about to order my wife spoke up and said “Barb is driving so she is going to have a coke thanks” She then smiled at me.


It was then I figured out that the girls had a plan to cover for my voice. Well I decided to give them both a surprise. I would use my voice when we ordered dinner. What I needed though was one moment to readjust my voice. I had to shift gears and get into Barbara mode to talk as a woman, once there though I could carry on a conversation very easily. Looking around I saw my opportunity, the ladies room, it was a bit hidden but we saw it when we came in. Quickly I formulated a plan and excused myself to go to the ladies room. My wife objected and said that I shouldn’t go alone. I said I had done this dozen of times and would just be in and out. She looked doubtful but decided to let it slip. I walked away and just out of sight of the girls was the hostess station which I approached. I focused myself and started to speak “Which way to the ladies room”? My voice squeaked a bit and I took the hostess by a bit of surprise so I had to ask again but this time I had my voice more under control and she replied with a smile. “Just down the hall and to the right Ms” “Thanks I replied”. I then added, “I love your top where did you get it”? She beamed from the compliment and replied “Oh this” she replied, “I picked this up at a little shop across town do you really like it”? I replied “Yes I do” I said “It compliments your look” “ I like your dress too” She replied as I began to walk away. Having accomplished my goal of adjusting my voice and checking it out with the hostess I only stopped for a moment in the ladies room to freshen my makeup. I then returned to the girls. Jane asked if I remembered to leave the seat down. In a hushed voice I answered “ I did because I had to sit on it to insert my tampon.” That got a good giggle from both of them. Shortly after that the hostess came back to show us to our table. Her smile to me left the girls a bit puzzled but I graciously accepted her smile and smiled back. Once seated, we were handed our menus which I quickly scanned. Wearing a corset definitely puts a crimp in your appetite. The smells made me hungry, but I just didn’t feel like much so I quickly decided on a small petite steak and salad. Our waitress came to take our order before the girls had time to discuss anything with me so Jane answered that we were not ready yet. She then asked for drinks Jane said tea, my wife said water and but before she could get the words out for my order I said in my sweetest feminine voice. “I’ll have tea also thanks” The waitress said she would be back in a moment with the drinks. I looked over at the girls and saw two jaws almost on the floor. My wife then asked where did that come from. I replied in my girl voice,


“What is that dear” And she said “That, that voice” I replied that I had it in me always hidden just needed to get out. Jane was about to burst out laughing. My wife didn’t think it was all that funny though. She wanted to know how long I have had it. I told her all of my life. I had just not used it all of the time. She sat there and looked at me. Jane said to her that maybe there really is a woman in there after all at least she sounds like one. My wife gave her another stern look and asked me if I could make it go away and I said yes anytime. She said “Good”. The waitress returned with our drinks and asked for our orders. Jane gave hers my wife was still a bit flustered so I gave mine to give her a bit of time. My wife then ordered and our menus were taken. My wife then turned to me and said “I don’t want this woman around the house understood” as she gave me a very stern look. I caught the full implications of this and replied, “Understood”, I replied. “Fine” she said. She went on to state that there was going to be only one woman of the house at that was her. Jane sort of kept a low key up to this point but put in “But Barb can come out to play sometimes can’t she I like her”, my wife shot Jane a look but softened and got the point and said “Yes she can come out to play, but only when I say so” she replied directing her comments toward me.

“ questions “ Well actually it all couldn’t have gone better than it had. Things seemed to improve from that point on. Dinner was served and my wife’s mood seemed to improve a bit. She even started replying to a bit of my banter as a woman. The girls finished the meal by splitting a flavored chocolate cocktail, but I had to do with just another tea since I was driving. Jane picked up the tab saying it was her treat and that if I used my credit card there would be too many questions. We all hit the ladies room prior to leaving this time I actually had to go. Jane again was impressed with how I handled myself in such an environment. I told her I just focused on what I had to do and did it. Again before leaving I touched up my perfume and lipstick. My wife watched but did not comment. She then handed the keys to me. Leaving the Restaurant I again exchanged pleasantries with the hostess. My wife this time said if I was in male mode she would swear that I was making moves on her. I told her that I was just being pleasant. This time my wife directed me to drive us another part of the city, to a lounge that was frequented by a lot of business men even on weekends. She said we were going hunting.


The lounge was in an upscale business area that was high tech. You could tell that there was still a lot going on still by the lights on in the windows in the fading light of day. We parked and walked in. The lounge had a bar and several overstuffed chairs and sofa’s surrounding a circular fire pit in the center. There were a spattering of people around mainly business guys around laptops on tables in front of them and a couple or two with only one other woman other than the wait staff there. The hostess welcomed us and said sit anywhere. My wife looked around and led us to an open couch area with two love seats facing each other. She took one small love seat and had Jane and I take the other. The waitress came over and took our order. This time I ordered a glass of white wine not intending to drink much.

“ push of breast “ After getting our drinks my wife looked around a bit and excused herself. I thought she had gone to the bathroom. She returned though in a few minutes with three guys in tow. She introduced the first as Dennis and he introduced Paul and Dave. Dennis immediately took a seat next to my wife while Paul sat down next to Jane. There not being room on the sofa for us Dave and I had to make our way down to the next couch. For the moment I could not take my attention of my wife and Dennis. She was flirting him up big time and he was taking it all in. I could tell she was enjoying it and she kept stealing glances to see if I was watching. In the meantime I kept Dave occupied with my wit and I attempted to flirt a little but was going a bit badly mainly because he was more interested in his work than in me. He just wanted to talk about work. I listened and asked questions which he liked, but every time I try a feminine trick a look, a show of some thigh, a push of breast, he was unfazed. That got me irritated and my wife got me more irritated with her success and jealous at the same time. Fortunately after about 45 minutes the guys had to leave for a conference call but said that they would be back. My wife snuggled up to Dennis and said maybe but he might be losing out if he left. When they left my wife had the look of a cat that just had cream. She enjoyed every moment and was looking for a new conquest. Jane suggested then that we should do some dancing. My wife agreed and said she knew of a place near the university not too far from here. We then gathered up our purses headed for the car Back in the car my wife leaned back and said to Jane “That one was a puppy did you see how he just came and licked out of my hand” she then added “what some guys won’t do for a girl” and she smiled at me. It looked like the gauntlet had been laid down. We arrived at the bar that she directed me too. There was a cover charge and they were checking I Ds which had me worried but my wife said just relax and follow her lead. We got to the bouncers and paid our cover and they asked for ID. My wife leaned in exposing her bosom for a full view smiled and said


“My friend Barbara just got hers lifted yesterday but we can vouch for her” Looking down at the guys name tag “Kenny dear” Following her lead both Jane and I leaned in close to pay and give him ample exposure to our breasts. He looked us up and down and said. “Well I suppose she is over 21 She definitely well endowed enough” and smiled. I smiled back as I got my hand stamped. The place was divided into different bar sections and we headed over towards the dance section looking for a table. After standing for a bit Jane was able to spot one on the opposite wall. Unfortunately I had to stand for awhile until a third seat became available from another table. During this time my wife was able to bring us all a round of drinks and locate the ladies room (definite necessity). At first we took turns holding down the table and going to the ladies room. You had to reach it by going through two of the other bar areas then around a hall where a line was. I stood in line with the rest of the girls of course and this time my bladder was demanding due to my corset. Fortunately the line was moving and they had plenty of stalls (thank you designer). After doing my thing I checked my makeup by fighting my way to the mirror which did not have very good lighting at all, and spritzing myself with a bit of perfume.

“ perfume “ When I got back I found Jane at the table and my wife out on the dance floor. She seemed to be enjoying herself with the college crowd. Just then a guy approached Jane and asked her to dance leaving me to watch the table. I sat there watching those two on the floor. Any other time I would be having a great time but seeing my wife out there sort of got to me. I didn’t know if it was a jealousy of her with a guy or with having a guy and not me. I stewed on that a bit while I sipped my coke. Here I thought I was an attractive looking woman well passable and no takers well my ego was just about shot. The song had just ended and the guy planted a kiss on my wife and they departed she smiled and walked back toward me. Jane arrived at the same time. Both of them seemed to be just catching their breath. Jane looked at me and said “Barb you need to get out on the floor and do some dancing” I replied that someone had to watch the table. My wife then said “What you really need is some lip action Barb, you can get a guy from the crowd like this watch” and she then proceeded to start to stand and begin to dance by herself to rhythm of the music while focusing on a guy across the way. No sooner had she started then the guy was over and asked out on the floor. Jane too was soon again out on the floor.


I again sat by myself at the table this time though I did focus on a guy from across the room. He was a big guy football type but cute bright eyes. I smiled at him and it took a bit for him to catch on that I was smiling at him. I then did the girlish toss of the hair and playing with it while crossing and uncrossing my legs. It took a bit but I finally had the guy next to me talking with me. He did turn out to be a football player on the University team and completely stuck on himself. He asked me how many times I had seen him play and all of his accomplishments, though he did say that he liked my legs. He wasn’t much of a conversationalist past football and himself though. The girls returned after two more sets and my football player got up and stood next to me. My wife ribbed me and said “You got a live one go for it” Jane then said “Yeah get out there and dance” Feeling a bit challenged I grabbed this guys hand and pulled him toward the dance floor he took the hint and followed me. We started the first set apart and move in closer for the second and third set. During the third set I could tell that this guy liked watching my breasts and I decided to give him a show by getting close and almost shaking them in his face. His smile told me he appreciated the effort. I then came in close and brushed my thigh against his crotch and could feel his hard member on each contact. This was getting me a little heady. At the end of the fifth set they went to a slow song and I about walked off when I saw Jane and my wife wave me back to the floor. I let the football player grab me and pull me close. My breasts were against his chest and my hips against his. His hands started at my waist but slowly drifted to my butt. Twice I attempted to pull them up but they went back down. Slowly during the dance he positioned his crotch against my pubic bone and I could feel him push while he spread my legs as we danced. Many feelings were going through me elation for having a guy in lust after me, sexual power, fear for not being in control, doubt.

“ tipsy “ As the music ended, I tilted my head to say thanks and he took it as an opening and planted his lips on mine. I felt his tongue sweep my mouth as my mind swam. At the same time he pulled me into him and pushed very hard with his crotch. I could feel his member push into me for a moment I thought I was going to be raped. I then broke off and walked away to the table to where my wife and Jane were clapping and saying “What a lip lock, You go girl.” The foot ball player then wondered off after I tended to ignore him and I started to talk with the girls. My wife said, “Nice lip action Barb but you really need to stay on your feet to feel the meat” She obviously was getting a bit tipsy.


I danced another dance with another guy this one not so brutish and ended up with a better kiss at the end. I was just beginning to find my pace at about that time. My wife even said that she was getting a bit jealous of my action. It was then that I had to excuse myself again for the ladies room. On my way there I went back through the hallway again and almost jumped out of my skin when the football player popped up out of nowhere. He said “I thought you be coming by this way sooner or later” and with that he grabbed me and pulled me into a side room off of the hall. He held me with my arms pinned back up against the wall and said “I know what you want you tease you want me don’t you” I was just too scared to reply. At that he kissed me again and I could taste the over powering amount of alcohol on his breath. “You love that don’t you Bitch”

“ Bitch “ About then I started to panic thinking this guy was going to rape me. He was bigger than I was and I had to do something fast. He then loosened his grip for a moment and I almost broke free but he pulled me back and pulled both of my arms together with one of his. He then took he free hand and began to feel the outside of my breasts. Again he started to kiss me as he pushed against me and the wall. His hand then went up my thigh to my panty and started to pull it down. I was petrified with fear and it was only when I heard other voices just down the hall did I suddenly snap out of it. As his hand went to cover my mouth I bit his finger which released his grip momentarily. I then kneed him in the groin and screamed “Fire, Fire, Fire” I was told that no one ever comes when they scream help but scream fire and every one comes. Sure enough I could dimly see two heads pop through at the same time the Football player started yelling at me “Bitch, Whore” and then slapped me so hard that I fell to the ground and hit my head on something. The next thing I know he is yanking at my panties at my thighs and saying. “As soon as I recover Bitch I’m give you a good Fucking over” I start kicking him and screaming again but he gets my panties off. Then I hear a bottle crash behind him and a woman say. “You get your filthly animal hands of that girl you pig” and another bottle crashed. The football player yells back “I’ll teach you Bitches a thing or two in a minute”.


At that moment the lights came on and two big bouncers grab this guy from me while two other girls enter the room and start to cradle me. I heard one other girl say “I saw her girl friends back there I better get them.” The girls gathered me up and started to help me towards the ladies room. Just then I lost it and started to cry. I was sobbing buckets by the time I got to the ladies room. The fear anxiety had got too me. Once there I heard my wife yell “Barb are you Okay Barb” the one girl that was comforting me released me to her and I just sobbed. She told Karen all of what she saw and that was enough to get her riled. She wanted the guys balls. Weeply I said to her “Our spouses probably don’t want to get involved in this” she agreed. Jane pushed her way in with my shoes and panties in her hands and said “The cops will be here shortly I think we better get you cleaned up”. Leaning on Karen my wife I got up and she passed me to Jane who helped me into one of the stalls. Closing the door a bit to give us some privacy Jane put my feet through my panties while I sat on the stool. She then began to pull them up as she hiked up my dress she stopped when she saw my fake vagina. She said in a very hushed voice

“ Vagina “ “You have a Vagina” and I replied “Yes” and she said “But you have a Vagina” and sitting up from the stool a bit so I could pull up my panties I replied “Yes I have a Vagina” I let it go for that with the dim light in there and the shear panty hose that I was using to hold my padding in it gave the impression that there was a real vagina there. Jane then helped me on with my shoes and treated the bruise on the side of my head before leaving the stall. As we left the stall a petite but spunky girl was relaying the events to a female officer emphasizing what a prick the football player was. The officer then asked me if I would like to press charges or make a statement. I replied no. She asked for my ID and I said I had lost it in the attack (actually Jane was holding on to it). She then wanted my name if I would give it. I told her “Barbara” and then I started crying again. My wife then came to me and cuddled me and said that I had gone through a lot that night and if she needed anything else she could contact her through herself.


She said that would be fine. She then started taking statements from the other women there. When my sobs subsided she handed me a hankie to dry my eyes and said I looked a mess. She took a brush and started to brush my hair a bit and then asked Jane for my lipstick. Taking the lipstick she gently applied it to my lips then touched them with the hankie. She then asked if I was able to leave and I said yes. So leaning on her we left the ladies room with Jane in tow. The music had been shut down for the moment while the police dealt with the incident. Again the female officer approached us and this time she pulled us aside and said “I am really sorry what has happened, but this animal has done this before and we would like you to reconsider”. “If you do here is my card.” She handed me her card. “I know this is hard but he is just a drunken ass that needs to be taught a lesson”. She then asked us for one last favor. “If you would just walk out with me, you don’t have to say anything” I nodded yes. Jane carried our bags while we walked out with the officer. She stopped and paused in front of the Football Player. He was being held by to other officers. He started cursing and saying “I don’t care what that bitch said she lured me in there and then didn’t want to put out” The officer then put in “This lady was assaulted and has marks to prove it you animal” The football player then attempted to kick the officer and said “You bitches all stick together, you whores, you bitches” The officer leaned over to me and said thanks at least now they had assault on an officer.

“ kissed “

Jane got in the drivers seat while I and Karen got in the back. As we started the drive back I started to shake and began to short sobs again. Karen then held me tight and kissed me lightly on the head. I could hear her say softly “Its all right, its all right” I then drifted in and out of sleep. By the time we had returned home I had felt almost completely exhausted. Once inside my wife began to undress me she took off my dress and had me scrub my face. I stood there in my underwear and corset. She then looked at my bruise and said it wouldn’t show. She then helped me out of my corset and padding but before I could change further she handed me a nightie and with that she helped me on with it. Then she said I better get to bed. I could hear her changing as I climbed into bed with my wig breasts and vagina still attached. She then climbed in and cuddled up next to me and held me until I fell asleep.


I awoke the next day with a terrible headache. Karen was already up and out of bed. I stumbled into the bathroom and looked at my face and decided I needed a shower. I removed my wig but decided to keep my other part on. The shower cleared my head a bit. I dried off and then shaved. Once finished I put my wig back on and brushed it out. I put the nightie back on then added a robe. I then walked into the kitchen where Jane and my wife were. They asked how I was feeling I replied in my normal voice. My wife then leaned over as I sat down and grabbed my hand and said directly to me. “But how is Barbara feeling” Catching on to watch she watch she was saying I almost started crying again but with tears in my eyes I changed my voice and said “I am doing fine” She then leaned over and hugged me. We then discussed what happened last night and how I got dragged into the room. Then how I bit the guy and screamed fire. Jane was amazed that I kept my cool and was able to fight back. Karen was sorry for pushing me so much to get the guy so hot and bothered and that it was partly her fault. I then added that I was enjoying my feminine self for awhile at least. That’s when the phone rang. My wife answered and talked a bit and then asked how they got this number. She then said one moment and said it was for Barbara. I took the phone and answered in my best female voice. The voice over the phone began to explain the he represented the football player and wanted to know what it would take for me to forget about the incident last night. I thought for a moment and told him “I would never forget about last night” He then began to tell me about how it would hurt his client and the team and doing so would also be hardship on me and my family. He then began his offers. I said one moment and told him that he had to talk to my representative and handed my phone to my wife. She then listened and kept upping the offer and then asked for season tickets for what ever offer was made. I could hear the screaming on the other end. Finally I heard her say deal. I asked her what the deal was. She smiled and said it was enough to keep me in dresses for the next 20 years and smiled. With that Jane said, “Well ladies what should we do for today’s outing” and we all laughed.





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In New Orleans, the Mardi Gras festival occurs each year in which month? In Italian art the Virgin Mary is usually depicted wearing what colour? In which year was the first email sent? In clothing care symbols, what does a plain circle signify? In the lubricant and rust-prevention spray WD40,what does WD stand for?







1. To which flower family does garlic belong? 2. Which cocktail consists of Tia Maria, Vodka and Coke? 3. Which is the only one of Richard Branson’s products not to have the Virgin name attached to it? 4. Which U.S. newspaper has the motto “All the news that’s fit to print?” 5. Which drink was named by its inventor after rejecting the first six names that were offered?

1. What is the relationship between Prince Edward and Lord Linley? ? ? 2. What does the C stand for in CIA? Central (Intelligence Agency)

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

3. What first left Gare de l’Est in Paris on October 4th, 1883? 4. What is the three letter word for diamonds? 5. What is the name given to the tail of a fox?

Who was last seen alive on the Lady Ghilaine? Who is the Daily Mail’s cartoon dog? Who painted ‘The Last Supper’? Who is the First Lord of the Treasury? Who lived at recently-demolished address 5, College Close?





















Lee’s Mardi Gras was a boutique that served as an unofficial NYC Landmark for many. Granted, Lee Brewster and his boutique are gone, but their memory endures. I’d like to submit the following as a first person recollection of Lee’s. I’m sure it will strike a chord among many of your readers. I had a conversation with a girlfriend recently, and I tried to describe Lee’s Mardi Gras in such a manner as to do it justice. Lee’s was there back before e-bay, back before all those other wonderful tranny boutiques had opened. It served as a singular source of solace and refuge. I tried also to describe Lee Brewster, but fell short...

Lee Brewster was the owner and proprietor of Lee’s Mardi Gras in New York City. He had two shops- a bookshop on 10th Avenue between 41st and 42nd, and the other a boutique wonderland on 14th and 10th in the old Kelly building. I met Lee in 1988 (April 22-Jacqueline’s B-day) when I got up the nerve (and cash) to make the trip down to his 14th street boutique. Prior to that, I had seen mysterious ads in The Village Voice for a “TRANSVESTITE BOUTIQUE” followed by a phone number. The sirens summoned. I lay in bed wondering what would a transvestite boutique look like. After much internal angst and sturm, I cautiously called for directions. This followed several months of tentative calls and hang-ups. A few times I hung on until an answer and then hung up. This time I hung firm as a friendly voice answered and provided directions. As I cautiously wrote the address, I fully expected the FBI to break down my door and cart me away as a perverted threat to society- an irony I suppose as I subsequently found that Lee did work for the FBI in his past (as did a more famous queen J Edgar Hoover, who I always failed to ask him about).


Anyway, I got there and I’m standing in the middle of the then industrial meat-packing district surrounded by a bunch of tough looking Tony Soprano types in hard hats. Lee’s was on the third floor of an old 1890s warehouse building ,the only entry being an elevator for which you had to ring. A very sweet voice crackled through the box, “Lee’s Mardi Gras, please wait for the elevator”. OH MY GOD!! AM I REALLY GOING IN!!! I thought every hard-hat within five blocks overheard and was now staring at this little fag! I looked around... no one seemed to care, although an old man in the deli across the street was eyeing me suspiciously. The front door opened and I stepped into an elevator, which took me to the 3rd floor. My escort was a heavily made up waif of indeterminate gender and sexuality. She reminded me of a small Adam Ant. “We are on the third floor” he motioned in a predictably indeterminate european type accent. “Uhhh...Nice day,huh....”......”I..uhhh think Gooden is pitching tonight....” Weak attempts on my part to make small talk and to fight back this dryness in the back of my throat...Where is this little queer taking me??? TO HADES???? ARE THEY GOING TO DRUG AND RAPE ME AND THEN BLACKMAIL ME!!! The door opened and there were some posters of female impersonators lining a small corridor, there was a counter ahead...this is it??!! The waif escorted my to the counter, I turned right and....I can’t say what Dorothy felt when she found herself in Oz, but it must of been something like what I felt when I caught my first glimpse of the great expanse of Lee’s Mardi Gras. There ahead were displays of all that had once seemed so untouchable...shelves of high heels (later to become the famous wall of heels), wigs, dresses, nighties, stockings,make-up, and foundation garments..all there for me....I stood looking at all in front of me. I looked at the other customers; an older man in a suit was selecting a wig. A young exec looking type with a wedding ring was deciding between a white teddy set and a black one..He eventually bought both. No one paid me any mind. Whatever fears I had began to melt into a warm feeling of excitement as I very hesitantly picked up a pair of 5” turquoise stilettos.


“Would you like to try them on? What size?””Another waif of indeterminate gender named Shannon seemed to materialize out of nowhere.I eyed her..she looked much more feminine than Adam Ant, with her hair pulled back and a very feminine shape, including cleavage. I stared blankly” Shoe size….?” Sensing my confusion, Shannon helped “What is your boy size?” From the back of the store, she then produced my first pair of stilettos. I stumbled as I first tried them on, and my wondrous afternoon began. I spent the next three hours in wonderland trying in heels, wigs, dresses, taking advise from all manner of sales people and finally returning to the same counter I first saw on entering to pay for three shopping bags full of MY Heels, MY wigs, MY dresses, MY Makeup,MY stockings. As the purchases were being rung up, it was soon apparent that I was going to be short. Shannonlooked at me sadly and sensing my disappointment, said “Sorry Hon”. As I began to try to decide which pair of heels I was going to give back (I was $50 short) short chubby man in bell-bottoms and a mop of gray, black hair emerged from the back. With a wave of his hand and a wink he said, “That’s OK...and I think she’ll like this as well”. He produced a waist cincer from a drawer of feminine silkery and instructed me on its usage.. I was speechless, first he referred to me as “she” and then threw in a cincer... Shannon looked at me like a date whose dumb boyfriend forgot to tip the doorman...”That is wonderful...THANK YOU LEE!!” “Uh..yeah..Thank you Lee...” “Forget it Hon..enjoy” That was my first encounter with Lee. I returned,of course, to both sites and struck up somewhat of a friendship and learned quite a bit about this little man. Ironically I never saw him in female garb, except in photos. I learned that Lee was a man of his convictions, being one of the drag queens that fought back on that June night when the police conducted another in a long string of harassment raids in an obscure east Village Club called The Stonewall; fact that the Gay movements never acknowledged until much later. He founded an early transgendered magazine “Drag” that was not of the “Cock and Frock” variety. The boutique and bookstore were his most notable achievements serving as havens for those of us who could not exactly try on size 12 5”heels at the mall.


Without divulging names, he was always good with a story about a certain CEO selecting a wig and running into a rival emerging from Leeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s changing room in a sequined gown, or of a married guy running into his wifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ex husband as they both shopped for high heels or of veiled references to politicians who may or may not have been patrons. Indeed, much of the gentrification of that area(14th and 10th) began with his store as patrons from uptown began becoming interested in the area and opened up shops, restaurants and other businesses (none of which had to do with drag) in the area. Each trip to the store was an adventure in itself. Each time a new treasure was discovered. Sadly, Lee died of cancer in 2000 and the store closed. Leeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s obituary ran in The New York Times. Other boutiques, some very good, opened and life went on. But still, Wonderland was gone..Oz had left in his baloon and Dorothy was back in Kansas. Jacqueline Hilton


How Many Candles??? July & August






Ericka 140









































Happy Birthday!! ACROSS


On the first day, God created the dog and said: “Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past. For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years.” The dog said: ‘That’s a long time to be barking. How about only ten years and I’ll give you back the other ten?” So God agreed. On the second day, God created the monkey and said: “Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this, I’ll give you a twenty-year life span” The monkey said: “Monkey tricks for twenty years? That’s a pretty long time to perform. How about I give you back ten like the Dog did?” And God agreed.


On the third day, God created the cow and said: “You must go into the field with the farmer all day long and suffer under the sun, have calves and give milk to support the farmer’s family. For this, I will give you a life span of sixty years.” The cow said: ‘That’s kind of a tough life you want me to live for sixty years. How about twenty and I’ll give back the other forty?” And God agreed again. On the fourth day, God created man and said: “Eat, sleep, play, marry and enjoy your life. For this, I’ll give you twenty years.” But man said: “Only twenty years? Could you possibly give me my twenty, the forty the cow gave back, the ten the monkey gave back, and the ten the dog gave back; that makes eighty, okay?” “Okay,” said God, “You asked for it.” So that is why for our first twenty years we eat, sleep, play and enjoy ourselves. For the next forty years we slave in the sun to support our family. For the next ten years we do monkey tricks to entertain the grandchildren. And for the last ten years we sit on the front porch and bark at everyone. Life has now been explained to you.

I’m sure glad some one explained it to me. All this time I thought there was some great cosmic meaning to it all. Turns out the answer really is 42! That joke has probably been making the rounds on the net for a while, but I only just saw it the other day. It’s a perfect segue into an article about what’s been happening here. I got a new job which lasted seven months before I couldn’t take the backstabbing and interoffice politics anymore and went back to my old job. Fortunately, they wanted me back. A girl has to keep herself in shoe money, right? We’ve been hammered with rising fuel prices,( who hasn’t?) and car troubles. Generally, a most unpleasant year so far. But a couple of good things happened. Wife, (who, you will remember, knows about Lisa now even if she doesn’t want to be involved. At least she is tolerant if not completely accepting) and I went on a weekend alone - NO children! - and on the way home we stopped at the outlet malls to do some shopping. I was admiring a couple dresses on the clearance racks - my size and on clearance? My little heart was going pitter-pat! Well wife comes up and whispers in my ear, “If you want to try anything on, I’ll sneak you into the dressing rooms” Can you imagine? I recovered my composure enough to take her up on the offer and a good thing I did too. Turns out the sizes run rather on the small side in that store. Neither dress fit. Bummer. They were $100 dresses on clearance for $30. But it’s not as bad as buying them (all sales final) and finding that out when I got home.


On to the next store and she finds a silver scarf that is on sale for $8 and says “You should get this. It would go great with your black dress.” Is this really the woman I thought would divorce me when she found out? Then to top it off, when we got home she pulled out a dress that she wore to a cocktail party last year and said to me that I should try it on. It might fit me and she’ll never wear it again. Don’t you know that it does and looks pretty darn good. But even if it didn’t fit, the gesture was wonderful. Next, a couple weeks ago, my dear, dear friend Josephine and I went to dinner on a Saturday night at a local upscale restaurant. While we were waiting at the desk and Jo was getting us a table, I turned toward the bar and noticed the piano player staring at me. I had a momentary panic wondering if he read me, but then he gave me the biggest smile. Not a “knowing” smile but a “hey baby” smile and started playing “The Way You Look Tonight”. I couldn’t believe it! If he only knew. We giggled about that all night. I guess that qualifies as one of those milestone moments in a TG’s life. I know I’ll never forget it.

In National news, the campaign for the first woman President is now over. I don’t believe that Clinton’s defeat had anything to do with gender however. I think that it came down to a strong opponent, a better organized campaign (Obama’s) and enough people who just didn’t trust her. Looking to the future, I think a woman President is inevitable and that’s a good thing. I do hope however, that when a woman is elected it will be because she is the right person, not solely because she is a woman. America needs strong, thoughtful and intelligent leadership regardless if which set of chromosomes the person has. Need proof? Look at what we just endured for the past eight years. In New York, we’re getting ready to recognize same sex marriages (that were performed elsewhere. We’re still too conservative to perform our own) It’s a small step but things like this can only portend good things for the LBG community in the future. And by extension, good things down the road for the Trans community as well. Enough politics. And at this point, enough for this issue. Hopefully I can now get back to a more regular contribution. Next issue: Sailing en-femme. See you all then.



In The

PAPERS A British tycoon and father of two has been a man and a woman ... and a man again ... and knows which sex heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d rather be By Helen Weathers Comments (0) Add to My Stories

Property tycoon Charles Kane is, by any standards, a very successful man. He has a multimillion-pound property portfolio, a law degree, a ÂŁ250,000, 52ft motor yacht, a top-of-therange Mercedes and a wardrobe stuffed with designer suits And yet, he is far from happy. Despite all these attributes, which should act as a magnet to certain women, the one thing missing from his life is a lasting and fulfilling relationship. In the past year not one of his few and far between romances has lasted longer than six weeks and more often than not they end rather abruptly after the first date.


Businessman Sam Hashimi with his wife Trudi in 1990 before he became designer Samantha Kane Either the woman suddenly stops returning his calls after discovering his secret or, if they don’t care too much about hurting his feelings, dismiss him with a withering: “I want a real man.” “There is nothing I want more than to fall in love and get married,” says 48-year-old Charles. “It is like a knife to my heart every time I am rejected. “I am a real man. I feel 100 per cent a man, but I am a sensitive, modern man. People can be so narrow-minded. All I want is to be accepted and loved for who I am.” The big secret stopping this from happening is a rather startling one. Charles is believed to be the only person in the UK to have undergone two sex change operations; the first to turn him into a woman and the second to turn him back into a man after he realised he’d made a horrible mistake. Born Sam Hashimi, the divorced father-of-two had a sex change in 1997 to turn him into glamorous blonde Samantha Kane. Then, in 2004, after seven years living as a woman, he decided he wanted to be a man after all. He is now in the unique position of knowing what it is like to be both a woman and a man, and he has reached the conclusion that it is much better being a man - even with the current disadvantages. “The trouble is, I would much rather be the man I was before all this,” he says. Charles blames his ghastly predicament on the UK’s then top expert on transsexualism, gender psychiatrist Dr Russell Reid - now retired - who in 2007 was reprimanded by the General Medical Council for rushing patients into sex-change treatments. Dr Russell Reid was found guilty of serious misconduct by a GMC panel who rebuked him for his “lack of caution in initiating hormonal and surgical gender reassessment treatment in patients without more careful and thorough investigation and assessment”. Charles was one of those who complained and, while the hearing was ongoing, he was already in the process of changing back into a man. Having decided he was not a true transsexual, but had been ‘confused’ after the break-up of his 12-year marriage, Charles had his breast implants removed and underwent three operations at the NHS gender clinic at Charing Cross Hospital to reconstruct his male genitalia, using skin grafts from his stomach.


<---- Charles Kane when he was the beautiful designer Samantha in Monaco in 2001 He has to take strong doses of testosterone daily - by applying a gel to his body, because he can’t produce the male hormone naturally, and although he says his new genitals look normal, intimate relations with a woman can be achieved only by means of a concealed pump. I meet Charles at his £2million property in Holland Park, West London, where he cuts a debonair figure in a double-breasted suit and tie. It has taken four years of hormone therapy to turn him into someone who does indeed pass as a man - but vestiges of Samantha still remain. Cosmetic surgery has left him with a very feminine nose, while £6,000 worth of veneers have given him a smile any Hollywood starlet would be proud to possess. His skin is likewise peachy smooth with just a hint of downy hair where stubble should be. The constant sweeping of his hair out of his eyes with a delicate hand is also a very feminine gesture. You can see he certainly would have made a convincing woman. But what is so fascinating is his unique take on what life was like as a woman compared with being a man. “At first it was very enjoyable being a woman, especially being a beautiful woman in business. “People notice you and it is much easier to make your presence felt at a meeting. I was flattered by the attention. “I became much more creative as a person, and less aggressive. Whereas, once as a man it had taken me seconds to make a decision, I would think things through much more carefully, weighing up all the options before deciding what to do.


“People completely underestimate the effect of male and female hormones. Speaking from my own experience, they affect every part of your life, physically and emotionally. “And then there is the sex. As a man, sex was a very physical and more enjoyable experience, but as a woman it was much more dependent on my mood and emotions. “As a man, I thought about sex every day, but as a woman if I hadn’t had sex for a couple of months I wasn’t really bothered. “Sex as a woman isn’t as good anyway. It is not as intense.” Although Charles was initially thrilled with his transformation into a woman - and a beautiful one at that - the novelty soon began to pale and he began to wonder if he was merely playing a part rather than feeling like a real woman. “The worst part about being a woman is being treated as a sex object. I became very irritated when men I was just not interested in kept coming up to me with the worst chatup lines I’d ever heard,” says Charles. Even though I was a woman physically, in many ways I felt I still had a male brain. I was still interested in the world, what was happening, current affairs, business and sport, but the women I mixed with didn’t share that interest to the same degree. “In fact, I found being a woman rather shallow and limiting. So much depends on your appearance, at the expense of everything else. I wasn’t interested in shopping.

Property tycoon Charles Kane after two sex operations


“My female friends would spend hours shopping for clothes, trying on different outfits. “But having been a man I knew exactly what would suit me and appeal to men. I could walk into a shop and be out again in five minutes with the right dress. “Nor have I ever been interested in celebrity magazines or the things that interest other women, but when I tried to talk to men about blokey things they didn’t take me seriously. “Also, because I’d once been a man, I knew exactly how they thought and responded to women, so there were no surprises and no mystery for me. It all became rather boring. “Something else I found difficult to cope with were the moods and depression which I believe were caused by taking the female hormone oestrogen. “As a man, I was never depressed. If something bothered me, I would simply shrug it off and move on. As a woman, I felt as if I was on a rollercoaster of emotion. “A disagreement with a boyfriend or friend would affect my mood for days.” The story of how a successful businessman and family man came to embark on this transsexual odyssey is as bizarre as it is remarkable. Having studied engineering after he left school, he met and married his blonde wife, Trudi, and they had two children, a daughter now aged 23, and a son aged 22. An ambitious alpha male, Sam (original name) landed a job heading the investment arm of a Saudi-owned company and launched an unsuccessful takeover bid for Sheffield United FC. He made millions developing property. “Trudi was in my eyes the perfect woman, she was the love of my life, but I was a typical man who concentrated too much on my work and not enough on my family. “I thought that if I gave her a nice house and she had plenty of money to spend at Harrods, she’d be happy, but she wasn’t,” says Charles who also admits he had a couple of affairs during his marriage. “When she left me for another man, I was absolutely devastated and our split became acrimonious. “I was prevented from seeing my children, which destroyed me. I’d been hugely successful building up a property portfolio, but at the time of our divorce the economy plunged and I lost a lot of money in the recession. I felt diminished as a man.” Charles now believes he suffered a complete mental breakdown, during which he started to question everything, including his sexuality. As a teenager he’d had a crush on another boy and in his confusion he started going to gay and transvestite clubs, during which he came into contact with transsexuals. “I went through a bit of a wild phase, experimenting. I’d always felt my sexuality was very fluid, even though I’d never been attracted to men when I was married to Trudi,” says Charles, whose marriage collapsed in 1995. “I met people at these transsexual clubs who’d kept saying how fantastic it was to be a woman, how great the sex was, how happy they were, and I started to wonder if I should become a transsexual, too.


“But I can see now that I wasn’t really transsexual. A true transsexual is someone who is so determined to be a woman that they don’t care if they look like an 18st trucker in drag. I just wanted be the perfect woman. I was acting out a fantasy.” It was through these transsexual clubs that Charles heard about Dr Russell Reid, and duly made an appointment in 1997. “It was all so quick,” says Charles. “We spoke about my fantasies of being a woman and he diagnosed gender dysphoria and gave me female hormones. “I was brought up to trust doctors and being in a severely depressed and confused state I accepted the diagnosis without question.” Gender realignment guidelines, which are not legally binding, say patients should have been living in their gender role for at least three months before being prescribed hormones and should have at least 12 months of that treatment before surgery. Charles had his sex-change operation just six months after his first appointment with Dr Reid, and the day after a failed court battle to gain access to his children, who were then aged 12 and 13. Didn’t he have doubts about such a drastic course of action? “You have to understand I was on my own,” says Charles. “I had lost my wife and my family. I had no one to talk to, no one to tell me I might be making a mistake. “I believe that all my actions stemmed from the acute psychological distress of not being able to see my children.” At the time, though, Charles was thrilled with his transformation into a woman. Re-inventing herself as an interior designer, Samantha Kane became a huge success in her own right, mixing with the jet set, with whom she sipped champagne in the best hotels and bars in Cannes and Monte Carlo. Samantha became more depressed, but the main catalyst for her decision to live as a man again was ostensibly the collapse of her engagement to a wealthy British landowner, who was aware of her sex-change operation. “Initially, he wasn’t bothered that I’d once been a man, but the longer we were together, the more he mentioned it,” says Charles. “He’d say things like ‘so and so doesn’t think like that because she’s a real woman’. I realised I’d never be fully accepted as a woman.” But he reveals the real reason for undergoing such traumatic surgery to become a man again was the hope that it might reconcile him with his estranged children, who he hasn’t seen for 13 years.


“I really hoped, more than anything, that if I turned myself back into a man they might agree to see me again,” says Charles. “After the operation, I put out feelers through extended family to see if they’d meet me, but I received a message back saying they’d rather leave things as they were. That was a terrible blow. “So nothing has really turned out the way I hoped. Sometimes, it can be a very lonely existence. I thought going back to being a man would be the end of the story, but it’s not. Becoming a man again has been much harder than I ever imagined. “After what I’ve been through, I now think that sex-change operations shouldn’t be allowed. They should be banned. “We live today in a consumerist society where we all believe we can have everything we want, but too much choice can be a dangerous thing.’” He laments the level of counselling he’s received both times, but ultimately comes across as someone who is still as confused as ever about who he is and what he wants to be.


Hororscope AQUARIUS

Familiar yourself with the information before plunging ahead. this is likely to be a time of hard work which can be minimised through efficient planning.


Call on friends if need be for there is so much happening that not everyone can keep up with your whirlwind of activity.


Not everyone is your friend - choose your company carefully. There are practical issues to solve.


Love and matters of the heart are still dominant in your sign this month. Focus on one thing at a time.



Caution at work now. This is a time to consolidate the gains you’ve already made. Don’t spoil things.

ARIES LOVE STARS ZODIAC FORECAST Tension is in the air. Hold your tongue or you could cause bigger problems than you expected.

TAURUS HOROSCOPE A very busy time for you is shown in your stars now. Have confidence in your abilities. You can do it. TAURUS LOVE STARS ZODIAC FORECAST

Your love life sees some challenges but you can make things right if you really want to. Have the courage to follow your heart.


Be practical and you will overcome the obstacles. Destiny shows an unusual path opening up to you.


Exchanging ideas and opinions with people who care for you can open you to a new way of being.


Financial issues are on the up and you should begin to sort things out so long as you do not make rash or impulsive decisions. Think, then move forward.


You are in top form in your love life and will be feeling quite confident and more secure in yourself.


LEO HOROSCOPE Do not be impatient regarding business matters or anything requiring financial prudence. Be careful what you sign. LEO LOVE STARS ZODIAC FORECAST

Remember the feelings of other close you you and do not get carried away with grandiose schemes.


You’ve been getting your own way for a long time so don’t fret if sometimes it does not always go your way. To are still nonetheless on a fortunate trend.

VIRGO LOVE STARS ZODIAC FORECAST Listening to what your loved ones have to say will set you straight. Sometimes the heart knows best.


You are physically exhausted but mentally alert. Focus on planning and mental activities rather than taking on too much that may tire you.

LIBRA LOVE STARS ZODIAC FORECAST You love to be noticed and now is the time that everyone pays attention including your partner, friends and family. You are in the spotlight now - enjoy it.



Don’t overstep the mark this month as disagreements ate stared in your sign this month. There are however opportunities on the career front..


You have been enjoying a period of great freedom but don’t let this develop into a couldn’t care less attitude to those you love.

SAGITTARIUS HOROSCOPE Career matters need careful attention. You may overreact about a matter that really requires delicacy in order to obtain the result you need. SAGITTARIUS LOVE STARS ZODIAC FORECAST

Take in some culture. Shared outing to concerts or the theatre can inspire you both


Partnerships and joint business ventures are favoured but there is also a possibility of conflict if you are too strong headed. .


Favourable trends are shown in your love life. You enjoy indulging yourself in pleasures shared.


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Here at Narcisse we all know too well how bad life can get for you and can understand how lonely or scared you may get. So here, just for you, we have compiled a list of help lines and websites from around the world to help you out if you get in any form of strife. If you are having problems seeking help from any of the sites or you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t find anything for your country please feel free to e-mail any of the following e-mail addresses and we will try our hardest to help any question or queries you may have:


(Outside the UK add +44) 08457 90 90 90 (24hrs) Confidential support for suicide, suicidal thoughts, feelings of despair or distress. The Samaritans email: Beaumont Society - The 24 Hour Info Line : 01582 412220 An established transgendered support group in the UK, with a support network for the Transgender (TG), Transvestite (TV), Transsexual (TS) and Cross Dressing (CD), community in the UK. The Beaumont Society 27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3XX http:// Beaumont Trust - 07000 - 287878 (07000 BTRUST) Is run by a team of volunteers on Tuesdays & Thursdays between 1900 and 2300 hours (UK time). Gender Trust - 07000 790347 Rubicon Society - 020 8252 2623 Transexual Support Group P.O. Box 637 Dagenham Essex RM10 7GG. Mermaids is for children and teenagers under 19 years of age, who have gender identity issues. Mermaids Helpline - 07020 935066 - 12 noon until 9pm only, UK Time Gayline Wales Helpline for LGBT covering north wales operating from bangor. Monday nights from 7.00 - 10.00 Tel. 01248 363431 We also work with two other groups to provide a Saturday afternoon drop-in from 1.30 - 4.00 pm for 16 - 25 on the second saturday in the month and all ages on the last saturday in the month at the abbey road centre, abbey road, Bangor North Wales.


The support is out there! So just make that Call!!!


WOBS (Women of the Beaumont Society) These numbers are SPECIFICALLY for wives, partners or family members of someone who Cross Dresses. The Wobs Website There are four numbers which can be called: DIANA -- 01223 441246, Jenny -- 01684 578281 Depend A support group for the partners, and ex partners, the parents and the children, the family members and the friends ... the 'significant others' of transsexual people in the UK.

THE T-ZONE CRISIS DIRECTORY Apnar Ghar - Asian Women's Domestic Violence project - 020 7474 1574 24 hour helpline offering advice, counselling and practical help for women suffering from domestic violence and other related issues. British Association of Counselling - 0870 443 5252 web site: Can give details of counsellors and organisations in your area. 1 Regent Place Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2PJ Broken Rainbow - 07812 644 914 A 24 hour referral service for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people experiencing all forms of domestic violence. This includes counselling services and help with housing problems. Careline - 020 8514 1177 10am - 4pm and 7 - 10pm Monday - Friday Confidential telephone counselling for children, young people and adults for any problem. Childline - 0800 1111 web site: Crimestoppers - 0800 555 111 web site: Drug Rape Trust - 01702 31 76 95 (service currently suspended) web site: (not currently operational) Provides help, advice and support if you think you may have been drugged and may have been attacked. East Kent Homophobic Incident Reporting Line Freephone - 0800 328 9162 Family Planning Association - 020 7837 4044 (Monday - Friday 9am-7pm) For advice and details of local sexual health clinics. Jewish Women's Aid - 0800 591 203 (Mon, Wed, Thurs 9.30am - 9.30pm) Outside these hours there is an answerphone system and an emergency pager number 07644 002 776


Juniper Lodge - Sexual Assault Response Centre based in Leicester. Helpline - 0116 2733330 (Monday 6.30-9.30pm) Offers a free and confidential service for adults who have experienced rape or sexual assault. Provides face to face and telephone support, medical support and advice. Mankind - a registered charity that deal specifically with the issues for men that have been raped or are suffering from the continuing trauma of sexual abuse. It presently covers East and West Sussex and provides open ended person centred couselling for survivors. Helpline:: 01273 510447 (9.30am - 5.30pm Mon-Fri) Po Box 124 Newhaven BN9 9TQ MPower Helpline - 0808 8084321 (Thursdays 8-10pm) Helpline for male victims of rape and sexual abuse. National Association for People Abused in Childhood Helpline - 0800 085 3330 (Mon - Fri 12 noon - 8pm, Sat 9am - 12 noon ) A free telephone help/information line for adult survivors of child abuse (including sexual abuse). Newham Asian Women's Project Advice Line - 020 8552 5524 (Monday - Friday 9.30am-9.30pm) General enquiries - 020 8472 0528 (Monday - Friday 9.30am-9.30pm) Offers counselling, advice and assistance with accommodation for women suffering from domestic violence and othe related issues. Rape Crisis Rape Crisis UK & Ireland web site: Provides details of your local Rape Crisis Centre and offers practical advice and counselling for victims of rape and sexual assault. Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre - 020 8683 3300 web site: email: For women and girls, but will refer male victims on. PO Box 383 Croydon Surrey CR9 2AW weekdays: 12.00pm - 2.30pm & 7.00 - 5.00pm weekends: 2.30pm - 5.00pm Refuge - 0870 599 5443 - 24 Hour National Crisis Line email: Support and practical help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to women experiencing domestic violence. SARA Clinic - 020 7886 1940 - (Jeffers Wing, St. Mary's Hospital) STD clinic that provides long-term counselling etc. For youths and adults. Shelterline - 0808 800 4444 24 hour confidential helpline to assist with housing problems whatever the reason for becoming homeless.


SHOC Project (Sexual Health On Call) A confidential free and non-judgemental outreach service for female sex workers in Enfield, Haringey and Barnet offering a number of services and advice on a variety of issues. For information, clinic times, appointments, and outreach timetable please call the following numbers - stating you are a SHOC client: St Ann's Sexual Health Clinic, St Ann's Hospital, Tottenham

020 8442 6536

Clare Simpson Clinic, Barnet General Hospital, Barnet

020 8216 4110


07976 566537 (mobile)


07976 707553 (mobile)

Southall Black Sisters - 0208 571 9595 10am - 12.30pm & 1.30 - 4pm Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri Information and advice for black and Asian women on domestic violence and related issues. Specialist Sex Workers Projects Open Doors Working Womens Outreach 07050 328128 or 07976 566537 Services: (mobiles) Praed Street Project, Paddington: Tues, Weds, & Thurs 2-5pm (drop in) or telephone for clinic or 1-1 appointments Working Womens Project, Streatham: Every Tuesday 6-11pm

020 7886 1549 020 8 243 2200 or 07930 324111 (mobile)

Streetwise Youth (SW5) SW5 is the new operating name of Streetwise Youth, an agency working with male and transgender sex workers. We have a cafe service at our centre in earls Court open Monday 5-7pm, Weds and Fri 1-3pm. There is no need for an appointment at these times, otherwise staff will arrange to meet clients for advice, support and assistance with a wide range of issues including housing, safer sex and benefits. Address: 11 Eardley Crescent, London SW5 9JS. Nearest tube is Earls Court (Warwick Rd exit). Tel: 020 7370 0406 Fax: 020 7244 0037 E-Mail: Website: Survivors Swindon - Supporting Adult Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Telephone Helpline:0845 430 9371 ADMIN No. 0870 950 3567 (Wednesday 7.00pm ~ 9.00pm) Website: www.survivorsswindon Survivors UK - 020 7317 6677 (Helpline open Tuesday between 7-10pm) web site: Supports and provides resources for men who have experienced any form of sexual violence Terence Higgins Trust Direct Helpline - 0845 1221200 (Mon - Fri 10am -10pm Sat & Sun 12 noon -6pm). For information on sexually transmitted diseases. web site: email:


Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Aid - 08457 023468 24 Hour Domestic Violence Helpline for women and children experiencing physical, sexual or emotional abuse at home.

Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Counselling (formerly the Hounslow Rape and Crisis Support Group ) - 020 8572 0100 (Monday 6.30pm - 9.00pm) web site: Hounslow Rape and Crisis Support Group email: address: PO Box 315, Hounslow, TW3 1QF A confidential and non-judgemental support service specifically for women of all ages who are suffering/have suffered from any form of physical, sexual, emotional or psychological abuse/ violence. The service includes a telephone helpline, counselling, information, support and resources.

Befrineders An on-line based organisation that can put you in touch with local help organisations almost anywhere in the world. The American Suicide Hotline 1-800-784-2433 S.A.F.E (SELF ABUSE FINALLY ENDS) An American based self harm hot line and website with numerous options for help for American residents. U.S.A SUICIDE AND RAPE HOT LINE 1-800-333-4444



Quiz answers from May/June issue

? ? ?


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Buttocks Germany (Ulm Munster) Pontefract 1973 Duck Soup



The Bends Cheers ( The Bar ) The Marcia Blaine School for Girls Carry on Cruising 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Picture Quiz 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.





2. 3. 4. 5.



Bolton Wanderers & West Ham Delaware (1787) Heathrow Florence Ronnie Biggs


? 1. Pear ? ?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Rose Tyler John Wayne Nicolette Sheridan Whitney Houston John Travolta

Evita Fight Club The Graduate The Man with the Golden Gun X-men

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

American Beauty The Piano Strictly ballroom Fargo Bugsy malone







Conversion Tables



We all love to shop, but as we all know , from personal experience, some are… er…friendlier than others. Here’s a few of the better ones, as recommended by you.

This is my own personal recommendation. The girls the Notting Hill branch were superb. They couldn’t be friendlier, more welcoming, and professional too. They have a fantastic range of wigs of all lengths , colours and prices , and I can not recommend this branch of stores enough Open till 6, by appointment – latest 5 o’clock 1) The Casket store: A unique store offering casket shaped furniture for the gothic’s 2) The Baroness: Ok rubber and latex fetish store I have seen better and more but the craftsman-ship looks good and styles are their own 3) JT’s Stockroom offers a wide range of fetish things from bondage beds to fetish toys, not a gigantic selection but enough to satisfy the novice and beginner. 4) Lydia’s offers a ok selection of transgender and cross-dressing items again not a wide selection but a ok one for the beginner and part time. 5)Corset Connection: Offers a very wide selection for all types of corsets everything from waist training to under-bust and to men to woman training corsets, and for those who never have laced their own corsets they offer a online training film for corset lacing A+. 6) Xtrax, I love this store humungus selection for the naughty little Goth Girls and boys a wide wide selection for everything A+. 7) Extreme Restraint is a awesome store I cant wait to order from them they have everything and anything from sex machines to the simplest anal plug. Merchant2/graphics/00000001/ec715%20lg.jpg


“ Hi Mandy, I have a review for you, Wigsrus ltd in Southport. Recently been there for a new style they are great. Hugs Julie Hi Ladies, After asking around for some advice on wigs I plucked up the courage to go and try a new style and I decided to have it fitted. I took the advise of an Angel and looked up at Southport. This meant going out en femme for the first time and having a stranger see me as Julie. I made an appointment with Jennie and ventured out into the world as Julie. Jennie is a fantastic understanding lady; she puts you at ease straight away. All appointments are one to one and you can try as many styles on as you like. Jennie will give you advise on styles and colour. After you have chosen your new hair, Jennie will do the final styling and trim if required. The service was excellent and Jennie was wonderful, highly recommended. I felt so good and confident With my new style I had a walk around Southport, then decided to drive over to the Trafford centre and had a walk around the shops not bad for my first day out.” Hugs Julie “ is a friendly dressing service in Droylsden a town about 4miles from the centre and gay village in Manchester. The owner is called Julie and she now offers self catering accommodation above her shop. HOTELS- I use Travelodge and the special offers of £10 & £26 a night per room are great value. I have never had any problems at these hotels. The only problem I have had at an hotel was at a gay hotel in Torquay where I got a really frosty welcome to say the least. MAKEUP- I don’t use Dermablend because it is expensive and difficult to apply so I use a Boots No17 cover stick or a Rimmel cover stick both are on sale at about £2.50. “ Raquel Hi Mandy! I order make-up from . They are very reliable and discreet with their deliveries even to Holland. And you know the all in price straight away, no need to email asking for price of postage. And they have a 50p and GBP1.00 corner! Kirsty

Contact us on: Tel: +44 1376 322209 or Mobile: +44 7887 723239 Email your general enquiries to: Email your website enquiries to:


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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - As worn by Mandy Taylor

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I accept pay pal, personal cheque and postal orders I prefer postal orders and cheques so if you pay with either you can have free p&p (Offer for UK only) I can paint almost any design so just ask if you cannot see what you want I can paint in bulk, so whatever the number of sets, just ask me

(But please be aware bulk orders will take a longer time to finish so if it is for a set date please contact me asap) CUSTOMER CONFIDENTIALITY IS ASSURED!!! Private mailing lists can be provided and all nails come in plain packaging - No feedback is necessary I am not a qualified nail technician, I am a self taught nail artist, and the nails are subject to imperfections due to them being hand painted I CANNOT OFFER MACHINE QUALITY


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - As worn by Mandy Taylor

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Dear Ladies -- If you liked my book “Deception,” I’m sure you’ll like the newest book entitled “TG Short Stories.” Vanity Club member Stephanie Marie and I, along with my friend Silke Loretta-Martin, have combined three short stories into one book. And, it is now available for sale. The stories are entitled: “You’ve Got Male”, “Loving Change” and “Third Kiss.” Each story is unique and has several twist and turns and are full of novelty and fun. The books are available, including postage, for $11 (US), $14 (US for Priority Mail) and $16 (US for International Mail). FOR AN ADDITIONAL $5, YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE A COPY OF “DECEPTION.” To order send cash, check or money order to: Carollyn Olson, PO Box 1241, Loomis, CA 95650.


A non-stop Office of Homeland Security employee, a long term US Senator and a group of cross dressers combine for Deception: A Tale of Cross Dressing and Espionage, written by Carollyn Olson. The story features Katie Hightower, a OHS investigator; The Senator and his cronies; junior press secretary Eric Allen and his wife Sunny; the wild-andwacky Lisah Aubergine; the always on-the-spot KC Tyler and Andrea Forbes, and 20 other members of the Vanity Club investigative team and friends of the author. “I always wanted to write about a group of cross dressers, who would turn the world upside down,” said Ms. Olson, a 50-ish, straight, conservative, Christian cross dresser from California. “The story takes the reader from the annual Correspondents Dinner in Washington, DC, around the world and back in one year as the Vanity Club girls attempt to crack a money laundering terrorist mystery. I hope I have succeeded in making the book fun, intriguing and full of twists and turns.” The book is $12 (US) for regular mail; $15 (US) for priority mail, and $18 (US) for international mail. I do not accept Pay Pal. To order, please send cash, check or money order to: Carollyn Olson, PO Box 1241, Loomis, CA 95650. “The cost of the book will only cover my expenses and postage,” said Ms. Olson. “Any profits will go to the Vanity Club.”



TLC provide a complete range of Fashion and Beauty related services Image Consultancy Personal Shopping Overseas Chaperone Beauty & Holistic Therapies TLC was founded so that these specialised services are available to anyone and everyone at competetive rates, anywhere in the world The team at TLC comprises of Victoria Harrison and Teresa Wrobel. Both are highly trained in their field and will push all boundaries to ensure your are 100% delighted with the services TLC offers. Victoria is herself a post-operative transwoman having very successfully transitioned in December 2005 at the age of 33. She underwent Sexual Reassignment Surgery in October 2006. She is obviously fully aware of the particular problems faced by, and the needs of a transwoman. She is a very creative and artistic individual with a keen eye for fashion and trends and will pass on her wealth of experience to her clients. She is an experienced Image Consultant, Stylist, Make-Up Artist and Personal Shopper. She offers the Chaperone service with a complete personal understanding of your needs having very recently undergone the same surgeries herself. She is a fully qualified Beauty and Holistic Therapist, Nail Technician and is also a Fashion, Comercial Print and Artistic Nude Model. You can see her Model Portfolio using the buttons on the Useful Links page on our site. Teresa is a fully qualified Beauty and Holistic Therapist, Make-Up Artist, Nail Technician and also a very experienced Image Consultant. She is fully aware of the needs of a transwoman as she assisted and supported Victoria throughout her recent transition. Both members of the team at TLC are 100% understanding, discrete and are commited to providing the ultimate service to their cientele. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year anywhere in the world. 183

“And Now, The end is near….." Blimey, is it me or is this thing getting bigger each issue? ( said the Actress to the Bishop!) . As it stands, Narcisse is as big - if not bigger - than a lot of women’s magazines on the shelves, and that, dear ladies, is all down to you. Every issue you astound me, with your wit, bravery and talent, sometimes I am in tears just reading the difficulties you overcome, with dignity, style, and great heels! So, all I can say is ‘Thanks’ for a job well done. I think you would agree that this lil old mag of ours is getting rather good! BUT!! and I think that you would all agree, we need to keep moving on and up, and this can only happen with your thoughts and ideas ( and CASH!) hehe I think the next step HAS to be to make Narcisse interactive dont you?


So that when we have a competition, quiz, or your opinion is needed, you can just click away, maybe some music to bop along to as you flick to your fav section? Like the idea? Well, this is where you come in. Eerrrr.......HOW???? I am a technophobe, havent a clue how to achieve the dream, and , more to the point, HOW MUCH??? We deserve a decent publication, and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m going to do my best to keep it free to readers but there will come a point where some sort of finance must be sought to cover the cost of such a site. So.... ideas people! Together, we can make this magazine GREAT! Hugs

Mandy xx















Mandy Taylor

Editor - in - chief (Whatever THAT means??!!) email -


R Lynn Westlake - UK Author and Right-




hand Girl, without whom Narcisse would be nowhere near as good, full of ideas, enthusiasm and the cheek of the devil xxx




- UK based author - writer of “ Hairpieces”, ideas girl, and fab mate



Kaz - Bestest mate a girl could have - UK Based GG - Author of “ Personal Profile” 186



Joanne - Long-suffering wife of Mandy, roving reporter and general snoop, the source of “ In the paper’s”.


- US based writer, Author of "Across Golden Pond" an ex-pats view of life in the States!

Ian- Good friend and gatherer of useless

( and usually VERY funny ) information - source of Woman’s World and other funny stuff

Nicola James - UK based writer, one of the ‘girls’ in “Ask The Girls”

Gina Brown - Author of Trans(Atlantic ) Gender travel

Carollyn Olson- This Months Centrefold Barbara Zell - Author of “ Last Weekend “ Jacqueline hilton - Author of Lee’s Mardi Gras



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