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Here is our lovely Dragon. I Think this is beautiful. Of course the is what the finished Product will look like.

First I Want you to go to e-college and download the dragon file.

This is not so pretty. Notice how the color is faded and the "white" is grey

Before we begin to have fun. we need to make sure we check something. Go to the image menu then to mode change the color mode from grey scale to RgB

I want you to push the letter w on your keyboard in Photoshop. This will give you the magic wand tool.

Magic Wand tool looks like this. I highlighted it in Green so you can see it in case you forgot.

Next I want you to use the wand to select everything that is suppose to be black, but is dark grey instead.

After you Have that done, I want you to hit letter d then letter B This will set you colors back to default and open your brush tool.

Next I want you to make sure your paint color is black and not white. The Square bracket keys adjust the size of your brush. Now just hit this key: ] 8 times this will make your brush bigger.

Now that you have a big brush just start painting. Do not worry about staying in the Lines it wont matter at the moment

After you have it painted black hit command Shift I at the same time to select the inverse or opposite of the black.

Now I want yo to select the smoke using the wand hand hit command option J to create a new layer copying what you have selected name it smoke when the option pops up.

select the smoke layer. using your wand tool select the smoke. Hit B for brush and choose a color for the smoke. Paint it in. Do the same for each area of the dragon. You should end up with at least 11 layers plus the background layer. depending on if you want areas to have more than one layer. Don't forget to make a layer for all the black

Looking good! Remember you don't have to use the same colors as me. Be unique with your colors.

Every one with me so far? Good. Here comes the fun part.

Layer Style Options We are going to add a layer effect to the dragon's back layer. In your layers panel find the layer that has the outside of the dragon (see pink color for a hint) double click on the layer (do not click on the name or the Thumbnail. This will open up your layer effects options I'm going to emboss the outside of my dragon.

in the layers panel, choose the grass layer. using the wand tool select the grass all of it. Next hit b and up at the top you'll see a brush (see picture->) this is where you will change you brush from whatever it was on to a grass brush. once yo have a grass brush selected pick a lighter shade of green than the one you painted the grass with start painting the grass in. Keep perspective in mind. use the square bracket keys to adjust the brush size accordingly.

Do different effects on the layers have fun and play around. Who knows what you will create. See you next time.


Tika shows you how to color the poor dragon