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The Mission to end Childhood hunger continues SUMMER FEEDING PROGRAM This program was created to feed children over the summers that usually qualify for free lunch. Any child that attends open sights will receive free lunch regardless of income. Only 523 children are utilizing this service but there are 3,900 children that are eligible for this program. NATIONAL SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM This is a program that assists children below 130%of the poverty line. It reduces lunch prices or gives a student free lunch depending on their needs. There are 1,982 children being served while 818 children that are eligible are not receiving assistance.

The Child and Adult Care Food Program Reimburses licensed childcare centers, family daycare homes, homeless shelters, after school programs and adult day care centers for food provided to eligible children and adults including snacks and or meals.

WEEKEND BACK PACK PROGRAM The weekend back pack program assists six schools and over 54 students each month. This program sends students home with a lunch pack for the weekend and the same people that are eligible for the lunch program. This is a discrete program that assists students every weekend.

Learn More About Food Assistance In Greene County CORNER CUPBOARD FOOD BANK 511 Rolling Meadows Road Waynesburg PA 15370 # 724-627-9784


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