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2012 ARRWF Officers President Bonnie Williams Phone: 916-988-7669 Fax: 916-988-0410

"A Diamond Award Club" Volume #24

DEC. 2012


DEC, 8, 2012


11:30am Check-In; 12:00pm Lunch COST: $27.00 Lake Natoma Inn, 702 Gold Lake Dr., Folsom Tuscan Buffet: Grilled Chicken with Artichoke Hearts, Mixed Baby Greens, Italian Orzo Salad, Grilled Vegetables, Roasted Red Potatoes, Rolls & Butter. RSVP BY 11-4-12 to, Joyce Ledwith, 916-482-6069 LUNCHEON POLICY: Cost is $27.00 at door with Reservation (916-482-6069). An invoice for $27.00 will be sent out to all members who are not able to cancel their reservation 48 hours prior to our luncheon date NOTE: We encourage members to bring Opportunity Gifts.


1 Vice President Kate Foley 916-337-3495 (cell) nd


Vice President Joyce Ledwith, 916-482-6069


3 Vice President Genevieve Mann, 916-933-1856 Recording Secretary Dee Jacobson Phone: 916-481-6633

Treasurer/Member. Secty. Beth Fogarty, Cell: 916-995-5006 Corresp. Secretary Janet Mercer, 916-983-7676 Newsletter Editor Judy Emrich

Special Guest Speaker


Deborah Getz My two sons, Nicholes and Kristofer, chose to enlist in the Army upon their graduations from high school. Nicholes left for boot camp in September 2004 and deployed to Iraq in March 2005. He returned from that tour of duty in early 2006. Kristofer, graduating from high school early, started his boot camp training in February 2006. Kristofer strived to one up his brother. He trained as an Army Ranger. He became one of the youngest recruits to accomplish this goal 17 years old. Kristofer was then deployed to Afghanistan in January, 2007. He was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan on February 17th of that year. I was notified of Kristofer's death on February 18, 2007. After this painful news: It would be easy to say that February 18, 2007 was the hardest day of my life, but in all honesty I'd have to say there isn't a day when the pain is so overwhelming that I have to push myself just to put one foot in front of the other. While my boys were deployed, I was an avid news watcher listening carefully for the daily casualties and feeling sorry for the families of the troops killed. Only after Kristofer's death can I even begin to understand the pain those families and friends have felt. I have become a Proud Gold Star Mom. I believe it is my duty to help our communities not forget the sacrifices that our servicemen and servicewomen have made for the ongoing freedom we so cherish in this country. Never Forget Our Fallen will hold an annual Military children's Christmas party and a red, white and blue memorial event to honor all those who have served our country and those we have lost and to

support our servicemen and servicewomen who put their lives on the line each and every day



President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20550 Gov. Jerry Brown State Capitol Building Sacramento, CA 95814 District 1 State Senator Ted Gaines, 1700 Eureka Rd. Suite 120 Roseville,Ca. 95661

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE…..… Dear Members: This is the first Newsletter since the election, and I know that you, like myself, could not believe how it turned out. I have spoken to some of you that can’t understand how this happened and why God let it happen. But don’t lose faith. I have found, in my life, that when something like this happens that I don’t understand, later on down the road I get an answer and it always turned out to be the best. I know you are asking "Bonnie, how can you say that, when we have this president for another four years?" I say to you, don’t lose faith. I am sure things will work out. Maybe now we will work harder at getting rid of the corruption in our elections. No more early voting, absentee only if you can’t get to the poles and voter ID requirements. Chairman Tom Beccaro said that as long as we are using voter machines, there will be corruption. We need to go back to paper ballots that can be counted and verified at the precincts with both parties represented. The box can be signed, sealed and hand-carried to the local Registrar’s Office and the tally emailed. At the least, we need truth in campaign ads. As the old saying goes, if you tell a lie enough, people will believe it. I know the above sounds good, but you and I know it will never happen. I do want you to still vote. I hear people say: "My vote doesn’t count in California. Why should I bother?" The answer is the state seat and proportion. Please bring an unwrapped toy for "Never Forget the Fallen" to our next luncheon. The toys are given to the children of men and women who have lost their lives defending our country. I want to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God Bless, Bonnie


Senator Barbara Boxer 112 Hart Bldg. Washington, DC 20510

Almighty God, bless our nation and make it true to the ideas of freedom and justice and brotherhood for all who make it great. Guard us from war, from fire and wind, from compromise, fear, confusion. Be close to our president and our statesmen; give them vision and courage, as they ponder decisions affecting peace and the future of the world. Make us more deeply aware of our heritage; realizing not only our rights but also our duties and responsibilities as citizens. Make this great land and all its people know clearly Your will, that they may fulfill the destiny ordained for us in the salvation of the nations, and the restoring of all things in Christ.

Senator Diane Feinstein 331 Hart Bldg. Washington, DC 20510 Representative, Dist. 4 Tom McClintock 8700 Auburn-Folsom Rd. #100 Granit Bay, Ca. 95746 916-786-5560 Represenative, Dist. 3 Dan Lungren 2339 Gold Meadow Way #220 Gold River,Ca. 95670 916-859-9906

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Shirley Dickson Irene Potter Joyce Ledwith Judy Emrich Beth Fogarty Riki Anderson Iola McKenney Linda Streeper Melanie Williams

916-486-2891 916-483-4187 916-482-6069 916-933-5987 916-995-5006 916-485-3601 916-983-6111 916-682-1477 916-967-2163


California Federation of Republican Women (CFRW) & National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW)

LEGISLATIVE & NEWS UPDATES Dear NFRW Members, (11/7/12) This is a difficult day for each one of us. When you pour your heart, soul and mind – every ounce of your being – into something, only to have it return void, it is indescribable. But one aspect of this election makes me extremely proud, and that is your level of participation. This year, Republican women stepped up to a degree that I have never before seen. Your efforts in the presidential election, as well as in your state and local elections, are nprecedented, and what you did matters. So even though we are going through a sort of grieving process, please know that I truly appreciate each and every one of you, and that . I couldn't be prouder. Thank you again for your outstanding work on behalf of our Republican candidates. Rae Lynne Chornenky, President, National Federation of Republican Women th

CFRW:: Supermajority in CA -- Democrats captured their 54 seat in the State Assembly, meaning they successfully gained enough seats to gain the supermajority in both houses. The Democrats have not held this much power in the State Legislature for more than one hundred years, giving them power is something our generation has never seen. This position of the supermajority comes at a critical time in California Politics. State legislators are battling the state deficit, increased spending, tax hikes, a decline in the quality of California’s education, increases in education costs, and businesses leaving the state. As many have noted, California is at a tipping point. Facing these and a number of other important issues, Democratic legislators now have the power to pass bills requiring a two-thirds majority (most importantly taxes) and bypass gubernatorial vetoes. Ultimately, the Democrats in the State Legislature now have the power to do anything they choose. As conservatives, the fight for our state is now important as ever. While the Democrats may have unyielding power, as Republicans we must remind the Democrats that their power is not unlimited and that they must continue to serve the interests of the California taxpayers and citizens. Election night may have passed, but this does not mean we should abandon our efforts to restore California. We must work harder than ever and continue to show the Democrats in the state legislature that there are still Republicans in California and that we are committed to fiscal responsibility.

New Court Filings Seek to Halt Gay Therapy Ban: SACRAMENTO – Attorneys with Pacific Justice Institute filed major legal briefs asking the federal court in Sacramento to prevent a controversial ban on so-called “change therapy” or “reparative therapy” from taking effect Jan. 1. The law, known as SB 1172, was passed by the legislature and then signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown the last weekend in September. PJI filed suit immediately to protect the rights of families to seek treatment for sexually confused youth; the rights of mental health professionals to offer their best professional counsel, not a script dictated by the government; and the rights of churches to offer professional counseling consistent with their doctrinal beliefs

PJI Files Complaint With California Bar Against U.S. Attorney Over DOMA Case - The Pacific Justice Institute filed a complaint with the State Bar of California against the U.S. Attorney, Melinda Haag, for her handling of litigation involving the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Haag is the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California. The 82-page complaint, filed in Los Angeles, alleges that federal attorneys litigating a case challenging the constitutionality of DOMA intentionally took action to sabotage the case and prejudice the federal defendants that they were charged with defending. The case is Golinski v. Office of Personnel Management and was filed in federal court in San Francisco. LAKE ELSINORE — A cross and Star of David will remain in a proposed design for a Lake Elsinore veterans memorial, City Council members agreed. With the strong backing of local veterans, the council vote unanimously Tuesday to approve a design to be engraved on a black granite slab that depicts a World War II soldier with a rifle and helmet kneeling before a cross and the star of David ---- the principal symbols respectively of Christianity and Judaism. Inclusion of the religious symbols also prompted concern from the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, a Washington, D.C.-based organization that represents the rights of service members who aren't monotheists. Retired Marine Deborah Rodriguez said the cross represents more to her in the context of the memorial than its religious connotation. "The cross can mean strength," she said. "The cross can mean peace. The cross can mean comfort. The cross can mean God. So, having a cross on a monument doesn't mean that it's depicting just one religion."

Vets Memorial Design Approved With Cross, Star:


News From Our Leaders ……

WebsitesFo (Excerpts FromEExcerpts FollowingFrom Websites)

STATE SENATOR TED GAINES: My office recently had the opportunity to tour Folsom Dam to learn about its history and the important role it plays in our region. The dam was completed in 1955 by the US Army Corps of Engineers and is operated by the Bureau of Reclamation. Although its primary function is flood control, Folsom stores water for irrigation and domestic use and for electrical power generation. Preservation of the American river fishery, downstream control of salt water intrusion in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and water-related recreation are also important activities.

GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN Economic recovery will come from the :private sector, not from government. In fact, government policies have harmed our state’s economy and driven businesses to other states or countries. We CleantoEnergy Jobanti-business Plan: Investments energy produce to three times asbusinesses many jobs need end the attitude ininclean Sacramento and invitetwo good, job-creating per dollar as gas,with oil lower or coal. And dollars invested in clean energy tend to stay in California, back to California taxes and less onerous regulations. instead of going to other states or other countries. Clean energy jobs and businesses have grown much faster than the economy as a whole in the past fifteen years, and have continued to will come from the private sector, not from government. In fact, government policies have harmed grow even during the economic downturn.

our state’s economy and driven businesses to other states or countries. We need to end the antibusiness attitude in Sacramento and invite good, job-creating businesses back to California with lower taxes and less onerous CONGRESSMAN DAN regulations. LUNGREN:

I am satisfied that enough votes have counted determine that I will not be representing Economic recovery will come from thebeen private sector,tonot from government. In fact, government the citizens of the 7th Congressional District during the 113th Congress. It was a tough campaignWe and policies have harmed our state’s economy and driven businesses to other states or countries. I accept the outcome. I congratulate Dr. Bera in his victory and I wish him well as he accepts this need to end the anti-business attitude in Sacramento and invite good, job-creating businesses new challenge. It is my hope that Dr. Bera approaches Congress, as have I, with a humble heart, back to California with lower taxes and less onerous regulations. respect for the institution and a desire to perform his duties in the best interest of the people he represents and the country.

onomic recovery will come from the private sector, not from government. In fact, government policies have harmed our state’s economy and driven businesses to other states or countries. We need to end the anti-business in Sacramento and invite good, job-creating businesses CONGRESSMAN TOM attitude McCLINTOCK: back to California with lower taxes and less onerous regulations.

With the election now over, the two paths for our country are now clearer than ever. On one end, there is the path that springs from the uniquely American principles of individual freedom protected by a constitutionally limited ery will come from the private sector, not from government. In fact, government policies have government under which people are free to make their own choices, enjoy the fruits of their own labors, and take harmed our state’s businesses or countries. We our need to end responsibility for their owneconomy decisions.and Thedriven competing vision is to thatother of a states compulsory society where fundamental the anti-business attitude in Sacramento and invite good, job-creating businesses back to rights are subordinated to the mandates of government bureaucrats and where innocent taxpayers are forced to bail outCalifornia the bad decisions of others. Fortunately, there are still principled Conservatives in Congress fighting to restore with lower taxes and less onerous regulations. the vision that our Founding Fathers had for our country. With your help, we can ensure that the ranks of real conservatives in Washington. D.C grow.

l come from the private sector, not from government. In fact, government policies have harmed our state’s economy and driven businesses to other states or countries. We need to end the anti. business attitude in Sacramento and invite good, job-creating businesses back to California with lower taxes and less onerous regulations.

Economic recovery will come from the private sector, not from government. In fact, government CAPITOL RESOURCE INSTITUTE policies have harmed our state’s economy and driven businesses to other states or countries. We What Strengthens Families, Strengthens California need to end the anti-business attitude in Sacramento and invite good, job-creating businesses back to California with lower taxes and less onerous regulations.

In today’s anything-goes culture youth are encouraged to pursue pleasure without purpose. This has left many young people listless and disillusioned. City on the Hill Youth Leadership Conference (COTH) is designed to combat this false teaching by showing youth that they have a specific God-given purpose in our world.The young people of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. That is why it is important to ensure that our pro-family youth know why they believe what they believe. The young people who cherish life, value marriage and family, and treasure religious freedom need to be able to articulate their values and understand how they can be involved in shaping culture. COTH is the vehicle to help them do just that. COTH is a weeklong summer camp sponsored and operated by Capitol Resource Institute. At COTH students engage in hands on learning by becoming mock legislators. Students must argue for and against bills currently being considered by the California legislature. At the end of the week students spend a day on the actual floor of the California senate and assembly, enabling them to get a better feel for what it is like to be a legislator. This process enables students to thoroughly learn the ins and outs of state government.


Israeli Official: Obama Is ‘Naïve’ President Obama’s re-election triumph “demonstrates that the state of Israel must take care of its own interests,” says the deputy speaker of Israel’s Knesset. Danny Danon, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party, told Middle East correspondent and talk radio host Aaron Klein after the U.S. election: “We cannot rely on anyone but ourselves. Obama has hurt the United States by his naïve leadership in foreign policy, which prefers the Arab world over the Western world, along with Israel. The state of Israel will not capitulate before Obama.” A senior Palestinian Authority negotiator claimed that if Obama won re-election he would campaign at the United Nations to renew Security Council Resolution 242, which calls for a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and eastern Jerusalem, according to Klein’s KleinOnline website. He quoted the negotiator: “We were told that the negotiations for a Palestinian state will be a main goal for Obama. Netanyahu will be declared the main person responsible for the collapse of the peace process.” President Obama angered the Israelis in May 2011 when he expressed U.S. support for a future Palestinian state based on borders that existed before the 1967 Middle East war. (


Deborah Getz I'm offering this web site as an opportunity for everybody to continue to remember and support our enlisted loved ones. I invite you to submit a jpeg photo and a brief story of your fallen hero. By offering our stories, I believe we can begin to understand and appreciate our tremendous losses.

Enough Stonewalling & Scandals…Give Us Answers

Was Petraeus Sacrificed for Obama?

FBI Suppressed Petraeus Scandal FBI agents investigating CIA Director David Petraeus's affair were shocked when told by bureau officials that despite the national security implications, no action would be taken on their findings until after the presidential election: Only then would President Obama ask for Petraeus’ resignation. The White House claims President Obama and his national security advisors were first informed of the Petraeus' affair on Thursday, two days after the election. But the official timeline strains credulity. Senior FBI officials suppressed disclosure of the highly sensitive case, apparently to avoid embarrassment to Obama during his re-election campaign. Ronald Kessler reporting from Washington, D.C. —


Thank you !


November 7, 2012

Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way that you can quickly understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic . Someone over there has it figured out. It was translated into English from an article in the Prague newspaper, Prager Zeitungon .

This is a thank you note to a good man. Thank you for turning aside from a life of ease and security to run for the presidency against an incumbent. Thank you for enduring the slander of you, your family, and your faith perpetrated by a criminally negligent media. Thank you for calling things such as 'terrorism' by their right name. Thank for selecting Paul Ryan as vice presidential running mate.

“The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their President.�

Thank you -- and your lovely wife -- for demonstrating true love. Thank you for handling yourself with grace and equanimity in every situation. .

Thank you for your patriotism. Thank you for believing in America. It is to our eternal shame that America did not, in this time and place, believe in you.

Obama Wins Reelection With Highest Unemployment Rate Of Any President Since FDR

Checked by AVG - 6

Relief Fund Established for the Victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Tower Foundation is collecting money to help New York and New Jersey Hurricane Sandy victims directly. Stephen Siller was a firefighter who sacrificed his life on 9/11, and his brothers started The Tunnel to Tower Foundation to honor Stephen's example of service. They established a yearly run called Tunnel to Tunnel, because Stephen ran in full gear in the Battery Tunnel all the way into Manhattan and lost his life at Ground Zero. Due to the severe damage from Hurricane Sandy that continues to hurt the Northeast region, the Tunnel to Tower Foundation set up a special relief fund to help the New York and New Jersey Hurricane Sandy victims. All donations will benefit those that have been adversely impacted by the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy on the New York City and New Jersey coastlines. If you would like to donate checks should be made payable to the "T2T Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund" and can be sent to: Stephen Siller, Tunnel to Towers Foundation, 2361 Hylan Blvd., Staten Island, NY 10306

Major parts of ObamaCare will begin to take effect on Jan. 1, 2013.

Are you ready? Barring any new amendments, the massive new healthcare law dubbed “ObamaCare” is set to take full force in the next 12 to 18 months. Are you prepared for its sweeping changes to your healthcare and how it will affect individuals, seniors, small business, doctors and medical professionals and almost all Americans? As a matter of fact, ObamaCare’s numerous provisions will soon alter: • How much you pay for your health insurance, your medical treatment, and your prescription drugs . . . • The type and quality of healthcare you can expect to get in the near future . . . • Even your ability to get in to see your own doctor (or any healthcare provider, for that matter) . . . In fact, ObamaCare adds more than 30 million Americans to the healthcare rolls. The program will be a massive tidal wave and experts says it may even cause doctor and nurse shortages. And one study found that up to 40% of doctors are leaving practices due to the punitive regulations under ObamaCare. You could be facing health-threatening delays just to visit a doctor, as well as potentially substandard treatment — if you’re not careful. Plus, seniors in particular can expect alarming cuts to their Medicare benefits. That’s because ObamaCare literally robs Peter to pay Paul by cutting $716 billion from Medicare over the next decade to fund other services under Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Worse, the law puts Medicaid on parity with Medicare, a fact that will likely weaken Medicare! Given the election results, it is critically important you “be prepared” for these imminent changes – and plan on how to navigate the new law. Right now, millions of Americans are desperately scrambling for answers as the unsettling policies of ObamaCare begin to take hold. (NEWSMAX) ObamaCare will completely transform the healthcare system as we know it. In the process, ObamaCare will impact the life of each and every American including yours. We’ve heard all of the questions. How will ObamaCare affect my taxes and how high will they go? What will happen the next time I visit my doctor? What will ObamaCare mean to my existing insurance? Will I be forced to buy more coverage? The list goes on. The answers rest in the 2,700 pages of Obama’s intricate and sweeping legislation. Nicholas J. Tate, an award-winning journalist who has written extensively about health and consumer affairs issues, tackled the painstaking task of reading the massive document word for word. He extracted all of the vital details every American must know and included them in his latest book, the ObamaCare Survival Guide. His book is a mere 208 pages. And it’s not dense with complex legal speak. It is written in a very easy-to-follow and easy-to-understand language. The ObamaCare Survival Guide is the first and best road map for you to understand the new law. Every American is affected by ObamaCare — making this book essential for you and your family. This book will likely be the most important book you read this year.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES ARRWF MEETING MINUTES NOV., 2012 Dee Jacobson, Recording Secretary 12-2 12-6 12-10 12-18 12-19 12-25 12-29 12/31 12-31

Rikki Johnson Dolores Jacobson Deborah Johns Bethel Fogarty Linda Streeper Bonnie Williams Diane Schachterle Shirley Anderson Dolores Earley

HOT LINKS Important websites to help you stay informed.  REPUBLICAN IN CONGRESS::  CALIFORNIA POLITICAL NEWS & VIEWS:  LEGAL: Pacific Justice Institute;;  FAMILY ISSUES: California Family Council;  WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Thomas Del Beccaro;  MOVE AMERICA FORWARD:

REMINDER 2013 Membership Renewals are due Jan. 1st.

President Bonnie Williams called the meeting to order. Dee Jacobson gave the Invocation and Joyce Ledwith led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes of October 13th and the Treasurer's Report were approved as received. President Williams announced the slate of Officers for next year. Officers are as follows: President: Bonnie Williams; 1st Vice President: Debra Johns; 2nd Vice President: Diane Schachterle; 3rd Vice President, Geneive Mann; Treasurer, Beth Fogarty; Recording Secretary, Dee Jacobson; Corresponding Secretary, Janet Mercer. All members approved the slate of officers for the upcoming year. President Bonnie Williams thanked the members that volunteered to register voters. She said that Melanie Williams was out registering voters every weekend these last several months. There are only a small number of members doing this important job from our Club and she commended them for their hard work. Even so, she said, we registered almost 700 applications. She said more members need to step up to help us; we need additional people to devote three hours once a month, for this effort. She said the Republican Party failed us because they did not come out and vote. We watched a film about our American flag, telling about the original flag and the changes that have come about in its appearance with the addition of more states, and how to retire the flag. We were shown how to show reverence to our flag and how to salute the flag. Two of our members, Shirley Dickson and Irene Potter, represent our Club, and two members of the American Legion have gone to several schools with them, showing this film and the proper steps in retiring the flag to fifth and sixth grade classes. Our Club presents a small flag and a booklet of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to the school and Dan Lungren furnishes a booklet on the flag. Ron Hawn and Dick Bohrer from the American Legion Hall then demonstrated the folding of the flag and what it means. The flag is then presented to a surviving parent of those in the military who have lost their lives. President Williams asked each member to bring to our next meeting in December an unwrapped toy for young children or something for teenagers who are in need for our Christmas project. We ended our meeting with our usual Opportunity Drawing.



The charter for Folsom Republican Women Federated was signed on December, 2003. The first Luncheon/Meeting was held at Lake Natoma Inn January, 2004. The name was changed to American River Republican Women Federated on January 27, 2005. We are proud of our three Diamond Awards, as well as numerous other awards received over the last six years. Our Luncheon/Meetings are held on the second Saturday for months of September through May . June, July and August are down months for Meetings. During this time a Garage Sale is held as a fund raiser. We also continue to register voters and visit the VA Hospital. During election years, members walk precincts, make phones calls, and help candidates when requested. We have been honored to have Congressmen, Assemblymen, State Senators, Sacramento County Sheriffs, Board of Equalization Members as Speakers at the monthly Luncheons.


Our club is happy to welcome new members and we look forward to their contributing skills and dedication in sharing our great cause and core beliefs. With their help we can be confident in returning our nation to its conservative base in 2012. Your membership in ARRWF offers you: Regular monthly educational meetings stimulating and informative speakers, a monthly newsletter, varied activities and interesting committees, an opportunity to become involved. Ladies, let’s reach out and bring more members to our club! Bring a friend or two or three to the next luncheon! Membership dues for 2012 are $30.00 for members and $15.00 for associate members.


Please cut out and bring to every meeting the “Box Tops for Education" found on General Mills products and Campbell Soup labels


Clothing Donations Needed for homeless children in the Folsom area schools. Soda can tabs go to Ronald McDonalds House. Cell phones are for soldiers to buy calling cards. General Mills & Campbell Soup coupons are for schools to buy supplies.


To all of our members who have been ill, hospitalized, or unable to make it to our luncheons recently for various reasons, we want you to know that you are in our thoughts. If you know of a member who needs some ARRW’s sunshine sent their way, please contact Corresp. Sectry. Janet Mercer, 916-983-7676


Volunteers needed to visit our Veterans at the Mather Verteerans Hospital. Your help is appreciated and deserved by our wounded heros. Don’t miss this opportunity to give back to our soldiers. Contact: Barbara Parker (916-560-3765).


Our Club has 3 Federal scholarships available. For more information, contact: Joyce Ledwith at

VOTER REGISTRATION: experience necessary! McKenney.

Your help is needed to register voters. Get involved. No If you would like to volunteer, please contact Riki Anderson or Iola

WELCOME NEW MEMBER A membership in ARRWF offers you: Regular monthly educational meetings stimulating and informative speakers, a monthly newsletter, varied activities and interesting committees, an opportunity to become involved.

A me ric OPPORTUNITYan DRAWINGS Ri Thank You Ladies For Your Generous Participation:ve Bonnie Williams r Melanie Williams Pam Monroe Re Shirley Dickson Irene Potter pu Beth Fogarty Joyce Ledwith bli Dee Jacobson Genevieve Mann ca Clydene Leslie n W IN OUR PRAYERS o me  Our U.S. Troops n  Government Leaders  Economic Recovery Fe  

Homeless & Jobless Peace in Middle East

Wishing the wonderful and hard-working members of the ARRWF a blessed and joyous Christmas Holiday. For all you do, we are truly grateful. Bil & Bonnie Williams


AMERICAN RIVER REPUBLICAN WOMEN) I am a registered Republican and would like to join the American River Republican Women Federated For 2013. _____ Annual Membership dues are $30.00; _____ Associate Membership dues are $15.00; Please direct any membership questions to the ARRWF Officers listed on front page.

NAME:________________________________________________________________________________ STREET:_____________________________________________________________________________ Make Checks Payable to: ARRWF

Make CITY:___________________________________________STATE:______ZIP:_____________________ Checks Payable to ARRWF. Mail to: Bethel Fogarty, 8367 Hidden Valley Circle, Fair Oaks, CA 95628 PHONE:______________________________E-MAIL:_________________________________________

I would like to: ____ Work on a campaign; _____ Register voters; BIRTHDAY:

______ Other;

(Month & Day) _________/_________

Make Checks Payable to ARRWF. Mail to: Bethel Fogarty, 8367 Hidden Valley Circle, Fair Oaks, CA 95628



American River Republican Women Federated Nov. 2012 Newsletter  

Nov. 2012 Newsletter

American River Republican Women Federated Nov. 2012 Newsletter  

Nov. 2012 Newsletter