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UK Ice Skater 2014 Olympic Winter Games Preview

Movies on Ice

A look at skating in Hollywood

David King talks preparing for Olympics and proposing to Stacey

Meet New CEO of NISA

CEO discusses his plans

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British Adult Championships British Solo Dance Championships British Figure and Synchro Championships Speed Skating Ice Shows Skate UK videos

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Editor’s Letter

Welcome to....

UK Ice Skater


hen I sat down to plan the first edition of the UK Ice Skater I thought about all the things I experienced in my nine and half years of ice-skating and what the next generation of skaters would want to read about and need to know. British skaters don’t get exposed to very many of the skating stars and when asked who they are looking forward to watching in the Olympics, they can’t seem to think of one single name. The only skaters they know are Olympic champions from 1984, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. The older skaters have role models, like Ashley Wagner and Carolina Kostner. But the younger ones do not have a skater to look up to, because they don’t know any of them. This is very sad. I grew up watching Michelle Kwan. I still remember her winning her first US National medal in 1994 and then on to her nine US titles, five World titles and silver and bronze Olympic medals. This generation’s skaters need skaters to look up to. This is where the UK Ice Skater comes in. Each month I will feature top skaters on the cover, inform skaters on the inner workings of their sport, keep them up date with the latest news in the skating world and showcase young, up and coming skaters. To begin with I have chosen top British pairs team, with an exclusive interview with David King. Ice-skaters can get to know him a little bit better with his interview discussing Olympic preparations and his relationship with pairs partner and fiancee, Stacey. To help young skaters get to know the skating stars I have done an Olympic preview introducing the possible contenders for the 2014 Winter Games. I hope young skaters will learn a lot and enjoy each issue and I hope older skaters will also get a lot out of the UK Ice Skater magazine. I hope you enjoy the first issue and I look forward to being your source for UK skating.

Mandy Carr Editor in Chief

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UK Ice Skater September Cover Stories 8 2014 Olympic Winter Games Preview 16 David King Talks preparing for Olympics and proposing to Stacey 21 Meet new CEO of NISA CEO discusses his plans 22 Movies on ice A look at skating in Hollywood

News 6 NISA in the process of changing 6 Rankings 7 How athletes earn a place on the GB Olympic team 7 Skaters to gain a NVQ qualification in sports performance 7 Competitors receive funding

Inside a skater’s training 11 Next stop: British Championships Whitley Bay ice skater, Anna Mullen, discusses her training routine

Profile 12 Just for the love of skating Whitley Bay ice skater, Jade Brown, talks about her love of skating after 19 years

Interview 14 Disney skater lives his dream Disney on Ice skater competes at British Championships before turning professional

Spotlight on Junior Competition 26 A community of aspiring champions Whitley Bay skaters show their skills at their Annual competition

Professional Skating 15 Shows to look forward to when the competitions end

Inside Skating 28 The revitalized Skate UK program The 10 stages and requirements for each stage 29 The New Team Event at the Winter Games The Team Trophy enables skaters to win more than one Olympic medal 29 Adults in the UK are heading to the ice rink Adult skating is becoming popular and NISA is working hard promoting adult skating Every Month 30 Music to skate to 30 What to read this month 31 Listings 33 What have your favorite skaters been up to? 34 Social Skating September 2013 UK Ice Skater 5

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News News September 2013

NISA in the process of changing Great Britain is modernizing they way they do ice-skating to qualify for funding and produce stars like Torvill and Dean once again. But first the board has to settle their differences to approve the change.


he National Ice Skating Association (NISA) is in the process of modernizing its constitution in hopes of qualifying for government funding. The current NISA constitution structure does not follow good practice in accordance to UK Sport, Sport England and sports councils. This means that NISA does not qualify for funding, which is why they want to change the constitution in order to receive additional finance for ice-skating. There was a meeting held on May 18, 2013 to discuss the changes. The meeting saw a majority vote in favor of the new articles and rules, but the requirement of 75% of voting members was not achieved. NISA is proposing another meeting to be held Saturday, September 14, 2013. Voting

members will be sent a formal notice. During the next meeting the Board will encourage all members to agree to the changes. Here is the list of proposed new Articles and Rules: 1. Directors with an interest in an ice rink or other commercial enterprise related to ice-skating can not be elected for office of director and cannot be seconded as a director on the board. 2. The Board can use their discretionary

Rankings as of July 29, 2013

right to remove a member of the board if they have committed a criminal offence, or is associated with someone who has committed a criminal offence that will damage the reputation of NISA and where safeguarding concerns have been raised against a member. A member is entitled to representation in front of the board and will be given notice. To see the full report of the proposed change of rules and articles visit: http://

Only skaters that requested and submitted their scores will be included in this list: Novice Ladies: 1 Ania Weglicka 2 Bethan Whiteman 3 Abby Green 4 Anna Litvinenko 5 Charlie Anderson 6 Lucy Merrilees 7 Genevieve Somerville 8 Sophie Waring 9 Rebecca Gillespie 10 Nicola Brannen 11 Molly Mitchell-Knight 12 Anna Mullen 13 Abbie Robertson 14 Blue Bates-Cambridge 15 Britney Cooper 16 Chloe Howe 17 Grace Boland 18 Lucy Forrest 19 Ellie Markey 20 Lucy Silvey 21 Lizzie Key 22 Kathryn Bradley 23 Stephanie Hewitt

Novice Men: 1 Luke Digby 2 Oliver Parrington-Tyler 3 James Horrocks 4 Christopher Bland 5 Ruaridh Fisher 6 Sam Tudgay 7 Peter Beaumont Junior Ladies: 1 Danielle Harrison 2 Caitlin Gilmore 3 Saskia Koulikova 4 Bethan Whiteman 5 Bryony Corrigan 6 Gemma Fergusson 7 Summer Williams 8 Maxine Yu 9 Victoria Jackson 10 Laura Crawford 11 Alice Hopkinson 12 Bernadette Quah 13 Millie Smith 14 Katie Bailie 15 Chloe Fowler 16 Amber Ferguson 17 Amy Harmer 18 Kershia Broughton

19 Stacey Nicholson 20 Megan Johnson Junior Men: 1 Peter Hallam 2 Harry Andrews 3 Joshua Cowell 4 Anthony Currie

Senior Ladies: 1 Danielle Harrison 2 Caitlin Gilmore 3 Frances Howell 4 Michelle Callison 5 Ashley Mitchell 6 Kelly Harrison 7 Lauren Mackessack-Leitch 8 Anastasia Vinnikova 9 Rowena Mackessack-Leitch 10 Jodie Adderley 11 Jessica Roebuck Senior Men: 1 Lewis Gibson

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How athletes earn a place on Olympic Great Britain Team

The NISA selection policy for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. THE National Ice-skating Association (NISA) has devised a selection policy in order to pick the best of UK skaters for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Skaters nominated to represent Team GB will be selected based on their performance in the 2013-2014 ISU international competitions, the 2013 British Championships and the 2013 ISU World Championships. The skater must also have received the minimum Total Technical Element Score by December 2, 2013, which are: Men (SP) 25,000 and (FS), Ladies (SP) 20,000 and (FS) 36,000, Pairs (SP) 20,000 and (FS) 36,000 and Ice Dancing (SD) 18,000 and (FD) 28,000. The Timeline for selection of skaters for

Skaters to gain NVQ in sports performance

Young skaters will now get the opportunity to become apart of a national educational sports program to aid them in their future. The Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE), a sports program providing training and development for young people aged 16-19, is now being introduced to the world of ice-skating. This program will be available to 12 skaters each year and covers

Team GB: December 2, 2013: Meeting of the NISA Figure Skating Selection Panel. Chairman of selection panel makes recommendation of nomination of skaters to NISA Board. December 3, 2013: Skaters nominated will be informed by email, phone or letter. December 10, 2013: Final day to appeals under the NISA Skaters Appeals process. December 20, 2013: Deadline for Appeals panel to decide on appeals. December 20, 2013: NISA Board, if necessary, is to reconvene and make revised nominations of skaters. December 21, 2013: NISA gives nominations to British Olympic Association. January 2, 2014: Deadline for British Olym-

technical and tactical skills, career planning, coaching, lifestyle management and nutrition. Skaters will receive a qualification of a Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Achieving Excellence in Sports Performance. This program can take between six and 24 months to complete. More than 2,500 athletes are apart of the program and more than 20 sports. Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Rebecca Adlington, Olympic bronze medal diving star, Tom Daley, and Arsenal and England midfielder, Jack Wilshere, have taken part in AASE. NISA will select the skaters to participate in the program and they will take part in an induction day this month.

pic Association to agree to nominations. January 22, 2014: Sport entry deadline for Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. January 24, 2014: Delegation Registration meeting for Sochi 2014 Winter Games. To see the full policy go to:

Competitors receive funding

Funding has been a problem for UK skaters, but thanks to a new scheme from the National Ice-skating Association (NISA) that will start to change. Six skaters will receive funding for the next three years. NISA’s new scheme, the Young Rising Star Development Award, will support young, up and coming ice-skaters who NISA believes have the potential to become international medalists. The Athlete Development Legacy Fund finances the new scheme for skaters.

Sixteen applications were received and six skaters were chosen to receive £1,000 per year until July 2016. The skaters who were chosen include, number one and two in the Junior Ladies national rankings, Danielle Harrison, 13, and Caitlin Gilmore, 14, number one in the Advanced Novice Men’s national rankings, Luke Digby, 12, and Joshua Brown, 13. Ice dancing partners, Mia Jowitt, 13, and Peter Beaumont, 11 were also chosen for this award. September 2013 UK Ice Skater 7

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2014 XXII Olympic Winter Games: Sochi, Russia Preview

Skating’s elite will battle it out on the Olympic stage


he 2014 Winter Olympics are right around the corner and ice-skating is one of the most popular sports during the Winter Games. There have been so many memorable moments from the Olympics over the years. At the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean skated a perfect program to earn themselves 6’s across the board in the technical and artistic categories. Joanna Cassidy, 26, from Wickham, skates at Whitley Bay Ice Rink and started skating because of Torvill and Dean. Rebecca Brown, 16, from Newcastle, who also skates at Whitley Bay Ice Rink, still loves Torvill and Dean because “it shows Britain off”. Neither of these girls were even alive when Torvill and Dean won their Olympic gold medal, but England still remembers their amazing performance. The 1988 Calgary Olympics saw the Battle of the two Brains: American Brian Boitano and Canadian Brian Orser. They were both World champions and went into the free skate basically tied. Boitano landed eight triple jumps, including two triple axels and a triple-triple combination. Orser did not attempt the second triple axel he had planned in his routine, and by only a slight margin Boitano was awarded the gold medal. At the last Winter Games, pairs skating team of China, Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao, returned to competition for the 2009-10 Olympic season, at the ages of 32 and 36 years old. Their performance wasn’t flawless, but they had such beauty and grace on the ice that they took home the gold medal. At the 2006 Torino Olympics Sasha Cohen of the US had a disastrous warm-up, then fell on her first two jumps of the program. She fought her way back to skate magnificently and win the silver medal. These are just the beginning of so many great Olympic moments. The 2014 Olympic Winter Games is sure to bring more great moments and the skaters of the Whitley Bay Ice Skating Club talk about what they are looking forward to about the upcoming Olympics:

Joanna Cassidy/ 26 /Wickham “When I was little I wasn’t really into ice-skating, but now that I’m really into it I watched footage. There was one piece of footage, I can’t remember who. There was a girl, and I’m not kidding, she was brilliant but she did a sit spin right at the end of her program and she fell and it must have been so embarrassing, but she got up and was like (Cassidy posed and smiled). That’s quite inspiring if you mess it up at the end you can still be like, well I’ve done the rest of it.” “That’s inspired me because it’s like even if you do mess up people keep going. That’s important in Olympic spirit.” Yasmine Middleton/ 12 /Ashington Yasmine says she likes all the skaters.

“I like watching how they do their edges and spins, because I’m not that good on my edges and I know how I can improve them by watching how they do it when they are higher up.”

Rachel Jefferson/ 18 /Bedlington Rachel is looking forward to watching Viktoria Helgesson, a Swedish figure skater, fourtime Nordic champion and six-time Swedish National champion. While Rachel is looking forward to watching Viktoria, she believes Kim Yu Na, a South Korean figure skater, current Olympic champion and two-time World champion, will retain her Olympic title. “I enjoyed watching Kim Yu Na when she performed to Les Miserables at last year’s World Championships.” “If you look at them and see the performance and how they do the presentation, I think that it helps our own skating.” Ruby Stephenson/ 11 /Newcastle “I don’t know any of the names but I’m looking forward to watching everyone to be honest.”

“I like watching the pairs because it’s amazing when they throw the people in the air and catch them.”

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Here are the potential contenders for the upcoming Olympic Winter Games: Women’s Figure Skaters Kim Yu Na of South Korea is the current Olympic champion and World champion, and five-time Korean national champion. She has also been on the World Championship podium many times with two gold, two silver and two bronzes. If Yu Na performs well on the night she can win the whole thing.

Photobucket. com/mimi703

Carolina Kostner of Italy is a World champion, five-time European champion and seven-time Italian national champion. She is a very elegant skater, but without a triple lutz in her bag of tricks it’s hard to compete at the difficulty level at international competitionsconsistently, but with a World title under her belt she proves it can be done. Mao Asada of Japan is a two-time World champion, Olympic silver medalist and sixtime Japanese national champion. She is one of the few women that can land a triple axel in competition and the main rival for Kim Yu Na defending her Olympic title. Ashley Wagner of the US is the first woman since Michelle Kwan to defend her US national title. Kwan won eight US national titles in a row and nine in total and no other woman has been able to accomplish this since. Wagner made a breakthrough in US women skating when she was able to successfully defend her title this year. She placed 4th in 2012 and 5th this year at the World Championships. To land a medal at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games she will need to skate a clean long program to compete against Kim Yu Na and Mao Asada.

Men’s Figure Skaters wilerchie

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Patrick Chan of Canada is three-time World champion, seven-time Canadian national champion and placed fifth at the last Olympics. His last two World titles have been questioned because he made mistakes in his long program both times. Even with mistakes, he has proven to be a contender at the international level.

Photobucket. com/lynnanderson

Daisuke Takahashi of Japan is a World champion, two-time World silver medalist, five-time Japanese national champion, Olympic bronze medalist and has grace on the ice like no other man at the moment. He had a disappointing sixth place finish at the World Championships this year, but still has the artistic ability and difficulty level to be a real contender at the 2014 Winter Games.

Pairs’ Figure Skaters

Aliona Savchenko from Ukraine and Robin Szolkowy from Germany are a pairs team that compete for Germany and have won four World titles, four European titles and an Olympic bronze medal. They love to entertain the crowd on the ice with programs that are as difficult as they are entertaining. In 2011 they skated to the Pink Panther theme.

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov of Russia are the current World champions, two-time World silver medalist, two-time European champions and two-time Russian national champions. They have only been skating together for three years. They skated an almost flawless program to win their first World title this year.

Ice Dancing’s Figure Skaters

Meryl Davis and Charlie White of the US are the current World champions and won every competition they entered this year. They’ve won the World Championships twice, are five-time national champions and Olympic silver medalist. They head into the Winter Games next year at the top. may-sunshine nathanderthal

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada are the current Olympic champions, two-time World champions and five-time Canadian national champions. They were the first ice dancing team to receive a mark of 10.0 under the ISU judging system and have received more 10.0’s than any other figure skater or dance team.

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Inside a skater’s training

Next stop: British Championships


Check out Anna’s training regime

Anna is working hard on and off the ice in two different countries to reach her dream of skating at the British Championships.


Whitley Bay ice-skater trains not just at the Whitley Bay Ice Rink, but also at the Dundee ice rink in Scotland, with the top coaches in the UK. Anna Mullen, 13, a novice level skater, trains with Simon and Debie Briggs at the Dundee Ice Arena, who also coach women’s ten-time British National champion, Jenna McCorkell. Anna is training for the British National Championships in November. This will be the first time she will compete at the national championships. Her training routine varies between Whitley Bay and Dundee. “When I go to Scotland it will be seven days a week, when I train at Whitley Bay about six days a week, about an hour or two hours a day. So not that much a session, but everyday,” Anna said. In the holidays Anna will practice a bit more. She finishes school at four, so she can’t be at the rink for the first patch session, but in the holidays she can come to the first patch. Anna has five lessons at Whitley Bay and

“When I went to Dundee last week for the week Simon, he put me in the harness and it helped me a bit, and then Sunday in the competition I tried, but I think it was a bit under rotated.”

four lessons at Dundee. She also has about six group lessons a week, which includes on and off ice training for technique, flexibility and core work. “On the ice we use bands and weights, it's a technique they use up there,” she said of training at Dundee. “At Dundee you do a lot of back to back programs to improve your fitness, so you do a program and then you do another one straight away,” she added. Anna also skates pairs with a coach at Whitley Bay Ice Rink, John Hayes. They are at a level six and their goal is to compete at the British Championships at the Junior level. Anna and John have four lessons a week at Whitley Bay. Not only has Anna trained in England and Scotland, she has also trained in Poland. “When I went to Poland to train with an Olympic competitor coach, she gave me some edges, so I normally just do those to warmup,” Anna said. The coach she trained with was Anna Rechnio, three-time Polish national champion, and Rechnio competed in two Olympic Games. Most skaters will then move on to spins, but Anna does jumps then spins because she prefers jumps to spins. “I don’t enjoy them, I’m not flexible,” she said of her dislike of spins. She said she usually only practices the spins that are in her program, but she is stretching and trying to practice harder variations to get higher marks in competitions.

Mullen “When I go to Scotland it will be seven days a week, when I train at Whitley Bay about six days a week, about an hour or two hours a day. So not that much a session, but everyday.” Currently Anna is working on landing her double axel. “When I went to Dundee last week for the week, Simon, he put me in the harness and it helped me a bit. And then Sunday in the competition I tried, but I think it was a bit under rotated,” she said of the Whitley Bay Annual competition on July 14. Besides for on ice training, Anna also has an intense off ice training program. At Dundee she does core work on Saturdays from six to seven. The Whitley Bay skater does press-ups, sit ups and also jumps on benches where she has to hold her chest up. Anna use to do yoga and pilates, but about three months ago she suffered from a back injury that she is still recovering from. She doesn’t know what caused the injury, but she thinks it has something to do with not stretching before going on the ice. Anna is looking forward to the British Championships and hoping to do her best, but she doesn’t have a goal for placement. She said: “It’s my first time and I’m just hoping to be apart of it.”

September 2013 UK Ice Skater 11

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Just forthe love ofskating

Even after 19 years and a shake of confidence, Jade still loves to ice skate and can’t see a day when she will no longer be skating.


ne of Whitley Bay’s ice skater’s spins can be compared to Olympic Champion, Kim Yu Na, and Olympic silver medalist, Sasha Cohen. Her spins are fast and perfectly positioned, her pleaded ponytail can be seen in a blur. Her leggings are perfect for seeing the different positions she gets into, from camel spin to sit spin. Jade Brown, 24, from Cullercoat’s favorite spin is the layback. Her slender body arches back into a gorgeous layback and she also performs the Biellmann spin very elegantly. When Jade was young she was picked out of hundreds of children to take part in one of Jayne Trovill and Christopher Dean’s shows. “I can’t remember too much as I think I was only eight, but I remember my number being called after the audition and being so excited that I’d been picked out of hundreds of kids to take part in their show. I was the youngest out of the group that was picked,” Jade said. When she was young she skated in a lot of competitions around the country, but then when she was about 12 years old she sat her level seven test and failed. She put in for a resit, but it took about a year, because according to Jade, she doesn’t know why, but the higher level tests take a while to come through at Whitley Bay. She was told that if she didn’t completely rotate her jumps she wouldn’t pass. This broke her confidence and she didn’t sit another test for about eight years. The Whitley Bay skater finally passed the test on the third attempt. Jade has been skating for 19 years and even with the shake of confidence, she still loves the sport. “It’s fun. I’ve always enjoyed it. It’s just something I’ve always done and think I always will do. I’ve always had good friends through skating and when I skate, nothing else matters,” Jade said. “I love it because it’s always a challenge and it lets me escape the world,” she added. She skates about six patch sessions a week and has four lessons a week, but skates the odd session too. She also works in the shop at the rink. She’s been working there for about ten years. Her mom use to work there and Jade helped out and eventually she got offered more shifts. Her mom was also the one that got her into skating. Jade’s mom went skating with one of her friends and then brought Jade with her once, and Jade really took to the ice and has been skating ever since. Recently she skated at the Whitley Bay Ice Skating Club Annual Competition and won The Co-op Cup and The Aztec Print cup in adult categories. The cups are named after the person

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Courtesy of Jade Brown

8/22/13 3:28 AM

Photo by Mandy Carr

Photo by Mandy Carr

From left to right clockwise: Jade performing a Biellmann spin, at Whitley Bay ice rink, in a blur during a sit spin, executing an exquisite camel spin, performing a spread eagle, winning the The Aztec Print cup at the Whitley Bay Annual Ice Skating competition.

Photo by Mandy Carr

or organization that donates money for the cup and eachmcategory has a different cup. “I’ve not really ventured into the adult side of skating yet, but from what I have heard, it’s very relaxed and social. There doesn’t seem to be the competitiveness of junior skating,” Jade said. She hopes to compete in the upcoming British Adult Championships in June. “If I do the British I hope I can skate clean and hopefully win!” Jade said. When Jade is skating she thinks about trying to improve everything. “I’m trying to get all my jumps rotated in competition, that will get me higher marks,” Jade said. She has met other skaters besides Trovill and Dean over the years, including Robin Cousins, British 1980 Olympic Champion, Nicky Slater, British Olympian ice dancer and European Bronze medalist, John and Sinead Kerr, British Olympian ice dancers and two-time European bronze medalists, Alexander Abt, Russian Olympian and two-time European medalist, Michal Brezina from Czech Republic, European bronze medalist and Josh Helgesson the current Swedish national champion. Jade attended the 2012 European Championships in Sheffield: “It was amazing, so inspiring to be near so many amazing skaters. I was quite star struck seeing the likes of Joubert, Kostner and Plushenko,” Jade said. “We watched all the events! Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat were good to watch, their interpretation and expression is always good,” Jade added.

ice-skating mag.indd 13

Photo by Mandy Carr

Courtesy of Jade Brown

Pechalat and Bourzat are French ice dancers, World bronze medalist and two-time European champions. “Carolina Kostner was flawless, she made everything look so easy and neat,” Jade said. This was the year that Kostner of Italy won her fourth European title. “The best thing was meeting Javier Fernandez and getting a picture with him! He’s definitely my favorite,” Jade said. Fernandez, of Spain, is the current European champion and World bronze medalist. She also met Viktoria Helgesson of Sweden, Kevin van der Perren of Belgium and Kim Lucine of France, at the Europeans. She enjoyed watching all of these skaters, but the skater she looks up to his two-time US champion, Ashley Wagner, who is the first woman since Michelle Kwan in 2005 to successfully defend her title. “She’s always consistent, every thing’s always polished,” Jade said. You can see a little bit of Ashley in Jade’s skating. Jade also likes her skating to be polished and works hard at accomplishing this. If Jade was a better jumper, she could have made it far.

September 2013 UK Ice Skater 13 8/22/13 3:28 AM


Disney skater lives his dream

Callum Leach

performs in ‘100 Years of Magic’, but achieved his dream of competing at the British Championships before he turned professional.


young Disney on Ice skater was about to quit skating when he received the chance to fulfill his dream of competing at the British Championships. Callum Leach, 21, from Newcastle, didn’t qualify for the British Championships at the junior level in 2011, but was formally invited by the National Ice-skating Association (NISA) to compete at the competition. The association believed that he would be able to perform well, even though he didn’t receive the marks to qualify for the competition. This was his last chance to live his dream because the cut of age to compete at the junior level is 19, and he was 19 years old. At the time he wasn’t even training because he was about to stop skating.

14 ice-skating mag.indd 14

“I actually was about to give up skating before that because it was my dream to skate at the nationals,” Callum said. Callum tried for three years to qualify for the British Championships. The year before he could have potentially qualified, but one of his jumps was deducted. He was very happy to have achieved his goal of competing at the British Championships.

“I actually was about to give up skating before that because it was my dream to skate at the nationals.”

“It was an amazing experience,” Callum said. “I had so much expectations for the nationals that when I was there I did notice a lack in atmosphere, although, I was so excited that I did not even think about that. I had the most fun I ever did at a competition,” he added. He placed 7th and thinks there was about 10 skaters in his group. He was only invited to compete a month beforehand. Callum had to take time off work to get back into training. Now that he has competed at the junior level, the senior level is not out of the question. “My dream is still to compete at the senior level, maybe in high standard events internationally. I never set myself an Olympic dream because I sort of dealt with the fact that it was out of reach,” Callum said. According to Callum, it’s hard to get to the Olympics in the UK because of lack of funding for skaters. There hasn’t been a British man competing at the Olympics in the past decade. Before he cut down his training, because he

thought his dream would never come true, he was skating five days a week. Callum trained Monday nights, Tuesday mornings, Thursday nights and Saturday and Sunday mornings. “On my days off I missed it,” Callum said. He also did yoga, weights, stretching, pilates and core work everyday. After all of the training and the competitions, the time had come for Callum to move on to performing in shows. “I decided it was time for shows as I was not enjoying the competitive side and wanted a change in skating and lifestyle,” Callum said. He now skates for Disney on Ice. He’s been performing in Disney on Ice a “100 Years of Magic” for a year and half and is back home on holiday now. “My practice is the same. I am still pushing myself to be the best I can be,” he said. Callum added: “Since I started skating I always loved competing. At the same time I always knew in the back of my head that shows were where my main passion was.”

8/22/13 3:28 AM

Professional skating

Shows to look forward to when the competitions end I

t’s inevitable that your competition days will come to an end. You might be lucky and that day will come after numerous national titles and international medals, and maybe even competing at the Olympics. If that happens, you could be invited to perform with other champions on Stars on Ice. Even if you don’t make it to the Olympics you could still be invited to perform in the Stars on Ice tour and there are other great shows to choose from. From Disney on Ice to an award winning show in Blackpool to a famous ice show in Idaho, USA. Here are some of the shows you could perform in when your competing days are over:

Stars on Ice

Champions have been performing in the Stars on Ice tour for 27 years. The show has featured stars such as Olympic champions Dorothy Hamill, Tara Lipinski, Ekaterina Gordeeva and Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. Olympic medalists Sasha Cohen, Joannie Rochette, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, and Chen Lu have also toured with the show. Stars on Ice has also featured British skaters: eight time British champion, Steven Cousins and seven time British Champions, Sinead and John Kerr.

Disney on Ice Disney on Ice, as anything Disney comes out with, is very popular with numerous shows touring at one time. Currently Disney is putting on ‘Rockin’ Ever After’, ‘Passport to Adventure’, ‘Princess and Heroes’, ‘Let’s Celebrate’, ‘Dare to Dream’, ‘Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey’ and ‘Worlds of Fantasy’. These shows are performed all over the world. Some of the countries include the UK, the US, Canada, Spain, France, Japan, Denmark and Belgium.

Sun Valley on Ice The Sun Valley Resort debuted its new ice show this year on July 4. The show ran through to Labor Day, September 2. The show features Olympians and world-class skaters while guests dine al fresco at the Sun Valley Lodge Terrace buffet or watch the show from outdoor seating. The show’s core skaters include US Champion Ryan Bradley and US Champion and Olympian Jeremy Barrett paired with Natalia Zaitseva, among others. World and US champion, Kimmie Meissner was also featured on August 24 and World Bronze medalists and three-time US Champion, Johnny Weir appeared on August 31. The Sun Valley on Ice show in Idaho is a famous show that has featured skating stars like Olympic champion, Ukrainian, Oksana Baiul, two-time Olympic champion, German, Katarina Witt, and Olympic silver medalist, American, Sasha Cohen.

Hot Ice show

This award winning ice show in Blackpool at the Pleasure Beach Arena features 28 of the best performers around the world, including Ukrainian national champion, Andy Bekh, and Dancing on Ice star Katie Stainsby. This show includes over 400 stunning costumes with music, state of the art lighting system and explosive pyrotechnic fire effects. Hot on Ice won the “Best Show” award at the Big E awards in Las Vegas.

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Shooting for theOlympic flame, again

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r ic

avid King

Cover Story

David King and Stacey are the top British pairs team

and this year they want to be named top ten in the World.


hile other pairs teams are playing it safe for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, top British pairs team, David King and Stacey Kemp, are not. “I know a lot of teams are playing safe this year with the music picks and with the programs and we just want to go out there and do something a bit different,” David said. David, 29, and Stacey, 25, competed at the 2010 Winter Games where they placed 16th. This time around they want to break the top 10. “We’ve been hanging around there for the last couple of years and we just want to go out there and really blast our programs,” David said. They’ve already started preparing for the Winter Games. At the end of July they competed in the Skate Detroit competition in the US, which is really early. Considering the teams that competed in the World Championships, their season didn’t end until May. At the end of August they competed in Sheffield at the IJS event, which is an event that skaters receive early season monitoring from the National Ice-skating Association (NISA). David and Stacey will be competing in the Nebelhorn Trophy competition this month, which is an Olympic qualifying event in Oberstdorf, Germany. “We are way ahead of the game at the moment and just trying to really be prepared, be organized, get the programs feeling strong and smooth and get our elements how we’d like to do them,” David said. “Just trying to stay one step ahead at the moment,” he added. David and Stacey have had two coach changes since the last Olympics. In 2011 they moved from Poland to Tampa Bay, Florida to train at the Ellenton Ice and Sports Complex. They felt that Poland had run it’s

course and after their training teammates moved and started skating in shows, they didn’t have any motivation. They picked Tampa Bay because they had worked with all the coaches previously and were good friends with a few of the Olympic athletes who trained there. Then last season they changed their primary coach from Jeremy Barrett, US pairs champion and Olympian, to Lyndon Johnston, pairs World silver medalist and Olympian. Jeremy had moved from the area and started skating in shows. They are very happy with their current coach. “He’s great. Lyndon’s brilliant, he works us hard and he knows his stuff. So you can’t really ask for anymore,” David said. They’ve made their elements stronger than last year.

their programs before getting on the ice. According to David, they do a lot of lifts before getting on the ice, because the lifts are a lot more dangerous when performing them on the ice. “We’ve been trying to add difficulty to the lifts as well, just cause it seems at the moment the pairs are really trying to do many strange things to get noticed,” David said. David and Stacey practice on the ice until two and then have a full work out in the gym from two to three. David said they alternate between cardio and weights through the week. This season they are skating to a Beatles medley for their free skate, which includes “Eleanor Rigby”, “Imagine” and “Hey Jude”. “That actually came about because of the nostalgia from last year. Paul McCartney did

“Everything’s got a lot more confidence, different positions in the lifts, just adding more difficulty. Just fine details really and the twist we’re trying to get a full catch on it for extra difficulty,” David said. “We’ve got a difficult jump sequence that we’re doing this year we’ve never done before,” David added. David and Stacey train Monday through Friday, eight to three. Their off ice training has doubled since they moved from Poland. Before they get on the ice they do either dance or some kind of lift warm-up. They go through the different grades of lifts and perfect the four lifts that they perform in

the Jubilee and he did the Olympics and just the aftermath of that I thought, we’ve got to roll with this,” David said. “I love the Beatles anyways and Stacey loves the Beatles,” he added. They picked Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, a Russian composer, for their short program, because of the Olympics taking place in Sochi next year. Olympic champion, British skater, John Curry’s former coach, Alison Smith, works with David and Stacey on their jump techniques and with picking music. David, Stacey and Alison bounce ideas off of each other when coming up with music for the season. “Her knowledge on music is so amazing. We’ve had some really beautiful pieces, so we’ve been really lucky,” David said. For their free skate to the Beatles medley, Lyndon’s former choreographer, Sylvie, came down from Canada to choreograph the program. David said the program is coming together nicely. {continued}

“That actually came about because the nostalgia from last year. Paul McCartney did the Jubilee and he did the Olympics and just the aftermath of that I thought, we’ve got to roll with this.”

“Stacey’s always wanted pink, so as it’s the Olympics this year I said, okay I’ll just go with it. So for the short program we’ve got a baby, well not baby pink, just a nice pink. It works though, I’m impressed

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Courtesy of David King

The rink choreographer, Jim Peterson, choreographed their short program, and that’s coming along well too. For this season David and Stacey’s costume for their short program will be pink. “The last eight years I’ve said just don’t put me in pink and I’m fine,” David said. “Stacey’s always wanted pink, so as it’s the Olympics this year I said, okay, I’ll just go with it. So for the short program we’ve got a baby, well not baby pink, just a nice pink. It works though, I’m impressed,” he added.

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David lets Stacey deal with the outfits. She studied fashion and textiles at Blackburn College. David said she’s a really good designer. Stacey works with their dressmaker, Dawn, in creating their outfits. As the Olympics approaches David said they just try and keep a level head. “I remember the last Olympics we just did exactly the same we’d been doing in training and put it into the Olympics,” David said. When January hits everything stays the same and you just try to maintain and keep

everything feeling normal, he said. “It’s definitely the best way to prepare. You’ve got to feel like you’re in training, so you’ve got to train everyday like you’re at competition,” David added. Their goal for the overall season is just to stay fit, because last year they were both out with injuries for a long time. They missed both Grand Prix competitions last year. Stacey ripped her PCL off two weeks before Skate America and was out for 10 weeks. When she got back on the ice David had a grade two tear in his right ankle. By the World Championships in March, David was at 90 per cent. It took from October to March for him to gain strength back in his ankle. David and Stacey also want to earn personal best scores this season. “I feel our scores haven’t been where we really wanted them the last few seasons, so we want to post some high scores,” David said. “We want to be known as a top 10 team and not just the British team,” David added. According to David he does get nervous when competing, but be believes it’s good to use those nerves or you’re wasting energy you could be putting into your performance. But he said you can’t let the nerves take control either. “We have a slow piece that’s after all our hard tricks and at that point I start thinking, start enjoying this now. I get a bit of a breather and then we get going again. That’s where Paul McCartney’s ‘Imagine’ kicks in. That’s a good breather,” David said. Both David and Stacey have rituals when they compete. David puts his left boot on first and Stacey has a cat teddy that she takes with them to competitions that is a double of a cat they use to have. They had a cat in Poland that died of Leukemia and the teddy has the same colours of the cat. “Stacey also has John Curry’s British gold medal from ‘74. I think our coach gave it to us three years ago and she always keeps that in her pocket when we go in for warm-ups,” David said. David and Stacey have been skating together since 2003 and have won 10 British titles, eight of them senior titles. In that time they have also fell in love. The two were matched up when David’s coach suggested pairs to him. “I wasn’t a big guy back then, so she was like the smallest, thinnest girl in the rink. Steven (his coach at the time) thought I’d actually be able to lift her,” David said. The two of them had a trial and everything just took off from there. It was few years later that David and Stacey started dating. “We found that we enjoyed the same things and we liked each other, so it kind of just fell into place,” David said. At first he said it was difficult to separate what they did on the ice and off the ice, but 8/22/13 3:29 AM

as they’ve matured it has become easier. They concentrate on skating on the ice and leave their personal life at home. David and Stacey got engaged at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games closing ceremony. He was going to ask her when they went to see the bob slay because he thought it would be very pretty with the mountains, but it was a very foggy day. “At the closing ceremony we had a balcony that overlooked the whole city and it was all sparkling and very pretty, so I asked at the closing ceremony. It was nice,” David said. They haven’t been able to get married yet because they lost funding after the Vancouver Olympics and had to spend their savings on the skating. They hope to get married in the next few year, but it’s hard

“Stacey also has John Curry’s British gold medal from ‘74. I think our coach gave it to us three years ago and she always keeps that in her pocket when we go in for warm-ups,”

to plan anything when they are in the US all the time. They get back to England for competitions and after the World Championships last year they spent all of April in England. In the last four years David and Stacey have become stronger skaters. They analyze each season and see where their weakness and strengths are. They are always trying to improve their weaknesses. According to David they have levels of difficulty in their elements now. He believes that their jump technique is now more in sync with the top five teams. David said: “The strength in our actual skating ability has really improved, just maturity I think. As a junior team you find you’re still looking up to skaters and now we can kind of relax and just enjoy what we’re doing.”

Courtesy of David King

Get to know David What is your favorite competition? “Olympics.”

“Its just amazing to be around those kind of athletes. You’ve got a lot more media interest, you’ve got a lot more interest from the fans. Everyone’s building four years for the Olympics. It’s our key event in figure skating. So just being in the village with all the other athletes, it just makes it so much more special and the whole experience is just amazing, really, really, really amazing.” “Well after the Olympics I do like the big ones. Worlds and Europeans are a lot of fun. I love being on the ice, but I also find it’s good to get home to Nationals. I know there’s never much of a crowd there but its always a great event and you always get support, and your family can watch you skate.” What is your favorite jump?

“I love axel, axels my favorite jump by far. After that I’d probably say salchow. I like my edge jumps, I dislike toe jumps. They feel easier for me. I kind of understand the edge jumps a lot better than the toe jumps. The edge jumps just kind of fall into place. With the toe jumps I feel like I’m doing something a bit alien to me, jamming my toe in, just turning round.” What is your favorite spin?

“I like my camel spins, like the flying camel, the camel change camel. I’ve got such a long body and I can get a really nice line on it. I enjoy hitting them positions.” What is your favorite lift?

“Reverse star. We’re the only team in the world who does it. We kind of make it our trade mark now and she kind of flips around as she goes up.” What is your most memorable skating moment?

Courtesy of David King

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“I would say Los Angeles, Worlds. When we finished our event and they announced which teams had made it to the Vancouver Olympics. That would be my most memorable moment. One of the Russian panel judges came up to us and said you’ve made it.”

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The new CEO has big plans for NISA The National Ice-skating Association of Great Britain has appointed a new, very qualified, CEO to give skating a bright future in the country. He’s been proven to produce champions.


he National Ice-skating Association (NISA) is in the process of change and trying to promote the sport, get more people involved and produce champions. When Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean won their Olympic gold medal in 1984, their performance received one of the highest views on British television. The UK also had Robin Cousins and John Curry, but the talent pool has been dry since. Looking from the outside in you may say the problem is lack of skaters, that the sport isn't popular in the UK. According to the executive chief office of NISA, Nick Sellwood, that is not the case at all. “Ice-skating is popular actually, just a shortage of accessible venues. When you consider there’s only 63 permanent ice-skating rinks, some of those reduce their capacity because they take the ice out at a certain time of the year for concerts and other things. That has an impact on the participation rates,” Mr Sellwood said. In sports the drop off rate of participation is from 14 years of age and up, ice-skating is one of the few sports that actually has a lot of participants in that age range, Mr Sellwood said. “I think there is also a cost issue in some areas down to the fact that local authorities will subsidize provision of swimming pools and leisure centres certainly, but is less prevalent with ice rinks,” Mr Sellwood added. Ice-skating does not get a lot of coverage in the UK. The European Championships and the World Championships will get aired on Eurosport, but the British Championships can only be watched online through a subscription with NISA TV. There are numerous other international competitions throughout the year, but those do not get TV coverage and there is little to no coverage of ice-skating in newspapers. According to Mr Sellwood, ice-skating and other sports suffer because the dominant sport in the UK is football. “If you look at any paper one of the things you’ll notice straight away is there will be pages and pages of football stories across the back page and so many other pages. So the coverage and mentality in the

“We’re starting now to address the performance aspect of our sport so we can give more support to our talented athletes and a creation of performance centres that will aid their development through the sport.” country is that the premier sport is football and its when you’ve got that daily steam roller of that amount of coverage coming in, it’s tricky to be able to counteract that. It’s a challenge,” Mr Sellwood said. So how does NISA promote ice-skating? According to Mr Sellwood, they work through the rinks and governing bodies of sports and they are now working on new products, some of which have not been unveiled yet, to help promote the sport. “First thing is we’ve revitalized the Skate UK program, which is the learn to skate program, but we’re creating more bespoke adult offers,” Mr Sellwood said. The second thing Mr Sellwood said they are working on is a health

product with skating: “all elements of skating for life long participation and health.” “We’re starting now to address the performance aspect of our sport so we can give more support to our talented athletes and a creation of performance centres that will aid their development through the sport,” Mr Sellwood added. Currently there isn’t any funding for talented skaters, but NISA is working on that by talking to potential funding partners and modernizing the NISA constitution to fit requirements for funding. NISA will be introducing a coaching apprenticeship program for young skaters to help increase the number of coaches in the sport. According to Mr Sellwood, this has just been approved. There is something planned for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, but Mr Sellwood cannot announce the plans yet. “And also Dancing on Ice is on at the same time frame as well, so there will be quite a lot of ice skating potentially covered. It’s just how we dove tail that and make sure the messages doesn't get lost.”

Meet the new CEO of NISA Nick Sellwood, 53, from Coventry, has only been the CEO for NISA since April 8 of this year. He was the Senior Director of the Saudi Arabian Swimming Federation since October 2012, where he was responsible for the redevelopment and development of swimming, diving and water polo. Before that he spent seven years with the Amateur Swimming Association, as the Head of Infrastructure and Talent Development. Mr Sellwood coached numerous swimmers to gold medal performances at the Olympics from 1988 through 2000 and received coach of the year awards for junior/youth in 1998 and 2003. He will work closely with the Board of Directors of NISA to develop a vision and strategy for the future of NISA.

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Movies on Ice:

Ice-skating on the big and small screens

Over the years there have been very few references to skating in Hollywood, but they all have a common theme, the love of skating. ice-skating mag.indd 22

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ow many movies or TV shows have you seen that are about ice-skating? You probably can’t think of very many and the one that probably comes to mind is Dancing on Ice on ITV. Dancing on Ice is going into its ninth and possibly final series and in 2006 it was the third highest ranked TV show, with 13 million viewers in March, 2006. Dancing on Ice has been a hit in the UK. Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean perform on the show, train the skaters and appear on the show giving comments and advice. Celebrities are paired up with professional ice-skaters and perform a live routine each week in front of a panel of judges and between the judges scores and the public vote, one team gets knocked off the show each week. It will depend on what type of skating you like watching. If you like watching men’s singles and women’s singles, then Dancing on Ice will probably not be a show for you. But if you are more into pairs and especially ice dancing, then this show would be very entertaining. The good thing about this show is the series gives a spotlight on the sport and there just isn’t that much in pop culture that highlights ice-skating. “Certainly attendances at rinks when Dancing on Ice is on goes up very significantly,” the CEO of the National Ice-skating Association, Mr Sellwood, said. “[Ice-skating] was publicized a lot when Dancing on Ice was on the TV and that helped. The rinks were heaving. I do think it needs more publicity,” Disney on Ice skater, Callum Leach, said. On the original Beverly Hills 90210 in season two, episode 19, Brandon falls for an ice-skater called Tricia and distracts her from her skating practice. But of course, she breaks up with Brandon to follow her Olympic dream. This episode aired January 9, 1992, a month before the Olympic Winter Games in Albertville, France.

ice-skating mag.indd 23

In season nine of Beverly Hills 90210, Vanessa Marcil joined the show as Donna Martin’s cousin and former Olympic-hopeful ice skater that had been touring with an ice show. And those are the only references I know of skating on TV. Ice-skating just hasn’t been mentioned too much in TV land. There has been some films made about ice-skating though. Ice Castles from 1978 was about a young girl, Lexi, who loved skating, but just skated on her pond and occasionally at her small town’s ice rink. And she dated the town’s star hockey player. A remake of this film was made in 2010, a somewhat modernized version of the original. Both these films followed a talented teenage skater that gets discovered by a coach and goes to train in a top facility, but after a tragic

“Man and woman together make flower. Douglas, you are stem. Katya, you are petal. Together, we make flower.” ~The Cutting Edge~ Coach Anton saying as Kate and Doug are skating around the ice.

accident loses her sight. The great thing about this film is it highlights this girl’s love for the sport. Taylor Firth was picked to be the star in Ice Castles and was one of the top 20 women’s skaters in the US at the time. The face that you may recognize from this film is Lexi’s dad, who is played by Henry Czerny. You may recognize him from Revenge where he plays Conrad Grayson. The Cutting Edge from 1992 takes more of a comedic {continued}

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On pg 23 in TV clockwise from top left: Gina and David in Beverly Hills 90210, Brandon and Trica in 90210, Gen skating in Ice Princess, Beth Tweddle on Dancing on Ice, Doug, Kate and coach in The Cutting Edge, Nick and Alexis in Ice Castles and Chazz and Jimmy in Blades of Glory.

approach. Kate’s dream of an Olympic gold medal was all she ever thought about. She had her own rink, own coach and own off ice trainers. She finally makes it to the Olympics, but she screwed up on a lift. Then changed partners eight times in two years and changed her coach. Her new coach is trying desperately to find her a new partner and goes to the unlikely of places, a retired hockey player, Doug. He was also at the previous Olympics where he collided with the wall and lost almost all his vision in one eye, preventing him from play-

“What’s wrong with wanting to feel strong and graceful and beautiful for once in my life?”~ Ice Princess~ Casey saying to her mother.

ing hockey. Doug has a trial and despite Kate’s disapproval he sticks around, though, it took him some getting use to the toe pick on the ice skate. Kate does not make his transition easy and every time he falls she says, “toe pick” . This film is a pretty good depiction of what it takes to become an Olympic champion. While most skaters don’t have their own rink, the film does show the on ice training and the off ice training, including cardio, running, ballet and weights. A face you might recognize from The Cutting Edge is Kate, played by Moria Kelly. You may know her from the show One Tree Hill where she played Lucas’ mother, Karen. You may also recognize Kate’s father who is played by Terry O’Quinn. He played John Locke on the popular show Lost. While Ice Castles is more for skaters, non-skaters can enjoy The Cutting Edge as well. Disney even took a turn at an ice-skating movie: Ice Princess. There are a lot of big names in this film. Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays the star Casey, Joan Cusack, who plays Casey’s mother, Hayden Panettiere, who plays one of the local skater’s Gen and Kim Cattral who plays Gen’s mother and local coach Tina. Ice Princess is about a high school student, Casey, who needs to come up with a personal physics project for a scholarship. She takes her love of skating and researches the physics behind it and then puts

the physics into her own skating and moves up the levels very quickly. She had originally only skated on a pond outside her house. She works a part time-job and uses physics to help the local skaters with their skating to earn money so she can skate. Out of the movies I’ve mentioned, Ice Princess is the only one to really mention how expensive the sport is. The film also highlights how competitive the parents can be. One of the parents sabotages one of the skaters in the movie. Ice Princess is definitely a film that non-ice skaters can enjoy, but the number of stars in the film can definitely help promote the sport. All four of these films’ central part is the skater’s love for the sport. In 2007, maybe the best publicity for the sport, yet the most inaccurate, was Blades of Glory, starring Will Ferrell and Jon Heder. This film is definitely a spoof on the sport but made a lot of money, grossing $118,153,533 in the US. That has to be good publicity for the sport. The film portrays two men skaters that were stripped of their Olympic titles, but find a loophole where they can compete as pairs skaters, together. This movie is just another typical Will Ferrell film and not like a typical ice-skating film. Jade Brown, 24, from the Whitley Bay Ice Rink said: “There isn't a huge amount of ice rinks, so I don't think it gets as much publicity as other sports. The likes of Dancing on ice has helped a lot with skating, especially the adult side of it. I think they should have more skating shows and tv programs to really draw people in.” As Jade says there should be more programs covering ice-skating to help promote the sport. So while Blades of Glory may be a spoof, it sure had a lot of people watching and being introduced to the world of ice-skating.

More Films about Ice-skating The Cutting Edge has also released made for DVD sequels including Going for the Gold, Fire and Ice and Chasing the Dream. Disney made another film about a girl on scholarship for the girl’s hockey team in order to attend the school to train with a top Russian coach. Thin Ice, from 1937, stared Norwegian Olympic champion: Sonja Henie. Blades of Courage was a made for TV movie that was about a young girl that was taken advantage of by her coach, but fought back. Skating Films:

“Toe pick!” ~The Cutting Edge~ Kate says it to Doug every time he falls when getting use to figure skates.

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Spotlight on Junior Competition

A community of aspiring champions


Courtesy of Jade Brown

oud cheers could be heard from the Whitley Bay Ice Rink on Sunday, July 14 for who could be the future of British ice-skating. But the cheers weren’t for landed jumps or beautiful spins, they were for when a skater fell to encourage them to get up and continue. These skaters were competing against each other and cheering each other on. You could feel the sense of community between these skaters while sitting among them and watching them skate. There was an abundance of talent at the Whitley Bay Ice Skating Club Annual Competition. Elizabeth Mironova, 11, from North Shields, skated a very well choreographed and implemented program to earn her The Whitley Cup and gold medal. Mironova also has a Russian background and through the years the Russians have proved to be great skaters. Evgeni Plushenko won the gold medal at the 2006 Turin Olympics and the silver medal at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. The Russian men dominated the Olympics for four consecutive Olympics from 1994, winning the gold medal each time. In the women’s competition, Irina Slutskaya won the silver medal in 2002 and the bronze in 2006. They 26

Photo by Mandy Carr

ice-skating mag.indd 26

have also dominated the pairs and ice dancing competitions. Mironova’s Russian background could be seen in her skating, even though she is only a level three skater. She just passed her level three test a week before the competition, so she had to compete at a level two during the competition. She had a very well choreographed program, which is not typical of lower level skaters. Skaters typical gain the artistic side when they get older. “Alan my coach is really good at making artistic programs, and I put flicks in and things. I always put a bit of my own twist on it,” Mironova said. “He just makes it up as he goes a long and I just follow it. If some thing’s not right we’ll change it to something else.” She’s been skating for seven years and there is a lot of potential in her skating. She competes in five or six competitions a year. Tasmin Reed is another talented young skater that won The Carolyn Mole Trophy and gold medal. Reed, 11, from Ashington, and a level four skater, performed very well, even with a fall in the beginning of the program. “It was my double salchow at the start, cause we just swapped it around with a different jump and I forgot that we swapped it around. So I went to step into an axel and then went into the double salchow and then fell,” Reed said. She was worried about this jump, because she said she doesn’t usually land the double salchow, but she recovered quickly to skate very well. She even completed the lutz, hop into an axel, which she stepped out of during the warm-up. “I just kind of forgot about it and thought it was only one element that I messed up, so if I did everything else good it wouldn’t matter,” Reed said of her recovery. The competition didn’t run completely smooth. There were four technical difficulties with music. The worst of them was for Chloe Ferry. She was waiting for her music to play and nothing but silence endured. Eventually she was told the disc wouldn’t be read and asked if she had another CD. “I was just really, really nerPhoto by Mandy Carr

8/22/13 3:29 AM

Whitley Bay Ice Rink

Courtesy of Jade Brown

Page left: Whitley Bay Ice Rink competitors, two young skaters looking at each other trophies, Tasmin Reed, The Carolyn Mole Trophy winner. Right page: top: Anna Mullen, Jade Brown and Rebecca Brown waiting for the award ceremony, bottom left Elizabeth Mironova, The Whitley Cup winner, and bottom right Whitley Bay skaters waiting to get their group photo taken.

ice-skating mag.indd 27

Photo by Mandy Carr

vous, because you know when you’re on the ice by yourself, and everyone’s watching, and if it didn’t start then I wouldn’t have to do it. I just actually didn’t know what to do,” Ferry said. Ferry, 19, from Newcastle, didn’t have another CD, but she did have the music on her phone, but it was uncut. One of her friends had to go find her phone. “There’s loads of bags all the same bags and they wouldn’t know which was mine. I was really panicking,” she said. Her friend returned with her phone and Ferry was able to perform her program. She skated well after all the difficulties and her friend stopped the music at the right point. “I don’t feel I did that good because I gave up because of all the stress, but just went past it. Just forgot about it and just skated,” she said. Her program was only choreographed the week before and she was only skating in this competition for fun and practice for future competitions. She’s been skating for ten years and competes in about 12 competitions a year. Ferry is a level eight skater and also competed in Sheffield in August. One of the rinks top skaters wasn’t able to compete in the competition because she didn’t know if she would be back for the competition. Anna Mullen, 13, from Whitley Bay, and a novice level skater, was training at the Dundee Ice Arena in Scotland with the top coaches in the UK. “It was just training with Debbie and Simon, they’re the top coaches in the country. It was two sessions a day. In the morning it was three hours and in the afternoon it was two hours,” Mullen said. The Whitley Bay Ice Skating Club allowed her to skate an exhibition program because it was too late for her to sign up for the competition. Just from the program she skated it’s obvious why she’s training with the top coaches. Mullen is landing double, double combinations, including a double loop, double loop, which is a difficult combination. Whitley Bay’s Annual competition is split up into different levels and different cups that each group is competing for. Each cup is named for the person or organization that donated money for the cup.

Photo by Mandy Carr 8/22/13 3:29 AM

Inside Skating

The revitalized Skate UK program The National Ice-skating Association has revamped their Skate UK program to gain more participation and help new skaters have a great platform to develop their skills. This renewed program is being piloted at rinks across the country and should be in place at every rink by April 2014. IceSheffield International Centre of Excellence is one of the ice rinks the new program is being tested at and will be used as a basis for other rinks. The plans for the new program were outlined back in June at the British Solo Dance Championships in Sheffield.

Skate UK 10 stages:

-Sit and Stand on the ice -Move forward -Two-foot glide and dip -Stepping around on the spot

-Move backwards -Half snowplough or full snowplough stop -Forward skating -Two-foot glide on a curve -Forward one-foot glide in a straight line -Two-foot jump skating forward -Forward and backward sculling -One-foot Glide on a Curve – inside edge, left and right

-One-foot glide on a curve – outside edge, left and right -Backward skating and a two-foot glide -Skating forward and turning to backward and skating backward and turning to forward -Continuous forward chassés around a circle -Forward crossovers in both directions -Backward snowplough stop -Backward one-foot glide -Two-foot spin – one revolution

-Backward crossovers in both directions -Forward inside three-turn -Continuous forward outside curves -Continuous forward inside curves -Forward inside mohawk, left and right -Two backward crossovers followed by sustained backward outside curve for a count of three -Two-foot change on edge, on a large curve Forward drag

-Forward beginner cross-rolls -Bunny hop -Backward edges – both feet and both edges -Two backward crossovers followed by sustained backward inside curve for a count of three -Forward crossovers in a figure eight pattern -Backward crossovers in a figure eight pattern -Two-glide in a spiralling curve -Simple step sequence

-Continuous backward chassés around circle -Forward two-foot slalom -Forward outside 3-turn -Backward skating – stepping forward in both directions

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New Team event at the Winter Games

or the first time in history, the figure skating event will start before the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. This is for the new event, the Team Trophy event. A similar event started in 2009 for the World Championships, the World Team Trophy, and then took place again in 2012 and 2013. At next years Winter Games the Olympic Figure Skating Team Event will start on Thursday, February 6. The team event will start with the men’s and pairs short programs. The event will continue on Saturday, February 8, with the ladies short program, the short dance and the pairs free skate. The event will conclude on Sunday, February 9, with the men’s and ladies free skate and the free dance. The team event will finish before the individual events begin. There will be ten countries competing with six athletes per team: one pairs team, one dance team, one female skater and one male skater. Each team will compete in the short program/dance and the top five teams will skate the free skate/dance. Each team will skate the short/dance in each discipline, but each team may choose to switch up to two entries for disciplines for the free skate/dance. For example, a team may choose to switch their singles skaters to have different skaters perform the free skate. The participants for the team event must have already been selected to compete in the individual events at the Olympics. Each athlete will receive points after each performance. In the short/

dance program, first place will be awarded 10 points, second place nine points and down to the last place that will earn one point. For the free skate/dance, first place will once again be awarded 10 points, but last place, fifth place, will be awarded six points. The points from each segment will be added together to determine the final standings. Athletes who skate at least once for their team will receive a medal, if their team places in the top three. At the World Team Trophy event the United States has won the gold twice, in 2009 and 2013, and they received the silver in 2012. Canada has won the silver in 2009 and 2013, and the bronze in 2012. Japan won the gold in 2012 and the bronze in 2009 and 2013. Will another country grace the podium at the 2014 Winter Games, or will the United States, Canada and Japan continue to dominate the team event? Some of the top contenders for the singles events are from the US, Canada and Japan. This event means that skaters could go home with more than one Olympic medal.

Adults in the UK are heading to the ice rink

Adult skating is becoming more and more popular and this is partly to do with the National Ice-skating Association (NISA) promoting adult skating. The weekend of August 17 and 18, NISA held its first ever Adult Development Camp at the IceSheffield International Centre of Excellence. For this first camp skaters did not have to be a member of NISA. The skaters who took part in this camp had on ice training of Annie’s Edge’s, field moves, pattern dances, jumps, spins and steps. Off ice included fitness and dance sessions, IJS Basics seminar, NISA consultation and an introduction to becoming a NISA Judge. The camp cost £150.00 per person and included six hours of on and off ice training each day. This development camp is not the only thing happening in the world of adult skating. Alistair Wilson, the technical director of NISA, is trying to develop an “Adult Series”

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of competitions, similar to the “Solo Dance Series” competitions. The aim is so adult skaters can benefit from competitions with similar criteria building up to the Adult Championships. Wilson is asking if any clubs are interested or are planning to hold adult competitions next season to let NISA know. The Bracknell Ice Skating Club received more entries than there was time available for their adult event for the Bracknell Open back in April. That is how popular the adult skating scene is becoming. The next British Adult Championships will take place next year on June 13 through 15, at IceSheffield. In order to compete in this competition you must be 21 years of age. There are four different divisions. The young adults, skaters can’t be 28 before July 1, 2013, class I skaters must be 28, but can

not be 47 before July 1, 2013 and in class II and masters there is no upper age limit. NISA has created an Adult Development Group to help promote adult skating. The groups objectives are to increase adult participation in skating, create opportunities for adult development, increase the number of adult competitions with the aim of holding an annual Adult International Event and an adult section of the NISA Website-collection of information for adult competitions, events, camps and results. The group is hard at work for adult skaters and has made a lot of progress on these objectives already.

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Music to skate to... It’s hard to pick out new music, season after season, level after level. There are so many different songs to choose from. You can go with the typical classical music, go with the popular songs from films or choose a piece from a ballet. Each month the UK Ice Skater will choose a theme and suggest great music to make your decision a little easier. This month the theme is movies.

“Wave Conjuring” from Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters by Andrew Lockington

If you love epic/adventure songs, this should be your music for this season. If you love telling a story on the ice, this is the song for you. It’s also perfect for skaters who are powerful, fast and graceful.

Theme from World War Z by The Evolved

This piece of music is great for powerful and fast skaters. It’s up-tempo and fast for the majority of the song, except for the first 15 seconds where it starts out slow and elegantly. This piece also has a feel of popular music and dance music. So you might not be able to skate to your favorite dance song, but this will feel like you’re coming close. Buy on iTunes for £0.59. Length: 4:56

by Joseph Bishara

This song is perfect for very artistic skaters. The tempo rises and falls, but the entire song is very elegant. A very graceful program can be choreographed to this piece of music.

Buy on iTunes for £0.99 and album £7.99. Length: 6:49

Next month Ballet

Buy on iTunes for £0.99 and album £7.99. Length: 4:29

What to read this month.... Book of the month My Sergei, A love story


f you like love stories you should read a book that has a love story about a guy and the ice all wrapped into one, My Sergei, A love Story. Ekaterina Gordeeva, Russian Olympic pairs skater wrote the story of her life with her pairs partner and husband, Sergei Grinkov. They were one of the most celebrated pairs skaters of all time, until he tragically died at age 28.

Katia and Sergei were paired together by the Soviet Union to perform for their country. She was a small girl of 11 and very serious, and he was a 15-year-old, fun loving boy. Together they won four World titles and two Olympic titles.

Katia and Sergei fell madly in love. They had a profound relationship that few ever find. Their love for each other could be seen in their skating style. They even had a daughter together. Then Sergei died of a sudden heart attack and left Katia with their three year old daughter, Daria. Katia tells the story of her romance with Sergei and the story of their experience on the ice. She discusses the pressures that are on skaters to become champions. And also tells the story of life after Sergei. Buy from Amazon: Hardcover: £25.90, used from £1.70 Pages: 292

“Family Theme” from The Conjuring

Life on the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux

Emily starts pairs skating when she’s 19 years old and her and her partner, Chris, dream of being the first American team to win Olympic gold. They have a young coach, Sergei, who left Russia after his skating career ended mysteriously. Sergei believes that they can make history. Emily and Chris are on their way to being contenders for the 2002 Winter Games, but a spark grows between Emily and Sergei and threatens to ruin Emily’s dream of gold.

Buy from Amazon: paperback: £8.37, Kindle edition: £0.77 Pages: 435

Ice Games by Jessica Claire

Zara, once an Olympic darling, is now skating in a dinosaur costume and giving lessons at the local mall. When she’s offered to sub on Ice Dancing with the Stars, she believes if she can win, this could be the break she needs. The only problem is she’s partnered with Ty, a MMA bad boy, who is only looking to fix his image problem. He bit a guy’s nose off in the cage. He doesn’t want to be on a reality skating TV show and does the minimum to fix his image. But when Ty and Zara meet, sparks fly on and off the ice. Buy from Amazon: Kindle edition: £2.00 Pages: 164

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September September 6-8

Ayr Open 2013 Ayr Figure Skating Club South Ayrshire, Scotland Friday: beginners, Saturday: Ladies Level 1, 2, 4 and 5 and Men’s Levels 1-4, Sunday Ladies 3, 6, 7, 8 and 10 and Men’s Level 7. For more information visit:

September 9

Level 1 and 2 Assessment day for Lee Valley Lee Valley Ice Centre London The day will cover the following: Level 1 Workshops and assessments and Level 2 On & Off Ice assessments. To attend contact Lisa Burnell via email: Places are limited and on a first come first basis. Clearly stipulate if you want to attend Level 1 or Level 2. Also note that 50% of mentoring hours should have been completed before taking assessment.

September 14-15

Vierumäki Figure Skating Cup 2013 Vierumäki Ice Arena Vierumäki, Finland Advanced Novice, Junior and Senior For more information visit:

September 21

Heroes on Ice Bracknell Ice Rink Berkshire Matinee show 3pm tickets: Upstairs box seats: £25, Rink side seats: £25, Upstairs front two rows: £20, Upstairs back two row: £15, Bleachers: £10 VIP show 7pm: VIP seating: £70, Rink side seats: £25.20, Upstairs front two rows: 20.50, Upstairs back two rows: £15.50, Bleachers: £10.50 Tickets: 01244 789000

September 23-28

Skate Southern 2013 Alexandra Ice Palace London For more information visit: Southern/Competition_Documents.html

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September 25-28

Nebelhorn Trophy 2013: Olympic Qualifying Event Eissportzentrum Oberstdorf Oberstdorf, Germany Tickets: Thursday (short dance and pairs short program and men): 15 €, Friday (Women’s Short Program and Free Skate Couples and Men): 18 €, Saturday (Women’s Free Skate & Ice Dance): 15 €, Look through the winner on Saturday night: 20 € Season ticket Admission to all training / Wetkämpfen plus show 60 € Please send your ticket requests: Ticket sales Oberstdorf “Oberstdorf Haus” Prince Regent-Platz 187561 Oberstdorf Phone: 08322 / 700-290 Fax: 08322 / 700-236 email: For more information visit: html

September 27-October 6

Disney on Ice, Euro Dare to Dream Braehead Arena Glasgow, Scotland £38 front row, £33 rink side, £22.50/£19.50/£17.50/£13.50 Tickets: 0844 844 0444

September 30

Slough Open 2013 Absolutely Ice Slough Ice Arena Slough For more information visit competitions

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Five tim silver m be part

Get NISA TV now and don’t miss a moment 0f the season. You don’t want to miss the British Championships in Watch: November British Championships The Credit System: NISA TV consists of an easy to use Credit System. All you have to do to top up your account is chose the amount of credits you would purchase and then follow the payment instructions (with Paypal it couldn't be easier) Once you've topped up your NISATV account, you're now ready to purchase content. Just click 'order now'.

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British Adult Championships British Solo Dance Championships British Figure and Synchro Championships Speed Skating Ice Shows Skate UK videos

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UK’s b may no before

What have your favorite skaters been up to?

Five time US champions, two-time World champions and Olympic silver medalists, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, have been chosen to be part of Team Kellogg’s!

Olympic Champion and two-time World Champion, Kim Yu Na, donated all of her 2013 World Championship price money, $45,000, to UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

World champions, Tatiana Volsozhar and Maxim Trankov, held an open practice in Moscow to present their Olympic season programs on August 14. Fifteen TV crews, journalists and photographers attended.

Starting September 28, European and World champion, Carolina Kostner, will be staring in the third edition of Opera on Ice and Olympic champion, Evgeni Plushenko will also be part of this year’s show!

Olympic silver medalist and US Champion, Sasha Cohen, is now attending Columbia University and going by Alex, her legal name is Alexandra.

Two-time World Champion, Miki Ando, secretly gave birth to a daughter in April during her break from competition. Miki hopes to compete in the 2014 Winter Games before retiring.

UK’s beloved ice dancers, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean’s, show Dancing on Ice may not be cancelled after all. ITV has decided to wait and see what the ratings are like before officially calling it quits.

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September 2013 UK Ice Skater 33

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Social Skating Carolina Kostner Aug 4 Dear friends, I chose the music of my two new programs! Short program: “Humoresque” by a. Dvorak Long program: “Scheherazade” by n. Rimsky-Korsakov

Rachael Flatt July 2 All dressed up, and....we were off to dinner w/ cast of @AnEveningonIce! Great catching up with everyone last night!

Tweets @icenetwork Jul1 Alissa Czisny: “It would be the culmination of all my dreams to be able to participate in the Sochi Olympics.” Ashley Wagner @AshWagner2016 6 Aug Excited 2 work w @centurycouncil @ asklistenlearn 2 encourage kids 2 say YES 2 a healthy life + NO to underage Yuna Kim @Yunaaaa 2 Aug Just because you can’t see violence against children doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Make the invisible visible. U.S. Figure Skating @USFigureSkating 6

International Skating Union shared Sochi 2014 Winter Games‘s photo.July 22

It is so close we can almost feel the chills. 200 days to go! It’s 20:14 MT and countdown clocks turned to 200 DAYS to GO to SOCHI2014 OLYMPYCS! WOW!


Six months to go. #Olympics

Social media pic of the month

Kim Yu Na posted on June 27 on her Facebook page her teaching Ryan Seacrest how to skate!

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