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Brightening your residence with brown-yellow couple

No color brightens your house quickly by bright yellow. However, many people hesitate to choose this color because it is very easy to create opposite effects. Do not ignore hot color this year. If yellow is your favorite color, you are in the group of sensitivity, intelligence, full of enthusiasm and passion to explore new things. However, I am not sure you know how to combine colors to create the best effect aesthetically. It is necessary for you to know how to use two hot colors in 2014 yellow and brown so that it does not cause stuffy and glitzy. The warm yellow like honey and plum will give a feeling of happiness, positive and reflect the strong energy. Meanwhile, cool colors like orange and lemon are classic, elegant and graceful. Additionally, mustard yellow will bring sweet beauty, vibrant and exciting life. You are able to cover up a yellow wall but not all the furniture is recommended. A yellow chair can be the main character of the room. Choose black or chocolate for shelves or table. You do not need to paint all the walls and ceiling with yellow. You are able to select a part of wall and ceiling with that color. The rest of your house is for any other color you like. The brown doorframe is always great highlight for yellow wall. If you do not want too much yellow around your living space, you can use a yellow part of wall with brown decorative shelves. Welcome to mandurahbuilders. Come to us, you can find individual homes with style, quality and affordability. Visit our website to get more information.

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