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A story about a girl who meet some people during competition but never back off or give up. Read inside to find out the ending!

Get advice on dance and you could even send a question; it might just be in next month’s issue!

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Found Poem Read a inspiriting found poem made by the editor, Vanessa Hsiao!

I’ll always remember... Welcome to.... Read a great story about an 11 year old, showing what she loves.

One Dance Studio! A dance studio that may be small but teaches so many amazing dancers!

How to do a spin

History of Jazz

Everything you need to know...

Do you like jazz dance? Read an article about how jazz first began and people opinions.

Read a short article for all the information you need to find a leotard!

Sarah Milton! A top chorography/performer who was been dancing her whole life!

Few easy steps to help you learn how to do a spin! Also a great practice at home!

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Editor’s page My name is Vanessa Hsiao and I’m been dancing since I was 9. I was born in September 29 1985 in Taiwan. I moved to Canada while I was 7 for better education. When I was 9, I realize I loved to dance to music even if it was wrong. I told my mom I wanted to learn how to dance. Then once i started dancing I couldn’t stop. I love to dance so much I never stop to dance. I lived with my dad, mom, 3 sisters, and an older brother. They have always been supportive of my dancing. I lived my dancing in West Vancouver. I attended Forest Elementary, Glenwood Elementary, Caulfeild Elementary, and Rockridge High School. I love dancing so much I decided that I would study at Montreal school of performing arts. When I was 18 I got in with my best friend Morgan Cheung. We graduated together 2 years ago (age 23). After graduation I wonder where I would start my careen in dancing. I realize New York City was where all dancers would start their careen. So Morgan and my other friends and I moved to New York. All my life I have been dancing but I have always loved playing a game call Sorority Life. I also got a job to design in sorority life and I work for 1 year but it didn’t felt right. I realize that dancing is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Then I began my careen in dancing. I started to star in many dance movies such as Fame in 2009, and Step Up in 2010 and many others. While I was living my dancing life I also loved doing art. After I quit working for sorority life, I was choosing between dancing and art. I have look back to the past and decided that I would keep on dancing while I could still be making art as a second job. While I was living in New York with my career, I noticed a lot of people wants to learn dance but does not have the money. I knew how much dancing means to me and I wanted dancing to be a part of everyone’s life as well so I started a foundation to raise money so others without the money could still dance. I put my careen aside and plan many events to raise money. After year of raising money, my foundation had help over 100 people. I knew if I keep my foundation year after year I could help even more people. My foundation has being helping people 2 years now and I hope it would keep on going. As much as I like being on stage, I wanted to share dancing with others that is why I began my magazine “Spot Light Dance”. The point of my magazine is to send a message telling everyone dancing could be very fun if you enjoy whether you have the right steps or not. I really hope this magazine can make people enjoy dance!

Enjoy the issue!! Vanessa Hsiao

Want to donate for my foundation? Go to or call (604)-929-2999 Copyright 2010 By Print Forever

1. Although I had been dancing for 2 years, I still don’t know what to do for a daily stretch. Could you suggest a daily stretch for me? Lucy, 15, North Vancouver Dear Lucy,

There are many stretches you can do as a daily stretch. Make sure you do not try too hard. Here is 1 stretch you could do: Sit on the floor, cross-legged. Begin by rolling your head in a circle to the right for eight slow counts. Repeat the head roll to the left. In this exercise, it is important to use the head only; do not move your body. Look up towards the ceiling and hold. Slowly lower your head to look down toward the floor. Reach your arms forward, past your crossed legs, keeping your head lowered toward the floor. Hold this position for eight counts, and return to sitting position. 2. When I do spins, I always turn to the wrong way. How can I make sure where I am turning to? Riley, 13, Toronto

Read more at Suite101: Stretching Exercises to Improve Flexibility: Daily Stretches for Dancers to Enhance Ease Dear Riley, of Motion That happens to everyone at first but what you just have to spot something that is in the place where you want to go. Make sure you spot in at all times. When turning your head, spot the object and turn your as fast as you can then after your head turns the eyes look back at the object again. 3. While during a show, what if I make a mistake? Debby, 17, Texas Dear Debby, Everyone has this problem but its how you get out of it. A lot of people find it easy If you just pretend it wasn’t a show. Also, try not to look right in the audience. 4. How can I make sure I am buying the right dance wear for my dance classes? Taylor, 13, Winnipeg Dear Taylor, Before you go shopping, go on your dance studio website and click on dress code. It should say the dress codes for different types of classes. Copy what you need to buy for your classes on a piece on paper. Bring the paper with you to shop and you should be just fine!

5. Since I am the smallest in my classes, I always get put in the front but I always get so scared. What can I do to not be so scared? Morgan, 11, L.A Dear Morgan, Everyone gets scared on stage, but all you got to get it away is just pretend that it is a just a rehearsal. When you go on, don’t Not look in the audience’s eyes because that will just make you more scared. be focus and you will have a great show! 6. Because I missed 2 classes, I cannot keep up with others. How can I keep up? Carla, 14, N.Y.U Dear Carla, If you miss a class because you are injured, you can still go and still out and take notes so that way when you get home u can practice. If you are a bit sick that would be okay too. Ask your teacher if you could film her doing the dance so you can watch it at home. If you practice enough, when you go back you will be as good the same level as the others! 7. If I am injured, should I just not go to dance classes? Emma, 17, Puerto Rico Dear Emma, If you are injured, you should go to your classes but sit out and watch. The good thing about that is you know what they are learning so when you come back you can quickly catch up. Take notes would be good too. 8. Whenever I try to do the splits I always end up hurting myself. What should I do? Sarah, 18, Seattle Dear Sarah, Remember to not try to do the splits all the way. Just go where you feel a stretch but don’t feel hurt because if you do, go up till you don’t feel hurt anymore. If you do it 5 minutes every day, you should get your splits really soon. 9. After dance, my legs always hurts what can I do to make it stop? Alex, 16, Alberta Dear Alex, Make sure you don’t go too far when you stretch. Also, don’t try too hard on something that is new. Never do something that is out of your reach. If your legs still hurts, go to a drug store and they should have some kind of spray to help you relax. 10. Where can I find dance wear around North Vancouver? Stephy, 13, North Vancouver Dear Stephy,

I have the best dance store in North Vancouver for you! it is called Duck Feet and here is the information: 1447 Marine Drive West Vancouver, British Columbia V7T 1B8 Phone: (604) 925 1131

Sarah Milton teach dancing at `

One Dance Studio while her other job is a hair stylist. She choreographs many dances such as One Night Only. She also got a studio scholarship from her teacher to participate in every dance class she can join. Later on the page, there will be a Q&A about Sarah Milton. Hope you


Q. When did you start to dance? A. I started dancing when I was 10 years old. Q. Why did you start dancing? A. I started dancing after I saw “Lord of the Dance� I asked my dad to enrol me in dace so I could dance just like that, shortly after I started my first tap class. Q. What is the hardest thing about dancing? A. The hardest thing about dancing is probably keeping fit and strong both mentally and physically. Q. Was being a pro dancing ever your dream job? A. At first I wanted to become a professional dancer and was close when I auditioned for the national ballet school and got into the summer program. Unfortunately i was going to become too tall and therefore i could not have a career as a dancer. I started to teach and I loved it. I’m glad it turned out that way.

Q. Is there anyone in your family that dances? A. No. Q. What is the most important about dancing? A. Keeping it up. Don’t stop dancing. Q. How many years have you choreograph? A. I’ve been choreographing for about 7 years. Q. What is your favourite thing about dancing? A. Anyone can do it! Q. What is your favourite kind of dance? A. My favorite kinds of dance are tap and contemporary Q. Was your parents support your dancing? A. Yes, my dad especially he was always there no matter what. Q. Do you ever miss being on stage? A. Of course I love being on stage and try to get on their as much as possible. Q. What kinds of Dance do you do? A. I do dance are tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip hop and contemporary. Q. Why did you start teaching dance? A. .I started teaching dance to share my love of dance with others and give kids an outlet for creativity and build their self esteem.

Q. Have you ever had an injury because of dancing? A. I have had many injuries due to my dancing. Lots of sprains especially ankles, torn hamstring, torn rotator cuff in my shoulder and a torn meniscus in my knee.

Introduction: Jazz first began during the early 1560s.It changed over time as the culture has. Slaves would inspire owners to add their contributions to the dance, which is now a type of art. It is also taught in studios and performed on Broadway and other musicals. African children and adults thought Jazz dance was a way of expressions of cultural beliefs.

smooth style that is taught in today in studios and is now known as modern jazz dancing. Even though jazz dancing came because of tap dancing, they decided to go separate ways. Instead of wearing tap shoes, they now wear leather shoes in modern jazz. They wear leather shoes because they are smooth so that it is easy to do turning.

Earliest Form: Jazz Dance came

Famous People in Jazz Dancing: Jack Cole was known as an

because of the art of tap dancing. Jazz dancers would wear tap dancing shoes and do fancy foot work. Earliest jazz came from African culture and the European. In Africa, they use Jazz to celebrate: birth, puberty, marriage, and death. Europeans focused on musical harmony, folk and social dances. But Africans focused on rhythms and torso movements. The later of jazz age, popular forms of jazz dance included the catwalk, black bottom, Charleston, jitterbug, boogie woogie, twist, fox-trot, shimmy, rag and swing. Today, most of this dance form are still used and taught.

American dancer, choreographer, theatre director and theatrical jazz dance. He began his career as a dancer in 1943. His first assignment was “Something for the Boys” in 1943, and then he start doing musicals such as “Ziegfeld Follies”, “Kismet” and many others. Jack Cole performed with Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman. Later on, he left the modern jazz world for commercial dance career in nightclubs, performing with Alice Dudley, Anna Austin and Florence Lessing. He was famous in Hollywood because he had worked with Rita Heyworth and Marilyn Monroe.

Changes over Time: After the 1950s, people took Caribbean dance into performing arts. They performed with entertainment music which was changing over time as well. Jazz dance is now performed on Broadway into the new,

Another famous people in jazz dancing were Gwen Verdon. She started to be on Broadway in the 1950s, back then she was one of the biggest stars ever. Not only she dances, she also acts. But it wasn’t as easy as it seem to be on Broadway as it did in movies. Gwen has rickets which made her legs badly misshapen, but her mother put her in ballet classes since she was 3 years old. After all of the ballet training, Gwen legs strengthened. By the time she was 6 years old, she was dancing on stage. She knew how to tap, jazz, ballroom and flamenco to Balinese. When she was eleven, she was a ballerina with a solo in the musical “The kings Steps Out” which was directed by Josef Von Sternberg and starring Grace Monroe. While Gwen was in high school, she was still performing. When she was in high school, she was cast in “Show Boat”. Then later, she found a job that was assistant to Jack Cole, yes the person I was talking about in the paragraph above! She worked with him for 5 years, but that 5 years she had small parts in musicals. During those 5 years with Jack Cole, she taught dance to many people that has now become stars, such as Marilyn Monroe, Rita Heyworth, Lana Turner and so many more

others. Then she started to perform on Broadway and people discovered her. Then she got in so many musicals that are just too long for me to share with you!

Problems: The music came from black people so the older people that are racist didn’t like jazz dancing at all. Back then, when someone said jazz dancing people would refer it to sexual intercourse. Older people didn’t like it because in jazz they dance close to each other and they would switch partners. By 1900, it was a blend with Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Slavic and mostly blacks. Instead of dancing in ballrooms, they were dancing in night clubs which is 1 of the main ideas why the elders didn’t like jazz dancing.

Conclusion: Jazz is now use for entertainment, hobby, careen, performing and mostly a type of art. Before people did not like it, but now it’s just a part of life. Maybe in the future, jazz dancing would become something that everyone loves and learn to do. Right now, jazz dancing brings happiness to jazz dancers but in the future it could make the people that watch jazz as the entertainment laugh and maybe as a careen, it could make a person successful. Of course, jazz dancing will always bring joy to this world. Maybe in the future, jazz dancing will still be an entertainment, hobby, careen, performing and art but with new dance steps that leads to the future.

        

Sources: 398/jazz.htm ry_of_Jazz_Dance 168_jazz-dance-history.html out%20Jazz%20Dance.htm nce ole_(choreographer) -cole-choreographer ole_(choreographer) Verdon oomcountry/jazz.htm

About a girl who made her dream comes true!

2011 Disco Dance Logo

It was just days away. My career was just steps ahead of me. I practice for hours but I didn’t felt like I was going to win. But it was too late, today is the day. As I was walking down to the dressing room, I felt scared but I have to do this. Not too soon, it was time for me to prove what I can do. I was next, standing by the red curtain. I walk on stage, I posed, and the spotlight went on me! I dance and dance, I did everything I practice and remember all the moves. I didn���t even think I miss a beat. But it was only two minutes until I went off stage. Waiting in the dressing room, watching others, most of them were great but I felt like I did better, until now. It was this person that when the spotlight went on him, it was like he was a star. It was like he made hip hop by himself! He is the best dancer I have ever seen. My confidence just drop to 0.0001%! Plus my chance of winning is just too low; it’s as if it was impossible! But I still have to believe in myself! Maybe my chance of winning was still possible, but just not as high as I thought it would be. Okay, enough of talking about me losing, that guy got off stage (I saw though the live TV in the dressing room) and the look in the judges eyes said “That was the winning!” but I still have a chance. I went in the washroom to make sure my make-up didn’t mess-up because I probably cried when I realize my change of winning is not so high anymore. But it was fine; my face did have this “I have no confidence” look. I push and the AMAZING guy was about to pass the hallway too. I pretty much just bump into him. “You are that amazing guy that was just on stage!” I said with a huge smile. “Yes, now get out of my way. I don’t need a person to tell me I’m good” he replied.

At that second, I wish part of this competition involves personality. But of course it didn’t, I’ll just have to win by using my skills in hip hop. I sat down to watch the others to go. Later, everyone has gone and the assistant came in the dressing room to tell all the dancers to come stage to announce the winners. We are lined up with the order that we performed in and of course that rude but amazing guy was behind me. As we walk down the hallway, that guy stepped on my shoes, I turn around but all he did was look to the side. I thought, maybe he was scared to lose because of me! We got on stage one by one, standing shoulders to shoulders, even though I didn’t even want to be near this guy. “Welcome to this year’s Disco Dance competition! I am Emma Collazo and I will be the host for you tonight! We have seen some of most powerful dancers tonight but only 3 will be our winners! Please welcome the judges, Carla Hillestad and Morgan Cheung. Please, all the dancers step forward.” As the judges wave at the contestants and audience, the dancers all step forward. The host (Emma Collazo) got the envelope from Carla. While she opens it, I can feel my heart going crazy while the others did too. “Okay, I will announce the winners. 3rd place goes to Jillian!” Jillian step to the side and got some flowers and an award that said “2011 Disco Dance 3rd, Jillian.” She shakes the judges and host hands and got off stage. “Oops, looks like we have some tie for 2nd and 1st place! We will name 2 dancers and they will do a dance off. Whoever does the best at the dance off wins 1st place! The other dancer will still have 2nd place. The finalists are: Stephy Taylor and Troy Barney.” announced Emma. O.M.G I’m a finalist! Wait, I’m going on a dance off with that annoying but super good guy! What am I going to do? If I go, I have a 20% of winning! But I’ll still get second place, maybe if I try I could win. “Stephy and Troy step forward please. This dance off is for 20 minutes. Each of you will get at least 2 turns to show your skills and creativity. The only rule is that you can’t have a turn more that 4 minutes. There will be basic music so it’s easily for you to show judges and me what you can do.” The host explained. The host go off stage and the stage went dark. Both Troy and I went off stage, it was an awkward silence. Until now: “I’m going to win so I don’t even know why you are even trying. It’s just a waste of time for you. Just give up and I would win and you can get your stupid little second place trophy.” He said as he pushes me away. The more he talks about how great he was, the more I want to win and of course if I lose I’ll be double disappointed in myself. We both went back to the dressing room for a guy to call us up to do they dance off. As I enter the door, I see all of these dancers packing up everything you can find from a dance store in to their really big gym bags. I stood there to let some others go because it so crowded that I thought I couldn’t breath anything other than sweat. Troy, unlike me went in pushing every dancer to the side. This girl stood up as her amazing bun faces toward me. She turns around with TONS of makeup but I have to admit that she’s really pretty. “Good luck, I really hope u will because I don’t think that Troy guy deserves it at all. I talk to him because my show was before his and he is a jerk. Anyway, I really do hope you win!” she said nicely. “Thank you! Yeah, Troy and I talked a few times and well…just like you said: He’s a jerk! Thank you for supporting for me! I hope I can see you at a competition again!” I reply back. As most dancers go out (most of them said “good luck” to me”), I got a call from my teacher. As I sit down, I look through the mirror and see fear in my eyes. I touch the green button and there was my teacher on the phone.

“Hello?”I said fearful of what she was going to tell me. “You are amazing! You are just moments away for getting your long life dream!” she answered. “That’s what I scared of, what if I don’t get first place? What if I don’t have any more moves to beat that amazing Troy guy? I practice for weeks for this competition! I never thought of a tie before! What am I going to do?” I reply “Okay, calm down and just do what you show me last week! That was amazing! Honestly, Troy is not that good and I’m not just saying that because you are my student but I’m saying it as a judge. Just be yourself and relax and you will do just fine.” She said as if she was a really judge. I hang up and took a deep breath. A guy with headphones on walked in and told us it was time for the dance off. Which made me more nervous but I have to remember the main rule in hip hop which was “Still relax and don’t be afraid to show your creativity “. We had different entries which mean I go right and he goes left and it leads to a different entre door. “Please welcome Stephy and Troy! Okay, so the rules are really easy, Troy will go first then Stephy and please only dance about 1 minute per turn so that way both of you gets a good chance to show us why you should win. ” The host yelled in to the microphone. The guy that told us to go on stage turned on the music. The music was basic hip hop music which is really easy to work with. Troy went first then me and so on. I just pretend it was a practice and I did fine and I mostly remember the main hip hop rule which kept running through my head while I was dancing. The music stopped and the host got back on stage. I was standing beside Troy and I can tell both of our hearts are going really crazy right now. Emma got the envelope from Carla and when back on stage. “Alright, so this year’s Disco Dance first place goes to……” Emma announced. There were drum rolls going on and mostly my heart pounding so hard that I think I might have a heart attack. “Stephy Taylor! Second place goes to Troy Barney!” Emma said loudly. “Stephy, you did amazing. You knew what you were doing and mostly you showed us your creativity and why the judges would chose you as the winner. Congratulations!” Morgan said. It was amazing to hear that from her since she is one of the top dancers in the world! “You won that fair and clear! I have to agree with Morgan, you showed us everything we were looking for so congratulations!” I step forward and got my trophy and shake the host and judges hands and got off stage. I watch Troy do the same thing but he was not as happy as I did when I got my trophy. I walk down to the dressing room and I started packing up my stuff. Troy walked in and he pulls his hand from the back and gives me a shake. “Well done. But I’m going to win next year.” He said. I smiled back and put on my sweater and bag. I carried the trophy on my left hand as I feel so proud of myself. I walked out of the theater, hoping my dream will come true. I turned around and said to myself the fact that I was so close to being second, I won first place and even if no agents call me, I did some amazing today and always will remember!

I’ll remember……… Tonight may be a regular night for everybody else but for me it’s not. Something was going to happen tonight and it would change my life. I was getting nervous so I got in my costume, for my first dance performance of my life. I got to the theatre not thinking much and met up with my friends. I was sitting next to my friends chatting when I got this weird feeling in my stomach, at first I thought it was what I was eating for snack before dance but I thought about it and it didn’t make any sense. I realize it was because I was too nervous. I had to keep eating for energy even though I had a weird feeling. I was excited at first until I saw the stage. I saw the eyes of the audience looking at me then I felt fear. I said to myself that I can do it. So I smile and dance but when I was looking to the audience I was so scared that I just had to pretend that it was another practice. I saw my best friend and I look at her the whole time and just dance. I was doing fine until it was time to do my solo. I was counting for the time for me to go back on stage, I was so nervous that I told myself if other dancers in the same class as me can do it then I can too. Then it was time for me to go on so I picture myself alone at a studio and I came on and did my solo. After I got off stage I was so happy I did it and didn’t forget any steps. I got in the changing room and got in my other costume. Then I went waiting room and I saw the list of performers going on. I realize I should be waiting to go on stage so I ran everywhere and found my friends. I was so glad I found them. About 5 minutes after I found them it was time for me to go on stage again. I wasn’t nervous at all because I knew I already did it once so it means I can do it again. This time I was not afraid to look at the audience. After I got off stage I was so happy I did my first dance performances. That night change my life, after the show I got tons of confidence build up in me. It also let me know that being on stage is not that hard. Every time I go back on stage I pretend it was my first time again

Leotards are used for dancing, gymnastics, figure skaters, and yoga. They come in red, blue, light pink, purple, gold, green, yellow, skin color, silver, but they mostly come in

black. Leotards are skin tight. They come in kids size S, M, XL, and for adults S, M, XL. On the top they are sleeveless. At the bottom they do not cover the legs. Around the chest

there are many different styles such as a V neck or just like a regular tank top chest style.

Why I Dance Dance makes me

incandescently HAPPY

I wanted to be a

Dancer I simply

cannot live without

Dance gives an opportunity to express a side of me

I dance I feel


Unshackled by laws other than gravity I use movement to connect with people in


Life is never stagnant

D A N C E Is a wonderful challenge As long as I am


My life will be a struggle Found poem by Vanessa Hsiao Adapted from Why I dance:Dance Magazine February 2011

Welcome to One Dance Studio W

elcome to One Dance Studio where everything is about performing. As

you enter you will see the dry bloody black red walls with the smell of sweat. As you walk down the hallway you will see ballet posters or dancing performs posters over some of the red wall. Then there is studio A, with a feeling that makes you wants to dance and also warm. Studio A has 2 big mirrors along the front wall and the right wall. When you walk in studio A you will hear the floor cracking as if the building is going to crash. Then you walk out then go to the end then you will see another room that is studio B. Studio B is much smaller than studio A. Studio B you will only see 1 mirror on the front wall that is because most smaller classes is held in there. In studio B the floor cracks too but not as much as it does in studio A. When you walk back to the hallway around 4:30 it is very crowded. There are students getting change and parents coming to pick on the kids. It gets really crowded and people passing by saying “excuse me,� or some others might just push.

1. Put your hands on your hips; stand in parallel position with your feet shoulder length apart. Spot an object facing your left shoulder. 2. Move your right foot around the front of your body so that you are

standing in parallel position with you right foot is slightly in front of your left. You should be facing the opposite way, still looking at the object. 3. Turn your head to the left so you are looking at your object.

4. Move your left foot to the left so you are in parallel position and facing the way you started. 5. Keep doing from step 1 to step 4 and over and over then you will become a pro!!!

Mail Bag Dear Vanessa, I LOVE your magazine! I am a dancer too, in

Dear Morgan, Thank you so much for donating $500 to my

fact. Your life sounds so interesting! I recently

foundation! It is amazing to know that

went to a fundraiser in New York for your

another dancer cares about others who have

foundation, I loved it! I donated $500 to your

less. Yes I did go to One Dance when I was

charity because I have always had dance in my

little, it was my frist studio I ever went to.

life since I was 3, so I would never know what it

Thank you for reading my magazine! I hope

is like not to have dance there and I just think

you enjoy the next issue!

people who have less should be equal to us and have the same opportunities as us as well. When you were younger, did you go to One Dance? Please reply! Thanks! ~Morgan- L.A, Cali.

Dear Vanessa

Dear Stephy,

I love your Magazine; I read it all the time. I

I am very happy to know you like my magazine!

have learnt so much from your magazine. My

Also, I am even happier to know that now you

favourite article is the Everything You Need to

feel comfortable when you are dancing! Thank

Know about leotards, before I read this article

you so much for reading my magazine! I hope

I used a t-shirt and shorts but after read this I

you enjoy the other issues.

decided to buy a pair of leotards, and now I feel more comfortable when I dance. I also love how you put the sizing in your magazine it helped me a lot when I was buying a pair. Thanks! -Stephy, age 15, N.Y.

Dear Vanessa,

Dear Emma,

OMG I love you article called how to spin do a

I am glad that my article helped you to

spin I love it spatially the pictures you used very

learn how to do a proper spin. Thank you so

creative. Before I was so bad at doing a spin. I

much for reading my magazine! I hope you

liked how you said focus on one thing cause that

will keep reading the other issues!

really helps. Emma age 12 N.Y

Vaness'a Magazine