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Ryan Sheckler exclusive interview

Table of contents Cover Table of Contents pg 1 Mag Short Story pg 3 Letter to the Editor1 pg 5 Letter to the Editor 3 pg 6 Letter to the Editor 7 pg 7 Letter to the Editor 10 pg 8 Interview pg 10 Advertisement pg 12 Dear Crushed Ice Magazine pg 14 Memorable Experience pg 16 Dear Flip Magazines pg 18 Dear Slap Shot Magazines pg 19 Gravity Wheels Advertisement pg 20

Dear editor,

Right now I’m trying to find out what trucks I should get. Usually it would have been an easy decision but the last two times I bought trucks they sucked. So I’m just asking for your advice on what trucks you think I should get. Thanks

Dear Writer,

I think that your best bet for trucks would probably be Independent. This is because even if you don’t buy one of their top of the line trucks your still guaranteed that the truck you buy will work better than most trucks.

Dear flip Magazines,

I am just starting skateboarding and I was wondering if you could give me any advice on what I could do to get better. I’m really bad right now so it would be really helpful. Thanks

Dear Writer,

If you’re looking for some practice drills, a really good one is just going off curbs or trying tricks into grass so you don’t hurt yourself so that’s my advice. Sincerely Flip Magazines

Dear Tyler,

I want to work for a skate magazine like my cousin does. I have applied for a couple of jobs but I was unsuccessful and am wondering if you knew where somebody needs a new editor. If you could help me out I would really appreciate it. Thanks From Barry Dear Writer,

I would be happy to let you work for flip as a co-editor. We really need the help. So if you can send me your phone number we can get started. From flip magazines

Dear Tyler,

I was reading your magazine and saw that flip sold custom skateboards. I need a new skateboard and I was wondering if I can order a custom one from flip. I will pay almost any price as long as it’s not incredibly high. It would be great if you could send me the price. Thanks From Garry Dear Writer,

You can customize your own flip skateboard for about $600 it has to be expensive because it’s custom. The quality of trucks you put on also affects the price, but if you want one you can have it designed and order it on the flip website. From Flip Magazine

I ○ N○ T ○ E ○ R ○ V ○ I ○ E ○ W R ○ Y ○ A ○ N ○ S ○ H ○ E ○ C ○ K ○ L ○ E ○ R ○ ○ Ryan Sheckler was born in San Clemente, California. When he was 18 months old he found his dads old skateboard. He taught himself to push using one knee in till he got the balance to stand up. From age six on, he spent up to twenty two hours a week practicing tricks in his outdoor skate park in his back yard. His skate park had a half pipe, table tops, and several grind rails. He also developed his own trick called the Sheck-lair which is an Indy Kick flip Flyout. I don’t really know how I managed to get the interview it just kind of happened when I ran into him in a skate park in California. So Ryan is it true that when you were little you had your own skate park in your backyard? I had a half pipe, a couple table tops, and some grind rails. What kind of tricks are you working on right now? Just whatever the people like, I mean there’s no point in doing a trick if nobody likes watching you. So who has been your biggest inspiration? Well my parents are probably the biggest ones after helping me skate when I was little. So Ryan which skater did you look up to when you were little? Pretty much any one who could do something better than me, I mean I wanted to be like all the guys in the magazines. So how was your childhood? Well it was pretty good, my parents were amazing and they really helped me skate. So is it true that you have been skating since you were 18 months old? Yeah, but just pushing on my Knees at first. So what’s your favorite brand of skateboard? I’ve always liked plan b. Are there any boards that are easier to ride? No but with skate boarding it’s all what you like to ride. When you were little did any of your friends like to skate?

Yeah most of them did but we were in California so who didn’t? Did you ever surf when you were in California? Yeah everyone did and I was pretty good. How are you doing with motocross? It’s a really fun sport and I’m really thankful to Travis Pastrana for getting me into it. You said earlier on that there’s no point in doing a trick if no one likes watching but what tricks are the most popular at the time? The two parts don’t fit logically. Do you mean at this time?) Well I really like the 360 shuvit-tail grab. (Couldn’t he describe it for the non skater?) What’s been your favorite tournament? Probably the X games but I don’t Know? Have you ever done a 1440-triple back flip-shuvit-nose grab? No but I probably could off a massive jump. Do you have a video game on you? Yeah, its pretty fun. Proof read by Kevin and me 3 Introduction explaining why your interviewee is important 3 Introduction explaining why your interviewee is important 2Open ended questions that lead to detailed answers 3Detailed answers that give your reader some insight into the person you are interviewing 3Follows example 2Conclusion 3Proofread and edited for careless mistakes 16/24 Tyler, some interesting facts, but you need to ask broader questions, such as tell me about some of your favorite/most difficult jumps, for example, to get the character to show through. Another thing you might ask him is one time he was afraid of the competition or jump…..


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Dear Crushed Ice Magazine

I think your magazine is amazing. It is so well written and I thought your interview was great. The Shaun White interview is my favourite article. I was so lucky to get to go see him in the Olympics and he is definitely my favourite snowboarder. The one thing I would add is when Shaun wiped out and hit his chin in the 2006 Olympics. Shaun White definitely deserves another article and I was wondering if you wanted to use my pictures from The 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Shaun White is definitely a great snowboarder and my complaint about for your article is that I think you should have listed his awards because there are a lot of them. Thank You.

Sincerely, Tyler

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Dear Flip Magazines

Your magazine is amazing and I think your interviewer is amazing. He asked some great questions to Shaun White and he is my favourite skateboarder. He is so fun to watch and I was so lucky to be able to see him at the x games and the environment is so exciting and I can’t even imagine what it would be like at the Olympics. Your magazine is great and don’t change anything.

Dear Carson

I think your magazine is great but can use a bit more detail so that the readers can really picture what you’re talking about and it would be much better with more description. I know that you probably won’t listen but I think it would make your magazine better.

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