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Advice The History of BALLET Book Review

Interview with Ashley!!!

Table of Contents Pg. 1- Cover Pg.2- Table of Contents Pg. 3- Letter from the Editor Pg. 4- Editors Autobiography Pg. 5- Interview with Ashley

Pg. 7- Footloose Review readers

Pg 9- My memorable experience

Pg. 11- The History of Ballet Pg.18- 4 Dance Poems

Pg. 12- Letters TO the Editor

Pg. 10- Letters of advice Pg. 13- The Spotlight

Pg. 19 - My Experience at a Broadway Dance Show!!!

Pg. 22- Dancaround Dance Shoes Toothpaste Pg. 25- Forever Make-up Packs

Pg. 23- Ballerins Energy Up Pg. 24- Smile Mint

Autobiography Hello, my name is Sarah Thomson. I was born on August 24 1975 in Lions Gate hospital. This magazine, Dance Mania, is about dance because I have grown up dancing and love it more than any other physical activity, and I play a lot of sports. When I was young I had a perfect family: a loving and caring mom, and working, fun loving dad, a playful and sweet sister and a West highland terrier. I have lived in Kitsalano, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. I have attended Upper Lynn elementary, Gleneagles elementary, Caulfield elementary and Rockridge highschool. I attended my first ballet dance lesson at age two. I attended my first hip hop lesson at age four. I have enjoyed dancing my whole life and I won my first gold medal in a dancing competition at age 11. After highschool I decided I needed another hobby. So I decided to go to writing college. After that I wanted to do something that involved writing and Dancing. I decided upon writing a magazine. However, I still didn’t have enough money to open a magazine office. I decided to wait a few years. I got married at age twenty-six. I got a job at the local supermarket for a few years. I finally had enough money five years later when I was thirty-one. I went to start looking for a building I could run my magazine with. I finally bought one a year later. It was a building in Burnaby, quite close to my home in West Vancouver. I was building up my magazine for three years, Hiring Writers and photographers. And now my first issue has come out. I really cannot wait for you to read it! Please send back your feedback so I know how to make it EVEN BETTER! I hope you will enjoy my magazine! However if you do not like dance..... Read no further


Letter from the Editor Dancing is a big part in a lot of people’s lives. It is physical and very, very fun. It will keep you active all through your life. Many people love to dance. Chances are, because you are reading this magazine, you are one of them. There are many different types of dance. For example, hip hop, ballet and jazz are just a few of them. However there are too many for me to name in this letter. I will talk about more of them later on in this magazine. I want everyone to feel the way I feel about dancing. That is why I wrote this magazine. Dance is a way to express your emotions and feelings artistically. If you don’t like to dance, you shouldn’t have bought this magazine. Inside we will have exclusive interviews and fun dance steps you’ll love. Also, I really would like your advice on everything in this magazine because I am constantly trying to make it better. I will take you to places that involve dancing all around the globe. I really can’t wait for you to read my magazine’s first issue! ENJOY! I have proofread this and found 4 mistakes I, Emily, have proofread this and found 2 mistakes

A conversation With

24 year old dancer dreams for the young to succeed in their dreams instead of her own.

ASHLEY Ander Today I am here to introduce you to an amazing dancer named Ashley A. Ashley mostly works as a dance teacher but has been in several professional shows. An example of one is High School Musical 2. Today I am interviewing her because I find it amazing that she would want to spend her time training the young so that they may grow up and be able to live their dream of dancing like she did. At the moment I am watching her older class train. All of them in here are about 11 or 12. The class seems rather advanced but still very fun. All of the kids are laughing as I watch them dancing around the room. They all seem to enjoy training hard. I watch as they run around the room repeating different steps. They all seem to respect her and like her. Now Ashley tells me that they need an audience to watch one of their dances. Apparently, she has not helped them on this at all. I watch as the waltz around the room using graceful twirls, leaps and different motions. As well, it doesn’t seem that any of them are even tired. They are all still jumping about as they leave the room laughing. Now, I am to interview Ashley about her and the dancing she does.

About what age did you actually start taking lessons in dance and start pursuing your dream of being a dancer? Ashley: I started to take lessons as a three year old because when I was little I said that I always wanted to be a dancer. It was my dream and now I am living it! If you started when you were three what kind of dance did you take and why? Ashley: I took ballet. I mostly took it because I was a little girl and I thought that princesses would only ever dance ballet. Not hip-hop, not jazz, and not any other type! Who was your real inspiration? Ashley: I would have to say Karen Kane the ballet dancer. She was always so good and so graceful I always wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I used to watch her on T.V., listen to people interviewing her on the radio and look at pictures of her until I could remember every feature on her pretty face. How did you come to be what you are today? Ashley: Well, when I was younger I told my mother that I wanted to be a dancer and I really did. So, my mom began to put me in more and more advanced dance lessons. I spent most of my years training hard at Vanleena dance studio. I would train hard every day even if I did not have lessons that day. Also, my mother was very supportive. She would come to every show and support me through everything. I have a lot to thank her for. Now here I am at age 24, living my dream.

Do you have any other jobs other than this one?

Ashley: Yes, actually, I do. I work also as a teacher for a fitness class on a bike known as spinning. Also, when I want to, I will audition for dancing gigs with my agent. Is this the first class you have taught? No! Before this I taught a ballet class. I have been teaching this class for two years now.

Ashley Ander enjoys working with children and doing all other types of jobs! She has been working very hard ever since she was a child. She enjoys working hard and is always practicing. Even with all her hard work she still makes time to just hang out with her friends. She enjoys very active dance moves like jumping! I couldn’t think she could get anymore into dancing than she is! How many times have you been lead in a show?

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Actually, just once. It was a show of the little mermaid and I played Ariel!

I enjoy lying on the couch watching movies and hanging out with my friends.

Can you name all of the shows you have been in?

Earlier you told me that you lived in New York, what training did you do?

The wedding singer, promises promises, high school musical 2 and The Little Mermaid

Well, I was in Musical Theatre for three years and I trained at the Broadway Training Centre!

What is your favourite dance show and where is it?

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

What is your favourite style of dance?

Ashley: No, actually, I am an only child.

Really, I can’t decide! I like Hip Hop and jazz so, it’s a tie!!!

What is your favourite dance move?

I like ‘In the Heights’ on Broadway.

I like jumps and turns! Do you like working with kids? I love it they are all so positive and hard working! Many of them could easily succeed in dancing!

I have proofread this Sarah\ x5 I have proofread this Emily\ x3

Footloose Footloose is a classic 1984 dance film about a gang of rebellious teenagers. Written by Dean Pitchford, directed by Herbert Ross and starring Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer, this beautifully choreographed motion picture screams out ‘WATCH ME!!!’ to anyone who loves dancing. Released in 1984, this movie takes place in a small town where rock music and dancing have been banned by a beautiful teenage girl’s priest father. Ariel, the priest’s gorgeous daughter wants to dance and have fun in her life. Nevertheless, her father is far too strict and it is against his regulations. She is an outgoing, mischievous, spiteful young girl who loves everything her own father hates.| She has an energetic, fun loving mind that doesn’t know when it’s time to slow down and take a breath. Then into the story comes a young dancer named Ren. He is immediately taken with Ariel, but sadly for him, she has a boyfriend. When he who? sees how Ren looks at Ariel he instantaneously hates him right there on the spot. This movie is very exciting and energetic. When you watch it, it actually has you connecting with the characters. You can understand that Ariel is in need of more love. She feels as if she is never appreciated by her father. You can also see how much she doesn’t want to be treated like a child any more, but she never seems to get her wish. With Ren you can always see how determined he is to get the priest to allow music and dance in the town. However, he also wants to win Ariel’s heart. What will happen in this enthralling motion picture? You’ll have to watch to find out! I have proofread this Sarah\ x3 __4___Brief summary that doesn’t give the plot away

__4___Brief description of major characters telling the relationship between them _?____Author-other books awards..... __?___Style-quotations to show aspects of style such as descriptive language, sophisticated words and phrases __4___Proofread and edited for careless mistakes 12/20 Well written but some parts missing.

I have proofread this Morgan\x4

I’ll always remember... When I was seven years old, my mother came into my room one Saturday and gave me a HUGE surprise. I was going to a Ballet!!! I was going to be in the very front row! I would be able to see the dancers every move! It was a dream comes true!!! I quickly got ready and hopped in the car and we drove and drove until we got there. I walked into the theatre and stared. My eyes locked on the stage. It was huge, with props covering much of it and the rest a wide open floor. There was spotlights galore and bunches of rose petals covering the floor. I took my seat and waited for the dances to begin. The waiting seemed to take my whole life but finally, the lights shut off and the vibrantly coloured spotlights flickered on, I nearly jumped out of my seat! I watched as a beautiful girl walked, but seemed to glide on the polished floor, onto the stage and struck a pose. The music for the ballet turned and she started to twirl gracefully around the stage. I don’t think I blinked once that entire dance, I didn’t want to miss a minute of it!!! Many other dances came after, including an amazing waltz of a sort, yet none were as amazing as the first, because it was my first! I will always remember that day.

Dear Editor of Dance Mania,

Dear Editor of Dance Mania,

When I dance around the ballet room floor, I own that place. I know I’m a good dancer but whenever I go out to get on stage, my palms start to sweat, my knees start to shake and I feel like my feet are glued to the floor! The stage fright is so fierce; my instructor has to get a different dancer to do my part and I still haven’t had my moment in the spotlight and I’ve been dancing for 8 years!!! How should I get rid of my stage-fright? Please help!!

Since before I was 3, I have loved to dance, it has been, is and always will be my passion. I can’t see my life without no matter how hard I try. But my parents think that they might take me out of dance and I think that they are serious! They want to take me out because they think that I spend too much time on dance and my grades are dropping because of it! No matter how much pleading I do, I can’t get them to change their minds! What should I do?

-Calliegh from California

Sincerely, Sarah Thomson, Editor of Dance Mania

When I go on stage my hair flaps around wildly so I need to know how to do a perfect dance bun, By the time I get off the stage, my hair is flying wildly! I need to know fast because it gets in my way when I’m dancing and I can’t see anything and I’m afraid that I might trip or something because I can’t see the floor. -Penny from Pennsylvania

-Ellie from L.A.

Dear Calliegh from California, Stage-fright is very common, yet it is not something to be ignored. What you should do is not give up and walk away, you should try to overcome your nervousness and get up onto that stage and own it! Before your show, take a few sips of water, stretch and take deep breaths, maybe try a bit of yoga. Then, when your instructor calls “Show Time” instead of cowering and giving up, you’ll walk straight onto the stage and give it all you got! Try to remember, the people in the audience are here to see you, you already got them hooked! So, next show, take my advice and remember that it’s your big night!!!!!

Dear Editor of Dance Mania,

Dear Penny from Pennsylvania, Dear Ellie from L.A., I know that you probably think that your parents are doing thins to be mean to you, but they’re not. They have best intentions to help you in life. Try to sit them down and talk to them, tell them how much dance is important to you; I’m sure they’ll understand. Also, maybe you should study extra hard and try to do better in school, then they will see that you can balance dance AND school. Do your homework before and after dance and you’ll still have time to dance and some leisure time when you’re at home. I know that it can be hard to balance two very important things in your life but I know you can do it! Sincerely, Sarah Thomson, Editor of Dance Mania

Here are some steps that you could follow in order to put your hair in the perfect bun: 1. Put your hair up in a high ponytail. 2. Twirl it around and around until it is tightly wound. 3. Twirl it more until it is a bun on your head and put 2 elastics (preferably plastic and clear). 4. Put a net on the bun so that it cannot escape 5. Put some clips in the front of your hair so there are no loose pieces. Sincerely, Sarah Thomson, Editor of Dance Mania

Dear Editor of Dance Mania,

Dear Editor of Dance Mania,

Dear Editor of Dance Mania,

Since I was two, I have wanted to be a dancer, and not just any dancer, a professional dancer! I am 17 and have been dancing for 15 years. Now, at one of my dance recitals, I was the lead and there were scouts there. They all think I am good enough to go professional and they have asked me to go on Broadway! All my life, I have wanted to be where I am now, but now that the time is here, I am too scared that I won’t be good enough! What should I do?

When my dance school has a recital there are always two leads. Sometimes, one of those leads is me, but most of the time, it is someone else. I am scared that my instructor thinks that I am not good enough to be a lead. What if I am not a good dancer and that is why I barely ever get the leads!!! I am actually thinking of quitting dance forever because I am not good enough! What should I do?

Since I have seen a ballet, I have become obsessed with my dancing, I can’t stop. I want to be a famous dancer being watched by children of all ages when I am older. I have a problem though. I get absolutely exhausted but whenever I try to relax, guilt because I am not dancing fills my mind and I have to keep at it. What should I do?

Thanks a million,

Winnie from Winnipeg

Francis from France

Flora from Florida

All my love,

Dear Someone from Somewhere, Dear Francis from France, You should definitely try for it! You are an amazing dancer if the scouts have said you were good enough to go on BROADWAY!!! I didn’t get onto Broadway until I was 19 and you are only 17!!! You must be amazing!!! I truly believe that you should go for it. You know what they say ‘If you never try, you’ll never know’ so go for it because if you don’t try to star on Broadway, you’ll never know what you could have done. You could go on to be an amazing, famous and talented dancer, so go for it, because you got to try! Love, Sarah Thomson, Editor of Dance Mania

That’s rubbish! Just because you don’t always get the lead doesn’t mean that you aren’t a good dancer!! You said that you sometimes get the lead, well your teacher can’t ALAWAYS choose the same dancer for the lead!!! Your teacher probably just wants to look around other people’s talent too! Do you ever think that maybe other people feel the way you feel when YOU get the leads??? Well, next time that you don’t get something you want, do think about that, and think about how happy the person who DID get the part is! Do not EVER quit,

Dear Winnie from Winnipeg,


Wow!!! That is quite an obsession! I think that maybe you should stop dancing for a week or so!!! You need to relax! Try yoga to help you get rid of the guilt and then just try to relax!!! If you need to dance then dance for ½ an hour and then relax some more. Let me tell you, if you never relax, than when you go to a recital and the scouts are there, you’ll be exhausted and will not perform your best. You really need to stop thinking about this, if none of this works get a counsellor and they will help you. You just have to remember that you have a life away from dance.

Sarah Thomson, Editor of Dance Mania

Love, Sarah Thomson, editor of Dance Mania

Dear Editor of Dance Mania, When I watch a dance, I see how awesome it is and I think that dance sounds like a lot of fun, I would really like to start, but all the other girls in my school who dance started when they were two and I am 13 and I think it might be too late to learn. Also, I’m really into skiing and I compete. Do you think it would be a good idea and is it worth it for me to start dance now? From, Sandy from San Diego

Dear Editor of Dance Mania, Since I was a little girl, I have always done ballet, but I would really like to do some hip-hop or jazz or something to a different song or artist, but I don’t know if i should because I’m classically trained in ballet, should I do it? Love always, Brittany from Britain

Dear Sandy from San Diego, I have three words for you and they are; GO FOR IT!!! It might be easier to start dancing when you’re young but it’s never too late to learn!!! I started dance when I was 3 and ½, so I had no experience on starting when you’re older. So I asked some friends of mine for you and they said “Sure, it was harder to learn but all it really did was make me stronger and become better dancers from it!” so there you go. And as for your skiing, dancing helps strengthen your core; it could make you an even better skier than you already are!!! Happy Dancing, Sarah Thomson, Editor of Dance Mania

Dear Brittany from Britain, Well, DUH!!! You should definitely go for it! It would be SO much fun!!! Although, you should definitely ask a professional in one of those genres, NOT your ballet teacher, because sometimes people only know one type of dance, so sign up for a jazz or hiphop class. I think it could be a great life experience and could actually be the reason that you become a professional dancer when your older! That is, if you WANT to become a professional dancer Love Forever, Sarah Thomson, Editor of Dance Mania

Dear Editor of Dance Mania, When I was little I danced all the time and I loved it! Then I quit and got involved in art and now I don’t dance at all. But, I was thinking maybe I should try again! What do you think? My bests, Ally from Alabama

Dear Ally from Alabama, You should definitely start up dance again. You said you were into art; well dance is just a physical kind of art! Also, if you used to dance, you don’t lose the skill, you’ll be able to dance still! It will help you become better at art and it’s a LOT of fun. So, its a win-win right? Good Luck, Sarah Thomson, editor of Dance Mania

Dear Editor of Dance Mania, I am about to star in my dance schools production of ‘Hairspray’. I am wondering what dance shoes or brand I should where I need to have shoes that have a toe, are flexible and have strong fabric. I am going to be Tracy and will have to where a HUGE fat suit and the shoes need to make it so that I am able to dance just as well as I usually do. What do you recommend? XOXO, Holly from Hollywood

Dear Holly from Hollywood, I would probably recommend Werner Kern dance shoes. They are strong and sturdy and some of them have toes. Werner Kern was the brand I used when I danced so that is probably a contributing factor to the reason I like them but they really are very good ballet shoes. I would strongly recommend them,

The History of Ballet Ballet started in the late 1500’s in the Italian Renaissance and further developed in the French courts from the time Louis XIV ruled in the 17th century. It can also be known as Late Romantic Ballet or Ballet Blanc. There are many different kinds of Ballet, such as Neo- classical Ballet (which was produced by American Choreographer, George Balanchine) or Contemporary Ballet (which was inspired by both classical ballet and modern dance. It uses the pointe work from classical ballet and has a greater range of movement then those set from schools of ballet.). Today many people do different kinds of dance and/or ballet. Even though ballet is about expressing yourself there are rules: 1. when the feet are on the floor, they are pointed. 2. Everything is turned out 3. When the leg is not bent, it is stretched completely. 4. Posture, alignment and placement are vital. The word ballet did not originally come from the English! It was first borrowed from the French, who borrowed it from the Italian word, Balleto. The word Balleto came from the Latin word Ballo, which comes from the Greek word Ballizo. Ballerinas currently wear tutus and leotards, but, back when it was just forming women wore ornate gowns that were difficult to dance in and men wore wigs, blouses and bloomers

Dear Sarah Thomson, Editor of Dancer Latest, I am writing in response to your latest description of the History of ballet. I found it very well detailed and showed you did your research well. I enjoyed reading it not only because it was very well written, but also because you included most interesting information on the word Ballet. I once read an article that was very poorly done, with very bad research also about ballet, but as I read yours, I knew you had the best. I hope sometime we will be able to work together in writing articles and hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, ~Morgan van der Horst, ~Editor of Bark.

Everything you need to know about the SPOTLIGHT Written By: Sarah Thomson

Introduction Today I am here to tell you about the thing that highlights the dancer as they twirl around: the Spotlight! Have you ever actually thought much about the spotlight that shines light on dancers that waltz across the stage? Well if you haven’t you need to know more. Because a spotlight isn’t just another fluorescent (light)made just to keep your eyes lighted up! No, it is much more than that!

A spotlight shining onto a stage!

What is a spotlight? • A spotlight actually gives a dancer a lot of the effect of their dance! Without the spotlight that shines on it a dance would not be nearly as spectacular as it is with the fluorescent! As the dancers leap around the stage the light shines on them and only them so they are the exact focus of your attention! Spotlights give much effect to a dance! Spotlights keep your attention focused on the dancer and not on the popcorn in your hand! If you ever imagine yourself as a dancer you usually imagine yourself under a bright spotlight, don’t you? A spotlight follows the story of a dance. It gives the dance a sort of emotion! A dance needs a spotlight, without it the dancer could be waltzing around their bedroom! The spotlight highlights the dancer and shows how graceful they really are! Now, imagine yourself as a dancer with the spotlight on you, doesn’t that look absolutely amazing? Now imagine yourself as a dancer without a spotlight, you seem to turn up in your bedroom or a school gym, don’t you? It just goes to show that you NEED a spotlight to be a pro dancer!

How does THE SPOTLIGHT effect the Dancer??

• A spotlight can effect the dancer in many ways! It helps them remember that they are not just in practice, that they are actually performing for a live audience! Also they can imagine how they must look to the audience: ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING!!! So do you see, even the dancer onstage is effected by the spotlight!!!

More facts about it! • Spotlights usually measure about 82 cm. • The Spotlight was developed in 1879 by an American, Louis Hartmann. • The first theatrical spotlight was a limelight. • It was based on a small searchlight. • Gave way to such light sources as the arc, electric discharge, and incandescent lamp.

Conclusion • So now you know all about the spotlight: The colour (A shining gold), the size (Average about 82 centimetres), the shape (usually a small circle and lots of other facts! So now, when you go to a dance show, I want you to think about what is giving a lot of the effect! • Thank you, • Dance Digest Magazine • I have proofread this/x7 Morgan has too/x5

The Dance

The Music

My feet hit the stage’s cold, black floor

The music starts and I listen in

My hiding behind the curtains is no more

I listen to the drum ring like tin

I hear the crowd stand up, clap and roar

The guitar starts to play

As the audience hushes, the music goes loud

The song playing is a song from Coldplay

I start to dance to an adoring crowd

I could listen to music all of the day

I kick up my leg and start to spin

Sadly I can’t, so I begin to stretch,

I cannot lose, I can only win

At the end of 6 hours, I really need to rest

The crowd watches as the spotlight shines bright... I dance and twirl with all my might 

Twirling and Spinning

The Routine I am working on my routine of a dance I kick and leap and twirl and prance

I spin and spin I watch as the spotlight goes dim I twirl around and around again and again I am getting so dizzy; I will soon need a cane As I twirl, the crowd starts to blur The more amazing dizziness starts to occur I feel as if I will soon pass out I twirl and twirl around and about I can hear the crowd yell and shout Just as I feel the fainting draw near The music stops and I hear the audience shout a cheer!

It starts with a simple leap across the stage I then run across the floor and jump with rage As I hit the air I twirl about This is what dance is all about Dancing is fun and I love it so much Leaping and jumping and twirling and such As i run around this stage with glee i thing: This is who I am, this is me

Broadway Dance Show I am waiting for the limozine to come pick me up from the airport. I have finally arrived after a long and boring plane ride from Vancouver! I am in New York and am going to see a dance on Broadway that is as exquisite as a tide pool filled with wondrous shells! Of course, the ticket would usually have cost me $5000, but this time, I was invited to cover the show! I can barely wait! I finally see the limo arrive, but soon enough I realize it is not mine, but someone else’s! About twenty minutes later, I see a long, sleek, midnight black car pulling around the curb. When I have finished hastening in, they apologized for being late and told me that they had thought my plane did not get in until three o’ clock. I of course pardoned them. The Limo ride took about an hour. It was a remarkable hour though. Inside there was a flat screen T.V., a magazine rack, an ice cooler and plush leather seats. I finally arrived at the show after what seemed like centuries. I could smell popcorn and hear music playing. Of course it was only entry music,

the show had not started yet. I rushed to my seat in the front row. When I saw the theatre’s stage, I gasped. It was massive and shiny black. Lights were coming down in all different colours: pink, purple, navy, teal, yellow, red, green and orange. I was astounded, this was so amazing, and I could not have faith in my eyes! I waited in my seat for around ten minutes before the host came out to introduce the first dancers: Paige, Rosella, Belle, Patrick, Xavier and Zachary. The six dancers twirled out onto the stage gracefully. I watched as, one by one, they stopped moving in an elegant pose. The music began and I watched as they waltzed around the stage using agile leaps, twirls, kicks, hand motions, lifts and jumps. It seemed it was over before it started. The curtains closed and the audience just stared, astonished, until they exploded into applause. The host came back out, followed by Paige, Rosella, Belle, Patrick, Xavier and Zachary. They took a bow or curtsey and floated off the stage. The host came out saying “Ok ladies and Gents, may I introduce you to three young ladies who have been dancing since age two: Annabelle, Madison and Giselle! Three beautiful girls came out and started doing ballet

all around the stage. I watched in amazement for the rest of the show! There were seven more dances before it ended, including one with mere children of age 15. I left in a shocked state; I could not believe my eyes! I trotted to the Limo and then clambered in with a huge smile on my face. On the way back to my hotel I watched dancing shows the entire time! Yet, I could not find one as amazing as the show I had just been too! When I got to the hotel I climbed into my bed and drifted off to sleep with my dreams filled with beautiful motions, twirls and leaps. I could not get it out of my head! Proofread by Morgan Van Der Horst and Sarah Thomson

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