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Every one lovesthe beach! Carie Underwood Has the new hairstyle

100 Perfect outfits ready in your closet!!!

Summer is almost here, time for a shopping spree!

Autobiography Hi my name Is Brianna Olsen, I was born December 23 1991. I have three brothers named Ben, Andy, and Bo I have a mom named Jacqueline, and a dad named Steve, and a little red pet fish named Rudolph. I love to play golf and to play Field hockey in my spare time, and I can’t forget hanging out with my friends. Some of the things I love are puppies, flowers, and clothes. When I wear clothes I don’t like to wear some old sweat pants.”I like to be my own person with what I wear”.

Editors note ď Š I assume that you are very excited for this season magazine called 2010 teen fashion! We are working very hard on this magazine.

You need fashion in your life its fun and stylish! When this magazine is finished it will be a terrific chance for you to buy some fashionable clothes. You can contact me at, hope you enjoy the magazine! It will be great, with a lot of fashion tips!

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Legally blonde is about a snobby blonde sorority queen who is dumped by her boyfriend (Luke Wilson) who thought because she was blonde that she was not smart enough. After she is dumped she follows him to law school at Harvard to get revenge on him. When she gets there, she struggles to get him back so she enters into law school and ends up getting a law degree and realizes hard work is the key. But there was a bump in the road for Elle woods (Reece Witherspoon). Luke Wilson proposes to a girl he meets at law school, and now she is to become his FiancÊ. When Elle graduates from Harvard he dumps his girl friend and asks Elle to get back together. Elle says no and tells him that he judged her from the beginning and didn’t give her a chance. This movie was released on July 13/2001, and it received a golden globe award.

History oF hAtS


People all around the world have been wearing hats since 1865 when John Batterson invented the first hat called “the boss of the plains” which is now known as the “ten gallon cowboy hat”. The first place he started selling his hat was Central city Calorado. People wear hats today to keep them protected from sun or for fashion. Firefighters wear hats to protect their heads from stuff falling on them. There are many reasons people wear hats today.

Dear: Brianna Olsen, I am attending a wedding next Saturday (june 15th). In the invitation it says to wear casual cloths but I don’t know if it means jeans casual or skirt or dress casual. Please help me find something to wear! Sincerely Emily from california!


Dear Emily from California, I think Since it’s a wedding it most likely means more of a dressy casual. I think you should wear a summer dress it should have bright colours and its just above your knees, make sure its not too short or to long. Thanks so much for sending me an email I am glad to help with fashion.

Sincerely Brianna Olsen!

Dear Briana Olsen, My name is Eliana, I’m 18 and I’m from San Francisco. I’m going to my prom this Friday. I have a pink dress, but I’m not completely sure if I should wear pink shoes to match my dress, or a different colour shoe like silver or black. I was thinking that I like silver more than pink but I also wanted my shoes to match my dress. I hope you can help me decide what shoes to wear. From Eliana

Dear Eliana, The pink is a good idea, but I would recommend wearing silver shoes they will look better and also bring more attention to your dress. “Have fun at prom”.

Brianna Olsen!

I was looking at your magazine advertisement for cat like eyes. When I was reading your article I thought it was very good, but I thought you could have described the product a bit more so people get a better feeling of how it works, also, I think you should have maybe put the price and other features about it in your article. I also think you should have said how big the bottle is so you know how much there is in a bottle. I liked how you used very good words such as voluptuous, rage, and luxurious. (Wrong transition word just finished writing good things about the article) I thought your article was really good I liked it a lot your article was very organized. 

By the editor of “Strut” magazine.

Inter viewing Paisley Bryn! This morning I am here to interview the lovely . Paisley mainly work’s as a fashion model, she walks down runways in New York and California and is loved by many fans. Her style is very bold, she wears things that are pretty and unique. She wants to be a role model for young kids that dream of being a model. When she was young she had a fashion role model whose name was Monica Stewart. She had also been a fashion model but now she is at the age of 47 and has retired from her fashion career. Ok let’s get back to Paisley, so paisley, had a previous job as a fashion designer, she was a great designer who worked for a famous designer named Stella Char. Stella char and paisley have become very close because Paisley became a fashion model through Stella because Stella recommended Paisley to the fashion hosts.

Let’s get started!

So Paisley how long have you been fashion modeling?

What sports did you do as a child?

What is your favorite place to model?

I have been fashion modeling for two years and it has been so much fun going to all the cool run ways.

When I was younger I played field hockey, soccer, and I skated. I loved all those sports.

My favorite place to model is probably New York, because that is where I became a model.

What has been your best modeling year?

Do you have love life or have a history of love life?

My best modeling year has been 2009 because it was my first year and everyone was voting for me because I had a very unique style.

Yes, I have a love life. I am dating a hockey player his name is Jacob Monely, we are going to get married in June at the white flowers gazebo in Calabasas. My brides made(maids) are my sister Ashley Bryn, and the best man will be Jacob’s best friend, Danny.

Do you enjoy modeling? Yes I really enjoy modeling. It brings so much joy to me when I’m on stage and I see my family smiling at me as I walk down the runway in my sparkling clothes. What is your favourite part of modeling? My favourite part of modeling is being able to live my dream as a little girl.

When did you discover your eye for fashion?

What university did you go to?

When did you and Jacob start dating?

I went to pepper dine university in Malibu and started a week after I got out of high school. How old are you paisley Paisley: I am 24 years old, and was born in 1986 in California on May 16. Were in California were you born? I was born in Calabasas in the north gate in a big white house with a pool and hot tub.

It was the year I got out of university. I was walking with my designer boss and she was talking on the phone, the person on the phone was asking if she has anybody that would make a good fashion model and she said that I would make a great model.

Jacob and I started dating last September and we met at a lovely coffee shop in Italy. We were talking and he asked me on a date at to a little Italy pasta house. Are you and Jacob going to go on a honey moon? Yes Jacob and I will go on a honey moon. We will go to Maui and stay at a hotel on the beach. What do you do in you spare time. I read to kids .

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