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A very special interview with Brennan Boesch

Learn how to hit a baseball with no skills

Learn about the history of the incredible baseball glove

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OUT OF The PARK FEATURES Batting Order 1. EDITORS PAGE Find out a little bit about me and all the helpers at Out of The Park.

2. THE WILSON A2000 Learn about this awesome glove and its cool features right over here.

3. HOW TO HIT A BASEBALL Here are some tips on how to hit a ball with no skills!!!!

4. VERY SPECIAL INTERVIEW Read an incredibly special interview with Detroit Tigers Left Fielder Brennan Boesch.

5. WELCOME TO US CELLULAR FIELD This cool park is home of the Chicago White Sox. Come on in take a peek inside.

6. HISTORY OF THE BASEBALL GLOVE Learn about the improvements and changes of the glove.

7. MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE Learn about one of my most exciting moments in my long baseball career.

8. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Here are some letters about all our articles from Out of The Park readers like you.

9. SOME ADVICE Here are some questions from Out of The Park readers and of course get some answers from the editors.

Out of the Park no. 1 JUNE 2011


So you think you can grab a bat and hit a homerun the first time. Think again, you would probably lose your grip on the bat and throw it straight at the pitcher. Here are a couple of ways to improve your hitting skills.

1. The four things you need so you can hit a baseball

a few warm-ups so he does not hit you. Also make sure you hold your bat nice and comfortably or you will probably be is a bat (obviously), 2 batting gloves so when you hit the really tense and it will be very difficult to hit the baseball. baseball it will not hurt your fingers, (recommended but if you do not have them it is okay) a baseball, and a batting helmet. If you do not wear a helmet, there is a If you do not know the best way to swing a bat read chance that you could get hit by the ball and probably here. When swinging a bat do not swing down, every little get a severe concussion. league coach will tell you to swing down but I recommend you to swing straight. You can watch the pros play and a lot You need to play on a baseball field with a fence of them swing up, just do not copy them because it will mess so if you hit it really far you will know if it is a homerun. up your swing in the later years.



But it is a really good chance the first time you grab a bat you will probably swing and miss by a mile!

3. Now grab the bat and walk up to the plate. If you are a righty or a lefty stand on the plate and look at the hitter. If you are a lefty go the right of the plate. If you are a righty go to the left of the plate in the box made out of chalk.

4. Now make sure the pitcher pitching to you gets

If you do not think you are going to play baseball much. Just grab a pair of running shoes out of your closet.

6. Make the pitcher pitch it under hand when you are starting and once you get the hang of it make him/her pitch from the mound over hand. It makes it a bit easier if you are wearing running shoes. But if you really want to go professional I would recommend baseball cleats.

7. Now when the ball is coming at you are going to want look at it the whole time or there is no chance you will hit it. Next, take a swing at the ball. All I can say is good luck!

If you really want to go professional, get baseball cleats just like these.

Editors note I am sure you want to hear lots about this magazine but first I am going to tell you a little bit about me, the editor. My name is Judson Stanton and I was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have a twin sister, an older brother, a mom, and a dad. You are probably wondering why I like baseball and the White Sox. Well, I like baseball and the White Sox because my dad was born in the south side of Chicago. So he is a huge White Sox fan just like me. I have lived in many places; Chicago, Illinois, USA, Florida, USA, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Vancouver, BC, Canada. I currently live in Chicago, Illinois, USA and I am 29 years old. My favourite baseball player is Ichiro Suzuki because he gets so many hits every season. He plays for the Seattle Mariners. I also like Albert Pujols because he always hits lots of homeruns every season. He plays for the St. Louis Cardinals. The reason why I am making this magazine is because I love to play baseball and I love watching the White Sox play so I thought it would be perfect to make a magazine all about baseball. I also have made many other magazines such as Sports Illustrated and the Book About Sports. I love to read and write about sports. I also love to watch baseball on TV. Many people find it boring but I find it exciting, especially when the playoffs are on. I went to Caulfeild Elementary School from kindergarten to grade 7 and then I went to Mulgrave private school from grade 8 - 12 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. After that I went to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA for 8 years. I got a degree in health care.

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Webbing of glove

Slot for your hand to go in

Wilson A2000 This great baseball glove is used in every level of baseball, even in the little leagues. It was designed in 1957 but has been upgraded a bit since it came out, and is used by many professional and amateur baseball players today. Today, there are many different types of Wilson A2000 baseball gloves.


n 1957 Wilson wanted to design a good quality

baseball glove for all different levels of baseball. So Wilson went to the MLB spring training to find out what kind of glove the pros wanted. They finally finished designing it in January of 1958. There is also a similar baseball glove like the Wilson A2000 called the A2K. It is also made by Wilson.

The Wilson A2000’s high quality leads to even higher performance. Obviously, Wilson just knows what to do to make a great glove. The Wilson A2000 features a wider web, a stiffer thumb, and a deeper pocket. Over five decades later the A2000 has pro stock leather. The glove is also known for its durability and consistent performance. The glove shown above is an infielder’s glove. The

Hole for your index finger to go out of, because there are only 4 places for your fingers to go in.

difference between an infielders glove and an outfielders glove is that an outfielders glove has a wider web than the infielders glove. The reason for that is because if it is a groundball. The infielder needs to quickly pick up the ball and then throw it to first. So if you have a wider web then it will be harder to find the ball in your glove. The reason why an outfielder has a wider web is because when it is a pop fly they have a better chance of catching the ball. The average price for a Wilson A2000 is one hundred eighty dollars to two hundred twenty dollars. This is a lot of money, so it is also good to get a used glove because it will already have been worn in. If you buy a new glove, to break it in, you should put a ball in your glove and then put elastics around it and leave it for a couple of days. Many professional baseball players would pock the A200 over another glove because of its pro stock leather and wider webbing. When wearing the glove lots of people prefer also putting a batting glove under it for more comfort. There is now a new type of Wilson A2000 glove named the Wilson A2000 showcase is designed to have a game changing feeling for people with smaller hands. All players of all type can now have a professionally made glove. It is made from the same Pro Stock Leather and the same sized pocket as the Wilson A2000.


Brennan Boesch amazed many people in his first two months in the majors. In 2011 we hope to see another stellar season!

Please welcome up to the plate number 26 the rookie left fielder, Brennan Boesch! On April 23, 2010 Brennan Boesch was called up to play for the Detroit tigers after left fielder Carlos Guillѐn pulled his hamstring. Boesch ripped a double off the right field wall on the first pitch he saw in the majors. Seven days later Brennan hit his first major league home run, a grand slam off Los Angeles angel’s pitcher Joel Pineiro. Brennan then won the American league rookie of the month for May and June. Not even in the first month that Brennan was in the majors he hit a 387. Batting average, 3 homers, 19 RBI’s, and 2 triples. No player has ever done that well since at least 1952! Boesch almost made it into the all-stars even though he had only played for about three months in the majors. Even though Brennan started to drop in all categories of batting he still finished with an above average season. Brennan Boesch was born in Los Angeles, California on April 12, 1985. He was drafted in the third round by the by the Detroit Tigers in 2006.

Written by Judson Stanton Interview by Judson Stanton Photos by Eric Nguyen

Brennan Boesch 1. What made you want to play baseball? Brennan: My dad played with me ever since I was a young kid, and we shared a love for the game together. It was something that was ours and we loved hanging out in the yard playing catch and hitting tennis balls. 2. Do you enjoy playing with the Detroit tigers and why? Brennan: Yes of course I like it. I like the Detroit fans because they are very passionate about the team. 3. How did you feel when you heard that you were going to play for the Detroit Tigers? Brennan: It was surreal. I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and accomplishment. 4. Would you recommend swinging up, straight, or down and why? Brennan: a level swing with a slight upward arch I think is best. 5. What was your favourite moment in the 2010 season Brennan: My first homerun is definitely my favourite moment especially because it was a grand slam. That is a moment that I will never forget. 6. What University did you go to and why did you choose that University rather than another one? Brennan: I went to University of California, Berkeley. I chose it for the great academics.

7. Who is your favourite MLB player? Brennan: Josh Hamilton 8. What is your favourite team besides from the tigers and why? Brennan: Los Angeles Dodgers. I grew up rooting for LA 9. What are your goals for the 2011 season? Brennan: To be the best player I can be. No more. No less. 12. How old were you when you started playing baseball? Brennan: I was only 2 years old when I started to play. 13. Did you play any other sports besides from baseball when you were a kid? Brennan: I played every sport such as Football, Soccer and basketball. 14. What do you find the easiest pitch type to hit and why? Brennan: Fastballs because they are straight and lack deception. I love when pitchers pitch me straight fastballs.

15. What do you like to do in your free time besides from playing baseball? Brennan: Surfing because I grew up in Los Angeles where I could surf all the time. 16. Do you feel a lot of pressure when you walk up to the plate in the MLB or Triple-AAA? Brennan: Not really. All you feel is adrenaline and the big roar of the crowd. 17. What made you want to play baseball besides from playing a different sport? Brennan: I knew that I had a gift and I knew that someday I would play in the major leagues. 18. How did you feel when you got your first major league home run? Brennan: I felt like someone else was running around the bases. It happened so fast. I would like to thank Brennan for letting me interview him and I would like to thank you for reading this article on Brennan Boesch.

Welcome to

U.S. Cellular field Where the noise and excitement will thrill everyone throughout the park. Have fun and enjoy your time at this new modern ballpark.

Before the 2003 all star game at US Cellular field

The center field scoreboard at US Cellular field

View of the field from right field at US Cellular field

By Judson Stanton On the south side of Chicago lays one of the most modern and exciting ballparks in all of baseball. It is called US Cellular field. The sound and noise of this park is amazing. On the top of the scoreboard lays seven poles that have one circle on each of them. When the White Sox hit a homerun the circles spin and fireworks come blasting out of them. The feeling of being so happy and joyful is great, even if you are not a baseball fan. From VIP seats to outfield bleachers every seat is great. The hotdogs smell like fresh cooked meat right on the oven. The food that is served will surprise you a lot. From freshly cooked salmon to yummy cotton candy every food is perfect for you. Seeing famous and professional baseball player’s right in front of your eyes is very cool. It is definitely much better coming to the game rather than watching the game on TV. It‘s just so much more fun. The park was built in 1991

named new Comiskey Park but in 2003 US Cellular bought the name. So now it is called U.S. Cellular field. Another great thing about US Cellular field is that it does not have one, not two, but THREE scoreboards. The left field scoreboard is used to show the batters stats. The right field scoreboard is used to show the scores of other baseball games. And the center field scoreboard is called an exploding scoreboard because of its size. When a homerun is hit everybody in the crowd goes crazy and it is so much fun. Just talking about it makes me excited. I especially like the front gate on the outside of the park because of its beauty. It is like seeing the most handsome thing right in front of your eyes. Your eyes will be glued to the game because of the excitement. So I hope now that you have read this you would do the same thing as me and go to the park if you ever had the chance to.

The History of

The Baseball Glove By Judson Stanton Introduction to the baseball glove

The baseball gloves changes over time

Have you ever been using a baseball glove and then get hit in the palm of the glove. Ouch that hurt, but just imagine that but about one hundred times more painful. So SUCK IT UP because you’re not going through nearly as much pain than early baseball players did. The baseball glove was first used in the late 1800’s just as a protection but now it’s used to catch the ball and protect your hands. The glove today is incredibly different than it was when it was when it was just introduced. Without baseball gloves today, baseball would be a much different sport. All people now a day’s use baseball gloves for more protection and so it is easier to catch the ball. This article is all about the baseball glove and its advancements over the years.

Like I said before, the glove has changed a lot since it was first invented. It started off as similar to a padded gardening glove and got better and better. But one of the biggest changes was in the year 1920 when St.Louis Cardinals pitcher Bill Doak suggested that a web should be placed into the glove. Soon after, glove companies started doing this and webs became very popular. At about this time, catcher’s gloves and first basemen’s gloves were different as they were more round like a circle. At around the 1950’s, laces were used to connect the gloves fingers. Also at this time a pocket was formed in between the thumb and the index finger instead of just the small laced web. For the last 60 years baseball gloves have gotten lighter and more comfortable for your hand. Here are pictures of the gloves advancements in the last 10 years. 1890’s 1900’s 1910’s 1920’s

The glove’s earliest form In the year 1870, Cincinnati Red Stockings catcher Doug Allison was suspected to wear a baseball glove to protect his hands due to an injured left hand. To make the glove he used buckskin and put it together, this created his padded glove. Doug Allison may have been the first player to use a baseball glove but the first confirmed baseball glove user was first baseman Charles Waitt. Doug Allison or Charles Waitt may have been the first people to use a glove but they were not the ones who got it popular. It was First Baseman Albert Spalding who got the baseball glove use going. Spalding later created the sporting company Spalding. The earliest gloves were similar to work gloves with the fingertips just cut off. These gloves were used to swat the ball down rather than catch them because they did not have as much protection. As baseball moved into the early 1900’s gloves became more and more popular and as a matter of fact, almost all players were using one. The glove had five finger holes and that’s all. It was a pretty basic glove.









Important and famous people There were many people who made the glove famous including Albert Spalding, Doug Allison, and Bill Doak, Charles Waitt, the Spalding Company (started by Albert Spalding), The Rawlings Company, and all of the players who wore the glove in the early 1900’s because they weren’t popular back then. Albert Spalding is important because he is the player who got the glove much more popular than it was at the time. He also started the sporting company called Spalding in 1876. Spalding is still running today. Doug Allison is important because he was suspected to be the first person to use a glove. Bill Doak is very important to the glove because he suggested of putting a web into the glove in 1920. He is a man who will never be forgotten. This idea was quickly started up and a web is now used in every baseball glove. Charles Waitt was the first confirmed person to wear a baseball glove so he was pretty important to the glove. The Spalding Company is important because they are a very popular glove company. The Rawlings Company is important because they are also a very popular company and more than fifty percent of MLB players use these gloves. Also, instead of just the Golden Glove Award, it is called the Rawlings Gold Glove Award because of how so many players use Rawlings gloves and Rawlings’ great commitment to baseball.

haven’t heard of some of these companies but there is a good chance you’ve heard of Spalding, Rawlings, Nike, Mizuno, Wilson, and Easton. Here is when the problems come in is when all of these good companies are competing with each other. Rawlings was a good company then and has continued to be a good baseball company that is why they were and still are very popular. They are by far top notch when it comes to gloves. Another problem with the glove was that everybody thought it was sissy like and unmanly to wear a glove because it shows you can’t suck it up and be tough. This is probably the main reason gloves didn’t become famous quickly. But once Albert Spalding used a glove everyone started using one because everyone respected him.

Conclusion That kind of sums it up for the baseball glove and its history. But as you can see there were many challenges along the way but the gloves have improved incredibly since they were just introduced. Fortunately players back then had to play with no glove because they would be made fun of. But then the glove was invented before people like us started playing baseball so we didn’t have to go through all of that pain that they had to. In the pictures I showed in this article you can see how much the gloves have changed. But the older gloves aren’t as bad as they look because they are older and have been around for a while. There are many baseball companies that I listed but Rawlings has and will continue to be the top glove maker if they keep designing such good gloves. Thank you for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed it. Written and edited by Judson Stanton.

Bibliography Albert Spalding

Bill Doak

Charles Waitt

Controversies and problems They’re have not been many controversies and problem through the years of baseball gloves but their have been a few. So here are the controversies and problems. Well one of the first things was, all of the companies wanted to be at the tops for baseball gloves. Here is a list of the major baseball glove makers. There is Louisville Slugger, Akadema, Nokona, Rawlings, Spalding, Kelley Athletic, Wilson, Nike, Easton, Mizuno, and Vinci co. You probably

Baseball glove, Wikipedia, April 7th 2011, History of the baseball glove, baseball equipment review, Bill Doak, Wikipedia, November 19th 2010, Albert Spalding, Wikipedia, May 23rd 2011.

I’ll always remember... Judson Stanton writes about an incredibly exciting moment in his baseball career. Sit back and enjoy the incredibly exciting and intense story because we hope you enjoy it. BY JUDSON Stanton There I was standing at home plate with two outs and my team down by one. My teammate was at second base waiting for me to drive him home. He had just hit a ground-rule double and expected something big out of me. All the pressure at that game was on me, my teammates were excited, my coaches were excited, the crowd was excited, but best of all my parents were excited. My coaches always told me never to swing at the first pitch because if it’s a ball then they have to pitch me a strike on the next pitch. But as always, I didn’t listen. My friend was pitching to me so that made us both feel pressure. The pitch came and all I was thinking was its going straight down the plate so I better not miss. I swung the hardest I could and it traveled all the way across the outfield and over the fence. Bye bye baseball! It was a warm spring afternoon as my dad and I headed to the field to go meat up with my teammates to warm up for the game. My dad was the head coach of our team and had been a coach for six years. Every year, when he is head coach we do incredibly well through the season. Well, this game was a huge game because we were playing our biggest rivals, the Red Sox. We had played them 2 weeks ago and we just beat them 14-13. In the bottom of the sixth with my teammate on third base and I was up to the plate. I hit the ball to third and the third basemen hesitated and then threw it to first but I had already gotten there in time and the man on

third went home and we won. Anyways, we arrive very early for every game because then we could get a lot of warm up time. We all arrived on time because we were so pumped for the big game. I couldn’t stop thinking about the game through the whole entire school day. The other team arrived about a half an hour after us so we knew we would be more prepared then them. Through the first three innings of the game we took the lead but then they would come back and take the lead so through the first three innings it was a pretty tight game. In the fourth inning they scored five runs to take a big 13-8 lead. But then we showed what we could do and scored four runs to make it 13-12. They never scored in the top of the fifth so it was our turn to bat. Like I said they got two outs but then my teammate hit a double and then I was up. I hit a homerun as I said an) I went so crazy. I was throwing my arms in the air and so excited. But then here comes the funny thing. My teammate came up to the plate and he swung at the first pitch hit and hit a homerun just like me. If you’re thinking those back to back homeruns by my teammate and I were luck or a coincidence, then you’re WRONG!!!! They took complete skill and everybody knows that!!! It may have taken a bit of luck but I think my teammate was so pumped up because of the homerun that he used all of his force and might. At the end of the game we ended up smoking by I think 7 runs. At the end of the season we ended up winning fifteen of sixteen games. It was the most successful season I have ever had.


U.S. Cellular field Here are some letters from a few of the many Out of The Park subscribers. I would like to thank you for writing to us on how you like our magazine.

U.S Cellular field

Dear Judson,

You described it all great. I never really liked baseball but, now after reading this I would go to U.S. Cellular field to watch a game any day. I don’t think there is anything you could change. If I ever go I hope to see the white sox get a home run, I would be so happy to see the fireworks.

Wow, that field seems awesome! I haven’t been to it myself, but after reading this article, I sure hope to go sometime soon. Being there in all that excitement must have been just enchanting.

Dear Judson,

-Claudia Scholten, Vancouver, Canada Thanks Claudia for writing about how you liked this article. If you ever go there someday you’ll to be sure to see the fireworks because the White Sox are so good and hit a homerun almost every game. I enjoyed making this article because it was fun to write about a park I have been to a lot.

Wilson A2000 This is a picture of the outside of US Cellular field.

Dear Judson,

It’s one thing to be able to go to a baseball game, but to go to a field where there is fireworks, three scoreboards, great food, and much more, now that, I cannot imagine. Though you have put a great picture of the experience in your reader’s minds, I think everyone should have a chance to witness this ballpark in person one day. I hope I do so myself. Great article, what an amazing place to be.

That was a very informative description of the Wilson A2000 baseball glove. Though I’m not a baseball player myself, this article did in fact appeal to me. Wilson really does know how to make a junior and professional league baseball glove. One question I have for you is have you ever used the Wilson A2000 glove yourself? If so, what do you think about it? Thank you for a fun and interesting article.

-Macyn Scholz, Vancouver, Canada Thanks Macyn for writing back to us. It is true about the letter that U.S. Cellular field is very cool. I hope you do go to this park someday because it really is a great experience. I enjoyed writing about this article a lot and I’m glad you enjoy the article too.

-Alex Schmill, Vancouver, Canada Thanks Alex, I have never used a Wilson A2000 glove before but I have heard many great things about it. Even though I have never used a Wilson A2000 glove, I have always used a Wilson made glove because it is one of the best baseball companies.


“There are many questions to be answered from the pros.”

FROM THE EDITOR Here are some questions from some of the Out of the Park magazine subscribers. Hope they help you. 1. Eric Nguyen, West Vancouver, Canada Whenever I swing a bat I seem to let go of it. Can you give me some tips on how to keep holding on? When you are starting out make sure the bat is not too big for you or it could be too heavy and then you may let go of it. But if you don’t have any other bats then just choke up so then it will be a bit easier to hold and swing. Also, just to make sure you won’t let go of the bat, make sure you do a few practice swings before you come up to the plate that way you know you will be prepared to bat.

MLB and the last one is the MLB which is the highest level of baseball in the world. Some MLB players go from college baseball all the way to the MLB without playing in the minors so you never know what league you’re going to play in.

4. Carter Stephenson, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil What is the best way to hold a baseball for beginners? I would recommend for beginners doing a four-seam fastball. Here’s a picture of how to hold it.

2. Sang Kee, Bora Bora Island Since there is a new player on my son’s baseball team can you give some recommendations of where he should be playing in the field and where he should be batting in the line up? I would make sure you guys have a practice before your first game. See how good he is during the practice. Play him in right or left field. Also, because he is new, I would make him bat eighth or ninth. Then he can see what to do at the plate and on the bases so then when he comes up to the bag he will know what do. Hope the advice helps!

3. Michael Treagus, Maldives I know what the mlb, triple-A, double-A, and single-A is. However I have no clue what the difference between the four is? The difference between the four leagues is that they are each at different levels. The single-A is the lowest level of the four. The double-A is usually the league when the players might start getting scouted. It is a league higher than single-A. The Triple-A is the league just under the

You must hold the ball with two fingers going on the four seams. Even pros do four seam fastballs so if you would like to become a good ball player, you will have to learn to hold the ball this way. Hope this helps you Carter.

5. Charlie Armstrong, Venice, Italy Whenever I go looking for bats I don’t know what type I should get. Got any recommendations? It doesn’t really matter which bat you choose just do not get a really heavy one for a small and weak person because then they will have trouble swinging the bat. When you are at the store looking for a bat make sure

you ask the store clerk or someone working there because they will know which bats they have and which ones they recommend. If they can’t help then I would recommend you get an Easton bat because I have always liked them. Hope my advice helps!

6. Brayden Smeaton, Galapagos Islands I just got a new baseball glove and since I’ve been subscribing to you for a while I decided to ask you how to break it in? What I like to do is either put a baseball in my glove and put a bunch of elastics around it and then add some special type of spray that is available at almost all sports stores. That can sometime help. But what I think works best is when you are watching TV or something like that just grab a ball and throw it into your glove for a while. That always works the best. Hope these few tips help!

7. Trevor Dale, Los Angeles, California I know what a homerun is although I have no clue what a walk-off homerun is? Well, a walk off home run can only happen in the bottom of the ninth or on (bottom 10th, bottom 11th, etc.). It is when the home team hits a homerun to take the lead and win the game. An example is bottom of the ninth, 0-0 game and the team hits a homerun to win the game 1-0. Hope this advice helps you understand.

Whenever I pitch, I seem to get into a get really mad can you give me some tips of how I should keep cool? To keep cool don’t get mad at your teammates or coaches because then they get frustrated with you. Also, just keep it cool and think to yourself I can do this. This will keep you happy and hopefully improve your pitching. Hope this advice helps!!!!

9. Chris Dritmanis, Cancun, Mexico I know a lot of baseball numbers although I do not know Jackie Robinson’s number when he played baseball? Jackie Robinson wore the number 42 for his entire baseball career which was with the Dodgers. Jackie Robinson’s number was not only retired for the dodgers but was also retired for all of MLB baseball in 1997. The reason for this is because he was the first AfricanAmerican baseball player in the MLB. Thanks for the great question!!!

10. William Dale, Vancouver, Canada I’m good at stealing although I don’t when is the right time to steal home base? (I play in a league where there is no leading off). Well, first things first, only steal home on a pass ball or a fumbled ball. Stealing second is easy and stealing third is too but home is a whole other scenario. Make sure you get a good push off the bag and that will get you going to home plate. Also, if you decide to steal, then steal, don’t hesitate or decide to go back in the middle, you will never make it. Next, if your coach tells you to steal just steal and if you get out it is the coach’s fault not yours. Last of all, when you are stealing home make sure you slide or the ump could call you out. Also, because you or the catcher could get seriously injured without sliding. Hope this advice helps.

11. Matthew Upson, Toronto, Canada Since I’m just starting baseball I decided to read the rule book and one said it is good to drop the bat, why?

8. Josh Latta, San Jose, California

Well because you can run faster and it is safer. You will be called out by the ump if you don’t. There’s not much too it but that. Hope this advice helps you understand! Thank you for asking these great questions. And I hope my answers helped you.

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