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Food fashion Valentine's day let's make lovely dumpling!

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valentine’s Day let’s make lovely dumpling.

you need to know about Chinese food.

Chinese cuisine is any of several styles originating in the regions of China, some of which have become highly popular in other parts of the world — from Asia to the Americas, Australia, Western Europe and Southern Africa. Where there are historical immigrant Chinese populations, the style of food has evolved – for example, American Chinese cuisine and Indian Chinese cuisine are prominent examples of Chinese cuisine that has been adapted to suit local palates. In recent years, connoisseurs of Chinese food have also sprouted in Eastern Europe and South Asia. The culinary Michelin Guide has also taken an interest in Chinese cuisine, establishing Hong Kong and Macao versions of its publication.

Traditional staples Flour and rice are the two main food staples in China. In general, rice is the major food source for people from rice farming areas in southern China. Rice is also used to produce beers, wines and vinegars. In wheat farming areas in Northern China, people largely rely on flour based foods such as noodles, breads, dumplings and steamed buns. Noodles are symbolic of long life and good health according to Chinese tradition. They come dry or fresh in a variety of sizes, shapes and textures and are often served in soups and fried as toppings. Tofu is another popular product often used as a meat or cheese substitute. It is a soy-based product which is highly nutritious, inexpensive and versatile. It has a high protein/fat ratio.

When I was six years old when I never forget the first time to Korea travel first time to eat Korean cuisine. Korean cuisine came from very old traditions in Korea. It has developed through many environmental, political, and cultural changes. There are special rules for eating meals in Korea. Korean cuisine is mostly made up of rice, noodles, vegetables, and meats. Most Korean meals have many side dishes (called banchan) along with their steam-cooked rice. Kimchi is usually eaten at every meal. Sesame oil, doenjang, soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger, pepper and gochujang are ingredients that are often used in the food. In different provinces of Korea, its ingredients and dishes are different, too. The Korean royal court cuisine used to serve all the best dishes from each province for the royal family. People follow special rules when they eat meals in Korea.

My love of simple

Seasonal Regional J P A N E S




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This is my favourite place to eat in the city right now One of its most exciting restaurants tasted shojin ryori----

Japanese Buddhist

cuisine Which is vegetarian ---- all over japan It's fun and amazingly delicious Cooker just use classic Japanese dishes The food is Beautiful Colorful Another great things is you eat so well and yet the food is light You feel so good afterwards.


n the nice afternoon at Paris having a big cooking contest. She is the best

cooker in this contest, also she is the oldest in this competition, but she is really smart. When she went to the first cooking contest about 13 years old. How about other cooker? They are all good too, first cooker is a man, his name is Connor about 27 years old, and he is Japanese. The second one is a woman her name is Johanna, she is the girl that everybody was talking about, because she won the first place. How is the third one? His get second place, of course he is really good too. His name is Ryan. This is a small group, for the contest. But the competition just has three people. Let’s talking about the rule of this contest, you just have a salmon and you can add some other recipes, all the cookers must be 30 min to finish this salmon. Really easy to understand. Now let’s started, first you need catch a salmon, this is a hard step, don’t take so much time to catch a salmon. Every cooker just has 30 min, now all the salmon is ready to cook. Connor wants to make some sushi with salmon; also he said he can make best salmon sushi the world. Johanna likes to make soup, so now she really wants to make a special salmon soup. Ryan is an American, so he wants to make a salmon some slump foods. Now it's time to cut the recipes for salmons. 20min, 15min, 10min, 5min, just have 1min left 59 58 57 56 55 54, faster 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. Every one stop, all the dish must be ready. Put on the tables. All the taster is coming. It's time to decide witch one is the best one, than that cooker well win this contest first place. After 20 min all the taster all decide Johanna is the one of the cooking star. Everybody is screaming, yes she won. It's like a dream, really nice dream, but it's true.

Q: Do you know some types of sushi? A: There are many different kinds of sushi. The most common sushi you will find in Japan is nigirizushi: fish that is placed on top of a small portion of sushi rice. Sometimes you may find other ingredients on top of rice, such as egg instead of fish. Makizushi consists of rice rolled around fish and/or vegetables. In America, makizushi has become very popular, more so than nigirizushi. Another type is known as Tamaki or a hand roll. This kind of sushi comes in a cone-shape, created by the nori wrapped around the ingredients inside. They are usually filled with a mixture of rice, fish, and vegetables.

Q: How to make dumpling without meat, because I’m vegetarian. A: Easy add meat or add vegetable process is same things.

Q:How to Make Delicious Yet Healthy Yogurt Fruit Smoothies?There are so many different recipes for fruit smoothies, yet I have had a difficult time finding a HEALTHY smoothie that my kids love. This recipe has been tested by the hardest food critics ...CHILDREN! Not only do they love the taste, they also have fun making their own fruit smoothie creations. A:1 You will want to add 4-6 ice cubes to a 48oz blender along with 2-3 cups of Vanilla fat free yogurt. 2 Next place 1/2c. raspberries, 1/2c. mangoes, and 1/2c. strawberries on top of the frozen yogurt. Add the entire package of the Tropical Mango Smoothie Mix (1.8 oz), and 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 cups of Skim milk. 3 Blend on high until everything is thoroughly mixed and you reach your desired thickness. Sometimes more milk is needed for thinner smoothies, I would suggest to start with the minimum amount and add more if you would like.

Q:What's so good about a vegetarian diet? A: Here are six reasons: 

Vegetarian cuisine is naturally low in saturated fats, and foods of plant origin contain little or no cholesterol.

Plant foods are also much higher in fiber than animal foods.

Many plant foods contain significant amounts of vital B-vitamins, and folic acid: and fruits and vegetables are powerful sources of phytochemicals - nutrients that help every organ of the body work better. 

Vegetarians tend to eat fewer calories, since grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, volume-for-volume, tend to be lower in calories than meat and poultry. Studies have shown that as long as their diet is balanced and nutritious, the people who consume fewer total daily calories live longer and healthier lives. 

Veggie lovers believe that foods from plant sources, which are lower on the food chain, are safer than animal foods, since pollutants tend to concentrate in fatty tissues. While raw fruits and vegetables can carry harmful bacteria and pesticide residues just like meat, you can remove many of these pollutants by washing the plant foods. Trimming the fat from meat or chicken is less effective. Meat, poultry, and seafood are also more frequent carriers of foodborne illnesses than plant sources. 

Environmental conservationists believe that having more plant-based diets is healthier for the planet. It takes less energy and less farmland to feed a vegetarian than it does to feed livestock. 

Q: Can you cook? A: That's a hard question when i was 19 years old i wrote this book, but i can't cook i just love to ate some tradition food of some country like China Japan French Korea India like that now i will try to learn how to cook by my self.

Q: do you know some no cook health Snacks for Kids to Make A: That's easy you can just go super market to buy some health snacks like Quick Fruits and Veggies, Granola and Trail Mixes, Cold Cookies.

Q: what is low fat food i mean low-fat lifestyle means making some changes in our kitchens. But what do we mean by a low-fat kitchen? A: Basically we mean replacing high-fat foods with low-fat foods. So yes, those double-stuff sandwich cookies should be tossed, along with that extra-butter popcorn. But don’t despair, there are so many low-fat products available these days, alternatives are pretty easy to find. So what should we choose and lose? Q: How to Flavor Soft Drinks With Cherry? A:1Place a few ice cubes in each of the 10 oz. glasses to keep your cherry-flavored soda cold after it's made. 2Pour 8 oz. lemon-lime soda or 8 oz. cola into each glass. Lemonlime soda gives the final cherry drink a refreshing citrus-based taste without caffeine, and the cola drink offers the traditional cola flavor along with caffeine. 3Add 1 oz. cherry-flavored syrup to each drink and stir with a spoon to mix the cherry with the soda. Cherry syrup can be purchased at baking supplies stores, organic stores or stores with health food sections. 4Top off your cherry-flavored sodas with a maraschino cherry, if you like.

Q: Because it's my friend 's birthday, but she really love French food, so i want to make some French food, you know the famous French food it's French onion soup and i want to make this type food for her, do you know the things we need of this food. Thanks A: I'm not sure, because you know i'm not from French but i know how to make it, but i can't make sure the taste s good, i'll try my best. French onion soup is a perennial favorite that anyone can make at home. A simple soup, it gets its flavor from browning the onions very slowly. And everyone loves the topping of a hearty crouton with melted cheese. This recipe serves about four. things you'll need: 2 large onions 1 tbsp. vegetable oils 1 tbsp. flour 2 tbsp. butter 2 tbsp. marjoram - picked or chopped 1 (14.5-oz.) can reduced-sodium chicken broth 1/2 loaf French bread salt and pepper 1 c. grated Gruyere cheese Salt And Pepper 1 tbsp. vegetable oils 1 c. grated Gruyere cheese 2 tbsp. butter 2 tbsp. marjoram - picked or chopped 2 large onions 1 tbsp. flour 1 (14.5-oz.) can reduced-sodium chicken broth 1/2 loaf French bread

Pizza has long history. In 16th, at Naples a kind of flat bread called Galette flat bread is seen as pizza. At that time, pizza is a tool for baker, is a test furnace temperature of the dough as a poor food. Pizza sold in streets. In 17 pizza start cover with white sauce. th

In the 18th this flat bread the innovation is to add in the tomatoes. The tomato was brought to Europe from the American, many Europeans believe that tomatoes are poisonous (as some other tomato plants.) However, in the late eighteenth century, the area's poor people of Naples added the tomatoes altogether in their fermentation thin is common on the flat bread, so pizza was born. This dish has become very popular, and soon after the pizza to those who wish to become the city's poor areas to explore and experience the local characteristics of the traveler's concern.

Later, it was replaced with oil, cheese, tomato or fish, 1843, Alexandre Dumas, père things described above, the difference between a pizza. June 1889, out of respect for the Italian Queen Margherita of Savoy's purpose, Raffaele Esposito created a Chef (Pizza Margarita) decorated with a tomato, mozzarella and basil pizza, to the performance of the Italian flag colors. He was the first to add cheese to the pizza man.

Everybody knows that China is a very big country in the world.It has a long history

.there are many interesting

places here.such as the Great wall .the Summer palace and so every year lots of people will come here to visit .and it held olinpic in 2008. and it will become more and more beautiful.

Key facts: China is a very big country with five thousand years history , and lies on the west coast of the ocean.

It stands in Asia

China covers 9,600,000square kilometers.

People of about 1.3billion live and work together on the land. make up the whole population of China. stronger.

56 nations

China is becoming stronger and

Especially in these years , world can not be without China.

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