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Letter from the Editor My life has been a smooth but bumpy ride. I was born at BC Children’s Hospital in January of 1999 and grew up in Yaletown, Vancouver where me, my Mom, Linda, and my Dad, Kelly, lived in a loft that is still there today. When I was four we moved to West Vancouver to Cherbourg Drive and I have lived in a forest ever since. I go to Caufeild School and quite enjoy it there. I have a quick walk to school every day through the forest (no streets included).

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Basketball has always been my inner passion. I only just became really serious about it when I was chosen for the 3D Basketball Elite Team this year. Before that I played in the Steve Nash League when I was 8 years old. And since I was five, I played one-on-one with my Dad, we also used to play horse and other fun basketball games. Because I am on the 3D Elite Team we get to travel to Seattle for an American basketball tournament in the Spring and stay for two nights. My team practices twice and week and we play a game in Vancouver on Saturday nights. Basketball has become this growing plant that is now beginning to form into a jungle. I have been playing basketball for more than half of my life. Basketball is a free to move sport, its high energy even if you are winning or losing, the pace of going back and forth, defense to offense, and to try to work harder and be proactive, in other words to fix your mistake and not let them you down is a big key to the game. I started Nothing But Net to share my knowledge of the game with other basketball players and kids who like basketball just as much as I do. Nothing But Net is a monthly bestselling magazine that is an icon of sports magazines worldwide. It is full of key tips on how to become a Kobe Bryant of the game, and how to like the game more and more each time you step foot on the court. We will provide celebrity interviews, reviews and other articles on more than just how to play the game. Thank you for choosing this issue. I hope it jumps off the page,

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Hank Lendvoy Editor-in-Chief

How to show up for a basketball practice 1.Be sure to get a good night sleep if your practice is early. Don’t loose all your energy before a practice. 2. Get a good snack before a practice or one on the way there. Don’t eat too much before because you don’t want to get a cramp or even throw up while you are playing. 3. You have to have proper clothing. Long shorts that you can run in, and a t-shirt that you are able to touch your elbows together is a great uniform. The shoes are also important you have to have hight top basketball shoes so you don’t sprain your ankel. 4.Be shure to show up 5-10 minutes early because chanses are

the gym will be open and you can warm up before the practice starts. Don’t forget a cold water bottel because you have to stay hidrated.

to get a good meal and strech once more or you could be thight for tommorow.


5. Streching is always a good idea before you start palying. If you don’t have a shooting routeen like 2 foul line shots and 3 layups etheir side then that is a great way to keep your game up. 6. Respect the coach if you listen to the coach more then you can learn how to become better.You can as well learn more tricks and be able to kick your friends butts. 7. After the pratice be sure to thank the coach for his hard work. Don’t leave the gym to fast or you could forget your water bottle, jacket, or basketball. Once you leave the gym be sure

This basketball uniform is perfect for any beginner in look for a good uniform

These water bottles are also very nice because unlike other water bottles you can just squirt the water in your mouth

Welcome to

STAPLES CENTER This is the LA Lakers logo. The LA Lakers is one of the teams that uses Staples Center as their home arena.

This is what Staples Center looks like from bird’s eye view. You can see how the seats look like ants crawling to their queen.

Staples Center is a landmark in Los Angeles. It is home of NBA teams - LA Clippers, Lakers, Sparks, and the NHL team, the LA Kings. I’m talking about the NBA and the experience of going to a game at Staples Center. Staples Center is a masterpiece because of its architecture. It is considered to be the jewel in the US sports stadium crown. When you first get in find your seats and sit down in the traditional hard, smooth seats that you will watch the game in. If you were to look at the seats from a birds eye view they would look like millions of ants crawling to their queen. Make sure you visit the concession stand. Fill your mouth with some rich hotdogs, taste bud dancing churros or mouth refilling sodas. After that take your seat and feel free to watch the game. See the pros warm up, and watch the jump ball and the first drops of sweat as they trickle down the players’ faces. When you are settled in hear the ongoing noise of the fans and the squeaking of extremely expensive basketball shoes on the waxed court. If you have a good nose you might be able to smell the NBA players’ sweat and the aroma of the salty and sweet treats. Once all of your five senses have kicked in you will be overcome by the thrill of an amazing play or sadness if your team loses. You will have many mixed emotions when you go to a game a Staples Center but you will leave knowing you saw a game at one of the best sports arenas in the United States.

These are some of the taste bud dancing churros that will make you want to come back.

Staples Center Address: 1111 S. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 9001

I This was going to be a mistake That’s what they all said Not a big enough spotlight for him Could thrive Could win But he knew he was right!

II Now he’s proving it He has driven his team to success He knew he had to become an outside player So he had to be working on that every day Polishing his jumper He’s the guy you have to chase out of the gym And nobody can question that

Article #4 – Interview with Kobe Bryant by Hank Lendvoy


Q: How was your childhood? A: My childhood was great. I don’t have any complaints. The biggest thing that happened, my Dad had just retired from the NBA and so he wanted to go to Italy and play pro basketball there. When we made the move I learned how to speak Italian and Spanish fluently. While my family and myself were in Italy I would go back to the US and play basketball in the summer league. My grandfather would send me basketball recordings and I would pretty much study them. While my basketball was big to me I also learned how to play soccer. My favourite basketball team was the LA Lakers and soccer team was AC Milan.

Q: Where were you born? A: I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Article #4 – Interview with Kobe Bryant by Hank Lendvoy

Q: When did you start playing basketball? A: I started playing basketball when I was 3 years old and I still love the game just as much.

Q: Where did you go to high school and what were some of the highlights? A: I went to high school at Lower Merion High School. That’s in the Philadelphia suburbs. One of the highlights in my high school career was when me and my team were the first team to get my school a championship win. Another highlight was when I practiced really hard I had averaged 31 points a game.

Q: Are any of your relatives or family members famous in basketball? A: Well my Dad was the former 76ers player and also the former head coach from the LA Sparks Joe “Jellybean” Bryant and my mother was Pamela Cox Bryant.

Q: What was one of your best accomplishments? A: My best accomplishment was when I got drafted to the LA Lakers in 1996. I was the 13th draft pick overall and when I was chosen I was almost in tears because the LA Lakers were and of course still are my favourite basketball team ever.

Q: How many times have you been voted MVP? A: Well I have only won once in 2008 and I plan to get many more, sorry I’m trying to be modest. And I won it another time when I was in high school at an Adidas camp.



Article #4 – Interview with Kobe Bryant by Hank Lendvoy

Q: What was the high point in your career? A: When it was recorded I was the youngest NBA player ever to play an NBA game I was extremely exited but then the funny story is that the record was broken by Andrew Bynum who is one of my teammates now.

Q: Have you been on any other teams beside LA Lakers? A: Well, I was 13th overall draft pick so the Hornets picked me but there was a huge mix up with the Lakers and the Hornets and then the Lakers picked me and my parents had to co-sign and when I turned 18 I the basketball season started I got to play for the Lakers.

Q: Does that mean you got drafted out of high school? A: I was drafted straight from high school and didn’t go to college or play any other level of basketball besides high school and then when I had been chosen the 13th overall draft pick I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my practicing. And I was one of the few players to be drafted right from high school and now you have to be 19 and one year of college to be drafted into the NBA.

Q: What is your favourite position on the court? A: Shooting guard because you can shoot some shots and also play defence just like midfield does in soccer.



Article #4 – Interview with Kobe Bryant by Hank Lendvoy

Q: How many points do you average a game? A: Well, my peak percentage was in 2005-2006 when I was averaging 35.4 but now in the regular season of last year I’m only averaging 27.0 in the regular season and in the playoffs I’m averaging about 29.2

Q: Who is your favourite teammate that you have played with so far? A: Maybe, Shaq O’ Neal. I was first intimidated by him but after we hit it off we became great friends on and off the court and that friendship still lasts between him and I even though we are on different sides.

Q: Which do you prefer, LA Lakers or USA National team? A: USA national team just because me and my team have gotten gold every single time and I have gotten a boat loads of trophies from there.

Q: Have you been on any tours so far in your career? A: Well I went on a 2009 Nike tour when some shoe stores released my new shoes the Equipment KB 8 and when I released that shoe I got to go to Hong Kong.

Q: Do you have any basketball shoes that are named after you? A: I have many different shoes and I have endorsed as part of my contract with Nike, but one of my only shoes that actually has my name in the title of the shoe is the Zoom Kobe IV (4).



The Competition

jocks saying, ‘Ya’ funny Hank’ or ‘You shredded it on the court today, you where making us look

By Hank Lendvoy

like ragdolls’. It was like with each sentence they were saying ‘please, make me your friend, please’.

He was in the gym every day, after and before class. He never stopped shooting. I think he

It was all the same even after the teacher told

even got permission the use the school’s gym

everyone to take their seats in her nasally way

whenever he wanted. We all knew Hank. Hank

of talking putting way too much emphasis on

Gathers. He was the stud in our school, good at

each word.

sports and good at school, the guy everybody

“Pleaase classs taaake yourrr seatttt.”

wanted to hang around. On the court Hank was unstoppable, when his feet hit the court it was

But back to Hank. He made the classroom feel

almost like a chain reaction. He seemed to

like a concert, but he didn’t say a word. It was

always have the basketball in his hands whether

all of his friends who were cheering or

he was on defence or offense.

screaming. That day for me felt like a year. Each class whether it was one that I liked or one that

Luckily for me I knew Hank before high school and before all of his fame. We were in elementary school together and .nothing has really changed between me and Hank since. Yah, maybe he didn’t spend as much time with me

was just horrible seemed to drag on and on. At some classes the clock seemed to stop. Finally I was home on my couch. I was perfectly still, I wasn’t even moving. No, it couldn’t have ended that soon, I still had a career waiting for me.

anymore or play basketball with me so much but we were still cool.

“Oh!” I said. I had been asleep. I woke to a bouncing sound outside. It was Hank. We were

This is the story of the game that changed Hank forever.

neighbours for as long as I could remember. His dribbling was like a grandfather clock. It never

It was a typical Monday morning. The sun was

stopped. Unlike a grandfather clock he was

still shinning and the bell had just sounded for

always in a different spot, on the left side of the

homeroom. Everyone was making their way,

house and then the right. There was no real

slowly and steadily to their class. I was already

predicting on where the noise would be next

in my chair, my book out and pencil as sharp as

and that is why it made it impossible to study. I

a needle just waiting for the regular rush of

thought to myself ‘Did Hank-the-Perfect-


Gathers ever study?” Of course he did, he

has been on talk, and sport shows as well. He

always got at least a B+ on all his assignments.

already has a contract with Nike and just ended

That is why there were way too many love-hate

one with Adidas. He has been voted MVP in our

situations with Hank. One second he is cracking

school 5 times and has only been playing for 6

jokes and making the mood in the stadium and

years. He has also been voted MVP for the

the next he is not in the mood and everyone

whole high school league and has won twice. He

else goes into the droopy, all ‘I don’t feel like it’,

was the one guy on the court that was the most

at that stage some people hate Hank Gathers.

skilled and because of that all of his opponents

The whole week went by just like that Monday. It seemed to drag on forever. Now it was Saturday, the day when the Westwood Warriors

never wanted to check him. Also because he seemed to tower over everyone and that too made the other guys intimidated.

played. The Westwood Warriors was the name

The stadium was always full of excitement

of our school team. They were undefeated in

when Hank went on the court and Hank always

the regular season and were two games away

scored way too many points so that made each

from starting their playoff careers. They were

game very exiting too. That is why so many

only undefeated because of Hank. The name

scouts and even teachers wanted to watch his

Gathers on the back of his jersey was like a

games. I always got court side seats because of

word made of gold. Hank would average 35

my close connection with him.

points a game and if he had a bad game he would only get 30 and that would still be ten points higher than anyone else. He was like this because of his ability to dunk at an early age and also because he practiced every day. He would practice for at least 2 hours whether it was snowing, raining or just a regular sunny day (but that wasn’t very typical in Vancouver). You never didn’t see Hank on the court and that intimate passion to keep playing was the very thing that most search for. That piece inside you

Me and Hank, like I have told you before, have been always very close and that’s why I sometimes get very nice perks when I am with him. But there are some downsides to being close to Hank. Like that one day, one I will never forget, when I saw the side of Hank no one else has saw. Not his teachers, not his teammates, not even his family, this side of Hank is not pretty. This side of Hank is hidden from the rest of the world.

wanting to keep on going no matter the day,

It was a cold August night and I was helping

weather, and most importantly other people’s

Hank with his daily routine. Hank always would

opinions. Because of his great talent he also

be very organized with his routines and he 3

would never change them up. I drove him up to

phone and called 9-1-1. After that the worst

our school because his car was broken by a jock

thing in the situation was the waiting. It was

who said he would keep good care of it and

horrible the feeling in my stomached felt like I

then the next day he was in the hospital and

was going to throw up, my head was pounding,

Hank’s car was flipped up in a ditch by the Lions

my hands and all my limbs were shaking, and I

Gate Bridge, car destroyed. We arrived at the

was crying. I looked down on my black shorts

school in time for his routine: 5 laps around the

and they were drenched in my tears and I

800m track as I timed him. 5 sprints around the

couldn’t stop. They were pouring out and then I

basketball court, and 500 shots with the

let go. I fell to the ground tears rushing out of

basketball in the gym. His 500 different shots

my face and onto the gym floor. Then

were spread out along the entire court and I

paramedics arrived and that was the only thing I

had a hard time keeping count of were he did


them or how many he did. But as he took his perfect form and released you could see the smile on his face, as he knew this one was going in the basket no matter what. But then a horrible thing happened as he was coming down from his shot with his feet lined up to the hoop, his hand still holding his follow through he landed just as he had done thousands of times. But this time when he landed he fell. Fell to the ground, fell to the thing he loved and desired.

The next morning I was in my bed my pillow soft like a cloud, my blanket wrapped around me and as to my realization I wasn’t in my room. There were not three but only one window, my dresser was not my dresser but Hank! I was so astounded by the sight of him all hooked up in those tubes and the machines breathing for him. I called for the nurse, ‘Nurse, Nurse.’ A tall, thin black haired women came rushing to my side. She asked me if I was alright and I said I was fine and that resolved into a enormous conversation

When I saw this I was shocked. The Hank

of medical pills and Jell-o? I asked if I could

Gathers, the Unstoppable Hank had just fallen. I

leave. She checked with the doctor and I was

was speechless but I did muscle out the only

free to go. I went home in my car and went to

word that came to mind in the time of

bed. I don’t know how long I slept for but when

desperation, ‘What?’ As I watched my best

I woke up I heard the dribbling of a basketball.

friend fall to the ground and just lay there my

‘It couldn’t be’, I thought to myself as I put on

whole world flipped upside down and I

my clothes and went walking, almost tumbling

screamed at the top of my lungs for help. But

over to the local court and there he was. In the

no one was in the school. So I pulled out my 4

flesh and fine as ever. As I have joked, “There is

Neither I nor any of his teammates saw him for

truly no stopping you is there Hank”.

2 days. The next Saturday came, the day of the

“I guess not,” he said. “Did you check out of the hospital?” I asked. “Yah, don’t worry I won’t break the law for basketball, yet,” he laughed.

championship. The Westwood Warriors up against the Sentinel Sonics. The Sentinel Sonics were the roughest team in the high school basketball league and they were also the team with the most height. One player on their team is 6’2” and has a vertical height of jump of 49

We both started to laugh and laughed and

inches. Sentinel was only in the finals because

laughed until I could have sworn I was crying.

their so called talent was to injure the best

But as the tears were wiped off our faces and

player on each team every game they played

we became serious and he looked at me. Not in

and they were now in the playoffs. They do that

any way I had ever seen before but in a way

with Spike. Spike is the worst basketball player I

that was very frightening.

have ever seen, he’s also the roughest. His

“I have something to tell you,” Hank said in a low serious voice and he looked at me dead straight in the eyes. “I need you to keep my little fall and the hospital experience a secret.” “But, but why,” I asked. “You need to tell people. You need to tell your coach at least, you can’t play in the condition you’re in now.”

coach tells him to body check the other team’s best player and then lets Sentinel take the lead and win all of their games. Spike is in grade 11 and is 6’8”, he works out at the gym every day for 4-5 hours and gets the worst grades in school. He is the most hated person in the league. He has been at three meetings with the league and coaches to get

“I have to. The finals are tomorrow and it will be

him kicked out of the league for unfair play but

the first time I will ever have a champion ring,”

they never get a verdict. They hold these trials

he said.

because of his rap sheet. He has broken bones,

“Is the champion ring so important to you that you would risk your health or even your life to win a stupid title?” I asked. “Don’t ever say that to my face,” He said and

sprained wrists and even punched a kid in the face in one game. Now many think it is the league’s fault but actually Spike’s parents are filthy rich and bribe the league to keep their son playing basketball.

turned his back and left.


We were all waiting for Hank to burst into the

Westwood. A high score like that at halftime is

doors just as the game was about to start, but

very uncommon for a high-school basketball

as Hank’s teammates and coach came to the

game, but the players press on. Now as the

game 30 minutes early Hank was already there,

game was about to rev up into full gear Spike

shooting and warming up for the game of his

was delaying the game by talking to his coach,


Mr. Schneider, the man with an iron fist. This

All of the fans took their seats with the monstrosity of deep fried chips and Cokes so large they could hold a medium sized mammal. The players were set up ready to go.

coach didn’t believe in fair play. He did as his catch phrase praises, he ruled his team with an iron fist. His team was his team and no one could say different. And of course his star player Spike. When everyone saw both of them talking

“Game time!” the referee yelled at the top of

the stadium went as quiet as a cemetery. Hank

his lungs.

saw this, put on his game face and went in for

“Alright!” the fans from Westwood high school always chanted. The jump ball was won by our team. Hank immediately went down the court past Spike and all of the other players before they even knew what hit them. That made it a 2-0 game for Westwood. I never wanted it to stop. The intensity of the fans and the excitement of the players made the game a world wonder. It was like this for a long time during the game, but unlike the fans who stayed up on their feet the score was shifting like the tide on a beach. One second Sentinel is moving the ball around Hank and his teammates so fast that not even a road runner could get to it. On the other side of the court Hank is laying down monster dunks and making everyone gasp at the sight. At the end of halftime the score was 42-39 in favour of

the kill. Within two minutes of the second half Hank had scored six points and put the Warriors nine points in the lead. When you see Hank with his game face on there is no mistaking it. It’s the face of nothing to lose, it’s the face that defines a champion from a winner and that face was put directly on Spike. Spike’s nostrils flared. He ran up to Eric (one of the runts on our team) and body checked him to the moon. Eric had no real body fat and the only thing that broke his fall was a brick wall at the side of the court. He went down with a smash and his head was covered in blood. There was no mistaking what his teammates were thinking of doing to Spike. That is not how basketball is played. They all ran over to Eric’s side as he was taken off the court, and the game was back on.


Not too surprising everyone on Westwood was

teammates to crowd around him, I waited for

scared and played horrible. With only 1 minute

the coaches and the sponsors to look down at

to play the game was tied a 50-50. Harold (the

him in complete silence. I even waited ‘till his

Westwood Warrior’s coach) called a time out

family and friends started to grieve and fall to

and ran a play through his team. It was called

the ground crying. I was so much in shock the I

the “Executer”. It was one of Harold’s many

didn’t even realize the people around me. It was

invention plays that always seemed to work. It

as if I was put under some sort of spell that no

was our ball at the side line of the Sonics bench.

matter how hard I tried I never seemed to break

The play went something like this. The whole

free. And at the point, the point that everything

team would set screens and run around like

was gone, the point that the game was over the

mad men trying to give their check something

buzzer went and all of the sorrow and grief

to look at. Now this was Hank’s cue to run

filled the gym.

around the three point line and the in-bounder (the guy who throws in the ball at the side line) throws it across the court, passes it to Hank. Hank then sets up his three point shot to win the game.

The Sentinel Sonics were too shocked to move. Not even Spike jumped for joy. It was like this because we all knew what had happened. The “Un-stoppable” Hank was dead. His body which was once such a great force was now a no more.

But this one game something didn’t go

The paramedics brought him off in a stretcher

according to plan. As the players set up in their

to the Emergency Room. But I knew he would

regular position the in-bounder got the ball, the

not be stepping on this court again.

team started to set screens and bump players. As the in-bounder saw the opening and as Hank got the ball he set up his shot - the very ball that was going to win the game. As it was just to leave his hand he fell. Hank fell just like when I was with him in the very same gym helping him with his routine last week.

It is now Sunday. And the sun is shining but no one is outside. It’s as if the world had frozen that Saturday afternoon and it was no one was going to play until the funeral was over. The paramedics had pronounced him dead in the hospital room. They said it was a good way to go with his family, teammates and friends there.

And then the realization came to me. I was the

They also said that he was in a coma and didn’t

only one who knew that Hank had fallen before.

see or hear any of it. They said Hank had a

I was too shocked to say anything and the shock

random heart attack but I knew that it was

froze my bones. So I waited, I waited for his


caused by the heart failure in the gym the week

point guard when he played just as Hank was,


and Kelly could still beat him in 1on1 any day.

I went over to his Mom, Linda. She was a brave

Two of Hank’s goals were to make it in the NBA

strong women who played basketball with Hank.

and to live up to his Dad’s skills on the court

But the only time Hank’s friends saw the emotion out of her was in the hospital room. As I was walking up to her I didn’t know what to say. Would I have to give her the speech that life and death always come? There were so many ways I could open but the best that I thought of in that moment was what she did.

In practice he would talk about his Dad many times but I had never met him in real life. Hank’s descriptions were better than accurate. He was tall and lean but as strong as an ox. As I approached him that day I felt as small as a garden gnome.

She didn’t say anything, she looked me in the

In a surprising soft tone Kelly said, “Hank always

eyes and I knew from her face she needed no

raved about you”.


That was all I wanted to hear.

And as if it jumped off my tongue I said in the most comforting way I could, “Hank was a good guy”. As I said it tears were pouring down her

The End

face as well as mine. Then I walked away and went to comfort Hank’s Dad Kelly. Kelly was a strong, large man (and reminded me of Hank’s Mom). He had a job that kept him behind a desk all day but boy did he take that to his advantage. Kelly could always find the good out of everything. I bet that if he was stuck in a hospital bed like Hank he would go down with a smile on his face. Kelly was also the most patient man you would ever meet. Hank always raved about him in practice and always told us that he was his true idol. We all thought that Hank took after his father with his personality and athleticism. Kelly was also a 8

10 Questionnaires

Q: Since I can’t do a dunk, what is the next easiest shot? A: The next easiest shot is on one of the two blocks. Aim for the closest corner of the small square on the backboard. If you have a 45 degree angle between you and the corner of the small square on the backboard then all you need to do id have the right power (which is no more than a flick of the wrist and a small jump) then it will go in every time. Q: As long as I have been playing basketball I don’t have a fouls shot routine. Do I need one? A: Yes definitely. You need a foul shot routine because it is the only shot in the game of basketball where you can take your time and it is the only shot that will never change. If you do the same routine then your shot will be the same and it will have a better chance of going in. Q: Although I can shoot a three pointer, I can never make a shot from the left side. Why? A: Well if you are a right handed player then it is normal for everyone to struggle on the left side. All right handed players struggle on the left side because when you are on the left side and you are shooting with your right hand you have to shoot the ball across your body and that is much harder. Because I am also right handed, I did as well struggle on the left side but practice makes perfect and now the left and right sides of the key are both the same.

By: Hank

Q: Since I have been playing basketball I don’t have enough power to shoot a three pointer. Why not? A: Well when you start basketball it is hard to even shoot from one of the blocks. One of my coaches told me that “When you are just in grade seven your shooting range will be at the tree point line.” But it just takes time to grow power. If you keep up the practice I can assure you will be able to shoot a three soon. Q: As much as I like to play 5on5 I don’t like to play 1on1. Why is that? A: Well when you play 5on5 you don’t have to drive straight to the net. You are able to dish it out or pass it to one of your teammates. But when you are playing 1on1 you have no choice but to drive straight to the net. Now people not liking to play 1on1 is completely normal, but if you want to become a good basketball player you have to learn how to play 1on1 because you will have to do 1on1 in every game.

Q: Even though I can dunk I find it hard to make a layup. Why? A: Good question. A dunk if you are tall enough is pretty hard but not that hard. Now a layup on the other hand is much more difficult because unlike a dunk on a layup you have to really concentrate on your foot work and hitting the correct part of the backboard. For the foot work part of the layup you have to start with your closest foot to the basket and where you want to aim is where you want to shoot when you are on one of the blocks. At one of the corners of the small square on the backboard.

Q: Before I got my new basketball I was making all my shots. But now that I have my new ball I can’t make anything from close to far. A: Well this is a common problem with many new basketball owners. You aren’t making any of your shots because you haven’t yet worked your new basketball in yet. I would suggest going to a pickup game or even your local hoop and working in your new basketball. I can guarantee you that your basketball will be good as new in a couple of shoot around. Q: Unless I get a regular water break I get very thirsty during practice. How do I get more water during practice? A: This happens a lot and it too has happened to me. Now there is no shame in wanting some By: Hank

water during practice. Now this happened to me for a long time but then I actually asked if I could get water and my coach was completely fine with it. All you have to do is not be shy and ask and most of the time it will turn our positive. Q: While I have been playing 1on1 I have only gone to the right side and not the left. Why is that? A: I have had a lot of people ask me this question. And I tell everyone the same thing. It is completely normal to have a dominate side. This usually happens to people strong hand. So if you are right handed your strong hand is your right hand. Now you are only going to your right because your right hand is probably your dominate one. Now to cure this all you have to do is practice layups with your left hand (because when you shoot on the left hand side of the hoop you are still shooting with your left hand) and remember the foot work is not the same. It is different. Q: As soon as I make a move pass a defender I tend to go so fast into my layup I also tend to miss them. Why is that? A: This is a common mistake with many players. You are going to fast into your layup because you are very keen on trying to get to the net. This is completely fine, and when you learn to control it, it is a very good skill to have. Now because this mistake is so common there are a few different ways you can tweak it. Firstly, you can do a power layup. What is a power layup? Well a power layup is instead of going nonstop into your layup you jump with two feet on one of the blocks and then take the easy shot. Secondly is that you can try to take one or two more dribbles and that will slow you down usually.

History of the Basketball It all started in a small stuffy room with one man. A man who had the mind of a genius and the skill to change an idea into a sensation. A sensation that has evolved into a revolution. There is no knowing where this revolution will take us and there is no knowing where it will

was sewn together by a thin white strand of lace that made the ball bounce in odd directions when dribbled. Today there is no lace to be seen on the basketball. It is put together with melted rubber seams making it easy to control. It was this old design of the first ball that forms one of the first basketball rules: no dribbling. There were more changes to come.

take the game - the game of basketball. This

These changes are where basketball really hit its

revolution has transformed many kids’ dreams -

high point. As we look back at the fist basketball

their dreams of dunking and dreams of trying to

we think “What a stupid idea! Leather?” But as

make it to the NBA. What pushes these kids is

the years pass there was no telling where the

what this man created, the game of basketball.

design would go. These are the changes

His name is Dr. James Naismith.


“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” Michael Jordan

Where the basketball first started is astounding to where it is today. It just started as a leather soccer ball with a rubber bladder inside. But it did not stay like that for long. The next change

The first basketball was based not a basketball design but a soccer ball design. It was made of brown leather panels and had a few thick top

came in 1894 when Spalding bought the small bike company that was manufacturing basketballs. Spalding started making balls with rubber and a bladder with a fiber covering. This is more like the ball that we play with today.

stitches with the same laces as a football. I

There are many people who have helped

would think that those

contribute to design of the basketball and a few

few stitches made the

who should be recognized. Some are gods to

ball uncomfortable to

basketball fanatics who think there should be

handle or dribble. Back then, in 1891, the ball

memorials for the people who first invented this great game and the ball.

William R. Chase was the

awkwardly. But one of the biggest problems

very first man to score a

was that the players were not told about the

basket (back then they

change and were not notified that the leather

didn’t use nets but peach

ball was going to become garbage to the NBA.

baskets). 18 men were

The players conducted a lawsuit against the

picked to play the first

organization. The charge being, “unfair labor

game of basketball in

practice lawsuit”. After that lawsuit the NBA

1892. All 18 men played

went back to the old leather ball. Most were

for 30 minutes and only

happy but the “basketball gods” threw a little

one basket was scored.

shine on the NBA and when some players

William R. Chase was the

started to play with the microfiber ball their

first to score a basket.

shooting percentage improved drastically and

The very game of basketball and the ball itself were invented and made by Doctor James Naismith, a PE teacher at a school in Springfield, Massachusetts. He made the game not to have

with others their shooting percentage went down. The switch from a leather ball to a microfiber ball is a major controversy in basketball history.

fame or be remembered by people for years to

There are many thoughts that we have when

come. No, he made the game to satisfy some

we see, hear, or smell the damp sweat of a

young men at the YMCA school who needed an

basketball. From leather to synthetic, the

activity to do during the long winters in

basketball has changed overtime. There is not


much predicting on what might happen next

The basketball industry was not all perfect though. There were many bumps on the road going towards the basketball we use today. Firstly, there was huge debate when David Stern (the commissioner of the NBA) said that they would be using a microfiber ball instead of a leather ball that they had used in the previous seasons. David Stern and the league said that this new type of ball had a better grip. The association presented this idea of better grip because the players’ sweat caused the leather ball to become slippery. They also made the change because the leather basketball gave the players cuts and bounced

with the basketball. But what I think is that the game will gain more rules to make the revolution one step closer to a dream for everyone. They might also change the ball again. They have already made drastic changes to the basketball and to the game. But as my final statement I will say that basketball is the best sport in the world.

Bibliography ry ade_the_first_basketball ry1.html ous_people_in_the_field_of_basketball ry1.html _basketball_game_played_by l_changed_since_it_was_invented he_free_throw_line_from_the_basket ll_Association_criticisms_and_controversies#Ne w_game_ball

N othing But N et: 15 Q +A Basketball Q uiz 1. Who was the leading scorer in the NBA in 2007-2008? a)Lebron James b) Kobe Bryant c) Mathew Mocoy 2. Who is the leading rebounder of all time? a) Larry Bird b) Wilt Chamberlin c) Lesly Chiao 3. What is the world record for most points scored by a signal player in one basketball game? a) 98 b) 100 c) 189 4.

What city did LeBron James play for in high school? a) Akron b) Mississippi c) Calgary

5. Who is the youngest player in NBA history to play a NBA game? a) Kobe Bryant b) Andrew Bynum c) Tim Duncan 6. Who is the tallest player in the NBA of all time? a) Manute Bol b) Tim Duncan c) Shaquille O'Neal 7. Who was the first team to ever win a game? a) Miami b) Philadelphia c) New York

8. Who was the first team to ever win a championship? a) Philadelphia 76ers b) Philadelphia Warriors c) Memphis Grizzlies 9. What player has the most MVP titles in the NBA? a) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar b) Michael Jordan c) Bill Russell 10. Who is the point guard for the Phoenix Suns? a) Kwame Brown b) Steve Blake c) Steve Nash 11. Who is the oldest player in the NBA? a) Lindsey Hunter b) Augustin, D.J. c) J.J. Hickson 12. First team ever to win a NBA game? a) New York b) Miami c) Los Angeles 13. How old is Kobe Bryant a) 21 b) 32 c) 19

14. Who is the shortest player to play in the NBA? a) Michael Adams b) Steve Nash c) Calvin Murphyc d) Tyrone Bogues

15. How do you think you did on this quiz? a) Amazing 100% b) Good 75% c) So-so 50% d) Poor 10% e) I’m not an NBA kind or guy 0% - 5%

Answer Sheet 1. A) 2. B) 3. B) 4. A) 5. B) 6. A) 7. C) 8. B) 9. A) 10.











Hope you did well!

His is a pair of the legendary V1 Air Jordan basketball shoes that have some of the best traction a man can find.

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clear rubber soul that has great traction for when you’re on the court. These shoes come in 8- all the way to 14+. This shoe comes in black and white and is the same model as Michael Jordan’s shoes when he won his first NBA championship.

I This was going to be a mistake That’s what they all said Not a big enough spotlight for him Could thrive Could win But he knew he was right!

II Now he’s proving it He has driven his team to success He knew he had to become an outside player So he had to be working on that every day Polishing his jumper He’s the guy you have to chase out of the gym And nobody can question that



To Editor/publisher Hank Lendvoy I like the fact that you have put in a ton of information in on the article “everything you need to know about air Jordan’s Vl retro b-ball shoes”. I also liked how you talked about information regarding things other than just the shoe, like how you said that Michael Jordan wore these shoes when he won his first NBA championship. My only question is, what is the grip like on theses shoes? -Duncan age 11, TO.

To: Editor/publisher Hank Lendvoy I thought your article a conversation with Kobe Bryant was fantastic. Your questions were super. Your choice of player to interview was perfect. I have a question why did you choose Kobe Bryant for the interview. But over that was the best article I read so far by a bit. Please write Back, -Brody age 11 Van.

To Duncan,

To Brody,

Well, I have never owned or tried these type of basketball shoes but by the comments that are posted on the Air Jordan website are very positive and there are many comments on the sole and grip of the shoe.

Thanks for the compliment about the choice of person who I interviewed. I also like your questions it helps me improve on other articles. Back to your question, why did I choose Kobe Bryant for my article? I chose him because he is my favourite basketball player in the NBA and he in my opinion is one of the best players with a great background to write about with his move to Spain because of his father’s basketball.

Thanks for reading, Editor in chief Hank Lendvoy

Thanks, Editor in chief Hank Lendvoy

To: The Editor/Publisher of Nothing but Net

To Dylan,

That was a very interesting article on the “Oreo”. Also very interesting that Michael Jordan wore these shoes to his first NBA championship game that he won. I really like shoes that slip on fast and that don’t track dust. I have one Question though, is this shoe sold in Canada or just the U.S.?

Thanks for commenting. I like that you liked my article. To answer your question yes you are able to buy them in Canada. But they may not be in every store you look in.

Thanks Dylan

I’ll Always Remember

It was a stuffy, small gym with the smell of sweat lingering in the air. I had just gotten the ball to make my way down the court. The team were in their right positions. I caught a clean path right to the net from the corner of my eye. I hesitated for a second, but then I went for it, my body a blur to all the people around me. I had made it to the net and I had a clear easy layup. I took my chance and scored. The feeling of happiness swept over me and I was caught up in the excitement of the crowd and the glory from my coach and teammates cheering for the thrill of the basket.

That was the very game when my team won their first game. It wouldn’t be my fondest memory of basketball but me and my team had only met and played with each other for two games before that. So winning our first game was a great feeling of accomplishment. It was also the very game I had my first opportunity that I was able to play point guard. The point guard is the player that brings the ball up the court for his team.

By Hank

When I’m bringing the ball up the court I feel as if there is no one there but my teammates and me. My first time playing that position was one of the most stressful things I have ever done. But as I got into the game I got more and more comfortable with my position and I ended up scoring 8 points and having 3 assists in that very game.

This game was possibly one of the days I will never forget in my entire basketball career because of the first time I got to play point guard, when I scored 8 points in one game, but the most impressive thing about that game in my opinion was how my team and I pulled it together and by the end of the game we had won by only a few baskets. That in my mind is how you are supposed to play basketball.


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The Competition Hank Gathers and basketball. Two things that will never change. But after one championship game something goes terribly wrong. The History Everything has a history. There is no avoiding it. Whether it is bad or good it has to be told. This is the history of the basketball. Good Advice It all starts in the brain. That is where questions are born. This column is full of good questions that were submitted by some of our enthusiastic readers. With every good question in this article comes with a good answer. Found Poem It started from an article and formed into a poem. There are phrases that make a poem perfect and those I have already found. I’ll Always Remember We only won 1 game in a whole season of basketball. The game we won was our second. It was a good win and we thought we would have a long season but that didn’t go to plan.

How high is your basketball IQ? If you are wondering then this is where you can find out. In this quiz there is everything. From averages to most points scored. Interview with Kobe Bryant An exclusive interview with the black mamba himself. Kobe Bryant the MVP of the Los Angeles Lakers lets loose and tell us his story. Welcome To Staples Center The home of the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant’s home turf. A first class tour of the very staples center and the must sees inside. Everything You Need to Know The perfect Air Jordans. The Oreo as some call them are the state of the art shoes that even have a spoiler on the back and even more. How To How to show up and come prepared for any basketball practice. There are some tricks that will get you through every practice.

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