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A preview to the magazine and a little bit about the Editor Dylan Freddi.

Letters to the editor with questions relating to the topic of the magazine.

How to buy games from the Playstation store

An Amazing Time

A “how to” article on the Playstation store and how to use it.

An overview of the new game Assassins: Creed Brotherhood.

Found Poem A poem featuring Lego: Star Wars 3.

All you need to know about the Playstation 3 An article on all the functions and abilities of the Playstation 3.

Welcome to E.B. Games Park Royal An article telling about the E.B. games store in West Vancouver, B.C.

An Interview with Roger Freddi Our writer Dylan got together with Roger to get an interview with him for our magazine.

Advice Column Do you need advice on your consoles or games? Well this article has advice on your consoles.

A History of… Do you love Halo? This article is all about Halo and it’s history.

The Competition A story about a game of Search and Destroy and the winning team.

The Quiz An end of the magazine quiz about gaming .

Hi, my name is Dylan Freddi. I was born in West Vancouver British Columbia. I attended Caulfield Elementary School and Rock ridge high school. I have a mom, a dad, a sister and two cats. I played my first game when I was 6; it was Legend of Zelda Minish Cap for the Game Boy Advance. When I was 9 I got a Playstation 3 for Christmas. My main interests at age 11 were basketball and gaming. At age 22 I took over my dad’s company after he retired. After that the company became very successful and sold over 11 million systems of the Playstation 3D. I then moved the company to L.A. California. We then sold many more Play station 3D games like purr and puppy pals. After, I lived in California for 3 years I moved to Ontario for 1 year. I then made Super Mario Bros for the Playstation 4 3D and sold 8 million copies. My business then took me to Washington D.C. and I sold 7 million copies of Super Mario: Real World. I then thought I needed a break from the gaming world so I bought an estate in Maui and Rome.

Then I started writing for this magazine: The Gamers Guide. This is my first magazine I’ve written for and hopefully if you liked it not the last I write. So have a good read!

By: Dylan Freddi

Group Publisher and editorial director Dylan Freddi Managing Editor Hank Lendvoy Senior Editor Brody Van Unen Art Director Alex Wagstaff Publisher Duncan Harrison Marketing Director Griffin Rendzoni Any Questions send an E-mail to:

How to Buy Games From the Play Station Store

Step 1: Turn on the play station 3 by clicking the PS button either on the play station 3 or on the controller. Step 2: Go to play station network and click on play station store.

Step 5: Chose the game and type in your credit card number.

Step 6: Click download and wait for the download icon to reach 100%.

Step 3: Type in your network email and password and click enter.

Step 7: After download click X on the downloaded game to install it onto your system. It takes a lot less time to install.

Step 4: Click on search and type in the game you want to buy and click enter.

Step 8: Really, step 8 is playing the game, so have fun with your games off the play station store.

All you need to know about the

The Play Station 3 is a very popular gaming system with many extra functions. One of the many functions is that it can play blue ray movies. All Play Station 3 games are put on blue ray disks instead of regular disks like computer games. In the center of the console, to the right is the disk insert, it is silver with a multi coloured PS button. That looks like this.

The Play Station 3(Free Shipping and handling on orders from back page!)

The play station 3 is 10.79”x 3.86”x 12.75” inches. Its 19 pounds for a 160 GB console. It can be bought for 299.99 for the Play Station 3 with 160GB and 1 controller.

E.B. Games is located in the south side of park royal. In this amazing store you can buy DS, Wii, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360 games and all the consoles. The PS3 sold at E.B. Games for $299 99.

E.B. Games has its own unique trading system, if your game is on the Most Wanted list you can trade 2 for 1. If your game is not on the list, you can trade it in for store credits that you can save up for a game of your choice. In the front of the store you find polished like diamonds, gaming consoles that have some of the most wanted games inside for you to play. You’ll hear the laughs of children playing on consoles, and you’ll see their smiling faces beaming at their parents for letting them stay that bit longer.

E.B. Games electric logo!

Roger Freddi is the CEO of Jet Back Games. He has been working in this company for all 5 years it has been running. He started his gaming career working for a big company called EA. He worked at EA for 7 years. While at Ea he was a programmer for the company. Alright, let’s get to the interview! Roger can I ask you a few questions? “Sure, let’s get started.” Q. When and where were you born? A. I was born in a small town in Quebec in 1962. Q. How many games have you made so far? A. The studio has made 7 games in the last 5 years. We’ve made two games for the Wii, and five games for the DS. Q. What is the next game you are making? A. We are working on a remake of The Bards Tale for the iPhone and iPad. It’s going to be the biggest and best looking game on the platform. Q. How did your company start? A. We started the studio after many years of working at a larger company (EA). We wanted to work with smaller, more creative teams. Q. What did you study in University to work in the gaming industry? A. I got a BSc in Electrical Engineering with a specialty in computers. Q. What is your favourite game? A. My favourite game is Diablo because I like fantasy RPG’s, especially action oriented ones

Interview continued Q. What was the first gaming system you played? A. The first game I played was Pong on the Atari. Q. Are you excited for the new 3 DS? A. I saw the 3DS at the E3 convention this year. It really works! We are excited to be negotiating a contract at the moment for our first game on the 3DS. Q. Are most of your games given to you by Nintendo or thought up by your company? A. We do a combination of games for big publishers like Activision as well as games we self publish. The games we do for the big publishers are usually their idea but we take the basic idea and design and develop the entire game Q. When did your company start? A .We started in late 2006. Q. What ideas do you have for future games? A. We have many ideas but they are all super top secret. Q. Who is your biggest competitor? A. We have many competitors. Sometimes we even make games for our competition. Q.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

A. Our game Purr Pals got published in Japan and did very well commercially. Q. How did your company start? A. We started the studio after many years of working at a larger company (EA). We wanted to work with smaller, more creative teams. Q. What game are you the most proud of making? A. That would have to be Purr Pals for the DS because my daughter likes it the most.

Thank you for taking the time to come to this interview. “It’s my pleasure.”

To: Editor/Publisher Dylan Freddi Dylan I liked your article because of how you told me what there is in store. I also liked it because I can relate to this article because I have been there and now I know my way of the land even better. In this article I learned about the top game list and that you can trade games in for others. But, I have a question. When you talk about the games at the front of the store that you can play, are the games demos or are they the actual game?

To: Hank Lendvoy At the front of the store the games are not demos they are the full games. I thank you for the compliments on my article.

Thanks Hank

To Publisher/Editor Dylan Freddi I liked the fact that you told about what type of gaming systems you got and how you got your job from your father. I also like how you explained how well your business did and what you yourself did to improve the business.

To: Anonymous source Thank you for your complements on my life I know it was really great.

To: Editor/publisher Dylan Freddi I liked your article how to by games from the play station store because it would be very relevant to anybody with a PS3. There are a couple of things I didn’t really like though. One was that I didn’t really get question #5. Also I noticed a couple of writing mistakes. But overall it was good though. Please write back, Brody

To: Brody Thank you for taking the time to send me this letter. I like it when people send me letters criticizing my work because then I can go and work on the stuff I did wrong.

Did you know that Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is based on real facts and events? It has great graphics and is very fun to just explore Rome/Roma. You can send your assassin recruits on missions to help stop the Borgia Templar. The story line is very well written and is very interesting to play. I had a great fun in playing this game because it has so many things you can do in it such as: you can play through the story line as Ezio Alditore, you can go out and do missions for your friends, you can go destroy Leonardo’s war machines, you can go searching for chests with riches beyond your wildest dreams, you can play online against other people, you can go looking for Borgia flags, you can go destroy the Borgia towers and you can spend your cash: rebuilding Rome/ Roma, buying weapons, colouring your clothes and buying medicine. Online multiplayer is very addicting. You can play manhunt and take turns assassinating the other team and hiding from the other team. Another game mode is free for all and you get assigned targets that you have to assassinate and at the same time you get chased by other players. The last game mode is called alliance. In alliance there are 4 teams of 2 and you get one team as a target and one team hunting you. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is an amazing game and is my 3rd favourite game of all time.

More Lego Games Funny old collection, of worlds previously held together It is all primed to bring Star Wars back Could be the Best Game Ever to take place In a galaxy far far away Impressive, most impressive But not a Jedi yet The game is set to do it

Battle as a Jedi and build tanks Fly around giant capital ships Looking to be immense Play with a friend Battling many parsecs away Eliminate the death star

Visuals are lush Animations bang on Music is “the bomb� Wrapped up in slapstick humour

The chosen one this game may be Found Poem by Dylan Freddi

Adapted from ____________ LEGO STAR WARS III: THE CLONE WARS

Get it while you can!

Q: When I opened my Xbox 360 disk drive it got loose and stuck open. What should I do? A: Knowing about this problem from having it myself, you can’t really do much about this. Since Microsoft will allow only them to fix this, you’ll have to send it to the nearest Microsoft store for them to fix it. The wait will be around ½ to 1 month.

Q: When I quit matchmaking on Halo: Reach, I get banned. How long is this ban?

Q: Even though I bought minecraft, when I try to log on it won’t let me. How do I fix this? A: This does not have anything to do with your computer. Notch: the maker of the game is having difficulties keeping the game servers up. You’ll just have to wait for notch to bring up the server again.

A: This ban obviously is stupid, you bet banned for quitting a match! Well, the ban is 20 minutes and it will constantly tell you that if you quit matchmaking you will be banned for a few minutes. I got banned for I think an hour trying to get on the right map to complete a challenge.

Q: Although I mine on minecraft for a long time I still can’t find diamonds. Is this a problem or is this just me? A: This is not a problem. I would try mining in a different area of your world. Also, mine between layers 1 and 16, which is 1 to 16 layers above bedrock.

Q: Even though I rented a movie off the play station, it buffers every few seconds. How do I fix this? A: This is caused by watching a movie that plays past the amount of film downloaded. The way to fix this is to wait for the movie to finish downloading. I usually download the movie the day before so it can finish downloading.

Q: As I press the sync button on the Xbox controller and the console, it won’t sync. What am I doing wrong?

Q: If I try playing an Xbox disk, it comes up as unreadable and clean with a soft cloth. I tried this and it didn’t work. What’s wrong? This problem is caused by breaking the middle of the disk when placing it in the disk case you buy it in if the case is too tight. You will be able to use it maybe every 15 trys. I would just buy a new disk.

A: You have to click the sync button on the console at the same time as the controller. You also have to hold it down for 10 seconds. If this doesn’t work try just tapping them at the same time.

Q: Although I mine a block in minecraft multiplayer it reappears over and over again. How do I fix this? A: This is BLOCK LAG! The most hated lag in the universe of minecraft. You can’t fix this problem without hacking. You must live with it.

Q: If I try to disassemble the Xbox disk drive, I can’t figure how do I fix this? A: First you need the Xbox with no cables in it, then put it on its side and take off the faceplate. Then take of the silver Xbox sticker which will show when you take off the faceplate, after that you take off the side that the Xbox sticker was on. Then remove the other side and the top. Unscrew the 3 screws near the top ant 3 screws near the bottom. Then take out the disk drive.

Q: As I press the “touch” power button on the playstation 3, it won’t power off. How does this work? A: The “touch” power button on this system needs you to hold your finger down for maybe 10-15 seconds. This is because it is heat operated and it takes a few seconds to recognize a heat signature. I know it takes a while but most systems have their faults.

Halo has become one of the most famous game series in the past decade, selling millions of copies and making it a huge title for itself in the gaming industry. The first Halo game was Halo: Combat Evolved. It was released on November 15, 2001 and sold 5 million copies from release to 2005. The company that made this mind-blowing game is Bungie. It was the first game for the original Xbox and was in the first Xbox bundle. The game is played in a 1st person view unless you are in a vehicle when you will be in 3rd person view. The character you play as in Halo: Combat Evolved is Master Chief, a genetically enhanced super human who is in the UNSC army. If you are in a passenger seat in a vehicle you are in 1st person view too. You will have an energy shield which will take your all your damage till it is depleted then the damage will hurt your HP and you will die, happily your energy shield will recharge if you don’t take damage for a while. Master Chief can carry 4 fragmentation grenades and 4 plasma grenades, for a total of 8 grenades. The Halo universe in this game has 3 different enemies the United Nation Space Command (UNSC) must fight to survive. The main threat is the Covenant, aliens united by religious belief. They have 4 kinds of warriors: Elites, the commanders of the force. Grunts, cowardly foes that make the main force. Jackals, scouts that have energy shields on their hands. Hunters, Big creatures with laser cannons on their arms and full body armour. Another enemy is the Flood, Parasites that have 3 different forms: Infection forms which are very weak but have many in a group. Combat Forms which are human or covenant forces that have been overcome by the flood. Bloated Carrier Forms which are old combat forms that hatch more Infection forms and explode when threatened. Last are the Sentinels, robotic drones with powerful lasers and weak armour.

Halo Combat Evolved original release photo.

The first Halo assault rifle in halo: Combat Evolved.

This game series has changed a lot over the time it was made to the 2010 release of Halo: Reach. Halo: Combat Evolved at the time was considered one of the best looking games of its time. Now with the releases of HD and 3D gaming the first version of Halo looks terrible compared to Halo: 3, Halo: 3 ODST and Halo: Reach, the latest game from Bungie’s famous series of Halo. Some of the weapons have been added over time such as: Spartan laser, grav hammer, grenade launcher, mauler, concussion rifle, DMR, needle rifle, plasma launcher and fuel-rod gun. Some new vehicles have also been added: Falcon, revenant, sabre and phantoms.

In the creation of the Halo series some people have been crucial in bringing this series to life. One of the most important people is Alex Seropian. He is the founder of Bungie, the company that created the series Halo. The other founder is Jason Jones. Jason did most of the coding and Alex was a business man. Bungie joined with Microsoft to create Halo: Combat Evolved and make it an Xbox only title. Martin O’Donnell was Bungie’s composer of the music in all their games. Microsoft had a part in bringing Halo to life. Bungie joined a division of Microsoft to release Halo: combat Evolved and it did so well that they made 2 more games, Halo: 2 and Halo: 3.

Halo: Reach disk case.

Halo has had some problems in the time it’s been in the gaming industry. Let’s start with Halo: Combat Evolved’s problems. There was a problem where if you look down a scope the center would be grey or black. Another one is the screen is covered with coloured triangles and you can’t see anything. This one is when you make a server and no one can join. Next is Halo: 2. When installing Halo: 2 your screen spins and you can’t control it. Halo: 3’s problems. In the limited edition packaging the disks got loose and scratched up in the case. The Halo 3 multiplayer sometimes made the screen smaller.

I think that halo will keep going till in the story either the covenant or the UNSC defeats one another. New weapons and vehicles will show up, new characters and maybe even 3D.

Bibliography ombat_Evolved ries)

Alex Seropian: Founder of Bungie. post/707434/halo-reach-weaponsand-vehicles-guide/ 877p1.html ch

I turn on the Xbox and log onto my profile.

Waggy65 got mad and quit the match

Find I have 12 friends online, just enough to play a match of Search & Destroy. I then message everyone saying...

saying “Wow that was really stupid”.

Hello everybody, join my session to play a

match of Search & Destroy”.

Within 2 minutes I had a lobby of 12 people and a map voted for. The map is Nuketown. Everyone on my team discussed a plan.

BunnE said “let’s just camp in the house we spawn in and wait for them to come to us”.

Everyone else agreed we should camp in the house and slowly pick them off.

The game starts and everyone finds a spot in the yellow house to camp in. I chose the garage because you can hide in the corner and go around the back to stop anybody going around the right side of the house. First, all the other team came at our house. The other team lost lemonade in the blue house second floor when he walked up the stairs and got sniped by BunnE. Then BunnE got killed by soursniper when he came around the bus and saw BunnE show up on the radar. But he got killed by a grenade thrown from me across the delivery truck. Then I saw Waggy65 by knifing him as he came around the garage.

So then it was 6 on my team and 5 on lemonades team. Prple Dragon threw a tomahawk and it hit a barrel and blew up getting the round ending killcam and a double kill. Next round we did the same thing: camp in the yellow house. At the start I threw a frag grenade and got a triple kill. Then BunnE ran out and got killed by lemonade. 3 of our team leave because they aren’t doing anything saying


“ his is boring”.

Then lemonade shot a grenade launcher at the same time as me and they collided in the air and killed him but not me because I had flak jacket on. Then Prple Dragon throws a 360 tomahawk and kills CrazyBeaver, Winning the second round as well.

At the start of the third round it was a 3 on 5 match. But then 2 on the other team quit for unknown reasons. It started out Crazy beaver getting a double grenade kill on Prple Dragon and BunnE though the top window of the yellow house. Then I got a sniper and quick scoped Crazy Beaver while he was cooking a grenade and it blew up and killed lemonade. So it was me vs. sour sniper. But he saw me on the radar when I killed CrazyBeaver so I got killed by sour

Everyone still there voted for a new match sniper when I was in the delivery truck. So the score was 2-1 in the fourth round.

Our team all took semtex and grenade launchers for round four. It started by Prple Dragon sticking soursniper beside the school bus but then I got killed by Crazy Beaver. Then BunnE killed Crazy Beaver with a grenade launcher. BunnE ran around the other house but got killed by lemonade. So it was Prple Dragon vs. lemonade at the end of round 4. What happened is Prple dragon ran around the school bus and saw lemonade in the window and threw a semtex in the window and stuck lemonade to bring the score to 3-1.


“ his is going to be hard to win this now” said lemonade.

The fifth round starts and Crazy Beavers team has to win 3 rounds in a row to win the game. At the start Crazy Beaver kills Prple Dragon when Prple dragon came out the door and didn’t see Crazy Beaver lying on the ground outside the house. But when Crazy beaver showed up on my radar I came out and knifed him. Just on the outside of my screen I see lemonade trying to sneak up on BunnE so I killed him right after he killed BunnE. Lemonade comes out of his house while I turn around and no scope him in the head to win the game 4-1 for my team.

but I had to leave so they couldn’t do another match because of a shortage of people. And that’s the story of a Match of Search & Destroy.

The Gamers Guide: 10 Q & A Quiz 1. Who made the first gaming system a. Nintendo b. Atari c. Sega 2. Who made the x-box 360? a. Sony b. Microsoft c. Nintendo

3. Who made the Playstation 3? a. Nintendo b. Sony c. Sega d. Apple 4. Who made the I phone a. Apple b. Sony c. Nintendo 5. Who owns Nintendo a. Satori Lwata b. Peter Griffin c. Michael Lamel d. Duncan Polo

Quiz continued 6. Who owns Microsoft a. Steve Nash b. Paul Allen c. Bill Gates 7. Where is the Sony Headquarters located? a. New York, USA b. Tokyo, Japan c. Ottawa, Canada 8. What was the first game ever made a. Mario b. Pong c. Donkey Kong d. Legend of Zelda 9. What was the first game with Mario in it? a. Mario b. Legend of Zelda c. Donkey Kong d. Pong 10. When did the first game come out? a. 1980 b. 1890 c. 1940 d. 2001 e. 1984

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Answers to Quiz 1. b. 2. b. 3. b. 4. a. 5. a. 6. c. 7. b. 8. b. 9. c. 10. c. Score 1-4. Get off this magazine! 5-6. Couch Potato 6-10. Hardcore Gamer If you chose a. For #6 you are a basketball fanatic If you chose b. For #5 you always watch TV. Thanks for doing the Quiz.

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