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- Interview with Alex Bilidioe

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Autobiography Dane Lewis – Editor of Ski Weekly Magazine About the Magazine -

I started this magazine to share my knowledge of skiing with the people of my community. The magazine is published every week

Early Years I was born in 1985 on May 31st. The family members I have are my mom, my dad, my step-dad, my two brothers, my sister, my dog and my cats. Growing up I lived in West Vancouver British Columbia. Some schools that I have attended include Chatham pre-school, Caulfeild Elementary and Rockridge Secondary. Some important dates and firsts that I have had over the years are my first birthday, first day of school, first Christmas, and learning ski. My main interests growing up were skiing and golfing.

My Later Years My family includes my wife, mom, dad, sister, two brothers, step dad, dog, and my one cat. Some careers I have had include archeologist, ski instructor, and magazine writer. Some places I have lived include France, Greece, Egypt, England, Rome, and California. Some important dates and firsts my wedding day, and my graduation day. Interests skiing, ancient places, and sea life.

Dear William dale Thank you for the wonderful comments on my interview with Alex Bilodeau. Yes it is great to meet him he is a very nice and funny man. I also think it was a amazing moment for Canada when he won the first gold on home soil. And I also hope we win lots and lots of medals in the next Olympics in sochi Russia.

Dear Meghan Mc murray Some of the types of skiing there are is not what I am doing in my magazine. Also having a picture of just a snow capped mountain would be stupid because I am not trying to show what they ski on but how they ski. And I also think that the color of my cover is not boring it is neon green witch is the brightest color ever.

Dear Alysha Gritten Thank you for the nice comments on my article. What inspired me to write about skiing is that I am an avid skier and I just wanted to share my knowledge of skiing with the world. Yes I do ski very much and I love it is a good way to end a day. I thought it was important to write about the first gold on home soil because it is a memory no one will ever forget.

Cypress mogul run!

As I get off the bus at the top of Cypress Mountain I walk until I reach the security tent. When I get into the bleacher area I see the run it looks so perfect and crisp. Moguls look like marshmallows sitting in the snow the jumps as steep as Mount Everest. When the sun starts to set it gleams off the snow then the big over head lights turn on and the event begins. The first competitor heads down the hill she sweeps between the moguls she is as fast as a gazelle. Then when she hits the jump she soars through the air like a bird then she goes for a double back flip when she lands the crowd goes wild. as she continues she hits the moguls like a pro back and forth back and forth I get dizzy just watching .when she reaches the finale jump she goes for broke and puts it all out and as she leaves the jump she soars like an eagle no she is an eagle then she goes for a double front flip 360. when she lands her face lights up like the sun like she had just won the gold medal as she pops off her skis she runs toward her coach and gives him a big hug like a bear as it reaches intermission I go to get a snack when I see the crowd of people walking on the pathway .they start to look like salmon spawning up river when everyone gets back to there seats they start to head back down the hill. Some are fast as gazelles. Others soar like eagles. Some are as agile as monkeys swinging from tree to tree. When they reach the medal ceremony they hand out the


medals they look like as shiny as a new penny. When they hand them out they are as happy as a kid in a candy store.

By: Dane


Step1.first you start by putting on your ski clothes such as your ski pants and jacket. Then you can move on to your boots and skis to put on your boots slide your foot in and make sure it is snug the put on the buckles make sure they are not to tight or too loose make sure they are just right. Then with your skis they should be in between your nose and chin then check your bindings to make sure they are not too loose or when you are skiing they will slip right off. Step2. then drive off to your nearest mountain find a good all day parking spot then get all your stuff and head over to the ticket booth buy a ticket then hop on the gondola and ride to the top of the mountain pop on your skis and find a nicely done green run to get warmed up on after that if you thought it was too easy for you try a blue run but if that is too hard then stick with easy runs. To make a proper turn stick your pole in the ground and do a 90 degree turn a round your pole see if you can do that for the whole run. Step3. to get on a chair lift properly you need to take off your poles and hold them tight when the lift attendant says go you ski up to the green line in the snow when you feel the chair touch your knees that is how I know when to sit down when you are on the chair properly make sure to put down the bar right away or you might fall. If you fall getting on crawl in to a ball until the attendant stops the lift if you fall at the top do the same until the

atendent stops the lift.

Step 4. when you ski you want to be safe so if you are peak skiing always wear a P.E.E.P so if you are in an avalanche they can find you. You should ALWAYS watch out for cliffs because some might be ten feet high and some might be 100 feet high you just never know that is why they are so dangerous. If you are tree skiing always go with a buddy because if you fall into a tree well you might just be knocked unconscious. Tree wells are very hard to get out of because the are most of the time very deep. Step 5. as you ski you will start to get tired and about then it is time to go for lunch if you are a money saver kind of person I suggest you bring your own lunch but if you hate packing your lunch then bring some money and buy they have many options but the best ones are the fruit some water some soup or a sandwich those will give you lots of energy for the rest of the day and you should always have a energy bar in your pocket incase of an emergency Step 6. to get home at the end of the day can sometimes be quite a challenge especially if you have younger kids with you because you sometimes have to carry there stuff for them there are to ways to get down the mountain at the end of the day you can take the gondola down to see the wonderful view or you can enjoy the being the last person down the mountain hearing the roar of the snow cats starting when you get to the bottom of the hill if your staying in a hotel I suggest that you go in the hot tub and relax

I suggest you buy used skis for cheap and if you feel you need more talented skis the buy some line skis or k2’s they are both good brands


What is it like to win a gold medal


Well when I came down the run and them anoncent that I was in first place I was ecstatic there is no better feeling in the world than to win such a high priority prize 9.

Is there much pressure when you are skiing

Only in competitions because it is scary because everyone wants to win but not all of us can win and that is what makes it so nerve racking 11. Why did you pick moguls? It seemed interesting to me and I found all the tricks to be very fun plus I just like going through moguls 14. What is your favorite ski brand? Well I like k2 and rozzingol because of there shape and flex but my all time favorite hyaid because of there form fit


What are your goals Well one of my goals was to get a gold medal but that one is now gone my other goal is to win the world cup because I think that would just be amazing Is there much pressure when you are skiing

Only in competitions because it is scary because every one wants to win but not all of us can win and that is what makes it so nerve racking 12. I have recently tried moguls it is very hard what do you think Well it does take lots of training and practice that is how I got to where I am now but at first it is very hard


What is your favorite trick and why

I like the 360 flip because it has so many good elements to it and I also like the back flip because it is a game winner 7.

What does it feel like to have a gold medal

Amazing it was never in my wildest dreams that I would ever have one it feels like you have achieved something that is just amazing

13. Did your family give you support Yes they gave me great support my dad and my mom drove me up to the mountain every morning my mom also made me breakfast and lunch and dinner and my brother just gave me all together support


How many medals have you won

2 one gold here in Vancouver aka the first gold medal ever on Canadian soil and one silver in salt lake city 6. What motivated you to start skiing Well as a child I felt like no other sports fit me so I started skiing and I found that it was fun so I just kept on trying and trying and that is what got me to here so it was pretty much just pure luck

15.what mountains do you like to ski on well I love whistler because of its great runs and amazing terrain park but my favorite is red mountain because of its challenging slopes and amazing powder king park.


Who is your favorite skier and why

Robbie Dickson because he goes so fast that is what engaged the speed element and I also like him because of his technique 10.What is your favorite trick and why I like the 360 flip because it has so many good elements to it and I also like the back flip because it is a game winner

Most people don’t think about how skiing started or even where it started so I will tell you how skiing was first started. It was started in Norway as history oflong skiing hunters wentThe around with sticks strapped to their feet, In one hand they held a stick to poke around to see if it was safe and in the other a spear for hunting, and the skis were used to ski down the hill chasing after the faster animals to catch them and kill. Though this is not the only use for skis it is the earliest and if you want to find out more please read on.

Earliest form of skiing I have often been asked what is the earliest form of skiing is and I will tell you now. the first form of skiing that was ever recorded was in Finland they used the skis to stay above the soft powder and to hunt the faster animals and instead of poles they used one stick and one spear the stick was used for checking to make sure the snow is safe and it is not a big drop off and the spear was used to kill the animal they were hunting and from then on skis have been used for many other purposes but that is how it all started.

How it has changed over time Everyone knows that skiing did not start out the way it is now a long time ago it started with people strapping flattened sticks to their feet then the heel strap was invented next to create the world’s first downhill ski. After that came the first j-bar the j-bar made a big splash in the skiing world and after that started the big innovation that we see today like chairlifts and gondolas

Famous people in skiing Dave Murray was a famous skier for his recklessness and great amount of speed he was also a member of the crazy canucks, they are a group of people that are very good Canadian skiers. Nancy green was one of the most influential people in the skiing world she has won many medals from the Olympics and owns resort at sun peaks now.

Problems I could not find any problems I searched and searched but could not find any

Conclusion And that is the history of skiing hope you enjoyed

One fateful day many years ago a man named Jack Lingston and his friend Dave Barski were skiing at Mt Baker. As they skied they could have no idea what would happen next but, what was about to happen would change their lives forever. As they skied in the backcountry just off of peak chair Jack caught his edge and started to tumble uncontrollably. When he finally came to a halt at the bottom of the hill Dave stared down in shock he slowly slipped down the slopes which seemed to go on forever. When he finally reached jack limp but still barely alive they were now miles away from the nearest hospital or town and had no phones or safety system so there only hope was to hike out. Jack however had broken almost every bone in his body in the fall so he could not walk so his only hope was for Dave to carry him. Dave took jacks skis and made a sled with them when Dave had tied him to the sled they started to walk. Every step Dave took he sank in up to his waist in snow not able to walk like this for much longer he make snowshoes from twigs and branches. When they finally reached a peak they looked for any sigh of civilization but where none so they kept on hiking peak after peak hill after hill when sunset finally came they set up camp. Dave looked for pieces of dry wood to start a fire with then he took out his shovel and started to dig he dug until the cave was big enough for both of them to fit in it. They ate some of their emergency food and started the fire then the battle with hypothermia began they took all there ski stuff and made a bed then with their two space blankets they made a big blanket and went to sleep. In the morning they woke up and Dave pulled jack outside and tied him to his sled when he reached into his backpack for a two granola bars all the food was gone. He then noticed foot prints he screamed in rage. So they had to go on with no food they started to hike again and when they reached the next peak they saw a city miles away. When Dave walked forward a couple of feet to get a better view but then a cornis collapsed and he tumbled thirty feet down the steep slopes when he came to a halt he thought he broke his leg but he had to climb all the way back up to get Jack. Every step he took there was excruciating pain but they had to move on. Starving and hurt they hiked towards the city when they finally reached the city there was no one there it was a ghost town they thought that town would be their death place. When Jack spotted something it was a helicopter flying over the hill for heli skiing so they had to signal it and fast before it got away so Jack took out his glasses and some tin foil from there food and he wrapped the tinfoil around his glasses and tried to signal the pilot but the helicopter kept on flying. When all of a sudden it turned around and started to come towards them when it finally touched

the ground the pilot asked what happened and they explained then got in and they were both lifted to safety.

Skiing Fun, exiting Speeding, racing, soaring Really fun to do Extreme Skiing Pow skiing Really super flip Extremely hard to do Sticks I am a skier Crazy at best Jumping off cliffs Heading to the hospital My cast is white as snow Which I ski on Hitting the park

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