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f e a t u r i n g Editor’s Page Christina tells about her life before a magazine editor

How To Spot A Satyr

An Interview with Pallas Athena (Athena) Learn about Athena’s goddess life

Letters to the Editor What other people say to the editor

Satyrs can be hard to spot. Learn to spot one here!

Ken’s Memorable Experience

Artemis’s Bow and Arrow

A story to really think about

Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt and moon’s bow

Welcome to Mt. Olympus Learn about the mountain where the Greek gods live Where To Go Learn about a safe environment for your child

Advice Column The editor answers questions

The History of Article Learn about the ageless Parthenon in Athens

editor’s note Hello! Welcome to the first issue of Olympian Chronicles. Olympian Chronicles theme changes every week, but it always has something to do with Greece. Before we get into the magazine, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Christina MacLeod, MacLeod, student and editor of this magazine, and I live on Long Island, NY, U.S.A. I was born on a snowy December 20th 1989, in the Women and Children’s Hospital, Vancouver B.C. Canada. I grew up in West Vancouver, B.C. with my mother, father, and two sisters. When I was in preschool, I went to Montessori Preschool, near Tidily Cove. When I got a bit older, I went to Cypress Park, then Caulfeild Elementary. My interests when I was that age were reading, writing, skiing, biking, soccer, field hockey, and so much more! Some important things that happened my life arehappened my first words: trees and airplane, importantin things that my first day of preschool, graduating from Cypress Park, and my last year of Elementary School. Now, I am 21 years old, and love to write. I now live on Long Island, NY, U.S.A. I have lived in West Vancouver, Venice (Italy,) and Athens (Greece,) I have been a Marine Biologist, and a Magazine Editor. Some of my memories from high school are my first day of high school, my first job, and my high school graduation. Some of my college memories are my first day of college, and various other colleges around the globe. My interests are the same as before. I created this magazine for others to enjoy, but still learn about this topic at the same time. After reading this, you will know everything you need to know about the Greeks!

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Unsolicited manuscripts are welcome but cannot be considered or returned unless accompanied by a self addressed, stamped envelope. Prior inquiries are preferred. Olympian Chronicles September 2010 By Kate MacLeod

Christina MacLeod

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SPOT A SATYR, (OUT OF THE ORDINARY) Satyr Spotting For Beginners


1. First of all, you do not need any

5. If you find that your friend seems to be

special equipment. Except for your ears, eyes, and nose to hear one, see one, and smell one. Do not use any of those ‘satyr trackers,’ they do not work!

stalking you and saying that they are protecting you probably means that they are most likely watching for monsters that want to attack you. Watch out!

2. There is really no order, but we will start will your best friend’s laugh. Do they have a bleating laugh sort of like a goat? Listen to them, carefully next time they laugh.

3. Another thing you want to look for is really curly hair and usually wearing a cap or a hoodie. If you ever see their hair, do they have tiny horns? This is usually another sign that your BFF may be a satyr.

6. Do you find it weird if your friend is not in your dorm room and instead is found talking to one of your teachers about you being in danger? This could be a sign that you have a best friend Satyr!

Set Ups Use your eyes to look for curly hair with a cap of hoodie or if they wear long pants even on a hot day

Use your ears to listen to your friends laugh (Watch out for a bleat!)


Do you find that weird things happen in your life? Then nobody remembers it except for you and your best friend looks like they are uncomfortable and hiding something after a big event has happened. (Satyrs are really bad liars.)

Use your nose to see if your friend smells like a wet dog after it has rained

Danger! When your friend starts acting jumpy around everybody except for you, it could mean that monsters are after you. Watch your back!

4. Do they always wear jeans? Even on a boiling hot day? Or when it is raining they smell like a wet dog. They tell you it was their dog even though they told you they told you at the beginning of the year that you do not have one? That sure is fishy!

A satyr playing a lute while walking through the halls of a school. Watch out! Your best friend may be a satyr! Learn how to spot them in this article. –Christina MacLeod


Follow these instructions very carefully and await further instructions from your school Satyr.

Use your brain to see if your best friend is fibbing to you about something strange that you know has just happened


Arrow Shaft



Artemis’s Bow and Arrows Artemis’s hunting benefits from her Bow and Arrow With her silver bow and arrow, and her huntresses, Artemis is the goddess of the moon and the hunt. This explains why her bow and arrows are silver-she is the goddess of the moon, while her twin, Apollo, has a gold bow and arrow symbolizing the sun.

Artemis’s bow can bring sudden disease and death to women and girls. Artemis’s bow and arrow was made by the Cyclopes, because she had asked her father, Zeus. She wanted a silver bow, so she got silver arrows to go with it. They represent the rays of the moon.

This bow and arrow will hit your intended target if you handle it properly.

the backside under stress. While the string is held, this keeps the energy used later in putting the arrow to fly. A higher weight means a more powerful bow, which is able to launch arrows faster, or at a greater distance. This weapon is made up a strip of wood or other bendy material. It also involves the arrow, a long wooden arrow shaft with a pointed tip, which is stabled in flight by a feathered tail. The arrow is fitted to the string by a nock in the end of the rod and is drawn back to control the bow, which controls the arrow when the string is released. Bow structure differs from wood, bone, and metal to plastic and fiberglass, and arrowheads have been made from stone. Use it carefully and have fun!

The basic fundamentals of a bow are a pair of curved elastic sticks, traditionally made from wood, linked by a string. By pulling the string backwards the archer puts force on the stringfacing section of the sticks as well as placing Olympian Chronicles 2010

Chariot for Sale This beautiful chariot that is a replica of Apollo’s chariot is for sale now! Only for a limited time, buy one chariot and get a team of horses half off. The chariot is brand new from the forges and wants you to buy it. Everything is skilfully made by the one and only Phidias. Be sure to check out Hephaestus Street, Athens 3B4 6H7. But make sure you can pay the price! There are even chariot paths being made right this second! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a chariot!


In Praise of

Mt. Olympus Where towering mountains range over 1.81 miles, and beautiful scenery will take your breath away.

by christina macleod

ocated between Thessaly, and Macedonia, near the Gulf of Salonika Mt. Olympus is the highest mountain range in Greece. Mt. Olympus has 52 peaks, the highest peak, Mýtikas, rises to 2,917 meters high. Mt. Olympus is noted for its rich flora, and several unique species. Look around as you may see Hermes, as fast as a cheetah flying way up in the sky. It is said that Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hestia, and Hermes and many others live there. Mt. Olympus is an easy hike, up until you get to Mýtikas, for a 30 minute scramble. Around 10, 000 people climb Mt. Olympus per year! Most climbs start in the small village of Litochoro, and then continues on to Prionia, where the hike really begins. While you climb, you begin by going through a lush forest of oak, beech, chestnut, and plane trees. Many log bridges, along with clover, small chasms, big caves, and some big dead First Picture: A view of Mt. Olympus from Litochoro, Second Picture: Olympus’s highest peak, Mytikas, or Throne of Zeus, Third Picture: Stefani Peak with Mytikas behind it, Fourth Picture: The summit of Mt. Olympus

trees await you. Hear the sound of elk in the river, along with the screeching of one of the 108 types of birds. Taste berries from the Mt. Olympus farm, and smell the fresh air blowing in your face. Watch the sun kiss the flowers, while you eat a snack and enjoy the sun coming over the ridge. You will feel very proud after you reach the summit, Mýtikas, and complete the climb. Along the way, you may see snow in the snowy seasons, or some fog as you get to higher altitude. The sweet smells of trees and the wind will keep you cool, as you hike up. Be sure to bring along a snack, and water. The hills are a gateway into a beautiful world of nature, waiting and waiting until climbers come to hike up to the summit of the mountains. The mountains as you leave, which hopefully won’t be for a while are like gates closing up, as you get farther, and farther into the distance until it is just a distant memory.

Olympian Chronicles 2010
















Are you afraid for your demigod child’s safety? Because if you are, be sure to come to Camp Half Blood, a safe and educational environment for your child to learn how to control his or her powers. Every camper gets an orange Camp Half Blood shirt that they can wear for their days here. At our Camp, campers can stay through the summer and at the end get a bead with a design that represents the year, or they can stay the whole year round. We also have our wonderful staff, Dionysus, Chiron, Argus, and the protector dragon, Peleus is here to keep campers safe from any harm and help your child. New camp counsellors will be coming in summer on 2011. The demigod will be protected at the camp from any monsters, e.g. the Minotaur, because of the magical boundaries that only let the demigods in. We provide all the training the demigods have, and cabins that they live in with their half brother or sister. We have activities for every single day, and planned out on a schedule! They activities are things fit for any demigod, such as sword fighting, single hand combats, chariot races, canoeing on the lake, wrestling and much more!

Dionysus, the Camp Director

The Pine that protects Camp

Address: Camp Half-Blood, Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141 Long Island, New York 11954

Each camper gets an orange t-shirt

Cabin 1- Zeus’s Cabin 2- Hera’s Cabin 3- Poseidon’s Cabin 4- Demeter’s Cabin 5- Ares’ Cabin 6- Athena’s Cabin 7- Apollo’s Cabin 8- Artemis’s Cabin 9- Hephaestus’s Cabin 10- Aphrodite’s Cabin 11- Hermes’s Cabin 12- Dionysus’s

IMPORTANT: The summer of 2011, new cabins will be built for some more gods and goddesses... Cabin 13- Hades, Cabin 14- Iris, Cabin 15- Hypnos, Cabin 16- Nemesis, Cabin 17- Nike’s-, Cabin 18- Hebes’s, Cabin 19- Tyches’s, Cabin 20- Hecate and more to come. Each cabin is furnished according to the likes of the goddess’s and god’s likes. All the cabins are different in their own way. The outsides are the kinds of cabins that reflect on the god/goddesses personality. If you have not been picked out by your godly parent, you will be put in Hermes’s Cabin, because he welcomes anybody to that cabin. The cabins are located right beside the forest and Zephynos Creek, near the Mess Hall and arena. This is where you will go after a long day of training and working hard. Every demigod has a responsibility of keeping their cabins clean. Some of the leaders of the cabins will do the check every day! They will rate you on your cleanliness. Counsellors who will help you are, 1- Jason Grace, 2- NONE, 3- Percy Jackson, 4- Katie Gardener, 5- Clarisse La Rue, 6- Annabeth Chase, 7- Will Solace, 8- Thalia Grace, 9- Leo Valdez, 10- Piper McLean, 11- Travis and Conner Stoll, 12- Pollux, and the counsellors for the new cabins will come in soon!

mailbag Satyr Spotting 101 Christina Your instructions article on how to spot a satyr was a really interesting and unique article. I really

Reply: Satyrs all have

like how your instructions didn’t need any special equipment, except for your

should be able to find a way to break it to him, but don’t be surprised if he starts saying no way!! If

senses. Also, I thought that the way you wrote the article made it really entertaining and fun to read. Before reading your article, I had no clue what a satyr was. Now I not only know what a satyr is, but how to spot! -Jessica Reply: Thank you for the letter. I enjoy receiving letters from readers who have enjoyed my magazine. Keep reading!

My Friend the Satyr... Dear, Christina Personally, I have always wanted a Satyr of my own. To watch out for me, be my friend and protect me from evil monsters who are After me. I just thought, until now that Satyr didn’t exist. But in fact they could just be hiding perhaps in your best friend. I have been noticing (more so recently) that Carter Stephenson has been stalking me closely and he laughs like a goat so maybe he could be a Satyr. After all we have known each other for as long as I can remember. How do you suggest approaching them? Will they be offended that you asked them or flattered that you would think of them as that good of a friend? I really enjoy your magazine keep writing! Sincerely, Josh Latta

different personalities, just like humans. If you really know your friend, you

you need more help, send a letter again.

Who is Who? Dear Christina I enjoyed your factual description of the Artemis bow. I didn’t know Artemis is the moon and hunts goddess, I thought she is the goddess of beauty. I think it is a good bow but if you don’t handle it carefully it will be disaster because it can cause diseases to women and girls and it can follow the target. You explained well about a bow and I think the archery is hard. Thank you for the good information. From. Sang Reply: I think you were confused with Aphrodite, as the goddess of love and beauty and glad that you learned something in my magazine, as I like providing new information for people. Have fun reading!

Hermes Shoes These shoes will make you feel snazzy due to their wings. Only for one week call in 739-204-2737 and Hermes Company will give you a new pair of shoes but only if you answer some questions correctly. These shoes are made by adidas and we added on wings just to make it look like you have the “Hermes look.” One look at these shoes will make you want to go all around town yelling, “Look at my new shoes!” Be sure to call in at 739-204-2737 and answer some Greek mythology questions correctly- you could win!

Ken Will Always Remember

Written by Christina MacLeod On Ken’s trip of the Greek Islands, it was a beautiful day as he was heading past Athens, Greece, and the wind was blowing him up along the coast. He was imagining what it must’ve been like to be a Greek sailing back home. The open sea was all his...

The Aegean Sea came to be, when a young man, Theseus went to defeat the Minotaur. He told his father. Aegeus that if the ship sailed home with a black sail, the Minotaur was still alive, but the white sail meant that Theseus had defeated it. Theseus defeated the Minotaur but forgot to change the black to a white sail. Aegeus was so heartbroken that he threw himself off the cliff. Ever since then, it has been the Aegean Sea.

Ken was sailing past Athens at a very fast rate with his engine off. All you could hear was the boat sloshing from side to side. It was the best day yet and he was making great time. The sun was brightly shining on his face and no other boat was in his sight. Ken was all alone in the big Aegean Sea. In his mind, he was on an ancient boat that was rollicking around in the waves, and sailing home, wherever that may be. While he approached the mainland, he could see all the people swimming at a beach, and the boats in the harbour. The scene was breathtaking, and made him so excited to see this lovely scene from his own head. Another scene came into him, and this time it was an old city and the huge Black Pearl like boats were all in the harbour coming in from a long day. But he was not done, not yet. The images from Ancient Greece were filling his mind as he was going by. The whole city had changed before his eyes, and in a blink of an eye it was back to what it was presently. He kept sailing past until Athens disappeared into a dot. Ken thought to himself, “I will never forget this. Today was a day that changed my perspective on this old town. When I saw it, it was brand new! No one else probably knows this feeling. I traveled back in time who knows how many years!” He smiled secretly at himself and thought about it for a while. To this day, Ken has never forgotten the feeling of this amazing, and very exciting experience.


E x p l o r i n g

1 0 1 The Parthenon was used to store gold from other cities and was dedicated to the goddess, Athena. The people of Athens thought of Athena of their protector. The Parthenon replaced an older temple of Athena which historians recall as the Pre-Parthenon. It has survived since 439BC, which is a very long way back. It is one of the many archaeological sites that people enjoy to visit, as it is currently a museum. Be sure to take a look around here if you come!

Explore Greece Athens is great places to travel to if you want to see some of Greece’s amazing historical sites. As soon as I am finished traveling Italy, I am going to go to Greece and explore there. I am really interested in archaeological sites. Are there any places that I should check out first? I recommend that you go to Athens, because of all the old sites, including The Acropolis. Another place would probably be Olympia, where the first Olympic Games where held in 776 BC. A final site would be Akrotiri, which is practically the Pompeii of Greece. A big volcano, Thera erupted and the whole city was covered in ashes. E


I hope this helps you! -Christina

Since I have always wanted to go shopping in Athens, I bought tickets to go there. Now that I am going there, will you recommend some places where I should go shopping? An enjoyable shopping place to go would probably be Kolonaki, near Syntagma Square. It is swarming with shops, which include delicious coffee shops, and wonderful restaurants. Voukourestiou Street is known for its great jewelry.

I hope this helps you! -Christina I hope this helps you!-Christina


Olympus, because it is right at the foot of Mt. Olympus, and 5km from the beaches of Gulf Thermaikou. There are many different hotels but this one is very highly recommended.

After I read your article, Welcome to Mt. Olympus, I have been inspired to go there. I was wondering where some good places to stay around there? I would recommend staying in Litochoro, a town that is right near the mountain. A great place to stay would probably be the Mediterranean

Quick Pointer Some Great Places to visit: Great places to visit: -Athens -Delphi -Santorini Island -Olympos -Rhode Island

After she read a Greek book, my daughter has wanted to travel somewhere in Greece where Aphrodite was worshipped. Can you please tell me some places where you think Aphrodite would’ve been worshipped? Aphrodite was known to have a cult on the island of Cyprus, in the city Paphos. It has beautiful beaches; and you can even see the low foundations. Little of the building remains because of the damage to the site over the years. Also, that Aphrodite liked the month April, maybe you could stay there in the Spring Break of April. I hope this helps you! - Christina


E x p l o r i n g

1 0 1

Whenever I go onto a travel website, there are ads that read GO TO DELPHI! Do you think it is worth it to go there? Delphi is a wonderful place to visit if you like interesting Ancient Greek building sites. I would recommend going there because of all the wonderful sites there. Yes, to answer your question, do try to go there. I hope this helps you! -Christina

Whenever I talk to my friends about travel destinations, Greece always comes up. Is it worth going there? The place your friends talk about is a place where there are old archaeological sites, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking islands. If you like any of these things, then maybe you should go there. Look up the things that you would like to see there. I hope this helps! -Christina Because I have always wanted to go on a cruise in the Mediterranean, I want one that goes through Greece. Any suggestions what cruise I should take? E X P

A nice 13 day cruise is Princess Cruises. It goes through Italy, Greece, and even Turkey. It starts and ends in Italy. You can go ashore and experience the beautiful Mediterranean. I hope this helps! -Christina


information, -beaches.htm is where some of Mykonos’s beaches are. I hope this helps! -Christina

Because it is my husband’s birthday, we have decided to explore the Greek Islands. Any suggestions where we can get a boat? Olympic Yacht Charters would be a good place to charter a boat, as you can have a skipper, motorboat, bareboat, catamarans, or a luxury crewed yacht. They have offices in New York, and Athens Greece. There are many more that you can look up. Look for one that is good for you! I hope this helps! -Christina Since I need to go to Delphi, Greece for a very important archaeological dig, I need a place to stay. Is there anywhere you could recommend? In Delphi there are many different places to stay. It really depends on what location you like the best, and if you can afford it. The hotels range all across Delphi, and include Trokadero Hotel to Tagli Resort & Spa. If you want a full selection of hoels, try for a whole bunch of selections. I hope this helps! -Christina

Since I am going to Chora, Mykonos in the summer, I was wondering where some great beaches are. Can you help me? Mykonos has lovely beaches, except some of them can sometimes be crowded. Agios Ioannis is one of the most gorgeous beaches, although it is very calm. Another beach would be Agios Sostis is also an amazing beach, but due to being a couple kilometres away from the town, it is one of the calmest resorts on the island. For more


The Parthenon You might think that the Parthenon


is just another old building, but actually





Parthenon was the greatest and


most supreme temple of Athens, dedicated to the Goddess Athena. Athena was considered Athens’s protector in ancient times. The project on The Acropolis started in 447 BC, until 438 BC. It still stands today but in ruins, which people are trying to conserve. It uses arched Doric Columns because from far away, they look straight. The




masterpieces that combine styles of





Greek and





around the world, which you may’ve seen in the White House and numerous other buildings.

Early Years Before there even was the Parthenon we see now, there was another temple that historians call the Pre-Parthenon. The Pre- Parthenon was built shortly after the Battle of Marathon in 480 BC. The PreParthenon was still under construction when the Persians attacked, and destroyed the building that had barely started being built. Then they started another one, which you see now. The Parthenon made of marble, was built upon a limestone ledge and beside stood a tall statue of the Goddess Athena made out of gold and ivory.

Important People The famous sculptor, Phidias, designed the Parthenon, while Ictinos and Callicrates supervised the building of it. Lord Elgin, in the early nineteenth century, looted most of the temple’s lovely sculptures and sold them. They are now in the British Museum under the name of the Elgin Marbles.


Changes over Time

The Parthenon is facing some troubles. Air pollution

Century AD, the Parthenon became a

almost impossible to stop because it is going so

Christian Church, which worshipped the Virgin Mary.

fast. Also, the Parthenon has steel reinforcements.

In the 1460s, it was turned into a mosque after the

Whenever the steel rusts, it breaks the marble!

Ottoman Turk Contest. It was brutally damaged by a

Pieces of the ageless marble are falling off the

Venetian Attack in 1687 by a bombing. The Parthenon

building. All the tourists trampling over the marble

and some of its sculptures were damaged, some very

steps are wearing them out. The inside of the

badly. Another bad thing was when Lord Elgin looted

Parthenon has been closed to protect the ancient

most of the sculptures and sold them to the British

steps, inscriptions, and even pathways!

In the 5


Museum! The Greek Government have been trying to get it back, with no success. Since 1975, the Parthenon and other things on the Acropolis have been under restoration.

from the city is eating into the marble that is

Okay, now that you have read this, you may not think that the Parthenon is one of those old buildings anymore. It is just a beautiful building that is very strong and been through so much that kind of wore it down. With so many people who have been inside of it, people with worries, anger, and happiness. So many memories are inside it! From the building, to rebuilding, bombing from the Venetian War, and looting of some of its famous sculptures over a period of 2941 years, including the years of the Pre- Parthenon. It has been through a lot. I think that people will try to conserve this amazing site from all the problems. But you never know, one day it could collapse forever, or people might somehow find a way to conserve the amazing Parthenon!

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