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E xc lusive interview with Katy Perry!

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Look into her life before she was famous!

20th C entury S ec rets! C reative ways to warm up your voic e!

G et the sc oop on how the old fashioned mic rophone works!  


summer 2013  



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02  EDITORS  PAGE     Look  into  this  article  to  find  out  all  about  the   writer  and  editor  of  this  magazine!  

  03  THE  OLD  MICROPHONE     Get  all  the  details  on  how  the  old  school   microphone  was  engineered!  

  04  HOW  TO  WARM  UP  YOUR  VOICE   All  the  steps  on  how  to  warm  up  your  voice!    

  05        VANLEENA  STUDIOS     See  inside  to  see  one  of  the  best  dance   Page  1   studios  in  West  Vancouver!  


Look  at  this  article  to  find  an  exclusive   interview  with  Katy  Perry       08  THE  JOURNEY  TO  THE  SPOTLIGHT   A  beautiful  poem  describing  what  you   feel  like  when  you  are  about  to   perform      special  articles    

  09  THE  SHOW  MUST  GO  ON    

A  comic  story  about  a  your  singer  who   uses  her  power  to  rock  the  crowd.       14  COMEDY  FILMS     See  the  history  of  comedy  films,  from   silent  films  to  the  hilarious  new  films.  

editors   note     A      


If  you  love  to  perform  on  stage  then  this  is  the  magazine  for  you!  This  magazine   will  feature  how  to  warm  up  your  voice.  I’d  like  to  think  you  would  like  to  sing   rock  and  roll  music;  I’m  talking  Elton  john,  John  Lennon,  Guns  and  roses,  the   rolling  stones,  and  many  more!  This  magazine  will  also  help  you  to  get  in  touch   with  your  character  for  the  show!!  I  was  about  6  when  I  got  into  the  performing   arts.  I  was  always  into  the  idea  of  performing.  My  mom  my  sister  and  my  best   friends.     I  love  to  act!  I  would  love  to   be  on  Broadway  when  I  grow   up.  I  think  that  singing,  acting,   and  d ancing  are  a  great  way  to   have  fun.  I  find  it  fun  because   you  don’t  have  to  worry  about   anything  during  that  three   minute  gap.  

Arts   Editorial   Group  publisher  Ellie  Willock     Editorial  director  Miku  Yamada   Managing  director  Gianluca  Taffara   Senior  director  Angla  de  Smidt   Copy  editor  Gianluca  Taffara  

I  have  been  in  all  the  choirs  for  me  to  p ossibly  be  in,  I  find  them  a   great  way  to  perform!  I  like  to  p erform  like  that  because  I  don’t  feel   like  all  of  the  eyes  are  on  me.  I  have  a  huge  stage  fright  and  tremble  at   the  sight  of  people  when  I’m  up  on  the  stage.  Even  when  I’m  with  my   family  I  get  a  little  scared.  I  get  scared  because  if  I  mess  up  it  makes   me  feel  that  that’s  what  they  will  remember  when  I  get  on  stage.  But  I   have  decided  just  to  let  it  happen  if  I  mess  up  then  I  can  perform  again   and  they  won’t  even  realize  that  I  made  that  I  had  made  a  mistake   before.    

Design/Production   Art  director  Angela  de  Smidt   Production  manager  Michelle  de  Smidt   Production  designer  Alexis  d e  Smidt  

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       IN  DEPTH    


Old  School  microphone  1953   The  old  school  microphone    


      he  microphone  is  a  wonderful  tool  to  use   in  Singing  and  speaking.  A  microphone  helps   your  voice  loud  and  easy  to  hear.  If  you  had   not  used  a  microphone  in  front  of  around  one   hundred  people,  nobody  would  hear  you,   where  as  if  you  started  singing  or  talking  with   a  microphone  it  would  be  much  louder  and   clearer  to  hear,  there  for  a  b etter   performance.  

As well as all old microphones, the microphone is an extreme high in value.

Once  you  start  singing  you  feel   quite  alive,  like  you  just  want  to   keep  on  going  even  when  the  song   is  over,  you  want  to  sing  the  whole   song  over  again!    

When  you  get  off  the  stage  you  are   holding  the  microphone  really  tightly   because  you  have  so  much  adrenalin,   even  when  you  do  finally  let  go  of  the   microphone  you  shake  like  crazy.  The   old  school  microphone  is  nice  and  easy   to  hold.  As  you  probably  know  who  Elvis   Presley  is,  you  would  have  seen  him  on   YouTube  and  see  the  microphone  he  is   holding.  When  I’m  holding  a  microphone   I  feel  like  a  new  person,  and  if  a   microphone  can  do  that  it  must  be   something  really  special.  Microphones   are  designed  to  obviously  make  your   voice  really  loud,  and  easy  to  hear.  Some   microphones  can  even  change  the  sound   of  your  voice.  Microphones  are  that   amazing.  If  you  have  any  further   questions,  please  feel  free  to  email  us  we   would  love  to  hear  any  further   questions!  

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Words:  Angela  de  Smidt  

Picture:  M ichelle  de  Smidt  



1. Your  either  going  to  want  to  

use  a  p iano  or  a  recording  of   some  sort  so  get  all  that  set  up   first    

2. Have  a  person  help  you  play  

the  piano  keys  or  the   recording.  Once  you  have  got   that  ready  you  are  ready  to   begin.  

3. For  starters  you  want  to  put  

your  lips  together  like  a  horses   and  b low  this  will  help  you  get   better  air  flow.    

4. Now  that  your  done  your  warm   up  for  your  warm-­‐up  you  must   stand  completely  straight  to   have  a  better  quality  sound.        

You  will  need… 6.  Then  you  start  singing   “Babadu  babadu  babadu  du   ba”  In  every  possible  key    

7.    Now  you  hum,  you  hum   your  favorite  song,  but  make   sure  that  you  feel  a  buzz  in   your  lips,  this  is  using  your   head  voice.  Continue  this   until  your  song  is  over.  

  Grand  piano  

8.  Finally  you  are  ready  to   sing  your  song,  sing  it  loud   now!      

5. Start  making  a  round  o  with  


your  mouth.  Continue  this  7   more  times.    

Recording  device    

Page  4  




In  Praise  of  


Where a community of energy and creativity teach kids how to enjoy life.

                           by  angela  de  smidt     photography  by  vanleena  dance  academy  


Inside  the  studio  I  let  my   jazz  shoe  touch  the  floor  in   excitement  and  leap  inside   the  studio  and  do  a  jump   followed  by  a  twirl,  it  feels   like  Christmas  morning.  I   hear  the  bursting  music  and   cant  help  but  do  pirouettes   and  jute’s.  I  look  in  the   mirror  and  start  looking  at   the  art  all  around  the  room;   I  see  pictures  of  the  amazing   dancer’s  and  wonder  if  I  will   ever  be  like  them.  I  see   pictures  of  beautiful  dance   costumes  and  hope  that   someday  I  will  wear  those   beautifully  flowing  dresses.    







I  watch  my  dance   instructor  in  the  crisp   clear  window  and  match   her  every  move.  I  look  at   everyone  else  in  the  room   as  we  await  the  start  of  a   combo;  I  hear  the  music   scream  and  start  dancing.  

I  think  of  every  time  that  I  have   danced  inside  the  classes  and   somehow  want  more  of  that   excitement,  that  adrenaline.  I  get   thirsty  half  way  through  and   decide  to  go  to  the  shop;  I  order  a   large  can  of  coconut  water  with   pulp.  That  is  the  best  kind  of   coconut  water  I  have  ever  tasted.   I  rush  back  to  the  room  and  begin   my  dance.   Vanleena  has  many  studios,  but  my   all  time  favorite  would  be  studio  H.   The  studio  brings  itself  to  life  as  the   dancers  flood  in,  like  a  never-­‐ ending  waterfall.  I  watch  the   graceful  moves  of  the  dancers.  I   take  in  another  deep  breath  and   smell  the  clean  polish  as  if  it  were   cleaned  last  night.       I  see  the  lights  on  the  ceiling  and   pretend  as  if  they  were  stage  lights   and  I  dance  my  very  best.  While  I   move  to  my  next  studio  to  dance  I   see  these  gorges,  glittery,  snazzy   costumes  in  a  small  tight  room.       Page  5  


The  American  pop  star   becomes  a  world  known  mega   celebrity.    


EVERY  SO  OFTEN  THAT  ONE  person  is  born  to  be  a  star;  I  think  that  Katy  Perry   was  born  to  be  star  because  she  has  the  whole  personality  and  talent.  Katy  grew   up  only  listening  to  gospel  and  Christian  music,  so  for  her  to  be  singing  songs  like   this  now  is  huge.  Not  only  is  she  a  phenomenal  singer,  she  can  also  play   instruments  very  well.  She  currently  has  one  documentary  movie  out  of  her   story  of  how  she  was  exposed  to  the  Hollywood  way  of  life.  She  has  two     Siblings,  named  Angela  Hudson  and  David  Hudson.     Katy  was  Smurfette  in  the  Smurfs  she  currently  has   over  eighty  songs  out  today!  Including  Part  of  me,   Wide-­‐awake,  and  Hot  &  Cold.  Katy  Perry  was  a   middle  child  and  often  didn’t  have  a  lot  of  attention   and  she  says  that  she  think’s  that  that  is  one  of  the   reasons  why  she  is  so  outgoing  in  both  her   personality  and  wardrobe.    

  Written:  Angela  de  Smidt   Photography:  Hollywood  Heels  



Page  6  



   In  the  wintertime  I  was  able   to  speak  with  Ms.  Katy  Perry   and  ask  her  some  questions   about  herself  and  her  life,  and   her  latest  album  part  of  me.     Where  and  when  did  grow  up?   PERRY:  I  Grew  up  in  a  small   town  called  Santa  Barbara  in   California.  I  was  born  on  October   25  1984,  so  that  means  that  I  am   28  years  old.   Describe  your  life  before  you   where  famous.     PERRY:  I  was  very  ordinary  and   boring  and  listened  to  nothing   but  gospel  and  Christian  music   growing  up,  so  I  kind  of  took  a   big  leap  to  get  into  this  genre  of   music.   Who  were  some  o f  your  hero’s   when  you  where  growing  up?   PERRY:  I  really  have  loved  Gwen   Stefani  through  out  my  whole   life.  I  love  her  ideas  of  fashion   and  her  sound  of  music.  Plus  she   has  gorgeous  platinum  blonde   hair,  also  because  she  is  never   afraid  of  taking  risks.  She  also   has  this  unique  style  to  her!   Have  you  live  in  America  your   whole  life?   PERRY:  Yes  I  have  I  love  tanning   on  the  sandy  beaches,  and  also   the  beautiful  California  weather.  

    Did  you  always  want  to  be   a  singer?     PERRY:  Well  I  did  but  I  never   thought  that  it  would  become   this  big,  I  love  performing  on   stage  and  with  that  dream  I   am  what  I  am  today.       How  did  you  discover  that   you  could  sing  well?   PERRY:  I  first  started  singing   when  I  was  around  four   years  old,  so  I  had  learned   then  that  I  could  sing,  but   around  6  or  7  I  knew  that  I   could  sing  well.   Who  helped  you  to  grow  as   a  singer  when  you  were   younger?     PERRY:  My  mom  definitely   helped  m e  when  I  was   younger;  also  m y  dad  was  a   very  big  help  growing  up.   Whenever  I  couldn’t  hit  a   note  they  would  always  tell   me  that  I  could  do  it  and  I   eventually  did.     Who  is  your  current  idol?   PERRY:  My  idol  like  I  said   before  was  Gwen  Stefani,  I   love  her  sound  in  music,  and   I  always  try  to  be  like  her.      


"Ultimately I want Katy Perry to be as much of a household name as Madonna."




Page  7  

When  was  the  first  time  you   performed?   PERRY:    The  first  time  I   performed  was  in  1999  I   performed  I  kissed  a  girl  with   my  trusty  guitar.       If  you  look  back  on  your   earlier  life  could  you  see   yourself  where  you  are  now?   PERRY:  Honestly  I  didn’t  think   that  this  whole  singing  thing   would  make  it  this  far.  It’s   really  quite  the  experience  to   be  able  to  perform  in  front  of   so  many  people  

So  what  kind  of  vocal   warm  ups  do  you  do?   PERRY:  I  try  and  say  toy   boat,  toy  boat,  toy  boat,  toy   boat,  toy  boat  really  fast  and   it  usually  helps  me.     Who  else  in  your  family   enjoys  singing?     PERRY:  Well  my  Mother  sort   of  wonders  around  the  house   sort  of  singing/mumbling  but   that  is  the  only  one  who  really   does  “sing.”     What  was  the  first   instrument  you  learned  to   play?   PERRY:  The  piano  was  the   very  first  thing  that  I  learned  to   play  followed  by  the  guitar.       How  long  do  you  practice   each  day?   PERRY:  I  practice  about  two  to   three  hours  a  day  with  my   voice  coach.   Do  you  feel  like  the  almighty   Katy  Perry,  or  do  you  feel   like  the  normal  Kate   Hudson?   PERRY:  On  stage  when  I   perform  I  definitely  feel  like   Katy  Perry  but  when  I  walk   around  in  m y  everyday  life  I   feel  like  Kate  Hudson.    


The journey to the spotlight Practicing acting every day Brings out the best in you. Knowing me Makes you ALWAYS Keep this in mind, When you are about To go out on stage, Just repeating your lines And acting like it’s Nothing can be critical. Again, it’s easy to forget what You have to say when faced With something

BIG and Frightening. Working forward every step. Having victory Means something. The journey begins with The first step. Small accomplishments are Something to be Proud of. You are human Feel as if you don’t want Peoples opinions. You will not feel discouraged You cannot be drummed out Of Your Own Game. Found Poem by Angela de Smidt Adapted article from: 9 Steps to a Successful Acting Career by: Bob Fraser

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comedy films





from the silent films              To  the  Broadway  musicals,  experience  the  joy  of  



Comedy has a very big role on society today. When you first meet a person what’s the first things that you notice about them? For me I would typically notice their characteristics, Smart, nice, and organized. But something that makes you really noticeable and enjoyable is having a good sense of humor; this is how

 In this article it will describe



the ways that comedy has progressed and sometimes had it defaults. This articles focuses more on the cinema side of comedy, but if you look closely most jokes today are usually from a movie. One of the first silent films was in the comedy genre. If you are new to comedy and would Page  14  

would like to know more about it read this article there could be something new and interesting! Comedy has changed a lot over the years; from the classic pie throws to the banana peel slip. But not only the jokes were great, the comedians that have  

Comedy films Charlie Chaplin inspired some of the newer comedians like Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy, Rowan Atkinson, (Mr. Bean) Steve Martin, and Mike Myers have also been huge hits in comedy films. The jokes have also changed, the jokes have become more sarcastic and in a way hurtful. Charlie Chaplin wasn’t only a silent film actor; in his first speaking film “The great Dictator” was an amazing speech that is still famous to this day. But like most things in life comedy hasn’t always been smooth sailing, it has had its ups and downs.


If people like Jim Carrey or Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) weren’t around comedy probably wouldn’t be as great as it is. But the great thing that comedy has always had was bringing people together and making people smile. Comedy varies for different age groups. The younger you are the more age appropriate the movie is, however if you are a teenager comedy gets a little inappropriate for younger viewers. But lately comedy has been getting slightly

Page  15  

more inappropriate even for teenagers or adults. Not only do movies have comedy in them, some reality T.V shows have comedy in them, even small YouTube videos have humor in them. Comedy always makes everyone feel happy and excited and joyful. If comedy weren’t around everyone would probably feel like something’s missing. Comedy has brought ups and downs to the world, but without all the mistakes and success’s it never would have been the way it is today.