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Editors Page Our editor tells you all about her history and the magazine.

How to style like Gaga Five easy tips on how to look like Lady Gaga.

Everything about converse

Mail Bag 3 readers write to the editor of Teen Hello.

I’ll Always Remember An amazing story about 2 best friends.

Fame poem A short poem about the pros and cons of fame.

History of Paparazzi Find out how paparazzi got its name and who started it.

Interview with JB Learn more about Justin and his tips and tricks.

The Red carpet Learn more about the Red carpet from our author.

Teen Hello A fun magazine about teen celebrities and what’s new.

Advice Column Send us your question and we’ll give you great advice back.

Celebrity Survivor A competition about 5 celebrities on an island.

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December 10, 2010


On January 12th, 1998, in North Vancouver B.C., I was born. I have a brother who was born on the same day as me but 2 minutes later. I’m older by 2 minutes: yay! But trust me, it’s not that easy being an older sister. Also, I have a loving Mom and a caring Dad, which is all I could ever ask for. Ever since I was little I’ve always loved looking at the celebrity magazines and what goes on in the life of fame. I found it really interesting to read some of the paragraphs in my favourite magazine, Tiger Beat, and I dreamed like every other little girl about being famous. This is where my story begins…. Ever since I was little I’ve lived in West Vancouver, B.C. I attended Caulfeild Elementary school then went to Rockridge for high school. After 5 years in Rockridge I won a scholarship to study art and design at Harvard. After a very intense 4 years in Harvard, I graduated and moved to New York City with my loving husband and two beautiful children.

TEEN Hello Publisher – Michaela Young Editor – Allison Dritmanis Art Director – Ocean Nicol Managing Editor – Karis Dawson Features Editor – Trevor Fonseca Copy Editor – Griffin Renzoni Editorial Interns – Nicole Fonseca, Mikayla Pez, Jaylan Vance Assistant Art Director – Nicky Richardson Photo Editor – Hannah Martin Web Designer – Chris Dritmanis Sales Manager – Lizzie Menzies Marketing Coordinator – Kevyn Hall Accountant – Sam Romanuik Advertising Manager – Zoe Morin System Manager- Cam Waddell Editorial Office: Suite 2050, 2319 Westbeach Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90210

We had a great life there for a few years, and then moved to California where I began interviewing celebrities for People magazine. I realized there wasn’t a magazine to celebrate only teen celebrities, and that is why I created Teen Hello.


I am passionate about this topic because teen celebrities are role models for kids. Their voices need to be heard so that all teenagers can learn to become more successful in their lives.

Send us your videos, stories and images to our website, and you might find yourself in our pages!

This month, learn all about Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga’s fashion tips, and walk the red carpet with your favourite stars. Thanks for reading!

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How To Look Like Lady Gaga

A Five-Step Transformation By Allison Dritmanis

Step 1. First of all, you start with the hair. If your hair isn’t already a white/blonde colour then you can dye it or buy a wig. You want long, crazy bangs covering your forehead just above your eyes. Try on a few wigs. Big bows are also great. Wear different bows throughout the week. Step 2. Lady Gaga always wears some type of makeup. She’s usually seen wearing a zipper eye patch or a lightning bolt down the side of her face. Either make a zipper eye patch from scratch or get some gaudy makeup for the lightning bolt and carefully draw it on your cheek. Step 3. For your first outfit wear a tight black leather or latex body suit with sequins and overly large shoulder pads. Lady Gaga’s image is somewhat 1980s in appearance; look at some of those outfits from 30 years ago, but add more glitz and

glamour. She is all about reflective surfaces and glamorous designs. Step 4. One final touch you can add would be some kind of crystal sunglasses, or T.V. monitor 3-D glasses. She has been seen on a magazine cover wearing glasses that look like icicles. As for the T.V. glasses, they turn different colors and display a variety of images. If you put all of these steps together, you might be a Lady Gaga look-a-like! Step 5. Lastly, to complete the Lady Gaga look you will need some accessories. Try some sunglasses, fasteners such as zippers, ornate hair accessories, fingerless gloves, leg warmers, and cuff bracelets. Have fun with your transformation! “You have to be unique, and different and shine in your own way.” – Lady Gaga

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Mail Bag Dear Ally, That seems so amazing I wish I could go to that event I have always enjoyed modeling that would be really fun. Just the way you described it seems amazing, I love your magazine a lot I read it often. I can’t wait to see your next article!

Thanks! Yes, the event was amazing and I loved it. I wish I could go see it again. Keep reading! There will be more articles for you to read!

-Karis Dawson, Vancouver

Dear Ally, I love your interview with Justin Bieber because you did a lot of re-searching just to find out about him and you displayed your article very nicely and neat. I think you did an excellent job! This showed me that Justin Bieber is a young singer who didn’t have singing lessons when he was younger and he taught himself how to play a variation of some instruments. Looking forward to reading more article’s!

Thanks Jaylan! I’m glad that you like my magazine and articles. I thought Justin Bieber would be great to do an interview on because he’s so young and has a great reputation. There will be more exciting articles ahead!

-Jaylan Vance, California

Dear Ally, Your article with Justin Bieber is amazing you really asked questions that people are wondering about. You also made it look beautiful, I love the formatting and the way you laid out the pictures. I didn’t know Justin warmed up his voice in the shower. As much as I hate Justin I really enjoyed reading about him. Even for people who don’t have Bieber fever I think would really like to read this. It was very well done. -Sam Romaniuk West Vancouver BC

Thank you Samantha! I was actually wondering myself what and how Justin warms up his voice and it was very fascinating for me to write this article. I had a lot of fun working on it!

I’ll Always

Teen Hello editor Ally Dritmanis takes a walk down memory lane to her first concert.

Remember . . .


will never say never.”

This is what Justin Bieber says, but I definitely said “Never!” when someone asked me last November if I thought I’d be going to see Justin Bieber in concert. I remember when never changed to yes right after I heard from my closest friend, Michaela, who said she had two tickets to the Justin Bieber concert that night. It was a last-minute surprise from her mom. I felt a mini panic attack of excitement that welled up inside me so much that I could have burst like a bubble. She only had two tickets . . . and said her mom was going to go with her. My excitement died. However, Michaela’s mom is not a big fan of Justin, and so I was invited at the very last minute to go downtown to Rogers Arena. It was 5 pm and I had to rush around the house figuring out what to wear, like a teenage girl trying to get ready for the prom.


e arrived just in time.

The second act, Sean Kingston, was already underway. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how big the stage was. Lights were flashing everywhere; it was like a Hollywood event. As I walked down the stairs to my seat, my heart was racing and my palms were sweaty as I held my pink, fluffy cotton candy in one hand and my Sprite in the other. I didn’t know what it would feel like to attend my first real concert. Michaela couldn’t hear me unless I yelled over the screaming girls and the loud music. I yelled to her that this was “So crazy, I can’t believe I’m actually here!” We were surrounded by overly excited screaming girls. Our two seats were only five feet away from the stage. Once Justin came on the stage, we didn’t spend much time sitting down.

My most memorable moment? It was halfway through the concert when I turned my head to the right and through the scrim I saw Justin Bieber himself. He was standing backstage just before his next song. I screamed, “JUSTIN!” and I guess he heard me over the roar and he waved. But to me, that felt like the most treasured moment, like a thousand kisses from God. To him, it was probably just a wave to just an ordinary fan. Justin was really good at dancing; he had so many different moves to show off including the moonwalk, the reject, the dougie, the wheelchair, and a bunch of hip hop moves. There were four costume changes and my favourite outfit was a purple and white ensemble that included a purple hoodie underneath a white jacket, and white denim jeans with bright purple shoes, and to top it all off a purple baseball hat with a flat brim. When I wasn’t staring at Justin, I enjoyed looking at the dancers behind him because they had great choreography and they were all in sync. When I left the concert I was still thrilled at having seen Justin Bieber up-close. I was also very tired because it was around11 o’clock on a school night and I normally would have been in bed by then. The loud music and the screaming were still ringing in my ears as we drove to Michaela’s house. I couldn’t thank Michaela’s mom enough. It was such a memorable experience.

After that night... I decided I would never say never because something surprising can always happen.

FAME Modern-day

goddess and




Fairyt ale Myste rious Hollywood

It’s a fantasy It’s a luxury

It’s a challenge

Absorbed in the role

On movie posters The tourists swarm with their feet I saw my opportunity and took it

the paparazzi swarm with their cameras The curtain going up or down

By: Ally Dritmanis Adapted from “Angelina the Conqueror” in Vanity Fair, August 2010

Your life was at such risk Dreams of escape

The History of Paparazzi The Shooting Begins Whirrr. Click. Click. Snap. Up, down, left, right: nowhere to escape it, and nowhere to hide. Have you ever wondered where paparazzi got its name? Well, the word ‘paparazzi’ is an Italian term used to refer to photojournalists. It got its name in the 1960s from a movie by Federico Fellini called “La Dolce Vita.” By the late 1960s the word ‘paparazzi’ had entered English as a term for intrusive photographers who follow celebrities around. One of the main characters in the movie is a news photographer by the name of Paparazzo. Papataceo is a description for an annoying buzzing sound coming from a mosquito, so it’s funny how paparazzi are similar to that: swarming all around you and following you everywhere you go. In the old days, if you were an important person like a Prime Minister or a President or a movie star, people couldn’t take a photograph of you unless you gave your permission. When the paparazzi started up, they just took pictures of anyone and everyone who happened to be in a public place. One of the worst places on earth for celebrities during the 1960s was Rome, Italy. It was considered a city that was celebrity-obsessed. Photographers would go to extremes to take pictures of famous people, especially if they were doing something illegal. It was the new cameras that allowed the paparazzi to go on the streets and take photos really easily because the cameras were lighter and could be carried around and used in a hurry. The earliest form of cameras, known as camera obscura, were big boxes that had to be used inside. They had a pinhole or lens to project light from a

box or a room onto the opposite wall. Camera obscuras started as big as a room and generated into handheld models. These models allowed photographers to take candid shots, unlike the formal and posed shots taken inside a studio. One of the most famous candid photographers was Eddie Adams, known for covering the Vietnam War where he shot his most influential photograph, which then led him to winning a Pulitzer prize and a World Press award for his photograph. Another important photographer was Herman Leonard. Most famous photographers take photos of certain subjects, and Herman liked to take photographs of jazz legends such as Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra, and Dexter Gordon. His photographs vary in price but his most expensive picture sold for $4,000. Last but not least is Ron Galella. He is the most controversial celebrity photographer in the world. Ron was clearly willing to take risks to get the perfect shot. As a result, he has gone through two highly publicized court battles and got sued for invading the privacy of famous people like Jackie Kennedy Onassis. He had to stay at least 150 feet away from her at all times. There are many problems with public photographers known as paparazzi. They never leave celebrities alone; they stalk them, they find out where they live, and they won’t leave them alone until they get a few perfect photographs. But for the paparazzi it’s different. They just want to make money and get a headline in the paper or on the Internet for the whole world to see. From beginning to end, paparazzi will always be annoying. You can’t escape it and you can’t hide from it all you can do is stand there and look pretty. From the earliest to famous photographers, you’ve read it all.

Justin Bieber Canada’s Favourite Teen Idol. Do YOU have Bieber Fever?

Justin Bieber was discovered in 2008 by music producer Scooter Braun, who happened to come across Justin’s music videos on Youtube. Scooter arranged for the American rapper and R&B singer and actor Usher to meet Justin in Atlanta, Georgia. It was the start of a beautiful friendship. Since 2008, Justin Bieber has sold more than 4 million of his two albums, My World and My World 2.0, according to

Seasons Hotel to get some answers from Justin himself about his albums, his life before being famous, and his future.

It took a lot of detective work to track him down, but Teen Hello magazine managed to find him in his hotel room before his concert in Vancouver at Rogers Arena on October 19, 2010. We sent experienced reporter Ally Dritmanis to the Four

Did you ever think you would become this famous, and what’s something you don’t like about it? No, I didn’t, because I grew up in a small town. Now people ask me, do you wish you had a regular life? And I’m like, no, not really. I try to

How do you keep up with your schoolwork when you’re on the road? I spend 5 to 6 hours each day studying with my private tutor. I don’t really like school, to be honest, but it’s something I have to do for my mom. I have to finish high school, at least.

spend as much time with my friends, being a regular kid, as I can on top of work. Did you take singing lessons when you were little? No, I didn’t! At a very young age, I started playing piano, drums, guitar and trumpet. I taught myself. I won second place in a singing competition in my home town in Stratford, Ontario.

What celebrities have you met, and what did you admire about them? I have a crush on Beyonce. She’s awesome. I need to do a song with her. I need to do everything with her. I also admire Michelle Obama. I met her when I sang at a concert in Washington, DC, last Christmas. I like that she is so glamorous looking without looking unnatural or plastic. Are you working on a third album, and what is it going to include? I’m working on an acoustic album called My Worlds Acoustic. It will be released on November 26, 2010. I’m also starring in a 3D film in February called Step Up 3D. I’d like to have a fourth album out next year, and be touring, and hopefully have my own charity by then.

What is your favourite movie? Secretly, I like the girly movie The Notebook, and I love all the Rocky movies. How do you feel about the screaming fans? I’m sick of the followers who become hysterical when they see me. I wish they would just have a normal

conversation with me instead of just screaming and yelling, Justin, Justin! I also hate it when fans interrupt me when I’m eating in a restaurant. You wouldn’t like it either! It’s really rude. What is your favourite colour and why? I like purple. I wear it a lot on stage, and I think it’s a playful and peaceful colour. Is there something that helps you get ready before a concert? I have a warm-up routine to warm up my voice, and I play my guitar as well. I do my pre-show vocal exercises in a large shower. And I eat a lot of candy. Surprisingly, that helps!

Is it hard being a teen idol? It is hard. I’ve been a target for bullies. People can make hurtful comments. It’s hard to deal with all the pressures. Who do you think helped you most with your career so far? My mom, for helping me with my career and getting me through tough challenges. And Usher for helping me choose songs,

and teaching me dance moves, and helping me with my look. If you weren’t a singer, what would your job be? I’d like to be an architect. That would be cool, and I liked drawing before I became famous. Do you ever forget the words or the dance moves when you’re on stage? Yes, one time I was really tired from working all day and I just kind of blanked out. I forgot some of the words and mostly the dance moves. What do you think of Glee, and would you like to be on the show? Yes, I love the show and they want me to be a guest star. Britney Spears has been on the show, and Michelle Lea who plays Rachel wants me to be on an episode so we can sing “Baby.” What is your favourite candy, and why? One of worst habits is eating too much candy. I like Sour Patch Kids and Gummy Worms. I mostly like the sour candies, and not so much of the sweet.

It’s that time of year again! Here is everything you want to know about the Las Vegas Vibe Teenage Fall Fashion Show, held September 16 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The cavernous ballroom was transformed into a scene from the disco movie Saturday Night Fever. It looked like a tremendous dance floor with people laughing and music pulsing in your ears. There was the smell of expensive perfume and you could hear the screams of delight from teenage girls as the celebrities took their seats and the astonishing models walked by. I could feel the excitement in the crowd and it was streaming through my veins like salmon in a river. Beyond the runway, it was ink- black except for the colourful spotlights sweeping the audience and blinding us like lightning. The fashions were sleek, fancy and polished. I particularly liked the electric blue and white ruffled cocktail dress cascading over the runway floor. I couldn’t even see the model’s feet! There was much more to come.

Ask The Editor 1) Since all of the kids in my class don’t like Justin Bieber, they tease me but I still want to Belieb. What do I do? Angela, 9 Don’t let them get to you. If you want to Belieb then keep Beliebing. Everyone has a right to listen to the music they enjoy. ........................................................................ 2) Because a girl wore the same dress to prom as me, I left and went home. Was that the right thing to do? Jenna, 16 I think you should have stayed and enjoyed the prom while you can. If another girl has the same dress, it probably means that that was a good choice! You’re both stylish, however I’m sure it was a bit embarrassing at first. .......................................................................... 3) Because my parents fight all the time and it makes me feel depressed. Do you think they’re going to get divorced? Lauren, 10 I know what that feels like, although it was mostly my mother fighting with me, not my dad! When they fight again, tell them to stop and listen to you, because you want them to know your feelings. It’s natural for there to be some

fighting and bad times, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to get divorced. ...................................................................... 4) My siblings push me around because I’m the youngest in the family, and I’m tired of it. What do I do to make it stop? Mitchell, 9 I think you should tell them that you don’t like to be bugged and to leave you alone. Or tell your mom or dad about it and maybe they can help for it to stop? Other than that, speak up for yourself and don’t let them push you around. ......................................................................... 5) Even though I had a best friend, she said something mean behind my back. Should I ask her about it, or just pretend it didn’t happen? Emmelina, 14 I would go up to her and sort it all out, it’s better than nothing and if you still want to be her friend then you should confront her about it. Maybe she’s jealous or upset about something? I bet she’s a nice girl, and I’m sure things will sort its way out. .......................................................................... 6) I have acne all over my forehead. What products should I use? Hannah, 15 When I was your age I had the same dilemma. So I used ‘ZipZap Gone’. Use a cleanser as well. Hopefully, it’ll all be gone in about a week!

........................................................................ 7) I’m going on a shopping trip to Seattle, because it’s my birthday! What malls do you recommend? Katie, 13 When I went to Seattle recently, I went to the Seattle Premium Outlet Malls. They had a lot of good deals, and some really good stores such as Aeropostale, Vans, Quiksilver, and Levi’s. ......................................................................... 8) My mom says I should play a team sport. Since I’m a fast runner, what sport would be good for me? Chris, 12 Field hockey or soccer, depending on whether you like to hit balls with sticks, or you like bigger balls that you can kick! ........................................................................ 9) I’m allergic to cats, but my family really wants a pet. What do you suggest? Have you had any pets that weren’t cats? Mickey, 16 Yes, I have a dog that doesn’t shed, although he still makes some people sneeze. He’s a Hungarian Puli, with a fur coat that looks like a shaggy rug. I would suggest you get a cat or dog that doesn’t shed, but you should ask your vet for advice first. ........................................................................... 10) I’ve always loved soccer, and in fact I’m pretty good at it, but I’ve never played on a real team. Even though none of my friends are

on a soccer team, and I am a shy person, should I still try to join a team? Owen, 14 I definitely think you should join a soccer team! If you’re really passionate about this sport then you should make it a hobby. Join a soccer team and make new friends and ask your friends if they would like to join too? I bet you’ll have tons of fun! .........................................................................


Once upon a time, on a island so remote that it couldn’t be found on a map, a game of Celebrity Survivor takes place. Through thick and thin, five celebrities, Ashley Tisdale, Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner, Snookie and me, Selena Gomez, are challenged to live on this island for five days. Will we fall apart, or make it through to the end? All I can hear is the roar of the helicopter wings above and the shouts of the girl sitting across from me telling me to look down at the lush island we would be living on for the next few days. I turn my head to the right and look out the window and see the clear crystal water splashing onto the sleek, black rocks and the vibrant green leaves of the palm trees swaying in the breeze.

I yell over the noise, “Are any of you scared?” They all shake their heads nervously. I take that as a yes. As soon as we get off the helicopter and onto the burning sand and underneath the hot, unavoidable sun we are greeted by the host of this competition. “Welcome to Celebrity Survivor!” says Jeff Probst. He pauses to take a look at all of us and carries on, “all of you will be sent somewhere on the island and must be ready to make a shelter. Your supplies are all around you, I suggest you all work together.” Obviously these next five days won’t just be a walk in the park. Suddenly I’m not looking forward to this at all. We walk to our area on the island; it’s more like a deserted camp ground. The first thing Snookie does is lie down on the sandy beach and sun tans.

“Hey, could one of ya’ll go make me a pina colada?” barks Snookie. “Well, if you didn’t notice, we’re sort of on a island with no food,” Justin says matter-offactly. I think everybody knows this wouldn’t be an easy trip. We are already cranky, parched, and sweaty. We’ve only been here for 5 minutes and all we want to do is get off this island! Nobody gets any sleep, and the next day comes fast. We are all awfully tired but we all know there is going to be a challenge today, and I am sure I am going to win immunity. All of us walk to where the game is being held and right before our eyes is a huge maze. Jeff tells us how to play the game and we are set. I look around me and written on

everybody’s face is pure determination. “GO!” Jeff yells at the top of his lungs, and we run. I have never been good at mazes or even any games for that matter but I know I have to carry on if I want to win this. I catch a glimpse of Ashley scurrying around the maze so I decided to follow her. She moves like a dolphin, fast but silent. Obviously this is her kind of game, but I have to beat her somehow. I hear the complaints from Snookie saying she is too tired and she doesn’t want to run anymore: no surprise there! Now it is only me, Ashley, Justin, and Taylor. After following Ashley for a few minutes I turn and go the opposite way figuring she is getting nowhere. Suddenly I run into Justin. The boy has wild eyes like he has just fought a tiger. Right when he sees me he turns away in the opposite direction and I am alone again. The maze seems to go on forever. “This is unfair!” Taylor proclaims, after he is disqualified for cheating by jumping over the maze walls. This is a huge relief for me since Taylor is twice as big as me. I feel like this maze goes on forever when at last I see the end. A blast of energy shoots through me and I run as hard and fast as my feet can carry me. Within a few seconds Jeff is saying, “We have a winner!”

At tonight’s Tribal Council, it is as I expected when Snookie gets voted out. The next day’s competition comes quickly, and we find ourselves standing on poles in the middle of the glassy, clear aquamarine lagoon. Since I was little, I’ve been taking gymnastics, so I’m very flexible and I have great balance. But guess who falls off first? Taylor loses because of his big feet, which are great if you’re a werewolf, but not useful for standing on tiny poles. The next person to fall off is Ashley, who breaks a toenail and freaks out and falls off. This leaves me and Justin. My feet and palms are sweaty, and I’m struggling to hold on with toes even as they are cramping so badly the pain makes me want to scream. I glance at Justin and he looks like this is the easiest thing he has done in his life. I figure I am not going triumph this time, so I fake-fall into the lagoon and watch Justin get all the glory. Tonight at Tribal Council, we must vote another person off, and I think Justin should go because he is a tough competitor and he knows what he’s doing, but the others vote for Taylor. It’s Day Four, and I’m left here with the big preppy ego that is Ashley Tisdale, and the knowit-all dancer-singer Justin Bieber. Our challenge today is to dig up bags of puzzle pieces from the sugary white sand

and solve a simple word puzzle. Ashley trips at the start and scrapes her knee and cries. Justin digs like a dog and finds his bag immediately. I quickly find my bag too, and I’m sprinting right behind him. He gets to the wooden platform where the puzzle board is and is having some trouble spelling out the message. Meanwhile, Ashley is still digging! I get all my tiles organized and I quickly solve the puzzle, which says, “Outwit, outplay, outlast.” I scream in excitement and yell, “I won!” Jeff comes over to check if it’s right, and he approves. Now we only have the final tribal council. Tonight, Ashley goes home because she is pretty much useless at challenges and never helps at camp. It’s one awkward night when Justin and I get back to camp. I can feel the tension rising like the temperature in a sauna. We talk about the final challenge tomorrow. “I hope it’s something physical, and not another puzzle,” Justin pleads. “I hope it’s not eating a greasy bug or any insect, for that matter.” I shiver just thinking about it. Day Five and we meet Jeff on the beach for the final competition. “Okay, you two! This is the final Celebrity Survivor challenge. May the best celebrity win!”

I look out on the water and I see nothing but two huge rubber rafts about a half a mile away. I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with swimming. I whisper in Justin’s ear, “good luck,” and with that the game begins and we both start swimming to the rafts. The water feels warm and smooth as it splashes against my skin. I dive under and back up again, getting my hair soaked. I finally reach the raft and get up on it as it wobbles on the water. “Justin? Where are you?” I yell. I hear no answer. I’m starting to panic as I think of what to do. I dive under the water and I spot Justin, his shirt caught on a piece of sharp, beige coral. He stares at me and I stare back. He looks like he’s about to go unconscious. I kick with my legs as hard as possible and quickly swim over to him. I pry his now torn shirt from the coral and carry him up by his shoulders. Once our heads are out of the water he spits out sea water and coughs uncontrollably, but after a few seconds he’s fine and says, “Thanks, Selena. You saved my life!” I smile and we both swim back to our rafts. Now it’s personal. Whoever gets back to the beach wins Celebrity Survivor. I reach for the paddle and stick it in the water to get moving but it’s not as easy as you think. There’s only one paddle on the raft and my hands are wrinkly

and wet which makes it even harder to row. As we’re struggling to make it back to the beach Jeff shouts, “You’re almost there! Keep going Selena!” I shake my head to get my hair out of my eyes and paddle harder. At this moment I’ve never wanted anything more than to win this competition. I’m a few meters from the beach so I jump out of the bright yellow raft and into the salty water and swim the rest of the way and I know for sure that I’m going to win this. At last I reach the beach, haul myself up on the sand and stand up in pride as Jeff says, “Congratulations, Selena! You are the winner of the 2011 Celebrity Survivor!” I’m overjoyed that I won so I start screaming and dancing but as soon as I see Justin finally get to the beach I feel a bit sorry for him, so I jog up to him and hug him as hard as I can. He looks me in the eyes, smiles, and says “Congratulations, Selena, it’s been one heck of a week,” and hugs me one last time.

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