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Halo Reach Tips and Tricks

Table of Contents Interview with S117 A 1-1 interview with one of gaming’s most popular characters, Master Chief.

Editors Note A letter from the editor of Gamer; this story tells his tale of how he got into gaming, and how this magazine started.

The History of Gaming The editor of Gamer looks into the history of gaming.

Mail Bag The editor of Gamer reads fans letters and responds in his own words.

Advice Column People ask the editors

The Game An in-detail story about the MLG finals of 2011.

The Xbox 360 Slim Welcome to E3 The editor goes to the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angles, and brings you an exclusive description of how it feels to be there.

The editor looks at the new Xbox 360 slim, and compares it to the elite.

I’ll always remember... The editor goes back to his childhood, when he first played Halo.

How to Play Halo Reach Firefight An in-depth guide for Halo: Reach’s famous ‘Fire-fight’.

Editors Note When I was born, in 1998, I was christened Alex, with the last name of Wagstaff. I came home to a dad in charge of programming and two brothers with a PS1. By the age of two, I was playing Lego Racers fluently, skidding corners and swerving bullets. This was my first game and lies in a special place of my heart. Going on, when my PS1 started to break down, we went and bought a bulky PS2. We had all sorts of games, like Tony Hawks Underground 1; my first skateboarding game awakened a passion for realistic gaming in me I didn’t expect. Tony Hawks was a cool game, when you could turn gravity off as Ironman and using a hover board and jumping off an apartment block. There were also the 50 back flip combo things, where you could just keep on doing it. When I was seven, the PS2 of my memories broke down and stopped. The Xbox 360 had just come out so we went for it. We had Call of duty 3 as the first game. I and my brothers had a strategy called room service, where I had a shot gun and my brother’s sniped out of the windows. When I moved to Canada in 2008 we got an Xbox360 Elite. Moving on to my later life, when I was 18 I applied to the University of BC and got accepted into the department of Programming and Computer Design. I made my first game called dragon quest, the corner stone of Crazy Ninja games founding. When I was 21 I went to E3 to review the latest halo game, Contact Harvest, for the Department news paper and I met my wife, Jenny, who was a game journalist. We dated for 3 years and got married, moved to Maui, and then the wheels set in motion for this magazine. I founded crazy ninja games in 2024, which got big over ads. During Crazy Ninja's rise to power, I, and some friends, started to produce a console for Crazy Ninja. We started moving outward and making new branches. The console prototype, the Z-1, was a success with the testers, leading us to mass produce and develop new models. Our goal was to make an unbreakable code around the programming, stopping hackers from modding and botting, and worked the formula out in the end. We released special mods like texture packs for online gaming and our survival multiplayer, or SMP games to make the game different. .

Supreme Master: Alex Wagstaff Editing Editor-in-Chief: Nicky Richardson Editors: Michael Ji, Hank Lenvoy Formatting Formatter-in-Chief: Cam Waddell Formatters: Dylan Freddi, Duncan Harrison. Photography Master Photographer: Trevor Fonseca Photographer: Brody Van Unen Webmaster Webmaster: Griffin Renzoni Marketing The supreme master of the worldmarket: Chris Dritmatis

The reason I made this magazine was because I missed my old days in journalism. I missed the old days of E3 and reviews. So I started a magazine in between some departments of Crazy Ninja and it started to grow, some dad's where coming back and asking if they could have a copy for their son's friends and their friends. This said to me that there was business here, so I made a new department nicknamed Mag, and as a hobby. It's not a very professional magazine, but we do what we can for what we can. The whole department are hobbyists who like to right or read, not professionals. Those are the reasons I made the magazine, not for money.

How to Play Halo Reach Firefight Thanks for the great advice on your article How to Play Halo Reach Firefight. I didn’t know to stay away from the big greenish blue enemies. Next time I play Firefight I will be sure to us the rocket launcher or the sniper. -Griffin, age 13, Van

To Editor and Publisher of Gamer I’m happy I helped you griffin, may I just say snipers are only good for long range and near a health pack.

Wow!!! I am quite the gamer. I’m paid by Machinima to make videos for them. I currently have the x-box 360 elite. But I’m heading to future shop soon to get the slim. You defined everything I want in a console. Fast speed good weight and size. I really appreciate all of your articles. Keep up the good work. -Nicky, 13, van I’m happy I made an Influence on your decision. The Slim is a lot better than the elite for filming.

I was reading your article about the Xbox Slim. I was wondering whether to buy the Xbox Slim or to buy the normal Xbox 360. Your article helped me on that. I didn’t know that the Xbox slim doesn’t over heat after it has been left on you’re a while compared to the normal Xbox. Thanks for the help! Cam-13-Vancouver I’m happy I made an Influence on your decision; the Slim is about ten times better.

The Game We were ten points from winning the game, the other team about fifty points behind. This was a game of Minor League domination, and my team, Team TSG, and this game could put us in the finals for 2011. My load out was an L86 LSW grip and red dot, and I was providing covering fire for Objective A. We were dominating them, all three objectives in our control, two of us on each objective. There was three minutes left, I sprayed another enemy down, getting our lead a few more seconds till another assault; we were going to win... Suddenly objective C was under attack, both guards were killed, and then B was under attack, again both guards were killed. Then C was under attack, so I knew we were next. Over the mic, my teammate, TSG Dragon, screamed “Look behind you!” I Twitched while i turned, firing a few controlled bursts I quickly turn, spraying a burst behind me, killing one of the OpTiK’s, and stopping the objective attack. Then I charged B, taking it for the TSG’s, as well as eliminating another two OpTiK’s. Another one of my teammates, TSG Beaver, said; “Dude, use the mortar strike on all three objectives, knowing OpTiK they’re camping now” just as he spawned, quickly rescuing objective C, just after the rounds stop falling. We were now only two, one, zero points! We won! The game was over, and our team going into the International finals! My whole team was shouting, screaming praise at me for our win.

It was later that day, in the team lounge, and we were debating about our strategy for the finals. Another Teammate, TSG Ski, said “I think our strategy is fine. The pair up, storm in, and defend is the best we have” My other teammate, TSG Bear, objected “Everyone knows it now, it’s the most used strategy on Xbox live, every small clan and team uses it know” I agreed “It’s because were TSG, people cast us, find our strategy, copy it and call it their own. Even though it is very flexible, people take it, twist it...” I felt ashamed, seems this could have made us lose, and it was my strategy, since TSG formed two years ago. TSG Alloy, the last of my teammates, murmured something about “We should go A and B, C doesn’t matter, 4 on B, 2 on A or C.”

Everyone mumbled that this was a good idea, so we told the board of gaming that we were ready for the next game.

It was around 7:00pm, and the game was starting. I chose my trusty AK-47 Extended Magazines with a red dot sight, Warlord Pro, Scavenger Pro and Hacker Pro for this game. I was assigned to Objective B, which would mainly be a firefight over control. I was with TSG Beaver and TSG Dragon, and we were the best players on the team. We quickly took A, and by the time both teams had one point, B was ours. We were suddenly assaulted by Team TTK. I picked off two of the four, while Dragon and Beaver picked off the rest. TTK had objective C, but we followed Lemonades plan and stayed on the defensive, picking off the TTK assault, making sure B didn’t even drop one bit. We gunned down another four TTK’s, while our lead was 50-35. I decided to pull out my trusty M9 FMJ and picked off another two, while Beaver and Dragon were tomahawking them down, picking it up for another kill. Dragon and Beaver both threw their tomahawks at the same spot, making them ricochet and killed two people sneaking up behind. We were now at 100-60, winning by a long haul. There was five minutes left in the match, we were guaranteed to win... The game started to speed by fast, 3 minutes Left, 125-70. One minute left, 150100. Ten seconds left... Dragon and Beaver tried the ricochet again... It worked... 5 seconds, they bounced, 3 seconds, they hit, two seconds, one second, they kill two people, and we win the match... “YESSSSS!!!!” I screamed into the mic, sharing my joy with the world. There were murmurs of congratulations to Dragon, who had got that last kill... waves of joy radiated over me, and my teammates also shared their feelings through multiple shouts of joy. The game was over...our team, TSG, had finally won the world gaming championships, our goals for the past two years of fighting OpTiK for first. We were the world champions, the world’s best Modern Warfare 2 players, just in time for Modern Warfare 3. My team, the team I had built from scratch and hard work, had finally achieved the cup. Our goal for the past two years; It was done.

RONEY! Rooney! Lets get some RONEY!

E3 logo

LA Convention Center

Welcome to E3, and the LA convention center. E3 stands for the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

As I walk into the LACC a wave of heat hits me, from hundreds of people crammed into a small place like sardines and machines overheating from the LA heat. The mass jumble of words and sounds overwhelms you, for this E3, the biggest gaming convention of the year. Game magazines thrust their reporters into this building of 720,000 square footage of floor space. Jumbling around trailers and demo's, reporters try to get the chance to review all of next years games. I saw the revelation's of Portal 2, and Nintendo's new 3DS, the worlds first 3D games console, E3 2010 was one of the biggest E3's yet. With the 3DS's game list revealed, which includes Konami's Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater, The Naked Sample, a supposed remake of MGS3, in that list. While watching the Call Of Duty: Black Ops trailer, I was surprised about how many people want the game, compared to Halo Reach, the prequel of the Halo series, following the events of the Halo novel, Fall Of Reach. The revelation of visiting E3 surprised me, making me feel more experienced, wiser in a way, of gaming. Leaving the building is sad, but is a plus for claustrophobics, due to many people packed into a single space. Because the venue is 720,000sqft, E3 isn't the only convention there, leaving E3 with a section to themselves, but because they have limited space, only the people who get there tickets first get in. When you leave the convention center, a wave of relief hits you, due to it being cooler outside then in, as well as the fresh air.

1. When you start firefight,

and personal, but still at a safe distance. Make sure you can see most of the map, but be in a spot which is hard to find.

you need to pick a class. Always pick a class with a rocket launcher, a rifle, a sword, or a sniper rifle. Use the right stick on the DANGER! Xbox controller to The big greenish blue enemies navigate the menu. with what look like shield's are

powerful and hard to kill! Stay If you start with a sniper, away and try to shoot them from a find a high spot you can distance. Standing next to them is reach easily where you can a bad idea, they will smash you see most of the map from. into the floor! 4. With a rocket launcher you 2.1. If you have a rifle, don’t can scope in once, but at rush in; pick targets off unless that range everyone can they get too close. dodge your rockets, even 2.2.With a rocket launcher you big 7 feet tall guys. 5. Getting close slowly if should stay away from the enemy, they don't find you is a because rocket launchers deal good idea, even better splash damage, which can kill when your behind. Hold you, aka an explosion. They also down the RB button, the have a very long reload time, so it little button above the RT, is never the best idea to run in and will instantly kill them, fire. After two shots you will be with style. dead, and if your not you will 6. Playing on X box live with have to reload, which will get you your buddies is a good killed. idea, due to the fact that 4 When you're a sniper, people are always better press the left stick to zoom than one, especially if in, you can do this twice, your lives are limited. This to see further than normal. means that if you die, if It also gets you up close



you can die, means you can only die so many times before... 7. Game over, bringing you back to the lobby and telling you how you did, what you did, and how good you were. You will earn credits depending on your performance, and will get more for playing on matchmaking Firefight, rather than Custom fire fight, which allows you to bend time and space, and all natural physics. For this you will only get 60 credits, which is nothing to the 200+ you get from matchmaking.

On enemies. Elites. Tall guys ranging in colour and design. The cooler they look, the harder they are. They are the back bone of the enemy, and will be what you fight the most. Grunts. Short, runty enemies who are easy to kill most of the time, but different styles are

harder than others. Main type of troops after Elites. Brutes. Big and fat, they are special drop troopers who carry their own style of weapons, mostly with a few grunts. Jackals. Carry shields and are very annoying, easy to kill with single shot weapons...and grenades. Hunters. Big, hardened aliens which are near impossible to kill. Aim for the orange spots, there the only ways to kill them, apart from sticking grenades into them... which is hard...

An interview with Master Chief, J-117, the main character of the Halo series. As I walk onto memorial hill, near Voi, Kenya, I meet John-117, the last living Spartan. This hill was dedicated to the fallen UNSC personnel in 2553.

GM: When were you born in the Halo series? MC: 2511, on the planet Eridanus II, in Elysium city. GM: Where is this planet? MC: The Eridaus system of outer colonies, Orion’s belt GM: When did you begin to train to be a Spartan? MC: 2517, was when I was enlisted and taken to Reach. GM: Did you train with Emile A-239? MC: Yes, we were taken at the same time and trained for a while on reach, but he was a year older and more experienced, he left earlier than I did GM: Who would you have to guard your back? MC: SRGMAJ Johnson, for sure, he helped me get out of a few tight spots on all the Halo’s and he took out 343 guilty spark for me, so he saved the universe, not me. GM: Were you excited about becoming a Spartan? MC: No, it would mean leaving my mom and dad in Elysium. GM: Did your parents know you were becoming a Spartan? MC: No, they didn't, due to the UNSC slipping in a clone made to “Die of natural causes”. GM: Were you mad at the UNSC for making you a Spartan? MC: Yes and no. Yes, because it would mean missing my family and old life, and no, because I became the best, and I helped to save the universe. GM: What is your favourite training session? MC: When we were 8, we were sent to a classified training location on Reach, and given orders to find a pelican drop ship in the woods. We were also told that the last trainee to arrive would be left behind. I couldn't bring myself to let that happen. We all found the Pelican, but there were a few UNSC marines outside. We mistook them for rebels and devised a Plan to take them down. We beat the marines down,

severely injuring them, and I made sure I was the last on board. Our commander, Chief Mendez wasn't pleased, but all the other Spartans started to look to me as a leader. GM: When did you become like you are? MC: During the augmentation process, this made my bones unbreakable, faster, stronger Etc. GM: When did this happen. MC: when I was 14, in 2525. GM: Did you really kill 4 ODST's with your bare hands later? MC: Yes, it turned out to be rigged by ONI (Office of Naval Intel) to test the strength of the Spartan II project. GM: Who was your closest friend in your life? MC: Cortana, the AI inside of my helmet. GM: Do you feel guilty about killing so many of the covenant? MC: No, it’s kill or be killed, it’s all for our survival. GM: Do you ever wish that you could be normal again? MC: no, Not really. Some has to do this for us; someone has to do the job.

The History of Consoles

Gaming consoles have been around for a long time, but they have a beginning. They started being designed in 1966, but they were only released 6 years later. These revolutionary gaming devices would change the lives of many generations to come, including ours. The consoles have also changed on such a huge scale that it is unbelievable.

The First Form

How the Consoles Have Changed

The Magnavox Odyssey was the world’s first gaming console. It was made by Ralph Baer in 1966. The console was first available in 1972, and was discontinued in 1975. The Odyssey was deemed an analog gaming system, but Ralph Baer, the inventor and designer of the Magnavox Odyssey, says its digital. The Brown Box supported 2D graphics. The Odyssey also came with a film layer to lay over your TV screen, which added colour into the games. This was because the Odyssey was released in the time of black and white televisions. The prototype of the Odyssey, a.k.a The Brown Box, now resides in the National Museum of American History, owned by the Smithsonian Institute.

Video game consoles have changed a lot since they were first made in the 70’s: from the Eye toy for the PlayStation, to the Xbox Kinect, a more capable version of the Eye toy for the Xbox 360. The Odyssey had two ‘Paddle’ controllers, rather like those on a pinball machine. The Xbox controller has made use of the D-Pad and analog controllers, and the Xbox’s iconic, Red, yellow, green and blue, or X Y B A buttons. The graphics have advanced from 2D, to 3D and 64-bit graphics. 64-bit is a superior graphics design, for everything seems to be more realistic. Most recent games are 64bit and are 3D compatible.

The Magnavox Odyssey prototype.

The Famous Legends of Video Gaming Ralph Baer: ‘The Father of Video Gaming’ was the man who designed and built the Magnavox Odyssey’ prototype, ‘The Brown Box’, and invented video games.

Masayuki Uemura: The creator of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and the Super Entertainment System (SNES).


Problems and Controversies One problem with video games is that most games can’t be played by using the body. This is a problem because you don’t get any exercise. Also, there are some games that are highly addictive. Some also have lots of violence, gore and blood.

The History of Gaming In a nut shell, the history of gaming is a big subject. Game consoles have been around for about 45 years, and have changed the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Video games have changed, and they will continue to change. Our predictions, for video games is that soon you will be completely in control of EVERY game, you will be the ‘controller’, as is the Kinect motto. But soon, your whole body will be used, you will be able to talk to the games, the games will react appropriately, and you could do what you want, dance in a gun game, dance in a sports game...

Q&A Whenever I try to program a flash game, it keeps playing like an animation. How do I fix this? Try the ‘Stop:’ command. If you’re making an adventure game where you go through doors, ‘goto and play: [frame number];’ This should fix your problem.

Help! My friend invited me to a game of Call of Duty Black Ops, while I was playing Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Since I accepted it to join his party, I have been stuck in multiplayer! How do I fix this? Log out of Xbox live and reboot you’re Xbox, this fixes this. If it doesn’t your disc is broken. This is the reason I always get disc protection. This bug has happened to me before, so I know how annoying it is.

Am I a nerd if I game a lot? My friends say I am, but I don’t believe that. You’re not. A nerd is someone who spends all their time on homework. A geek is someone who knows a lot about computers. You are a gamer.

Even though I took my Xbox into repair last week, my Xbox has broken again. It’s the E74 error. Are there any ways to fix this? Wrap your Xbox in a damp towel for a couple of hours if your warranty has run out. This is covered under the warranty, for it’s the Xbox overheating. If you still have a warranty just take it back to the place you got it with the receipt.

I’m going to buy a new Xbox and can’t decide which one I should get. Slim or Elite? I am a hard gamer, just so you know. Seems as you can’t buy the Elite from a store, I would go for the Slim, seems as you can get a warranty. Get a 250 GB HDD memory, this is what I have and it supports multiple games on the hard drive and about 50 add-on’s.

I’m getting a new computer soon and I want a good Gaming PC, what PC should I get? I’d Recommend the Acer Aspire Predator G7, the world most advanced gaming PC. It has a liquid Cooling system, so it doesn’t over heat. It also has 12 GB of disk built in, and the ability to host 6 memory units. It also has 1.5 Terra bytes of hard drive. I've just started the Crysis 2 campaign and have just started to fight the aliens. What’s the best gun to fight them with? I use the Scar. The Scar is not the best anti-ceph weapon. That is either the K-volt or the X43 Mike. There is only 2 times in the campaign where you can get the mike, and it isn’t the best. The K-volt is in abundance after the 5th mission, where you can’t obtain it before. My DS broke last week and it’s out of warranty. Should I get an Xbox or PS3? I would recommend an Xbox from personal experience. The Xbox seems to have more of a player base with Xbox live. I’m not saying the PS3 is bad, it’s far from it. But the Xbox has a friendlier controller in my eyes, it's more natural.

As new games are coming out soon, should I bother buying Crysis 2 and Black ops? They seem like very good games. I would say wait if you’re into RPG style games, for Elder Scrolls Skyrim is coming out this November, as is COD Modern warfare 3. Seems as November seems a long way away, I would recommend Crysis 2, because of its diverse combat.

The Xbox comes in many shapes and sizes, and the new Xbox 360 Slim console is a big scale slimmer and better. Used for Gaming, this console beats all current gaming tech. Now coming with the Kinect package, this black gaming console is definition of gaming style. Running whisper quiet and with built in Wi-Fi, there is no need to buy a Wi-Fi adapter anymore. Coming with 250 GB of memory, Kinect can download games at breakneck speed. This allows for you to buy Xbox classic’s, games of the year, and arcade games, so fast they will be done before you can say

Mississippi! Its new design doesn’t just make it work better; it’s the definition of gaming style! 27cm tall, 7.5 cm, and 26.4 cm long, it beats the PS3 slim and looks better too. And weighing 2.9 kg, it is a lot lighter than the ps3, so design and weight beats the ps3 by a long shot. While the Xbox 360 elite weighs 7.7lbs, the Xbox slim weighs lest and is faster, which seems outrageous! We all believe who has the biggest stick is more powerful, but now it seems the bigger stick is a let down! We should never judge a console by its size.

Halo Combat Evolved is one of the best First Person Shooter games ever. It started an era of first person gun games that changed the world of gaming. I remember the first time I played Halo. The really blocky graphics of Halo Combat Evolved were much better than any previous games. It's only recently I found out that Halo was first a book series, whose author sold the rights to Bungie and Microsoft. They proceeded to make one of the most popular games of all time. Although the campaign had a lot of glitches, it was still a good game for its time and it still is. It was legendary 9 years ago on release, and it still is today. The aliens had funny quotes, like the small aliens screaming 'get it off me!' whenever a sticky grenade hit them. I can still remember the graphics, the first levels, the weapons, the characters... The first level was annoyingly long. There was the first part that took ten minutes to set up. And then you had to walk the length of the space ship to talk to the captain. There the game actually started and your ship gets hit by an alien boarding craft and war with an alien race breaks loose. The objective of the first mission is to escape the human spaceship, “the pillar of autumn� This proceeds to the next level, where you land on an alien space station that turns out has the power to burn the universe, this is explained later on in the game. The second level is a matter of finding the captain, who also escaped the ship in the first level. This is done by locating and finding the other 6 escape crafts, which may have held the captain. You eventually find him in an alien structure, fighting off the same aliens that destroyed the ship. You help him, save the day and explore some more. In summary, Halo Combat Evolved is a very good game, which Gamer magazine gives a 10/10

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