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In this article we will look at the essential tools you will need to start building an email list. Some of the things you will need are personal traits - tenacity, attention to detail, careful thought and planning, and the most important one, action. Lack of action is the one sure way for your business to fail. I know this well, I suffered with "action paralysis" for quite a while. It takes time and effort before you see results, and you may wonder if it's worth it. Don't give up on what could be a wonderful experience, just because results don't happen in the first week or even first month. Let's just take it one step and one day at a time. OK, there are a few other things you will need to get started with your list building: You will need a functioning web site or at least a squeeze page before you can do any real work on your list building. This means setting up a domain name, getting a hosting account, using a web site builder, possibly an ftp program, and a good autoresponder. Take the time to work out what theme you would like for your site, and what url would like to have. This should be done as early as possible, before you build your web site. Which niche will you be focusing on? It's best to keep your focus narrow here; dig down and research your chosen niche and sub-niche. You can expand later on but you don't want to confuse your visitors or yourself! You should come up with a list of possible names and urls. Choose several, as your first choice will most probably be taken. Choose a url that is short and easy to remember - and always take lots of notes of what you have planned. 1. Purchase a domain name You will need a domain name for your web site. I chose mine through GoDaddy. Choose a few names that reflect the theme of your site. It's no use picking a domain name that suits a dog washing business if your selling pushbikes... you get the idea! You may need to have several names handy, because the initial names you choose may already be taken. Many hosting services will also give you the opportunity to purchase your domain when you set up your hosting account. You aren't obligated to take this offer, so shop around for the best offer and best price available.

Just be aware that if you do go through different companies for a domain and hosting account, then you will probably have to set up your domain name servers manually. I know this sounds like techie geek-speak, but it's not that hard, and we'll cover this soon in another article. I just followed the steps in the emails that were sent to me, and on the websites and it was fine. Don't forget the Internet. There is a stack of free info on the web for doing that sort of thing and it's usually free. 2. Get a hosting account When it comes to a hosting account, I recommend Hostgator ( I chose the "Baby Croc" plan). You can check out "" for an excellent and exhaustive breakdown of the ten most popular hosting services to see which one suits your budget. The breakdown includes things like: * Monthly price * Setup fees * Whether domain registration is included at no extra cost * Whether you can setup email accounts through the domain * Plugins and features included with hosting service * Whether hosting comes with a website building tool When searching for a hosting package, check for things like: * Trouble keeping sites up * Prices and various deals * Contract durations * Plugins offered * Any site builder software * Is WordPress plugin included? * Is Fantastico included? Hostgator includes both WordPress plugins and Fantastico as standard. Consider checking out forums on the web for any information, either good or bad, to help you make the best choice for hosting and domains. It could save you a lot of frustration later. 3. Page builders / Site builders to help create a great web site. You will want a great site. One that converts, sells well, and is attractive. You will need a WYSIWYG editor. WYSIWYG stands for "What You See Is What You Get". You can buy Dreamweaver or XSitePro if you like, but there are several good free ones available to download, and they do a great job. Check out "Kompozer" or "EVRSoft Firstpage". NVU is also good. WYSIWYG editors are great because you don't need to learn html programming. It is good to learn basic html at some time so you understand how your site works. It also handy if a problem crops

up because you can probably fix the error yourself if you know what to look for - something that a WYSIWYG editor may not do. It has been suggested that using the color blue on a web site helps to keep visitors longer on a web site. Red, on the other hand, will supposedly elevate their blood pressure slightly and induce quick decisions and possible impulse buying. 4. FTP software. An ftp program would be a handy addition to have in your "bag of tricks". Hostgator has a built in ftp program to upload and download files. there may be times however when you can't access your hostgator account (i.e. the hostgator server may be offline). This is where a separate ftp client would be handy. I would suggest having a look at "CoffeeCup Free FTP". It's easy to use, and as the name suggests, it's free. Download it from 5. Set up an autoresponder account. There are several good autoresponders available online. The most popular is AWeber, but it's rival, GetResponse is also very popular. I have tried both of these out, myself and find both great to use. My personal choice however is Oprius. We will be covering autoresponders in a future article, and will go into depth on features, benefits and any disadvantages for each autoresponder.

Shane Lawrence is an Internet Network Marketer. Shane created his Renegade Rescue web site and Renegade Rescue blog to guide network marketers in generating cash flow quickly while also building their contact list. If you are a beginning network marketer, or you are looking for ways to build a contact list, you can download the Instant Listbuilder E-book. The Instant Listbuilder PDF describes how to generate 100+ leads daily for free.

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