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One year ago, this month, I sent out my very first email newsletter and it has been one of the best things I have ever done both personally and from a business standpoint. Maybe you've been considering entering into the world of newsletter writing and need some good pointers on how to develop a good email newsletter. Here are my top 10 Email Newsletter How To's: 1. Choose an Email Center...that works best for you. In the past year, I have actually changed email centers twice and am seriously looking at a third. There are many email centers out there. GoDaddy is what I currently use. The price is right and I am happy with the results, but because I tend to use a lot of graphics, I am researching for a company that best suits my needs. Doing a Google search on "newsletter templates" or simply "email newsletters" will present you with lots of choices. Take your time in looking at what each has to offer. Sign up for their free trials, if offered, and compare pricing. 2. Track Your Links. Tracking is an amazing tool. It's even addictive! It's so much fun to look at the results of who is clicking on what within your email newsletter. Learning which links are getting the most hits can be valuable information. For me, tracking has helped me better meet the needs of my subscribers by giving them more of what they like. Many email centers include tracking in their package. Make sure you pick a center that offers this marketing tool. 3. Make Your Links Easy to Click. Think of your subscriber as someone you are guiding and navigating through your letter. If you want them to click on a certain link, use words like: "Click Here" or "Click on this following link". Don't let there be any confusion as to where your customer should click. 4. Encourage List Building. Developing a good email newsletter also means that you need to develop a good subscriber list. This takes time. Be patient. You really want to target the people in your niche. I get most of my subscribers through seminars I give. I pass around a clipboard while I am speaking and they are encouraged to give me their email address, name, home address and telephone. It works like a charm. Another fun way to build your list is to give a freebie away to anyone who gets his or her friends to sign up. I'm actually running a contest right now looking for my 1,000th subscriber. I'm giving away free product to the top 3 people who present me with the most opt-ins. 5. Gather Quotes. If you are sending out a good email newsletter, you are going to receive praise and accolades. Use these to your advantage. When someone emails you back with an

encouraging word, ask them if you can quote them on your website or within your newsletter. 6. Give, Give, Give Valuable Content. Trust me. If you do not give content that is meaty and filling, your subscribers will not keep coming back. Make it worth their while to open up your letter. They probably have several letters in their inbox to choose from. Make sure yours is the one that wins out. 7. Advertise Your Products or Events. Email newsletters are one of the best ways to present your products and events. It's definitely more of a soft-sale approach and can work well for your benefit. 8. Be Personal. This point may actually be the most important one I am sharing. People want to know you. They like hearing about your kids or animals or where you and your spouse went on your anniversary. This is called connection and as human beings we all need it. As I mentioned above, I give seminars and when I actually meet a subscriber in person, it's like kismet. They love knowing that they have a connection with me and my business is blessed. 9. Spell Check! OK. I am showing my perfectionist tendencies right now, but please, please, please take enough pride in your newsletter to do this very easy step. I might add also that you should read your letter out loud to make sure the grammar flows correctly. 10. Build Trust. Perhaps the greatest benefit of developing a good newsletter is building trust with your subscribers. Trust leads to long-term relationships, which will hopefully lead to long-term business. In closing, start writing, learn all you can in the process and I promise you will be blessed beyond measure for your efforts. All the Best! To Your Success!

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