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Security Sphere 2012 is a malware client. This kind of malware poses as a security product. The error messages and scans this product gives off are all fake. It is simply a ruse to trick users into making a purchase of the product. Don't give your credit card information to thieves. Chances are they will re-sell your information to another scammer. If you were to make a purchase of the client the error messages will stop bugging you but as stated it's all a scam and the scans are fake. This threat seems to be a direct clone of other malware clients like Personal Shield Pro. To remove Personal Shield Pro you will need to terminate the main running process of this virus. It can be done using the Task Manager or booting into Safe Mode and deleting the virus executable. You may also be able to remove this client by running a full virus scan while in safe. Often times virus clients will not scan while in safe mode or they may be limited scans. One ease to use trick is to create another user account or log into an existing user account that is not infected and then run a full virus scan. Be sure you update the anti-virus client to ensure you have the latest definitions. The hardest thing is finding the location and name of this virus. It seems to be a random name that is generated. The location of the threat also seems to change over time. Check out this Security Sphere 2012 guide to help determine were the threat is located. If it ends up being too hard for you to remove Personal Shield Pro you can always hire a computer repair expert to remove this threat for you. We recommend you look at getting your computer repaired online. There are many online computer repair companies that charge under a hundred bucks to remove all viruses and spyware from your computer. Another great tip is to check out video sites to see if any tech's have posted a virus removal guide for this threat. Often times users will post step by step videos on how to remove virus threats. The best way to protect yourself from getting infected in the first place is to use an anti-virus client that is up to date and offers full up front protection. Most free clients don't offer both live up front protection and updated virus definitions. There are plenty of antivirus review websites out there that regularly test out anti-virus and anti-spyware clients so that should help you find a client that is right for your needs and your price point.

If you need advanced computer repair help you should consider PC Ninja. This is a remote computer repair company that can fully remove this virus threat from your computer.

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==== ==== Get a free online virus scan and download a complete antivirus protection solution: ==== ====

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Get a free online virus scan and download a complete antivirus protection solution:

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