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Although hand tools may look harmless, they can be a cause of major injuries. An astounding percentage of all workplace accidents are associated with hand tools. The injuries can be fatal from crushed fingers to damaged eyesight. Due to such incidents, manufacturers came up with solutions to make their products more user-friendly. Check out these products that are already out in the market. 1) Non sparking, Non-magnetic Hand Tools - These are specially made from aluminum bronze or copper beryllium alloys. These tools are designed to eliminate sparks in conditions where there are combustible vapors, liquids, residues, and dust. They include hammers, striking wrenches, impact sockets, shovels and the like. Since they are corrosion-resistant, they are perfect for shipyards, paper mills, pharmaceuticals, laboratories and wine industries. 2) Insulated Hand Tools- These tools have protecting insulating materials such as rubber coating on the outside. The rubber coating prevents grounding and electric shocks from the wires inside. 3) Non-slip Tools-The handles of the tools are made from a low friction material enabling the user to grip the handles comfortably. Some tools with jaw handles are even equipped with an anti-slip device that will allow the user to press the tool in a controlled manner. The anti-slip device is placed to aid the user from having to exert much effort. 4) Auto Retractable Knives-These are knives that automatically close as soon as they are lifted from the cutting surface. Knives such as these were made to minimize unwanted cuts and lacerations brought about by cutting an object. All manufacturers will claim that their products are guaranteed to keep you protected. Remember that it is still recommended that you take necessary precautions when working with one. Avoid working with wet hands especially if you are dealing with electricity. Protect yourself with the right gears such as gloves, hats and protective eye-wear. Read the manual of your tools and make sure that they come from a trusted brand.

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