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This is a new idea for which there isn't a lot of competition. There aren't too many people that call me on my cell phone that I don't know, although I do get a wrong number upon occasion. Everyone is familiar with advertising on TV and the internet. It's an acceptable practice. Advertising on the cell phone isn't nearly as utilized and therefore, is the next wave for making loads of cash! There are more than 4.6 billion cell phone users in the world! There are 1.8 billion internet users in the world. A lot of Affiliate marketers are targeting the internet. And there is nothing wrong with that! To be sure, quite a few people have made quite a bit of cash utilizing the internet. You don't sell anything. You sell other people's products and that is referred to as affiliate marketing. The nice thing about affiliate marketing is that you're not producing a product, you're not shipping anything, you're not storing anything. You're just giving the cell phone user an opportunity to see more and the merchant will do the rest, in terms of closing the deal. An even greater part of this program is that the mobile phone user doesn't even have to buy! If they have an interest, they'll usually give an email or zip or postal code and you get money just for that action! It's called CPA which stands for cost per action. Remember that you're just looking for a small percentage of the action and there is such a huge ocean of mobile phone users out there that a mere 1% would mean $1000's of dollars per month! You really have nothing to lose by following the link here to learn more.

Jerry is a family man and has been coaching for 30 years.

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==== ==== Make $250 per day working part time with this weird mobile marketing trick: ==== ====

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