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For highly sophisticated but yet user friendly protection while surfing the internet from spam, viruses, pop-ups, and a full suite of firewall and registry protection, you can trust the excellent protection provided from Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. With the aid of this tool, your next surfing experience will be one that is untainted by browsing concerns. Installation and Setup Installing Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 is easy as the installation program will prompt you through every step to correctly configure the software with the option for experts to customize the installation on their own. After following the wizard your computer simply needs restarted for full protection to be activated. There are a handful of customizable features that you can take care of during setup that include setting parental controls and the use of a virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard allows you to set up your security settings by clicking on a virtual keyboard with your mouse so that full protection from key loggers is maintained. The parental control settings on the other hand are great for those with children that want to control their browsing habits and time on the Internet. Built into the software suite is the ability to set three different levels of customized access as well as time restrictions depending on the user that is logged into the computer. Interface and features Outside of parental controls and a virtual keyboard, Kaspersky Internet Security 200 also comes with plenty of other unique security features that help provide complete PC protection such as a rootkit scanner that can be enabled as an on demand scan or a regular part of the full system scan depending on how frequently you are online. The benefit of this specific scanner is that even if a program has taken over control of a system, Kaspersky will not only be able to detect it but also return control back to the user. Another added feature that makes Kaspersky Internet Security stand out this year in the 2010 version is Safe run which lets all browsers and applications run in one isolated location on your computer so that any new websites or applications run in a sterile environment without affecting other resources or data that may be stored on your computer. Thus, if a problem were to occur, the rest of your system would not be affected in any manner.

Adding to the safety of browsing with Kaspersky internet security 2010 are a variety of urgent detection features such as Auto-Run Disable and URL Advisor. The URL Advisor automatically warns you if there are dangerous links listed on any websites that you visit so that you can avoid the risks associated with entry before you even click. On the other hand, Auto-Run Disable compliments the complete PC protection offered by Kaspersky by offering a sharp guard against any external devices or malware by prompting you to first scan any drive before executing files from it so that you never contract a malicious virus from another disk or USB. If you frequently use computers outside your home and transport data back to your computer this safety feature is one that should be a requirement in any internet security suite. System requirement Compatible with PCs having a free disk space of 375MB, running on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Help and Support You can first look at Kaspersky Lab Forum, in which many of the most common questions and issue have already been answered. Kaspersky also provides free technical support, you can submit a ticket, have a live chat or call directly with the tech support, the phone number for US and Canada is listed here for your convenience: 1-781-503-1820, 1-866-525-9094. Monday - Friday from 8 am - 9am ET. Price The retail price is $79.95 for 1-year subscription for 3 PCs. Using a coupon will save you some money, you can check Kaspersky coupon for the latest coupon information. Conclusion Anyway, it is hard to guarantee the safety of your computer while you browse the internet due to the fact that hackers and those with malicious intents are growing more sophisticated in their tactics. The only way to safeguard your home PC is to find a program that is just as sophisticated, which is why the Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 software is an excellent buy that will offer you a great return. is a website providing discount coupons and product review for all kind of Anti-Virus softwares. Using Kaspersky discount coupon will save you some money.

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==== ==== Get the lowest prices on antivirus software from Kaspersky. Click here for details: Save over 50% and get free shipping: ==== ====

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