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The team behind the new Panda algorithm explained that adjustments were introduced to promote the appearance of high quality content. Sounds like a good idea but the bad news is that you will have to forget about a number of previously successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. 1. Wave Keywords Goodbye! The selection of the right keywords and keyword density used to play an important role in SEO before the Panda arrived. Today, it turns out that a focus on SEO keyword placement will be incapable of delivering the expected results, In fact, heavy keyword usage in titles and meta information could even devastate the ranking of a website. Google Panda is mostly interested in the natural flow of information. Anything that looks out of order or intentionally positioned somewhere on the page could lead to the opposite of good website positioning. This is a huge change since keyword-related techniques used to drive the SEO sector until recently. 2. Focus on Quality of Content The quality of website content turns out to be the single, most important factor that Google Panda takes into consideration. It has to be informative, it has to possess a natural flow and it should be useful for your website visitors. Many website owners and SEO experts were used to choosing content on the basis of target keywords. Such content matched the requirements of a specific niche, thus propelling the website to search engine popularity. The Panda killed this strategy. Visitor experience counts much more than the niche now and the websites that are capable of making this experience a beneficial one have already improved their ranking. 3. Can Readers Find Your Quality Content? Where is your quality content positioned? Can readers find it fast or do they have to go through various other pages before making it to the article of interest? Do you rely on heavy ad placement that interferes with reader experience?

Google Panda is focused on the satisfaction of website visitors. Everything that your readers need should be positioned a click away. The easier it is for people to discover content, the better your search engine ranking will be. 4. Encouraging Visitors to Stay Another important change that Google Panda introduced is the importance of length of visit. Length of visit is the amount of time an average reader spends exploring your website. The new algorithm explores the pages that people visit and the ones that they spend the highest amount of time on. If your length of visit increases, your website search engine positioning is also likely to improve. New SEO strategies have to focus on keeping readers actively involved. Useful internal links and significant amounts of relevant content are the best tools for achieving this goal. 5. 100% Unique Duplicate content used to be a bad thing even before the appearance of Google Panda. Taking text from another website and simply pasting it onto yours accounted for the worst way to obtain content in a quick manner. Google Panda has penalized duplicate content even more. This is why various content banks that include duplicate articles plummeted in the abyss of search engine oblivion. Reader experience and content uniqueness have now become top priority factors. A website that has few unique articles is likely to see better search engine positioning than a rich, well-developed portal that contains duplicate content. It needs to be useful and it needs to be original. Google Panda is all about user experience. Though the new algorithm managed to stir up the SEO community, it is quickly leading to changes in content and its quality. These changes are ultimately benefiting websites that are unique, original and well-written. After all, websites should be struggling to achieve these goals exactly, whether Google Panda and SEO are a priority or not.Ă‚ Above are just some of the effects of the Google update. Google Panda has changed the SEO landscape in a big way, but fortunately to the benefit of the good guys and the consumer.

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How Does Google Panda Change the SEO Landscape | Google Panda SEO Ranking System  

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