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If you're into woodworking, you know you need a good selection of hand tools by your side. But if you are a novice woodworker, then finding the right hand woodworking tools at a price you can afford can be a little tricky. Take a look at this list to see what you need to put on your list and how to find good tools at good prices. Wood Shaping Tools - A selection of clamps - Clamps are the things you will use the most of in woodworking - go for several different sizes and keep lots on hand. - A bench chisel - Brushes (look for stiff ones made of wire) - Saws are a big investment, but you will need a few of them in different sizes. - Smoothing planes, scrapers and files. (Always go for the sturdiest ones you can find. More Hand Tools for Wood Working These tools aren't used for shaping like the first list, but these hand tools are a must for your wood working collection: - hammer and mallet - Allen key with many different allen wrenches attached Allen wrenches in a variety of sizes - Several screwdrivers of different sizes, and with different heads (flat and Phillips) - Ruler and Tape measure - Bevel - Two knives (one for putty, one for utility) - Compass and protractor

Good Hand Tools at Good Prices That list of tools is a long one, and when you are just getting started in woodworking, the cost of getting things all set up can be a little overwhelming. Resist that natural urge to go cheap on your tools. Cheap tools break, and they should be an investment that will last you for the long haul. It is worth saving up your money and buying tools one at a time so you get the good quality pieces you need. When money is an issue, used tools are better than cheap tools. Used tools are often reconditioned so they work as good as new. Often, you can find good quality used tools on internet auction websites or at local restoration shops that sell larger pieces of reclaimed tools. Most used woodworking tools come with a warranty of at least a year, so be wary of a dealer who won't give you one. Don't be afraid to hit the flea markets and yard sales to find used tools, however. You may not get a warranty with these because they are not reconditioned, but if you can find a reputable brand, the low price makes it worth the risk.

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