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Google AdSense is a way to make money with a website. It's one of the methods, such as affiliate marketing or selling your own products, that niche websites can create a monthly income. The way it works is that a website owner registers with the program, becomes a member there, it doesn't cost anything to participate in AdSense, register with Google, get an account with AdSense, and then you can create ads to go up on your site and these are relative to your content, very simple. You paste the code in your source code of your website and Google then decides the appropriate ads that go on your web page. It's a very cool deal. There's no need for you to go out and search for relative ads that are related to your content. Google does that for you. Now, the secret to AdSense is not really how you put the ads on, it's not really the colors you use, it's not really the placement or the style of the ads, the real secret to the program and earning an income with that method is traffic. Just like anything else with internet marketing, you have to have a lot of traffic in order to make income, whether you sell physical products or you sell affiliate products or your income model is Google AdSense, traffic is vital. The website owner absolutely has to know how to pick a niche which they are able to compete and then how to drive free traffic to that website in that niche area. Traffic is vital. So, anyone who succeeds in AdSense understands the process of picking niches and using SEO to get free search engine traffic to their website and the free traffic is vital for AdSense's success. There is simply no way nowadays to buy traffic to an AdSense site and earn income and make a profit with that traffic using that model. In the past, there were ways to use Adwords for traffic to Adsense sites to generate a positive net gain for your website. However, Google has changed the rules dramatically and has all but prevented that mode of driving traffic to an AdSense website that will result in a profit, so it's vital to learn search engine optimization and how to get that free traffic to your niche website. Once the free traffic comes, then you can experiment and test with different AdSense placements and colors and types of ads, et cetera, but until the traffic comes, there won't be very much income. Most AdSense sites earn between $5 and $30 per thousand page views, so you can see that it takes quite a number of page views to make much any significant money.

Steve Weber is a certified teacher from Oklahoma who left his education career in 2007 as his online businesses grew. He now spends his time consulting with and teaching new Internet marketers how to succeed online. His website, Steve's Classroom, contains a wide variety of videos and tutorials for building a successful Internet business.

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==== ==== Weird White-Hat Google Adsense Trick Doubles Your Adsense Earnings: ==== ====

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