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Free opt-in email lists, on the face of it, seem to be exactly what we need to create ongoing, passive income. Imagine having thousands of hungry subscribers ready to buy your promotions every time you click 'send'. Funnily enough, that's pretty much what top internet marketers do have in place. The confusion is in the term 'free opt-in email list'. The truth is that any list that is of any value at all cannot be bought and it certainly cannot be acquired for free, at least overnight. But if you take a more long term view, then you can build as many free opt-in e-mail lists as you like, and they'll pump money into your bank account for years. Here are some basic steps you can take to create subscriber lists. Most of these steps do not require spending money, but I'll indicate the ones that will:1. Decide on the niche in which you want to acquire free opt-in email lists. 2. Set up an autoresponder account with a top provider like Aweber. ($194 a year). You can't build opt-in lists without an autoresponder. 3. Write or get the Resell rights (sometimes free, sometimes a few bucks) to an e-book that offers genuine value to your target visitor. 4. Create a 'squeeze' or 'capture' page that offers this e-book for free in return for first name and email address of your visitor. This page needs a catchy headline, sub-headline, about 5 benefits in bullet points and an opt-in form. (Aweber provide the html code for you to paste into your site. You will need to register a domain name for your squeeze page (around $10 a year) and buy hosting for it too (around $50 a year). I recommend Godaddy and Hostgator respectively. You can outsource this whole phase if you want, relatively inexpensively. Go to or Notice the costs creeping in? Yep. Free opt-in email lists do cost! 5. Write a series of email messages that you can program into your autoresponder to be sent every few days (opinions differ on this) to your list. 6. Build a relationship with that list, offering free and valuable content as well as paid affiliate offers to products that are genuinely useful, with your affiliate code in the link.

7. Drive traffic to this squeeze page constantly. Some options include:Giveaway events (free or a paid upgrade - very good) Adswaps (excellent though you need to have got 1000 or so before you can use these) Traffic Exchanges (free and easy though the quality isn't great) Safelists (same points as TEs) Pay per click (excellent quality paid leads though they can be very expensive if you don't learn how to do it properly first). Article Marketing (excellent quality, though they take a while to kick in. You also need to write - or better still outsource - hundreds of them.

Free opt-in email lists are achievable but anyone that told you they were available 'off the shelf' wasn't being truthful with you! Authentic free opt-in email lists, are assembled and maintained by you - not picked off a shelf. Grab this FREE listbuilding guide [] to get you off to the right start.

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Free Opt-In Email Lists - Where Can I Get Them  

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