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1. Does having more than one domain name help my search rankings? No. There's no need to register a zillion names for your website as it will not help your search rankings one iota. 2. I have a URL I've had for years, should I ditch it for a domain name filled with keywords? No. The older websites get higher rankings on Google. Having keywords in your URL is helpful for SEO, but the SEO benefits are higher for older sites. 3. I want to optimize for several different keyword phrases, should I buy one domain name for each of my keywords? No. Getting several URLs, even those with keywords will not help your case. In fact, this practice can trigger Google's spam filters and cause your site to be penalized. 4. Should I hyphenate my new website since I'm using keywords? It used to be good SEO to hyphenate your site so the search engines could read the words separately, such as:, however, this practice is no longer necessary. If you do choose to hyphenate your site's URL, do not use more than three words or it may trigger Google's spam filters and cause penalties and/or delayed rankings. 5. How long should I register my domain? Register it for as long as you can afford. Google actually gives "points" to those sites that have long-term registrations because it signals that you are hereto-stay and not a fly-by-night spammer. 6. What if I want to use a different domain name in my public advertising than the one where my website resides now? If you do not like your website name and decide to use a different one for your business cards and brochure then you can simply have the preferred domain forwarded to your existing website moniker. 7. I am getting a website URL, will I be in a sandbox? Yes. Newer sites and brand new domain names usually have to suffer through a "hold-back" period by Google. This is the time that Google uses to keep those who aren't serious out of the mix of top rankings. The sandbox is worse in highly competitive areas and easier for less-competitive keyword phrases. 8. I have a name I don't really like, should I move the site to a location? Absolutely not! Never move your website from one domain to the other. This is horrible for your rankings and credibility with Google. 9. Can I use the term "Realtor" for my website? No. If you register the term "Realtor," you will eventually get a threatening letter from NAR demanding that you stop. Realtor is a registered trademark of the National Association of Realtors. If you really want to use it, you have to get

permission from NAR, or a really good attorney. 10. Should I register the .net version if someone else has the .com version already? Generally it is not a good idea to register the .net version if the .com is already taken. In some cases the benefit of the domain name outweighs the issues so registering the .net may be a good idea. If you have a domain name idea, it's wise to register both the .net and the .com versions. 11. Where should I register my domain name? GoDaddy is the best place we've found to register domain names. Just be careful to bypass all the other junk they offer. All you need is the domain name for a number of years. 12. Is it okay for my webmaster to register my domain name? No. You want to register your own site with your own information so you will maintain control. You need Administrative control over your domain name, but you can give your webmaster technical access to your domain related matters. 13. How can I find keywords for deciding what keywords to use in my website name? You can use any of the keyword tools available online such as the Google Keyword Tool. 12. Is it a good idea to register a long domain name with several keywords repeated in it? No. Your domain name should be reasonably short and should not use repeat words. Long domain names can trigger Google spam filters and cause your site to be penalized. 13. I have a free website from Keller Williams, is my site good for SEO? No. The free websites given by many real estate brokerages are not good for achieving high search engine rankings because many of them are built on the sub-domain of the brokerage website. These sites are not very successful in search results. 14. I forgot where I registered my domain name. How can I access it? You can find out information about any domain name on the web using one of the may Who Is Tools available, such as this one from Network Solutions. 15. Where can I buy an older domain name? You can buy an older domain name using Network Solutions' Certified Offer program, or by going to auctions such as the GoDaddy Domain Auction.

Jenna Ryan at The Marketing August 3, 2007 Real Estate Websites

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